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Tuesday, June 12th

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It's cloudy today it's Election Day you don't vote you have until 7 o'clock to do that's. It's not Lawny ESP in upstate as we slide on and do our number three for Tuesday afternoon. You were Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso can get three questions at three in just second was there one more call in on now Julio Jones with holding out of the falcons. I will on the line most talked about that will welcome in. You know I was just saying you know. There're people who work with me and then make or what money is me and they're noted that carpet hearsay that was put to other people that Coppola and a I mean you know work her piano great again. Perks that you don't get he'd welcome to go in farm to another job whenever he gets out of his contract. It turned for extraordinary to. Doctor himself he's going to made the decision. Other world it. Thank you will appreciate I mean. Images through. This just pay more 'cause he's been better. Detonation just pay more just goes he's been better and he's upset that other people are getting paid more that's just the reality of life and he has got an opportunity to. Continued showcasing his talent. This upcoming season and even the season after that and then can have discussions about what the next contract looks like. He can do that now I understand the frustration. Of course tighter today there. But at. Where we can all be frustrated by how much other people are making body is 29 years also in three years is going to be even as good as he is right now. Overseeing what's happening would Dez Bryant the F obviously at 29 and he's not getting any. Offers at this point now Julio jones' better than Dez Bryant because he's a true downfield threat. And I I think there's obviously. Some differences between the two and why Julio Jones Ken. I you know he can demand that type of money that your seen from some of these other guys that he's just as good or even better in some of the other guys that we've been talking about Dez Bryant is not put together back to back 14100. Helps with the end you know and also. Dez Bryant has not had a quarterback like a Matt Ryan either. Over the past couple seasons. How to cowboys and attacked man I'd demand now that bags not even close but so. It's one of those things too that who Leos gotta be careful as far as. Especially if the things that he goes somewhere else. And have the same type of production and don't know and I I understand net. He will be older over thirty. But that's just part of playing in the NFL I look at him his representation. He made about a deal. I don't vagaries and at a deal of almost fifty million of it was guaranteed right now must feel too bad for eight exactly. Though. I'm all about. Guys trying to maximizing. What they can do it especially in the NFL because a lot of these contracts are not guaranteed and but his contract is not guaranteed and he got he got his guaranteed money but the whole deal is not guaranteed in the falcons could drop him at any time they wanted to. The job for it to as long as these you know live within a deal that he made. Yeah when the time comes to redo his deal exactly did as much as you possibly can yeah. And you'll holdout holdout in net and in. I presume though this is a situation where the fountains are going to be in a position where he's forcing their hand to. Renegotiate the deal two years or. As it is now and that's what's happening and I would suspect they're gonna do it and I just don't think that they should but. I think history shows you that these teams will do it. Will watch with interest but right now law not showing up Julio Jones and receiver for the falcons all right time now for three questions at three let's get to it. All right get all three of us back in the saddle for three questions today Alonso number one. All right should Clemson fans be concerned or upset that mark Kingston has taken the gamecocks deeper into the post season. In one year than money leave has taken the tigers in 30 let's go to the clubs a man for this first answer resort course yet to come to me for this. Granted I am always the first one answer the first question so it's actually not out of turn. But no there's there's no concern right now for Clemson fans I mean I note it's disappointing. As Clemson fans to see that. Miley hasn't been able to get to the super regional and obviously to the college World Series but. I think the program is going in the right direction and it's still a mess don't don't get me wrong. Wanna see the team continuing to advance and it's tough to see. When your rival. Gets to a point where they are advancing and all in one game short of the college World Series. But this is marking instance first year let's look at this. You know down the road and I get it that is just in the first year so it's magnified but right now there's no concern. Focus on your team in which you want that team to do if I'm looking at for money at least perspective and as a Clemson fan. I'm just wanting to see what Clinton does and I'm not concerned necessarily about what South Carolina does. Alonso. Well you know what. Money really came in with a certain amount of fanfare. I mean it was kind of a big deal win the Clemson got him and expectations very very high. Kingston not so much so I definitely think that Clemson fans should be concerned. Especially with the kind of season that they just had you'd expect them to be finishers. And it and there were. That's good point. Gotta finish right. Yummy I'm somewhere in between look money Lee's been very successful at something great regular seasons I was only 47. This year though the number one's a big number eight of 47 reported almost fifty yep so that's that's a great year but. One more year this is gonna get a little nasty that's one thing or more years of losing at home in original. And it starts it'll lock uncomfortable. I don't these it must sees me in trouble after one more year reason notre line now he's been great regular season. Got to win your home regions he can't be that team that loses your home so I think has less to do with South Carolina. It does help instinct under the super this year that the earth that I'm sure the money Lee cigarette sales of pulling for that and that's my point to is that it has less to do with what mark. Kingston and South Carolina death has more to do work. But Clemson is not doing enough. You gotta get there you got to get to the super isn't and at some point you gotta get to the college World Series. I mean you have Omaha stitched on their hats for goodness that and it you look at it from the basketball perspective as well that's. Brad Bernal was under some heat because what was he not doing. Not getting to the NCAA tournament do you and that's the same type of measuring stick that your scene with college baseball's especially. If you're hosting a regional you've got to get out of the year. Home region Clemson and South Carolina getting to host a regional is not going to be enough so in those three years for money at next year could get. Mr. gray next year Gil de icing a there'll definitely be a contingent. Of Clemson fans that will be upset renege out of that would Jack Leggett bill get upset when money Lee is well especially if the same thing happens again of course. At a South Carolina is. Kind of turning in the corner quickly which it looks like they did during the process of marking since first season turned the corner we'll saying there. In the lose a lot of players like elect coming back we'll see if they really turn the corner and have a good regular season next year I agree it looks good at the same thing. Put it on the other side. Worse South Carolina fans getting upset with South Carolina coaches. Based on what Clemson was doing from a football perspective. Comes in makes it to the national championship two games that are you know two years and wrote three years in their college football playoff. Don't Carolina fans upset act. Just because it's close in getting there and they're not or they have said just. Focusing on what South Carolina he is or is it doing on the to a close didn't football has made South Carolina better. I think they're more competitive because of that I think you know. They they had to win they had to recruit harder and they're doing that you know I don't know where you were closed clones is level but it's made them better. The Clemson has been a leak for the last few years that's it's one thing I ever do lawns of. I fifa World Cup play opens Thursday. The whole world rejoices with no USA there how much will you watch I gotta tell you before. I read these questions before we went on the air I didn't know. Because people World Cup started Thursday. And even if America was there are USA was there I probably still wouldn't have known without reading this question so 00 for you so that would be. None at all and unless it's required viewing if you gonna say that you're going to be talking about feet but every day on this show. I still want to hire a jittery as it we're gonna talk about feet. Talk about it doesn't talk about it we're to talk about we don't NHL we need to talk a little and you Monday said you're gonna watch some and a Stanley Cup. Playoffs and I didn't and I want you watch some of the people this is the equivalent to that meant. It does because you hate soccer god. Now I'm just not look I I have to admit. Almost nine I'll probably watch a little bit is going to be close but none that a lot for me. Has. There's just no compelling story line to me understand their compelling story as I get that but you gotta be in the sock did you get they have to be in soccer. I will watch as it advances and he gets. To it in the championship game was a storyline you Brazil. What's the story to me storyline to cheer about can you. Does North America how the team and in the count. Bonus you can go at it until say mid you can refer to continent I don't know if is this story line is that Messi is there and although. What about them that name. Good. Yeah they're the elite of the elite I know those names I can tell you what country they're from no bombs or. Scud. You're not a soccer. How much per year Richmond how much World Cup for you. It won't be a lot. It be minimal but as he gets closer as I said and now want to commend you to. The championship game I would actually probably watch at least summit that. Okay some. Down here in the some cat sound could be a minute against that they'll funds and some bodily our Twitter poll is still up we'd love your vote on this. Addie SP in upstate is he going to be quick update how much without the USA in the World Cup. Will you watch. We asked that on Twitter right before weigh in on the air at. 2 o'clock percent at 1 o'clock this afternoon and 62%. Of you that have voted so far settled little or no one. Little or non 62%. Of areas in upstate Twitter voters. And it actually dropped a little bit it was 4% him again you know start out like seventy sell in a little better in some soccer guys out there transient in there about our number three on that. Okay what are your expectations. For hunter Johnson's career at northwestern. Issue missed its way to get the decision. I guess yesterday that hundred Johnson will transfer to northwestern. He said he's thrilled to be part of the wildcat family. And Pat Fitzgerald the coach said we're ecstatic at a player of hunter's caliber and character. To our program. Good but I'm not ready to say. Great I mean he has all the credentials this guy was the number one pocket passer in the country number 21 overall player in the class of 2017. According to ESPN. But what keeps sticking in my mind is he couldn't crack the top two. That Clemson this year with some experience. Coming back after last year. Couldn't crack the top two so. I'm not sure he has panned out so far is he going to be delete. Great. At a place like. Northwestern. I'm skeptical but I think she'll be good I think you'll be good for northwestern they certainly should be thrilled to have him don't disagree with that. I don't know much and here's name in the Heisman. Conversations. In the what is yes sit out a year in them you know sit out a year and he's got theory you know to fly so I also a good but I will say. Not great who's next. That's me yeah your next I think based on that where he's going to northwestern I think he's got an opportunity to use. VA really really good quarterback at northwestern and I know you mentioned that is their question that he couldn't break. The top two and it close and and I think it's more of was he not able to break the top one at Clemson. And I think it's still Trevor Lawrence knowing that. Trevor Lawrence is sitting there who's. Potentially going to be the face of Clemson on the offensive side of their football team for the next several years I think that played into it and that should probably tell you little bit about Trevor Lawrence's well I do think Howard Johnson's they really good quarterback and going to northwestern where it's not typically a football powerhouse obviously they're doing better. Todd he's got an opportunity to shine just because. He's going to be the guy there. Our odds of what you like all right so. Everyone talks about how good are Johnson ends I hadn't seen him play so. Going to northwestern is the best thing he could have done if he. Has aspirations played the next level because even though they're probably not gonna win as much. Because of how good the Big Ten is right now. He's gonna have the spotlight. A lot with two northwestern place who we know I'll state gets a lot of of coverage so as Michigan to lose Michigan State to replace those was a mean. A lot of big time coaches are there a lot of big time. Media attention so if he comes on shines even in even if they don't wind. As much as. He probably wants to or has anyone thought we went I think it's a good thing for him I think could do well northwestern. Every few years northwestern fields a team that's very competitive. And with him there and get a good shot. Joey seemed all these sort of on the same page that he'll be good but don't look for anything spectacular. Verses or what do you look for something spectacular in northwestern yet so what are are. Are you saying that he would need to be in hi is meant to be spectacular or be spectacular entries in the top five of the NFL draft him announce some like then and can he do that potentially sure he can do that. Do you think he will. Well I'd I'd definitely haven't seen enough. To be able to make that type of leap of faith that he can get on the scouts' radar I mean that's when the can do. There of which you couldn't do it clamps includes Houston on the bench and so I mean he's gonna get so little opportunity right at times out for public as they got Clayton the horse and he's been injured but in the year that Paterson now will be last year horse and three year starter and then its owners to take credit for the so at times up perfectly form as problem on the reserves I would imagine yes and that is brother played there. Yes and this feather and I mean I just gravy on top aerial accomplished. Taipei 444773776. That's the number you're in the huddle back with more coming up stay with a sunny SP in upstate. On a Mac man to the hobble on ESPN I'll stay here for the Tuesday in addition 8444773776. Our text line always open U 71307. We start to message with ESPN. And more on Twitter at ESP you know stay we got Neel on the line Neil welcome into the huddle how are you. And I'm Greg everybody do when it's up. Couple other woke up first bomb on a knucklehead that we'll be watching not just how much doubt but just and I enjoy all sports support. I will say yes. Each your rules changes and and soccer that would help troops. I don't think you can buy a market on the call on site you're not gonna replenished. I didn't think unless soccer over the last five years in America strict up a lot. I think it's gonna triple or quadruple that over the next five years and I'm gonna tell you why typical sports gambling is coming illegal now Delaware has a bit. On not Thursday New Jersey gonna have a shot on the actually one of the twenty states side. I had a that. The curve as far as getting support gambling so. That changes everything people that they'd be casual fan or not watch soccer game but I guarantee you they cut a hundred bucks on they'll watch it and people just like to gamble so that's gonna change a lot of things for soccer in America in my opinion. Saying that think. Did that I think that they should change person volley also judge. And all of a receiver gets behind to beat such a bag you're not gonna. If you throw them the ball once they get behind that because of back and they catch a sport touched on you know are gonna call side against them because it's the defense and stick to the defense of players. Position is supposed to be where they can actually stop the opposing team from scoring. And that's one of the things people don't like about soccer is that when you get behind a guy he passes achievable at or before you get behind are actually get behind the guy. It's all all sides and it doesn't at all which. It negates the whole play which is stupid that is the defense of players. It's is it's his responsibility to stop the Altman's the player. The other thing that elevation change. And the also other of their world that this is something that I know drives people crazy that watches soccer even drugmaker is an ally soccer actually liked it better than baseball. But I don't want and it got incorporated that when you're in your homes on your shirt they'll be kicked back behind you to another player on your team. And they're constantly going backwards in soccer. And that's one thing about soccer no other sport EC top players where they're constantly going backwards in order to try to go sort. And so all he did hand the ball really you're clearly not gonna go back yards and try to go toward. I mean Barry Sanders might have done an easy one of the only ones you anywhere you go back in yards. They're kind a kicking the ball passing the ball back back to port each other behind 2030 yards behind each other and a tricycle Craig cubicles. That's like causes it to be one that not a 00. And I'm Shannon has to be nine to eight in order for it to be entertaining. I just think they have they should make it to where they have to be moral sense a more grass it's a specially when their earn their homes all on the wrong side of the tilt. I think it makes it more entertaining I think it makes it work together he can attack more. On any B take away they also argue that you'd think that would increase scoring but is not about scoring goes to meet baseball's more exciting when there's not all of rod. When it got to get on base and he's still second and he still start in U producer on not just that you're homered. So you know I think one of the things about soccer that actually enjoys a lot of times the rest they don't ruin the game. A lot of these guys and soccer they'd they're the biggest actors and a world that barely get judged and they you know. And irrational also that most of the time whereas in like Canada and held at the NFL to me and even name BA. Major League Baseball they review everything and don't know what they don't they're they don't have computer automated strike. But yet you can review every single thing at first base Vienna now. You know you can't catch a quarterback concerns why you can't go below me you can't Obama's jet that is that is chest you know maybe guys are calling it you're going to hit him. And he starts the ball and awkward what you probably were gonna hit him and stern competence and you hit him in the initial penalty on you. You know pass interference the defense and got doesn't have any control of the ball well he cannot fight for the ball whatsoever he touches yours. There's just so many things and that's one of the things that I do like about soccer. Is that the rest don't seem to ruin the games what does it ruin the games this is not a grass but not as not all sense of announced and it's just the fact that. These teams are so timid Ted just barely make a mistake and it's so easy to make a mistake and then the other team scores. And they play like into any you ever watch soccer you let us. Big game so boring intro one he scores once won once at the circuit wanting scored the other teams start plan differently and it opened it up a little bit. And it becomes way more interest in game. People watching it if they would just make it that way at the beginning it would be way more interesting to watch and get so. Neil Lucia we pull for naslund who should be very critical or. I don't want Argentina because. I don't know he's a great assault as a player ever. But he's degrade and it'll I don't achieve great results as a player odd person ever seen have been fortunate now or get in juniors camp and I'm not gonna sit down now want us it was so he's a greatest ever but I don't Odyssey they got back in the day. But from what I started watching it. The things that he does is unbelievable what bulwark. And I know they a lot of people are gonna say well there's another guy there it's just as good I don't I don't agree what that. He's a great show already he might be faster by Lionel Messi the way he does his sport is unbelievable and that things that you can do to it to trick people and you'll be there that you guys on him and somehow get Oden scored all its amazing. So for me I want him to win the World Cup just because the fight back get tired of people saying well he's he's great but he's not a World Cup winner. Catch and appreciate the call let's get a Wii and the calls are pouring in on the soccer to. World Cup still to never anticipated this this idea that Clinton you are next and I'll Oakland. I got that I would really appreciate it. So I do agree with the previous caller on the site that soccer local. Tremendously excited to give us. Gambling had something to do with the but he did a little about sports gambling it was still broke because its trajectory which is score right now abatement. Called the show couple times already about ready united. You limited area at the pitch that let you etiquette you need to go. Easily get it in 2000 there have been open to protect. I don't know what I do every week but I've even when he got a protect open and assistant stadium. They still packs 40000 people there every single home game is absolute amazement. But besides that I wanna talk about also actual soccer. Suck you cannot get rid of all sought to look after the field is barely big after the date. Can you imagine if those are such little. Therefore there will be players spread out. The entire field and it'd be. -- it'd be like playing soccer elevator school. Definite structure. You absolutely must also talk. The scoring is low. I hear people complaining about those schools and local soccer is now exciting. If you really watch soccer and you're really at a soccer scoring is not what they're deciding yes. It is a beta what about sports but it is to build it to be sent it to tackling. Is everything that's what it cost the beautiful game. I loved football basketball. Talk about our sport and. 0%. To call Clinton soccer fans are coming out aren't. Aren't Brazil the favorite to win the World Cup. And of course they have a name or just danger question loans are worthy stars are. Messing with Argentina. You know that. And then. Steely guy you got to. Don't open the fifth a fifth Ronaldo Ronaldo. Brazil and now know. Renaldo is. You don't. Know the real. My niece there at the effect but a Portugal yes and all those Portugal. So those are your three big east right you don't watch the discuss got to see if you was the best we'll see those numbers those are the three stars. So you know those those guys are also on the Forbes list of those are bad guys yes exactly definitely that. I just take a break we'll come back with more here in the huddle still gonna hear from Jakob Olsen who won and bring your game for the gamecocks last night even Aaliyah beat fourteen to four. My Arkansas. Hulu that next stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. No mono is cloudy today but at least it's not high like 74 degrees out there with a cloud cover. This is the spring that we didn't happen. This jumped the secret with a hot weather was one day of mild temperatures back up to the upper eighties tomorrow support enjoyed that a tees that's it. The Xena I'd like this temperature with a little bit of sunshine now. Yeah I do like the sunshine. Not raining at least right where we are but the clouds have kept the temperature down and down. That last today only this will seize more sunshine. Tomorrow South Carolina. Did not get it done last night and it was really kind of over early. As they were in a winner take all game with Arkansas to go to the college World Series they act close but lost big last night fourteen to four. Now Arkansas scored five runs in the first inning so it was. I'll say it was over early but it was out of hand early in the at a long hole to dig out of them were never able to do that they had done a bunch of walk six walks in the game. And they hit two batters and then. Arkansas times just knocking the cover off the ball so and then defense for the Al. Gamecocks led him down it's been so good all year but though not so good in this. Super regional in Fayetteville Arkansas also south Carolina's season comes to an end outfielder. Jakob Olsen. Among the gamecocks and talk to the media afterward and talked about the resiliency of this team after they were left for dead. During the regular season. In came back and made the run to the super regionals. The same fights I mean we're warn you. Everything we did this year to turn this thing are. There are some numbness and did I. Hertz is does anything in her right now I'm based farming house you know begins so we've always news keeps playing I'm always have. Non DC usually dress because. And so. Yeah it's great turnaround no doubt successful year for more Kingston in his first year as they go to the gamecocks assault quote from him last night after the game where he said that South Carolina is probably the tents. Best team in the country. I mean just slightly optimistic but I did I mean they almost got the finally problem when they would have so I'm guessing taxi where you say that. But just based on M from what they did how they look in the super regional. Two out of three games and then you know what they did in the regular season. That's a that's pretty bold and break him in the top ten. At this point of the season you are who you say you are inedible leave it there it's fine that's cool. And Alan and of all things that what they were able to do at least at Arkansas which most people felt that organs all unbeatable. At home price they. In a beating them twice during the season you're in the season once in the regular season ones in the super regionals so. You gotta. Be happy or at least been able to do that which a lot of other teams were unable to do. Do you think hung noxious will go to Omaha now. That I would I'm mad as makes the trip yes I think so and that's why I'm glad Vanderbilt didn't make the trip to whistler yes. Yeah I would be able to watch any games I know I appreciate I appreciate. Passionate fans and like that dude for Arkansas model like the whistler Ethiopia denies is it just takes away and now the guy from Arkansas is not make emotionally he's not release it and it annoys ignored families you can. But you know TV didn't in north. Of because. They understand people. I wanna theme. Pointing at the umpire that the second game for like five minutes I mean it takes some. Diligence some stamina to do that it does but yeah with. Announced that you know this is not a good look in the worst that has relational and at the game last night worries to scuttling back with his Beagle Bailey of the mayor's bare feet step in the face. That's more than I needed to look at. Consistently ailment TV screen agreed I think we can focus back on the game but that's baseball truth. There's times when there's really nothing going on. And trying to find some time to other entertainment them. Some sidebar stories okay. Yeah it probably goes I think yellows and probably. Behave similarly. Would Arkansas has a legitimate shot yet they did it does they argue I mean really good and you know letting get the best pitching performance out of the number two guy of the game to game Cox wants them if he's not then there will be a real force in the. In Omaha they certainly are one of the favorites in the college World Series which it started. This weekend there are game Saturday and Sunday to started up in Omaha. All right final break we'll come back in rapid appear not only 444773776. You wanna get a final call in you can do that now the huddle on ESP announced it. As final segment of the Tuesday hoddle here on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso glad you're with us this afternoon. Don't forget about the radio dot com app that's the place that's the new official home of the ESP in upstate on your Smartphone downloaded today. And make us a favorite than you can listen to is anytime anywhere radio dot com campus where you go on and you're stuck. Search for ESP in upstate in favor dose and you'll find us there every time you want to listen on your phone radio dot com is the up and up. So we're waiting for official word on this month there are reports college football reporter Brittany Murphy. Used to work for ESPN doesn't anymore but he still covering college football. He is reporting that the NCAA competition committee is recommending three new bowl games. For twenty each warning for the 220 season. And Myrtle Beach is one of them. He is citing multiple. Unnamed sources. Today the oversight committee football oversight committee is expected to approve the recommendations. The proposed host site for the Myrtle Beach game and it's really a Conway game. Because it's Brooke stadium the coastal Carolina. A number of weeks as Connolly and death how far is that it is. Fifteen minutes then you know like that and how does that stadium 20000. Seats 20000. Actually there are right now seats 151000. They're gonna expanded to 20000 for 22. So we have we're talking about a huge bowl game harrowing. No we're not willing at least it would it might have any appearance that there. More people there. For some of these bowl games you see in these bigger stadiums right mean they're they're almost completely empty. Yes they showed that ball game there's hardly anyone's. Stands I would be so we've very bad it's a nice place I've driven by haven't attended a game there but missed the cut through if you wanna get them to Serb side from reaching cuts program by the state you have driven by two minutes and thought this high school stadium looks like a good sign philatelic dormant. Yeah I imagine a there's some other high schools that have bigger stadiums. I'm our equivalent. Does nice in element is relatively. New lending if they expand about 5000 seats. That'll help the athletic director at coastal Carolina Matt ahold said he's aware of the recommendation and today's vote. He said the university is willing to be a partner with a Myrtle Beach area chamber of commerce. And help Myrtle Beach with sports tourism efforts. The chamber of commerce executive director of sports tourism said. Coastal is tremendous partner for sports tourism in Myrtle Beach. They're always there to step up when these opportunities come up for events like they have with the Myrtle Beach invitational basketball tournament. Said he believes that the vote will not solidifying. Won't make certain emerald beach bowl but it will be big step. In the process. Of getting there hemming Murphy has said probably in the July 1 before anything becomes. Completely. Official. This game should be on TV some one of the ESPN networks the Ochoa make me. I don't know. And a game will be held in December that certainly makes sense because it's not a January bowl game. But some propeller one of those mid December bowl game throwing by December 10 yeah. You know. I you know it's great to get one in South Carolina. But man we have too many of these old way too many goals why we need this idea that coastal Carolina would be. Happy that this happens and obviously. Conway and Myrtle Beach them. Bring in at least some people but. Can teamsters' anger for a 20000 seat stadium admiral weeks is that's the question what kind of game you. Not a biggie not a big one now. You're not. We have to wait you Meebo games or it's so diluted now nobody's gonna pay attention to these bowl games especially at this type of level. There does not here's the other thing of course another bowl game out of the three is supposed to be at Wrigley Field in Chicago. We've seen that football effort before right that's kind of weird. Dad didn't turn out too well Mahan 2010 in the northwestern and Illinois. Played there they can only go. One side opinions are down. One in so. What you Molly used to that because me Murphy is saying that the Chicago bowl game would feature the Big Ten against the ACC. So we've some area schools going up there for a while everybody else is going to Florida. Oregon Chicago. In the middle of the Windsor center old man winter now. And then. Another South Carolina city is in the mix for the third bowl game and that's Charleston. What we get a Myrtle Beach and Charleston bowl game. Went stadiums and rolls Johnson hey good citadel. I mean. Anders Charleston southern stadium I've been there eating lunch. They in college Charl at the Charleston bowl and play at Williams price class that I thought after a he I mean it's not going to be. Yelling Johnson pager it is. It's fairly sizable stadium at old is there. And is don't see this. Unleashed it in their coverage because I don't of this has changed as sub. And games on there but some did get to the press box some of those catwalk you have to walk on inside that filling those scary via. Carrying a radio equipment back as if it. No thank you with some former color analyst if I'm trying to picture of them count walks will be interest. I was the cholera and analysts that the system does night in Wofford and so now if you thought that was Jeff walks or interest in an and they may may be they've upgraded a little bit but. Down fifth at thing's been there forever. It's also a policy of Myrtle Beach and North Charleston become. Official but is certainly looks good. For a Myrtle Beach right now for Brooks stadium. And Tom way as we continue to see just how many bowl games week and create yet into how many would that put it on Tuesday it's a botched I don't know that over thirty yes. Well over. 34 it's 43 and 43 don't believe it'll be 43. If there's three new interest August supporting him. Going to 43. Crazy and insane and I didn't even know that'd that many I thought it was too meaning. And where you know hover net thirty. And eggs financially to mini over forty. I'd go to tomorrow here in the huddle it to go forward and joined live by Teddy. And I continue LeBron watch probably every day until it happens and a continued do you view offseason news there from the NFL and elsewhere. So join us tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock in the huddle Alonso will be not here right. Well do without you tomorrow will be. Mountain somewhere nine but anyway Richmond and I am Patrick will be here tomorrow at one in the huddle tread a poster urges next and a great afternoon we'll see them.