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Tuesday, June 12th

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Welcome back the huddle ESPN of state Michigan and stat that ESP NN up on the screen about. Quarterbacks who were contacted the most by the defense while they were running or throwing. In Maine Jim cute and Jimmy neutron boy that's that 756. Times was that last year. I live this reality is all fire yeah I didn't know. I don't know how it in his career I think his career yeah 796 as a whole Latin America. Russell Wilson was second link on the list now but it was a close 660 yen and a so cam. Certainly is not surprising ease its top of that list buddies so far and away at the top of that list they. They do need to find ways to get him hit list as less as best they can and it's well if you think about out. Mean you consider canned. I'm running quarterback in some ways you don't think of Andrew Luck that way deal so no you know the fact that he's on the lists as a whole lot more about Hossa. Yeah actually. Yeah and that's why there. When that up there because there it. Baltimore or Indianapolis is mandatory minicamp. Good this info deluxe throwing yes well I throw the ball did well they're not so the wind is they're not showing it after it leaves his hand out but. He doesn't look plays Winston or anything else so showed growth the other show additional lots of little bit earlier too so it's good to see how both those guys not a camp. Yeah and Shawn Watson did not have a knee brace on and it really is that bridge that was surprising that a good sign. Issue beget the other on I think that all. From what I've been reading. Is that he will be ready to go over. Game one up all the guys rushing nine Andrew look at mini camp Barbara coaches and street close at. I think it's fraught with. Not having duo remembers life quite as much today but anyway. Keep it around many chances and they go along and Owens and also states that he's throwing in a college size football there I ruined. An NFL size the ball while Andrew Luck that is now. Interest and you know kind of ease him back into throwing the football gets any progress is better than no progress which is going to be in the case with. Andrew look for wanna ice are now with the NBA season is over let the LeBron sweepstakes. Begin on the and discussions. Are ramping up about who might make a run at LeBron James. And where he might decide to go Stephen A Smith ESPN. Has his recommendation for LeBron. That would be the Los Angeles Lakers. I think from a lifestyle perspective I think from a position happiness I think that you know farm. Happened a bright light shot it down upon you wouldn't know those dogs become we have new Hollywood young players that they have. I would be really excited to see that the only exception from LA that I would say. His Houston rocket truthfully you can keep CP three and James audit if you were to acquire LeBron. Well Houston. Lakers among those to go lakers. All watched LeBron on the same team with the beard. I know said that before you know we told but there's little bit yesterday I just don't think they co exist there's a reason why Harden left. When he was with the to rant and and Westbrook. He won the ball and now he's somewhere where he gets the ball LeBron goes there he may get the ball. Values that are watched pardon dribble it 200 times of recession. That's drawn him not says you know death we leave the conflict dumb think and I think so too. I'll I'll be so shocked if he goes to use yeah I would be surprised as well as he goes Houston and I know there is a part of a broad net. Did you really don't see him playing with younger guys and so you look at the lakers and we know the lakers are a young team especially with a one's own ball and them the other guys Ingram Ingraham there and I know he's been heard but. And not copies men are queues and he so there is. That aspect those the bronze wanna be involved in that so I think it's if the lakers are going to be in contention they're mad bring somebody else again. I don't think you can just beat neighboring LeBron James again. And he would be. Satisfied with that I don't think he's. Especially after how this season ended JR Smith. What he did in just Canada the immature move there and I think the bronze won some experience so Houston does at least bit that bullet. I somewhat agree that Alonso that I don't know vacated. All necessarily. Co exist although. You have to say that may be. The pursuit of winning a championship overrides that for James Harden because I think that was one of the reasons why he left a Casey as well is that. I don't think he felt that he could win especially with a Russell Westbrook and mercy in the same thing happened with Kevin Durant is like I can't win in this place. Let me get out here because of Russell Westbrook they're never going to be of the win with Russell Westbrook as the face of the team. But spurs doesn't LeBron La pop he does. About that the veteran team and the spurs. They've come out publicly and said they're gonna make a run at LeBron. What that looks like we don't know but they're definitely going to try to be involved in the sweepstakes of LeBron James. About that can disperse your new favorite team loans of yeah like I you know I. Guess I do that on the open for any team except for Golden State. He's not going to go on stage I promise you that. The old state doesn't need a NATO. Yeah but they don't want to tax either gonna have talks with them supposedly there on the shortlist are on the look I don't think there's going to be any way that there. Gonna take him because if they do then they got to bust up the warriors as they are right now. They got to get rid of one of the big guys. Yet they can't afford. Everybody and especially with Kevin Durant get ready for his Max deal Klay Thompson getting rate for his Mac still mean there there in a position where. They would have to. Almost reboot now that's a great reboot to bring in the Brian James a give your wrong and I shouldn't say that they wouldn't they don't want him. But it's it's not as easy as people think just adding LeBron James to the gold they wars while some bad play for him muscling. Oh I think so too because they're already. The contingency of people that talk track is that Kevin Durant. Only chased. You being on a good team but he did wanna be the lead dog and wanted to this being worse. The worst from brawny just like a beating if he didn't he would especially after getting beat by. Gold state lawyers and getting swept and that's why you know with. Kevin Durant. It was a light Golden State had just won the NBA championship and he goes to Golden State they lost him. And so Golden State was in the recruiting mood of going. To try to pick up the piece that they felt that they needed to be able to beat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers because I think they felt that. The bronze gonna be a formidable opponent in the east. They just beat us so how can we position ourselves to beat LeBron James let's go get. Arguably the second best player in the NBA right now Kevin Durant and I don't fault Kevin Durant for going and not only that I didn't at the time. You know. He wants to win and and I got that and he didn't join a team as Immelman. Now. As a differs Demeter rants there now that just makes that. Exactly yeah that's why I don't I don't see. It's it's way too complicated for gold state that try to really be in sweepstakes have LeBron on both sides for Golden State and from abroad. It's it's way too messy for LeBron legacy. If he's actually even concerned about that and as humans there is an aspect yes you are I don't care what people say. We're all human beings like that we we we think in those type of terms in how people view us. Yeah I end probably this story is is gonna dragon is not gonna happen quickly. I mean the timeline is he asked him form the cavs if he's an opt out of the final years contract by 11:59. PM on June 29. So that's still seventy and as a way before isn't he isn't even asked to do that. Should he opt out and become an unrestricted free agent Cleveland can outbid any other suitor by offering him a five year Max contract tract worth approximately 205 million dollars. And in July 1 other organizations can start pitching LeBron James can't don't have to wait because here he's already on. Their team when you also know who their who doesn't have to wait because there's no tampering. On the size of players. So other NBA players that they can be recruiting LeBron jams right now right where the teams can't. And just pure Princeton yet rest assured there there's a lot of people talk in him right now. I mean any by the feeling you agree with Stephen A Los Angeles. That's what's been it been said for a year now right so I mean how well. I still I think I'm no one. Being unrealistic in your eyes I just don't think he feels and when I just think he stays Koreans and maybe coax is some other guys to come there. Amnesty part yeah that's what has that been talked enough about it is that does he have the ability to recruit players to Cleveland. That he recruited Chris Paul to come to Cleveland. I just don't see it happening. Not only that I mean look what made this Chris Paul have a better chance of winning with Harden or with LeBron. Well he almost did. This year you're right he he absolutely did not just about those two guys either coming you know everybody ultimately. I Houston's a very good team and I contend that I think they do beat Golden State if Chris Paul. Would've been able to stay healthy. Man on that close without and so erupt three games to two of them and now we've seen. Golden State come back before they did that against OKC when they're down 32 and Klay Thompson went off but I just felt that. Houston had home court advantage of them have been able to. Finish that series off with a healthy. Chris Paul they just didn't have enough. At the end they're the third and fourth quarter in both games six and seven they just didn't have anything left in the tank. This can be a deal or we're watching what LeBron is doing everyday now wears a victim or who's there yes but is he talking to. And every innuendo is going to be made that every barbershop going to be talking about it that they we sell LeBron kids over here come and talk and of these. Viewing these schools and housing area yes exactly. Yeah Humi is is going to be weeks of this before we finally know what. Against good timing your portrait. LeBron James moves the needle that's for sure and I don't know he's gonna he's gonna go out of his way to go to places all purpose to make it look like he's going there. As a nation deuces visit every. Prospect city in paying out there be addressed and see how active he is on social media. Is he active. He's been off for awhile hasn't yet been in the he'll he'll be back on so I think that the other age has been he's been focused on. In the playoffs. And going to be fascinating if you would doubt. Like chime in on Matt text line opened 71307. Starched text with ESPN you call us. What do you think the bronze gonna do a 444773776. And on Twitter at ESPN upstate here was Greg come back with more here at the Tuesday Election Day issue. Of the huddle bundling vote up until 7 o'clock tonight to undo that. 7 o'clock the polls close ensure our sister station WRD 10631 half. Tons of election coverage tonight Alonso. Here we have an election special from eight to 9 PM clear if you wanna know the results tune into the show that. Appreciate that back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back into the huddle ESPN. Upstate Tuesday afternoon GMAC Richmond Alonso. 8444773776. Text line 71307. And Twitter anti espionage Stater Twitter poll is up today and it's involves the World Cup yes that's reform. Of the NBA and College Baseball. Locally at least a dozen wrapped exciting times well fifa World Cup starts Thursday. In Russia it is in Russia where. In mud Russia you know where what city a Dell netbook. Russia's changed so much. Over the past many years on you know what's really consider Russia and not worry as much anymore. Anyway the USA didn't make it and sell. With that in mind we asked the question with no USA involvement how much World Cup will you watch this year. And down 19% of you so far on Twitter polar satellite 19%. Seventeen presents its own guess what that leaps. 64%. Say little or no on. Little or non. And I would imagine. 63%. Of that 64%. Is nine. Probably suck and I want to watch a little right a better interest in the the only pro watch at least some. Porter responding to the poll says is the most exciting sporting event in my opinion. I know we have college football. But the atmosphere in the World Cup is number one it's stop the civil war for goodness. There when it not the civil war. Not yet in orbit a civil war news tried to look up where in Russia is meant to says Russia. The atmosphere in a while Sears great I mean you know I realize that yes I I agree with that and it really is. Specially when you get down to. You know bit the final game. But for the casual fan with no. America in it it changes the dynamics. Drastically just like the Olympics would. If the USA is not in the Olympics some many people are actually going to be watching the Olympics. Yeah well this is interesting does this surprise you by the way the first game on Thursday as a Moscow. Looming sense could be multiple cities via within Russia. But the United States will send more visiting supporters to the World Cup in Russia than any other nation. And we're gonna complain as a surprise that surprises me. Why are people know more supporters. Yeah more people are going for the from the United States. That's what they say 8888825. Ticket sales recorded in the US since last September. You know there's been. 2.4 million tickets sold to it was not a big percentage there but you know the vast majority of and sold. Ions in Russia 871000. Amidst all the fans in Russia 88825. In the US. Second after that after Russia then the US so third I guess is Brazil and they're the favorites to win the World Cup. Yeah 750072002. Would that have anything to do with that. America is much more fluid and most of these are sure sure but. I mean is that where you wanna spend your money. If the US if you get the money that's one thing you wanna go with the US peer into soccer is soccer and that's an opportunity out of the Russia yeah. It was 88000 tickets that's not like. Millions so there's that many people here that will do that is be interesting to see what that number would look like if the US was and it ideas and what is fox sports power they've taken yes. In terms of the money that they spent is not good. At that in the US doesn't even qualify yes that had to be that's being year end them. I can't remember the exact amount of money but I knows. A large figure ought to look that. Columbia. Comes in after Brazil the 65000 tickets. 60000 tickets sold in Mexico 54000 in Argentina 43000 and Peru. All of those have outsold. England which is traditionally one of the best back teamed at a major tournament. Only 32000. Tickets bought in England so far. The absence of Italy the Netherlands the Republic of Ireland and Chile. Has raised the prospect of some games at this year's World Cup being played to smaller crowds than they originally thought. But only people in the US from buying. Tickets second most. After Russia I don't consulate's front. There's no doubt that soccer is growing as a sport in America. So I think this just continues some of that but to your point it is surprising that. The they're showing. The support. Considering America's not even and it Malaysia's unique opportunity that. These fans had to go over to Russia. We watch parties going on last time locally non downtown we give one. Downtown parking lot of them you're here but I wasn't his year that I remember hearing about several different watch parties assessment and stuff. I don't loose bodies are then I don't get it manifest at a click on the US is in the you can get it right yes you gotta be in it from the US's. Involved. Clint Dempsey cry and I asked all land that. You know what are you hang your hat on now. You sent to me is perfect and there are enough to. I don't you know will fox lose money on it. Let's say we know there's nothing no no the baseball and if you look at for something to watch him you've come across a soccer game how long do you stay on it. Or do you people flipping 'cause number of the people slip and no offense not understand this the biggest sport the world does this not for me the one thing that I know you love about it is. You know it's over. Less than two hours you're in now. Yeah I'm so it from that perspective here and if it's a zero zeros or ones about the ides you know on the island scoring map and Allen have been able to watch my daughter play soccer for the past several years I would have to say. I am getting more into it. And I do. Like the situations where at any moment somebody can score. Yeah and I do like that now. I wish there is more scoring yes. What do we keep watching your kids play Canada you have more interest once my daughter play softball for twelve years I if I ran across the salt ball game. I would watch the softball game quicker than Washington. Soccer in the day. Given out your daughter would have played soccer maybe you have been a different story he Elena maybe I wouldn't allow. A. Wouldn't allow no soccer for you if you're right about the first bald that there's. Very few commercial breaks and they don't they'll break the European if you hate commercials that's the sport for you did Lewis. And you don't mean it's ninety minutes of action in right. So that's good but now action might be a worst as well. Ninety minutes there's continuous host lane yes. I mean it can be it can be a little. We'll and I know plane that was what was so frustrating. For me in not that I really played but just. Reparation only was your running your running to make kicks the ball all the way back down the other side and they'll do all right well now got a run back over here. Now Tom yeah I got that look. It'll it'll probably be fine because we have more more soccer fans in America now that we deliver. In it is it does amaze me though some of these people can do. With the ball and then beat me it's incredible how they can direct the ball despite key community and the right type of action and they can put on the ball when you see some of the shots that. Every curve balls knuckle balls it's amazing with some of these athletes can do. It is don't go to the bathroom you might miss the one gold again Heathrow could pick that as it could be a very careful. 88444773776. Takes on 71307. We back more this is bottle for why not Tuesday unanimous on ESP in upstate longer. So we're back the huddle. ESPN. Upstate Election Day primary day anyway eyes we're definitely in Iran often two weeks. It don't get ready for the ads to disappear after today. That's not gonna well at least some of them will yeah how many run offs you think while. How many runoff how many people in run offs what are you asking. Because I don't know anything about that yet so I mean in each primary. Little their beer runoff for democratic governor runoff for the policy Richard Pryor more delicate more than like governor and all races there probably will be a runoff. For Republicans because there's quite a few running and entry to shoot a list of Republican candidates for congress in the fourth district. I mean I think we three are the only ones and our own. We did considerate. And but the field was just too big for me I didn't give up paperwork turned in in time. To announce my candidates Adobe lots of run offs. How many I don't know but lots so in two weeks will be there will be. More commercials for a couple of weeks in the maybe take a little break in and as we approach November Adobe rent the Mecca that's right. That's where we are in their here Tuesday political ads and signs and all that stuff that goes with us one so what you guys make of this Julio Jones story. In Atlanta Falcons wide receiver he has told the falcons he will not. Attend mandatory. Mini camp. Thomas to be trough the general manager of the falcons released statement yesterday and said we'd been in contact Julio and his representation. We will not discuss those conversations publicly. Except to say we feel they have been productive and constructive. We understand the concerns and thoughts from their perspective although not ideal Julio informed us he will not be a new attending mini camp we have much respect for him. And what he means to our team our city. And our fans. Now I just seen Anderson a ESPN is saying that sources have told her. That the Jones camp sent a proposal to the falcons the response was not satisfactory. So Jones did not see fit to attend mandatory mini camp. The thing is that we are Jones just three years left on this contract. At. I mean this is an early battle in that early. 35 million dollars and three years left on his contract but he doesn't like what he's making. Antonio Brown at Pittsburg is making seventeen million a year. There are seven other receivers who average. More than his fourteen and a quarter million a year. When Jones signed his deal five years 71 and a quarter million. The extension Bakken 2015. He got 47 million guarantee. That's the same amount of guaranteed money that Jarvis Landry who received after being traded from Miami to Cleveland. I'm naturally at that because that's the comparison that he doesn't like and there's lots of comparisons that Julio doesn't like. I did it and I understand you might be frustrated but. That's. It's a situation where. You've got to honor the contract and that's back on him for signing the contract that he did. And initially signed three years left. If on the falcons. I don't think I'd do anything with this. I mean he's not sit down losing. I wouldn't imagine that he would but. If on the falcons I I push back here it's three years left on this deal. Yeah other areas the only gaining concessions you don't do anything more. A little a little million here or there fifth. I mean does you know we're dog in real money here I got that. He's going to be fine. He could face maximum fines of 141028042000. For missing mandatory minicamp Tuesday through Thursday. So I guess it is a beach day that he misses. He did not show offer any part of voluntary work outs no OTAs. Dan Quayle and the coach said initially he expected Julio Jones at camp. August 1. And Jones can you don't want this Jones the dog in TMZ. He told them last month there is no bad blood between him and the team. He's been working with Terrell Owens during the offseason and are you giving you some good advice that the truth. I'm not sure that's a guy you really want to beef that's. A man. And advice at this point is not going well as the notes not does look good. I'm Matt crying quarterback said he had no concern about Jones missing the voluntary part of the offseason program. Despite much talk about Jones being healthy enough to work on timing with Brian. Jones is entering his eighth NFL season looking for his fifth straight season with 14100. Plus receiving yards that's the production that's pretty incredible I did it he he's productive and there's been. Talk about that the falcons should obviously. Lean on him more on the offensive side and they questioned during the regular season why they didn't go to him more often. But I'd. How can you. Have this guy hold. The falcons. Did Reid. There's still three years left yeah now I get that it's early he promotion and a five year deal. But in them. Good money at the time seem like and a good idea at the time right. I hope they get that fixed as well. You know we're in June they need they need to get this done. Pretty quickly I would imagine on that and in that direction they will make some concessions but. From the falcons and they should be very minimal camp. I'm David Johnson is also skipping minicamp he's the running back in Arizona he's trying to get a new contract. Those sides have been in discussion regarding a new contract they're hopeful a new deal will be reached before the start of the season this is the last year of Johnson's rookie contract. He's due to make one point nine million this season. The team can franchise salmon 20192020. They begin mini camp today Johnson didn't participate in to vote PA's last week. That were opened to the media coach Steve Wilkes characterized his absence as an injury. Okay. The one thing Wilkes said that I will say in regards to that is the offseason I'm not going to indulge in injuries or things like. That's what guys are doing that an opportunist trading week here's the famous quote we are going to talk about the guys who are here follow that quote. Okay. Tom Brady's not they're not gonna talk about a talk about an out at. We have no move Aaron Rodgers not here well and I went into that area yeah I have no interest in talking about any of of our players that are on this team come only in the ones that are just currently here key players that are missing we're not gonna talk about. I mean this is more of the dumbest sports cliches that I've ever repair. That's the biggest issue the guys that are not there right while we wanna talk about it that's why. Now Johnson has been her line 2016 his season ended with a in CL a week seventeen. He finished just 121. Receiving yards short of being the third player in NFL history to pass 1000 yards in rushing and receiving. He was first team all pro pro bowler after rushing for 12139 yards 879 receiving yards and scoring twenty touchdowns and then. He was sort of week one last year. And missed fifteen. Games. With a fractured left wrist. And now he's not. Showing up too many. And that's why it's it's hard for these teams to invest a lot of money into these running back thoughts why you see running backs they don't last long in this league. Part of it is there injuries and once they get a certain way too. Teams say goodbye. You see it happen all the time when you hit 2829. Now I know he's not there yet but when you factor in the injury. Situation. Now broken wrist that's. That's not like a situation where he's having knee problems are the problems with his legs but still. These teams that they don't put value on the running backs like they used you. Know no question. And I'm from Jacksonville comes word that Jalen Ramsey. Did not skip the voluntary organized team activities because he's unhappy with his teammates or his head coach or his contract. He decided to train with his father in Nashville. Because he believes that would better prepare him for the solutions that it's just weird to it and I'm real word Allah dad. Couple bringing their I don't know it is dad's background is maybe is as coach and is still a trainer. Now that's it's just a weird decision to make. Yeah he says he's trying to avoid injuries. He's been injured the last two years he says it's a decision he doesn't regret. Any doesn't think his teammates are upset about it. Rainsy said. How to I'll put this the nicest way possible I don't think any of my teammates had an issue because they know I'm gonna come back ready. But at the same time. If they do had a I don't think I would care. As once I get out here I know on doing I was doing the right thing for me. It's gonna get me prepared as best as any thing for the season. Kind. Train with a father LaMont here's the deal LaMont he heads up Ramsey performance training so he has that background. And he has said that. That actually has him ahead of schedule compared to last two off seasons last two years he's been limited in OTAs. Because of various. Issues. Says this year drawn to avoid that so far coming good it was avoiding that. Ramsey has six interceptions into season's first team all pro and pro bowler and 2017 with four interceptions. And 52. Tackles. Now OK so Father Knows Best I guess that's what they're gonna do the majority of dormant training center Downey's he knows what he do and I guess at least he has a background in that you're greeted teammates won't umbrella. No number say in what what are you Dolan. Now. Babies out of his teammates are training women. Now more than just don't have the OT they're going to advance to finish that it had not being there is obviously going to be some players that you'll have a problem with that. Begin we're getting to a point where. What's the value of DOT days they were hit we're seeing more more guys skip the routier's them. And I understand the younger element Rangers younger guy you know him in around around that long so. I would imagine that the team would love to have him there. Take our final break of the hour welcome back in nugget of phone call and much more when we return a 444773776. In the huddle on ESPN upstate we'll be right back. Magaw not only 444773776. It's gonna phones and talk to Jason next hello Jason welcome and thanks for joining in on power. I no problem doing good. It's certainly a joke. A thirty year. Are up on. You at all. Narrow little arch. I guess it. You know I'll probably. To play pepper contrary to hit it in a critic or create an award to any Wall Street Journal. Franchise you're order of about tell our game operating. But you know the Czech language oral all the time or adult understand what oral shaky position are great they're not it. Have the man maybe maybe not so much dead it urged a larger command or shutdown corner and you know my unit stroke that they had him. Good at that tackle patriot mega and he SA position become that kind of wrote him back on the big trade truly don't. Our contracts go but. You know distant are African iron and goes a little bit sabres goalie. And Machida eight passed the other L hikers have been better. Than nearly a week not contract year ago. And it and Lackey did chump change either. Shuttle you know just. Our Allan Allan give it all that. Thank thank you do and pregnant yet here's my question. No question that Julio has. Outperformed. This contract running we can agree on. Yes we can agree on that if he had underperformed his contract should he will be limited Simonyi back. Courts not. Really. Just like in school. The teacher. Gives you an eight by accident. You think you're gonna go and state. You know what now nevermind actually I mean think about how many guys are in that category that hey we played them and they just didn't pan out happens all the time all the time and they'll get the money back the teams don't get the money back. Asked by. This. The process she agreed to I kind of agree widgets and yet that's what I've been saying all along is that. Hey I'm sorry you signed that deal when you signed it. But that's that's what happens in these situations that. As. Contracts give bigger now pay Julio you'll have the opportunity of signing a bigger contract pitchers don't have to continue. At this pay rate while accepted by the time this runs out seasonal stuff I'm just didn't. I let that but definitely made a choice to sign a long term deal he do it too long probably yet his own benefit and that's why I think I'm. I'm you know I'm more in the side of the falcons here that. They can't be beholden to. Just what he CN. Elsewhere just because teams elsewhere give these players contracts. And it. These different type of levels that were seen record levels for receivers. Does that mean that Julio Jones has the but they're gonna give the end. He go ask for more money there's got the wrong would asking him. Asking the following up towards the holding out yeah of course I listened to when he asked Willie listen to them because holding. A little more well obviously that's what is happening these days you see guys holding out. I'm I'm trying to think of a situation where there's been a guy holding now and then finally just has to come back him. To the current contract because the team is unwilling to do you think maybe it's happened where they ship away. You know trading the player and still see the falcons trade in who your age and it'll out of that for sure or snot out. Roddy White who was without guns number one receiver for awhile he retired after 2015. He says Julio Jones deserves to be paid more than Antonio Brown. He says it's tough situation but the numbers would tell you he's way way way outplayed being paid the amount of money that they've given him a lot of times you don't wanna rub people the wrong way on the other hand. When people look at the numbers start stacking them up against people that are making more money than him and it verifies that he should be paid. A lot more money yes he deserves to be the highest paid receiver I think he does based on performance for me that's a no brainer. Well yeah a stack them up when he looks like he should be paid more once again if if he were underperforming he would meet given any money back a Jones make him fourteen point two million dollars as it stands for 28 taint. Fourteen point two million making less than Sammy Watkins is Megan sixteen million then Dovonte Adams of my Packers make him fourteen and a half million. And way less than Antonio Brown is making seventeen million. That's the deal that he made Seattle plays out right now he's holding up. A 444773776. In a text line is 71307. Here in the huddle. On ESPN upstate we do have. An hour to go in the show today are three questions segment. Is coming up including a question about a hundred Johnson who decided where he's going to school after leaving Clemson that's all ahead in the huddle stay with a sunny ESP in upstate.