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Tuesday, June 12th

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Good afternoon welcome and the huddle is on the air for Tuesday the twelfth of June ledger Willis. Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonzo come back after just one day of law jury duty this week got off. Easy this week then would you say to get off the job I did not go crazy and testing him think appear look like a guy who would. Hang them high and if that's got that we thought you'd be pig because here that if you fatherly type figure a little guy is an auto that is don't you know we we pretty much says he'd be the former means that. You know what I didn't even. And even have to adding get pulled out of a hat to be struck. Us struck just wasn't poll. So. You know sometimes you're lucky yeah but you did your civic duty you're there tonight tomorrow cohorts. Who our own injuries this week I apologize if that's a real Ozzie later we'll be on your phone during this some. He said. If your phone makes a noise we will. Confiscated and send it to the Supreme Court. Required by law to do that. I just stop you from. And people were texting during this long process and just couldn't make noise you better silence at courier was. And nobody's did there were some making noise before he said that and then they immediately stop ours is one of your back a lot of Netflix or something on things go wrong and do that but I was texting can. Yes looking at pace Balkan analyst with the army leaders have much else to do your iTunes pre born but dot. No day they're serious about phones making noise in the courtrooms so nuts. Something that's big no no. Don't do that. Only your phone to that we have plenty to get into today we'll get to the game Cox lack of performance last night but the good season that they've ever gonna hear from our markings in the coach also Jakob Olsen one of the players. On the show today as College Baseball for us comes to an end. I know we of the college World Series coming up that we will talk about that. Because we thought that the justice for you this this point six weeks nothing was we hit August. Will be in college football's not note that remember last year no last year the MBA was so doomed enemy all Susan good stuff like that maybe who Dylan. Yeah I do think there's going to be a lot of discussion about the NBA. Not a reason it is your question we'll have a lot of that to talk about big time with LeBron and all bars on him gains are concerned NBA games over our local teams out of college World Series now we have the World Cup with no USA unit. That's exciting. At Apolo bodily go vote and Twitter poll at ESPN upstate with the USA not an issue news World Cup how much will you watch. In your options are. Can't call up. Come back to me a lot some or little or non 70%. Little or non right now. Seventy that there's a surprise went up to 72% couldn't have been better I. And it's kind of hard to get pumped English soccer fan if your side and no Italy right it was kind of a big deal. I don't know just. Yet you gotta be real soccer fan to enjoy the World Cup without the US. And not a lot of people are saying that they're going to watch a lot of that starts Thursday. The fifa world yeah and I would imagine Tulsa who geographically. Balanced as well here in the southeast even more so when you assays not in it but maybe. Out west. You bright get a little bit more interest. In the northwest yeah. In just of been like that maybe in the northeast a little bit but it here in the southeast definitely I would you can vote in our Twitter poll in the World Cup over the next 23 hours or so only cast your ballot and he ESPN upstate. When asked three questions coming up today we're gonna talk about a few different things when it comes to match. Including. College Baseball. We will also. And I hear from Stephen A Smith aware he thinks. LeBron should go. Not where he thinks he is going where he should ago well before he kimono on the show to get on day braves. I'm still alive. This yard just barely though movement barely under oath over the over the weekend as a wash yeah it was a wash that both won two out of three are lost to launch her and her death lost two out of three Washington in the breaks to the right where they work. I you guys may have a chance to get back into first place because they've they've played the Mets yet and the nationals by the Yankees and threats to different levels of competition although Lou with the Mets did. To the Yankees in a short amount yet and that the last game of the series they did it is to a three to the Yankees wasn't really in the subway series so anyway we'll update what's going on with that probably look ahead of college World Series. Match ups and down. Maiming get into this new ball game that's coming to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach and talk about whether anyone will care about that but that news has been announced this week. ID 4447737760. Loss of one million of the Steve Higgins Clark picture don't worry constant danger OK but may it was a fun. If there's a lot of angst for a period of time I can promise you it's an interesting week in a social media because of that. To X minus 71307. And use the keyword ESPN on Twitter NE SP in upstate. About you guys in the gamecocks would win last signs that would Joseph. We did we did them yes with all the Mo Jo was on their side if they would be able to. Advanced keep the magic going. Survive and advance was our mantra well look let me ask you get through those first two pitchers that Arkansas has that one more on your happy that's so we thought you happy guys. Tomlinson scheme did not have it in the first inning last night and it was over early very early also and at seven to zero yeah. Now as it always your first so ugly for the gamecocks pitching and defense surprise and preserve good defensively and they weren't in the super regional. They're worth for put it around every. Being thrown around. Ever were not covering bases. Just rolling in it but they have four errors I think yeah not a mental breakdowns now which you didn't expect. Right he was an on again I thought they were going to be. Focused because they seem to the of the rebound. Really well in game number two in markings and I know he was pretty adamant that he. Basically guaranteed that the team would be ready in game two heated guarantee a win but guarantee that they would bounce back and be ready and sure enough they were and that's while surprised that they came out so flat. In the pivotal game theory the other pitchers some of the relief pitchers were burned up to you could tell it in them their stuff so it just started Doug -- got uglier fourteen to four Arkansas advances to the college World Series. And south Carolina's season comes to an end here is marking stint game cock coach after the loss last night. Congratulations to Arkansas. Clearly one of the best teams in America. And they played probably their best baseball tonight offensively pitching wise I'm defensively so. Tip our cap to him. That we had one heck of a season but fell nine innings short of where we want to go. And some will build them. Coach Israel was delirious having piston and shorter than that you just were Colorado bullpen and I understand our. What we thought the guys that we give the ball tonight. We do the job we just we just didn't. The end of the day we have confidence in our guys that we we have put them in roles to be successful. And tonight just was not our night. Everything we threw up there they hit. It hard so once again sometimes. Sometimes you just have to give credit to it to a very good upon. Or would you say you're the manager. So is extremely proud of them. Lot of things I said tuna I'd rather not repeat right now. But I told my loved him totally missed a lot of them. And I was really proud of everything that they did this year through ups and downs. And just I don't wanna expand on too much because there's some things that you keep within that family. But. Proudest of is that proud and love are two things that you know where the the big summary of that meeting. Now almost an emotional there's more Kingston. As they came oh so close on one game short of getting to the college World Series in his first season and and win the gamecocks were left for dead after that loss presbyterian. A few weeks ago death. Unbelievable laden bounce rate a turnaround yeah. Yeah you gotta be happy with that. The white South Carolina scored a couple of runs on a wild pitch in the fourth inning in the Jakob Olsen who were gonna hear from later in the show. He had two solo home runs course he's headed out as a senior so his final appearances in Hancock and he had a good game that we're just. We're just never and it and too many walks to the walk six guys they keep hitting. Batters to hit by pitches again in the game but too many base runners on demand in Arkansas extra ball medicated they can hit the net Lowe was. Dig could've gained 12 had too many walks in game one. And it was just the opposite in game two where Arkansas had to manual. And it shows you just the you can't put guys on base like that make those type of mistakes getting. Players on base especially in Arkansas ball. They obviously took advantage of it now is hoping South Carolina would at least score three more runs opponents score. Who's going in the way it was at least fourteen to seven on the football as well yeah. Good SEC football score although it's very low scoring no yellow below defense of battle for the SEC him. Us a South Carolina wraps up at 37 and 26 for the year. But because they got to a super regional it's a super successful your form right course and no matter what happens in regular season and they've got to be. On net somewhat of a cloud nine no they didn't make it to the college World Series but not many people thought that they actually would. And it just the opposite for Clemson fans. Winning you know almost fifty gain up and you're probably viewing their season as a disappointment. You know talk about that in three questions Nikkei is down. You know mark tasting got onto the superstars in his first year money hasn't. Yet yet they keep losing at home in the regionals in yes and when they should be favored to get there. And so how long that'll be the discussion more Saber for 3 o'clock three questions that rate. Along Oakland some fans go without really. Starting to complain about that or they already doing. Are they already unhappy. Because on since taking such early exits. Out of post season after very successful. Regular seasons and after beating with a B and gamecocks in the in the regular season series last three years two out of three. Do all that doing everything right the regular season but to. Not it's not going to work to do this every year for that's why I always contended as a matter necessarily about your in state rival it's. How far you're advancing on the national landscape that's boarded a sort of boils down to but there's a the contingency that people especially in football that paid number one priority is you got to beat your instate rival. I don't view it that small. And I did to the national championship game let's get to the college football playoff that's. That's more important than beating in state rival he make it to those other things more likely you're beating your in state rival. Yeah especially when that series is so early in the year in April again despondent indices new kind of forgot about me you know. It it it's great but it doesn't matter so bomb. A grumbling announcing some of that around on social media about Clemson not continuing to take the early example talk about that more coming up. On three questions at three cell at the college World Series eighteen they are North Carolina goes. To their first college World Series since 2013. They swept Stetson in their super regional. Oregon State returns to the college World Series for the second consecutive season they swept Minnesota big go first the Big Ten champions. Morgan State was not hiding game two of those regionals before they get three runs in the ninth inning to secure their bid. The Washington Huskies went to three games with cal state Fullerton and they wanted in a walk off in the bottom of the tenth. That's a pretty dramatic Washington's first college World Series appearance program history about that for the Huskies. Mississippi State's that they will go they went three games with Vanderbilt in the super regionals they won in walk off fashion in extra innings that we Mississippi State's first college World Series appearances 2015. The Texas Longhorns and a lot of people who liked to have seen a Tennessee tech go as a Cinderella. And Texas lost game one to Tennessee tech but the won the next two so the first time in the college World Series in four years for the long warned they aren't. Another Texas team Texas Tech Red Raiders they go to their third of college World Series in five years they beat duke. And the super regionals in three games. Of course Arkansas wins. Over the gamecocks. In three games. In the first return to law first appearance in Omaha since 2015 for Arkansas. And the Florida Gators my goodness sit home run idea that the insane. Yeah. People need to go watch that they get the the win over Auburn with a walk off home run in the bottom of the eleventh inning and it hit the Al fielder's glove when it benefits and balances over. While. Now possibly returned to Omaha of course Florida the defending national champion and they came really close to being album. Against Auburn Auburn played well. So the match ups that we have this weekend Saturday we'll get organ stating his north Carolina. At 2 o'clock William Washington gets Mississippi State at 7 o'clock. And on Sunday we'll get Arkansas against Texas at 1 o'clock and Texas Tech against Florida at 6 o'clock closure first inning matchups this Saturday. And Sunday in Omaha for this year's college World Series. A 444773776. Techs Linus 71307. You can get us on Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. Did you say the picture making the rounds on social media of Clemson wide receiver T Higgins over the weekend we'll tell you that story. When we come back this is the huddle on ESPN. We are brackets the huddle ESPN upstate GMAC Richmond long so 8444773776. Text line. 71307. Usually keyword ENS PM before your text message. Also laud don't forget the radio dot com app that's the official new home obvious paean upstate on your phone download or radio dot com. And make us your favorite ESP in upstate than you can listen to us anytime anywhere. Get that app. And I make it's a favorite tickets along radio dot com is the app and a you just do one search forest and then make its favor more pop up every time you open it up that's great way to listen. And hoddle and all of ESP in upstate them. When you're out about as long as you have the Smartphone and who doesn't right. And everybody death madness. This crazy yeah it was funny in court entered into watching the phones everybody. Got the phone. Attached to it and can't stay health. Can't stay out of it when I travel even in airports. And not that I am. Viewing in watching but you can see people there go into the restaurant. And their use the restroom and scrolling on the phone chair. By kids. Wedeman is crazy he said not that you watching there's only one way you can know hack hack happen now if you're not in order to design and yes exactly is preferable okay. Yeah I you know I was traveling up to Connecticut last week in more than once I almost got run over some money in the airport terminal just walk in them walk looking into phone I'll watch it more than once it's amazing all right. Almost into that my point is that you can Tate. Time home 3045 seconds away from ligament your phone to use the restroom and even my kids struggle with this I will see them. Going to the refrigerator. Opening the refrigerator. And they're region in the refrigerator bother looking after phone that they have no idea what the region for basically it's video camera and executive they can't take their eyes off of their followed up. And it's the same with the adults as well it's. It's amazing how the phones have become a crutch for a lot of opportunities Wii two prank your children when I'm hearing that yes there admit that I could put some crazies them either closings are friends and see what happens. Social media is a big part of that of course the social media. Blew up a little bit regarding G Higgins and Clemson over the weekend don't know if you saw the sea was a then ants to Graham or tweet. Dubbing of the tweet tweet via Twitter. A car company local auto dealership posted a picture. A Clemson receiver T Higgins standing beside a red sports car. And it said this. A big thanks to the number one ranked college wide receiver T Higgins from Clemson for coming to our business today to purchase a vehicle. The word is getting out that we are the placed come by a vehicle about 3 weeks. I am leaving their names out just to protect her. But you confide in beyond looking at a right now you can still find it and this is for someone looked at him you know looks like he'd just purchase their vehicle and looked. His shoes match on this days etheridge she's well here's the thing. The vehicle isn't McLaren spider. 200000. Dollar car. And it does the way it's written mega selling these minor car. Course dares getting to actually being in their car it's very ambiguous yes and if you're looking at the picture and reading the context of the tweet. It makes it seem that he would be purchasing that vehicle. Efficient way to posed also arrive aside it up and I. In a city came here to buy a nickel there is standing with a big or exposed big hysterically. And sure enough there are a lot of people that ball Americans that he bought that car just went crazy well they got the attention of the compliance office that Clemson. Then you and that they sent a cease and desist to the dealership. And the dealership to pound the post. And Clemson. Joseph Galbraith a Clemson said he did not buy any of vehicle from that dealership nothing not all of them and he went and bought a reasonable car and you know. And that's that he was standing beside them Clarence fighter but he demise. So in the idea if you're Clinton are you also colony NCAA right away. You prouder of our imagine so yes quickly you probably just to make sure that day. Had your side of the story early. Yes the Clinton said that the picture was used without cheating ends permission. That is eligibility is certainly not impacted. At all and you know rightfully so it's just. A bad decision to put that got a picture it was that kind of catch right yes it is and now and imagine now it's life less than. Moment of teaching opportunity. For the Clemson football staff with T Higgins. That. Hey you just can't be taken those type of pictures. Even though he didn't consent to it had no knowledge that he was gonna post that. But there's a certain pictures you probably can and can't take and that's what. He needs to avoid what as far as that goes on mean with Photoshop and everything here I mean they can't not. Take pictures with people on the SS pardons are not saying that you can't. When I got to him to his super impose anything you want with with a player if you if you try and Ernesto well I'm out. Israel a real picture anyway. Still what was he doing there well he test drove way according to bomb. To Scott keepers article agreement news he test drove a Dodge Charger and he also got a ride in the McLaren. His mother. Posted on her Twitter account he did not purchase a car. He doesn't even have a job. As. It. And she said there's no way I could ever afforded us still in my house that she took that post them. All I know is I'd ice that car looks sweet I don't ride and I only drive it wanted to I guess at some you can offer Iran Value Line though thanks. Let me drive and that's totally different story it was just a little over ambitious. Tweeting by the dealership and yet as they at a celebrity they're sports liberty and thought it was cool thing. Or shall we and I wonder if there's also a little bit of apprehension too because if you notice on the tweet. How you can tag somebody. T Higgins was not tagged and also did not include his Twitter handle him in the tweet it just said T Higgins now. So. It you know a lot of times it'll become even more public or more seem more readily once you usually as he has all the followers exactly that's right and mentally. In the dealership didn't do that. They still wanted out there. And in a misleading way am via its so interesting. But as it turns out. No problem do we know anything about it dealerships that guy. Is a legions. Oh is phantom yes that's a salesman if they're attracted to. I don't know that we monitor these are you surrounding him intro. Well under a it is the South Carolina granddaughters the the mother really early you had to go there and of course I didn't evaluate every other way around. Yeah ray tanner I think you're actually right I think it was written you know it would be the other way around people would question the same thing now I don't know which you talk about I never heard or seen anything like that I think you make enough. The guy that was in the picture or a guy with the dealership said our plan was not to create a negative as a business you wanna let social media work for you. And we thought it was a good place for publicity. Instead. It turned into a failed. Publicity stunt we certainly don't wanna get the young man in trouble it's something innocent that went crazy T didn't minded and he knows our heart was in the right. But just take a picture of unity like in the officers on them and want to be standing beside that car. Down at trying to show off his dealership ad and in all reality I do you think you was. Just a situation where he did when he gets some type of publicity sure didn't realize. The ramifications. And how the dominos will fall once he put that out there blogs has got to say you know if I was in the market to buy a car like that now nowhere to go. I wouldn't know before the publicity is it is I don't know about you go to there to buy a player here fire during 200000. Security cameras sport. Yes you are your midlife crisis is a and yet so I think maybe the publicity stunt man work rules we'll see if he gets more business. I was reading about it do you notice you get more attention from police in Europe. Rate compare your news shiny red Camaro. Well I drive speed limit at all times and if I do see. I'm I'd buy every one thank you for telling everybody exactly what color was wounded a security did you didn't think that they don't mind and an. Unfortunately I get noticed by other drivers who decide to veer into my lane while they're looking at it. And you probably have some macho guys. Emma to use against red line ready to that happens it great I am I am mature and older and and I don't do such things can be years ago you would have overtaken and there's no way it. I did it you did and I sat on the Internet yesterday Mimi think of view about somebody asked to law. Guys in red cars pulled more than other corporate sports cars and the answer was no in this story when issue accurate or not. And it said that Dell one of the most pulled over cars as Toyota camera. It's a Toyota Camry also is the and are believed to still be most stolen car so that may have some time with lighting you pulled over to my son is going to get rid of his Toyota camrys are really popular to chop chop it yeah guy from what I understand tired of it because it is grandmother and I almost didn't did it well I didn't morning red sports car because I thought that was true to I'd always heard that. That counts below for a sports car so far so good yet but now the watch report now welcome him. It was all about talk about his car when he just canonized columnist and yeah now that she should push don't say anything about it. 8844 GS PE SP n.'s X line 71307. Era back this is the huddle on ESP upstate. A back in the huddle he ESPN. Up stakes. It's Tuesday afternoon with GMAC Richmond Alonso 8444773776. And talk about them. Bangkok baseball season that has just concluded as of last night when their super regional lost in Fayetteville Arkansas we'll talk about the NBA offseason. Major League Baseball what ever it is we're here for you. Just to the scholarly 444773776. NBA news nick nurse. Is the new coach at Toronto. He was an assistant there the Toronto Raptors. Nurse is finalizing contract terms with Toronto we met with the president in the general manager this morning to accept the job. Nick nurse is fifty years old of course he replaces coach of the year going kick casing. You know I I don't know they found nick nurse file. I yeah you take the job but. And there's a lot of film where you can go as opposed to a lot of you know. And that place and there's only down if that's right now enters no upside. Obviously based on how. The situation in did in Toronto I mean they were number one seed. In the east won a record 61 games for that franchise. And we know that both DeRozan and Powell are either another year older up and are they going to be able to. Put together another season like that and now contend with. A helped the Boston Celtics team in the east and we know Philadelphia's on the rise things getting better yup yup and I just. And even from the Toronto. Organization. Just promoting. From the staff. That they didn't think was good enough after firing the coach of the year yes. I it's this it's odd it doesn't make any sense to me. I thought for sure but it it's it. Ended a few days ago when Jerry Stackhouse was named an assistant coach with the Memphis Grizzlies but I thought Jerry Stackhouse was going to get that job he had been an assistant. With Toronto but he had left in was getting at least head coaching experience. In the G league. In Toronto's. And a minor league system they're in my they're G league team. And I thought that would have been a good opportunity for. Then to bring in a former player. Been assistant police got the head coaching experience right now nick nurse he doesn't have any head coaching experience and is very limited experience in the NBA nobody was successful in the geely. He has six seasons in the G league as a coach won two championships and he was coach of the year but you know G league ain't the MBA. So. Yeah who's gonna who's gonna have the better or five years or so. Going Jaycee at Detroit and Anderson Toronto. Yeah more talent well did you mortality and Toronto. And in doing Casey has proven he's a better coach. It's all upside for him in the Lanier and turn that around and get them going in the hero right. What do you consider that I think it depends oral bronchos. It lemonade or those who know what I mean is they're gonna end up being second place to whatever team he's going to be in the east so be considered a success or not. Well. What you know is that what he's going to least. So it and if it estimates that if he may not be going anywhere may be staying warriors and then. And then if he does or if he stays in the east both those teams of mine for number two. Well let's find below will be better than the other that's all I'm asking who'll have the batterer. Five years yourself. Detroit or Toronto I think Toronto is common. I I think so do I think there's a better opportunity in Detroit I think you'll better be in position for free agency as well. Although. In my opinion both organizations are probably. Relatively dysfunctional. Detroit's probably more dysfunctional than Toronto. But. Based on what Toronto just did with firing Dwane Casey and then just promoting somebody. On Casey's staff does doesn't make go on sale to me Casey can clear up the dysfunction in Detroit. He might be able to. Help. Combat some of the dysfunction but a lot of times. An organization is so bad and it doesn't matter who their coaches. There's good he's limited he's handcuffed. We got an owner and general managers make in. Horrible decisions and many cultures that he thought it was that bad it would take job I mean must think he can be successful. And maybe dissolution he may be delusional but it's also a job. Knowing he needed a job but I mean I think Boeing KC at some other options to be one thing around. All they picked up Blake Griffin like bullet in the middle of the season they did and so they haven't had him for for a full season he can stay healthy it's somewhat he someone you can build around. They got honoraria Andre Drummond they've got some some good guys there in Detroit. We know what they've done and your blog question marks though in Detroit it in his. Can Blake Griffin stay healthy and is Blake Griffin a guy that you can build a team around I don't think he's been able to prove that I'm a people that question about him. Well he's been he was second fiddle for so Long Island and now you can see if you can I mean he can prove he can cause I think he is the biggest star in Detroit right now yeah. He is if they do win sixty games in Detroit I think they wolf are going Casey about no no. But you'll keep him for alongside of you be all right. Thaddeus young Indiana Pacers forward. He is considering free agency he's 29 years old he may decline is thirteen point seven million dollar player option for the next season become an unrestricted free agent according to ESPN's source as. Gotta make that decision and a couple of weeks as until June 29. And obviously number longer term contract because he's in the prime of his career at 29 he needs that now opening it needs yours gets into his. Thirties the pacers could choose to negotiate a contract extension with young who plays alongside senator miles turner that Indiana franchise it's been a pretty decent turner will be eligible for. A rookie contract extension. Later this year he was a leader on the young pacers team this year they get the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference and they pushed Cleveland to seven games in the first round. Of the Eastern Conference playoffs. I know the break we'll come back with more wrap up our number one here in the huddle 8444773776. Is our number stable this be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. I feel I have had a game to promote almost every night for the last three months but. On now a lower pick up some baseball later this week we'll take about that rift Thursday night Friday night Saturday and Sunday Major League Baseball games as. As a self fifth but that's it. That's not Perot a law baseball purist her all excited now they get. They're baseball and we get the billions of calcium now we are going to have the final best two out of three from the college World Series whoever the final two teams are. Play that best two out of three more of that forty. The funniest in a statement it will not feature a local team beaches we have none left but the nets baseball for a while. And elect a simple as we get into. August when you fall practice going on the big news coming out of Clemson, South Carolina I'm worried about August. At all between now and the end of July that six weeks. Second half. The free agency in the NBA that's going to be a lot of discussion about LeBron least we've got the US open coming up. Yeah oh. The obvious. Talk about tiger is he going to be able to beat contention for a major. At the NBA draft NBA draft you know and as I tell you every year around this time the severe good time fusion in the Mac. Because they know and they ramped up during this time knows nothing else but baseball and they get time Peter Watson and they have more advanced system here. In llamas seem to have more free events on Saturday some clearance time now. I think that they should all beef every. That would help. It would help wouldn't via anonymous papers recently. The fifth at a dull like that idea I'm already struggling with how much it paid just to have access. Cable. The question are we just over Alonso is watching this you could do that you find it an act at a McDonald's and the woods. You got to see the video of the young pitcher in the Minnesota high school pitcher ideas. It's a very great story. His name was hi Colin. And he. Helped mounds view high school reach the Minnesota state championship in baseball. They sealed the clinching victory over to Tino grace he struck out Jack. Coke on the gas KOCO and Coke and comes on. Haven't been childhood friend of the pitcher. And it's great video to look it up if you haven't seen it's Minnesota baseball championships elect. In confined and I'm sure it's all over the place but dot the you know his teammates rushed to the mound when he struck big kid out for the final out. But he brushed them aside and ran down to the plate where the struck out batter was just standing there kind of dejected and gave him a hug and that thing has gone viral yes death. Gone viral I you know lot of people said you can watch it without crying out I didn't cry. But it was emotional to see him do that and you know kind of unusual I think that's the thing. On this day and age where everybody's kind of in your face we beat you were better than you you know we wanna put you down Nolan is this kid went beyond all that went down. Hugged his friend which that's why it went viral because this who is so move. Re air that we see this type of sportsmanship. And a motion. Are delayed gratification I should say that. He's going to console somebody rather than. Celebrating and being just don't see that. Type situation. Especially in today's society I should say it doesn't happen but it. This is at least an example video that's out there and that's why I went viral and now he's famous so kind of works out for a for for doing that. They were friends since they were thirteen they were on the same Little League team they went to separate schools were kept in touch. And I came down that's tough mental comes down to you mr. buddy. For the final out. The final out Padilla he struck him out there is great sportsmanship. And very impressive and again it's well worth looking up BP. Haven't done that might wanna check it out. Pretty cool. The news from Major League Baseball Robinson can know we've talked about his long suspension. A Seattle Mariners are still winning their 4124. And they have started to think about what happens when Robinson can no returns from the suspended list in. All list he has an eighty game suspension. For the joint drug agreement violations. And Lincoln gets back on the field. They say it will not be as the full time second baseman about that. As pretty good player to say that about that is significant. How can you keep that guy off the field but they picked up. The Gordon for Miami in an offseason trade he started as the every day center fielder went to know was gone he took over at second base. And the general manager says Gordon has at least partial claim to second Mason. You know disease blame when he's playing well he's earned it so canola has to beat him out basically is what he thing so this guy your pay and 240 million dollars. The magna Vista or. When it comes back ten year 240. Million dollar. Yet there might be somebody that organization that might have a problem with that. Well even if they're winning. Is thing. Got to play this guy now I mean and you know do you wanna. He wants a little message they don't do this anymore don't get suspended I was there there is deadly and you read between the line that's basically what he's saying otherwise and he is setting the stage for that type of commentary. How the Mariners are winning just fine without canola once seventeen out of our last 22 games but they have a difficult stretch coming up. LA angels. And they play ten straight games against. The Boston Red Sox in the New York Yankees now lobbies. Could be a little bit different. Yet to be different outlook was going to back on the field but its interest and is this polling this early in that process their side and then. Is Asia and it's still relatively early since the suspension. So there's probably he's still a little bit of these guys are mad at Hanover. Putting them in this position as well because. It's hurting the team overall and I would think there's got to be a part of them like. In other still rub the wrong way and in that wound is still fresh right now. I backed on the other side here in the huddle for the 2 o'clock hour we're gonna hear what Stephen A Smith says about LeBron James and where he should play. Next year we'll update our World Cup soccer poll on Twitter are you gonna watch. Give back in the college World Series as well and even have a tweet of the day coming up. A 444773776. Is our number text line 71307. It's Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver Alonso in the huddle back in a moment. On ESPN upstate.