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Monday, June 11th

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Richmond Weaver and Alonso here Greg McKinney is on jury duty were finishing up. The final hour here on out all ESPN of stage in you can jump in the show 8444773776. That's 844 GS TE SPN the takes line is 71307. And then make sure use the key word yes the end. And don't forget. If you're traveling outside. The area are don't have access to your radio does go to radio dot com and you can. Download the radio dot com happened to your cell phone. And type in ESPN upstate two are there any search menu and you can. They're be able to listen to any of the shows on ESPN up Stacey you always have access. It ESPN have stayed in again that's radio dot com and one of the things that. We continued to do in which I find enjoyment airlines though and it's our three questions at three because. He gives us some opportunities some nice healthy debates and actually get to learn a little bit how each of us stink and granted Greg's not here today so it's going to be you and nine that were going to be able just fight. These three questions at three and that starts right now. All right unlucky today as they get hand written questions in the reason why I'm lucky is because. Richmond has legible handwriting Jesse can read it they hired you're at a disadvantage those typically. We have these questions. Ahead of time but I can these questions to you. Missed a moment's notice that's been. But I'm a good proof read a still screwed up and I you know I still alive I check it out I can read your writing we're good. Let's go with question number one game three of the Arkansas South Carolina series is tonight. Do the gamecocks win to advance to the college World Series. About that. And in the past I have actually been against the gamecocks. In terms of being able to advance. To where they are now I didn't think they would make it out of the Greenville, North Carolina regional. And so therefore I obviously didn't think that they would be in the super regional. And last week we talked about this and I didn't think that they would be able to make it out of this super regional give past Arkansas. But. This is what life is you can change. You can now have a different opinion and Alonso on change and my opinion in terms I think there's a little bit of Mo Jo going on right now South Carolina I think for them to be able to. Come back after getting beat nine to three in game one to come back and win eight to five. I think something's going on line and especially against Arkansas who is very difficult to beat at home and so I think with South Carolina sitting at 37 and 25 I think this is a team that's going to show a lot of people that. That's somewhat of a magical. Destiny type of ride for South Carolina and I'm saying they're gonna do it tonight at 7 o'clock they're growing up. I was gonna quick picture here before I actually answer your question myself. Believe the person who just to answer that question is is where and a lovely Clemson polo shirt. And this summer causing grass that's that's that's a nice looking shirt except for the orange it's a nice to conserve at least in my opinion so set for they are certainly a large part I'd part bothers me but you know. So that. The reason why I'm playing this also as a Clinton fan. Your game in South Carolina chance and I don't think you don't just because it's on the radio because you wrote to question. On this. I commend you for that no I appreciate and I do think that they're not wired and and we find Rios comes issue when you were gone and and Greg was gone. There is I wondered how many actual Clemson fans are rooting for South Carolina and do well. You know Clemson is not an. I would imagine bears a contingency of hard core Clemson fans that no matter. What it is they're rooting against South Carolina and there are some that are. In different and in some net pay in it looks good for. Any of the schools in South Carolina to be in a position of winning a championship you know if busily. I'd pull for the gamecocks but if Clinton was an be rooting for him just just for the state and because it's baseball and it's different to me it's not football you know so. Not if football is totally different story all right I think the gamecocks are gonna win tonight I picked them to win two out of three. We picked the game Friday. I think. As you said momentum is on their side I think they're playing with house money either somewhere where people didn't think they would be and they're playing loose. They got past the harder pitchers and I think that they're going to be able to. To do it I think you're gonna win the day and read this next question then you can go first alliance of faux noise do you have a problem with Josh Bell transferring it transfer from Clemson. To South Carolina speaking before block. Yes and this is going to be a heated topic and I know there's a lot of action on Twitter. Over the weekend after he announced that he was gonna. Transfer from clones in in go to South Carolina and talking about you can't transfer within stayed and obviously you can't transfer to your heated rival and what that looks lie to and shouldn't close and even be blocking him for medium to transfer to that the instate rival. I don't have a problem with that at all. None whatsoever. This is a guy who. Made a decision it's a very tough decision but trying to pick a school let alone when you're getting recruited to it. Like she was like some of these guys are and then whatever. Scenario changed within his life and it looked like it just seemed that he needed to be in a different position closer to home which we know south Carolina's a little bit closer. Is it a big difference no it's really not in all reality but. That's his decision I don't have a problem with it again. I don't have a problem with guys transferring. Again there's some should be some type of parameters are rounded but. Why were strict just based on because it's a rival makes no makes no sense to me so I don't have a problem with well you know as multi. Can clear whatever NCAA hurdles he's a clear and he's eligible to play then he should be able to play I don't have problem with it. But I wonder. If I were a Clinton fan. Painful let's say but if I were a Clinton fan but I I'd think I would kinda what my coach to have a problem with that. And we know Dow blows a nice guy and everything and he'd it would be hard for him to be. Other than what he is the way he's perceived to be in the media which from what I understand he really is that guy. But I think if I was a hardcore fan of of Clemson. I would be upset that down those let them go there because we've seen other coaches. Who allowed transfers but they will stop them from going to certain teams. I would think. That your rival would be the first team that you would say I won't allow you transferred. To that today but it. Deborah Sweeney to aid goes to any school he wanted to go to. I understand all that and and I am saying that I don't have a problem with it. What I'm saying is Peterson is spyware a hard core fan of the team. I would have a problem with my coach. Allowing. That's what comes at a salute the same scenario so now flip it if there's a South Carolina players that transfers to Clemson. Your South Carolina fan I would have probably noticed that it must chance. Allowed. And same listen if you listened to station from beginning have been there from beginning you know I'm also from Ohio somewhat a Buckeyes fan if it if if the coach. Let a player go to Michigan I would be ticked off that the player. But at the coach. Why would you be at the coach but not deploy because you have to understand the rivalry and how important is to fan I don't understand Bryan Murray is. No no no no on the until my view. I'm a Tom but in general and and I get all as I'm just talking about from a fan's standpoint how fans perceive things and when it comes down to a coach is taking care advocated. And it and you hope they have the best interest of the kids. And and and care bottom enough to let him go where they where they believe they need ago. Or should go but from a fan from a hard core fan's standpoint. I would be mad coat. And that's where. You cross that line from fan to fanatic and those guys out there they are you know I did and girls they're girls that are just is crazy to an area that's why as much as we you and I are answering this. In a specific way again I as I mentioned talking about this story I know there's a lot of Clemson fans that are highly upset. Yeah audio unnecessarily or some message boards it's not a stay away from I'm sure that there's a line of paper being spewed out a lot of hate and I was there ever see him understand I get a I give it why they would match. The I don't I don't get it I'd I don't understand. Crossing that line to fanatic I really don't and I know I've joked about being the voice of reason here on the show. But. I I just don't understand how they could be dead upsets. Just because of players going to. Richmond here difference let me just say this. You have to be crazy to understand craze. That's All Saints who you don't have to be a fanatic to understand fanaticism. And I give it. I'm not there. But I get. I think is just narrow minded. View of upward mobility that's my only point well in the end you know you're allowed to have the opinion that you that you have and and I get it you have passions. Four for whatever you're rooting for and and I guess. Does emits light on to say I guess that's all right question number three. Don't get to the phone is a bronze legacy tarnished. Because the cavs were swept in the NBA finals you know I keep hearing legacy legacy legacy. I don't care you know you know what it comes out to me this is my favorite player. I'm enjoying watching him play while I had the chance to watch him play when he's done. You know then you can look back on the legacy because legacies are usually spoken about. When a player is nearly finished only he's nearly finished I think he has a few more years left. Now bid when he says if he says is going to be my last year and I think you can look at legacy but right now. I'll care I just wanna watch him play as much as I can and enjoy the greatness. Visibility. Because. Much like when Michael Jordan retired. We would. Ignoring new Washington here however long he was there a little annoyed now marriage as different wizards here to attend my dad didn't happen. But you enjoy you should enjoy it while they're here and the worried about legacy so I don't think it tarnish is that. He's been to the finals that eight years in a row. He still in my opinion a lot of people's opinion despite all these wishy washy guys who go. He's no longer decaying music he's annoys me he's still the best in the game today it to me until. He retires or until he diminishes the need has had the best season arguably. Of his career. Without when chip which. It has no bearing on his legacy whatsoever. There was going to be a situation where if there Cleveland Cavaliers who win this series. It could arguably been the biggest upset in NBA finals history because. It was going to be viewed dad there's no way that LeBron James would end. This cast of characters. With Cleveland Cavaliers who have been able to be the Golden State Warriors to. Arguably have. Four of the top twenty players in the NBA on their team so. For people to say that. This is some type of tarnish man on his legacy that he wasn't able to at least win one game or win two games and I'm sorry I just don't buy into that type of mentality debt. You're going to view it just based on four games against a team that most people didn't give him any type of credit to be able to. Compete with and into those games they were within. A few seconds of actually. Being an opportunity of winning the games so it wasn't as bad as it seems that in terms it's a sweep that it looks like it was a noncompetitive games that's not exactly the way it was and if game one goes a little bit different with some certain things following the brawn James is way we can be completely talking about the different type a series and that we would still be talking about it. Right now let's jump to the phone lines right now Brian wants to talk College Baseball. And Yahoo! also want to quickly comment on the transfer rule book for us talk about baseball on. I just a conscience and I'm I think it depends on the level of the ability of the transfer whether that's right or wrong like for example. Tom Carter Johnson. Who I think has a great great quarterback and I'm disappointed that you left courts and I would not want him to go to South Carolina. The reason being is McCall's. He's such a talent that. A team that so let's say South Carolina is pretty good everywhere else and all the sudden I got a really ultra talented quarterback. That could come back to buy Clemson severely affected you know you know they could end up beating Clemson at the end of the season back to call clinch a playoff shot. There's a lot of ramifications so it's it's an all or talented guy absolutely I would not want him to go to our arrival 100%. Well and Brian news just came out that you'll have to worry about hunter Johnson go in South Carolina he's. Join in northwestern. Oh cool but now when Oregon born out or anywhere else saying I'm but the baseball. I know it depends on what type of year your team as. But I but I always has just been hard for me to get in the base all the calls and it is such a crapshoot at the end of the year to have such a long season. Like a sixty games either. I mean if I'm not mistaken last week hassle of the teams that post that a regional did not make it out of their regional. So if you can assume. There's rescue teams here there there are a little bit her but if you can assume that. This 1618 hours at a regional we're roughly this sixty investing in the conjure what site they were elite they were in the top twenty. Half of those are goal. Arm and and and it it's great when your team Adam immediately you know aka a decent year like it Clinton got a bit and number two or number three your normal foresee. And and they got hot at dean and and they made Iran obviously that would be great for those years. But the year's bet that you actually have a really really good team. And for whatever reason either another team got hot at the end or you just playing your best and short stretch. I just hate for an entire season to be blown. Almost tall also or team. On out of a crapshoot Harmon or excuse warning your first two games can be a miracle to make it three. I just wanted to put out at us while always had a hard time. I really really getting in the baseball after watching. A super all season. An ominous almost like you watched the super long season and he just slipped according to see who. You know advances end to me it's not the same as a basketball all the calls. In basketball that the teams that earn a really hot seat for the most part they've basically got to Internet games before it gets serious side sweet sixteen or whatever. I'm so I just wanted to put that out there are no I don't wish they were come up with a different it's again it's exciting don't get me wrong. But but sometimes it's. A great season has not awarded. You know you're not playing your best baseball at the end of the year. Plays out underinsured. Brian thank you for the call are greatly appreciate that and there is. I did it in terms of the length of College Baseball bud at the end of the day at least they are indeterminate. Type of situation where. A lot of people are genius that. What is the regular season mean for college football wind there's really no opportunity for to have a tournament where you. Advance and move on at least you do have that with College Baseball. We'll continue right here on ESPN upstate to the huddle is Richman Weaver and Alonso back after this. Richmond Weaver and Alonso here Greg McKinney is on jury duty and we're taking you through until 4 PM and and straight it was stirred jewel follow after that ten. Yen at 7 PM tonight South Carolina is looking to continued their advancement into the college World Series since. Game three of this super regional and Fayetteville Arkansas against Arkansas. Gamecocks were able to stay alive after an eight to five victory. Yesterday and it's going to be a big opportunity for South Carolina to. Put an exclamation point on their season by making it to Omaha. And another team that's continuing to. Try to keep up with the Washington Nationals in the NL AE NL east and that's the Atlanta Braves and to actually. Tiger right now and it's by a percentage points at their tide where Washington Nationals are sitting at 36 and 27 and the Braves are at 37 in 28 in the Braves are off today aimed it dead travel back after West Coast trip and they open up the series against New York Mets and there's all been a lot of discussion talking about. Can the Braves continue this streak and are they going to be able to. Follow Lou what they've been able to do over the past couple months and now we're starting to get into the summer months Alonso and as we get closer and closer to July 4 and all star game and and if the Braves are still sitting there. They're tied for first place with the Washington Nationals you got to be looking at. Another team that is. Exceeding expectations. Beyond people what they thought two would be able to do just like South Carolina has been able to do this season so far. Well definitely and if we keep talking and you know week after week well. You know this is going to be there and they're gonna fall back held in there and fall behind but they're staying right there the entire time. They stay this way the entire season. They automatically get the wildcard right. If there and say emblazoned now that works. It's a great question I don't know if yeah I think that that is correct because while yes it is wildcard yes that if there be in yes so facility at work to do. There's people playoffs were to start today. Or whatever the College Baseball were to start today. Then. The Braves would have wild card. A belief yeah. I need to look into that zone I need to. Make sure there's not some other criteria are based on obviously the other divisions and you can jump in 844477. 3776844477. ESPN and in NBA news that Dwane Casey has agreed to a five year deal to become the next coach of the Detroit Pistons nets through league sources told ESPN's. Ager you know would you morale ski. And we know that doing Casey was. Coach of the year by the coaches association. But then was fired by Toronto. Shortly after being named coach of the year and now there's a revamp going on and it's reboot. So this B key and now motor city would Detroit Pistons and knowing that. Can they keep Blake Griffin who they acquired him back in February in a trade from the clippers. And they keep him. In a position where he can help recruit players goes right now they just don't have enough players and obviously the other question is. Can. Blake Griffin stay healthy. Now one person who has been able to stay healthy over his fifteen year career and that's LeBron James which. It's amazing that he's been able to do that and I know we're gonna have a situation where. There is a lot of discussion. Going on about where's LeBron James going to be what is his legacy gonna look like if he does in fact leave Cleveland. And go to a different team we know what type of situation was when he ended up. Leaving Cleveland initially and going to Miami and what that look like but. This is a situation where now he's able to earn any NBA championship for Cleveland gets them. You know to the promised land so to speak but now coming off aid. Tough loss being swept by the Golden State Warriors but again nobody gave him a shot to actually beat the warriors. But. Is his legacy going to be tarnished if he does decide to leave and what that's gonna look like and also. What he is decision does to the rest of the NBA because we know right now. It's and it's time where. Free agency is upon us and guys are going to be able to start signing it with other teams but that doesn't mean. That other players can actually start recruiting players like LeBron James or can LeBron James be recruiting players as well and here's. ESPN's Brian win horse. On the LeBron free agency. And what it's gonna look like this summer. Bryant is free agency season is about to open. Jason said many times he wants to finish his career in Cleveland. But things have gotten complicated. As this season showed the cancer progressed their future is unsure Jane just make a decision about how to spend his last act. There are several factors to consider. What was leaving due to his legacy. Two years ago he not only secure one of the most improbable championships of all time but hero status in Cleveland. Can cash inside look at to make one last move. Poor people pulled his words are finishing his career at home against. What about James and cancel your vehicle for. They trust each other even playing chicken for a year now can these two men really enter into a five year agreement to work together. What about LeBron option he has one next season for 36 million. He could pick it up and rolled the decision over stay at home and put off locking himself in to see how things play out. Horry did take the Chris Paul right and use that option as leverage to demand to treat include. Here's a long time between now and June 29 when the brunt has to decide on that option. And there's no such thing as tampering between players who Kobe call on behalf of the lakers. Well this frenzy. What about fellow free agent Paul George. Or Ben simmons' call about Philly. Forget about team pitches in July player recruiting season is wide open right now. Then there's his family his wife sedan is from Akron. His two sons are basketball stars soon to start high school and he has a deep rooted foundation that's aimed at helping thousands of children in his hometown. It's more challenging than ever for him to pull up stakes. The two times James has moved he's changed the balance of power in the NBA just at age 33 he still has that Jews. These are high pressure times. A lot on the line. And it's never been more company. A lot distilled happened. In the next couple weeks in an all hinges on the brawn James and as you heard from Brian in horse they're talking about. They power of the NBA or the balance of power in the NBA does hinge on what LeBron James is doing. And even at 33 years old he still has enough. What I feel in his tank even after fifteen years. To be in a position that we're gonna see. What type of domino effect is gonna occur once he makes that decision now if you wanna jumping and you can 8444773776. And we've got Billy on the line so it's jumped to Billy. Take his called Billy and welcome to the huddle. What you got today or. Rich blonde politically you know doing it I'm doing good yes on. Sort of debate to break the criteria and a playoff system that you've got to take that three divisional winners. And then to two calls and they. I just can't or whatever you wanna call oh lead with a bit records of that that I guess they were caught fire as of now. I'm not only you only one thing and you're highly optimistic with the breweries up Maynard and that probably closer in the third important source like insular. Will say they're playing never did not that they're not doing good they definitely are but I don't think nobody out there were going to be discard it obstacle they laws and better. And the property so deputy got a better overall Ross Robinson got their pitching and sometimes you have you wind Jane most of the comedy based also. Yes you're right Ali and I don't not necessarily saying at the Braves are. Go to win their division or even a wildcard I just think they're going to be well above 500 and it debt. Even being in that position doesn't guarantee that they'll will be a wild card based on the the teams that you just mentioned. Right well and you it didn't blow up on her not in Iran around. May disputing the boat maybe you a bloody but locally I mean they have certainly done for a while Alderman Dick. The scare they don't know yet this year thing Billy is that we're nine halfway through the season yet so we we've got a long way to go at bat. Lot mental battle it out of the net sort of war probably one of the companies certainly been told the Mets got a lot of injury so great. You know Allenby didn't suck on baseball they definitely out about all there were gonna do up although we're gonna. In the regional and he probably lose three straight in the you know he can they in the aboriginal against Arkansas. There's another point about money didn't matter what they did unpacked and what they don't have already been individual users obviously I hope that they wanna end. You know I think Al out of one of the people that I call and admit that I'm wrong and all wrong about the hire of this guy Archie and not all that they can I did he was terrible hire. When they hired muscular audit terrible and wrong about that when a hearty enough body was locate. Ultimately force bombed out regularly and I doubt that was going to be better than you know economic have been wrong about that not be the most wanted it and I'm glad you did. To admit that we did it turned out that way. I'm important they're not gonna happen were shot and it's a computer that there comes. In a blowout look at the record gain legal and moral out. Or third what are the blow I didn't I mean there's no way of not be got a link to play without money. And you've got quite happy that all gravy from the C report I mean obviously all sucked out in the end it. Nobody is a topic I've heard you say this a couple of times in modern birds on the net so that today. Nobody out we also need to eat the original slowed to two point unite everybody to be at it would originally look and anybody. Thank you Billy great call and he's right to this is playing with house money right now and that's why as a South Carolina game guard fanned you just got to be extremely happy because it's a one game Leann and any change can happen. It's Richmond Weaver and Alonso here on ESPN upstate Otto back right after this. Richard Weaver and Alonso moved Greg McKinney is doing his civic duties get jury duty. Today not I'm concerned that you don't feel that I mean. That the floors vibrate your RI I I can't fit and I took my hand on things and for the listeners out there. They're doing construction. Right here at the Woodruff road area and Arlington road and all of that and yet we're light at eighty five's like right we you console rocket hit 85 you could if you had a decent arm. Which anonymous do so but still I give the same army adds you write your jumper didn't erosion i.'s conclusion I shouldn't die I just assume all basketball players all have very good arms. As a bag conclusion. What is we'll just have to prove that now we will have to prevent the anyway yes so Wanda was talking about. He hates the vibration that's occurring right now because there doing their construction and I didn't feel it this now and it in my hand it's hard enough to cause me to misfire something if it I mean sometimes everything your Obama Biden get ready to push it. It's vibrating my hands about the calls on this fire. We can heavy misfired now we can re we got to excel at this. Job but I'll tell you publisher of the glamorous assignment because it's it's like being at home until in an earthquake. I can tell you I think everybody. Is ready for this project to be done over here at 85 and it all enforce that day's going to be. Quite awhile are know what it's what is done I don't think on average go towards Haywood road again because. I don't like. Certain kinds of bridges. And they're like bridges on toppled bridges that are done that thing's going to be scared yeah I it is going to be different now I'm anxious to see if it actually is going to. Help the congestion and traffic would traffic pattern being different does. And here but he knows in Greeneville. Woodruff road can be a challenge you know all this all I hope it works but I swear I don't believe it now thinking normally is gonna get better I don't think so there I hate that people and all this work using our money to put it all those were enhanced productivity it's not magically going up. All of a sudden. Relieve all of the congestion on Woodruff road and even if it does relieve it to a certain degree. More people are continuing to move to Greenville so. Right on the collapsed right the state is gonna continue to grow it's a beautiful place people found out about it and then in with all the articles and stuff being written. More more people are gonna find this place though yeah it's gonna get more more congested yes and we do know also. One of the beautiful things that we solve this weekend if you are into horse racing and we don't get to talk horse racing that much but history was made as. Justify. Wins the Triple Crown. And I still argue this is one of the greatest calls that we've heard in a long time. To say an incredible call and I'm bummed that I missed that live lines and I know you did as well ME two it's not mean we can watch the recording now that this is not the same it's it's not the same in drawn to is. In the stands cheering on and a horse gronkowski but just to put it into perspective as. Justify wins by one and 34 swings on Saturday. Just remembering secretariat. How dominant downforce was 45 years ago. Secretariat. Would have beaten justify it by 25. Of links. That's impressive and it just shows you just again. What type of force secretary was enmity. People they don't even question net secretariat is the go to a force racing and there's no discussion about it. We're coming right back with our final discussion right here on ESPN of state title it's Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Richard Weaver and Alonso here again that. Greg McKinney is on jury duty doing his civic. Duty and speaking of civic duty tomorrow is Election Day here in Greeneville a lot of elections. Across the state to and so. Regardless of who you're gonna vote for just make sure you get out there and vote obviously very important. And net right now in the Alston super region all Texas is beating Tennessee tech five due to its bottom of the eight. So we'll see if Texas can advance to the college World Series and Tennessee tech has had a great season. I think they've had the most wins and all of division one baseball. To this would be a great opportunity though if they can take down in Texas but right now there. On the short end of the stick. Five to two right now and there's a real lot of talk obviously about LeBron James. In his free agency but this week we've also got a big event the US open and there's going to be a lot of talk about Tiger Woods can he make you run. For the US open ended at shin a call to end. Can he get back to the top level of performance and another been a lot of talk can't even wind up a major. Let alone and let a McCain even win a turnout let alone a major but here's Andy North talking about Tiger Woods' chances. At this year's US open. I think the important thing is we've seen tiger looks awfully good golf this year. We've seen a short can be very sharp and it was really surprised me how horrible he putted at memorial in his last start. If you can hit the balls into the memorial and public. He's got a great opportunity the fairways are fifteen to seventeen guys Wired News anywhere the last. That will enable him to have a lot of tee shots lot of drivers off the tee. But it's a golf course you can play a lot of different ways this can be interesting to see how these guys do it. We know tiger moves the needle online entertainment value for these golf tournaments and the PGA they want Tiger Woods to be in contention in the networks want Tiger Woods to be in contention. I guess probably some of the guys that may be don't want tiger to be in contention is that as the other golfers although. From their perspective is there are enough to chink in the armor that there's no way that Tiger Woods has the same type of per Sauna daddy used to in these majors. Yeah they don't fear tiger anymore and nation and it's over yet the it's over but I I'd I don't think you. Well I know who never make it back to where he was again as far as. Golfers fearing him because of golfers golfing has improved. Some some would say part of that is because of him policy showed a lot of it has yet with him decimal years gulping has improved and along those guys who grew up watching them they just don't fear and they're not in all of them anymore. If you're paired with him there and I'd I'd still think they're scared anymore. By winning a major would that changed with the mindset. Shift if tiger can win a major. The end does he start building that persona again and guys are. Now committed deny he's been out too well too long. You can jump in tomorrow a 444773776. It's Richmond Weaver and Alonso today Greg McKinney was out on jury duty will keep you updated tomorrow. The four Alonso and myself. Thanks for listening ESP in upstate Donald strait of mr. urged is next right here on ESPN upstate.