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Monday, June 11th

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We are down one. Today it's Richmond Weaver and lawns so here on no huddle ESPN upstage Greg McKinney has. He called her his civic duty he's in jury duty today stinking governing got a guy named. We have heard from him so they've confiscated his cell phone I think it's protocol that you can't have your cell phone on or at least. Have to have it in silent mode and you probably have to sneak any type of text her step down called call anybody so we averaging. Having heard from him on so I'm not certain. What's going on buys a weasel jury duty we believe that's where he is because it is ducked out of work and it does well and here's the thing even if the did get called for jury duty. I've been called for jury duty before and then about thirty minutes I was excused. But did I tell everybody that I was excused right after thirty minutes. Maybe maybe not think it's a good G mag the using the same type of situation that Agassi would come in and I got called for jury duty. There is I guess there is a. Possibility of that I didn't think about that I I'm guessing he's probably going to be sequestered and more than likely he will be built Foreman. I mean he's he's a jury Foreman cunning guy he looks like it he does yes he's he's he's got whizzed dome that just exudes. Off of his face in his hair is nice and whitish gray issue so he just has that ability to look like a fatherly figure yes they come so everyone's gonna believe that he's nice and calm and he's he's he's not really that calm but still I mean he'll end up being a Foreman he'll be over the entire thing we won't hear from again don't buy this weekend. They're probably not who knows how long he can sequester those hope not Lou let's hope we actually hear from them in and know that he indeed is there. Luckily you reminded him of it Poehler yeah that was on Friday he completely forgot about it and he might have been a situation where. And that's presuming that he didn't remember it this morning. Who knows the cubs might have come this house and arrested him for not showing up. Are all Leno so we should take this opportunity is a slam into pieces because if he did indeed give dismissed and he's just listening right now on his way home. I pretended like he still there we can have a lot of fun with that. Yes we could have a lot of fun and there is a lot going on at this weekend and let's jump right into it right now. Will locally we had a lot of excitement too with the South Carolina baseball team. Making it took to the super regional and losing game one to Arkansas. Nine to three but then bouncing back they solid performance yesterday hit winning eight to five and four seeing a gain three and that's going to be a 7 PM. This evening on ESPN two and this is an opportunity for the Carolina baseball team to now advance to the World Series sits coming down to. Just one game this is for all of the marbles and it was LC Tolbert to yesterday debt had this. Fantastic game hitting a Grand Slam and this is how he remembers it. Penalties can only be described the surge of adrenaline and emotion when you saw the ball through wall at guessing obviously the fees for doing so far. Yeah sure okay. Tell us I have like Eleanor Roosevelt amazes me. It is this runaway well I've sort of plans it's fun and South Carolina and you know new employees that's tomorrow as well. Well fortunately he didn't blackout enough that he couldn't around the basis but sit. It was a huge win for. Carolina an era to 21 in that Grand Slam puts him out six to wind. And it gives them enough breathing room to hold off Arkansas because Arkansas did make a run right there in ominous take this moment to. Remind everyone that I said that you know. That the gamecocks get to a tree and actually have to win tonight to do that but they do if I believe you McKinney both said they were done. That they couldn't beat them especially with the pitching that they had to go up against and so I'm I'm. I don't know but on the I'm assuming that they had those two big time pitchers pitching the first two games so they got past one of home. So now Lou will be a lesser guys they're going to answer that gives them even better shot. To take the game tonight. It's a huge. Advantage for South Carolina that they were at least obviously to get one of those games and as predicted the first gained egos like we've stalled with. Arkansas dominating pitching and unfortunately South Carolina their pitching just gave up a lot of walks and it was vice Versa for that and game number two where. Arkansas didn't get their performance that they would have expected from their number two pitcher. He gave up a lot of walks and allowed a situation where bases loaded based on some walks in LT Tolbert. Makes them pay for it and now. Seamless South Carolina has been able to do in terms of winning at Arkansas which a lot of people have not been able to do this season this is a big deal for South Carolina and again. Not many people thought it was going to be. Carolina in this position and I was obviously one album ones a credit to you for. Being able to pick South Carolina I think it might have just been 5050 pick for you not sure how much. Paul you actually go into our aren't most picks that the that the I don't listen now effort into it. Listen as I've said many times I dare believe and and and I believe sometimes I dare to believe and I get smacked in the face and sometimes. It happens so it's not a matter I'm just gonna pick opposite to what they pick. I dare to belief. I like your belief and so it is. The Carolina fans again I did not think today revealed they did to the college World Series because Arkansas is is going to be too difficult the task. And we'll see what happens tonight and they still got to an opportunity. To prove a lot of people wrong and it would be great for the state of South Carolina that the gamecocks could get back to. The college World Series and we also. We saw justify win the Triple Crown. But the biggest news that we haven't been able to talk about salute we've got to talk about it nets the NBA finals and net that's. The Golden State Warriors. Taking care of Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James in their bid to have this magical. Upset of the warriors and could Dave be able to have some type of magical run down 03 today. Get a winning game four to extend the series and we know that game would have been tonight but. Didn't happen and it was a situation where I think we felt that. It per it played out there are similar to what we talked about on Friday that. Cleveland would be energized. Be able to hang there for a little bit especially in the in the first half but then we just fade away as the game progressed because. Golden State which is going to be able to make more shots then Cleveland and now you can see just the power. Of what that team is in terms of the firepower offensive firepower and it wasn't like that Cleveland was out of the game completely immune they still had an opportunity and with a minute to go in the second half their only down 58 to 52. But then. With five seconds to go before halftime. It's that emotional. Drain that happens staff curry hit a 26 was shot. And for some of 6152. And after that it was game over Alonzo they weren't able to rebound after that going into the third quarter I don't know you know sometime. I question it. Does this make me a true fan to fan who does a true fans stick it out to the entire game or does true fan now wanna see his team go down and we've halfway through and goes and does something else. But that's what I did you know halfway left yeah it's like you know this is over. They can't do this dismay I don't wanna see and those so it doesn't happen very often and I usually try not to give it. Ruled by emotions when it comes to games but as those there was a brief frustrating series and it's like I can't watch this nose canal on that's when the room and did something else. Well you could tell a lot of other Cleveland fans. Did the same thing. By the beginning of the fourth quarter. The arena started emptying out in the news debt it was over the the run with LeBron James. At least for this year is over remains to be seen what's gonna happen. But when we look at the series overall. And I know it's a sweet. It was 40. But in all reality. It was not a complete blow out and the narrative is going to be debt. Golden State dominated this series. But let's take a look at game one where. Up until the end Cleveland is right there Mason did into overtime and arguably did the rest. Changed the complexion of their game completely. With the overturned call of LeBron James which wasn't regionally called a charge. With Kevin Durant. But it was overturned to a block. And Cleveland was up by two at that point but two free throws by Kevin Durant. Tie it up and we know what happens after that would JR Smith and his blunder and was there a time out left should've been called it. Did JR Smith know. Exactly what the time was deemed too. Blow out. And again just the emotional energy that was wasted end game wine. Then game three with a minute to go Cleveland's right there and and for unfortunately for Cleveland fans Kevin Durant comes up big as a huge game 43 points. And should take dagger. The 26 seconds to go from beyond thirty feet puts him up by six. And it let everything out of the wind out of the sails for Cleveland at that point. And can you blame the refs. From game one for cause LeBron to break his hand on supposedly LeBron played the majority of the season. Series with a broken hand. Because you so frustrated after game one the one made a punch to white board was that the wreaths it was a JR it was a combination of both. LeBron James addresses that right here. What happened self inflicted. Polls gamer together one very emotional. For a lot of different reasons understand how important game one is on a roll for a ball cloak. More than done for us from. You know the way we play. The calls that was made to a course that game. Not emotions on you know there was taken away from a side emotions of you just don't get an opportunity like this on a roll. Version goes straight to go to get a game one. And you know let the emotions and the rest a million. Pretty much played Lester never broken and so this mistress. Through letting him. A situation where the game was taken away from him. So to your point line so yes there might have been an aspect the frustration when JR Smith who we know JR Smith has his his boy and he's gonna. Defend JR Smith even if he's upset with him. But I think. When you drill it down you can hear it too. The frustration. In his voice that it was more that. He feels that Sarah's. A call that changed the complexion of the game in it was taken away from him and that's directly. Right to the arrests and you know what I know I know that. Eaters alike look LeBron is making excuses for but he still had a killer series even with a broken hand but. What this says to me is that he thought they had a chance to win this series. And he was still mostly. Involved in doing so that he punched though the white board I mean everyone's been mad enough to punch something. If you was more concerned with. Well we'll see where on the move into next year would he have been passionate not to do that now I don't think so I think he legitimately thought. They had shot at it and you know the results of game one were different maybe they did. And that's why I think you so frustrated and because he feels that the game was taken away from him because of the importance. Of game wind. He needed to be able to set the tone with Golden State and if they walk away with a victory in game one. Then all of a sudden the tone is completely different. The backs are against the wall for. The Golden State Warriors because now all of a sudden they have lost home home court advantage and nobody was giving Cleveland. Any type of chance to be able to take game wind and even not even been able to obviously take the series so. The importance of game wind weighed so heavily. On the brawn James who we know he expended so much energy. Into that game and being able to. The Internet positioned so close to have in Cleveland steal game one from Golden State he knew the importance of that he put everything into it so he was. Obviously extremely frustrated and we haven't seen a situation where we've heard of LeBron James punching a blackboard and maybe he has in the past but I think it was just a magnification. Of everything involved in knowing that. That might have been his one shot to change the complexion. Of the series and it slipped away. And it could've been slipping away just based on a call by one raft. A 44. GS PE SPN a 444773776. And let's jump to the phone lines right now with Jimmy wants to talk MBA. Yeah he had to go. Good what you got today discern. All right well. They beat the whole thing applied about JR Smith that they could get their vision. China's ordered that I charging a blocking well. I think two Gregory. I had to differ all that worried they would let it monitor. I call replay a problem living equality should I shoulder. And stepped hurry in the deftly as charging all that you know I don't want to hear the broken your crap that brought play. I've bright alt. After the first game. That plot well if you don't let it it is the key point and lat date probably. At least let. And I think he should get at least get credit adult day. And the hopes that the Kirk. Each track LeBron James and in the next three games that can support that he looked like. And they give felt lucky maybe just. Saw the ball in the broad patent blunt they brought that it didn't do. Got a week. Having. You know I would hear about the broken and eat that you played really good ball. After the first game of skill that last game that or. That game. Yet able Ron. I'll give him credit for that Ford and they've been playing really well a while Ali Abdullah Abdullah or that you think people like Brad. Yes. Really ours is legacy in my opinion the way you played that fort Garry and then come out the broken and after the game. I made it clear rules at BA did you app reported injury that they are. Aren't that big but report injury to their players. No they're not this is not like the NFL so it's completely different they do not to disclose any type of injuries. Well as ordered the first inning but then that it wouldn't go to eight Cleveland just didn't show up and say yeah. JR Smith stirred up but they showed that taking their head out the game because the one that plays that they are stepping all the state. And I put their foot on the throttle and yes closed it out that first day whenever that. Jimmie thank you for that call sir and. I don't think Cleveland gave up. Game one in game three there in the games. One haters it's tough yeah right there in Cleveland just ran into a buzz saw called the Golden State Warriors to have a much better team a more complete team a better coach. And they got the advantage of a call that was reversed in that was a significant. Call that was reversed regardless of what you believe if it was a charge Uri blog it's easy to call it a blog. When you go to monitor and see it in slow motion but live action full speed gain speed at the moment that's a charge. And the ref called it that way and then it was changed so to be able to say that. Cleveland gave up I don't. Think they necessarily gave up. I just think Golden State is that much better of the team because again game one they took them to overtime game three. They actually had an opportunity. Down by one with about a minute and a half to go until Kevin Durant basically takes over so it's not a situation where Cleveland. Gave up at that moment. We'll continue this conversation right here on the auto ESPN upstate back right after this. It's Richard Weaver and Alonso here on Monday June 11. Greg McKinney is on jury duty so we'll keep you updated in terms of what happens. With his situation if he's actually going to be sequestered into you jury duty for the entire week or what the scenarios might be and right now College Baseball is still going on in the Alston super regional we've got Tennessee tech and Texas plane right now its bottom of the second 00 and again South Carolina plays Arkansas tonight at. 7 PM on ESPN two N. We always have been talked a lot about the NBA you know we've got Jerry on the line right now. He wants to jump in and share his thoughts on the NBA Jerry what your thoughts on. LeBron James in the NBA finals. Arab doorman. And out the other a lot of resort okay. Well I guess. Want to thank our talk about what. Everyone's computer ready and you hear the project this canal and number but the thing I want to talk about really quick with a white collar sit there. BP believes that that he targeted. They can beat McCain or. I don't think they allow the will agree that I think everybody's about open about it right now about that they are. That I would he get it could be dealt with it now we're right. We're right we're gonna get everything out of there would works about the profit outlook from that. But it but beyond that I think he possibly can. Didn't like the when you add it. And all the factors look at that look at the numbers keep it up this series. Are the very comfortable being the warriors have boldly superstars. I think went with it. With the teammate that he had a being able Q at least challenge him and they're okay he looked OK. Could have been. British paper plate obviously get more but it really matter but. I don't think he really part targeted like the just over gate four and definitely not a theory but it probably had a great series. I believe that this thing could Wear a little bit differently but you know that it that it Alec out but oddly actually help. It helped a little bit to show that hey you know. It off situations I'm built upon an out I'm still the greatest you know no matter what it. Yeah elegant look a lot able to achieve and what what I have to be thrown at me. To be able to EL. Took on the warriors to wins I'll leave it at that. Oakland will look for too well these don't look Ron talk a worry going or not going to. Or you got to have a debate and it built back up. Thank you Jerry greatly appreciate dead and one thing we know for sure but Jerry is talking about is. That he's correct when he states that there's going to be a lot. Of chatter a talking about. Now what happens with LeBron James what is. The decision part two what is he going to do or is maybe this is decision part three in reference to is he gonna decide to stay in Cleveland or. Head off to. So called quote unquote greener pastures to a better opportunity but in terms of his legacy. I don't think he necessarily. Helped his legacy his legacy is what it is. It definitely didn't tarnish it though. It's a situation where what LeBron James is able to do with this team to get into the NBA finals. Duchess at some planted just continuing. Just the legacy itself but just because he got swept. Doesn't mean that mission to tarnish is legacy whatsoever because. These were competitive games except game two in game four. You know what I'm not gonna slam Jamaica's Jimmy's consistent. And and he pretty much let you know how he feels about LeBron but I deathly disagree with them and end. I I agree would Jerry I think this helps his legacy. The fact that he was able to do what he was able to do after breaking his hand. Not only that but the fact that he broke his hand and wide to break his hand because he was so passionate about the game. And about that lost and he wasn't looking ahead like I said earlier was looking ahead to where he's gonna play next. He was more focused on what he was doing at that moment and what he knows he lost and why he lost it and it wasn't because of him. Mom is now why in the ref Rees change to call JR did something stupid they lost a game and it really did I mean have put a cloud of of one ever over the entire series. They also agree with something that that. Jerry said. The fact that this should help to bronze legacy because of how well he did against. These this cast of superstars with who he had on his team and the fact that their once OK he's the new canoe he's a new everything. Well up I'm sorry they still on the Indy. They may as slow LeBron down or LeBron slowed himself down by hurting himself. But this stuff LeBron. And for the most part even with the the blowout. End game to. We seemed a blow teams out while whole lot more than that so it was a lot closer and an all these people said that Cleveland can compete they competed. They did. And you put one more. They don't have to be a superstar belong more star on Cleveland's team they want a couple games and maybe had a chance to win. Series and it could've been a completely different story in the book. Because sick tie reboot let's face it Karrie can stay healthy. So can't they would have had to have been somebody else end their guns guy who doesn't seem same story hurt out in the one guy who has been able to stay. Healthy for his fifteen year career has been LeBron James so. For this type of injury that this is kind of rear air so to speak in terms he and actually having some type of injury that did impact is. Game and what type of impact did that actually have here's Brian Meehan worst talking about. The bronze broken hand. The bronze is the playing the last three games with a serious right hand injury. That he suffered after punching a blackboard. In the locker room and Golden State following game one. He's had to have to MRI is on the hand he's been in a soft cast. When he's been away from how the media and away from practice. Hasn't been practicing. On this if we go back and look I'm told during press conferences including after game three he's had his arm tucked in. And he didn't you know he's not using it now he's you know he's certainly not letting it out now or anything because. He wants there to be excuse for how we played he did they just kept it very tight because he didn't want the warriors. To have an advance of knowledge but on game one as it turns out was costly not just on the court. But off the court and and and you can see it now when you look back at his last three games. Just five of nineteen shooting outside ten feet. Tonight as an example Dion he didn't even Billy cheat from the outside it's completely drove to the basket also deliver an ankle injury and stuff but LeBron James. Right hand injury severely. Hampered him the last few games. There's no doubt about it the injury to his hand that affected him now that you've had this information. I though. I think you would have been advantageous for LeBron actually. Let people know that he did have a hand injury he could have. Had some type of protective padding on it cause you know of course the team would have gone after trying to hit his hand. Not necessarily intentionally but anytime you're holding your whole idea boy drama one dollar out of our hands all over the way yes anytime there's an opportunity. It they would. And maybe they were doing it. Throughout the rest of the series they'd really am making a special. Attention to it but. This does is hit all the time but I think it would have been advantageous for LeBron actually come out. And say that. Could that have been rallying cry and also for Cleveland that he even more so then you know what they needed but. There's no doubt that this had an impact in the broad. And even when you look at the numbers he still had proficiency. With the exception he obviously showed a difference in the extension of how far he could shoot outside and obviously now we know that I had something to do with his right hand due to the fact that gained going back to this situation that he knew how important. Jane was that they needed to get that game or they were going to be in. Serious trouble because they needed to set the tone and be able to put the backs against the wall for the Golden State Warriors knowing that. They could've come in there in shifted home court advantage. Now who also set the tone that was a call. On Saturday. I have history. In the Triple Crown that's next right here on ESP in upstate is subtle Richman Weaver and Alonso. Richmond Weaver and Alonso here had GMAC is on jury duty so where. Running through the weekend of the DNC and obviously talking a lot of NBA finals in his. You wanna jump in 8444773776. Dancing for Ford GS PE SPN. Also jumping in on the text line at 71307. To make sure use the keyword ESPN at the beginning of your text so we know that it's human. If you're traveling outside of the upstate you can always that make sure to catch. ESP in upstate just go to radio dot com and also on your mobile phone you can download the radio dot com. App and in the surge menu you can actually typing and ESPN upstate and you can be able to. Make sure to listening anywhere in the country through their radio dot com app that's another. Weights keep up with the current news here and current us shows on ESPN on stage in one of the things that. We saw this weekend in addition to Friday night with a LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers getting swept by Golden State was also on Saturday. As Belmont Stakes we had justify. Creating something very special only has it been done thirteen times in horse racing and that's winning the Triple Crown. And here's the call of that historical moment. And it's. I was just hoping that we can have some type of the NBA finals game that would end in that type of fashion so we in the NBA championship. That is with one of the best calls. That I I've heard in horse racing and an all sports lately other than that NHL with. The Washington Capitals also what she saw they that they were able to do it in their first Stanley Cup. Finals a victory over Los Vegas gold knights last week but. Alonso I don't know if you watch the race I don't know how much you were following the Belmont Stakes this is what this was the 150. Running of the Belmont Stakes in history was on the line and I know we talked about the last two because. We don't get to talk about horse racing that much but. It was a monumental feat. You know I forgot I got to admit I forget all about it I was doing Chopra for my other show and that Patrick Brown. Said he did it in Ireland and in when he said he did it because he just happened look up the screen. I knew exactly what he was found on demand I forgot all about that so do you miss Dolan laid out a bet. Well I would have done that anyway but still a whit I went nowhere to go do such a thing I'm sure are some of the people in the building who could tell me if I would imagine so and you never know says it might be legal bid you can find some place right here in South Carolina. Very very true on so yeah I was disappointed that I missed it because it its history making a sporting event I love to see those. Whether whether I'm happy with the result are not in this case. I thought he was gonna do it I think everyone thought he was gonna do that so wasn't a shock. Did you watch it though. I did not watch alive unfortunately is single situation idols I don't know I don't know what conference how much did he win by army was couple links there was a close. No it was it. It's a great question in terms of what's considered close in horse racing and what's not considered close and I think he ended up winning by. One in one in three force links on a during the race so again I don't know if that's considered a blow out or. Is that it's a relatively. Close type of race but. He took the lead from the very beginning and never relinquished it he was in and the first spot in. Mike Smith is the jockey 52 years old so it's his first time been able to. To get a win. Or help get a win for the Triple Crown so another accomplishment. For a jockey used very well experienced at 52 years old so we you have to admire that. It came and how sure how how the jockey usually you know I mean I've never really thought about bowed before the jockeys always seem to be. Kind of old anyway and fifty do these oldest jockey to win the Triple Crown by a guy so I I would imagine that. 52 has got to be on the tail end. A jockeys career. Pay as much as it. Seems easy there and sitting on a horse. I think there is a little bit of demand. Physically in terms of are seeing guys he had thrown off and you can be frail and up in age. You from that perspective so. Oh it's some people consider horses athletes I do not mom. What is the jockey is a jockeying athlete. Now unfortunately I don't consider either if you consider a horse an athlete if you're in the people consider a horse I consider a horse a horse by the way. But of course but. Our mr. you're obligated to do that bomb. So what is the jockey is jockey an athlete what what is the jockey I don't know. I think in Tex lines of 1307. Is jockey an athlete because I don't think they are. But they are in a horse is an athlete to what is jockey to the America we've got to get that up on ESP in upstate Twitter poll. We need we need to do that that's a good when and you can text 71307. As. Want to mention make sure you use AdWords keyword ESPN and also. 8444773776. And I'm glad you know I'm glad Greg's not here because he would do another list almost. Question over to my life because it confounds them in his brain. He still hasn't figured me out after. Almost four years given you a small finger at them. Move Mel Mel and a half. I I think sometimes. My mouth doesn't work when my brain tells it to but in this case I think it's a legitimately. Good question because I don't now. I don't know the jockey I don't know how. People would identify especially if you're saying that deal horse is an athlete so. Is the jockey and athletes owes it to athletes better winning. The Triple Crown or winning a race is that are their team yes visited team teammates I've possibly be well I think you probably. Have to say yes that to a certain degree their teammates but once you say teammates. Alonso then I think you're stepping into the boundaries. You're calling them athlete com both of them out yeah exactly so. As much as your saying that you're not Colin horse an athlete but you column teammates. I think inherently you are calling them a horse an athlete. We'll continue this discussion right here. On not all ESP in upstate it's Richman Weaver and Alonso. Richard we grand lines continuing here on the huddle Greg McKinney is out on jury duty and just had a scientific. Research in holes Paulie the pollster I mean it's it's legitimate death and maybe it was double blinded placebo everything. Welcome maybe not that I tell you why and how much he share your results of what we were talking about Alonso in terms. Can you classify a jockey as an athlete and door a horse as an ass well. I didn't ask about the horsemen did ask about the jockey ask a couple guys in the hallways and seasoned veterans of the radio business all over sixty. I asked the white hairs could just that's what to do that's where the wisdom has supposedly is dumb that's right I mean they may not be smarter than everybody else what they are Smart enough to make it to be white hairs that makes them that some wisdom. And they all heads had said a 100%. That they jockey is an athlete as I was also told. Have you ever tried to hold onto all course when it's you know galloping as fast as it can go and I guess that makes sense. You would have to be you got to be an athlete to hold the hold on to jockeys worked out though I don't I mean or is just riding a horse to work out. I gotta be honest have you ever read no I never ridden a horse before the guy I have ridden a horse but I've never been in a situation where though horse was. Jalapeno or running at full speed I have been on a worse where even their just trotting. And it's very difficult to hold onto horse now some of said that. Actually it's easier once you get in the motion of him actually running then the gala bug and in that trotting. But you're talking about a horse day can be potentially running. 4045 miles per hour. In your holding on an end. In a car 45 miles per hour but doesn't sound too fast. A motorcycle or just here on water. It's a whole different type of story when you have no protection and then so now. If you just have. These rains to hold on to and that's it dead is a difficult challenge at least in my book because I don't know if I could do it I was put. Things in football terms like this I'm just. Picturing jockey who run the forty and trying to pinch to fifty you know I just don't see that happening but you know another ball they they yeah they're very small and one of the guys who point this out as a as a very short man. So so you would know all about that. I'm not gonna say his name but he's very short and is. This was a bomb claimed so he knows all all about that and it's a great point they would have to be an extreme shape. To hang on but I think it's harder for a bigger guy to hang on that and then a smaller guy probably. I. I would think that's obvious as well and you also have to remember at times they're holding on with one hand. Generals cousin used the other hand yes and I I can't remember what the term of that teachers is that they're they're urging the horse to go faster with. Something that looks instead it's not a stake but it looks like it's not a stick guide now all have to the she would cry out or something I don't know exactly. What the terminology of that is in a lot of people in question that is it. In humane. To be able to hit the horse like that. But we know justify it was able to. Make history becoming the thirteenth horse to win the Triple Crown at the 150 running of the Belmont Stakes of congratulations. To justify. It's Richman Weaver and Alonso here on the huddle ESP in upstate. 8444773776. Back right after this.