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It is a final hour of bottle. Before Memorial Day weekend. And you got Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso in here 74 degrees out there was cloudy skies and a the chance arraigned this afternoon we had a lot of rain around mostly up. Over George farmer that could happen anywhere pretty much all weekend long thunderstorms possible tomorrow. And storms possible Sunday in in the ring it's the Monday Tuesday Wednesday there's not a day on my long range forecast year that doesn't have either rain or lightning symbol so. This is what we. Welcome to summertime weather. It is this is what happens. You have now means that school. And temperatures are going to be pretty mild temperatures for the most part. Around eighty degrees for highs that's not bad that's good I can I can handle that that's that's about where should be for May. If Pope doesn't wash out another had enough festival in liberty this weekend. From the two big deal for the room and now they're probably some others going on the morally Wii console. And tell you BMW. Charity program again. Very fortunate last weekend no question they would have been ugly and based on the weather report through look at that last week. It didn't look. Good at all that they would be able to get all 72 holes then nots rightly you know we see these forecasts this is 90% chance registries and rain sometimes not all the time. So I am looking at all the golf in. Which was very and are at 3 o'clock time for three questions in the huddle. There. I. I don't think we have meaning that NBA today. There's nothing else is happening I can ask if the Braves are going to be the Red Sox but. I didn't do you know we read. We did talk about that at least Ireland it is all NBA what's wrong with and Obama. The role that you know I've decided that after the show's over on the go down and talk to the person who I put some of the ends announced together and so to somebody else. I don't know exactly word that. Intro is from I'm pretty sure from Monty Python is like it because I want to watch whatever it is they're talking about it's killing me. Oh and only know what the heck at five questions three questions yeah alive what what's to disparage I got them all right question number one. Who or what is the X-Factor in tonight's cavs Celtics game six. Richmond I guess I'm going first we have we've established net is that guy knows the first that'll be you. The data are so my X-Factor the easiest sailor Brian. We know he's going to be a key component to this but it's actually. Count Korver. And I'm still amazed that there hasn't been more talk and Alonso was all over about Tyrod Lou. And his inability. To have Kyle Korver out on the court. In game five and only played Kyle Korver nineteen minutes and during the playoffs. If Kyle Korver scored more than twelve points there eight no. So you gotta have him out on the court and apparently he made the decision based on Brad Stevens substitution pattern. And that's why he didn't put Kyle Korver and there. I'm sorry tile Lou you've got to have Kyle Korver I know he's 37 years old but he's been playing very well. In this post season and has been an integral part specially. He's the best shooter out there shooting 67%. From the three point line against the Celtics. Got have about on the court does have to he's the X-Factor are ones of. See it's hard for me to nail down exactly what the X-Factor especially with as much as I talked about well Richmond Hill on the X-Factor is Tyler. Galloway. Get out of the way. Could make a stupid decisions made the right decision tie Lou. If coaching does matter in the NBA says JR Smith's blood on the bench don't you don't even let him put his uniform worn today. And do what Richman says let Kyle Korver play and bring dance off the bench and let him play a little bit lower let him be the spark that he needs to be. This is all tie loose not on the players so it's on the suppose it coach of the cap. I don't think less about individual players and ado about just the team. Energy level and intensity sometimes casket through these stretches where they just looks. Disinterested biggest LeBron being the slowest player in the game. If we talked about on purpose can the court rustic but keep up the intensity level don't get an inning got every you know nobody can do it wide open for four quarters but. The wedding he stretches develop battery of any length where you're just not into. Limiting turnovers big Mac or production they need that somebody besides LeBron to step up scorers are good candidate for that but to me it's just. Intensity it corner you have Korver didn't play one minute. In the first quarter. In game five down but the third man that's not good not I have to when I'm done. All right question number two it can go rockets compete without Chris Paul we found a little bit earlier today Chris Paul will not play in game six. Can the rockets compete without him. Yes they can bomb. They. As was brought up earlier by Richmond they do better when he's on the bench and is different when someone's on the bedroom when they're not available. So maybe mentally a mess is with the no wonder he's not an option but I think that they can competed they've competed except for one game they've been fairly competitive. In this series and her up and this is your chance to show how hungry they are. They can finish this thing this week so yeah I think they can compete. Think that will compete. They will compete in game six. Syria to rework this and I know I don't honestly think and mean and Sato and imaginative. I have this commit close game they're going to be riding on it. Without CP three well I get it when we. Projected the series I said. Dad he's to win six and yes they will not only compete they will win this again next yes crystal eyes they're not auto industry. But they can't compete. They are fifteen and nine this year. Without Chris Paul in the lineup. Now there are 61 in twelve with Chris ball a lot of so the differences like they win 83% of the time weathermen 62%. Of the time. Without a mesh pretty significant 21%. Difference there but they went over good I mean there were solid 62% of your games winning though that's pretty good but. But elegant skull with the now NASA I think we need the break down exactly. The teams that they played against Ayman I think their right to hold amount the Smart thing to do I don't know how hurt he is that you need him at home in game seven so if you get him you know look. By holding him out if begin. Bump up from 50% to 80%. Game Redding. Is worth hauling him so I think is Smart I don't think they'll win. I think they'll be relatively competitive which a lot of things in this series emily's look at Boston can Boston compete. Without Tyree Irving. Yeah they have a good etc. they've been able to do it on the road and and they haven't Finland for. The sixers just completely fallen apart. You know they don't have one road victory there is a playoffs you through I did is I compete. Not enough to get a win nine games sixth Golden State bowl win this game. Bring it back to he's inning games seven in at that point it depends on. The training staff for Houston they don't have Chris Paul and some type hyperbaric chamber. The next three day he's it and try to get his hamstring rating you know there and try. Anything and everything. To your point just at least to get him to 80%. So they can be. Competitive in game seven and I'm not certain net. They're going to be able to either of these injuries gonna really hurt the worst thing you can do is you know play him now when he's really hurt and and he's really sore for game 70 they're not gonna do what I note earlier the question was gonna be worded. Would you seem to hold him and I would have a would have in a heartbeat yes. Our game seven on the question through his. NASA grower to Joseph but yeah right the final question is tonight. LeBron James last home game for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I just wanted to start his weekend off for the U wow. But you know earlier we talked about we're all about the staying we're also all about instigation to death. Serious question and they're serious question listen you two things have happened they either have to win this series really gets home games in the finals. Or they lose it yes Tuesday. And idol thing. Those things happen I think it's his last. At home for Cleveland tonight I'm hoping they win the series. In seven games. And I don't like LeBron states he's now. Always going but Cleveland doesn't have enough at his age he wants to win championships. That he's got everything else. He wants championships. There because guess who's chasing. He's not Jason stats anymore other than. The goat he's gonna go to that. Kevin Durant sort of cleared a path for this man you can't anymore trouble which have a crack after I mean LeBron could and went to go statement. But in any of somewhere he thinks he can win a couple checked yes before he wraps up the screeners so what we're looking at tonight. Is the final home game. What you're saying Celtics take the series and this is over for LeBron has run with a cast him even when the Nivins Celtics win game seven so and that's over. Tokyo the you're not make and a prediction that the Duluth now on the effect of don't lose this series they lose the series the bronze done enclave. This post again you just it's me yes. No this is not gonna be the Brian's. Last home game in Cleveland. Like I think he will leave Cleveland but I think he's gonna win this series while. On the Rush Limbaugh on the road in Boston yes. This is this just sets up for LeBron and the part of him creating this. Discussion. In. What I talked about earlier in the week that this that this is setting up itself for that type of situation. Here and showing some type of magical performance. In seven game series against the Celtics. Ireland's. The answer is no this is not because I predicted that they would win the series and saw I believe they are. But. If this war. Then Alonso LeBron won't confirm Alonso and LeBron will figure out where Alonso LeBron going next. Gator colors together Alonso LeBron won't go we will win. I don't know what that residue of the question. Okay. So LeBron. All right LeBron that's going to be a great teacher. Alonso LeBron yes it's going to be long ball. They're very welcomed into the and yes that is definitely assured that I would mind yes but you hood I mean a caller from Jimmy here before you know bright Jimmie welcome into the huddle how are you. I guess at ago at school well. All right so a lot of comment odor that's great let them personally. I think that three point shooting replete but it got to beat X-Factor tonight it up off completely and and then on the Beckett Glen. Yeah let go they've got to blow out. Views then Kinect and the doubt at all. I've been really impressed with the lake written all is played an eight play out especially adults say that great and there are upgraded they do. Probably has really got hurt in the back at all and I have yet until Colin yet that I don't doubt it that period dead. And then. Or at the prior. If they can't get the three point shooting tonight from the old saying. Yeah they get debate abroad let exactly what. Own Gately. Thank you Jimmy near remain Jimmie and I know that this is to a plan the bronze last home I don't know one million now means that you can. Zoning. It just. The manager. App that's exactly what I was thinking a well you said it's going to be Alonso and LeBron going where they wanna go bottled OK I asked him is going to be is last on it that's all. That was the question that's the only goal by the way I answered the question for and I went camel net loans aren't I did I today joked a little bit afterwards I'm sorry you didn't think it was fun it's always someone huddle on ESP announced. Welcome back Patrick Brown hockey expert. Only because. We were enough we knew anything or not we know the difference that is an expert or not an expert hi Patrick are you good you have to be good. And I'm unhappy I'm very happy and it wasn't even close so I guess you're where you. I'm gonna guess you weren't relaxed during game seven owned and and you know but doesn't close and it was pretty easy for. You say that but it really wasn't if you watched that game back the lightning had. Ample opportunities to tie that game. Even going in late into the third period the fourth goal came on an empty net is not really. Doesn't really say a month that much about the caps but going 30 into the third period does saline yeah. And X I support the senate this. Omnia. I'm I'm yet don't pummel it this is gonna be the first time one of these two teams win the Stanley Cup. I like the fact that they're not head to head with the NBA I guess nowhere right they've offset all the games with a in your phone ugly ugly justices are Denmark. Smart on both parts via Margaret are right soul. Let's talk about it the golden knights didn't have any players one year ago. That's on new system one year ago today they had no players. And they're playing in for the Stanley and how amazing is. It's amazing. In a sense of a new organization coming together so quickly. It's not amazing when you see the star power that they have Marc-Andre Fleury has played his heart out this book despite a season. Honestly and truly he is the goaltender. Of the year right now in my were guards he's been playing unbelievable policies and hockey and you look at the whole lineup James Neal. Naics may also and huge depends on form in the series against the jets played three more minutes per game. Rather than he did against the sharks you don't think about that as a lot but three minutes and hockey equivalents to. More time on the act and just much more exposure people think Hannah I'll Wear you down but he just stayed true. Plane route 25 minutes per game. It was a good thing. I gotta have been I mean the odds is that numbering is right the odds going into the season for the golden knights to be your father I don't know on him file photo and so I mean how can I not be amazing. It's amazing because. It's in the organization no one expected in the jell this quickly we didn't have signed typical you know database studies on how they could play and how they could mention how well they were gonna play together. They played so well to get in the beginning of the season we all thought okay this could be a post season team I even said it ten games into the year might watch the gold as a gimmick kaposi's. And what's it onto the policies and so what they're in the Stanley Cup finals so I've been correct on every regard that they've done. And then what you see in the post season they're doing what they're doing what they've set sought out to do. They played really good tight defense when he needs to happen and they wait for mistakes that happen. When the jets when he put the jets just made ample mistakes and cost him games with the capitals who they're going up against. They're gonna need to capitalize on their one bad period the cat played two really solid periods and then they fall down on one period whether it's the first of the third period it didn't. Goldman is confined his mistakes early they can win this Stanley Cup very easily. Our give us the hockey for dummies version of what. Advantages to the caps have vs the advantages that the Golan to the advantages the caps have they have so many goals scores. And by golf course I mean people that can take 11 timers they can cause disruption on the goaltending plus they know Marc-Andre Fleury. When the western when he played the Western Conference teams that elements that. Not what people understood mark project stories post season because it would only phase one Western Conference team if they need to the Stanley Cup. The caps set based Marc-Andre four or five times in the post season. They know him better than a lot of other people do so that's an baited the caps have. But also the goals that goal takers are big tease me that shot figures Ovechkin is one. He's getting Kuznetsova is another one. Tom Wilson is a physical player and he will get to the net as quickly as possible and even look at the politics Mitt Allie Nicholas backs him. Those four or five guys are the key in the hearts of the capitals organization. Eulogy of the coaching and managed to and it was an unbiased opinion and you're big catch. And on the be cast in Obama given a very trot just because very trots. Has been into post season play he's. Faced more adversity this post season then the golden knights that the Catholic from game six game sixty game set. Gold knights went to four games by gains by games. Not a lot of tests were done with the golden knights they basically what they're pretty quickly. Berry trust is the most ready for any situation he can think a process which is lines made game he's more comfortable he's more relaxed. And I think he knows what he's gonna do going into the post article and it's Annika tease me. Graham any significant injuries. Not that we can report right now we're kind of wondering about the artist Napoleon bricks parks or pick for the capitals. With the gold knights I haven't really seen much injury updates. Critic Tennessee more when it gets closer to Monday if you're going to be out who's gonna sit down the and William carriers been mentioned on and on what is status has met them. He hasn't played since may fourth aren't as bright until while. So yeah nothing new there nothing and you know we're we're kind of just expecting my post season like who's going to be the injured postseason players. I your pick these guys are trying to tell me you're gonna pick. The golden knights Asa I I there are a little ninth yes you're gonna but how many games. Within six as a six yes was your pick I didn't hear your pick I didn't give a pick I'm going to say. Golden knights and seven gold knights and seventh yes. And I heard him say the capitals knitting and remember he said because I was yep or he wants yes I was Roddy you want to defiantly. Islands and capitals got leadership how many games and games. 550 wow. Holy wow that leads you. Patrick the only one does there's an export is a thing on the capitals pan am golden knights and seven. This is what we said that until he is a daddy is did that to make. No hope I will tell you I will say this city of sending him modeling. This we're gonna know a lot more when it comes to game two you. Game one of the series is it gonna show a lot that we're gonna expect game two will. Acting golden knights at home are very unbeatable where he would get a capitals erode schedule has been amazing. I'm Patrick and against another interview with competent mental penalties Morse the series goes on. Patrick Brown hockey expert back at a moment's. In the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back again now hoddle Friday afternoon addition. Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso in here. I get back to your calls and a bit at 8444773776. But not on the line right now we have doctor Keyes Geddes is a local pediatric orthopedist does a lot of work where the us writers hospital. Four children here angry -- all about the great work that's done over their doctor get is how are you. I'm doing great things certainly on. Thanks recover now Saudi just a little bit about or is PDs for young athletes doctor Geddes and on stadium pretty strong opinion about. About that what are you seeing it in regard to how early. Athletes young kids who were playing sports should be. Paying attention to this issue. Now I think one of the big things receive a lot of overuse injuries in kids. A lot of times now kids don't refining are getting more specialized in certain sports and go to the weather and stuff they tend to play the you know based almost all year soccer all year and I think a lot of times kids are used to that whereas it previously when kids would do a seat in a soccer in this seat and this. Their body and at times kind of recover so we see more of that kind of over use thinks it's a big thing we still wanna. God in that's just one more reason that down kind of comes down on the side that we've been preaching about for a long time and a lot of sports figures and coaches Hammond and his let kids play different sports. Sounds like this is another case for that. Absolutely. And then and you know and if that. They don't know what to do that I think parents can be mindful of things there you know I tend to want to keep playing so that I can complain of pain that you need to look for others. Signed just you know that maybe they're wanting nerves you know they're not a surprise they were before they're not keeping up with the kids are. And then have look threshold is say let's take a break you know on they are young and they have a lot of a long life ahead of them. And I'm not call eight year old ser going to be in the major leagues so it's something doesn't. Tom but yet be aware of those things that I think that staying that Lou we try to strive on is that we take care of the kid and they're growing and we wanna get them back is all the things that they wanna do quickly and so that so why leave starter one of the things you have an injury injury care clinic where we get patients sentence can kind of SSDs and reading get them back to do in the singularly pretty quickly. Talking to doctor Keith Geddes a pediatric orthopedist how young are the kids that you're seeing I mean how how early ages are you seeing with these issues like this. I with the injuries I mean we got there early it's usually these kids that are 45. And use it not so much sport senders that a lot times trampoline surge. Fought opt monkey bars and that sort of thing but he's a more over use injuries and the creek then you know 8910. Where kids are starting a little more involved than you know baseball soccer. That such a thing. Now is there's something preventative they condemn. To kind of avoid the stuff. How addictive thing is just be aware if you keep your did and they're looking for small cues that. That they're not doing you know they're not feeling as good as they have been and com or that. Maybe you're making sure they are taken breaks Keeneland twenties and maybe they don't need to jump right into the next thing and stick them down time to make sure the body just under cover. And as soon as you say something crop up he should get Amanda sees some moderate. Absolutely yeah we we have injury care clinic every morning not only do you get genuinely within the same we could do and we can get things checked out and get to back on the field decision do we feel safe. Doctor yet is what is your role was runners hospital what are you doing and. So. I have six other partners here we specialize in trying to take care. Every orthopedic issues that children children have from the newborn all the way at eighteen years old we see a lot of congenital syndrome and things that we also take care all that bumps and bruises and broken bones. So we kind of and we know that do a little bit at all. On the net each of us have a little bit areas that we kind of special event. Then there's such honors hospital -- there are and other parts of the country to dislike the only one I think you want in Tampa and maybe wanting Kentucky but now you cover pretty wide region ranked. Yes sir yes there's twenty Q altogether on in North America. Tom we covers six states for Virginia North Carolina South Carolina. Tennessee and Tom George and and Alvin. Our country and the great thing about Strider hospital is do you treat people without regard to their ability to player on. Absolutely it will take anybody and you can even refer yourself you ought to be referral and unfair and all those things and we we're here to take care of them. Regardless. How we're seeing something about hip issues that the young kids have hip issues please ask. The new some of the some of that can be what would you describe it displays a meeting that the ball and socket are forming a British posted on that can be picked up in a newborn com and then sometimes we don't see it till later on in life. We did see that and then we do start seeing with sports we see some sports injuries that we see that involved hit. All right notes folks have questions doctor get a general web side or a phone numbers. We did they can go but to the charters web site and they can find all the information on that phone number there. I'll make an appointment. As well as and they can look up all the different things that we take care of than on the even people they want to volunteer and come and help out the hospital there's information there for that as well. Very good doctor Keith Getty's docking Geddes we appreciate it thanks to check in at once. That's thank you when you guys have a great moral they we can't. Appreciate it you do the same doctor Keith. Getty's pediatric orthopedist and does a lot of work with a shorter hospital meant if you don't appreciate what that hospital does a you should just take a look at it I mean a big. Survivor is certainly they prosper on nod donations and you can certainly contributed to try to hospital. And they were love that just look at their website and find it in Greenbelt and again knock. Lexington Kentucky has won Tampa Florida has won but 466 states covered by this one in Greenville, South Carolina so it's. That's pretty impressive eyewear entire final break here if you wanna jump on board for the last segment in the huddle 8444773776. You can text us or 71307. Twitter at ESPN. Upstate headed into the holiday weekend and will. Wrap it up here now next on ESP announced it. Or to back final segment. The huddle on ESPN upstate GMAC Richmond Alonso here. A 444773776. Our schedule off for the next couple of days here on ESP and upstate. We will have Boston and Cleveland tonight 730 is the air time for that one for LeBron last home game. Clinton. Jonas. He's already he's continuing. To really push that. Talk track is an end to write a this would give him a three day weekend he's now amusements and camp where last couple shots in four or forward in this three day weekend. I count like that confident where we get. This whole concept. Does the two day weekend by game work we get used to be talking about hey we're going to afford they were wearing it come in here for like forty years and a should it be available balanced. I did a forgery and AM nightmare and I worked six days a week so I'm actually gonna have a weekend this time seeing them go without him yeah I like it. So that's tonight and then not tomorrow here Saturday on ESPN upstate. We will have Clemson baseball Clemson is awaiting the winner of tonight's Florida State NC state game and they'll play tomorrow only say at 5 o'clock we say. The motto we say whenever. Whenever there Redick has about 8 o'clock o'clock game hopefully not that late Buick Clemson baseball tomorrow afternoon in the 5 o'clock to 6 o'clock range for the first pitch. In that one and plus some wins tomorrow than they play for the ACC championship and that will be. Sunday and that would be that would know would be set because the only game of the day hopefully they can do that on time weather permitting. Debbie at twelve noon games so quick question you know Clinton hasn't lost they loses game it's gone until the Saturday if can you are. If that's your single elimination round eliminations of anyway great chance for the tigers to. Continue to make their case to be a national seed and now they have a great shot at doing it or lose tomorrow they have a shot at Indian nationals yeah obviously some things depend on other team James throwing. I think they're in the league they're going to be in good shape. South Carolina lost yesterday but they will await the announcement Monday for. What they're going to do their certainly in the tournament almost certainly is a two seed traveling somewhere but good for. Marking since first year for the gamecocks we'll have the NBA on the weekend as well. There's definitely the Saturday night game and that is the on. Houston Golden State game at Golden State and then we could have game seven. In both series Sunday for Cleveland Boston and Monday for Golden State and Houston Monday here by the way on ESP in upstate. A Memorial Day we will have baseball at 1230. And that's Houston at the New York Yankees. We could have a baseball doubleheader at there's no game seven between now Golden State and Houston will have baseball at 630 December Cisco at Colorado but if there is a game seven ought to be an 8 o'clock on Monday nine. Golden State at Houston I'm not confused but he went lots of baseball. Clemson baseball. Major League Baseball and lots of NBA playoffs Memorial Day weekend. Here on ESP in upstate irishman yearling and a story about a kick off proposal from John not Jim. Harbaugh. What can you tell me about this. That's correct and lot of people obviously think that Jim Harbaugh is crazy. If a threat to his brother be a little crazy as well. He's come up with a solution. For. Read increase in the safety. A football but allowing us to keep the kick off in the game everybody loves to kick off we know that still exciting them but his proposal is. Actually make it a scoring. Opportunity. And if your kicker. Has strong enough leg inking kick it through the upper right you get in next you get one point. One points for kicking it off. Through the upper right through the upper right. To kick off from the 35 would continue that been known to the bench today I am today and say so that's 65 yards lost him for the N a 75 yards kickers that big ticket 75 yards and they can do that right we've seen that yet and he's obviously got Justin Tucker one of the best kickers. In the NFL just like I say. It's easy to make this suggestion when you guys Justin Tucker I team. You think of this feel like that's. It's weird. It's obviously weird because it's not something we're used to but the NFL's make it ought to change is right now. So the safety advantage would be that nobody would be trying to pin you down as much anymore to be going for the points illegals taking a deep is taking ticket yes. I think it's a great idea I don't think they'll do it but not I think it's a great idea I mean. Then my next question would be. Salaries for kickers go out. Because of value on the midnight he's already there for kickers but doesn't this make their values go up a little bit more sure. Strongly kickers strong accurate but strongly strongly now and now or would you have somebody. Did you have Kyrie. An additional kicker on your team for long little long gimmicks now that's a roster spot that three man roster you take that was another kicker. You don't wanna do that but you might it might make sense well we'll think about it you get. Eight points every time yeah touchdown was the bigger the scenarios it's a tie game. You've got a kick off and there is no time left on the clock you won the you can win the game with I mean. Think about the pressure on the kicker for one thing but I think they'll be exciting now they don't like about it is that the other team is basically out of the equation denominated block it they camino that's what led you to sit there watching C discus in early play and that play. Could you allow goaltender. He. Said somebody deep. And you also have the option you can catch and try to run it out. In. Where you can try to. Stand back there and goaltender. Block it it be interesting to serious study and course they're not trying to do it's it's hard to say what the percentages would be within trying to do and how many takers can do that on any kind of a consistent basis. Lucky your four points down you kick a field goal and and you get the kick off. You can tie the game. If you are truly interesting here if you are truly considering all the options to try to make the kickoff safer and two. Eliminate concussions going to have to at least think about this political Vienna you know I mean this you have to think about. Because the NFL does want to increase scoring opportunities as well so heavily out of the box thinking. It is out of the box. All the other thing is that you get these guys Specter just trying to Jack dec kicker him. Paul Amy's or whatever whatever you do when you're kicking too hard for too long you know and would not be the same type of equation that in golf. They let the club do the work and don't try to kill list did you do this I mean because saint it was a scenario that good RR a collar just called. In the normally wouldn't do this but he had a great point so. This would be an advantage to because of someone jumps off sides. Then. The balls move forward even closer. And so you get a better shot at making it a guy so we keep things gunners from jumping off sides are trying to. Get they would slow there's steps down. So even if you kick off doesn't end of going all easier on saying they want to be running this fast so that would also helped eliminate. Can't run because liberals as the general. That's right to stand in line to ask how I imagined you'd have to incorporate this into the new rules. Here's the thing this is just John Harbaugh. This is not unifil rules committee Howard is hot this just to do and it was almost in jest that he suggested this but it's not the first time he has said. Lou. There's probably some. Truth to what he's talked about in terms his seriousness. In making this suggestion. He's our Obama and our main guys like us and earth to remain in the gym is only crazy one in the family now and in your idols when the whole hall and when football is first created was kicking the part of the I Mena and knows. Yeah recalls list I was I don't know I kind of contrary to your belief I wasn't there. I wasn't loose that maybe this was some some coach was being do things and hey why don't we kick it the result and they said that's a great idea so. All I'm saying is some of these ideas may seem. Crazy at first but when they really start putting some thought into who knows now being announced that it will be talking about putting runners at second base an extra inning baseball games to start the inning immunity innings in a now on until it. I get frustrated we talk about baseball and its rules obviously. But you love these football locker rooms now I guess my point is that I'm OK with baseball do in the mall rules. I just want to see home injury. To the side issues side affect the game and get an extra innings how exciting would that they. Baseball home run derby is not baseball player does not implying is not baseball is not it's not play in the game of baseball it's. Batting practice. You bring out your own pitcher to throw yes it really vibrant urban yeah the broad based OO east is still have. Well real pitching now you have real pitching a weekend there are open so is not baseball. Both are we gonna think college football is. That you get the ball is 25 mean. You can't score and now that then they force you to you have to go for two points right out of I mean I don't love. And consistency in the overtime rules on tribes Houston all sport trying to create some excitement in baseball and baseball to inspire them. Your manufactured and excited is attached. If you want to draw army and fight it goes forward and only lost about that right now and pay off our rob Manfred he's worth it about Richard Weaver and his lack of attendance at baseball games.