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Some thunderstorms around this afternoon checking out the weather radar some. The Spartanburg area especially just south of Spartanburg and Gaffney right now and headed into a morally week and we're gonna have ball off and on showers and thunderstorms and specially in the first part of next week. Now with that storm moving in the Gulf of Mexico so. Maybe a lot of rain now over the next few days so be prepared for that 8444773776. Is our number. Here in the huddle for Friday afternoon on ESP in upstate time now for the huddles rants of the day. So after the gold assay warriors lost to the Houston Rockets. 98 to 94. Last night the western finals. To go down three games to two in that series they. Heavily favored super team the Golden State Warriors Stephen A Smith of ESPN has decided to take on one Kevin Durant. He wanted to talk played the world and he is not showing up over the last two games nine of 24. From the field in game four. Eight of 22. Tonight. That's not Kevin Durant you'd applaud if from Oklahoma City to show up in Golden State. Fall moment like this to you think about it this is the first adverse circumstances he has the right especially with staff curry. Not on his A game because they've turned him into a two point shooter but at most what you're expecting the 6117. Fixed wing span of Kevin Durant to step up and take advantage of every. This match that's available and somehow some way over the last two games he has struggled when it has John and I don't care about numbers I'll talk about when it counts you're looking for camp. And you can't find yup that's a problem that better be alleviated because again the reigning defending NBA champions a 48 minutes away from getting knocked. Too often going well. They're. Let's put it all on Kevin Durant are nothing at all and Kevin Durant I did it debt. He's a star on the team but he's not the only one yet staff Currie. To time in VP. But they just don't curry right if he had the ball right there are fit into the game idea came and went in he throws it weight Dre mongering. Yeah but here's the thing Kevin this Kevin Durant team Kevin Durant came over last year. They want the chance it. It became his team his his team this year. With all the injuries he's led the team and in a tireless statistics it's his team and his responsibility. But as this season. That's Iran does that we know he's not stepping up when he needs to be not what we know about it yet it is not an alpha he's not an alpha he's not well. He he thinks he has when he's not I don't know if they really understands truly what ideas trying to figured out it seems. He's really unstoppable. He is whip out a doubt sell as seven feet he's the best took our eye shooter at seven feet right I've ever seen better than jerk. It is it's unbelievable what you can do on the offensive side. Was wrong address both got to be something new within his mindset that. Does he wanna be in that position and I contend that maybe he doesn't that's why he left. Oklahoma City. Where he knew he knew he can go to a more favorable position with the Golden State Warriors knowing the team that they would have. With him there he didn't have to be alpha guy. But now he's getting. Hit by him not be an alpha guy. Just never has that killer instinct gimme the ball I'll get it done it that doesn't seem to be that way. Eight for 22 last night all it did last not a free throws. It'll its freeze on 29 points or your moment. But he missed too many shots where Willy and yeah they got everything doesn't he doesn't look hungry he doesn't look like he he wants. I mean his looks like he's out there. Well I don't know did you catch the part where Steve Kerr. Was talking to him on the bench. And TNT out Jordan yet the FD did a great job as far as getting that audio. And he was talking about. How is comparing the situation and trying to compare him to Michael Jordan stating that eight. Trust your teammates get them involved. In the game rather then you not trust in them. And I'm wondering if there's also that mindset that. Does he think that they coached her. I'm not Michael Jordan don't try to compare me to my good Jordan here. See I think TNT's own sons of because a couple games ago or two or Alaska if what they were shown curl on the bench talking to curry. So he's got to take these guys individually and have to talk to them and sounds like a lot of ego and not enough team well. And I've always said. The two things that burying a dynasty down. Egos. Or injuries wanted to do. Dennis thing about occurs people don't give me Ankara say is he just throws him out analysts and do what he wants. They wanted to do but I don't see that beast notion of these don't what they can do a lot of things challenging them. But are they responding. I mean last night that didn't. Every opportunity to win an analyst Houston did not play well. It was your well let him play well 37 person all the EU in the first quarter whose moral. It wasn't until the second half of the game that he actually really got going. I'll now there's something missing about this Golden State. Team this year Andre Iguodala not out on the court then. To onions that has a that all of them not thought all of it but debt that plays into it you see that they seem to be a different team ever since he's been out of the game. If two straight games. Klay Thompson says no time to panic and he says his team won't. I'm surprised. It's a seven game series for a reason. Is not time to panic. Press and have been in wars we've been and we Rhode Island are in our experience. Sauce and encouraging things and I. It's a meat turnovers and star of the game. She's breast cancer is there anyone so. Go back and regroup at home and just like another game and but as far from over so few people. Bishop fan base doesn't pull another ball so. What didn't play exe I'd like to ask him that was so encouraging but it's also very encouraging. Because he's team they shot the ball decent. I didn't hear a lot of convictions voice if there it's like this is what I'm supposed to say when you say it's like get out of here. Initial 44% easily Shell Oil. Well enough to win given what Houston did you know relative to Houston eight so a lot better. If Golden State loses this and they go home early do they make any changes next year. Or do they just counted is no poor play on their part and just improved. You know take things a little more serious to get abroad. He has said he would never even. And again and I I would say this state this again not that it matters abroad if he goes gold saying I'm done special. Dime. Why would you be done and you say do you follow LeBron anywhere on. Anywhere but there. I don't know I don't know me like they've got plenty of weapons so I mean is it about going getting more players. Willingness I don't think so right now it it's coming down to turnovers. And for the past two games have had 32 turnovers and 26 of those turnovers are by the big four. And that's been a problem and as Klay Thompson mentioned. That early turnovers. Hurt them non. Necessarily just early ones is also the late ones when it really matter. And soon there's for whatever reason the big forge is not protecting the ball right now. And there are so they're not playing their game the the pass oriented type of right offense that we see. Where most of the league is going to this isolation type of set up. Golden State that's not who DR. This team looks completely different over the past two games. Using play and the rockets and watch and in dual and iso stuff has gotten in their handle what you do have to give credit to the rockets now for the defense that they're putting him out there. I mean they're aggressive. They're also switching on everything through others. Really new opportunities for to take advantage of the pick and roll so that's what the enemy it is now how they do really well that's right they switch. Really well. But I mean. That's kind of where the league's going yes we're dealing in a reason he's playing really good defense on Kevin Durant and give him some credit might know might be taken away from him offensively but. You go like the defense that these. Putting out there right. A 444773776. Of all nations on the phone lost talk about the NBA plants hello ball nation was up. Our blog and I got the New England that your power triggered your mayor Greg let's go. Ultimately. The it over in Iraq wearing you know you can bet Rivera art world beater that elect Barack. Let me know what they do and are a couple of factors one our own. I'm hoping to warrant the only help. You know you're about to go to the beta out of their rotation copier. Or whatever they edged the also called LP you've earned your spirit because critical approach games ago. Air that's a huge ever do it did the air and our current rotation you know so although Specter predicted here you know secret about our particularly in the report that we be prepared. But it certainly not their I think are we got our big consideration there. Cult religion this year ago where he went back actors are many gains that your lady. Gore are which are champions here so when you're in a row. There were a lot of these data are riddled their hearts every now what on epic there aren't aware there. They're tired you know because they're just late so many basketball games. Oh we're prepared to report years. Then you're gonna thirteen you know the dark winter but then also saw locker spear of the warriors here reporters machine. That would be armed and later our eco spear doesn't argue no we are a poster do you already know zero or go out there are. But there. Also with injuries is supposed to Darryl but also you never know about which there is gonna electing football. We go to the championship game. You could rubble football throughput shrewd championship teams looking Glavine out. And it's okay we're right between eight yet indicated to a quarterback it was a model model that would when we were down you know it would receive either stopped. And in basketball sometimes it's as simple there's. I can go to best. You know our I didn't lose that game the other night because an opportunity to go to the hope that their shouldn't the roots are slowly to read either and I might take the ball to the hole. Or directly to meet call is in contact go to the best stroke actors Angela their parents are those you position that they didn't do their. They went took the order opportunities and or Iraq or Arabic proper shots. Epic big bet they were to bet if Andy scored that it took ginkgo and so. Also Margaret I think it's a lot to be a mother and I think they're tired. And so what had you in. And so does it are gonna put out these critics to gain. Bitter at the sick all of those great. And you get Bhutto back you know and ensuring her note that Breivik should go to irrigate their latter but it is never wrong to go to the basket. Great thank revelation could call. Here's the thing is this you know if you if you had told me going into this that hey it's after five games going to be three T Houston that's where a great series but. It is kind of staying skull neither of play in the oil and as a bit disappointing. The series. Because you're seeing the teams actually rely on their defense. Rather than their offense we thought it was going to be an offensive series that we are gonna have. 115112. Types scoring games and we're not seeing that for the past couple games at I'm a look at a competitive games though they held Houston omni point if you win a Golden State team should win plain old Houston nominee but they didn't. They'd and yes competitive games. Given that. I just yet policy better office supply in a series between these two teams better often to play it would be and that's what happens in playoff basketball. In the NBA you actually start theme the defense ratcheted up. Well you know contend that you also bed. How much is gold stay really been able to play together. Throughout the season. Has there been coming have been a lot of guys now yes so there is that aspect of it to end. In all reality it seems that the bully has finally been bullied. That Houston is actually. Bullying the bully and their fighting back and I'm wondering if it came to one play in that was when James Harden. Took it to the rim as vol nation was talking about and don't dawn dream monitoring them that set a tone in my opinion. But it's the bully is being bullied now. I agree with you but two games ago what was what was everyone's saying I mean after. Houston got blown out by what 42 or so hopefully I mean Golden State this totally destroyed on do you think Golden State got the confidence like. These guys don't want this and then. You know the next game. They lose and in this game they I think they just always think good things come back because. Gary Golden State and they can do that and now they're starting to find out that maybe just not so they're gonna come out the urgency in the next game for sure and and I wouldn't be shocked that they went. Well and that's what I think a bully does. Right. They think bing do any thing. And especially when you win by forty points forty plus points that. I should be a cakewalk for the rest of the series. And Houston came back out swinging. And we'll see how they react who we saw like a Mike Tyson. And Evander Holyfield. And he realized the Vander was actually. Able to fight was going to come back and bite you lost it. It is the year for him. We'll see what happens with Golden State on the most of them by name he sees it you wouldn't rule it out boy ray I'm where bodies out like he might trip somebody. Kick somebody. Also play Capellas plan all right solid defense play and protect in the ram and and rebounding fourteen rebounds last night. Spock for six shooting zone you can ask for much more that Mac guy and I am pretty good. Pretty different game Golden State statistically you've got to witness based on what they did. Yeah I'll be out. Doesn't matter goes down in Los counselors three to Houston now. As we head toward game six. In the Western. Conference finals in the NBA. A port forgy SPE SP NSA 4447737. Sevenths they sure talk about what's happening in the NBA we certainly would welcome you to do that but coming up next. It's time for rich take on sports to be here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the hobbled ESPN upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso 8444773776. Text line 71307. Won't listen to us on line. On your Smartphone are knew all his radio dot com and download. The radio dot com map and you can take a swing do you wherever you go. Really easy to use just don't look up ESP in upstate in the radio dot com happened you can favored no come up every time you open up and jeeps listen just like that spherical. I did finally downloading that are up and running. Because you were put anybody exactly it doesn't work just like you just stated the there are so that's exciting it's good stuff and that's where a lot of people listening to radio these days and we are happy to provide a TE radio dot com for streaming. Here on ESPN upstate let's get to there rich stake in the huddle. Another thing that's easy on Friday's is actually. Being able to download the latest. Podcast episode of rich take on sports and you can do that on any type of podcast platform. Or just go to rich take on sports dot com and you can find all find all of the episodes there. And the different various podcast platforms as well so you can subscribe and so each Friday I do you release a new episode and this week it's with many O Mitchell. From western North Carolina went to western Carolina university and he's silver medalist at the 2012. London Olympics and he's also a world champion winning gold at the world indoor championships. In that track and field he was on the four by 400 meter relay team but what makes his. Journey so crazy is that. During his portion of the race in London he runs the first leg. Of the 400 but for the four by 400 to a restaurant one lap and then pass the baton off. But halfway through. He actually suffers a broken leg. But continues the race. And I just think it's amazing that he was able to continue running another 200 meters on they've broken the Gila. And so I had to understand we. Why did he finish what motivated him to be able to do that and you'll push through the pain so I had to ask him and so from our conversation here's what he had to say. That's just that's just how bridge like I don't I always tell people that I hate losing more download winning and they're there where there were some components to that to me finish in Atlanta number one it. It wasn't just mares not had been an individual race I probably would stop or I would of walked in order some assistance or something. But I was the first runner we've never lost that race ever in history. At that level. I wasn't going to be a part of a native history. And I wasn't gonna be the reason for the negative history so and then number two or number three. There are three guys that can only to get plastic back around to them and so I renewed it is no matter how fast or how slow our brand. Or finish as long as I finished. And got a stick to Josh and Josh got the Tony and Tony got to brush time. I knew they were gonna do their job to get as bad that we were an Olympic record had it with. My faith probably to NASA is awful what I know or. Yet to say at all what are probably would have run so with those two seconds we would have broken the world record. An amazing accomplishment. At the pinnacle of a sporting competition and where is represented his country so there was more. Then it just running for his team running for his mom run for a sand running for himself he was running fourth country into it really made me think. As we you win gold you ought to get to hear the National Anthem. Of your country when Europe there and so it really made me think of all of this discussion going on right now about the National Anthem and it being played a sporting events and is it disrespectful to kneel or some protest in some way and and are really one to understand you what's the story behind. The National Anthem being played a sporting events and why is that such a big deal that it's played. Predominantly a sporting events wise and it played elsewhere why is it once you hear it at your own work place. And so. Let's have a little history lesson so it's uncle Richmond history lesson time here we're gonna go back to school. Now the earliest documented performance. Of the star spangled banner. To place at a baseball game in 1862. In his opening day until it was a special time. Now in 1916 president Woodrow Wilson signed an executive order. Designating it as the country's National Anthem for patriotic. Occasions. It really didn't take full effect until 1930 wind. When congress passed a measure that president Herbert Hoover signed into law. So historians then really look at one notable event. That really. Signified the time when star spangled banner became part of the national landscape as far sporting events and that was in the 1918. World Series game between the Boston Red Sox. And the Chicago Cubs in game one and is who has right of world war wind. Fan attendance was very low and this actually lifted the spirits of the fans when they played it during the seventh inning stretch. And so from there it was encouraged to be played. More often. But it was only on special occasions in World War II also encourage the plane of anthem because it was obviously very patriotic time. But in the fifties. Not everyone agreed that it actually should be played. Arthur Ehlers general manager of the Orioles and a World War I veteran. Didn't want it played it every game. And in 1954 he was quoted in the story saying that the continuously plane tends to cheapen the song and lessen the thrill of response. And also he complained about how the fans. Were not behaving respectfully during the anthem. Imagine that fans acting disrespectful. Just as we see today. But there's no talk about that it's all about athletes and somehow that lead to become the central stage but the most divisive peaceful protest. Outside of burning a flag. And by this it's by the same disrespectful fans that are sitting there eating during the anthem not standing up. There're not removing their hat they're using their cell phone during the anthem. But the public outcry is all about that it's. Just the athletes who should be showing respect for the anthem. And it doesn't matter what you might believe if there protests being for something that you believe in or not believe in. Having those freedoms that we have allows us to do that and I know there's a caller who mentioned that. America gives these athletes this ability to have these jobs being in this country. But you also had the same freedoms as well to be able to voice your opinion but calls of this country and calls the pro testing. There has started from our founding fathers. No I think part of it too is that there's this frustration that these athletes are earning so much money and they should be too. Put on such a high pedestal book calls of the money that they earned. Don't blame them that there are able to go out there and earn money that's capitalism. And don't project your frustrations just because they are able to earn that type of money based on if they do protest. Because. You have the same opportunities now you might not be able to make the same type of money but you can make better money. Don't be mad at BM based on your choice of a vocation. But it's those freedoms. That we enjoy we're built on protest. In July 4 1776. Represented the single most influential protest that changed the world. In it was a form of protest that was actually considered treason the most disrespectful act and most punishable by death. So let's not have the NFL being blamed for social injustices. And have the NFL be the wind to try to find solutions how about we all act. Responsible and take on the responsibility. And just like many of its in his DNA to finish it in our DNA of protest in making a change. Thanks rich take on sports Richmond we appreciate that. Espionage in the Red Sox and now wanna get to with the Braves are about to do the Braves are about to play the Red Sox best team in baseball. Monday were fun now with the Braves are all about will preview that for coming up and to be some baseball news two. Stay with us feel to join the conversation at 444773776. This is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back into the huddle here Friday afternoon edition on ESPN. Upstate ledger with a 6444773776. Have you liked to call and actually go on the air we would love to hear from you. Text line is 71307. And now we had text saying out ESPN who he had gotten why cancer golden knights. What do stuff let's get an analysis of the NHL Stanley Cup finals we'll do that with Patrick Brown about that. Yeah I think that next hour but I'd like to see my only on my movement of like to see that number because I'm guessing he's one tax that. Well I'd show at the American. So you'll get into a hockey next hour at 320 Patrick is a following carefully. On the edge of his seat yes he had a preview of that series to go on with Vegas though. Bombing I think that's a cinnamon flavor right you don't have any dog in a client. Would you go only. Yes. I am going with the caps I think in the history of of the franchise then god hero like to see them win for the first time you know golden knights of what a great story. And it'd be awesome that they want very odd time I mean this is the first yearly caps haven't been there. And I I'd like to see my friends have been so when they go to camps tonight. We'll talk to your friend coming up at 320 this afternoon a Boston Red Sox made a move they designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment. Camera good he was a one time that do as a player. And its prime. But that crime has passed he's 34 years old now. So they designated hand ram for assignment clear roster spot for second baseman Dustin Pedroia who has been activated from the disabled list that announcement today. Ramirez has more than fifteen million dollars left on his contract this season they'll have to pay that money to them unless they find a trade partner in seven days. And if not. They release him. Ramirez has an option on his contract worth 22 million dollars for 2019. It would vests if he reaches 497. Plate appearances this season is not close today at this early he has a 195 so far. So if they release him in the vesting option is no longer in play and you don't wanna. Pay Hanley Ramirez court that's why there are two million dollars brother let me go to you know about the not there enough for a 34 year old and I you not terrible is batting 254. Six home runs 29 RBIs he started 25 games at first base. And nineteen. At designated here this goes back to that age old problem that talk about almost seems weekly on the show when that is. Paying for past performance instead of what you think somebody's going to be down the road and the Red Sox did that in 2014. When they signed Ramirez to a four year. 88. Million dollar. Contract for years 88 million dollars when he was thirty years old. And his best season since returning to the team. Damon 2016 when he had 286 he did hit thirty home runs and drove in a 111 RBIs then but since then it's. Movement it is on a pedestrian. That was your frustration bad that these guys get these big contracts at the tail end their career is awful I mean you know I I hats off my cardinals for not doing though polls. You know I didn't. Pay him for a new ten year deal after he had. Reached his prime and you know had Anaheim did and they did and you know. Good for them you pay the money. That's just kind of what we do pay you then great we're gonna pay you going forward. Why. Not smarts not their business. But we do it over and over to the breaks up the Red Sox coming up this weekend and a series and the Braves beat the Red Sox and Red Sox best team in baseball. Right now so far they have been there 34 and sixteen. And 168%. Of their games and and the nobody's in his category 200 bronze. To braves beat the Red Sox. In this series leave well I'll believe we Motorola and we'll come on they can't beat the reds even in many. Yeah but they're playing in Boston running ya. It's the Jesus was going to be jewel I'm for you on nobody that would be really impressive. What. Now they have this. When the whole series or just win one game owed one game does not do anything why not. You're you're making it sound like they have no shot at winning one game it's the Boston red side I'm not making the sound that way and Dolly I went two out of three it's a three game series. They play tonight at seventeen and tomorrow at 105. And Sunday at one of five that three incidents. They win one game but one of those two games it loses is an extra inning game and it goes like ten innings still care. Okay around us not winning a series. The matter how you play this Joanna you're very competitive on the anything goes the extra inning I tried to make this just a simple little thing at the Braves to win a series from the Red Sox I'll be really impressed annual trying to. Take edit. Parse it and so now what's the rule here if it's. Interleague play if it's at the American League. Cy eight the issue is used to DH I guess and I guess a threat of it that. Nationally. Home side. Now they don't and it says in moss and tonight Julio Tehran's on the mound. For the Braves braves have good starting pitching coming on again to run Newcomb and faulty. This weekend. Throw on this forum one new comes 51 fault and edits is three entering but he's in pretty good. But they're going up against Rodriguez pom rants and sail. Sail on Sunday. I mean they can't beat sale on Sunday with both and habits in the in Boston. Did tall task anything and have anything can happen in baseball you can see. But the physically no that's going to be very tough for the Braves. I think is getting one game out of that series they find is good in all the disgusted by them if they. Take one out of theory is that they win this series. You're you're all guy in. Sort you're noncommittal now sort of saying that but not really I don't doesn't mean I think they're about the wind east. If they beat the Red Sox the big news they were in the series are they gonna finish about 500. You may be some there's 600 and they're 604 right. 29 in nineteen. I mean it only once they've been 600 listing games and won six of the lasting. Through 48 games this. Yet it still at over a 130 games ago yeah and on a third of the way through the season. Not even a third wake me up. Can be along the Xbox yes that's half. And it is excited that the Braves are actually be competitive and in doing so well but it. Yeah on after yawn with baseball it's our baseball purist out there and you don't like hear me talk about. My disdain for how long the baseball season is and I suspect that even the guys who love baseball you have to. Acknowledged that the season is too long seasons too long but I mean. Doesn't really bother me to bother me in September when you know baseball is just getting down to crunch time in world focused on football yet in why would Major League Baseball understands that. They should in their season. Obviously before October. It is day. We're here first you know and there's an arrogance about and I disagree with you I think the real baseball guys don't think it's long enough you custody of its long enough I'll bet he'll tell easy answer is no longer he. Ask him dig a little higher 62 games dog and he noted people I would like to go all your he just went to this spring training thing and he was all excited about he's a baseball guy I bet he would. Baseball is almost year round did you start in February. Mr. work they had guys working out in February. Almost into April and November of things and I get it though we talk about NFL. Your round we talk about college football year round a gated just. As these games there are different. I final break of the hour welcome back and wrap up our number two of the Hubble three questions at three coming up. At 3 o'clock and up Patrick Brown talks about the NHL. Finals coming up finally set for that. At about 321 in the huddle on ESP enough states they were this. So wonder boy fights this weekend's been awhile for Steven wonder boy Thompson he fights in Liverpool England. I guess there until. And that's his hometown right there until so he's a hometown favorite when they had the yum. Two fighters come from the fans I guess yesterday. A lot of emotion for Darren tell who is undefeated 160 and one. In MMA and 40 and one in UFC fights. And tries to keep his unbeaten record intact when he takes on. Steve won aboard Thompson's Stephen is a 142 and one in MMA 92 and one in UFC. And abetting slightly favors till. Prize trying to. I was taught me you know the one voice. Bought some people. Yeah in the heat through those last couple fights on these last two fights both were from the championships you know. One loss of one time on his Rucker were from the same guy up. That's right. Obviously Sunday afternoon and you can watch this for free isn't right it's on FS one and you actually. I saw this on my Greg McKinney can actually Watson and remain. Because it's on during the day if announced at the midnight for the main event you've got to stay until the next day to watch it now let's that's plus soul we think you'll fly a lot about. Read somewhere between three and four because you never know. If there's going to be a knock out or some of the other fights are gonna go there was supposed to the five fights on the forum but one album has gotten canceled. And it's such short notice I don't think they're gonna make tough lineup and I don't think they'll move one of the lower towards but they might. State and he's when this fire on Khatami's gets in recent losses he's he's due for a win and well he's still the number one contender and he needs to prove that he's the number one contender from what I seen there entails talking a lot of stuff which. It adds amendments to do so. And wonder boy doesn't seem to talk about what stuff you know these kind of quiet there. Reminds me Richmond boom that bonds goes out there and election meant to scare my business this daycare business being nudges you out we've got to do it yeah it. That's it. A new and isn't Liverpool this is like the first. This the debut of you have seen in Liverpool I guess from exits with a guy being from the area and they can get some interest in what they do a lot of fight to Brazil and then have a lot of Brazilian fighters there when they do that adds you know. Dana White ties take this thing as global as he possibly can now and has been fairly successful with that all forward to something to do on Sunday afternoon. This is gonna rained and rained a strip sit on the couch and watch them as basketball won't come more until Enron that night tonight and is it a well Beatles music. Liverpool I would guess that probably would play a lot of people's guns at the right they should play all Beatles. At the fight death there and a The Beatles fan. ME two men like Selma I don't know how could she not be something arson a hate The Beatles Howard is how can you hate to Beatles what they meant to me.