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Friday well commend the huddle ESPN. Upstate headed into. The holiday weekend Memorial Day coming up on Monday Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso in here today as we await. A sub tropical storm. Now that's what we have to sub tropical storms yet Nate and had a name it Alberto. Alberto is a moving toward the Gulf of Mexico. And be affecting our weather terms of rainfall can be kind of a wet weekend. It has some must scattered showers today. But that's not really related to the sub tropical storm it's making landfall by Monday along the Louisiana Mississippi. Alabama or Florida coast. And it'll be southwest bar area but we will get hire more sure and higher humidity in our area and often on a range of yet. Like two plus inches of rain some time Sunday through Wednesday of next week's month's memorial led led to agree. We're about throwing your arms and his love talking about sometimes are you excited if there's rain in the forecast. You're required to do you think you're off the hook Maine to cut the grass is exactly outside is a great what's the difference between tropical storm and subtropical storm. Do I look like a meteorologist Steve well is pitcher all knowing now I mean I don't know. Did do this long and I usually know and I don't even remember us talking about sub tropical storms before we always talked about them it's always been hurricanes and tropical storm and telling thing and the only thing it would ever get named as a hurricane. By the way as someone who's worked at a news station for over eighteen years I don't recall subtropical sounds giddy. Even being named I mean you know. Whatever is below a subtropical storm also are getting name next. I think it's kind of bizarre right but Alberto is a sub tropical storm. So I guess that means it. It has the characteristics of a tropical storm in a non tropical storm. Now do you understand that well at. I've gone and I cleared it all up we're good now that's why we went you know maybe it will transfer into a tropical storm at some point maybe is the early stages and uses it's not a full blown. Fully baked. Matured tropical storm yet so means below through but it's were they wearing. Eminem because the ball. It's kind of unfortunate because you know so hopefully we can but. Often showers him intimately washout like tomorrow tomorrow could be. Just off and rain we'll see down how that could impact I've soups can effect does that affect Durham, North Carolina and so neck and effective Clemson. Baseball tomorrow there's been split 5 o'clock tomorrow. Because they won again last night they'll get the a Florida Stater incident NC state winner tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock to 445. Airtime here. On ESPN upstate gamecocks decided you know what the cystic Lowber. So they lost yesterday. To LSU in they yet but we can handle just kind of nice well week in little over a week. And now be rested up and have their pitching lined up for whatever they're going to do in the post season probably is late two seed traveling somewhere. Next weekend we'll get and all that we'll talk a little bit more about college game odds that were out released yesterday by south point. Booking agency in Vegas. And we did some yesterday but some more those who talk about rich take on sports coming up about 220. Patrick Brown resident hockey expert. Will come in here at 320. That tell us about. The NHL finals for the Stanley Cup where are set for that now we'll get Patrick thoughts I bet he thinks. Capitals. I'll bet that's what he thinks. We know it's what you'll note that he might as winning hearts and hands on yet don't know the annoyed I think so too and he will be the guy that says it's. Capitals have no shot notion that he's no job and camps yes nine reverse psychology when his. Now when you look the negativity like he has for so long with the with his. Teams choices that as as Richmond pointed out he's also Detroit Lions fan yeah you just can't believe your team can win I mean. It's just getting your head there's no way they can do it's like he's gonna go with the golden knights. We'll save that strip toward the end of the show about 335 were to be joined by doctor Keith Geddes is a pediatric orthopedist works at the Trotter hospital won't talk about. Youth athletes and some of things that they're facing these days. In terms of orthopedics and injuries and preventative maintenance and I kind of thing coming up so that's ahead. 3 questions at 3 o'clock today got a little bit of a ramp from Stephen A Smith to bring your way today as well. And your texture tweets and your phone calls 8444773776. Text line 71307. Twitter Eddie ESPN upstate. Have about those Houston Rockets. Winning 98 to 94 on a night. In which. They shot thirteen of 43. From three points. Just barely over 30%. 37%. From the field. Chris Paul was six for nineteen. James Harden was five for 21. And they won anyway. They won it anyway to take the three games to two lead. Over the Golden State Warriors. Last night. Yeah and if you look at even more of the stats if I told you. Golden State shot 44% from the field 38%. From the three point line 87%. From free throw they have had more rebounds and Houston ship had more assists than Houston. If you didn't watch a game in did you heard debt. James Harden didn't make 13 pointer in the game no. What's your first reaction. Is acting. Again those they had the blow them out if I got up and I. Again I think I saw the second out the best part of the entire game was in Chris Paul made a shot and did this Shimmy. Right next to staff courage if you love there's all I was stereo is great it was awesome yeah. Staff member on the last lap. He might have an effect. At. Several school about that he responded Wednesday may have. You know I'd do it. And if I can do it him into it to me and you know neutrality is loud and he was what I vacuum behind and give take there what haven't karma. And armaments are hammy goes down. So we just got the word like right before airtime today that Chris Paul is Al for game six now. How injured is how bad is it or is it just a case of well. We're not going into game seven without Chris Paul being as healthy as possible so we'll sacrifice him for game six he's not a couple of in games I think there has to be some of that yet. It might be worse than we. Really truly understands it man idea yeah it is not even helpful Willis Reid come off the bench and is on its wings game and a this is amazing how this just continuously happens to Chris Paul some injury. Sidelined him at the most crucial time in his career. It does happen when this happened at the last minute of the game last yes just came down awkwardly. And pulled hammy. And so do you know literally sore afterwards it ham strings are very hard to overcome in terms of the recuperation. You can tweak it very easily and I know they're gonna boot do a lot of therapy on his hamstring diet. I just don't see him be a 100% the rest of this series at all. You know even that goes to game seven yeah I agree in the sad part is when when he went down like warming get up on the EC so many NBA players go down and they oversell it. They stayed down there are no less soccer and then on though they do it in the NBA. And and he stayed down I'm like there's no way old man he's really hurt does not go for Houston now. Twelve thing is Chris Paulus had four. Hamstring injuries. In his career according to ESPN stats and information and his shortest absence because of a hamstring was two games. 2015 west semifinals against the rockets he was playing for the clippers at the time. He was silent for five games in January 20127. Games in December 2016. In January 2017 and then three games this past march. But. If you're looking for good news. The rockets. Were fifteen and six in games like Chris Bowman. Or playing golf is a heck of a second half I think I don't wanna see the breakdown of what teams were that they played against. Well they've now scored. They've outscored Golden State by eleven points in 47 minutes during this finals when Harden was out there and Paul was a they don't score the war. Eleventh and if you actually look at the breakdown of the statistics as I'm analytical guy from a points efficiency standpoint. We Chris Paul's on the court last night there were minus thirteen yeah I'm so. There is an aspect that they can compete with the warriors from Chris Paul is not out there I just don't know the they needed Chris Paul right at the clutch and they're gonna need him down the stretch and that's where I'm concerned but you also have to look at that. The warriors are somewhat doing this to themselves they're not playing in the way that no more bush typically our news and you know all those stats I talked about the one that I didn't mention was turnovers right build state had sixteen. Used only had ten but it was a difference in the game. Well yeah that's right turnovers or huge in this and thankfully for the rockets they have. Gordon. Who can come in start I mean off the bench last night Gordon had 24 points. Yeah but they're only played seven guys I know everybody is in. That's right again like six guys who never get off the bench with just sit there and keep it warm and but it's okay when you replay isolation basketball you don't need you're not passing a lot. Now that's right. It's going fascinating you mentioned that. James Harden. Was horrible from three. Oh for eleven. From 3521. Overall so. Some reporter was brave enough to ask James Harden about the sticking point shooting after the game last night and yours that. James obviously you you reductions revolt the way you usually do is there anything about. Slightly I'm being kind. Anything you feel there's much. That's the that I am a Florida thing nothing dismisses us. But we're winners you know and I'm sort of computer and defensive men doing things is you know don't have much you win. We'll Chiarelli you're gore make you saw us you know being aggressive move clears. Who cares cares a Motorola. I'll share. He cares but you gotta have that type of mentality it's neck shot up and those are about next man up and earnings there's always next on leveraging this who what was you know what the answer B that you would like him how would you like him and threw mum. And age you better. I can't go follow Furlan he can't go for eleven from three. Come off. I don't think you will. Well they did they did Boise I think it over 21. What's that. For the past two games cause there suggestion previously yes. I think so I think his streak is he's on July 20 inner thank you for making that point at which in your go to guy did that. And you win. Yeah I know they can't sit until this eight point eight billion. The score points and other places though gore mummy he was five for 21 over a freeze for a free throws a convenient and I realized it yet he'd get nine or ten free throws each night. On the automatic now. Or to him along furloughed for dog not okay with that. But I understand from a shooter perspective you can not dwell on nine months of dwell on welding here. You gotta check air isn't it doesn't hear those things when you're in a slump you don't talk about the slump is another one of those unwritten things because obviously he's in Islam. Well the year he had asked about it I don't care either weather out here whether he says who cares let's find me minutes one of the reasons are pointing toward. Just that so you don't care that he says who cares about it I'm still all like I don't like about it like him before he said it while I can. This just. But it adds fuel to the bar of your dislike for him. Just because he says who cares but you say you don't care they says who cares but you didn't care that he can do that. Stop picking him or her mark fields is wondering I don't care. Oil when you see him do just think Paul tell me what do what do you think no one's. You guys it's all of the above and is it just arrogant beard area. What was the beard Richard appeared to have a trophy I'm like why you always I don't think about stuff curry he thinks of Arden yeah how could you like steps curry less than James ardea. How can you do that you do a dog do you Alonso all media likes to after less than James. Let us recall again YA YA the main reason why I hate stuff Korea and Golden State Warriors because of the dress. It's like because of the address Ali loyalists always come back to that ultimately had Iowa where John Wolf for having her being there for me. He can be like beat the greatest. You know entrepreneur or I mean he can I of those terrible stuff I still dislike him so it goes back to a personal reason it does come back to personal reasons and I think he's I think he's be I think he whines more and hard does I think he's a big baby and I think he's a show boat and because of powder. I haven't watched an awful hard to see if he's the same way. I'm also curious you and I obviously have players that we don't like Richmond I think he likes them and that's we and. A vote. Love everybody I don't have this. To stain from a players like Forex man that's you isn't just saying come on there's nobody you have disdain for his show is all about the stats that we do there is going guide that does annoy me it is straight mongering America. He does. Get on miners. 'cause of his antics and Howell so many times that we solve it. When he would intentionally. Make it play a dirty play within tried to describe that wasn't dirty. This just there's just me and they had you a mile to when he's when he's talking about like all man come on guys. Yeah it does get under my skin fifteen rebounds last night for dream hungry. If Dana rebounds. He turnover rut there the end game is eggs in the world. Is staff curry. Throwing it to drain mongering out on the wing running down the court like that. If Currie you've got to take that you know they keep dribbling. It's been kind of a theme here like grass passing the ball very passed on the ball in his meet him. LeBron does that. It's the end of the world exactly the wrong it's vilified if he does that these guys do it. They're just not playing your game right now though. They'll be fine. I used enough rated two will be talking more about that as we go along here. Now we'll hear from Klay Thompson later on in the show as well. So keep it here on ESPN upstate just under way Friday hoddle get to the young College Baseball tournament action in the SEC ACC baseball tournaments spring yet today they're here markings and coach of the game Cox as they await. Where are they will be in the post season now that they're out of the SEC tournament in Hoover Alabama. That's ahead stay with us this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. But I did enjoy the highly ESPN upstate Friday edition at 8444773776. He is our number. X line 71307. He's curious paean to begin your text message. LSU with a three runs in the top of the twelfth inning yesterday and they beat South Carolina six to four. In the SEC baseball tournament who ever met stadiums for the gamecocks out of the tournament. It's like a four hour seventeen inning game. Yesterday the gamecocks and now she is at a rain delay. For the third straight day in and had an extra inning game before the gamecocks in the tiger so they started two hours late. That's that this term a baseball Clemson started really late last night. South Carolina started really lead but a good game last night between South Carolina and LSU. As. LSU wins it by a score of 64 so the gamecocks can now sit around and wait for the year assignment for the post season. Mark Kingston. South Carolina's first year head coach. Says even though the gamecocks were two and done in the SEC tournament he thinks the experience will be positive especially for the young guys on his team. It makes you better team there's no question about it. When you go through this crime and I know every coach to come up here. Has said the same thing when you go through this grind you get harmed and so will be prepared for the NC term there's no question about it wherever we go. We will be ready and we learn a lot of our team we had guys get experience in this tournament in this in this environment. That I think will help us John jewelry gave us. Pretty down today. Until Mary and there's so. You're gonna need those guys if you have to get lazy losers bracket in an NCAA tournament setting. You're gonna need guys that maybe don't play as much to help you win those games so. The experience of being here especially for the younger guys we'll definitely. I guess until two and a and actually three and they won one game beat Missouri in the NFL Arkansas and L issue. In the tournament so three games of experience in the tournament and Hoover this year for. The gamecocks are now they wait four of the NCAA tournament selection show is coming up Monday afternoon twelve noon. On ESPN two. Other regionals will start next Friday. At sixteen hosts sites so law. Charlie gamecocks will not be hosting they would have had to win the SEC tournament to do that and then it was still going to be questionable so. They'll beyond almost certainly a two seed somewhere. And the traveling for postseason play they're gonna have a watch party. For the NCAA tournament selection show in Columbia. That I air restaurant on rosewood drive near the football stadium so policy to gamecocks fans turn out for that for the fun it really gonna start play next Friday. June 1 and you know. It's nice for them not to be on the bubble they're solidly in order to sweated out. And you're able to save other pitchers throwing. Yeah I mean they can they can stack them up now you scoff but they I do they'll be arrested nobody will be. On short rest in the on the B radio that goes to Oregon and actually can. And that's. That's big I mean most everybody will be because of lead on this weekend but the policy what the Clemson Tigers do now Clemson. Broke a 11 tie with six runs in the sixth inning. Last night. And beat Miami at Durham barrels athletic park Durham bulls athletic park. Tiger's 20 in the tournament when their eighth game in a row they're now 45. And thirteen. That's Clinton's highest win total since 45 wins back in 2010. The hurricanes one and one in the tournaments and they had an eleven game winning streak they came to an end. And they fall to 28 and 26. So the tigers now advanced to semifinal round play. And they get the winner of tonight's game between Florida State and NC state. And I'll play tomorrow at base at 5 o'clock I don't believe. There's a game before and so I don't believe it but 5 o'clock is scheduled start. They need to give themselves much more leeway in terms of starting times of these second and third games well it's kind of hard you play in three you know tomorrow they could've done that they only 22 games tomorrow and a new one in five when they do noon and five. Exactly another thriller that's my point via just gonna build it in there it's okay yeah. We have three games you know there were doing what 113 and seven coming yet. If you start at 10 o'clock and more so law. Com their little more push but yet when you have just two games I think you put five hours or keep things sketch they've started ten and you could. You could let us play well though right. At least it. Are scoring. That's for sure death and that it was good yesterday. The final four innings pitched by reliever Ryan Miller who's now six and one. On the season. And again and of trading yesterday and was close 1721. With that 616. Inning. In the ACC tournaments or at 45 wins for the tigers this nice before you get to tournament play in counts. ACC tournament play but not. Incidentally turning point so yeah like that forum on Elise and playing at a high level right now and Woolsey can make a run they'll certainly be hosting. And I think you know look they've done enough. To be considered a top eight seed and a after that big outburst and the game before last they have moved him up to sixth so it's telling like tigers may get a national seed here and that would be great music and post a super regional at that when the region that's big if though it is it is that's what happens a lot of times you start. Focusing on. Just being able to be national seed rather than these need to win the games. Ahead of you and and that's when it comes to bite you. Net year more worried about where your ranked verses. The actual victories but two more wins in a Durham and they were in the ACC tournament enough premature lock and I've the national without him now so. That would be the next goal win the next one and again I don't know you're the play for a Stater NC state. Having NC state did a number formerly did so pretty do you want forced a they're really old one yeah that's what I would think there'd be more motivation to a payback in these day. Yet astrologer anyway that games tonight we'll find out tonight with the tigers play tomorrow but they're on for a 5 o'clock or so tomorrow afternoon. The semifinals of the ACC tournament up in Durham, North Carolina that's College Baseball look there 8444773776. Is our number here. In hoddle. We'll take a break come right back was more here Friday edition of the huddle on ESP in upstate statement. So all over at the southern commerce baseball tournament before fielding Greenville. While offering Greensboro supposed to start at 230 this afternoon but that is not going. To stay on schedule either I think it'll rain delay this morning. The game before them as western Carolina East Tennessee State western Carolina leads that 1821. They're just now in the top of the fifth inning so be a while for. The Wofford game gets underway the tournament like continues in Greeneville as well at though floor field. They're trying to rest some of the football odds college football odds for the upcoming season from the guys at south point hotel Las Vegas sports book. And are there which of these we got in yesterday Richmond and you mentioned. And the Clemson. Yeah and it was mostly just Clemson I think we did mention Auburn Alabama don't know religious the Clemson once. I got some key games here just for the whole season one run through you'll hear from. South point. Like Georgia South Carolina that Saturday September 8 week to. Of the season. Georgia by. In DC. With a canned. Ones though in the drummer ABBA Georgia South Carolina Georgia buying. Eleven. Eleventh now here's my only question about that mine and George went to the national championship game in the games in Colombia. But. So in South Carolina and I think you mentioned this when yesterday is nineteen. Georgia who went to the national champs and games eleven. It shows you what to think about clubs and for sure Clemson. Was in an. The playoffs yet final fourteen and attack on than it is. That's the hottest the difference the you know just go home vs away yet you know home vs weighs three points at camp again mate. More. Marie a you know. If I you know just just it is seems. Like a little bit of a stretch to say that. Once inspired by eight more points then Georgia and to me. Which one I would take which way do you get under the Georgia or down the Clemson. If you're gonna bet right now which one would you today. South Carolina can be so bad it clashes with a okay did give up those tax in nineteen playing active get that in two years ago it you know. I don't really think Georgia beats South Carolina by more than eleven in Columbia. This only as well as Georgia project typically. And it's always some on and a lot of times some odd score like 1512 or something weird like that so I agree I think that's. Oh yeah and all of them complain about an illness and which would you taken them I'm not sure. Can't really say I'm I can see again out of hand excellence and well I thought the nineteen was too high so high I think tedious. The song they I think both of should probably be around eleventh. Thirteen Oka now OK okay it was that I just don't know what there's an eight point difference between the Georgia game in the Clemson for the game other than home. Don't feel worth a points and I think days. Might be understanding that her remarks will be starting by. They had to do it and yes they did. Trevor Lawrence will be starting gets firm. Well an article Goodman doesn't matter other cardinals in his humvee so I was little blogging it here you're wrong and you have to say that you know that life has long does that. It's gonna start entire game. Yes he's just. Latin. Dig a bouncy. A little bit. He's he's been netting did database did it and he's got a hold out and you know under oh or later it probably won't take me long to pain tolerance and item you'd a couple of other games what we care about. Alabama Ole miss suite 3 September 15. Aims settlements. Alabama by twenty Ole miss yet no love here. Twenty. Beckham be close and I don't know what to expect from Ole miss but Alabama in the eroded Ole miss my twenty Alabama and score a ton of points typically. Will sink to a may be ready to go. By the end. How about Ohio State that week against TCU in Arlington. Ohio State much wealth. Because that's prose seems reason assailed does that surprise you and us doesn't always is questionable as you got a a new quarterback but he played some last year kill. Yeah I was thinking that actually might be a little bit higher. Really. And a certain TCU what he Alessandro saying I wanna sound like you know that guy. Least not right now until they didn't put up some Clemson Texas say in them. And we do wish there. We have a history no we did not rhinos and it's in India there's always a dilemma hosting games that they actually had so earning. The week of October 6 Florida State Miami what would you cite as you look over my shoulder here could feel your eyes you can. The big they have to have Miami. Picked the win this right get a game that Miami too and yet. Miami by southern pretty close to eight. Eight for the hurricanes over Florida State. In Miami they're given Florida State too much credit. Florida State till the still has talented players. They're not a blue book so you're saying it was a quarterback gonna say that was all coaching and that's that's what was actually wasn't. I just think there is a lot of dysfunction. In the locker room at Florida State. Is that a spokesman. Minority fixed overnight and but I think you will see improvement. He believe will attempt. And we are talked about this before and and some of the listeners might not heard that. It's hard did. Get a good feel for if you believe in him or not I don't know he's been. If he's done enough in either places right now right now on on the track record is not overwhelming. Was sent back clemson's NC state we had that when yesterday that we did they host when he won any points when the tigers. They get in my home this year. That's the difference there also. How abouts. Florida Georgia in Jacksonville. That is October 27. Bulldogs by fifteen. So for more poised than their favorite over the gamecocks. Suit that's surprising new zoo would give George enough loan earlier does that mean they don't know a lot about Florida everybody's lives Florida we look. I think a lot of people like the hire Dan Mullen. Expected to take a little time. He did it where it needs to be the other don't have a quarterback our quarterback better have an offense from getting a hundred jobs. But that changed the Clemson lawyer will we do that when yesterday. Twenty and a half. Twenty and a half Clemson overhaul at the big number that is a big number about Lamar Jackson we'll see what Louisville's really made of now. Agreed we always hear that Bobby Petrino is really good coach and he has shown. That he has been able to terms of programs around. The interest in the how they actually compete without a quarterback Heisman Trophy winning quarterback depth and challenging year for China CIA stands up to that pressure. Alabama at LSU on November 3. Memo by ten. On the road. And expected to be a low scoring game. We'll see a thing new about an Alabama. And Auburn in Tuscaloosa. Memo by seven. Overall. About Michigan Ohio State lines of games that honestly. This year. 124. Posted by 93. Good reasonable. Pick now on the sale hostage 219. Really look at. They do not enough did they give me your boy Karl. A lot of credit that's not enough man you know I heard some are we don't talk about bar ball and it's and I'm glad you brought that up just nine points at home. Against the Michigan team that hasn't done and the opening. So far I'm guessing that line will probably chain problems. Yet it is there vary early death right George tech Georgia rivalry weekend in Athens. Bulldogs by. 21. I don't think Paul Johnson's expected to have. His best year this year and George is coming off a big one. How the Miami and Virginia Tech. At tech and Virginia Tech. And it could be a game that did decide the coastal if I can't see this oil and I'm going to save Miami's favored. Would you say that Virginia tag. Miami still going to be favored but it's going to be about theory see that's what I was gonna go with the since he says them and know Miami's 63. And I couldn't us via a promise like into Syria I couldn't. The other one yeah yeah that was you hadn't made up on the screen against Canada on a he was trying he was thrown I would pass you squinting though. I've got all these microphones and changed the setup and an internal stuff for a computer on between you sort of hoard all of that don't I don't care if he's. I've questions and trust that your him kind of which you know I love the data and you and I. I don't they differ but you're missing the point you know that the part of the fund the show is this is. You against me NC and you're just cheaply so I need to return and you don't win over time I've ever seen me I've never seen anyone do what you're doing. I've read fueled rages what did you rapper so I mean he's give all of their their try to see everything if I love Greg and ask question I'm gonna know. Sees this I don't know what question he's gonna ask nobody the government children's cancer. Nobody told me the rules it these are the unwritten rule is overrated you know of the Honolulu and minerals that I can't. Look at the information as you're gonna talk about all I can say is that nobody else's number and I know I would I would vessel pulling out. I see Stan not balloon there. Quote give free shout outs to people loves Ohio State Michigan State. At Michigan State. Ohio State. 76. In mr. at six what are you thinking I don't know. Com C. Two mini amnesty select games here in Minnesota south point boat. And now. How about Central Florida defending national champions. Against South Florida. That would be in Tampa itself on. In Tampa. Central Florida Newton. I'm gonna say it's actually going to be central for about five. On the South Florida by 2 it's. Not central flown six and a half. He's in India now has both sides need to get within three points and that's your only for yours only that's that the Winfrey did that you've you have decided that is a win and but the closest games in here USC Texas is USC by one. Soon boast the mouth early and audio on them on whenever you yeah and you're trying to get him back from the he's got to do some things we don't know how Iguodala is. I got it off the value to me like all crap on the jury heard it you why we're up his dog anyway 444773776. Some early odds from just one book. South point hotel Balkan Las Vegas on some of the bigger games of 2018 college football more coming up in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Wrote back a few weeks ago we talked about it extensively the charges that the Missouri athletic director level that South Carolina because of January 28 game between Missouri and South Carolina women's basketball in Columbia. James Dirk accused dawn Staley a promoting a hostile atmosphere. That led to a spitting incident and racial slurs directed at Missouri players but dawn Staley respond to them by suing him. Seeking 75000. Dollars. Guess what that. James Dirk has apologized. And paid 50000. Buddhism where's the money you know. The money goes to the charity. Nearly half of it goes to dawn Staley security inner soul you know. That's right half goes leather a schedule her attorneys for the fact that if that's the way that war talk. But I mean that's. Pretty much that that's pretty much admitting. A mess that up bright light ahead of the tanks along. And as always easy all hearing that has or assert that she's not early in the sue me this thing's gonna balloon over. Well she did. And got most of what she asked for saying his comments were false defamatory reckless may with actual malice and that he knew his statement was false still made it with a reckless disregard for. The truth they've kind of investigated as much as they could coming. There was no video of anyone doing what stark claimed have been done. And down. So honestly have much choice. But tutor he got climbed 25000 dollars body SEC I mean pretty cut and dried as to what. The outcome of this once. But yet Missouri still seems to love their AD rights in store. This some I mean if he got a nanny can't hot water everything else witness. Be a problem for gemstar listen DeVon a black mark against us. Record.