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Welcome back final hour of the huddle on ESP in upstate. South Carolina's baseball game with LSU has not started minimal restarting for a while in fact does Georgia and Ole miss there in the ninth inning nest the good news. The bad news is just reached for. That and thank wealthy going to extra inning. That's funny idea struck out drew keep on going home run derby the Georgia batter thought that the eyeball for enthused that. And then it was only three balls he went back down and he's just out now and didn't strike out the bears and that's not a highlight as a that's not a career highlight their SEC tournament continues in Hoover Alabama of course the ACC tournament continues in Durham, North Carolina. And I want clinching game sometime tonight for you. Scheduled for 7 o'clock but unlikely to start at that time. Clemson Miami tonight after Clemson blew out Notre Dame 21 to four yesterday inning game shortened on the mercy rule to. Seven innings so tigers are. Playing well and pounding the baseball up in Durham, North Carolina so keep an eye on them. Both those games and certainly we'll talk about him tomorrow on the Friday huddle here on ESP in upstate time now for three questions at three in the huddle. Alonso question number one today. Okay does it mean anything that Kelly Bryant is listed as being noble war and cornerback. On the Clemson Tigers football free season depth chart released yesterday. Issue missed average out about it yesterday pre season depth chart which I assume we'll stay this way until August right the source what we have until August yes. And down at quarterback and has made national news. I do see it on front page of ESPN is its top story on the ESPN's college football plate yes Kelly Bryant. Listed as. The number one quarterback number two is Trevor Lawrence number three chased price number for. Bin bats and Richmond. Doesn't mean anything. Yet it means that. During the summer Kelly Brian is listed as number one. That's all the means he. Means nothing else. Doesn't mean he's going to be starter against Furman. It just means. Exactly what they're Sweeney had mentioned earlier. Doesn't make you more likely than he'll be the starter against from no no more likely because obviously no. Yeah but it bugs always going. Well as usual while you both the guys are clearly wrong. Once your name is emboldens or forever. Police for the rest of the season Kelly Bryant is going to be the starter because he led the team to the playoffs last year. And Davos Sweeney no matter what he says no matter what you guys think. He is loyal to the point of pain he's going to be a star doesn't mean you'll stay the starter. But at least for game one he will be the starter and will be the starter for the entire game more because of who their play. Is tired game one being entirely and start you can only because you are you start I. Okay primates and until then made a lot of sense of my head of women Greg this is the dumbest things ever heard him so the bills that authority and suppliers and you can put that down on the loose moment. Will be the starter for the entire game one. I I think that's like you know the roof as the ceiling something like this is the gap is Michael Jordan can screw up so c'mon I guess. I I agree that it doesn't mean. Any thing here's the deal. There is no upside for demo even if Trevor Lawrence is right now ahead of Kelly Bryant which I would suggest might be the case. In the minds of the coaches they're never gonna admit it now and not get emitted in May. So you leave it alone until fall practice. And does not stop you from putting the best guy out there in September against the firm patent it would be a shock for them to go ahead and fire up the controversy now about listing Trevor large number one on this list no reason to do that no no reason whatsoever so they didn't do that but it doesn't mean. Kelly Bryant is clearly the leader for quarterback this year for the Clemson Tigers does not mean. Number two months of. Okay and number two would you watch a Celtics rockets NBA finals. And yeah I would because NBA basketball left disappointed that one of my favorite teams. Isn't there. Yes but I'd also be ecstatic that the team then I can't stand isn't there so I think I think Celtics rockets will be great I really do. And I would be rooting for the rockets. And I I know do you wanna see the re Max there's some people who do of course I wore it. I hope what does the cavs to make it there but they play like they've played yesterday. They're gonna get swept. At least I know Boston's gonna be competitive from their home games I don't know but anyway. As long as it's not Golden State I'll watch it. I would rate this as potentially the worst NBA finals in years of the set really. The judge James Harden one and a one of the guys who can't stand James Burton yelled don't lot of people who who love them the Celtics is a blue blood as we've talked about before I like Chris polling college going like him anymore. But it's not like Chris Paul Ryan and his commercials are awesome. And. I in on this will be awful if this happens and this could happen this could happen. Here we are. This light. In the conference. Championships. And Celtics rockets. Are distinct possibility for the phone this cap and down. Yeah Al watches some but not like go and watch. Cleveland Golden State. Now. Not excited about this prospect. I thought this is what everybody wanted is this somebody to dethrone. LeBron and not just somebody. Did dethrone the Golden State Warriors to Harden. Max who is right in Hardin. I gotta watch that guy that's the guy you wanted to get behind one of the best isolation players in all shiny day and I isolation players that you gotta have isolation. Isolation and NB like he doesn't. And he'll go to the ball a little bit too long you know why you see they struggle at times 200 rubles per person as possession that James Harden is not one policy in the final. You'll be excited about it and others say are you excited about it but I would definitely want him but I'm a basketball guy as well but fans. They'd love dynasties. Because of the role of the villain that the dynasty place so. From a fan perspective people as much as they say they don't want a single state they wanna see Golden State and analysts LeBron they do. Does it. They wanna see the blue bloods and I know the Celtics are blue blood bit. LeBron in Golden State that's what the fans want to see could you wanna see the best around. There's the NBA wanna see the Celtics and the rockets and answer that for but it does and I had no idea they had known her now Nadal. I will be watching it and our basketball right now. Sorry to hear I'll fall asleep watching it and we'll will at least make it through the first quarter all right question number three the athletic reports. The athletic I guess that's that's website and then maybe common next and that's the ice and proof read. The outcome and then there's an income ports should be a comma for me. Because it's a gallery that he's got his own senator Graham or rule us right to expect especially. I flip commons on how I would say you know anyway okayed the athletic. It even happened and capital there that would net because it's this is the capital S a bit right just for the record you did do again argue about it are you I'm not arguing I screwed up. All right all right the athletic reports that the Orlando Magic have expressed interest in Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo. Should he take the job if it is offered to them. In a New York minute take it take it Iran get out of college basketball run for your life Tom Izzo take. This. Job Tom Izzo is what 63. The up 63 years old so Zhong enough to take on one more job. Or his career he's been at Michigan State. Since. 1995. And of course. The investigation the mess the Nasser thing it's well documented. And I you know he holed some culpability of not. Better monitoring what was going on around this program. I based on a live they can get the job with the Orlando Magic Tom is should take the job go now. That's my opinion. Islanders. Then you I would go next to so I can answer the phone go so. I think he should go to for the reasons that you say get away from the mass. Even if you fell in the NBA you can jump back into college after a couple years. And retire it for that or that but yeah I I agree I think if you go and I'd love to see what he would do. In the NBA went with that team. Irish. If he's gonna leave the just retire. Don't go to Orlando. Because Orlando is when those dysfunctional teams in all of the NBA. Scott Skiles was hired two years ago when 3547. And he walked away saying that he wasn't the right fit because he couldn't get along with management. Frank Vogel was fired after one year when 25 and 57. And obviously that looks like a bad record. But he's got no talent he's got no no players who is not getting his support. And they fired him after one year at. Why go to a place where you know you probably don't be fired. Just retire if you're wanting to. Move away from the distraction. Of what's going on at Michigan stadium whether or not he had some culpability or not. I still like him is he's not going to run off from Michigan is that I'm not either I in all honesty I thought there was going to be more coming out that he would. Be forced. To resign and Michigan State at the end this year on a story may not be over. Possibly not will not affect his ability to to get this job he now think the NBA cares okay I think he's interested in the NBA plywood to Detroit Pistons be all over him. And they're not. It doesn't seem like they're going to be going after Tom Izzo I don't think he wants to coach in the NBA in all honesty so stay a Michigan State and just ride this out. Yes I think he's also. If you listen to us on his comments earlier line when their was. The firestorm was really ramped up about. Hit his involvement and responsibility of the actions of going on at Michigan State and should he keep his job and he is adamant that he was not leaving he's got a job to do and wanted to see it through and I think that he still has that type of mindset that. I don't think he thinks that he was. Necessarily. Responsible for what was going on I'm sure I doesn't think right now the jury thinks he's completely there's a little bit of ego that innocence going into your well. The college basketball coach with Egan and especially when it's been there since 1995 down he runs the place. All the so there's a few cracks in that right now there is but why leave. So a couple phone calls here bottled thanks for hanging on you are next in the huddle our U. Bob are you there are there groups at first I look at all bronco Merrick. If I blocked it well do all that we don't scratches my it would make each site each you were saying. Outpost of the show. That people or more interest in what you are saying then delete that. I figure Bob. Another comes as a shock to you that I would think you're really close bomb on display and you know if the. I don't the Bible Belt with the blog that. I got a bad character for the national at the bank survival equipment is another home run in the or yes. Our so. If this group where it is funny but I mean really if it's it's crazy look understand about settled out all of a big deal much in stare at you didn't answer. Do what you won't even if he goes route for the national happened do just that in other words sign at. We appreciate it passers and Suzanne it won't please manual as we approach it our nation's worst game immediately played the Russian. That lack. The Kremlin installed and everybody can mail their body debuted Unisys can't get towards our own jet and actually standout. And that we know that Connie lived only to ship operator didn't. Bob what a great solution for you. As always thank you them adopted. Okay thank you Yucca Q points although he one literally cover question and that is when the NFL play the game in the save Mexico City or in London. Do they play the National Anthem of the post being you heard they play the US. National Anthem so we work. Sorry I think it's both and don't they put both. I'm not sure but I know in all yeah I know in the NBA. They played the Canadian National Anthem and the US. Listen I know they've played the the British National Anthem when they played in London lashing there's a big deal was made out of that act as some people did not meals during deep bruise now but they also play the US I don't recall the plain dealer to them. We're not instrumental deployment. One that's sort of my point that it's really an anthem the and a hockey goes back we have a lot of Canadian players and the girl metal plate. Both canceled so it's it's really thought about those big news in the U look at other sport that examples they liked soccer which has multiple all countries represented. By the players on that meanwhile. Certainly the NFL has dominated by US players. It's only for the broad street youth and experience of that figured that's what they sort of like on site apple fixed just slightly above fourteen about a deal that could you have to eliminate the issue about what. The player honor whichever anthem is being played I mean I eat. A hero or a citizen of that country so EU it's just aren't necessary begin to all just play it before the players while we. James we suggested that so we think it's brilliant but we appreciate the call yeah you just take the down. Think the issue away here and you know because. Fans are gonna do what the fans do but the players the ones who were visible on the field the players the ones that are being watched on the field that they're not on the field. There's no issue with us now with the infield it. Is at stake in the locker room or stand up. They made it worse. And they're putting a lot that they're leaving a lot of ambiguity because what happens if now you have. An owner who is really frustrated that. Somebody is protesting and now they put. Extra fines. All this extra pressure on these players. So it's not a consistent type of punishment. Dad says it's it's. No sir I sure do what they've already done. Quite a few people who protests that are no longer on that team. They've gone to other teams that's just one way to do that feel like you guys protest and try to become. While I am trying to Amal there's still guys on teams that protested turnover there are so there are some eye Diddy is coming up here in the huddle next. Our blogger and podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com standoff that the huddle on ESPN a state bureau back. I trying it out and hollow on Thursday afternoon on ESP yen. Upstate is a baseball game orient. Try to figure out this SEC now they're gonna show the gamecocks. Gamecocks sitting up in the stands rather relaxed looking watching the game I was must be over like an hour and a half ago. So lomb. Now the screen says South Carolina LSU at 330 that's obviously not gonna happen they're the bottom of the tenth inning Georgia over Ole miss. Four to three gamecocks were waiting to play LSU we have maybe thirty minutes or so. After this game. In so at least is not tied right now I'm Mike vin Diddy blogger and podcaster joining us in studio here. In the Honolulu Palm Sunday and got baseball's. Pretty good right now better than it could've been this time after winning all those SEC series to get real excited about that. After the way they started the season it's nice to see them you know winning games late winning big series and conference beating ranked teams to get where they are at least in this tournament and winning. At what 2:30 in the morning the stress I think what it looks so relaxed back there as vigorously. Dust and they don't have to play at 10:30 PM tonight satellite for goodness is going to be a good day for us. Counselors it's very excited to see and I mean everybody that was already jumping off the train in talking coach issues these ridiculous take a breath because I think they're turning it around pretty quickly. Awful where they were and I mean they're they're. Basically. Close to internment position right qualitative and also be a two seed that's what we want right that's why we fired Holbrooke so I'm boring and that's step one now and see what they can do in this thing and if they get further in this tournament should be inching. Clemson one off yesterday in their game one against Notre Dame 21 to force so with tiger's money least teams play and well so we. We have a chance at least to get a team in the college World Series from around here. Yeah Jamie's. We'll see how it got as it always. Ends up being pretty interesting when you get to the super regionals because that's when you get those big you know almost NCAA tournament style upsets 'cause it Tim can sneak up on you and take those two games there are those. That's what you see a team like clumps and maybe. You know fall apart in two games have two bad starts that's how baseball goes and does higher ranked teams can be kind of caught the guy in the super regionals so you hope to see one of our teams. From South Carolina get into this thing obviously we've had. State dominance I guess you could say in baseball having teams and determine having a couple wins with coastal Carolina with two with so. It's nice to have baseball still on the map around here for me as a baseball guy so definitely wanna see one of the teams at least being closer in to contention getting out to Omaha and have a good chance that the thing. Yet to adopt a spate of baseball Major League Baseball no really major breaking news to talk about still feel pretty good about the Braves aren't. Yeah I mean they continue to look like they should delayed last a couple months they've continued to look the way they've been playing in staying consistent that's the hugest. Key as far as baseball is concerned the consistency factor. Is number one as far as the season goes because when you stop being consistent is when you have a nice stretch of bad baseball. And that's when a team falls out of favor falls out of first place and it's tough to get back up their late in the season. Especially a team like the Braves and has so many young players so they current they're going to need to keep that consistency up the pitching has kind of shocked me. Throughout the season I thought that was going to be really what do not my saw this line of being able to score runs with a young bats coming up I thought they put together a nice. In a group of guys around the young players and the market is is a good signing now have I was kind of upset to see though that that Batista didn't work out but that. Just seems to be the end of his career looks like Cali falling apart by I don't see them really going anywhere any time soon. I just still have to keep warning that you know this nationals team is not gonna go away and they're gonna keep common and once they really hit their stride. It's going to be tough to even keep pace with them I think. We've had no movement in the National League east really in the last two weeks the top four teams Atlanta Philadelphia Washington and the mats. Have all won six of their last ten exactly so yeah we're we're merchandising. Ten days ago yes basically. Now happens whoever was Roy have that stretch were nobody's gonna make up or lose any ground that's what the Braves won a kind of hope for. Is that you know those nights they lose that the other teams lose so that day. Have that chance to keep that first place spot and keep fighting for a postseason berth. You're a Red Sox have made up a little ground on the Yankees though you got a game and a half lead and exit of one athlete lose and at that lost two of three I think the Yankees out in Texas helps when they're not beating not great teams and us one of the worst in the league. So that helps out a lot the Red Sox have had kind of an easy stretch like Orioles out raised some of the lesser teams in the American League getting some wins under their belt trying to catch. Rebuild that momentum they started the season went to have like it's one week kind of stretch where they looked a little shaken look like there was some. Kind of you know kinks in the armor that there was some things that Michael wrong pitching David Price issues not starting against the Yankees. So he camp came back pitched really well a couple times last night getting another big win late in the game in Tampa just they need to keep winning two games they're supposed to win. And I'll see them having trouble you know keeping pace and staying ahead of the Yankees throughout the season because I still think the Yankees have bigger issues overall. As much as their lineup is just stupid good. They're bigger issues I think are glaring when you have you know overall this Chapman who could be shaky out of the back of the bullpen and you have a rotation that could be. Jekyll and Hyde all season long I think the Yankees or them more trouble but that's easily the race for the east there's nobody else getting involved and at the blue jays could even hope to flirt with it now. On the Red Sox outfielder marquis bets we talk about analog physically hear the during the drive in 2013 yes sixteen home runs leads the major leagues and they asked him if he wanted to be on the home run derby and he says he'll you know. That's fine. I like to see you. You know Alex same hit home runs a regular season baseball games and then I'd love to see him hit some home runs in October which hasn't really happened the last couple of years none of them hit home runs. In October so really it's all about winning baseball games and yet we wanna see our favorite players hit home run derby but. Is smokey really that build of the slugger as much as he hit home runs right now he's not really the bill to the slugger that I wanna see this guy out there just hit the Jews ball 500 feet you want the big star as in the fact that judges out. I think is a bigger loss as far as the spectacle of it. As much as I don't you know hate him for doing it I'm not that comfort thing did it and now wanna focus on the season that is what it is but. You want to judge types not the bookie that's types to be stroke and 500 foot homers warriors for entertainment and he's a great story right now and why wouldn't he do it because he is a little bit more relatable. Two baseball fans there are similar to like a staff curry he's more relatable to. The casual fan so. I don't understand why would you would turn this day nothing is a great doesn't think he would Dugard well probably my maybe that's what he did that he would go out there as you've seen these guys who are a lot like marquis who wore he's really a line drive hitter who guessed hits the ball so well he at the home runs. And he does get the ball up and over the monster which is impressive in its own right but. Overall he's an average guy like batting average guy he's you know get on base guy and the home runs kind of come with the territory when you're just went in the bad as well he is. I'm not sure and even translates for his game to do the moment derby because when CNET little soft toss coming and yeah he might be just hit little you know Squibb shots that we might see another Bret Boone. And going over in the first round and number even more disappointed that it came alone you know how disappointment and if he left I think this is I don't think he thinks it now too good out there like let him there I wouldn't mind JD Martinez as the seas are there but he also scoffed at yesterday so I I think you invited you got ago the I'll ask this question earlier segment on three questions would you watch a Celtics rockets NBA finals voice thing getting maybe in 1988. That's that's that's not yet. And such good 86 they actually didn't play scenario yes I think so yeah I would love to see the rematch in 82. I don't remember if an analyst James Harden in you know added noting Boston Celtics I mean for the fact of us being the sports guy as the sports fans and obviously having to do this job like we're gonna watch it because that's part of it but it's good to watch for us because of the story that the Celtics were able to do this without their two massive signings in the offseason it's a story because. James Harden finally got the help he really needed the right kind of help. It was able to get rid of the warriors and move on to the finals and get that monkey off his back almost you know Ron Amadon style so there's the stories in the fun of that. Plus I think these teams match up pretty also be interesting to watch them play against each other a seven game series. But that's not nationally relevant and it's not gonna work for the common fan and it's it's gonna really put people off as much as people wanna complain that they hate LeBron James and hate the super team. They don't wanna watch seven more games that is that they can complain and hate that the super team and hate LeBron Jane Decker LeBron gets somewhat slower -- loses in the like yay no more LeBron and in the cap or that it or lose today and super team they're not a lot and they're not gonna care and that's the problem overall so I can see this being horrible matchup for the NBA. But I would much as I think it's kind of crazy to see that happen if that's what ends up happening on the basketball guys I would watch it well but to your point is we're talking about earlier is that. The fans. They wanna see the villain either the Golden State dynasty Dylan or LeBron James Villa they wanna see. And this is a a Celtics rockets. Matchup would not be really good for the India I've got to and then nobody Celtics who don't have their two stars. Guarantee will be villain if this happens. They'll try to make sure that the Boston. Team it's the fan base and ultimately James Harden their hero who vanquished the super team. And it's going to be all Boston hate going for the next two weeks of this James Harden does not look like heroes just insists that it epic beard man supplier hang on the beer as the stuff that I think that's Jesus. Selfishness and that's the beer is better than I was thinking you were to say hi to last question did before we get to the language thing with the NFL owners did yesterday on the anthem. I mean I think it kind of stinks just in the. Overall scheme of what it is it's it's not any more about a debate over if you are upset about somebody dealing for an anthem it's what they did as an organization to not even include their union of players in the decision coming out today that they did not even have an official vote. Right to put this through. And that it just basically. Ends to the public pressure which I find hilarious that the people who were harping on this end in victory right now the most of the people who were upset every other time. Public pressure causes some sort of change its. Interesting to see when people aren't aren't upset about public pressure in this country is plate he's so. I just think it's kind of a weak move as far as the owners are concerned I think it's a fear move for the players getting. Any kind of more of Richard you know notoriety against and laws in the public guy. And I think it's just another cog in the wheel of what we're gonna see you know horrible. Horrible disgusting hateful. Battle for the next CPA and a couple of Beers is it just continues to build and build this lead. Does not care about its players in any respect and has nothing to do with the correct calling cap and it it's all across the board. In these players are not going to bend again like it did last time and you're not gonna have you know Robert Kraft running in with they caved to try to calm everybody down and get distinct signs that we can play football. These players are gonna get more more mad. The more more this league makes decisions without caring about their input whatsoever in its gonna give us you know of a really. Tough issue of if we're gonna have football once this collective bargaining agreement is up but elders they have the right yes. They do so did the NBA to get rid of Donald Sterling but the same people mad about that are happy and that's funny that you dating yet. He has been a state dark comedy advisable do these work back in a moment in the hobbled him a jump on board a 444773776. ESPN upstate we'll be right back. I game over in now Hoover Ole miss beats Georgia five to four in ten innings. So it's South Carolina and LSU can get started sometime in the next thirty minutes yourself. And now. Dare game in the SEC tournament we will have Clemson Miami for you and sometimes and I don't have an update on where the ACC. Timeline is trending belt and it's particularly good so Los 645 still the schedule airtime from the Clinton network but. Probably going to be after 7 o'clock when the tigers play tonight we'll see whenever they play we'll have a four here on ESPN. Upstate. Followed by whatever is left of Golden State and Houston tied at two games apiece. In the Western Conference finals begin in the NBA. LeBron James and James Harden unanimous choices for the all NBA first team announced today. Twelfth time LeBron has earned the nod in his fifteen year career. LeBron played in all 82 games for the first time averaged 27 and a half points to go with career highs of nine point one assists. And eight point six rebounds so you pass is Kobe Bryant Karl Malone for the most all NBA first team selections. Harden. Joined Michael Jordan as the only players to averaged thirty points eight assists five rebounds and one point seven steals per game and a season. So he's on the first in other first team players. Kevin Durant Golden State. Anthony Davis. Favour of ones and from entity. New Orleans. Pelicans and go with the mound when play out sooner and Damian Miller from Portland that's your first and voted by. The media any qualms about that anybody missing from the first team is little or first name the degree that. What about it guys. That nobody really news. Damian Miller just because he plays in Portland so you don't see a stat to me averaged. 27 points in game I've heard he's really good though. He has can Tivo. Out there in obscurity right yeah he is an obscurity in. Second team Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City last year's MVP. G honest the great freak morning and to attempt to Austin from Milwaukee. On the Braxton priceless. I don't. Opted to component and is not well. Then to compose. DeMar DeRozan from Toronto LaMarcus Aldridge from San Antonio and your oil indeed from Philadelphia. If indeed had been the first team. He would have been in line for a rookie extension. Worth 175. Point seven million dollars because of clause in his contract now has extension. Is 146 point five says Crist with thirty million dollar decision for all too well but if you data owner of. The 76ers. Fitting thing to members of the media hey guys. Below so that he can do is make him think it's a dream please please save me thirty million expect. That would work. Third chain. Staff curry just got to be at this point that then yeah. Well and play 51 game pastor announced so but you do have to question. And I think most people would have expected him to be higher. Because he was MVP too years and grow up. And the only NBA player in history to be named unanimous MVP which is a joke though that. He was named unanimous and other guys in the NBA have never been named unanimous MVP now. Of electoral depot Indiana saw him play well at times are sure. Paul George from Oklahoma City Jimmy Butler from Minnesota and Carl Anthony towns also from Minnesota that your third team. Of making third team all NBA makes towns eligible. For a 188. Million dollar rookie extension this summer these numbers are just obscene art that he salary numbers in the India. You know you were switching get so. More power to you go get it again. I got it that's can be guaranteed as well. Beyond stand. Hard take issue with any of these guys you know I don't see anything that kind of here's a glaring error there and instead of current missing those games I think it just advising him but it does yes so. Okay where that I guess will still await MVP right. Yeah I think. Early odds are is going to be James Howard yeah. Yeah I think so too but LeBron would be I don't agree with that I think I should be redrawn as well him. No question we'll wait that vote and rookie of the year were different then do we still got to do that to. We do have to do that who that might be area. Three questions at three. We should get a point death now we know you're low from Vincent's. No lull in his fifteen points again is just. He almost average for a double as a rookie. On rookie has an on rookie in the India. That's a sort of refined as a rookie by the NBA rule book so I gotta go with what they say. All right that's three questions for today. Did you have to pick a do you consider yourself a rookie on the show on because you came from another show. So. Are you rookie on the an awful season that there I didn't did so does that make I mean you know there would now be classified as a rookie and I'm. All the Promos I'm still getting slapped by the towel and a street where we're good. Month into it now. You've been here alone because we Howell hit seventeen years. Now I'd final break we'll come back rabbit appears not a lot of moments ESP enough states that went. South Carolina LSU about to get underway in the SEC tournament and Hoover 405. Scheduled first pitch the play back in now. April the gamecocks wept and outscored the tigers' thirty to ten so a lot of baseball between elements of don't know if we should expect the same thing that the South Carolina an opportunity to move on. Or wrap it up and wait for. Regionals. Will find out the sentiment of the about to get that under way. You have looked at a couple minutes left at some odds from south point Las Vegas on some football games against particularly gets in Clemson games over the middle yes there. It's only select. Number of games that they've put out so far they do you have like Ohio State Penn State it more and half Auburn Alabama. With the Alabama favored by seven but for Clemson they've got four games. Clemson favored by twenty over NC state and Clemson favored by ten at Florida State. Clemson favored. By two when he and a half against Louisville with no Lamar Jackson. And his shows you the value of Lamar Jackson. And then at the big ones finish of the season they have Clemson a nineteen. Point favorite against South Carolina.