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Hello welcome the huddle ESPN upstate on the year for Thursday the twenty force. My already the 24 the me labor memorial which musical so Memorial Day waking him. You're jumping the gun there is okay though it rain all weekend is that the deal. The whole Hollywood you know I believe it's supposed to re you know we came here doesn't mean you have to stay here you could buy go somewhere else yes but yeah I mean look. If he extended weekend and the showers coming in are there times that we can get excited when you see rain in the forecast on the weekend because you're getting your work or what you just get. Lay around this chill does lay low seeded tar Meyer grass my of their minds. Equally Mueller's right now I don't a man like me and I need to you know I finally cut line yesterday afternoon in. Mine's son out there are I'll start learning how to congressional so now you know and I'll give you my dressing teaching some more good life skilled dissidents are coming up today and huddle get to the NBA last night's other interesting game to talk about him we will do that the hockey. Last night bonus. He's got this. He got busy this is in its best and it wasn't a good it was a for an athlete that's it was a blowout I learned I knew you and lots and turned it over yet points but I turned it over one time it was when enough that when I turn anyway we'll hear from Barry Melrose hockey guy for ESPN that we have Mara. Stanley Cup finals sets for the NHL. Baseball may have supported a college student what do game yesterday for the tiger mats is went crazy on Saturday yesterday. And them. Mercy rule was implemented I thought that was a joke and I saw that. Now they I didn't realize they had an mercy rule in College Baseball yeah they do that and they needed to because another game to play and he would play it sometime it's a that's the only reason because as intern in the play out there have mercy rule during the regular season due today and Notre Dame was ready to go home the war minutes it was almost like a football school one inning there's like. Can we stop that these with a lot of jail. Well Notre Dame led early but did last. So clubs advances they will play Miami tonight 6:45. Air time 7 o'clock the scheduled to first pitch got a note from the clumps network earlier today that said. The probably be able. Just so you know. Because only injuring long and the time between the games is mandatory so. When they start about 320 yesterday dismissed the 3 o'clock and then had that crazy. Inning so. Not to mention the lightning answering as many blame Brent lightning. Right so home who knows what time comes to mind you'll actually player right now the air time is set for 645. For the tigers but they're off to a good start in the ACC tournament in Durham. South Carolina lost yesterday to Arkansas they play again this afternoon that is scheduled to start at 2 o'clock O'Keefe and on our foreign. Got fueled a CC network effort that went for the gamecocks because of their facing elimination. After losses yesterday to Arkansas we'll talk about that coming up you know they announced a new soccer team for green goal last month. In March or in April. Rather and win spent a lot of time on S were to talk to those guys at 2 o'clock this afternoon and fill you win Aung Greeneville pro soccer to begin play in 2019. On next march we will have soccer professional soccer in Greenville. So they've got a lot going on to get ready for that we'll check him with though those guys coming up including Doug or when at 204. This afternoon. There is a news from North Carolina basketball Luke may will pass that along ditty will join us in studio at 320 this afternoon we'll have three questions. At 3 o'clock this afternoon. And we'll take your calls and your text and your tweets here in the huddle as always 8444773776. Tex line 71307. Keyword ESPN at the beginning police. And Twitter at ESP in upstate. Always a Boston had to get off to a good start. And they did against Cleveland. 32 to nineteen in the first quarter after that it was dead even. But does Cleveland cannot recover from the thirteen point lead they surrendered in the first quarter and they lose by thirteen 96. To 83. Was the final last night and it was some. Basically the LeBron show for the cavs again to 46 points just not a high total for all wrong but. The problem is leading yet so much out of other people again Kevin Love with as fourteen points the only other to have. In double figures. In last night's game. A little bit jaw off the bench but not a tie on and for the Boston Celtics and they did what they do with some balanced scoring it was Tatum. With 24 points on seven for fifteen shooting the F fifteen from Al Horford they got seventy brown. I'm Marcus Moore was thirteen Morris with a thirteen points for the Celtics so the Celtics now lead the series. Three games to two in the NBA. East. Jason Tatum. After the game talking about what he has learned in these playoffs. How important every game on every possession noted that the smallest things matter. Especially in the playoffs. You know and how tough it is to close out games we've had a couple of situations as well as. We've been three days you know guys who can easily go in overtime. I mean is thought to finish out games. Image all until the zeros as a fan club. It was going seven games and that's where red it would seem right it seems that way. Boston looks good at home. There's a horrible in the playoffs on the road though. How to Cleveland Blake a break though. Home court advantage Neil here if clearly wins game six and we're 33 game sevens in Boston an early break that I have the solution. First of all fire tie Lou because he cannot coach with crap. Second of all. Take JR Smith put him in street clothes put him behind the bench stolen them anywhere near record at all because he is useless. And the reason why I say this about tie Luke. Who the hot hand hand game for Kyle Korver policy play. Not ninety minutes not enough to I mean I don't think he saw the court to like. Somewhere in the second quarter and now for very long but you can't bring announced they can JR Smith couldn't hit a shot couldn't do anything could pass the ball couldn't dribble. Could name without anybody correctly he needs to be gone on. Put Manson there when Lance got in there. Yeah I know little scuffle got some technicals but. They start to get feisty after app for a little while start to work the way back in so what do you do listen that's down. Let's get free media week we wanna come back to win this game no it is a concern when core replaced your minutes and Smith and definitely. The way they're both pointless I've. I'm part of this is a motion but part of this I'm dead serious I do not understand why JR Smith is on the court. We I mean any other sport is someone's ineffective. For the majority of the game reset their blood down when you can the people on the bench to come off the bench him provide a spark I just I don't get it. And you know it tie loose said Dave before will make you play Kyle Korver too many minutes. And every one body was joking and he was not joking. He sitting quarter up to be ready for game is out of his element and all right fine quarter's 37 years old them. You gotta make sure he's well rested for game six and seven billion Canadian steel mill well rested as LeBron worn out. I don't have any concern that LeBron being worn out there. Is a physically tired of course he has. He's got a long playoff has had a long season in its fifteenth year in the NBA. Yeah he he he's fatigued it. I don't put any I don't have any issues. Of LeBron. Not gonna have enough in the tank for game you know he look like someone who is mentally tired he looked like solicit or gone. My guns tie loose here next year I'm going to LA there is no way I'm staying here. Ike I just on I'm sorry he'd he'd looked a little tired I thought maybe I'd like the flu or something. Blood he looked more mentally upset he see his head in his hands quite a bit I don't know of those tired or display I can't do everything. They got some rest in the second quarter which is somewhat unusual. Lou was gonna start him in the fourth quarter at some rest at the end of the third but James was not ready to return. And that left him and Kevin Love on the bench at the same time that's probably know which will. Probably something else. But Kevin Love he got an early foul trouble. Without fouling. I mean they showed a replay over and over again. He did one of those we've pulled his arms then he didn't set a hard pick or any thing big guy brushed by him and got the south. Can you explain hometown raping a how does exist in the NBA because don't the same crew travel from. Town to town I mean they're intimidated by the fans and what what is why are so scared why can't they college game consistently why is it different. Depending on what arena there and then it doesn't make you think that the crowd has something to do it. Yeah I mean it's kind of by human nature to. Only a certain way with the crowd screaming interiors have I don't know which we shocked by gravity should be blatant you know LeBron James had six turnovers last night. This kind of bad night there. The only union it was over in the early on he was having some of those turnovers that bad passes trying to thread the needle too much. Even on some of his bounce passes. You know he really did look the same LeBron the other stuff. We were talking about the Golden State do and win when they lost. A couple nights ago and at this last one when when. When they just. No was last one they were just kind of look like we got this kind of thing I think LeBron kinda how is that a little bit position. Give more more turnovers every game and it's always those kind of passes. Where it's it's I'm no look pass or someplace debt and the guys aren't there and I don't think it's those guys fault I think he's. His head's not an. Some are the only series that we have seen. The cavaliers play consistent. Gaming and game out is the Toronto series when they swept them. During this series any Indiana series. The cavaliers are two different teams depending on what night it was that they played. In matches which are seen here and that's why do you suspect this is going to game seven and cam abroad and will his team 32 in game seven. In Boston in Boston can be tough on myself liberate the trend. There's there's somebody who can do it he can do it nobody thought that they would be able to take. Two games on the road in Toronto the number one seed. An area to do it in 61 play off. Series LeBron has won at least one road game. This would be the first time he wouldn't do it. If he loses. Game seven. That's presuming that they actually kind of games started challenging we are hurt after a while I think I heard this morning at their favored to win at home the caps are favored well by six heavily and that was front that would surprise either. For whatever reason Boston just horrible in the playoffs right now on the road during the regular season. It was not that way they're 2813 during the regular season if you don't lose the series anyway. We do is once guys get it over with. Or coming in to determine that I know you can't I know you can't but as a fan if you're a fan of the team. And you know and you're teams gonna lose anyway and would you rather than lose in six or lose and stuff happiness is just. The oil goes launched. This this is to get to the NBA finals how does this affect. LeBron James his legacy. Would be better her and just go ahead and lose this series. Rioting get to the finals and lose in the finals again I don't see how. But because we only remember. When you lose in the finals nobody remembers bitchy donating get there that you donate all yeah him while he went to seven straight finals but he couldn't do it the eighth time to haters. They will find a way to until but I don't know Michael Jordan Meehan one in nine. In his playoff series before Michael Jordan once this is sacred and can't do that well that's my point is that then but nobody remembers that. Did Pete do people remember that Michael Jordan didn't come back from basketball. And and immediately start winning. The next three championships. Nation the bulls lost in the playoffs. That Orlando Magic having in the second round. When he came back from baseball and and then they went on there. Three game streak. That legacy of six and oh it could have been tarnished if Michael Jordan gets today. Finals and loses to the Houston Rockets that year so good to be the same with abroad is it better for his legacy to. Take a loss against Boston here nobody can remember this. Your only to remember the fine using is better lose now Elizabeth on. People remember the finals. But the record they talk about Michael Jordan six and oh they talk about LeBron and three and five record and all about the finals. Nine. I tonight Golden State and Houston game so 52. Apiece in that 1:9 o'clock is the tip off. In that one mum. This games in Houston tonight so I mean. All the stake find themselves in similar position. I think Golden State could be in some serious trouble right now. Because there's also the issue of health. Mega dollar Alina even dollar still questionable he's gonna play Klay Thompson is he going to be 100% then stepped Currie at least seems to be. Plane at a 100%. But you don't know. And typically a dynasty if there. They lose it's because of egos get in the way or some type injuries derailed the dynasty. Yeah I'm Andre Iguodala listed officially as questionable he did that participate in some of yesterday's practice. Steve person he is feeling better he is making progress they hope he can play we don't know yet. Harsh Klay Thompson with a little bit left knee straining game four he kept playing of course he went to the entire practice yesterday listed as questionable but. Team officials are saying he will ploy. How well will only play that's the question with a question yeah they need him. So. Now think of their if Houston wins. Tonight. I think they get a good shot of they can series yet. Yeah into game four was BA for Houston huge I mean the show that they can win on the road in ORACLE Arena where. Again since Kevin Durant has been there sixteen straight wins in the playoffs for Golden State. Those are huge win for them on the road. We will have Bob most of my game four tonight depending on Clinton. But at the passion promise while most of that game does not include those with us to a midnight with a baseball yeah exactly but will be joining us what's left of the NBA game after the Clemson baseball game with Miami tonight with another reason why baseball should be seven innings. Doorway of these nine inning games. As bush B seven innings played on identical fields around the country and what else. Now. You're buying that you know you hear is voice of re on the Clemson game yesterday listen that's right I know congratulations that's all right I was really you know we know nothing ended. Yeah would you at a 46 minute rained it did. The very analog scoring is slow it down. Quite a bit all right we will have luck Clemson baseball for your followed by what's left to the NBA game two nice with the Golden State Warriors. And they Houston Rockets tied at two games apiece. I get to the hockey coming up yes there was a big hockey game last night you'll jump ball boarding 4447737760. Excellent 71307. Iraq back hoddle ESP in upstate. Log back to an hoddle ESPN that upstate. They Greg I hate to interrupt it's gonna say something real quick say don't you go to hate those guys assays are not very given that some thing. When they'd just nearly qualified. For something some guy over here some golfer. On not very good and it woody nearly equal to our head in the pro am did you guys nearly qualify for now would finish like eleventh. It unattended at top fives into a out. Eleven on how many. Twelve looks good I. Was very honest. Stay out of richness is much more than his friends via Mac guy that modest now I'm not really know until you going to be pretty good today. No here here's what you do it Long Island's handicap help him here Dez Bryant and and the pro health and Richmond overstated greatly as handicap. So that's OK so he comes would you say your handy yet. That's when he but the game between one and he 21 is certainly for twelfth. Now it's instant good he plead to see I understand handicap and bowling but I don't understand handicaps the free shots yeah basically yeah Faneca you know. You start at par with a handicap at 21 year he gets when he when shots and now there's only evident yeah I can get a par and then to birdie. And then and helped us basically in the Charlotte so what's it mean I'd say you're scratch golfer what's that mean. It's basically you're shooting Paul. Now but how do you get a handicap I have to play a month to get handicap. But they take your word for it tested for. Monica I guess that's a that's the unwritten rules and etiquette of golf is that your injury and a score that they're trusting you now. That you're in hearing in the actual school war and that your score and correctly because because it's a gentleman Scania A because there's a lot of jobs. Give me. Lewis's move Vista better lie over here that the if that's business credit of actually store does that kinda figured out your handicap. Well it is interesting that during the pro am. Mean it's all leads yet that is there's no. People watching and indeed as he got pros and this is for. The tournaments a year and well all of the rule that's right when a 100% they'll kick Jerry Rice sell for using a range finder that you relished it it's yours yeah it is. There is something different not. Being able to use any type of measuring device like that so now you're just going off of yardage book and to sprinkler heads out there and trying to. Determined. Exactly what club hit now. In all reality it doesn't really matter. I'm not that good to be that specific CEO does it just gonna bring you are saying I don't know you know I'm not really negative paid he doesn't -- couple bucks on this you don't look that good so we just don't couple dollars I don't want to find Allen's a lot of golf that you have to go to this one's got to go last yes it's only been six years since you've played this road speed my problem with the last one and while I'd I have been sick and fill a lot better now put. I don't have become close and yet the word go out to assure the Colorado. Exactly I I would have to purchase a shirt with the collar on it that was fate correct loose thrill for me is probably time needed. Why. I mean you might need still on every once analog hole no I have I have dress shirts I I got to look like Phil yeah. I don't understand that. That's all you didn't get away. Like bill did this guy doesn't it I know he played bad relative I get a good sweat more than filled it. I dot Alex over redskin is finally. Going to the Stanley Cup final first time in his thirteen year career. Washington's first final since 1998. As the caps beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. In game seven the last night. Forests and I think story of Washington. And Las Vegas Barry no water rose uncovers. Hockey for ESPN and so the big thing last night was the caps star showed up and play well. Are stars played great that it takes to win in the NHL your best players have to be your best players I think Dow was achieved through the washing capitals all throughout the playoffs I don't think that was the case. For the Tampa Bay Lightning best player in the NHL leading goal scorer in NHL he scores the first goal he quiet the crowd always she's been a fantastic player blocked in charge took one in the arm today threw himself in front of the park I can name every good player that the washing camels have every star that they have hole we was great that didn't play the first two games the class and he finishes in the back to back shadows. In a game seven win so. The stars got the job done for the Washington Capitals and over you could tell what that means to just a fantastic job. It's good to see out on in the big names. In the Stanley Cup so well that's him being there that all make the Stanley Cup. Interesting to a lot of people that might not otherwise. The as interest itself wasn't Greg unless I'm forty nothing but still producers know you get their read about it this morning and yet instead of watching him last night. Switch you with. Confirmed you're going to watch that game more kind of busy the basketball stuff going on in and stuff going on. Busy man. Brooks or pick with the capitals defenseman was helped from the ice after a brutal hit from behind. By Tampa Bay forward Cedric protests in game seven. Or they went back to the end boards in his own zone play the puck picked at random in the numbers with or peaks head hitting the glass in front of them. As kind of scary crumpled to the eyes remained down for about two minutes and there was no penalty welcomed like. Corporate did not take another shift in the second period he's averaged seventeen plus minutes per game. In the last eighteen post season games with three assists self. Be interesting to see where he ends up or pick after that hit I'm watching the replay on a sure why that I mean I'm not a hockey expert. It's with that will be a penalty. Well guess was gonna happen come next season. The capitals enforcer who's going to be targeting. The tip. The cat yes you'll get Pedro we wrecked retribution. Out on the ice it's pretty next year is obviously. They don't have another optimal he's dooms memory. Oh no no hold a remember the other remember the play the video for the right before the first game between the two teams are. Probably so. I'd so low we will gets. The Stanley Cup coming up Washington and Los makes that elect got nothing to something not if you're of a fan of hockey at all and you know that skin and seen him play in his first and a cup finals school in the Las Vegas is a great story you get a star on one side and and you get the Cinderella story on the other side. The NHL has to be loving it right now I would think so that they got this matchup and as a had very very casual. Hockey fan I love the fact that Vegas is and it. Something different stopped Patrick after the. It was a no because I'm a Smart enough not to do that I'll be happy by the three oh and being only had a say in the peace bombs that he weaves and if you don't want if you don't have any of them have you or talk to somebody other Frontline doing as a dad so. That we have a solid if you pose in a few tweets about it and yet he was done I believe there were tears shed. So you watching I mean I yeah yeah this is history so I mean love witnessing history. Yeah I think it'll be you know great atmosphere at both venues and definitely plan to. I actually watched some of the stuff is not obliged I'm Watson is gonna get quality. I'm all how much hockey will be head heavily in the day. Well China did they try to balance that hopefully they will you'd think that both leagues would. Manager getting into the idol finals that. They've got to look at opportunities. Separated days. It would make sense head to head amiga days off between these two series going and you could separate there's nothing to relative though check on the a 444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the huddle. Get to the College Baseball from yesterday in tournament play. Underway and continuing in the ACC in the SEC. Olympic deck of an upstate Willis thought colonias be in upstate. South Carolina baseball. They play LSU today so I'm gonna start at 2 o'clock. Marty had rain delay its when Georgia Ole miss a link. The sport in on him and they've had a rain delay they're Cisco push things back at the SEC tournament in Hoover but sometime this afternoon South Carolina. I will be on the field against LSU in an elimination games of the gamecocks have to get it done yesterday gamecocks fell to the Arkansas Razorbacks. Thirteen to eight at Hoover met stadium. Logan Chapman struck out the first two batters of the game but then walked a couple of guys and now Arkansas jumped out three to nothing really. It looked back South Carolina did come back in the game to make it closer and down LT Tolbert the gamecocks talked about. The scrappy ness of the game god team and getting back into the contest before falling yesterday. Same thing that's the only years resiliency. You know again we've had a couple guys the guys in there to get an opportunity isn't where they came and we've got some run back in the mid to close in the again. You know let's get to see just shows the depth of the team and also it wears him down the same period of play when they get an opportunity and we don't ever quit scores. Thank you may fly on the second opportunities. I really Astros kissing guys than we did detectives. Working the corners pretty good and to show you this morning and I should try to sacked five I think you go fast we're men's lives and she would do outside but we're down. So difficult to turn around business now you can go back live. For the second game. They quick turnaround but I know we're ready. You know everything that we think about some financing plans haven't been resilient all year. We did load into ocean first time we cannot play and so we have confidence going into the game we also. Their team that we can take lightly there and they've been playing really well lately. So would say they can. As LT Tolbert some level more Rasmussen the anticipated because and I'll start at 2 o'clock we'll see when they start the rest up a little bit. Cinderella for the game again. Because of vote. The weather situation in Hoover right now number four Clemson set an ACC. Tournament record for runs in an inning. Seventeen runs in the fourth inning. Yesterday as they beat Notre Dame 21 to four in a seven inning. Mercy rule game at Durham bulls athletic park in Durham, North Carolina. Tigers improved to one though in the tournament that was their first game. And they won their seventh game in a row now they won 44 games on the season 44 and thirteen so I can be here for money at least team they actually were down three to nothing. In that game I can tell you what happened in the fourth inning that it would take the rest of the show so it's super pit I don't think I'll. Attempt to do that but does so much to say they were good at the plate yes mr. and you get at least. I'd acknowledged moved in Davidson had a heck of a name he had home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning. Jim was Grand Slam wasn't yes via timber eight clubs and says that to put that in perspective that's happened in Major League Baseball. All run from both sides of the plate in the same inning twice in history. In Major League Baseball. I'm so that's rare that's very rare and apparently also from Emery that new Clemson player had ever. Hit. Home runs. From both sides in a game until today yes it did it last week in right now. He did it again in the same inning. Yep pretty remarkable. So lomb at Clemson clearly just had at all going yesterday and Notre Dame had nothing going especially on the mound just got kind of comical than. It did and yet at that point it. Could you even thrown a mercy rule right then. In the fourth in Europe clintons and the Clemson fans room. Are you do you feel sorry for Notre Dame. Oh okay. That's words isn't as good odds was Kerio that the my concern knows that this is what typically happens is you see a team. It's almost like they waste. All of their production. In one games like and need disabled livid that the alpha Theta for the next game. Yakima attitude willing game you he's so what did you hear bats go quiet all of a sudden. That's baseball that happens in other sports is a EC basketball thumb is that a team and we've seen it in these playoffs. How a team can come out on fire next game. Right not so much yep actually had a batter for Clemson faced three different pitchers you heard that before no I have in on a bat. It happened Macau's. You know got through wild pitch the change pitchers during the at bat on another guy in and there was a wild pitch. Play at the plate and he got her. The second pitcher so he had to come out brought a third pitcher and if they suspect that it's a that's got a crazy that's a wild game was history. So it's a seven seed Miami against the tigers tonight scheduled for. Loosely scheduled for 7 o'clock. Tonight and the clubs tigers will be the designated home team in the game tonight blocked by the third base dugout. As loosely of the Clemson Tigers skin now when their polling didn't do Saturday play their patented shape right now to do that. And again with this pool play dough. They have to win to advance well they're out right. Now. I thought this is easily elimination game now because I can't advance well the will. What did dumb Mayan Indians. I think Ryan who won OK and then there be two and a gusher yeah if they're all one and one Clemson it I mean everybody else is one of one clinching goes RC. Which is a Cumberland. If you're the higher seed if you use the same thing another team does in the tournament and you stay home because your lower seed would you be happy that I don't think so I would not he's percent. Anyone. SS case tigers look good to go into us Saturday and play in Durham and then of course when that wanna play for the championship on. Some nice we'll see how deep they go and again they wanna be a little careful with pitching because though all this does a ruling matter that much other than the potential for national seat that mattered a lot to me don't. This mean they won't national seat. I gotta keep the momentum going ninths at throw all the pitchers Adam Burma you don't care little bit of its. It's 21 to four. I may not have happened at a probably I don't want him back off at that point. Now I below so when the tigers play the whenever they play tonight we will have a four year right here on ESPN upstate. Duke and wake forests. Are tied at two to two and they're going to extra innings so there's the start of the day it's already behind schedule already a log jam yeah. Already in its citizens what I've been to a close to home run derby right now in satellite will be overs. Fifteen minutes if I may need to do that a 444773776. Mac in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Just 1000 dollars minutes away without the key word free cash stash on ESPN upstate. So we'll check in doubts. 8444773776. Don't forget radio dot com. That's our new home for listening live on your Smartphone radio dot com download app lookup ESPN upstate. And you'll find us they're very useful and easy to use interface to listen radio dot com is the app. Let's go back to the phones Jason you are next in the huddle what's up. Ariel we all know are you got to know Barbara Robert Byrd Obama bulldogs. Jim Harbaugh and I really do a bit. We just thank you. Well I mean. First of all we talk about Jim Harbaugh a lot. I I gotta say Jim Harbaugh is by talked about more than just the body the other coach on this show. Now not in the context of him being the greatest football coach of the whole topic and so there is where he's asking let's talk about him being the greatest coach. Are what we're gonna make up for this. What would you like to make up for the got to finish fourth place he needs to at least in championship. At least when he division right what does division is at least got to beat Ohio State he is the greatest khaki wearing coach of all time. He's taken distinct South Africa next year here that would usually you know I'm coming ally you know I'm no complaints about that I see their cool I Tripp's first timers about these guys trying to do whatever it takes to. Showcase the world for these guys these players that is why not I'm all about a mall about. Experiences. And especially early on in life like that hopefully these guys actually. Are mature enough to appreciate. You know where they're going because I know. When I was that age I don't think would have been able to appreciate you know our trips somber care once. Maybe if we're lucky six slighted by international players there right after a bad effect if that's right. There's a border there care when you can grade seven Kroll flies into steadily Sutherland as pretty cool. I mean in a Jason did the kind of hit and run their vote. Oh what would you base him being the greatest coach of all time I would ask Jason. Back question. That's all all what do you base that. I think you probably would based on the fact that. He had to deal with the coaches that came before him and compared them these greatest coach of all time. I think now we saw a stat is record like identical to Brady Hoke yes it's not that much different. It is kids more exposure because he's. More out there in the embryo then. Moxley and as a for college football be down assays bag Koji did certainly some things at other places in the in the Michigan. Not yet. You know some things in other places and maybe you'll. Do that but I do think it's cool that he's taken these. These kids all over the place they returned from a team wide trip to France last month visited. Paris and Normandy. A year ago they traveled to Italy so they're taking great. Annual trips and Harbaugh talked about Seth South Africa before its own as bucket list. He said at an event earlier this month he had been considering Spain Greece and Cuba. As potential sites under other go to South Africa in Cuba. You don't live too and you have to I admire. Jim Harbour rules are balls brilliance here in terms. I presume he's able to take these trips on universities dime. The other flush with money so yeah it's a meat but he's not painful word out of his personal well known on so why not travel the world one of them. When the university actually it's donors that financed trips to donors volley not coming out of his pocket Bobby coach taken Don Graham. Couple wealthy Michigan donors. Financed the trips until. Put myself. In an apparent she's as far as he's this goes. I think I'll be a little concerned I mean I understand it I mean that. Where they're getting to go on the north of the Vatican a medicine that's pretty cool but at same time. With the way you know things are in the world I think I'd be a little worried I'm sure you worry about here go on over there but. It let him go inside a selling point or is. I mean if you're trying to help your child decide. Think that puts some recruits over the heads the fact they need to go on these trips yeah I can help. Any help. You know it's unique nobody else is doing this right if the uniforms. Can sway somebody. You have to think that a trip like this there's no way that uniform cadaver sway anybody it's a classic uniform uniforms are very important. Promise you don't ECB schools investing all this type of money in these. Different type Mazen will lose it's like master corner something. He.