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Wednesday, May 23rd

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Welcome back. It's the huddle on ESP in upstate. Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. Yeah it was 1995. The last year that the ACC baseball tournament was ingrained it was here from 1987 to 1995. And not in Durham every year they move around but they haven't been back here. And I know we have the Southern Conference tournament here many a long term. The yield on the air and that keeps it from you would think would be in the rotation. For the ACC tournament with its amazing that it's not there but may I don't know what that other. I don't know what other cities are in the rotation. Complacency last year was employable. And global slugger field. It has been in Jacksonville it was their Furlan and they do it doesn't like clusters who's in Jacksonville from 2005 to 2008. It was in Salem. Virginia I assume her that Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem. Salem memorial baseball stay in 20032004. It was sets. Joke field. As a go way back 19741980. It spends door Rome a lot. Not 201516. This year. It was even. Some years ago in Clemson guerrillas and a lot of years ago 1976 to 1978. The host location was clumps and spending Greensboro and in Jacksonville Salem Virginia Saint Petersburg Fort Mill for a couple years. Atlanta one year Chapel Hill way back in the seventies and eighties so mostly lately it's been non door Rome Greensboro. Little. That's where there and I have a I don't think I still haven't I didn't say that I had. A golf shirt. That said safe at home. And what that was all about was keeping the ACC baseball determining rainbow back in the nineties. But they finally through that they collect the fifth or you're the reason and you through way and are no longer here well now what came out in 95 when you know this. It was pretty big deal when there were Tom on the loose and because it'd been here since. It'd been here for like eight years. And you know there was a push to keep it here and the safe at home are remember there was fairly. Confident attitude we're now moving this thing on your guess what. They did oil and M and accidents in twenty plus years. Wonder what correlation. Of win the movie bull Durham came out and damp the durables became such a hot item in that stadium as well I got and I could see Durham being in the rotation but now. You know and it's not there every year. I think right now the deal isn't done. And a come back here because of the stadiums tied up here I guess I guess that's the deal no good reason not to put agreement back in the rotation their. Anyway 444773776. Here in the huddle last night. The Houston Rockets did the impossible. The unbelievable. The unthinkable. And won a Golden State how long and demand then one there have they ever wondered. Yet they actually won there had to begin in the season but he's from L playoffs and playoffs long time is the first time that Golden State. It they've won sixteen straight the F in the playoffs at home and Kevin Durant had never lost at home in the playoffs playing for Golden State. I know there's one thing that we've neglected to do through the years on this fine program that is point out when Alonso is right because I called it. You know we don't win all neglected that we have no problem Olympic Fisher was here I intentionally made sure not to mention that but since you brought it congratulations. Twelve points scored by the warriors in the fourth quarter ugly. Escort 34 in the third quarter. I mean the lid was on the basket Molina hit a three in the fourth corps. Susan what happens when some certain players are still in his little ocean mean going up and down again I'll cocky or lose that's what happens. I mean all the warriors had control of this game going into the fourth or they were up by ten. The start of the fourth quarter they are tired they looked tired he looked tired. And as I mentioned yesterday who I thought it would be. Big part of Golden State is Andrei would dollar and they missed they missed him. We also need to factor in Klay Thompson earned his way because he wasn't the same player after I still made some shots but he definitely was ginger after he went down and yet Thompson and that would Tim points for a thirteen shooting and it was not the same. They got 28 out of curry they get 27 island Iran but again Nelson. In the fourth quarter and if grant was cold shooting. And he was but 924. If you had eight points from the free throw line right so when you look at it from that perspective. He that he had an off game and then. I don't think it helped when teams are don't know him like that just believe there are and and Chris Paul you know. So intimidating. Constrain mongering and insisted made Golden State back golf they got scared. Well. Tim well on. Michael will want rather I'm confusing my guys Tim's brother Michael. Michael money ESPN. Talk about the super team the warriors have but sometimes like in the fourth quarter last night they lacked focus I mean you know they remind me of the ups the genius student. To just sort of who surround. You know when things go well beyond job I've done well this semester let me just skip a couple days of class. That's that's what the war is our Steve Kerr after a twelve all lead he must feel the same way he called timeout when it was twelve to. I mean step curry commercial patrols bottom MI wasn't looking instead of just told to casually. And heart goes out I think it was targets only at twelve to against NC per call time out. And he said afterward that he was disappointed because he knew who. The lead should have been stretched and it was it same thing later in the second half twelve point lead. And they just I always say it seems like they hear the sweet Georgia brown music in their ears. And it just focus they just deal this is not there for awhile. And this team won't make them pay. Fair. This team loses focus they sure looked unfocused late in the game last night. Taylor then they're cocky the best thing like cal man we got this that sort of thing I absolutely agree that they think they can play around with every team and still win in the end in the didn't happen last night. Now. And would like twelve seconds left to do the warriors go to. At the end game play Thompson note don't fifth Kevin Durant. Yet they yet at all but he gave it up if Tim Curry missed a shot at the end to it I was after. That was after the fact that. That chance until it is they'll thought they give it Kevin Durant had a chance to. He would've been able to tie it would just to to. Now spelled Chris Paul he went to the free throw line hit one of two and then step curry shot was after the buzzer anyway so when it mattered even if you'd made it. Right the Kevin Durant got to take that shot he does how many years did we just I mean come down on the brawn James. If he did not take the last shot when he passed off. I mean we ridiculed him criticized him I've heard too much. Criticism of Kevin Durant right now. Well missing Iguodala and when they got tired they had. No bench help. He's got to come back he has a left leg contusion we don't know for sure we get back for the next game and it. Yeah and they need him they do now he is doubtful he was upgraded to questionable and and they ruled him out drive through. There could be a situation he actually does come back I don't know if he's going to be a 100% right. Might just get him back out there and help. Spell some of these guys with some minutes and help their defense of rotations which remand them out. Will say but Denny coming given up two Houston post did a great job to give credit to Houston goes Chris Paul also came out very slow. I didn't score until like a minute or two into the first quarter. Then get eight points in that fourth quarter and that was. It really. The back breaker for them just his play right there especially the last five minutes of the fourth quarter but isn't this what we want to happen don't we want these series to go. 67 game kept. Over the it was at this one just you know what we do is we overeat react Alaska will of course the last game is what's gonna happen from now till the end of time exactly and if you look at it. At this point four games in. This is what you would expect to to do. It just didn't happen the way we thought that are typically. That the home team wins each game right that's all it is so now it's the best two out of three and need you would think the advantage would be to the home team. But still Golden State is favored. Yeah funneling people trust Houston. In crunch time. Like in a game seven situation which has may very well get him also attended to in Cleveland and Boston. And other game five is coming up tonight at 830 it is in Boston poisoning. Who wins tonight. Who lives you're the one who knows how to predict. These yeah NBA game I. I don't think anyone knew how to predict any of these I mean there's police last night as competitive as doing the first games. On either series I was very competitive at the end. Ounce on the go Cleveland blood. I'm not extremely confident about I know Cleveland hat as we talked about yesterday this is that this is. They must wing game for Cleveland they have to get this when they have to win one in Boston it needs to be this one's learning process now yeah agri. This is where Cleveland needs to turn the tide on the Canada finished guys come out and play better capable of Ron come out and be LeBron nets. You know aggressive and doing everything he needs to do to will this team to win this game. This is rules set up LeBron legacy. As I think we're getting into a point now where it's funny so much about. The conference games were still so called up and this situation of comparing the bronze Michael Jordan. Witness just be a situation where. They lose. Tonight. In LeBron is back is against the wall so we have to win the next. Game game six in Cleveland and in games really supplant his legacy by winning game seven in Boston. What that just. Add fuel to the fire that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. Offers and people you know they. I could put. I don't care I'd smoke from the wing and I mean I'm okay here it is you know I too got no awareness of the number one I've I don't get the argument wide. Why do we have to do this why do we have to make comparisons that's just how we are in society that's how we are in life it's it's it's all coming to ride in the air for LeBron legacy to win game seven and missed it and so. I suspect that that's what will happen. Even though I picked Cleveland to win in six I can definitely see this going to seven just from that standpoint is that. This would be the magical. Run that LeBron is. Continuing to do pulling through the Cannes team back against the wall in game seven Boston has lost in the playoffs at home. This year and you'd be the first one to do let me ask you guys. So then I mean seeing the vulnerabilities that we've seen on on the western side. Is this still a done deal that whoever wins the west is gonna win the whole thing easy Celtics and because a lot of people were still saying that. I don't think so I mean I think we've seen some cracks in the armor of a Golden State and certainly don't think that. Houston's gonna dominate Cleveland you. They've got. Much more offensive firepower. To dominate. And if that's relative to how you define dominated. If you're saying you they wish and probably what I would Pete he's never believe Kanye. Unknown. Howling I would. Let's wait to get there and say I would yacht now Golden State and Cleveland that's a different story. Yeah one thing to Boston's got to do tonight differently the last couple of ball games is to get off to a better start they have been banned early. In the last two games yet and typically. They don't do that at home typically they play much better home their Jekyll and Hyde type of team and terms of on the road bit during the regular season. They were almost identical road record vs home record so there are a good team. Actually on the road during the regular season just completely different in the playoffs yeah. I just say this don't make a mistake of assuming which is seen as what your legacy because no it's not this now I think it's not it's completely different. Yeah but is it something completely different tonight to sell any life 830 tonight is the tip for game five the Cleveland. And Boston and we will have that for you here on ESPN upstate. After Clemson baseball coming up at 245 with and Saturday a 444773776. Text line 71307. Will be right back you're listening to the Wednesday huddle on ESP in upstate. A close may smallest waited at their game with Notre Dame will not start at 3 o'clock. I don't know what that means for us we'll just talk until they tell us to stop talk. It's easy to do it and recruit and do that we got us the yellow oval Wake Forest and is warming and it's a blowout tend to tune more able but they're in the top of the ninth inning and little Kenya what reports that by the gay and GT seven and it's the Dari and over Cyril. So I don't know before dawn to 45 with Clemson baseball not waiting for an update from the network but we will be here. Until Clemson baseball begins or 4 o'clock whichever comes from parts. I must amber has more. That's for the 08444773776. Is get the phones and talk to Joseph next hi Joseph welcomed the huddle. You gotta be so excited like somewhat and the and to local radio you got to talking about the NBA which is great because. I think the league is successful of not only superstars only one of a kind in unicorn. As a as we have. I could do it like handling them or unbelievably talented and some of the best that smoke clears we've ever seen in the playoffs. Have been absolutely incredible and I think that basketball is really cool spot where he felt that popularity is going up like crazy. And there's no controversy equipment at least learn little about transport pro football actually. In this. The case anymore the NBA's all guys you could bring a group or super talented and not getting in trouble which is into. I think is a great point Joseph I mean they think about it. There has been a little to no controversy out of the India. Yeah alike. Basically controversy led to players going to teams that were really get everyone that a lot out there that's the big controversy. That has gotten better basketball. It and this is everyone's talked about basketball now I think it's. Just gonna keep getting more popular in these timeouts of that absolutely stationed on the big time topics and thumb. And I hope they win I really do but I also don't mind seeing maybe. Possibly the best bass player we've ever seen play right products right now. Thank you Greg call Joseph appreciate it now wish to watch tonight but does Washington Tampa Bay game seven and it did not not in the iPod there's no way. So so we expected and they buried. Lengthy report tomorrow on the hunt do you not just yes not just highlights that you read off of ESP in error or the NHL's and analyze it but break it down yeah I wanna hear about substitutions. In this patterns which made the most in penalties time and things like as. The Joe's point is is accurate in terms there's a lot of guys that you can root for right now and I still do contend that. There's this. Some that it's it's going on that. We've got this discussion really building you've got these two sides of the camp. Michael Jordan vs LeBron James who's the greatest in the stories still being built with LeBron James I think that's what's attracting. A lot of people the basketball right now because it's. It's one generation vs the other generation. And which players going to be quote unquote label together. I guess I mean this one thing I agree that's a that's a factor. Is more than it's more than I think I mean MBAs and entertaining product it is well especially like ST step Currie. That he looks like. A guy is walking on the street does like it brilliantly at all. Yeah months ago Clinton vetoed lines ago you like someone can be friends when things like can lead us. Good lie except Korea on I don't think so this guy at Davidson. You know I'm guessing staff Corey would like me. So if they're probably more accurate at at at its fair. Tell you what we have in I have in my grubby little Koreans. Oral Mungro reload computer screen. A depth chart for the Clemson football team just released minutes ago. Ole boy what a good Dunn a Clemson. And take a break first. It will take a break and come back and down dive into that and then we'll see you we have Clemson baseball what Notre Dame coming up. 245 this afternoon or some time beyond that so stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle it's up over. The low level Wake Forest game in Durham, North Carolina little oval wins ten to two. That by the way means that don't Wake Forest will not advance to the semifinals they will play their next pool game but they will not advance past that so we'll mourning for the season. Wake Forest Lowell looking. Good today. And they win at ten to two up next it's Clemson Notre Dame somewhere around 3 o'clock this afternoon has now most of schedule go to the network at 245. For the pregame show ranked 844477. 3776. Clemson. Football just releasing a pre season depth chart this is post spring. But before fall camp. What are your questions. Also many questions you don't care about quarterback who's starting guard who's the starting left guard very important. That's John Simpson who's started to a kicker. Mean. Al expanse. Let's say or Greg you so there even. Alex and is ordering him unless this thing -- yeah I think it depends on Greg Hugo the Zambian health come back from them. The injury at quarterback now based on what we've heard what we saw in the spring game. Boys night. They have that already why they are starter. They have loved they are thirsty is already put it Trevor Lawrence opens it and that I say I didn't hear you sing. Not stay that sounds like someone's being wishful regularly. No it's Kelly Brian. It's not a no war. It's Kelly Bryant. Makes most sense I guess. I mean if they were even it would be in a war. Wouldn't know. That would be a slash there or something or is even the coaches have no reason to. Put anything out there right now other than the start to controversy oops we need to read about during. The spring games that Kelly Bryant is the starting quarterback right now and they'll evaluate everything over the summer and in fall camp. And then there will be a starter announced that selective. Ruin my fallen yes. It's like it's still Obama joy. Stirring up Clemson plants and other guys are ready to go with a bit man Kamal. I won't learn knives Kelly Roger ever Lawrence's list they don't have any or is under quarterback. Ryan one Trevor warrants to. We've had some. Present scratches from the list market Clemson quarterback is we have chase rice is three and bin Babson is for. Freshman and mats and so much quarterback ranked running back. Okay and the way I read this is. If there's an travesty TN. Is one. And Adam choice and stadium for Easter are the horse of their there even for two. That swimming is whereas ounce Travis ETN is in bold and he is listed first and is says Adam choice or to Avian for Easter. That's not all three isn't being equal. I don't think so. Now because only one name is Bolden says that the starter resisting a starters aren't they CNN and its choice and for Easter. Tied behind him kind of interesting. What's the matter to take him for Easter that's what that. Brings Evan my mind. Mostly. Wide receivers. Or Clemson on today's pre season depth chart. T Higgins. Or trillion Thompson. Backed up by Dion Andre Overton at one receiver position. Each prize there. He again knowing or in order or Toledo Johnson right in an RO someone position we get more receivers coming up. They'll get ahead yourself this is one. Receiver position. T Higgins driving in Thomson. Even. Beyond ray over to in the third receiver for that one position. Other receivers starter. Outer rim fro. And be playing in the slot DJ chase second will Sweeney third. And he's the place holder of and then for the other wide receiver position it's a Moret Rodgers as the starter. TJ chase I'm sorry Cornell Powell or Darian Kendrick has the back. So. Basically. We have bomb one receiver battle going on the nets T Higgins Tribune cubs. Right. The food it would seem like him otherwise tyrant brought more Rodgers is we have two starting receivers. Anti Dan. Mullen Richard or Gary Williams. Even. At this point backed up by cannon Smith and JC job. You've got. So it takes care of the skill positions. On the offensive line may China left tackle John Simpson left guard Justin faults and LA at setter Sean Pollard at right guard Jermaine increment right tackle. The results no I'm sorry yup those are all set. Nobody even their catcher starter set only office. Often to one. Trading in their sobriety. Is a surprise you that. That does I mean you'd think that he Higgins who has mostly would have expected yes. But that's where they are good problem to have your Clemson fans. Clemson's defense. Cleveland Ferrell defensive end starting. While. Dexter Lawrence or Albert Huggins that defense attack. We gave some drugs and a message to big Dex they're pumping. Read into this. Bold names too much you know I'm telling you this is the water is it true. When their listeners or they're both molded. That means that there's not one of the other team Richmond has a Clemson fans starting to be concerned and yes by concerned at all. I can see you're trying to create some Contra not only here on properly and if there's Larson controversy. Dexter Lawrence or Albert Huggins a defense attack. Right here on the pre season death it says it more it does. A similar to release the heck out of China. And over the years Preston well drugs are older than me mr. Wilkins at the other DT. And Austin Bryant at the other defense events in his prize there was so this though the other defensive end its Austin Brian. Backed up by Chris register at the two backed up by Logan Rudolph third string. And Xavier Thomas the fourth defensive end and that's. I mean I know he's a freshman makes kind of expect him to move up notre. That you're Thomas pretty highly touted guy. Let's see. Linebackers. Got Isiah Simmons. And one of the positions as the starter Kindle Joseph middle linebacker. And JD Davis. At the other. Shaq Smith's third team all now one. It will linebacker. Just a second I think that's been a disappointment and a check Smith now. Now the group that. Quarterback got a battle going on between AJ Terrell and mark fields that one slot that's an all or don't have a starter there. Don't have a first chamber there yeah yeah I think Carol's going to be got a surprises people. Or more feels is gather is going South Carolina and then change his mind the end of the Clemson. Jay Don Wallace. Strong safety. He's got the position right now tenor news free safety he's got that lockdown right now. And trade on Mullen the other corner. So no surprise is back Darren. Now. That's secondaries. Probably around the most question there is certainly no defense deterrent right now. Specialists. Told you that Al expense and Greg you roller listed as even that place kicker will spires is. The first team punter right now. Mom. And then they're now listing. Favorites are starters at long snapper just yet gets you guys don't ever nobody has. The job just yet I don't a couple of interesting things in the nothing shocking. But a couple of interesting things like Lawrence of Huggins a defensive tackle battling it out. Who's gonna win the contract. I mean sources have topped an NFL player you gotta go look at the big decks. I don't know I'll know what that's all about to a have that that way that is at issue owes you did talent level on a deep into the line right now. Yeah doesn't you know maybe Tom. I mean Lawrence Lawrence did did not practice this spring. And all the new held amount maybe listened to them. Yet a well improvement. Is yet earn it the coach is saying if I think he'll announce I'm a mistake. So back to make the difference that. All right just got uninteresting there. The Clemson pre season depth chart out just a few minutes ago. From the folks over at tiger town. Saw this note from the NFL before you get out of here. Mix holes will make 250000. Dollars. For each game in which he plays 13 of the snaps the as they restructured deal. So you know Carson Wentz is back. We assume and healthy. So nick falls is going to get this bonus where he gets 250000 dollars a game to gets a third of the snaps. That's his deal with a Philadelphia Eagles according to a league source he can earn an additional 250000. Dollars for each game in which he plays at least 33% of the snaps and the team wins. So the maximum value for nick falls for the year to be up to eight million dollars would be displays or. That's an interesting deal I don't know that I'm herded down like that I haven't either. Of course Carson Wentz has taken part in the OTA is. He is expected at this point to be back for week one. But if he is not fully healed from the left ACL LCL injury that he suffered in December 2017. The team is ready to turn to foals and why would namely that great jump for so they feel comfortable. With polls. And Eagles and foals have agreed to a restructured contract. That includes fourteen million dollars in incentives the specifics. Of which are largely tied to him being a regular starter so. He starts you'll get paid if he doesn't. Not so much. I mean a spare running. You cinema there on the bench behind wins then you wouldn't expect him to get paid like them the kind of interesting there. Our rights we are going to Clemson baseball next. We'll see when they're gonna start this game but looks like they're going to be close to on time Clemson and Notre Dame coming up from Durham, North Carolina. In the ACC tournament thanks for listening to the huddle back in our regular time at 1 o'clock tomorrow here on ESP announced a for Alonso Richmond I'm Greg McKinney. Cuba right here on ES the end of safer Clemson baseball we'll see you tomorrow in the huddle on ESP announced.