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Wednesday, May 23rd

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Welcome am Wednesday the huddle on ESPN up states. On abbreviated version of a moving target with our going to be until 230 today in the in the Clemson network today's you know probably. Won't be going into two for whatever data sides right to Minnesota. It can be for thirty by the time we get out here I don't know well it is cloudy there are so yeah it was a possibility. But the law in the Wake Forest game is already in the bottom of the sixth inning so they're moving right along level leading wake at the ACC tournament Ford one right now and Clemson. Scheduled to take on Notre Dame 3 o'clock is the scheduled first pitcher will go to the network get to 245 this afternoon. Between now and then quite a bit to do we will talk about Clemson baseball here from money Lee South Carolina won at about. 2:30 this morning. That's when that game was over for the gamecocks. They started at 1130 last night. And Hoover Alabama because they an extra innings games before them and maybe some rain delays to yourself. Kind of crazy and they play again late tonight we give you an update on what's going on with baseball. Gonna get caught double what the NFL owners are doing their talking about the National Anthem in kick offs. Among other things so that's coming up a forced the NBA. As. He extant takes down Golden State. Last night we have to get to that of course so that's coming up as well but we're wanna check it off today this news relays such a sought a muscle went out at 1 o'clock. About the new coach of the Greenville swamp rabbit hockey team. And so it took us five minutes to get him in here it's 105 and areas that's how his role market and then. His her they did that benefit if Johnny on the spot yet to lead off Kevin Gurney as the new coach of the Greenville swamp rabbits coach welcome and welcome to Greenville you don't. And it did tell us a little bit about that taking this job you've been in Macon for the last what three years. Three years and got nine and how did you come about moving to Greenville column processes and this a conversation and going on with the. It's been about a cup it's been a couple weeks and you know I know it's similar as me over when they and then the coaching change and there's a vacancy in some charisma over and esteemed honor in constant process with Steven. Fortunately. Have been selected to be there with coach. You are the man they yum not only semi your bio and many have quite a background you're not a rookie that. Hockey you've been around for a while tell us much about it. A little bit of background. Groping Canada. On north bay Ontario. Spent four years in Ontario hockey league was drafted by buffalo. Went through lawful system with the Rochester Americans in the Buffalo Sabres and then I'll throw a little bit and the America when he was some various organizations. You can doubles doubles organization and then. From Washington with the Portland Meyerson was fortunate to holders of in Portland in 94 and you know spent most my time at the double A level later on my career and this portion oracle championships and and went in the united IQ the game. You know. After retiring after eighteen years and coaching him. Stirs. Through two junior level and and it's slowly worked my way through. As some opportunities and was fortunate to get some opportunities at the pro level and who else you know back in Google. Very good does talk into the new coach of the Greenville swamp rabbits that's Kevin Kerr and us solve the statement from Steve Donner who's the president and CEO of the team and while the things he said coach was that he wanted to bring someone who has won championships as a player and a coach. And that he is determined to building. A winning culture during rained also. Obviously the the goal is a big one here in I imagine you feel pretty confident about being able to carry that out well. You know winnings winnings not easy it's hard yeah I think you have to. Make sure that you bring in the right people you gotta bring in the race culture. You know guys that. No winnings a vote for the work ethic to get the job done in been considered fortunate to use to do it in making a short period of time by. A lot of hard working a strong yourself with good people that you know you want to achieve those goals and ultimately. You know once you're hired spoke about it you know he told me his vision and this is what anyone do I've known you know I'm a little bit of history was Steve. Through my Rochester days in the American I truly an analyst Steve I think has one. Close at ten championships and in the the years and he's been associated with proteins and at every level and it was definitely going to be a challenge in and hopefully we can deliver a championship here in revolt. Talking with the new head coach of the Greenville swamp rabbit suit Kevin Kerr and giving you talked about playing eighteen years. Professionally and when you made the decision to retire head coaching always been something that you thought about her some damage he wanted to do or did you just kind of fall into a coaching role. I think as my career along I was one via hockey I think. Anybody that's in Aoki. Is can privileged to be in the game and as always. One could be involved in the games was it possibly could in. And I was wannabe coach in when I was done plan was fortunate to line to head coaching job. With one of my mentors that closely as well cared. All the way up from John Q before I went to answer actually him. And he gave me an opportunity in the early mentor Meehan vehicle auction. And you know. There's a primary. I become a really good coach and I wasn't sure and editors schools was processes in the ups and announcement. Changes. You know I mean I think a strong work African and his drive to. To be successful lives. What he'll kind of what drove me to be an option in one hope. Develop organizations hope butler's next level and and to all players opiates like and how would you define your coaching philosophy. He almost all players were in our lives. Have always been our team to play against a team. You know it's known as myself with guys play with character and drive and jam and him or to play against street teams. If fast. Is fortunate. That you. Oh when I quit plan. Scored scores for Ramon played. So. Few minutes to yeah. If you're bruiser as well soul. You know way when teams are always teams that. You know I think we score a lot of Opel alive. The world soul pre. Go to C stat here from the release on you the at 677. Goals at the time of your retirement which at time was a career minor league record so yeah I'd say you were score. Tout how did you accomplish that what was your philosophy was just kind of change your own you're expected to be the gun. No you know when your when your success like this I think unity. A year each again I was fortunate to prism with some really really good players and you can do by yourself. Noise appointment as they Joe Sakic in all laws and Brian Lawton during my days in. First round draft picks in the NHL and Brian sack who has come means to a guy that I've played with recuperation was ovals. Both times and scoring goals all. You know you can't do by yourself to good supports that often. If it wasn't for guys like that. Just have to find get to the right places and there of the ones that on the Aso. Felt like it over asking type guy playing with backs from them. As a condemned the park injured guys upon me to score goals but he can do players now. What about your us staff here Coachella how aware are you in that process you were just tired so I guess you get more to do there is that. You know little little work to do their. And this what the stuff is little quick quick quick yet. You know I definitely want to. You know somebody that's two men and all. Hope though the organization again I'll put it all back together and you know while winning culture. Myself as that morning culture. And we're talking with new head coach for the Greenville swamp rabbit Kevin Kerr it. What was it about Greeneville in the swamp rabbit that attracted you to take on this role as the new head coach. I think ultimately want to Guam. You know as an as a coach wanted to continue Kleiman and try to get to the highest levels possible and you know talking to Stephen in alliance and terrorism overly and chatted about his vision. Of this organization and I dissident on its people along time and I have some relationship to some history together and and knowing that. You know his success that he's had. I wanted to be a part of that I want to be a part of some special on it and I know that Steve's drives. To have a successful organization and and when championships is is on the top of this list and you know I wanna be apart of that and you know I've heard a lot of a Greenville. You know somewhat players from Macon played in Greenville last year's and they said nothing but great things of Greenville and you know it's it's a great place to be it's a great place to live I've heard nothing but great things have been going I was a successor when I got the opportunity to. Accept an offer. What about the process of determining who your players will be for the upcoming season and ish start the season starts and October and yes I'm super unrepentant. A little bit of time. You know. I think first we go through the roster and from last year's team and if we look at the guys. 101. Wanna come back. Two you know or go after the guys that. I think we're topping guys on the team first and and we go from there I think he would and we both men have now make sure that. We have the right pieces that are. Gonna fit into the more of the team we want. Great talking to Kevin Kerr the new swamp rabbit head coach I imagine you've been into this arena over there and take a look around so what do you think wrong. That's an amazing facility I think anybody. Anybody that recruit to come and renewal. Will definitely enjoy playing. At that facility it's. Steve and I actually just walk through this morning for. I came over and it's it's a very impressive so. Down and I know you'll want and aimed again a rowdy crowd in their fair games. Yes or if it's good for parents have happened and go about doing that you got some help with that with the promotions and they've they've grown well enough I had some pretty exciting grounds. In the here before and now especially winning will help that I'm sure. Yeah I think winning all on you know the very drew a last year and you know I think there's some times. On the analysts success there. Thinking. I think I'm pretty familiar with this all of a little bit being in making some other places in the so that I know that they. So analysts think NASCAR and they really crash and bang and if they do. They elect. Lately the car crashes and you know we wanted to have seen an exciting team to play against him. Prevailing scoring but I think you know there's some areas and some place that they they wanna see him. Not you know the games I changed it's gotten away from that vote will definitely. A team that's that's hard place. I assume yet smaller facility in Macon in this yellow there was vote. Several some thousand people and so little bit different. Older him a little bit more old school. And this is of issues in your facility and has an amazing story. Now so you've had a little bit of a chance look around Greenville but probably haven't seen much of the area just yet you be doing that over the next few days. Yeah I'm hoping to. You know coming up and weekends. Things as it on himself and morals and we yeah. Referring pretty quiet animal related note to do some things today and Cisco look around them and think about it Atlanta in the next week. Right great stuff fear I got asked NHL questioner to Oregon hockey night here this week we know so little when we we onshore ignorant sometimes so we got game seven the nine. Washington Tampa Bay. Give us a bit. Well I think it's a very tribes in 94 we will call it so together and kind of pull for him. Com. He. I go with them like I ignored him a failure of asking guy and you mentioned him earlier yeah well and you can definitely score. But I think if they can contain animal bitten. Those they positive only months I think. And weighs in Las Vegas this kind of an amazing story and he that's some. That's definitely. Cinderella story is no doubt it. You know any time you have a team there won't guys that I got discolored by there'll things. Mores and I think. They've done now is on there and in Vegas. You know it would be it would be great for IQ thing would be believable story. And no one's belly up. And as soon as mentioned in. Would be. If you'd be discreet like you're reluctant hockey tonight not basketball. It. It's. Republican for help on neck as as we guess when I'm going to be doing here they ought where it will what's the game seven Washington them back. Coach Kevin Kerr swap rabbits new head coach coach welcome degree angle I think we're going to be partnering up would you guys known a lot of stuff from real look forward to it. Appreciate coming in here to make the announcement that. Think you guys really appreciated. All right Kevin Kerr do you bring bills want rabbits coach taken over now so log ready for some exciting things over bones girl while answering this coming year. As he comes in to coach the team. And scorching get all the information now on the swap rabbits at swap rabbits dot com find out about the schedule coming up. 8444773776. Is our phone number six line 71307. It's dot huddle abbreviated version today on this Wednesday with GMAC Richman and Alonso back in a moment on he has in upstate. Welcome back into the huddle on ESPN up states and Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver Alonso. And studio to lob to 45. As far as we know where in studio until 245 unless it rains in Durham north Carroll. That's what you could drive the as 50% chance of rain up there for a while noting rains coming from Atlanta the F. Looks like so while Clemson baseball coming up Clemson Notre Dame at 245. This afternoon Notre Dame comes in at 24 and 28. A 43 and thirteen record for the tigers I don't think. Pitchers have been announced it was TBA yesterday I haven't seen anything new legacy game time announcement if there's main thing on pitchers today. I have not seen it in the Twitter verse so we'll see who the tigers will throw out on the mound today. Keep in mind they play again tomorrow and play Miami tomorrow night at 7 o'clock that'll be at 645 here attempt. We just learned this morning to doing fifteen minute pregame shows because the tournament play normally do thirty minute predictions. You know it's fun it's a moving target men puzzling thing about baseball this Tommy. Least I gave us some warning instead of you know right when it's time gone hero by the way when I go and yet. So they're not given their full effort internment. We talked about this yesterday you know I. In between again to get a good news to get done months ago is that these are the things that I'm learning as them. That is if you don't have an entourage maybe takes ten lives and these guys on barrages from that million dollars. Fans and that Don takes along with the so that's what's the taking the time. Anyway the tigers are playing very well is finished up the season on a bit of hot streak. And a money league coach a Clinton talked about Al his team is playing going end to ACC tournament play today. I think we you know we've got a lot of good Bob's going all you know in the program right now with the team this year. No metal and quite frankly. There's always that they starting pitcher. Pass an amendment to me is that. I don't know policy is overrated that is always going to be dictated by your starting pitcher you know so we've got to get off to good sorts on the mound every gang. You know we've got to swing the bats well. Now we've got to have a certain level. Heighten awareness and a sense of urgency and we get runners in scoring position we are found ways to get runners and we got to battle with Jewish price move runners we got to the little things I guess the big key when your plane turn on the baseball. And you're playing in the post season. If you've got to be able to do the little things and again. But I think if it is long as we if we continue to pitch to wait we've been kitchen and playing defense the way we've been playing defense and we'll give ourselves a chance to win every game against anybody it's is gonna come down to the little things. And as we knew that you know and and we're gonna give ourselves a chance. Now why does it matter because Clemson is certainly safely in the post season and they're definitely gonna host a regional. Well their ride on the bubble for a national seed right at that 89 mark in the battling with Texas Tech. For that slot and up projection we did yesterday and he won baseball dot com had Texas Tech sliding ahead a Clemson for the eight seat. Which is the last national seats up. Get a chance try to win I mean it makes a difference you wanna be a national seed if you can all do that it is or big deal. And try to be ACC champs also gesture com building that and again they'll try to be careful with the pitching as they get deeper into the weekend. If they get deeper into the weekend they're guaranteed only two games today and tomorrow. And then after that if they come out of the pool has the pole winner they'll play on Saturday win that one and make him play for the championship game on Sunday the ACC tournament in Durham. About the gamecocks last night South Carolina scored three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning. They turned a two to one deficit and afford is to win over Missouri last night in the opening day of the SEC tournament at Hoover Mets stadium. To the gamecocks are now in double elimination. Plight and they have to lose to to get bumped out now and they play again tonight against Arkansas. And they say. At 9 o'clock. But I'm gonna say. Don't be so sure probably not last night's game started at 10:31 PM central. Time 101131. Our time is when they game started. Last night rally was over about 2:40 AM. Marching east as as the latest game is their plight. Happened last night. But Hayden they held on and they want that's got to run in the fifth inning LT Tolbert led off with a double down the line went to third on a single by hunter Taylor. Jakob Olsen drove in Tolbert with a double but the gap in right they continued to get some hits and loaded the bases but they ended the threat with a fly out. Then they were behind until the seventh inning they scored three runs off three hits Taylor with a single back up the middle. He went to second Izzo Olson walks know what Campbell loaded the bases with a single to right Carlos Cortes with the wall to force and Taylor. And Madison stoke sacrifice fly gave Carolina a three to two lead. They add an insurance from of the RBI single by Joan a bride. With a single to left. So the gamecocks when it. By a score of four to two of the gamecocks with three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning about 29 SEC tournament game win. In Carolina history they had not been really good in the SEC baseball tournament over the years it's the fifth seed tonight in Arkansas. Jobs or the fourth seed gamecocks are the fancied. And again supposedly will start at 9 o'clock eastern 8 o'clock central time tonight we will wait and see. When they get thank game. Underway but is itself a good start for the gamecocks to get that one win there and you know advance and you know see if they can continue to do that now. Against Arkansas tonight so so far so good for South Carolina. The Lloyd will Wake Forest game is now in the seventh the bottom of the seventh inning in Louisville has expanded their lead to 521. In neck games so. We will looks like they may be on their way. To the wind this afternoon was still couple innings left in that game are what would get back and talk about. What the National Football League owners are doing they've been busy for a couple days and we'll catch up on that when we come back. If you wanna join the conversation a 444773776. You can text us a 71307. Starched sex with a keyword ESPN. Twitter at ESPN. Upstate new arrived back in the huddle on ESP in upstate stimulus. Next opportunity in the free cash stash coming up right before 2 o'clock where they are next key word. So be listening for that texted in to win a 1000. Dollars. ESP in upstate welcome back cell NFL owners yesterday. Gave temporary approval temporary. Key word here approval for a proposal designed to make the kick off safer. This will be in place for the 2018 season but they did do is of value weighted next spring. Based on injury numbers and other factors. Is that work kick offs in Norway and Tony guess this is the last chance for the kick off this year. This has got to work. Medical data revealed that concussions were five times more likely to happen on kickoffs in 2017 been on other place. A group of nine special teams coaches authored the bulk of the plan earlier this month. It won't look a lot different to many fans. But the new format is intended to reduce the number of high speed collisions involved on kickoffs here's primarily what they are doing. This year. No running starts. For kickoff coverage teams. Stand near to the ball is kicked in and take. No running starts. A requirement that eight of the eleven men on the return team. Must be aligned in the set up zone that means within fifteen yards of the ball. No blocking within the set up zone until after the ball touches the ground if it's not call first. No blocking in to repent was really on that one the and make sure my understanding that correct figure camp block. Until the ball is cult. Where hits the ground in this out of zone which is within fifteen aren't you all yeah. So you disposed you know you within fifteen NRC there are running full speed even though eating get a running start you know you better have a good sense of distance. Know those guys are going to be fifteen yards away right. Yeah they come so you know that there's your fifteen yards and I anyone know two man wedge blocks. Note to me in which. Kick off team must have five men lined up on either side of the ball. That. Doesn't. Can we still do on site and now is saying. Is I know we do Oz I jags is. Maybe so maybe even on psychics I guess so because you know spurs know that the onside kick just coming right. Five men on either side of the ball this year it'll limit schemes designed to get free runners in coverage downfield. Now right. And the funny thing is concussions on kick offs dropped 20% last year from 2016. But the moment was there to. Bring the numbers way down we don't know how much further the concussion numbers must go down. For this to continue for a second season we don't know that they're not identifying them but. If the numbers don't improve. To the league's liking more dramatic changes including the elimination of kickoffs will be on the table for Torre nineteen. Rich McKay is the president of the Atlanta Falcons and he is among those who would like to save. Kick offs it's. It's part of the game if we can we can make plays more competitive and safer we should do we try to make him the extra point more competitive. Just wanted to keep the extra point is opposes giving teams seven points and we did that so that you can have rules like that that's that's what you want. I hope we explain that if you think you're confused on Malamud try this from four. The National Anthem. Today the kick off thing Evan yesterday today. NFL team owners agreed. On a new policy for player conduct during the playing of the National Anthem. Commissioner Roger Goodell said. Owners have voted to fine the teams if they're players are on the field or sidelines and do not stand. During the national happened. Yet all have to come well that's what the NFL saying you can stay in the locker room if you come out. You gotta stand. You know previously have been required to come I couldn't stand lock him into coming out. Roger Goodell said the statement did this season all league and team personnel shall stand and show respect for the flag in the anthem personnel who choose not to stand for the anthem may stay in the locker room until after the anthem. Has been performed. One issue might be here ready to hear about this. No consultation and all the players association. Nice to make you feel you don't have to. After the player's issue this is Roger Goodell. And the owners and the owners they knew that they're doing and they've got a loophole in this business is part of the NFL's. Game operations manual. And based on their collective bargaining agreement. It is not subject. To him being. Discussed with the NFL players associate that now have to do better I should they may have me talk to. Well we'll see how important this is two players in next time. The contracts come up and this is a big deal then they'll come out make this did the foremost thing that they wanna talk about. But I'm guessing money won't come for. They're going to be mad about this the order put out a statement NFL players association statement. Said our union will review the new policy and challenging any aspect of it that is inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement well. As you say there may now mean inning is inconsistent with the CBS might not yet they might be mad that might not have any recourse on this I was. Would be the Rica a meal what would do coming soon or will they go on strike I mean what what do you do. Those are two options. Those would be I don't know what else you can do besides that if this isn't he collective bargaining agreement and it's clearly stated that. They don't have to advise you. Whatsoever for any part of the game day operations manual that it's a good point there had been discussion about penalties. For teams that had players who didn't stand here in the National Anthem that's not in this statement I don't think they did that he dissolved as fines just finest fines to the team. So Bob. Got not to be I got hurt but if you're the player like everything's fine. If you don't expect the a and less then they pass it down individually that I had I don't know they find you says teams will be fine. I mean if you're player who wants to show. Your feelings in this way. Would sitting in the locker room. Satisfied. No this is not visual enough. And will there be a show solidarity like there was no word like. Several teams everyone else will everyone stay in the locker room cause technically how would solve everything. Indeed that's where I'm going with a all of this did in my opinion NFL. Owners are setting themselves up for. A bad situation is not good and it's not good because they're leaving the door open. Why would you not just mandated that you can not be on the field during a National Anthem just Jane and all of room yes that. You have would have been so crazy Richmond. While we do the easy thing when we can do the NFL play how many times and I said I'm the voice of reason and rational thinking on the show and your ball NC now you understand that this makes perfect sense but I don't understand by the NFL owners don't get it there is really down bridges a mean look you got. You've been to NFL games yes. You see what fans do during the national debt. Don't even get me started. I mean this disrespectful mom all of that but they're not required to do anything. They're long they're drinking their beer and more looking at her cell phones and walking up the aisles to get more are. Refreshments they're the most disrespectful. It's the people understands. In terms of just doing anything and whatever they want. Mean I did it I understand the visual of Neil Lane. But. I and it's hypocrisy. When you start talking about. Re you put the athletes on such a pedestal that they have this morality clause that they have to. Abide by that nobody else passed here in a does it doesn't make any sense to me. An easy solution to keep him in the locker room he's in college football players aren't out there. Right and in high school. The easy solution. Two simple. The NFL's backed themselves into a corner they're gonna have a mess they are gonna have a big mess leaving the door open that they can come out there. We're stay back there but how come this doesn't happen in baseball because. Baseball they're out there for a national landmark thing I know they are and high school that in baseball and softball and so basketball they're out their for the National Anthem and why is it's just football. Don't know. Started there. NBA he's always had a rule that Jim you had yet to stand up. And a I mean you know who's to say it will. Spread to other sports but listen FL playing right now. And in defaulting thing that they have not fix today in my opinion. They're creating messes all the way around with this. Dead kick off situation and there's even talk as far as. A new rule that. You there's a fifteen yard penalty if you look over your head and make contact with your helmet. And it seems there's a lot going on this offseason with the NFL. There's a bombing mayor says the Houston Texans owner. He told players they should talk to their teammates who Neil he said you fell listening to ask your compiled Grey's. Stop that other business. But. That's gonna do is have an early produces positive results. I don't know that dumb NFL players and listening to Bob McNair no on this topic. I'm sorry. Not after his comments. Well street if I think they need to look at some of the players who have been cut or traded because of this sort of thing on what starts hurting your bottom line as the owner of a team needs double fines earlier. If the fine is big enough that it hurts the team noticed that in saying much the fund debt as if it that would have to be sizable to hurt the team enough to where. They would make sure this rule was invited by. And palliative. By bike. What if it's a really good player. That's a great question but we haven't had done LLC met him really good player both on. Peters and in Kansas City was a really good player. Who's normally there by the way but. He did that these foreign the only really really good players I can't think of but not a marquee name. I'm not Thomas Peters here talking about quarterback talk about another quarterback now better than calling happening now which is just to bottle. Stuck I'm not going to and there are views yet that's a whole another topic isn't because we can only say it though. Pampered it's good enough to play in the NFL. He now we've had this year now Madeleine bonds does not even if you see that thirteen is gonna concede that an automatic conceded he does he do. No I don't know. And yet dale and them before the break here's Ellen welcome into the huddle how are you today. I don't know man. Coulter probably you are an offensive position along the Soviet will. People are poking in that order didn't include current put on Osama I don't buy it there and Osama it and let them wanna look and so under our political team and I would dole building didn't keep an artist award did you do any adult ought to pull them out all the good we good ability. Concocted a potential put it into the hole instead of out of control all of this will sweeten Newton did. Operation dough and that's fair point of view if if the players agree and they all stay in there that we'll be noticeable. But it won't be as states and not zone is replicas and you know deciding on clothes than. I disagree to a point because it will be noticeable because the media covering that will make sure to point out and the players are now there. And then they'll take like ten different angles of the MD sideline to point out why the players aren't out there except that the NFL controls TV networks on. Yeah because it's a good candidate they still she'll say issued that they showed video we're alive and that's right I understand what he showed us sidelines and we saw that they ladies I reported on every person who had mailed. They did that for awhile and they backed dolphin they didn't show everything that I mean this is not. Media coverage this is ESPN. And CBS. We got a big deal with the NFL coverage is not as I write this ship is writing that check via pay I NFL I hope you're right I do. But in an overtime. And it'll new rule lose its. Power in terms. The guys staying in the locker room. Fascinating and complicated. And not fixed and generally are they made it worse back in a moment in the huddle on ESP announced it. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN upstate. Greg McKinney Richmond waiver Alonso you know while the ACC baseball tournament used being ringel Somalia and around long enough to remember that it was that the old Greenville municipal stadium the Braves tiberi stadium over their Immelman road. And again Abu down this is in the ninety's. Link anyway I'm. In a limited to Durham because everything was gonna better in Durham. And we are now watching Wake Forest and Louisville Wake Forest basically. Almost local Durham and yes not far not far. And we could physically on our. On my hands count the people that can be seen in the stands toga don't count photographers and there there's there's. The team cameramen right behind home plate there's like four people. Right yeah exaggerating now your not your right. I know it today game I know this is a workday but. I think we've done better than that angry I'm just gonna go rattle him and say we give them. You'd think so. None were found in biased as ever in Greeneville well I mean and look now we've. And even better facility with a four field down to downgrade area. Mean I know that you know Durham has some stuff going for a Madonna Kanye fans that helps they are now that I was shocked when I saw that. I mean I'm morrow only sing and I haven't seen him. Big crowd shot because I don't think there is a big grounds they just outfield and nobody nobody he. He's not a person has the boys to get into home run ball appear in the Durham area and the outfield bleachers to yourself. I don't know what they'll do you know later in anything. Clemson Saturday were gonna bring fans in this afternoon at 3 o'clock partly. I would do so on some clubs and fans yes there and Clemson has its faithful fans obviously. But I don't know who I mean to look at the schedule again I'm not sure who plays later tonight I don't know that day. At the leg but the North Carolina team tomorrow night on some plays the late game. As they take on Miami there.