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Welcome back our three of the huddle ESPN up State's Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso Tuesday afternoon. We have basketball for you tonight it's Houston and Golden State 8 PM air time Golden State lead. The series at 221. And that one coarsely canvas. I have tied it up with Boston in that series so we've got some competitive basketball going on certainly. In the east's we're about your calls and text in a bit a 444773776. Text line 71307. But now. It's time for three questions at three. All right we have some love basketball. We have some baseball. We even have. Hockey related question in three questions three today Alonso question number one plea. It's all right. Is sting coach Mike in tone he writes. Is the pressure really on the Golden State Warriors thank you Irsay and his name right monolith. So if it was in my DN Tony. I heard that over and over again no DN Tony DN Tony. It's Mike Benton Benton and Ali here before you answer this question. What I hear exactly how he put that this is my man Tony about where the pressure lies in the Western Conference finals. World war. Right now today goals as the pressure is still vacant and you know we felt it was a little bit. Yeah opener game. I. As you Kelly was swagger Houston should have swagger tonight. In game four ways congressman. Don't you think they would have tried to come in swagger in game three. As well the you sweet goodness wagging game three but now that this wagons recently aegis wagon for I have no idea what tactic he's trying to pool here. That all the pressure is. On the warriors. Makes no sense it is this on diver reverse psychology or something that he's trying to implement for his team. Maybe it works out well I don't see it that we know Houston was built. To tried. Dethrone. The warriors want to lose and made mention this are there in the show and and fortunately Houston has not been able to beat the warriors. In this air in the playoffs and I don't think it's gonna happen now two of any thing all the pressure is on Houston. They won the regular season they had home court advantage they couldn't take advantage of that and now their backs are against the wall it's obviously all the pressure. Is on Houston Rockets. Auxiliary. I do I understand kind of what Dan Tony's doing I mean earlier in the week. He talked about how solve this team was did on several different occasions. So now this I think is his way trying to back off of that. And it's not working all the pressure definitely is a Houston. Golden State has I mean come an awful victory like. They just had the door problem there is maybe they get complacent and think they're gonna cruise again which they might very well do tonight. Depth tonight is game four. I don't know either Dan Tonys and marching to a beat of a different drummer here. Obviously the pressure is on used to right now they have the look of a team that was built for the regular season. And it's not playoff tough. And that they don't win tonight. It is series over so bomb Mike I'm sorry but not to pressure is not on the war ones of course. And two I question number two issue US seeing Clinton go all out in the SEC and ACC baseball tournaments or should they carefully set up their pitching for the regionals. I think he could split just a little bit I just. I think USC did. They're not gonna go up by winning that's on the no look better but I. But Clemson needs to win the CC he's talked about earlier projections as they're not gonna get a national seed and they probably want that. I know in basketball it seems like they don't care about their respective tournaments the baseball seems a little more important. In this area and I think Clemson has a lot of pride I think I think they're gonna try it. The coaches are gonna try to win here's how we note the coaches are not gonna try to win is if they've put out pitchers who have pitched all year Roy pitched a couple games. This could be a good time to get your pitcher young guys some playing time. But I don't know place and it's a mix packed must not really definitive answer that control. Com. Get the point that does Clemson has wrought on the bubble the national seed and won a national seed means and to issue. Don't really follow it that closely your seed one through eight. And you win your regional and you get. A home series for the super regionals. That's why it's important. So Clemson is nine and as we're. Nine and not made they lost that spot taxi in Yemen that projection which is all it is so it doesn't matter. Then there's a big difference there so I think carefully. Careful you play to win. But don't burn your pitching half. Do not burn your pitching out because the ACC and SEC tournaments are not. The deal and all and it's important I think both of these schools to make some noise in the region that both safely and a South Carolina projected as a two seed Clemson has a one seed if not a national seed. So don't be careful with their pitchers I think what you're gonna usual starters and he ought to do that some. If you get a deep South Carolina loses tonight the normal matter. That they won't go deep in the can say they're pitching with right now they are bad for them because they're really have nothing to gain they're not gonna post. They're gonna travel. Episode this is just don't even play the game they played the game no don't. I don't plan. Don't burn any pitching but they're starting Carmen labs in ski tonight can you spell his name. I cannot thank you. I mean and that's what they have to do. The Gaza to the Internet is not based on that. There are going into it not trying to win the games is bad at all choice yet these are choosing Wednesday star. And they have to do that because it's Tuesday. And they're playing on Tuesday because there. Not to foresee. It's a do you have what we need to Herm Edwards clip you played when he and you play to win the game sort of and think that wears this sort of because I you continue to win if you're South Carolina or Clemson and you continue to winning go deep in your headed toward the weekend. You wanna be careful about using your best pitchers with a very well this is obviously very unique. Baseball wise but. If your competitor if you're an athlete you're out there to try to win the game winning championship regardless of what I've championship it is and I'm sorry you got to go out there and try to win when you start getting caught up with the mindset of O got to worry about the yesterday to worry about that we can't have that picture go over well I gotta save this. That's when you get yourself into trouble and you get yourself out of any type of rhythm or flow as a team. Just keep going out there and try to win the game that's it that's the bottom line as throw it a pitcher out there. Every autumn. No matter when it is no matter what's. The situation going forward said that you're saying that type of game plan that you've done all season long but it ended. Inning go. I know that it doesn't seem that they did that in baseball and they'll be more careful as you get toward the weekend and use these guys during the week. Yet it that if you're I understand if you're limiting them to a certain pitch count or whatever. But don't get so caught up that you can't use a guy. At all discuss oh we got to save him who you know it tends to happen when that happens you don't even get there to use that guys somewhere else down the road they're gonna get there. And yet it. They might be so cold might not have a good start to it that's just the way you don't tank I got it yes not the NBA. I I I just don't buy into the fact that. You played differently. In you don't wanna win a conference title talk to me on Tuesday. Let's do what they do this with him whether it's CO carefully or if they get that far. Into the weekend just so why why would they do is go in they'd know what nevermind wordless is don't imply. But the because tiger would you you don't want to. Become. Complacent. And thank you don't he's one be careful they'll be careful on site Boca they'll be careful please be careful. As they go for pitch carefully. I'm very very on the and so we're in the questions Korea I don't know what you've got over there but we need you. He's got an important phone yeah. Island voltage test came back there at our points of the now that you know you try not to be I mean to callers or anything and we appreciate every call we get it but. Don't call him and asked me a question to ask or near cult winning goal in the air as yourself I mean that's that's what the Colin mine's a four and that's what. My job is to make sure you get on the air and you know I. Just putting that out all right and in May be. I sound a little angry because I don't like the wording of the next question I thought I'd be nonchalant about it. Afghan Iraq because I thought had the opposite of of what the person who wrote the question. You know. Thought I would be but I'm not I'm not gonna do that you know I'm not gonna do that from. Here is the question again now my question. What would you watch more of tomorrow night. The Cleveland Cavaliers that the Boston Celtics game number five in the NBA playoffs. Or Washington at Tampa Bay game number seven in the NHL. Really. Had a baby really. And ahead. You gotta watch that NHL game as the game seven. Do or die situation. I mean how exciting is that sit crown. A game the other night. Washington Tampa Bay game seven. Winner goes to play the sharks. No the golden golden knights the sharks are gone the golden Odyssey is important. I even know his playing and if you play the Las Vegas golden knights if you win this is for everything and don't get bigger in hockey in this game seven. Tomorrow and I don't watch the hockey. Are you buying that. I'm not. He might and I watched the basketball is aviat desire answer yes that does not make. Does that now also Montana film I mean you used returns I your answer isn't whale watch. Now we're watch more than basketball come home and now. I love the fact of the game seven do or die. But I'm on the basketball guy I will flip over to watch some of the game. But I'm not gonna watch all of it. Again I do love the fact that. One game. In somebody's going home. In Indy. But you can't give your net now it's if this was game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. Okay. You're data gets the gets my attention. But still not to the same degree is don't you wanna know if we're gonna have a Stanley Cup finals that features. Those cold weather cities Las Vegas and Tampa. Don't you wanna know that. What you death of hockey of Las Vegas place Tampa. For the Stanley Cup. No it will not that would be a great story to listen I've been told by our hockey expert Patrick Brown in her from some other people that there's nothing more exciting than in game seven. In hockey. Whether it's you know for the final or to get to the final it's. One the most exciting events in all of sports absolutely so I cannot blame you if you would rather watch that. Then watch Cleveland or Boston because it's just. Game number five trust series let's not only does not when society being even though earlier we talked about it how important it is for the cavs. But there's history on the line in the hockey game. A chance. For for Washington to go to the finals for the first time ever if I recall from. Our expert Patrick brown and I kind of paid attention to when he was in here so I've got pretty sure that's what he said. So we already know part of history is there to golden knights of their waiting. Wouldn't you like to see you know two teams have never won the cup playing for the whole thing. So I'm not gonna watch it but if you watch it. I understand. Tell all man. The cavs haven't been in the Stanley Cup for twenty years I gotta tell you I'm not even gonna turn over watch a little bit I don't believe. Richman when he said he all of the flip I don't oh I don't doubt he's going to do now is going to you know there's no it away and they don't watch the state but analysts don't see me in the Indian. You got it when I you're silly like what I normally do is. I record the game and watched the first half hour of the game itself the social media magnate skipped past all the commercials and the majority of half time. So then I'm watching nothing but game. So that that's how I usually do these games only to your phone number text you. I don't mr. I won't do is what I say something from you guys ought to blow it up now has torn at all and I can do you look down and see your names and you'll be looking down saying. Has losing. Guns over the score. Each even goes so far as I did this last night I had my son go ahead and it was we watch something else I had him set up the game and get ready at the beginning. So I couldn't accidentally see what scoreless. You trust yourself to take it like that. Yeah because I know Dead Sea there's a season finale for something Nelson I was watching last night so one to watch that first. And I can stay off my phone I'm addicted to my phone like a lot of other people war I don't have to get on every few seconds to see you you know what's trending or something I'm. It to the question is what was the season finale that he was watching it was superhero. If I don't care about accountability and tonight I won't watch the beginning of that game because flash to season finale is tonight it. I braced under them on the command. Well doesn't unseated T shirt yet flash on Jacqueline K yeah so it's a it's a big day much to my daughters actually in flash. It's going to go though. Hugh watches when you watch that we were gonna capture tomorrow is a big men like not to answer I haven't worn the entire time how to start learning now. It believing LeBron that's it it doesn't. I don't believe in superstition that's when I don't believe that. But he wears the black shirt on the season finale that's just dried leaf FF I suspect that a coincidence it is just I don't win the journal of Baghdad. His grabbed it by accident. Does save 444773776. Text line at 71307. Public break and come back with more in a moment you're listening to model for Tuesday afternoon. On ESP in upstate stimulus. It is not a list ESPN upstate Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. 444773776. Q and join the conversation today text line 71307. You security is paean. And Twitter at ESPN upstate 8 o'clock your time tonight 9 o'clock tip for Houston Golden State. Game before the Western Conference finals with Golden State up. Two games to one ESPN is out with their off third annual list of the most famous. Athletes. In the world a scroll down so agency's top. He's he's number one athlete a world frame wise. Who's the most famous athlete. In the world right now probably a stink in soccer player. Richmond most famous half Rinaldo or someone like in the world or do you admit it or David Beckham personal money. And it Beckham's he's he's out of the limelight. Done. Top fives got to be LeBron that there. Yeah number one men. I'm drawn. Full name not on now I'm thinking about this I've got my analytics that I go through. You can't rush you know the voice really is easier on those those glasses calls alarms to go off yeah you can you know. In the world and this is just based on famous is not based on animals and answer and don't now I don't know how they determine that but it's the world. Fame of 101. Through 100 who's won. And yet it's it is this it's got to be a soccer player that. It is and it as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo. From Portugal. As forty million dollars in endorsements. As 121. Point seven million social media followers. 121. Point seven million on socially do you follow more and whatnot and mr. So's not culturally LeBron is number two. And LeBron. Has more in endorsement money 55 million to forty million but LeBron only has forty point eight million social media follow. About a third of what an old fallen more so I'm sure you do. You know I'll have moved them from I don't know if you zoom Lenovo fall LeBron probably not because is too much. Ian step preminger cursing contest right now snapple when that anything that steps you better be I don't know if you're in trouble. The mob courage they're both the piranha man because people are saying he slowed. Today. And he's cursing about. Instead of gun man because he lost his being cute and these curse and about. So LeBron is 23. And four are soccer players. So 13 and four in the world claim 100 soccer players in a messy history name bar. Is spore makes perfect sense I mean soccer is from a worldwide perspective. Most popular sport what do we care about the rest of the world who's the most famous in the United States I'm surprised at this number five Roger Federer. He still play Roger Federer is more famous than Tiger Woods they're telling me with this list. About it. Tiger six. Based on netted the world yes. And tiger he had new dropped off for awhile now but in this case they play golf everywhere so. Get a tiger hasn't been. Federer still been when tiger was down Federer was winning titles. You know other than the Williams sisters who's so I mean who. Follows tenants at least there's some. Golfers that people heard of before so tiger's been down you're saying he's not a blue blood anymore I mean I think that's when you're saying here. I think we know the answer to that. I donut tigers. Pretty dang famous. Yet given ran out there are seven. Haven't talked in I would would have put it step Currie ahead of Kevin Durant that was 92. Behind Iran. Nadal Rafael Nadal is up between them and numbering. And I you know this one surprises me to a number ten in the top ten. Phil Mickelson. Yes. I'm surprised Serena is not the top ten I would agree I was gonna say that how can Serena being a top ten. Number eleven somebody I've never heard of you guys tell me what a rock toll does. Only reason but to have your show you are looking at it. Well if he's not a soccer player he is not. Hockey. Cricket folic after a cricket player from India. Iraq coldly at number eleven Serena at twelve. Djokovic in the tennis player at thirteen Floyd Mayweather at fourteen. And Rory McIlroy of fifteen m.'s front run at him I wouldn't putt or Lorena. But they do. A lot of golfers there toward the speech at sixteen. Sun Yang Chinese swimmer at seventeen Connor McGregor is eighteen. And soccer player Gareth bale is nineteen and looking at down. Manilow an unfamiliar got slots and and a soccer players and I don't even know. There James Harden is 24. Harry Irving is 27. A tie for him. 31. John White the snowboarders at 32. Westbrook Russell Westbrook at 341 NBA guys Derrick Rose at 36. And Tom Brady is at 38 Derrick Rose ahead of Tom Brady and it makes no cents. Damn I guess MBAs Mormon international sport that well and you also have to look at it this just shows you. That it's gains or the sports. Where. You see their face all the time Tom Brady at 38 there has to be an aspect of it because. They have helmets on. What is what is a ranking criteria. I mean Howard the and the business someone's opinion or are they looking endorsements. And things they list on here are search score so basically your search on the Internet and scored Leah. Out of they show up how much they show up endorsements. And social media following those three things. That the world sometimes. They waited some way based on those three criteria. Tim in 54. Not quite toughest so indicates that cricket player when people hear his name and they're looking up see who the heck is this guy that's right now accounts is a search core book and Yeltsin. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers at 59. Aaron Rodgers behind Camden. Okay were that. Did here is that to me I don't know if if you did see if not I'm not there today with a who has more endorsements KM. And eleven million to seven and a half million. And cam lost some endorsements if you remember he probably would be higher on the list who lost to Bonnie and couple other ones over right female thing. Rogers a slightly bigger social media following four point four million to four point one that's pretty close majority of which when green Bay Area. As a bit dead many people don't live within a hundred miles regardless if the tip the dislike him further down the list Justin Rose nobody knows Justin Rose to me he 69 on the list the gulf for JJ watt 72. Sergio is 73. And Russell Wilson and 81. Is that a ping pong player there. Where we're like India Bob long's new table tennis from China able to edit. Russell Wilson's slightly ahead of a Chinese tea and as motivation regular current table tennis not being called up English table tennis table tennis yes. Yes Isiah Thomas and 92. Moment but and is there a difference between table some people an all time to be. The politically correct and athletic chain re paying it and then I run this county. And given its credit that's what table tennis is so they five ma. Mile long tables and sport. Interesting interesting list there but soccer at the top. And middle on India. Lot of NBA here. And a lot of golf yet a Jewish energy NBA is definitely becoming an international work as well in the NBA that are really good job of promoting it internationally. I'm Greg Tom back aboard a moment 8444773776. Don't join the conversation today and the hoddle Tuesday edition on ESP in upstate will be right back. South Carolina opens play in the SEC tournament tonight who were Alabama against Missouri that's in 845. Start thus the scheduled start but their games reports or could get pushed back a little bit. Clemson Tigers will begin play in the ACC tournament tomorrow they play Notre Dame. 230 year time tomorrow 3 o'clock first pitch here on the espionage states will be on four. An hour and a half tomorrow one until 230 here. In the huddle I'll braves did not win last night was the matter to those gaps. Daughter out. The guys are beginning and this the beginning of the streak that museum and as you mentioned author its collapse. The bridge collapse and yes a three to nothing loss to the Phillies Phillies pretty good team 27 and eighteen. And Dow braves only have five hits last night only gave up eight hits though to the on. Phillies so off. Open habits the pitcher for the Braves and pitch poorly but he still got the loss he only gave up one earned run in six innings. Asked tough way to lose in the if it all like that that's rough yeah. Anyway the Braves. Playing a Phillies pretty good team right now we'll see if they can nine. Turning back around and back on the winning track three nothing lost. Last night saw a report earlier about the Shawn Watson with the Texans and he's working now and in. Ones are you read it to Meeks on him in front of me but all reports are good on the shown looks good in his knee feels comfortable. Comfortable as the word deaths for Watson but not so much for originating clowning with the Texans the former game cup. His knee rehab is keeping him out of the start of routier case according to the Houston Chronicle. Lowney underwent arthroscopic surgery after the season that forced him to withdraw from the Pro Bowl. He sought a second medical medical opinion from doctor James Andrews. This offseason. County's medical outlook is positive. JJ watts. Defensive end and Dante Foreman. Running back. Is out there injured not practicing today. Today being clowning has had a couple of good years fifteen and a half sacks and three forced fumbles the past two seasons he's made Pro Bowl honors. And back to back seasons. And course. Coming up on new contract time the clowning. Agents and the Texans have expressed a mutual desire to sign a long term deal. This year. On the fifth year option is scheduled to make twelve point 31 million dollars in base salary so he's doing all right. They don't pay clowning. On the big long term deal means and Pro Bowl years. Injury prone that's the problem yeah I'm not certain that there are gonna. You will and a put of the type of money that he might think he he's. Valued adapt and this because of the knee injuries well if they don't want somebody else. Yeah some money OIAM I don't know if this can be what he wants. And he's got pro bowls playing but. Isn't min. Dominant. You pay him like an elite. Linebacker. Pass rusher I don't think you do with the injury history. Yeah I mean. Can attend a group that be careful about it we'll see what gets. Their pay and everybody right now everybody is paying coming relatively speaking but. I don't know if he's gonna get what he's asking for here Woolsey. Right now he's not working out rehabbing still rehabbing the knee as OT guys have started. Why don't you figure out how much he would make for the sixteen games plus and then. Whittle it down to the seven games will actually planning and an offer on the money styles here again and play and don't make the Pro Bowl player in seven games though it was great last year. Is good especially would tell you what would JG I'm going down he suddenly became the focus of the. Yes so and a couple years. He's OK he's doing all right. Tom Brady remains away from OTAs for New England we talked about that Brian Hoyer is taking his repetitions right now. He's you know all the reps and he says it's. Business as usual he was asking if Brady's absence was a distraction he said I don't think so. Relic Tom Brady's not fairness those strikes. But if not for a lawyer but if you have any idea how many times is he getting asked that question now yeah. That's that the show he's getting yeah that's the distraction or green and asked more questions about her lawyer's worst half. Fasten them or question he's got careless. How to explain how he feels that he's developing right now in the system. It's all about where stopped you know. Bryant got to follow up question when you think Tom will be back and he talked to Tom he's giving you pointers in his come up with a sign that says no Tom questions. I don't know about Tom little anybody ask him questions if there are no Tom question you know who else is on the field. During OTAs for the patriots quarterback. Danny aunt bowling LSU. Or seventh round draft choice. They were the only two quarterbacks. A Cynthia. They had nick just scenario playing the role of quarterback and some drills it is that is. Do not is their director of player personnel half half half. At salad looks at New England right now that if somebody else there is done and the vast. Like quarterback and some of their egos could they do not do any thing. The difference if this is they're saying is that at the fear their OT days and it just scenario while. Also rock Rob Gronkowski is away from voluntary work. And Belichick is says he's not gonna talk about the Belichick said he won't talk about Brady he says I'm not talking about people that aren't here. Will talk about Brady won't talk about wrong. Talk about the guys that are here. Legend has dome it will and he also I think continued talk that's stating that. Talk about the guys that are here and continuing developer. Some comment about that they were in trying to improve their game in almost seem like it was a dig against. The guys that are not there that since they're not there they're not. Putting their best effort to try to improve their game yeah. So he's that's another sign a moon this the CN Randy Travis oh there's there is we'll strength. Let's show you leave the singers yeah any any different because of who is as to how I mean you know if you actually. Say that your going to treat every player of the same in all I kind of stuff then then he's saying the right thing right. Now. Maybe they go to the patriots you have to be we'll take questions about number either. Tom Brady Tom Brady at quarterback. Quarterback lead you have to be prepared for. I mean he doesn't have to like get to adding say what he won't use during can be the jerk that he is about and say he's not exactly Chad he said it was not unusual Memphis on usual. Most prized by. But don't love it I mean you know it's okay ask question about Tom Brady he is somewhat significant for the patriots. Last break we'll come back and ramped up here in the huddle next on ESPN upstate there was this. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate. Final segment here about five minutes ago and of the Q were coming up in just about four minutes to give you a chance to win 1000 dollars. We have the NBA's all rookie team we don't rookie of the year yet that vote not done yet. But the all rookie team out today. Ben Simmons Philadelphia and Donovan Mitchell of Utah are unanimous selections. They received 101. Place votes. From sportswriters. And broadcasters. Both those teams went to the second round of the playoffs. Jason Tatum was selected to the first team he fell one short vote of unanimous. Who would not vote Jason Tatum to the all rookie to. Was you Richmond. I think Jason Tatum 91 of the biggest surprises. Of the NBA season mailing. On the helping people would have thought he would have had the year that he did. Third overall when these special Buick and in relation to. Mark helpful it's being number one panic damn. Items better yeah stadium is no pleasure. You abreast even said somebody made a mistake Monday. Didn't vote for him some some person on the panel did not vote for. Jason Tatum among the top yeah I don't know how does voting works is it dead they didn't vote for him or they didn't vote for him as top five. The going to be voted. I guess I donate value of five votes all rookie team first. The vote for five people right. I don't know what they did. But he was not unanimous and Simmons and Mitchell war Simmons Mitchell land Tatum on the three finalists for rookie of the year. The other guys on the first team. Besides those three. Kyle crews love the lakers. And Chicago's Lori Marc cannon I pronouncing. Markkanen. First team second team all rookies Dennis Smith. Dallas lot is a ball on the lakers most wondering if you gonna make it on one team's damn I mean look he had. All things considered in due to battery while your injured for pardon season throwing. Atlanta four John Collins you by pay attention to John Collins of the hawks this you know it got all through so bad for John Collins is good yeah good ballplayer and a bonding but that Bogdanovich. I'll go off Sacramento and Josh Jackson the forward for the Phoenix on its word second team players. And we'll get the rookie of the year award coming up and I guess it'll be Simmons right still clearly Simmons not Mitch. Rookie of the I think the NBA's golden era. And though for Mitchell. Yes. Richmond and agree to it depends on how much. That they wait on me playoffs. There out. But spear regular season organ. But you know I can be it's also supposed to be the award for rookies. Which consumes not. Who. Learn. They just say that point. I'm trying to figure out how he made it on the all rookie team when he's not a rookie. Tyrell quickly for get out of here gaullist regulatory tool in the night. Yes they overcome the pressure they do they that is on this basis somehow. Are able to. Withstand the pressure that's upon them to beat the rockets at home.