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While command huddle is on the airport Tuesday afternoon on ESPN. Upstate. With Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso were review all the oil for today tomorrow by the way it's going to use that we will and he. Shortened edition of the huddle unless it rains in Durham north Carroll. All of baseball and he just never know never neverland. But Thompson's in the ACC tournament to a tomorrow. And they begin play at 3 o'clock against Notre Dame. So to thirty airtime tomorrow for Clemson baseball so we'll have the one to 230 edition of the huddle. Here tomorrow. But all the way with you today we'll have all the clinching games by the way on the deal. In the ACC tournament that includes the Thursday night game with Miami that one is definite that's 6:30 year time 7 o'clock start. After that back up in the year we go because has what happens in the pool and jumped in the polls tomorrow our third favorite. Concept are the favorite format if and this yeah. Pool play whatever it is now how well they swim will determine what they do on the weekend the good play Saturday in the could blaze Sunday in the championship game. I will see more on that coming up we'll get into what's happening with the pitching for Clinton and South Carolina bodily South Carolina plays tonight in the SEC tournament against Missouri. In Hoover Alabama will preview that for you. Coming up on the show today. Course lots of NBA to talk about we have our three questions segment that today. At 3043 questions at three. With several topics to get into a game got basketball. Got the news yesterday that Chris still blow will be back so that's good for frank Martin's team. And we will get and that's a little bit today. Few other things too would touch on including Jamar ball taking his Michigan Wolverines on another trip. We have the out. Projected field of 64 for the College Baseball postseason from the one baseball out. And down. More years so. Just stay with us for the next three hours and we'll dive and all of it if you wanna join the conversation phone lines open is always an 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Please begin your text message with ESPN. And we're on Twitter at ESP in upstate so Cleveland wins again. Last night cavaliers over the Boston Celtics won eleven to one ode to. To tie the series. In the east. At two games apiece LeBron James went off again 44 points. This time they only have five rebounds. As a matter when airliner suppress an agreement start pulling his weight. Nothing so I did have fifteen pounds or he didn't have that he had a three assist so. And we just it was a scoring last night as only did that's all LeBron did last missed rowand in the bucket and he had thought that was to be one of the greatest players ever and you can only get this this no no rebounding no assists but stuff anyway we got ourselves a series now at two games apiece. Watched a lot of I'm sure you guys watched more of that than I did last night were you impressed the Boston blow it last night should they have taken this thing down to the wire. And they had bunch of missed lay ups and some other issues last night how did the Celtics look to you last month. Listen when you botched dunks and things like that it they look like they look. Either uninterested or frayed and I don't know why they would be afraid after what they were able to do at home. When they say that they can't play on the road they can't play on the road. I mean that was horrible and it wasn't just that Cleveland didn't play much better defense they did. And win when Boston shot started to not go they lost confidence and they were. Better able to be defense against. I'd. Cleveland was on fire I don't think there was anyway that Boston was going to win this game made a big come back a little bit but not enough to do any thing. It was almost leaving game after the first quarter but the problem is. 3418. Camps in the first quarter so that took charge of the game and never look back and again we always talk about how LeBron needs help and he really get them much help last night hitting. Kyle Korver wasn't defensive machine last night everybody shots for count two is amazing. Well at fourteen points you should watch the highlights of that though those people don't expect Korver to be able to doing things in his 37 years old. He's all over the course he was tied says he was everywhere. You can't stop Kyle Korver can't constantly go try to contain it and can try to contain the Elliott Ford saying they had a couple guys with thirteen Thompson and hill last night but it was. It was the LeBron James show is he. Having his best pro season ever. Not yet. He could could be that and maybe personally he is the I. Think in that case he would say no because the team has struggled. I think. When you think. This is my best is when you sweep everybody would say haven't been able to do they've struggled quite a bit especially with Indiana so now I don't think so but first we have problems stolen. Him alone LeBron out loans. You have to look at what he's doing right now and it's it's impressive. In context this is his fifteenth year in the NBA that's hardly an. So you have to look at it from that side of what he's been able to do in putting up numbers last night 44 point and it's it's not like. He's taken any time off from his 44 points were spread out in each quarter. He's 1111 like thirteen and nine so it's it's a well balanced scoring. Situation for him so he's. He's understanding where he needs to fit in each and every night now. Obviously due beginning of the series they came out very slow and at first game meant to set the tone and I think it also. Was just the opposite the two games in Cleveland they've come out very strong set the tone their physical. And they're ready to go in idle Boston actually for the first few minutes of the game. Was actually going to make it a much better game than it was. But halfway through that first quarter it just seemed all the sudden they start missing their shots like on that was talking about in Cleveland got hot. And that doomed the Celtics from there they are days when they're really able to recover after that. LeBron was not relying on three point shots either and that's that's good he only took four problem. Last night and you know three point shooting LeBron is man LeBron on. We kind of thuggery we did and then after we did all that talk and and come out went three for three instantly started no I don't like shooting two minute exactly that's the thing in this way Cleveland is if they get into a point where. There pressing and trying to she too many threes did get back into the game that's when they've really star fallen behind and they struggle if they're not hitting. And that's where you have to be concerned that. Do the cans have enough offense to be able to now on the road. In Boston cans and a steal. A game. Yeah Boston seemed the thing is went win when the Bronson down the rest the bench. Kept scoring that's the thing they need when they go back to Boston when LeBron has to rescue got to rely on the bench in knows they're going to. Score some points and not lose leads and just Korver alone means that CU looking at the stat but everybody was scoring so. I mean when everybody's scoring only enhance it a few free throws but nobody was scoring field goals. NATO said one angry at one otherwise it was core what was it the score was 116. Didn't is that how many dead Cleveland school word when eleven oil lemon laws on think LeBron didn't score like 95 points that means other people had to score and dissect. Yeah other starters like Thompson and hill. And love is still coming. Love is. And and now a deadline hi Kevin Love is a rebounding machine and an amazing passer. He should be. The nuclear and quarterback a threat to our guests and a little brown and some of the things that you can nestled between him LeBron including that I'm pass out of bounds all laid down coral court that was that was great it was right on point to. And I blah this tomorrow night. Pretty key right. Tomorrow night goes damage are you kidding me who is is the winner of that game and Wendell. Tomorrow night the series that. If Cleveland wins tomorrow night they're gonna win at all if not I think because it's and because. Boston shown they can't win on the road someone's gonna have to win a game on the road well actually Boston doesn't do it yet so Cleveland needs to win tomorrow night in order to win the series. I think so too and that's what Stephen A Smith says by the white Stephen day says that. Game seven in Boston. He doesn't think the cavaliers can win here is thought I would tell you. This and I'll say this a first thing tomorrow let me taste of the right now if if it does go seven games I don't think the cavs won a game seven. In Boston I don't think this supporting cast in Cleveland this year would show off for game seven. When it does supporting cast you guys are just tell me about that so good. The showing up this get that done. What's he now he doesn't know one thing now. I kind of agree with him though I don't think you wanted to go to seven if you the cavaliers are thinking you gonna get that win in Boston you need to do it. Tomorrow let's lesson tomorrow eyes mig if you win tomorrow night then it's over because you go back home in contention off yep I agree that the Wyndham on on on the road to finish it off. In Cleveland so it's too soon now we have ourselves a serious amount on the other side we will have Bob game four of Houston Golden State for your earliest be in upstate. 8 o'clock airtime. Tonight. With Golden State up two games to one. Series. There when the nights years old Tuesday Wednesday night it's certainly over of course I think it is over I pretty much over and he missed him winning Golden State. No they can't oracle it's a matter of heart. I mean do you have any hard after getting beat down by what forty points the other night and does so one bears seem. Do these guys come out with fire with anger and show that that's not down running the team was built. To take down Golden State and get destroyed like that I mean. Be a man come out and play hard. National. Well I I do think dead clues mean Andre Iguodala that will be a bloated Golden State. They obviously have enough fire power to withstand that but he is an integral part on the defense aside and also side of Golden State. But it all comes back down to step Currie is stepped Currie gets going. The rest of the team for whatever reason they displaced so much better. In relation to if it's Kevin Durant that's going offers a staff Currie it's all reliant on staff Currie and the crowd gets into it. And yes since Kevin Durant has been with Golden State in the playoffs they're sixteen you know. So beating them in oracle that's going to be very very difficult not just don't see Houston being able to do that I do think there are gonna come out and play better. But. Gold stations got too much and then this series is over when you go up 31 they'll be able to get another game in Houston you did not obviously listened to my dad Tony the coach of. The Houston Rockets who said that all the pressure is on golden state courts now if the would've thought it all the pressure all the already all right yeah not lower it is coming up an island but. I like it I like the confidence. So he feels like they can now stealing game and a better when they better when it now they better win it tonight. Or it's. Going to be just about over again we'll have before 8 o'clock tonight 9 o'clock is the tip for Houston and Golden State with the warriors up two games to one. In that series so a lot of basketball left but we're starting to get toward that finals that we've been waiting for as we work our way through the long it NBA playoffs. 8444773776. Text line 71307. If you wanna Denham of us here in the huddle. Gonna get a what's happening in the College Baseball tournaments the SEC tournament the ACC tournament. Gamecocks and tigers that's coming up stay with us this is the huddle you're listing to ESP in upstate. So we have a new home on your Smartphone. To listen. When your phone to ESP in upstate and huddle. Radio dot com. That's where you'll find this so download the radio dot com app. Then you just search for a ESP in upstate and kind of favorite dust right they're so that it well a mind set up in just his right to us soon as I open. Does pretty easy radio duck comes really good apps so loved one take us with you that's where we are now radio dot com download the happened. You even when you're outside our coverage area. Can now pick up ESP in upstate and I'm starting to wonder what is outside our coverage here yeah to get that email I did not. I don't have the same guy the American food editor. And who's losing and. It was. A distance radio reception report we at one of these back when Josh was co hosting what you remember he was freaked out by. And where was that from your. There was it was a way I don't remember this one is Sweden. This seems to be one the other one from Sweden might have been I don't know Sweden. Listen to us between 4 o'clock to 4:30 in the morning. On thirteen 30 AM you know I was saying alone in Canada Sweden and you know Richmond he said. No there was a little bit of interference from WR CA im Watertown Massachusetts. There are those guys men hate that those Watertown guys you can't trust and once again why he's yankees until a Boston fan. And so I guess there'll thirteen 30 AM as well but does this guy has a Italian made. Radio. Called and he led FDMS to just a casual. It is it's a very amazing what the AM signaled to us tonight and how far can go com daily can go all the way to Sweden yeah I was sleeping tonight and I don't leave. Over our sister station we've had some people win and we used to have those frequencies there we had some from Mike South Africa yeah some. They can travel across the pond yes and so we have another one who picked us up and Sweden. He wrote down what the station identification said he has been in a statement on 7713 30 AM and regal. Ice and wanna not have the same as barber he heard it and I think you provided an audio file them. Dug into that anyway until he reached out yet he's just there are people who the Columbia Pictures. Today they sit by the radios and see what stations they can pick up nighttime my timing and signals go law along. The color the skipped Richmond and it skips across the ocean. And I think Richmond's a little overwhelmed right now is oh god I just did the knowing that as you know somewhere in Sweden someone's listening to speak right now. I don't know about that. Yeah maybe not right now it is to be Mori on nighttime here so in the middle of the night you get those I'm just try and his picture of what these guys look like. Can expect at a bettors let's hear searchers and this is not a dating service added I just. That blows my mind that these guys would just sit there and try to pick up what do you think they're like vikings have radios. I had a fifth. It will ask for as a tender handle next time it's really odd is a wonderful life it looks like in terms. They have a line in. Maybe. Isn't the engineer types so you're you're basically commoners. Will be united in our eyes nerd alert Carolina anyway we appreciate it thanks for listening. We we do appreciate that. How we have a new projected field of 64 for the job College Baseball tournament from. And I would tell you what they say because now we're. Headed into post season conference tournaments and then of course the regionals so we're gonna get these regional announcement coming up. Very shortly. And here's where the big one baseball folks have the gamecocks going and the game got you going to rally North Carolina not to Clemson interestingly enough. Am going to the NC state regional NC state would be the one seed they project South Carolina as the two seed in Raleigh. Illinois yes the thievery and Campbell. As the four. Jane Cox would take that. Not a very long trip. And down I mean there's competition there certainly NC State's good team what they did Clinton. But. I think South Carolina would take. Raleigh they have Clemson hosting a regional but they do not have the tigers as a national seed which is seeds one through late and the ms. nine. And I did see that apparently they did have Clemson at emanate at eight meaning they got bombed by Texas Tech and moved Texas Tech up. To the eight seed. At Clemson just outside the top eight as the nine seed but hosting a regional nonetheless. And the teams they have coming into Clemson are all Auburn is the two. Sam Houston State as the theory and Grand Canyon. As the four did you know about Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon coming to town according to you on baseball so it. It if they do well in the ACC tournament does that factor into that or do or is this pretty much a done deal now and he could factor into them. That's right that can change. Concede to come out after the tournament that the the seeds for all of the real seed not the projections will come out so that could matter. And you know. That's possibly a reason Clinton's right there on the bubble for the national seats. AA could make a difference what happens in Durham. For the tigers. The national seeds they have in the Georgia as the four Arkansas five North Carolina six. Almost seven and Texas Tech at eight in the of Clemson is the overall nine Florida State tanned. Stetson eleven Texas is twelve Minnesota thirteen NC state fourteen. UConn fifteen. And east Carolina. In Greenville, North Carolina. As the sixteen seat is pretty good draw for the gamecocks playing in a regional. Where it's the fourteen overall seed not hire a pink Cadillac that but again who knows if that's what happens. That is the projection now South Carolina begins play tonight. Seems awfully early doesn't. But the game Cox will open play in the SEC tournament and Hoover Alabama. Tonight as the five seats sell. This is a single elimination game after winner their done tonight and they play twelve seed Missouri and the last game of the day so that's. A 8451. Pitch that's estimated because there are the games before that a 45 hour time first pitch course who prison. The central time zone but he 45. Here for the gamecocks. And South Carolina is going with Carmen and woods in ski as their starting pitcher freshman righthander. I don't know how much confidence this builds but it really have much choice because you know they it's Tuesday and they pitched their guys last weekend's summit of early in the weekend and move those guys up right. But downloads and he has two and five on the year with a four point 93 earned run average them they need a performance out of him if they're gonna keep playing. In the tournament now on the other hand Missouri's facing the same thing they are going with sophomore left hander TJ six imam who is three and five. The 3.4 one earned run average. I'm at South Carolina is red hot the good news for the gamecocks is they don't have to win. The end of the postings. Because they've won all those SEC series over the past few weeks they put themselves in what five straight SEC series to wrap up the season so. The pressure's really off. It is yet since and now they can. Well I don't with a wanna go. Too deep into the conversation go to Israel were to easily miss yes we'll talk about it about and it's really questions what they should do what they might do going forward but. It was South Carolina tonight against Missouri. Now Clemson will play tomorrow tomorrow afternoon is their first game against Notre Dame in the ACC tournament in Durham, North Carolina Clemson as the two seed in the ACC tournament. Notre Dame 24 and 28 Clemson 43. And thirteen and interestingly enough starting pitchers this is from Clinton's release on this. They came out just couple hours ago. TBA. TBA for Notre Dame as ERS we don't know how TBA is going to pitch. I think money Li's holding things close to the vest and going to see how his pitchers feel and and decide. Who to trot out there's about the same for Clinton they can't burned. Great pitchers this week and given that they are safely in the NCAA tournament and you know I played last week and sell. They have to be careful with pitching. A so it's TBA pitching for both Clemson and Notre Dame in the same thing for tomorrow. And Clemson won our rather Thursday Clemson will definitely play tomorrow and they'll definitely play Thursday and then we'll see where they go. Beyond that it's a 3 o'clock game tomorrow at 7 o'clock first pitch on Thursday. On. The air here at ESP in upstate level all the clinching games for you on ESP in upstate in the ACC tournament and in the post season. So Notre Dame. Fighting Irish were swept at Louisville last week there Manning to 74. They have a five point 55 earned run average which was not exactly good their leading hitter is nick Podscope at 321 with eight homers. And forty runs batted in. So let's see if the tigers stay hot and of the game Cox stay hot as we get into tournament play starting up tonight for South Carolina. And tomorrow for the Clemson Tigers that your projection from the field of 64 from B one baseball we'll see how close they are when we. Get through the tournament to get the actual projections are the actual seedings. For the yeah post season. Coming up a 444773776. Text line 71307. Break time back for more coming up. And the news on Chris Silva for South Carolina will pass that along stay with us and huddle. On ESP in upstate. So again got basketball team got some good news yesterday Chris Silva announcing that he will withdraw from the NBA draft. He'll be back for his senior season at South Carolina. He was an all SEC first team selection last year led the gamecocks in points and rebounds per game as a junior. Said he was thankful to go through the draft process. Sort of and now want to thank all the teams he gave him an opportunity to work out for their organization. But he will be back Frank Martin the coach Sig going through the evaluation process was unbelievable for Chris. And for us he said he comes back to a place he loves. With some knowledge on some of the things that we have to help him improve on in his efforts to one day fulfill his lifelong dream. But playing in the ambient has put a positive spin on him but obviously Chris didn't get the news that he would preferred to have that say we want you we want. You now yes from the India obviously nine but again I have been saying all along as a great opportunity to get that feedback. And it only helps South Carolina basketball. Because. Now he's got some areas that he can improve on in so what does that do that helps the team because he's gonna get better if he has some better understanding of what he needs to focus on yeah he needed to hear it from the guys who were going to be making decisions at the next level and he did so well that's good for him and yeah you're right it'll help law and become a more complete player. I like the way they do this now that you can go test the waters and still come back at itself it's only been more a couple years that allowed just try to do that. And that's good. There should be that way wa wiser even a doubt. As far as. How you don't have an already set up like this initiative in this week for years and years. Exactly. So now South Carolina looks better for next year with silicone mask kind of the core of what they needed they will await what happens with Brian Boland. Tom he is still ineligible. To play because he doesn't have. And NCAA Roland problem is he's running out of time. At the end of this month of the in the may as the deadline itself. I don't know what's gonna happen with him ME may just be pushed down. Past the deadline and and that's you know DJ bellows did an interview with the on state newspaper said it's absolutely unfair to the kid. Since every bit of information he has is that he is not at fault talking about the payments at Louisville from. Adidas to Boeing's father and payment alleged to be 191500. Dollars. So it wasn't kids. Even if what happened was true according to a James Ellison the information that he has. Rhyme Boeing hasn't played a competitive game since he was a senior in high school in Indiana. It did go to the com bind. And the only score five points and committed six turnovers in nine minutes of five on five action last Thursday. But he did come back with a double double performance on Friday Miller says he looked good on Friday seemed to struggle a little bit on Thursday. But does seem to play much much better the next day. A Boeing has interview with several NBA teams. He is still not considered likely to be selected in the two round draft on June 21 so it seemed like he would like to come back south Carol to put. It is not eligible. Yet and will he be so what does he do this just. It's absolutely insane that the NCAA cannot make a decision. By the end of may mean a decision already had made a decision by now. The jets now Morris is in his eligibility. So he can have all. Information laid out front and to make the best decision. For him. He hasn't on May thirtieth to withdraw from the NBA address apple. They need to maybe they will make another week. Maybe they'll make that ruling but they don't scene are you or anybody I'm not given any credence to the NCAA and being able to make. A rational decision. These they haven't done it in the past and that's the problem. Well Lisa gamecocks have Silva coming back if they had to go into next year without Silva and without Bowen. Optimism would not. DN. Great supply would play it would not that they feel better about what's opulent in my view to do with with silverback as the centerpiece of the offense and and and a of the team right and defense really is good defense does does god saved from the defense aside I mean he's the heart and soul of the team getting them go in and he's all of that some of the games last year where they were struggling offensively. But he would at least give the team back into the game defensively and give them something and I download. Oh SEC defensive player of the year as a matter of fact and made the all SEC defensive team sent. Com. That's good we'll see what they have to put around Chris Silva and will keep our fingers crossed for South Carolina and for Brian Boland that he gets a decision. From the NCAA eligibility. In the next week ourselves so we can it would be good for college basketball if he could come in polite a year. At least in college basketball and what it would do for this area and in the state of South Carolina he's a name. He's obviously highly recruited and for South Carolina have him. At least for a year. Doubted. It would be nice attraction. For Frank Martin just to have that type of recognition of being able to pull in somebody of that caliber. Yeah no doubt I'm it would Bowen and so although there would be a fun team to watch they would. We'll see if they get both they are getting SOA. And led them in points and rebounds in the last season which was of course a disappointing season coming off the final four appearance the the year before. That's latest from South Carolina basketball 844 GS PE SPN text line 71307. Eleven of jazz you know 1000 dollars keyword coming up in about fifteen minutes right before 2 o'clock. Here in the huddle on ESPN upstate stick our final break of the hour will be back. You're listening to bottle with GMAC Richmond Alonso on ESP enough states there was. I'm gonna do a tweet of the day coming up I've thought about doing Iran of the day from this email that we just got. Internally. To the staff fear no I'm not aware of it and a good argument. While email came in at 134 this afternoon. And alike share issue went to my high school. One person speak. But the eight email simply says free taco bar and upstairs conference room. And she said enjoy. Well we go on the air 1 o'clock in world till 4 o'clock there will be no tacos left when we can go in there and get tacos at 4 o'clock. That regard you've missed our lunch our our job goes lunch he wanted to taco bar. It's a late lunch and he I don't think Richmond and they've been there while it's you don't understand the scavengers in this building the I mean things I've got a good idea things lasts for minutes sometimes seconds when it's announced an email. Gotta be able to go image that lesson in your talk India by the time she took the time ten type that email is golf is sprawling on the idea because as 13 hours fifty minutes plus it's gone well you know if there's anything healthy and still be in there myself amendment there's an old allocated not their life if you guys puzzlement lettuce and they are now always someone says. Lettuce and tomatoes I'm good everything else gone maybe a little salsa I don't know but though now. Now like this taco bar notices to come out before 1 PM please. Request that epidemic but I think you need to be less than a taco marker brought in here because we got room right over there in the corner of the guys on the table I hear ya know run beside me here. They got a TV right here we go. Scared of the tweet of the day to make me feel better in the hot colonias in upstate. Two is that comes from South Carolina basketball Coach Frank Martin who is as good on Twitter as any coach probably in the nation right. Yes he has I mean he puts it out their own Twitter and it really was a I read tweet of us and Darius born wells tweet from earlier in the day. Thunderstorm well the former South Carolina game Crocker is now in the Indian. And apparently scenarios had you sign a bunch of I guess they're they look like passes. Tickets passes something. Unaware of the Gaza I think their basketball courts of the trading cards is trading margarine ago OK nine minutes. He had to signed a bunch of trading cards and he took a picture of all of them with his scribbled signature on an instant areas tweeted to wrist. Hurting. As a friend Martin his former college basketball coaches out here alana reach waited at. And said try landscaping or construction contract after a yeah I don't complain about signing autographs you know don't be a number without a week we can stuff like that right. I like that that's pretty I mean I understand and I you know and and as I've gotten older signing a bunch of things and handwriting it just becomes harder and I mean did you notice that yet you guys that day yet yeah I don't like samurai for very long because. Don't do it very often now I am and so then you sit down and write your signature you realize he had done in a while it's like man that does not look right but it hello. You know right off the text line at 71307. About are picking up bombs are stationed in picked up in Sweden a texture says there is Sweden South Carolina. OK but just I don't mind. Where is that lower part of the state near Barnwell leases also there's a Denmark Norway and Finland South Carolina Denmark I didn't know about Denmark is well on Norway and Finland south. Is that really really. And I don't know a Sweden South Carolina either. Denmark's the only one knew about but yes I would appreciate that Dexter but this one. He's given specific. Coordinates of where he is and it's the it's the overseas Sweden where he picked up. Thirteen thirty game I do believe I was glad to see this. Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh quarterback. Is helping. My boy Mason Rudolph now of course yes he's helping him out he has to because of all the media outrage with the they have then OTA today. In Pittsburgh. And the Steelers quarterback said he was pro active in helping the rookie Mason Mason Rudolph giving him advice on an overthrown ball to fullback Roosevelt knicks. And Roethlisberger made it clear he never intended to be mean to Rudolph. The third round pick in April's draft for Pittsburgh. Earlier this month Roethlisberger famously said on his radio show that the Steelers could abuse that pick on a win now player. And then he might have to point Rudolph to the playbook at the ask a question. Well Roethlisberger said I think people took some things I said into a context that I was going to be mean or rude or whatever. Pretty good fake. So what was his advice from the overthrown ball heroics don't do that nice advice apparently was you don't throw everything like a bullet touch passes works and I you know I remember Mason Rudolph a northwestern high school boy a lot of touch passes I don't remember him zany yet. That much they're talking about him this was the question about him wasn't was arm strength. And Roethlisberger says that. As great arm. It would right now dungy. Suspect that he's probably. Over compensating just a little bit trying not usually just shows the strength of his arm and I and that be natural wood yes and big manages sanity rookie come to see I. All he had to do is just get it there. You can put some touch on it I get what you're saying as far as the overcomes him for it but I don't think you have to impress me by now you've already been drafted I think it may be just nerves. Uphold this it's not guaranteed he's gonna make the team and ya bin also Roethlisberger glare and actually from over there and I mean no he's nice now is being sweet Dan. Yeah I'm guess and his eyes don't say that he's being Gentle Ben. Ten generals and the fact. Like that reference now like at that stupid song stuck. And he dropped out burger said this is an idealist and the whole conversation talk about the radio thing he did a while back. It was sad ingests. I've never been the tide to be rude or mean other quarterbacks. I've had a lot of quarterbacks come through here that are younger than me that I tried to help in any way that I can I'll continue to do that. In mind that he was said in jest. You know in all fairness I did not listen to the audio clip and I probably should have the fifth before I started jumping to conclusions now as someone who's taken wrong all the time I understand when when people think you're being mean we'd just be a matter of factly so I. I guess I'll go with the. Now right well I told Rudolph today. After the throw the overthrow of the knicks not every throw needs to be a bullet sometimes a touch pass will do. As far as first impressions Roethlisberger. Said Rudolph has a big Armon seems to understand the offense. He says what I kind of remember too is just the big guys sometimes when things are going. Talking about his first offseason work out back in 2004. He says I'm going to enjoy telling him that hey this even isn't even as fast as it gets yet pans on it goes faster. I think that's one of the biggest things I see in him that I had to so that you know. Maicer Rudolph understandably. Is perhaps a little overwhelmed by. The differences in the pro game compared to the college.