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Welcome back the huddle on the air live from the BMW charity pro am where it born glee club on the back deck of the clubhouse overlooking hole number nine here. Greg McKinney JC sure birch you're out that a foreign blade Alonso back at the studio backed you and your texts and tweets in calls. In just a minute but we wanna bring in a nick Parker with the way about dot com tour which is the sponsor that the hosting organization. Of the tour in this event of course nick you don't doing great thanks for having me thanks for coming on today so long this event. The BMW charity pro am. I'm not an expert on it but I get the sense this is one big ones from wept oh yeah this is kind of major championship almost of what that com. The only week we have a the year we have celebrities out here. It could play with Aaron Rodgers for Chipper Jones the big week for these guys GAAP and becoming out here for a while it just seems to get better and better you switch up the golf courses from time to time did that this year adding Furman into the mix them how's that minutes of work that's been awesome players law firm so far expected pesticides that are reports right around Greenville area. They've really enjoy them layouts of force on up and drive an hour's big deal to get that does help mom. When you look at it courses is it logistically challenged to a have a multiple course that is. Oh absolutely. You know noses to challenge is this week just for lakers' scoring guys you know have all these amateurs and pros in the field when you have three courses too. So those efforts with just account of that but I think it's. It's good for us because we get a 168 players in the field as opposed 156 this week like we normally yeah pretty nonstop into nick Parker with a Web.Com. Tour. Our Adam looking at this leaderboard to tell me about some of these guys is it Jaeger Stephen Uighurs Stephanie here. David Yeager actually mr. 58. High school teammate of harassing collection. He shut the first ever 58 and cup and PGA tour sanctioned event last year that the yelling make classic it TPC stone grounds and for an area. Twelve under 58 it was pretty incredible I was there for. Three putted actually a par five that day exit could have been 57 no kidding but yet unbelievable around and he. Nearly missed in this court last year by just couple thousand dollars so now he's trying to make amends this year. He can take it deep when he gets hurled so he's one of the up and comers you think oh absolutely. If fact he's another team in high school teammate of his Keith Mitchell is out here this week as well he's a really good players wells about those are kind of tune up and comers and play compares. And high schools that pretty get high school team there. Three guys abruptly at PGA tour one day pretty nice guy Andrew young and at eleven under Vander wal at eleven under what about those two guests. On the answers from Stamford. Really promising young player great college careers from the Tacoma Washington area it's funny story he. The vikings can he get enough and high schools that can that aspires to sell all their family businesses and moved to Arizona. Where he can play more full time on so really get stories that great guys got a brother in law on the bag this weakens. You know I think one of the more promising young players have a here for sure I forget what these guys think about playing with celebrities is that anything of a distraction for professional golfer. I everyone says that assist a lot more laid back kind of relaxed atmosphere this week than they normally have which I think can help some of the guys not think too much about their shots maybe. I'm not over think things would be too technical. It seems like guys either cattle that are hated and the majority of the guys just seem that you have a great time with the guys out there. It's a good way to kind of take their mind off I think you know maybe the only downside is it is a little slower pace of play. Coms there's more time in between shots but all the guys seem to really enjoy it think it's a little more laid back obviously there's still played for a living in the PGA tour card but. It's big deal for big deal for these guys to do the slopes this week at the top of their profession as well. All right here we are in the day on just give us an overview of the Web.Com season so far what have been a couple of highlights in your mind. Absolutely you know I think that the big highlights. For the first event of the year started out we play in the Bahamas and it was a very difficult golf course than. The wind was blowing about thirty or forty so that was the highest cut line we've ever had which is a very interesting week. But the there's been some great events of Fareed that Tracy with a guy that beat Jordan's beat them Patrick can't play at the US that the west western amateur 2011 and he's 31 dollar tour this year he holed well. 105 yards on the last hole for a playoff and then birdied the first play helpful win. So he's a guy that I think luggage tour future is bright and highlight of the year as far as like what actually happened on the golf course now com. Just gonna give us a sense of what it's like to have to live Wednesday Web.Com level golf from enemies always a scramble to get them. To get your card and get back up the PGA we atomic Ian here witnessed yesterday who's been up there and come back down it. I mean the stress level has to be tremendous the metal part of this game master via a real challenge for oh yeah the pressure astronomical these guys you get former PGA tour winners that don't feel like they should be down here I think we've got fifteen this week that one of the backward they. You know that's excess of one before so they're trying to find that level and then. You've got to college all Americans trying to prove themselves and prove they belong out there. You know all these guys that they college careers and they're all trying to. You know separate themselves. From each other and and you also have the financial pressure and all you know that's a tenth of the purses are here that is on the PGA tour so. You know there's pressure he has to pay your team got to pay your caddie got to travel still. So these guys and they missed the cut and hurtful more than maybe PGA tour Florida that's for sure am sure. What UC. DC a lot of guys. Each year it just spot assay you know lot. Can't do it anymore as it is at a fairly significant number. I would say so I mean easily if the guys get there if they're able to keep their card which is the top 75 on our tour they felt like that and if we give an ago next year but I'm sure there's guys you know financial and just can't do it anymore if you finish outside the top 75. You know Huckabee make it on money you kind of need that financial or sponsorship help some of these guys. Summer obviously set up better than others where others mainly money here great sponsor personally grind to. But there's definitely guys that you know just. Just can't give it ago anymore and think of you know a couple from last year that didn't keep their card after getting last year. Heard along or trying to during anymore now is the system pretty helping you think this is kind of the way it's gonna work for golf for the foreseeable future. Alia the system's been great for us actually taken part of the PGA tour cards out of Q school put them just on the Web.Com tour the last five years. You look at who's plays web finals now that pound for files just for events is pretty amazing. B Johnson's on the cover golf digest last year and play and what dot com final threat to get his tour card. So he has been very good for us and it's you know always great to see these guys nearly. Nearly missed keeping their PGA tour pro PGA tour coming down play with us performance at the end of the year trying to. Get back out where they came from so. I think is very healthy it. Golf cynic that spot FedEx Cup pushes for new and everything so I think it's been good for our Taurus well. Nick Parker Web.Com tour I guess on a personal level for you while you're traveling all the time with these events but. Has to be Fonda football the deviancy some or your former guys have there own Olympic Torch uh oh absolutely you know guys its you know well last year. Winning immediately on the PGA tour I think the last few years we've had. Three of the first seven events on the PGA tour won by guys that graduated just months prior so. You know these are guys are Tennessee win. Out here in the Wyndham win very soon now on the PGA tour Justin Thomas was out here two years ago army three years ago and he's won three times on tour this year. Tom MacKenzie used Cody colonel played here last year on both the party won on the PGA tour and and you have guys that. You know come back down here just to get starts that and that went on the PGA tour in the same here like Billy Hurley and Greg Chalmers last year so. This is really kind of become. You know a lot of guys kind of stops in between weeks they'll have a place to play. There's only so many spots and PGA tour field so you know guys that want it starts and keep the game for a successor. What's the status of your television deal much do you get so much TV coverage beginning. We have twelve minutes on TV Golf Channel. So about half or schedule right now. And you know it's been it's been great for us we've tried different things this year we had our first two events of the year on Sunday to Wednesday which is a first and professional golf history. So that's been great for us and I think we've had two more this year than we had last year so. More exposure and Roxy built leopard digital platforms as well I would imagine people like to watch this because slippery. This well in this is a big one for sure you know that's cool seeing a guy like Aaron Rodgers if you know not be absolutely amazing it's not thinking if I could hold. Irish pretty good our relationship is a long hitter right absolutely I think he's four handicap so he can definitely play he's he would feature average temperature on a Saturday that's pressure but these guys are just so good at them and they feel. If they miss they miss by the art not. Now ten or fifteen likely will net or more at exactly the. Well we won't get too specific on that. All right nick is always good to see you good to talk to you thanks for stopping buying given us the updated thanks for what you do absolutely thanks Rihanna here nick Parker Web.Com tour joining us here in the huddle on ESPN upstate and we appreciate that we expect to have up. Couple guest hoping to get Chan Americans RO the kicker now for the New York Jets former Clemson tiger. And also hoping to get former Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones before we yeah I get out of here so that would be awesome to talk to those guys. Maybe some other guests to lie even after our show here we go off before mark Sturgis strait of posters will be out here until 6 o'clock leading up to clemson's NC state baseball so. We have Bob plenty more coverage almost four more hours to go out here today obviously in upstate from the BMW charity pro am at the worn blade club. You wanna jump in 8444773776. Is our number of Greg McKinney JC sure were out here at the BMW charity pro am it will take a break come back with more yet a moment in the huddle audience in upstate stay with us. Are back into the huddle ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC server doubted that the BMW charity pro am. And Alonso in the studio if you wanna get at what thus we can take your phone calls from around here. We have technology like that. Remote technology. 8444773776. Or you get us on the yet Tex line at 71307. Twitters always Haiti and available at ESPN upstate four that. We do get Clemson baseball for you tonight presidency state game two clubs and dropped game one to the wolfpack. Game 2 tonight at 6 o'clock from Raleigh so we can tune in then one at the third and final game of that series. Tomorrow here on ESPN of state now it is time for hotcakes and sausage in the huddle. Art I was gonna start with a rant about flag football but I've changed objects. OK so apparently Coastal Carolina University is closed its investigation into his cheerleading line. Only you know come yes we do apparently there are some evidence there is evidence there is evidence. The the coastal Carolina cheerleaders were engaging. In escort activity you can and were also working at the doll house if the TA TV ad to pronounce it right the strip club. And down in Myrtle Beach now. The article states that they were not involved in prostitution. Person. But they were. Trading their time. The moment. That's little escort eight they were actually escort service found no evidence that does actually export days so whenever there is basically on your was by Adam. Who's basically border no right whose mood doesn't it there's a website apparently told seeking arrangement dot com. So if I'm ever like 676869. AD. I got a bunch of cash in the bank I'm probably a check this web site. Yeah but they like as if I did you know about it already back to pay 800 dollars. And hang out with a couple hot coastal Carolina cheerleader while I'm eighty years old and you got the money analyst and calls me as a Michael who works purse at a I'll rocket that. I am do it and that is a bargain and a half of the fifth but. Congratulations. I mean you know some of their lawyers are saying oh it's so bad these girls were given due process of due process it in that no crimes were committed. It was just a situation where. You know they were making some money often do they absolutely off the team still. We know yes they're all they are re instituting. Cheerleading. But now those girl. Not the ones that this conference. I mean you're not gonna win and beat taking a matter how you can stay competitive and cheering in each year if you have escorts or and that's kind of that kind of violates the whole spirit of cheer. Soon be known you don't think that gives them manage need someone to soon. Well it if there's others judging let's think about who judges cheerleading competitions want to. It's not gals like me who would Marc LaMont gaga. Alastair you know you can barter in that situation it's usually guys that are horrified if they're Gaza at all. Or ladies. So there's just going to be a bunch of cattle that hate hands out there garden you know like. You know judge at this bag I don't have a prayer they're gonna add add. That's daylight hating I'm gonna give him ten points off right now when I walk in the door you know. There's other that are out there at 311 on this balcony that could tell she law fraud over the rail Felder laugh at their book on this as the monetary medicine wow I'm not negatives and if now I'm not. Our rights though the Georgia high school association which I kind of think is very similar to. The People's Republic of China in 1949. I used to live there that there are the most ridiculously political. I don't wanna sick rub but just Communist type of high school organization. They're a private. Organization that ministers high school athletics of public and private schools but basically do whatever they want. Will listen to us ludicrous this. But it will hire private investigators. To investigate kids. Who allegedly move for athletic purposes. These people are ridiculous thank god has realized that my head South Carolina now don't get me wrong. It's loose for athletic purposes because it is all done it is. What it is but if your family is going to make the financial commitment to move. So you can be a better situation hopefully sport down problem it's un American if you prevent them from doing right. And I mean if it ever story of the booster clubs paper routes and stuff like that but I. I don't see any reason for the GS ATA. You know you can use that. For 8000 dollars that your budgeting for proud of the investigation. Menu you can maybe may be. You know give the kids a little nicer state championship teacher for a yours. I mean at some point it's still about the kids at the high school. Either I got to take home in the as the BA's become more about the individual play. Com I think we've lost some of our cast of characters. Greg mentioned John contact the other day and I remember. John John can flip Livingston aunt or uncle or John battle all those players he's played vaults and Randy Wittman. Chuck person for the pace all these players NS first take it about a new ball today. Government able sure we're probably album a new ball game. You know little boy like 150 am out of it accounts for 77 and terrible never been played more than eight minutes a game but it is a celebrity. There are no woman do bulls because it's either guys that are superstores. Or guys that have strong personality. You know and I'm glad we're getting some of these villains back in the league his you know our group the days of bill and beer and Dennis Rodman knows yet. And arrogance of those that weenie Mormon new balls. We need more guys that are just straight up side shoes. Market argument that. Makes it entertainment yet winning anymore because I think the league is ultimately always been about individual players but we have a larger cast. Agree I think that's as much art soft. I took a personality test early this case what can girl inserted at Brigham. And said. As the female. An answer out spit light the first twenty minutes the ship you know my brain I can use once out of my operated news showed another side yourself completely unrelated. Of them taxes only show up provisions. I don't really show eight right keep that point. But it late today was just a list. Totally distracted early or is this the spurs aren't this thing is a complete rabbit hole. And here's a look at your asking people what their. Personality test results or exceed your compatible models that bottom but things about life that you wonder if you're living why. I mean it's it's it's I mean I'm like emotionally distressed over here because I just happen cyclical and listen to. Him. For so just avoid that during daylight hours. Com and probably avoided at night Jews and that you built sleep as you do you know tells yeah cool little yeah the fact that he ought to. We don't results. It says that. Do you do in sync. A it probably shoot it to be honest the I'm apparently a campaigner. Personality type witches. Home. He's something something's something's on users you're neutral pentagon. If campaigners are curious observer energetic and enthusiastic they're excellent communicators and try to relax. They're very popular differently but. Therefore practical skills they found it difficult to focus over thing things. Get stressed easily their highly emotional there independence to all I think it's pretty good. But there's that's not bad at that weapons as a campaigner sixteen different personality types. Politico calls of it is America because that. Night it stuff here CG technology uber. Out of Vegas sports book operator. They are out with thereof projected over under for wins for the college football season for accepting. Are you ready for this relief and Alabama. For 27 team over under wins ten to hand. So eleven would be via Overton would be the 112 game season right and they're just talking regular season. And that is total postings you can't put out in Afghanistan. When like thirteen games. They were. Last year. They were. Rampant and Natalie twelve hours out at odds are fatal if that's over under yet. Tennis love for. I think it's probably blow last oddities like cute though at least Wear well over thirteen Auburn to date again it has to be regular season but already it's not brain disease anger from. TC privacy for an. Eight. Clemson for nine. Nine wins for Clinton. Analysts say clubs and loses I mean nine in three regular season prediction of nine analysts say clubs and loses the three games in September and that was the force and and don't go to a bowl game or lose it. Not nine performs. To a different about this today threes and albums to distance issue. Now I'm taking over the an update you Validus and new friends take it taken on Saturday and a Florida and eight wins this season. I agree that this meant. Florida State at nine and a half wins this so Clemson nine Florida State nine and a half favor Clinton white paper reports that. It's G tech. Local 92 clubs and littlest thing got a year. They are overvalued mark. It. That was the Kentucky First victory if that's a prediction LSU. Nine wins this year. Marc Rich Miami Hurricanes eight and a half wins. This year. Is it that Lori I am concerned about their quarterbacks it. And it's. On North Carolina nothing pillows down this year and they'd attitude they have the Tar Heels with seven wins. This year the bulletins it. They lost a lot. NC state south yet Obama's first opponent. Seven and a half. Either over valuing them based on the players have come on back and how they finish the year against Vanderbilt team that. You know got hot at the end but obviously we'll enact good. They is he states a paper tiger. Yeah it would would you give us more wins to NC state and North Carolina right now colonial native probably wouldn't care lately. Oklahoma on nine and a half. Points for the sooners. Ohio State tan. And that's the hard numbers the highest grossing Lanier's. Damper on that why you think it's legacy and knows. Did you look that up now and knows I can look at this and seller not talk about OC. Yet twelve games overseas yeah Ohio State Senate so you say Ohio State's not gonna win. More than changing atmosphere including post season or your not gonna count I mean I don't. If if I think it's little things. I first got to protect them some general before. Quality. South Carolina law which was South Carolina reckless to say it's did you army humor me. Sharper and say that it's. Regular season. Or which puts South Carolina twelve games were rich but the window. What's the right point further went out of its basics for over five and a half. Not only Ohio and the gamecocks are well I mean look of this. The schedule is tricky. And they won six last year this possible defense if we're too but Tennessee. Regular season. Just refusing seven. Yes seven and a half for the volunteers. Seven and a half to give bush don't spar wanna. We can't win a half game and go seven to get butch deals are woody emotional problems if the subject that I make my point. Texas Tom Burman seven and a half. Incurred so there's an untenable time I'd take them over there really first year out. Texas say an end to that someone seven wins that will not be good if that's what eons that would measure them but that's for a you know last year their over under six. Really you know Missouri is as Bob points five and half sell arms font. Look at it last year made of one of sixty to South Carolina is actually moved up every game analyst Tim Ellis used in Tennessee now. Yeah that Tennessee's star has stated their folly given up on at according to this that is including policies. What's not. Are you made is making yeah that's a huge hit this militants. Let's see southern cal nine and a half wins this year. According to CG technology to you. But you're the best teams the country Sam Arnold. Virginia Tech at nine. I don't know Virginia tech's win nine games regular season I don't know I lost a bunch this year. West Virginia at seven this year and asked if anybody care about does not everybody's on here in Kentucky at six. Another mediocre year assist Georgia today right. Today in Georgia was will issue and that higher eight point five. Fixing Georgia winning nine games. I think it went ten of their sleep. With all the talent they have coming back there's no reason why this every he'd gotten a job and so Michelle from back. You get get right back you get improved offensive line you've got a quarter wreck Gordon does sophomore year. Ten starters are back home the ten starters are back home defense that played pretty doggone good times. On side. Georgia. QB play offs should be sleeper if they can coach. You think no tomorrow this thing. So those are possible that Emerson CG technologies is Vegas is starting to talk college football on here in May. As we count down to law some football action here's a South Carolina five and a half. And Clemson at nine wins this year according to CG. Technologies are 8444773776. Techs like 71307. We're live at BMW charity program break that report mullets that put us in the huddle. Obviously in upstate. Welcome back the Hubble hog ESPN upstate live from the BMW charity pro am three golf courses around the upstate. Reserve ever day Furman and here at fort glee club worldly back porch here. The clubhouse. At the normally not a bad place to span. A may afternoon although it is a little warped. On TV that but we're having a good time here let me update the leader board for in a tie for the lead right now that the BMW charity pro. Stephen Jaeger. We talked to Rodney Parker Web.Com about his story just human scale call that. Steven Yeager and Blake Adams are tied for the lead at thirteen under par they have both played seventeen holes of both with one more hole today. Now they both shot 64 yesterday so they're scoring is though very very yeah it and there at thirteen under with a one shot lead over three golfers. The zing young Jane. You would know follows this pronouncement so that's what did you did you actually look no just get the shot that easy for he is at twelve under and he has a finished for the day a seven under. Round today sixty forces pretty good. He's twelve under also Andrew Young as twelve under. And Tyler don't connect twelve runners are those of the leaders as we stand here on day two of the BMW charity pro am with plenty of golf. Yet to come you know we had done air Rogers on the show actually two days ago quarter replay that it yesterday he's playing. Here in the tournament this year but he's made news this week while he is in Greenville. Here's the story a student. Named Peyton mire of Janesville Ohio. Ask. Aaron Rodgers to help him get out of his final exam. And Aaron Rodgers helped him do that here's what happened classmate to deal with their teacher Oral Roberts who is an errant Rogers plan. That a re tweet from the quarterback would resulting canceling the final. In their sports lit class. Made up of high school juniors and seniors in the Janesville. Consolidated. School district re tweet gets out. Meyer told ESP we were talking about the news sports like we do every day she said a student at another school had tweeted at Kobe Bryant. We asked if we could do the same we know she loves Aaron Rodgers that's why we picked him. High school senior in Indiana. Got Bryant. To retreat to his request Thursday getting his class out of a final exam and now. Air Rogers has three tweeted. For the elf folks in Ohio and gotten them out. That's pretty good. I like it. I'm fired up that that's a good thing if you were a student you would definitely. In the class you would definitely via. Fired up but yet not Odeo finally. So a prayer Rogers I would never privileges there. Well the Pentagon about like the classic study if that's study and it can't be him at some re tweak it. Here. At a news for a I don't care for for Jehovah. Right out take it you'll like notoriety but nine times that it did Greg and I did not figure would have been solid thankful. And doubted that like it Ryan Fitzpatrick has an agreement with Tampa Bay. Great quarter. Are being facetious you sarcastic if they. If I'm Tony look good. I there have been times arms dumps it's. Three million dollar one year deal for Ryan Fitzpatrick at Tampa based 34 years old he has started a 116 games one. Number twelve seasons other relatives start that many games. You'll be to back up to James in Tampa Bay have an opportune Euro with the jets marked by one really good season. A long contract dispute that one bad season. The Bucs will be the seventh NFL stopper Ryan Fitzpatrick he's played the rams the angles the bills the titans and Texans as well. Elias Sports Bureau says this Jaycee only five quarterbacks. Have ever thrown a pass for seven different teams. Should I ask you to answer that question you know you know about five quarterbacks have thrown it in FL pass for seven different. I'm looking over my shoulder view I think one maybe Billy cute well. You know. Now this fall that these are not community think about it it's not going to be your better quarterbacks are you better quarterbacks go round. It's going to be year guys that a hung on the league a long time but not been diligent Tolliver I don't let it get better that's right that's right. Is it got to that is light. Started it's like been through it and actions. Yeah did. You. Hear yup. Jeff Blake. Steve Bono Steve hot people that have. Chris Chandler. In Gus Frerotte. Which. And Vinny Testaverde. And he tests that are. The verdict man. Old at some of those years and so if if Fitzpatrick throws a touchdown pass for Tampa Bay backing up James went and you'll join. It to a comfortable on board. Damn why not these terrible wanna. Well this was a contract year for him and it took a six month stalemate for the two sides reached an agreement jets were reluctant to commit to a long term deal you think. Because. They thought that Goodyear have a 2015 might have been an aberration. 2016 he was put all the benched why she threw seventeen interceptions that the value with twelve touchdowns. His passer rating was league low 69 point six. And the jets were 511 it was also baby you do remember that game blondes are you prowler this Kansas City week three Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions. It is that's hard dude it's definitely fond memory. Yeah and yet we had six months worth of you know hold out. Two sides trying to come to agreement and a pummeled yesterday I guess garbage. He was terrible. I'm surprised that the government bugs him because of the Bucs have a chance this year is probably their turn to be saying that we Armisen tendencies out they're gonna have a pretty good option it. But it's of that as the game as Winston they gathered you know when there and kind of make at least some things out but not liable it's best that battered for six Patrick six back just six interceptions and again. We'll call him Bryant sixteen X-Factor and a six interceptions and yet that takes some effort to do that to them. A 444773776. Break time back with more coming up live from the BMW charity pro am or Blake clubbing Greeneville huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle audience in upstate Greg McKinney JC chartered out here being Dodi charity pro am day two of the chart about. We're here before stride it was dirt coming on at 4 o'clock we'll take you through to sakes he's going off early because clemson's NC state baseball game two. And that's series comes to the year from Clemson network at 6 o'clock tonight if you wanna get a bus you can certainly do so text line is certainly available via. As always it's 71307. And Twitter at ESPN upstate JC the all stork. Transfer Otto Wright State basketball player that you think's a pretty big deal for the game Cox's or status of the. Yet he's a huge deal for South Carolina there there are some fault that he was gonna decide. You know today and announce tomorrow buddies but that also may 24 I don't know what the significance is about that why. So frantic effort that but he announced it may 24 has data I can't stress. How big this would be for yourself here on a basketball team because they have a situation where they're going to be a lot either young or light. All wing players like four well. They get. 6867. Guys that can play three. But it looks like it could be more of three yard line up at times. On. And so they have a need for a player like all Sparky six these 250. Hit 40% for three last year averaged nineteen points a game like formal elegantly and side. He keeps you from outside post what he needs to be a tough player good rebounder. I think the guy. Is that the missing piece of the puzzle. When you look at the roster for next year and if South Carolina gets him and it's the gamecocks Illinois LSU or pit. But his little hole was then at least from Dayton Ohio so locals kind of considered. One of those programs they could release snatch him up. Well he visited local apparently dated have rumor he said the Huntsman a desk is all about minutes he's a senior next year. And so it looks like for talking to my people at low level that I knew. There oppression was when he left below visited with little or South Carolina they fell suck on their toughest competition likewise South Carolina awful global was. So now with the cards out. You you like the gamecocks chances digital nervous thing again. Was he delayed. Hand down unison Illinois hits LA issues South Carolina. You go through those three teams what's the team that really has a chance to be. Very good news there South Carolina out of those final fours yeah you have to first year coaches. And then in Ellis you'd Illinois named Kevin Stallings certainly that is issues that Pitt lost to us players so. In Stacy six I think. It's going to be interesting to see what happens but nothing to them. They've game counter or in good shape with a cabby out that the lame ankles and concern you know I haven't checked on the yet. But he is definitely it would definitely be huge huge yeah it. For the gamecocks in workers and probably. The first real tangible sign you can see. In the final fourth paying off on the recruiting trail. You know the other schools and every other schools that makes for Georgetown. Law means you talk about those types of programs. Georgetown lol it. He even LA issues in the multiple forms wars and record and play in the country. So I. I think if they give him that's a tangible sign. On not only gets out for next year but tangible sign that the recruiting is going to elevate. And maybe offering more won't have to go scour the earth the fine. Players to help him win like he and maybe via. All of a different story in a cabin where he does not Saddam he's a was not aussies graduate from graduate as a of these cars gases obviate. Senior eligibility was our graduates at Wright State aren't so alarmed that could be you think that could be the get connected down. Mecca a difference in the season as far as posting. Ability and all of its I don't know about postseason eligibility Greg is I think they have enough pieces in place to be a good team next year. But that today. It's going to be the final four Raanan was a line. Saved transformational. For the program. It. They. Even live losing the well notice those. Top three scorers. They're going to be expectations that they were Turkey's Hedo only term. Com. It is because you know once you get the U wanna keep go and you look at frank Martin's track record once he startling can study it yet it won an at T team. And for NCA tees they were very very consistent case today and that's the problem with South Carolina basketball since McGwire. Is that there have been flashes of goodness I mean Fuller at those two years. The third year at 841 beat that seniors. You know Odom got idiocy term and Israel of war. And it was virtually the same guy out the next New Year's Eve while reverent as these people in prison in the African in ninety. On which those duties were disappointments here and say you know they they belong. There and warning even won the SEC east his first year. 121 games when they Ati is a terrible schedule. By. After that the bottom so it's it's it's in consistency. Consistently. Once they get there blurbs. Here and there on and so it's important and you look at it as they've got older back next year they've. Coats are you so blown so the front court should be goes. Quarry hole inside out this year for come are from Delaware ever seventeen game he's an excellent player. I'm David B eighties it forced our crew commander at the door they can play the guard they just don't have any weights. It's a you get this guy who's an older players. These you know just get well type players not comparing him to sit there is but he plays like him. And I think that they've got to some pieces of placement you know. I appreciate that final hour coming up next here from the BMW charity pro am. At the or Blake club were hoping to get chain Americans are the jets kicker former tiger. And we're hoping to again Chipper Jones former Atlanta Braves before we get out of here than an hour so don't go anywhere stay right here back at a moment Greg McKinney JC sharper Alonso in the huddle. On ESP in upstate.