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Good afternoon welcome into the huddle on ESPN upstate back on the air this afternoon for the Friday edition and we are live once in a thorn blade club in Greenville at the clubhouse on the back balcony overlooking the marina at hole number nine. And so for another good day for golf yeah William clowns and we had a short delay this morning cloud cover is continuing and into formal rainfall is out there but that they had a good day yesterday get everything in and were hoping for the same today looking at the radar. Thunderstorms right now mostly north of the Greenville area so we'll lower your fingers crossed for a good day to get more golf in this afternoon. And we had this special played this morning by Michael. Shot 27 on the front nine here at formally 27. On nine holes that ties the web tour nine hole scoring record. Though law congratulations to him. That is unbelievable that so. I'm not a math major but that's three shots a hole. And now they're not par threes but most of whom anyway so congratulations to Michael and I am I doing get him on if he finishes up before we. Get off the year to this debatable because we only have and our amber showed today as long as Clemson baseball stays on schedule. The tigers and Pittsburg will be. Playing at 3 o'clock in Pittsburgh this afternoon so air time for that on the Clinton network is 230 this afternoon and so a shortened showed today. But we'll get as much as we can from here talked a couple golfers we're also scheduled to be joined by Jay DeMarcus and Joseph Don Rooney from Rascal Flatts we've had them on link. Last couple years they like stop and in saying pillows so hopefully they're finishing up on time to get out here. And possibility will be able to talk to Tim Wakefield today another former Major League pitcher playing out here long time with a Boston Red Sox knuckleballer. He'll be finishing up ride as we're going off the air things zone stay on schedule so we'll see it's gonna hit mr. what will give him on there now will. Do our best as far as the leaderboard here. At the BMW charity pro am all three golf courses. How we have a three way tied for the lead mark morneau we just mentioned shocked when he seven on the front nine at stormed blade that is good enough to be tied. For the lead he's eight under for the day he has played eleven holes now so. He's at number twelve years formally at minus eleven but also a minus eleven our grants lever. A split Furman. And Oscar front stroke is here at formally took those three guys are at eleven under par and top the leaderboard. At this point on day number two. After that we have a quarter grew at minus ten. Looks like. Eight or nine golfers at minus tenths of pretty clustered at the top and anybody can win this thing. So it's really wide open now plan on coming out we encourage you to do that this new. Be prepared for weather that can be hit or miss for the rest of the way but. Right now play is continuing and temperatures are nice mild and in the seventies cloud cover keeping the temperatures down and it's good golf weather along the rain and especially the lightning stays away. Also. The news today to pass along we got a couple of tick off times for Clemson football announced today. The ACC announced difficult times sport. Several games and two of those are clinching games. And they are deferment and Georgia southern games September 1 opener against the firm and relevance will kick off at 12:20. PM not surprising there though being new and each kick off for the tigers. It will be televised on the ACC network. And then two weeks later on September 15 the tigers will host Georgia southern that has been set for a 330. Kick off. And that one is going to be on national TV Clemson and Georgia southern either on ABC ESPN and ESPN two or ESPN you for the 330 start September 15. Against Georgia southern. The second game of courses that Texas say an amateur big early game for both of the school's gym both Fisher's first game. Actually it's not a spurs game for the previous week but. First major national game I guess as the coach at Texas a and amp and that September 8 and that the SEC office we'll announce a kick off time later this month for. The Texas sane in game. On September 8 self. That's where we are with kick offs announced today and down no leaders these prizes they're date games for Furman Georgia southern. Not primetime games does not come as any surprise to those who are used to following such things. Another news here today Alonso wanted to see what you thought about. This one Terrell Owens is talking and that's always thought. The former wide receiver and he is talking about Jason Garrett. The Dallas Cowboys. Head coach still. Cowboys have reached the playoffs twice since Jason Garrett took over in 2010 bout that we through the season. And Terrell Owens hall of fame receiver is baffled why he still has that. He went on though one of three the fan in Dallas. Yesterday having. And that when you look at it it does not make sense for Jason Garrett to continue to have his job the cowboys are not expanding their not progressing. Even as a team under his coaching. Tenure I mean has point right 6855. Record for Jason Garrett. You are you surprised at all that TO would be melting off about them. No he's he's the one guy you think would actually tell the truth I mean let's face it we've had. For some reason we keep getting co host that are that are. Dallas fans and they also live now I think. They all agree the same thing that scared is the problem. Anywhere else he would already have been gone I guess disclose these Gerri boy or something in these stick around I'll get it. Yeah this can be a two year forum. For Jason Caron I mean they were they were twelve important when he fourteen probably bought him some time with 114 was a while back. Awhile back 805 year deal van when they went twelve and four that your. That they were eliminated. From playoff contention. During the season last year Jerry Jones says he understands the frustration but he also set a feel good about Arctic that he has Gerri on the sides of four for whatever reason. TO says the team's lackluster performances under Garrett -- calls the players are taking the blame. He says at the end of the day county cal can you keep allowing players to be the scapegoat for what's not happening. Especially when you have a head coach that's supposed to be offensive minded. They are supposed to direct and lead the team where it hasn't gotten in a number of years they pretty much been at a standstill under Jason Garrett. TO set it all boils down to players being the scapegoat for his inability to lead for it for me he said his mind boggling. I think Jerry he's the owner at the end of the day. He has yoga with himself about decisions but I don't understand like here it. Still hasn't. Welfare enough of course TO had some pretty good years with the cowboys 2006 to 2008 Gere was the assistant coach back and under Bill Parcells but TO plate sixteen that NFL seasons and certainly. Was successful via second all time in receiving yards just under 161000 yards. At a 153 touchdowns. He has a 1078. Receptions that's eight in the NFL history. Design inducted in his third year on the ballot hall of fame he will be enshrined. In August ceremony coming out. They're a you know is letting you better I don't think. There's no reason to think is gonna get better for Dallas without Dez Bryant in Jason Witten as offensively. You know let I think there is potential force to be. Better than it was last year because he can Elliott if he stays out of trouble will be there for the entire season. So you have that conference on the NASA comfort zone that deck press Scott came in west. When people were focusing so much on Elliott and what he was able to do in his rookie season. If freed Jack up to do some other things now as a receiving corps lesser than. Yes and no I mean. He didn't exactly click when Dez Bryant anyway a click better with some of the younger guys those so we'll see what happens but I think a full season. Was Zeke. Running the ball will definitely help the cowboy. All right we will wait and see TO not keeping silent but though they're going into another season with. Jason Garrett as the coach of the cowboys in the pressure continues to build of the situation with. Rubin Foster may be again a little better. The running back onshore at linebacker for the 49ers. He. Has this girlfriend who is them. Got him and all over the trouble but she is coming clean in sanction the line a lot about what he did and didn't do her name is elicit in us. Former girlfriend of Rubin Foster. It was when are you hearing yesterday and she testified there that he never put his hands owner. That she lied a lot to authorities about the domestic violence that allegedly happened. Between them. She test or hurt her attorney Stephanie record didn't want her to testify. But she did anyone. She said she made up the story because she wanted to ruin foster's career and then sue him. After he broke with up with are the morning of February 11 that's that are off and she made up. Stories that's what Alyssa and this is saying now. She said that she falsely accused a former boyfriend of domestic violence in 2011 just fifth street in new in the in my wanna know that about her if you're going to be your new boyfriend. She says now she feels the need to tell the truth because you do the right thing even if that in means admitting to previous lies to police. And stealing money she said she stole money and two Rolex Watches from Ruben Foster in the days. After their breakup huge Africa is that there are she was ticked off that you wanted to hurt him. And and his career. By the time she was done yesterday NS have been on the stamper about two hours she broke down in tears multiple times and she said them. It was basically a money scheme. So home. I guess you know that's bad news and away book Rubin Foster may be some good news here this I think a lot of people assume that he's never gonna get going in the NFL. Off field trouble that piece. Being getting into it but done now with at least this testimony. There's chance that this may go away will see one day after those initial allegations were made in his return to her home in Louisiana. She spoke to authorities by telephone. Xian. Later told a detective that she had been involved in a fight in San Francisco and that she sustained her injuries they're. That just a convoluted story that this woman is telling. And rube Foster. At the very least you'll more careful and choosing who he hangs out with of course this testimony did not over and the case is not over. They are. Moving forward that a little bit and we'll see how it eons but it sure looks like. She's coming clean on that in some sense nuclear. Linebacker Ruben Foster and make his life. Just a little bit easier we'll see if that happens it's more or 477377. Sixes or number way. I was gonna say that the problem here is perception is reality once it's out there that. That a player. Is abusive. Whether it's true or not then it. That publicity tends to. Make teams now want them anymore and he's been another trouble to put this even her coming out saying she didn't do it. This is. Will he play anymore I don't know. Well chances up to go up at least it's this it's clear from records your rights up for Tommy's at some. Issues and that will continue to follow him. Before we go to break ornament to him another tragic school shooting going on ones or you may know more about this than me so chime in if you do that is is in a Santa Fe Texas today. Active shooter. On campus at a high school since southeast Texas as of about 8 o'clock this morning. And reports of eight bit it's at the last thing using. Now that's terrible yes the last thing us on the shooter is in constant also know. Nine while good won't hope for the best going forward on that already a tragedy there's Santa Fe Texas school shootings them. Continue unfortunately we another man won today. That there. Oaks Texas or deal with ID 444773776. Techs on 71307. Most like our first break. We will come back with more live from the BMW. Charity pro am where Thornton Blake club inning Greenville. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP announced. Wells GMAC and now Alonso anyway Richmond still playing golf as an amateur here at the BMW charity pro am I guess he sets them. He's clips today yesterday Richmond was ant to Furman. Idea got a text from him. At the end of his round yesterday it was long brown a six hour round yesterday. And he says his team shot a 61 Alonso but he shot 89. Which you know I've date personally as not bad but the he said he settled down a tree topped his very first tee shot. That's the when you get a top right you go out there on the first the pain your nervous in the pro within. We're dot com guy you can. Strike that and you get on with the yen basically competence and rolling on the fair. Well you know if you are going to be the one it does I'll be was the very first one to take a shot I mean you know they they gets an out away. But he would help this team must Diddy or do you think he did. I don't know it has all the other amateurs like yes on of the halo they did fine in the amateurs are gonna. Make the difference anyway and all these guys don't give the heat scores that care about their individual scores les Web.Com guys the criteria on. Yeah I gotta tell you that everyone around here is wondering how he did mark Childress is like how to reach into our values looking for leader boards it was like you know. He's not on the NC Richmond name on the leader before it is not on matters but. Yeah it was a high dose today and if nothing else I doubt there will get them on today because these cliffs and we offer to thirty some noise coming over here but. Talk about it next week with him and see what his experiences like the whole weekend experience from Richmond playing. As an amateur in this tournament this week allow this week. You know Mike France SA is the longtime New York City radio talk show host that I guess he's back now right on WFAN left retired. Started back. Yeah I think that the way it worked these they made a big deal and he's yeah as far as I know he's back on. Well he tweeted just human it's. And his tweet says this for a long time coming first time tweeting so he's never would before. A few minutes. And he said don't hold the always my time with dumb stuff. Mike you're in trouble but he obviously you don't know Twitter because dumb stuff is so. Prevalent and you'll begin barrage with them stub from here on now. The areas 181000 followers you just want to what are humans. You know it's delegates don't say I don't want dumb stuff because you're dividing controls to come out to which may be what he wants now he seems like he seems like he's slightly confrontational than you might have some fun with that. Yeah a little bit will there area and I mean what do you bomb while you're darn come back and like. Re monsters they retire to end of the year so it's been five months is Aaron. Not very long forced retirement that's why. Hmm well he's back. He's back anyway you know as comments on that with dumb question. Since here's what should the Mets signed Barry Bonds area speak at a dumpster. And catalog my. On Twitter hey here's a bit of a college football news about Blake Barnett oh do you remember him. A name from the pans and the quarterback. Area of college football. Blake Barnett started his career at Alabama. While he has graduated from Arizona State. And now like Barnett is enrolling at South Florida. As a graduate transfer. He will be eligible to play for the bulls this upcoming season that announcement from. South Florida today while he's 2.2 years old but part of what two years. Of eligibility remaining. There's couple guys there. Brett teen and Chris. Oh latter con. Who were competing to be the starting quarterback at South Florida to try to replace a really good morning when flowers. Remember him he's been their starter for 38 games when flowers. Is the most decorated. Player in program history the Barnett though was a five star prospect. Signed in 2015. Out of Corona, California. He committed but he's been all over the place he initially committed Notre Dame he wound up signing with Alabama. He read sure did in 2015. He opened up 2016. As the starter. Against southern cal of people forgot about that. But it didn't take long for Jalen hurts to replace like Barnett as the starting quarterback for the tide in 2016. And that's Wimbley Barnett decided to transfer out he went to Arizona State. He finished the 2016. Season and Alabama throwing just nineteen passes. Completed eleven for 219 yards and two touchdowns when he got to. Arizona State he was teamed up with Todd Graham as a head coach and chip wins he has the offensive coordinator. But not for long because Lindsay left for Auburn as their office to coordinator and programme was fired. After the 21 to seventeen season. So last year. Like Barnett played a back up role to Manny Wilkens. And like Barnett only drive five passes last year. That's where things went for him. At Arizona State so. He is going to South Florida and you know we'll have a chance for a couple of years may be due be the starter but flowers will be easy to replace but. Somebody's got to do it ambling Barnett is going to be one of the three guys at least. Trying and that we got this news on to a from Alabama. To a tiger by the local law. Who was of course lit it up in the championship game in the second half to lead now back to win over Georgia. He's talking now and he said that he would have transferred from Alabama if eating in and a game. About them if they'd it's Saban doesn't put him in in the second and he said. Would mingle does that surprise for them that's right here at all. Because I mean you're still young you have before this we need. I think the majority of people had even heard of the guy before solved. The question is is he going to be the starter and what what if he isn't. You'll. Like yours and others very little question that he stays healthy you know start. This year and you know the question why you know nick was stubborn as he was to wait as long as he did that put him out about. Coaches do that times non jail purses bags quarterback he was winning quarterback. Just want to throw the ball down field you you put to figure that out for the second half NC championship. Last year. His 41 yard touchdown pass to the bunker Smith's second possession of overtime gave the time of course the famous 2623. Win over Georgia. For the championship. He was out talking in Florida on or in Hawaii queries from so Wyatt. And he said. Throughout his football career he wasn't the starter. He wanted to leave school he told himself if he can play in the last game at Alabama which was the national championship game he would transfer out. He said if I gave in I don't think I would have seen the in the blessing of where I am. Now if he'd given up earlier in the works before that championship game to finally had his moment in the sun. The day after the championship game. Lane Kiffin who was the Alabama offensive coordinator. He said on Dan Patrick show that people. The people that really know what's going on would tell you that tool was leaving it in play and play well in the game. To a thought that he should be the starting quarterback he would outperform perch in practice coach Saban never gave him the chance court Lane Kiffin. Hello likable Lowe's thoughts let up to the championship game and those were not new he told other students. That he had considered transferring. Earlier in the season. He said he called stat. And asked him if his offer from the University of Southern California southern cal was still available. And I want to believe all the data wanted to go to the school were up ought to be easier for me you wouldn't challenge me. So much. Point looking when like last year at southern Cali it's abnormal. So what's the big difference against it is that he figured jailer should start to let school and he still. Young. Tech Abel told the seventh and eighth graders in Hawaii that his initial. Inquiring. About transferring was not well received by his parents. They told him he needed to stick it out. And pushed through and the course famously he did I don't know do you think he really would lead to be doesn't get in the championship game doesn't like his parents fortunately. But I. Think if he's if he's very influenced by as parents I think from what you're saying he probably when the stage. But if he had chances to to go somewhere and be a long term starter I mean sometimes you go against what your parents want. Now well he has that chance now and now they'll be surprising to me if he's not starter anymore for Alabama this year and never looked back beaches. You know I think even stubborn Nick Saban saw what the difference was quarterback's second after the Georgia game and so question is what happens to tailor it hurts this heat transfer out of two is the new starter for this season and see about that. 84447737760. Excellent 71307. We're live here BMW charity pro am golf tournament at Thornton Blake club in Greeneville with the till 1030 that's a Clinton baseball I'm Clemson. And Pittsburg coming up 3 o'clock first pitch from Pittsburgh this afternoon back in a moment in the huddle. This is ESP in upstate. My into the huddle it's big McKinney out here aunts. The BMW charity pro am. At the or Blake loved ones are back in the studio. Worse seeing reports now ten people dead and that Texas school shooting. Unfortunately on nine students and one teacher. And also Russell reports loans that they found explosives in the school so now that's going to be a scary situation currently in wall Figueroa and now. Let them pretty bad stuff in Texas today. Keep an eye out on that. You know the AT&T Byron Nelson is going on on the PGA tour while we're here the BMW charity pro am. It's out in Dallas Texas at trinity forest golf club yesterday we had a couple of clinching guys. Ride at the top of the leaderboard but they have slipped back here in round two today mark Leachman is the leader at the Byron Nelson. At fifteen under piece five under today he is on hole number eighteen so in via 61. Yesterday so lit it up yesterday and he's playing well again today I'm more off the park today for Leachman. Teared up out there. Second places Brian Gay at minus twelve and Jimmy Walker has third place all alone at minus eleven. Com. Looking for our local guys and know that a Sam Saunders. Clemson golfer was up. Two over today so after a good round yesterday it's been little more difficult for him today Jonathan Byrd. It's just not teed off yet he tees off at 210. Just another clinching guy who was good yesterday and minus sixty just kind of passed up by the field later in the afternoon he's having a good round Jordan speed is that. Minus six as well. Not one of the biggest names in golf. Out there that bill tosses them minus three piece plus one today through sixteen but yet 67 yesterday so. He's having tea pretty good round. As well. Here at the BMW charity pro am. In the Web.Com tour Michael are known now leads the tournament he's the young man we mentioned coming on the air. At 1 o'clock who had 827. On the front nine which ties. Web.Com. Record for nine holes. So far. Are now is minus nine for the tournament minus twelve today and now let's say that just got an update he's been passed on the leaderboard by Oscar frost stroke. Playing here shortly. He's now thirteen Anderson yes the lead Arnault is twelve under. And we have several guys back at eleven under martial the scoring is certainly. Happening just on with a golfers here yesterday. Who said that them sometimes with these pro am tournaments that they will make the pin placements. A little easier though Mike the rough. A little less difficult and you can do some scoring at a at a program and other certainly doing net thirteen under. Here on the second day of golf has the lead and that's a testament to. What's happening with the scoring more so watch those scores to continue to come in low as long as the weather holds up. A Clinton baseball this afternoon. 2:30 air time 3 o'clock first pitch for Clemson and pit. Tigers won yesterday. Sixteen to six. Over Pittsburgh patrols cost field last night Logan Davidson. This is this he became the first Clemson tiger in history. To hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the game. On runners left the home run as a righty from Logan Davidson's last night. Patrick Cromwell had two home runs as well. And Clemson cruised sixteen to six. So they take a one to nothing lead in this final. Regular season series. Of 2018. Next week is the ACC tournament so this is it for regular season baseball. Now the tiger's record is 41. And thirteen. They're when he and eight in the ACC. The pain at the ball 2723. Overall. And eleven and seventeen in the ACC a Pittsburgh actually grabbed the lead in the first inning of that game but. It didn't last long and pretty quickly the tigers had recovered. And they came back to him but to Enron's no problems there not so fortunate for South Carolina though. Yesterday as they lost the opener to. Texas a and M six to three to funnel their freshman Logan Chapman struck out six and five and two thirds innings for the gamecocks but. Texas say Indians scored a run in the bottom of the sixth broke a three all time went on the win. Six to three at them blue bell park. South Carolina got on in the third inning Matt Williams with the infield single. With the second base a passed ball scored on note Campbell singled to center. Gamecocks tide of the game with a couple of solo home runs Madison stokes deep into left field ninth home run of the season. And Carlos Cortez fifteenth home run of the season to the gap in right field in the fifth inning to tie it up but Mahan and came back to lead 43. And then went on at a couple of insurance runs so south Carolina's first game in College Station since may of 2015. The gamecocks in the Aggies have each. 12 games in the series. In Texas they will play again tonight. That's 7:30 eastern time for the gamecocks and Texas say NM. In game two. A Carlos Cortez by the way has now reached base in sixteen straight games he has a four game hitting streak with his fifteenth home run of the year. And no lawyers for the game option playing good defense this year 26 time this year that they've had a zero error. Game and a 982 fielding percentage after 52 games which is. Mary good and hotter tailor their catcher. Has thrown out fifteen base runners trying to steal. George jump go to in the fourth inning trying to steal so. He's doing a good job there but a in a game Cox didn't get game one and need to get at least one of these games on College Station. Tonight or tomorrow. And not get swept by the Yankees because that's and the last impression before they. Go to the SEC tournament and we're the gamecocks haven't done all that well historically. Like to finish up with a at least one win. On the road it takes a and so we'll see if South Carolina gets that tonight and and we have game two of the Clinton Pittsburgh series sported. The audience in upstate to thirty year time with Don Munson. Live from Pittsburgh first pitch right after 3 o'clock this afternoon and reports that we've seen on the weather paying any and there's chance rain up there but not banned. And now hopefully will be able to get that game and as they did last night. Up in Pittsburgh and stay. On schedule 84447737762. Excellent 71307. Got your chance to win. 1000 dollars coming up right before 2 o'clock in the free cash dash back in a moment in the huddle. Live from normally club BMW charity pro am this is ESPN Tuesday. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney out here at the BMW. Charity pro am. Alonso back at the studio. We're here to 230 when we go to a Clemson baseball Clemson and that's coming up that at 230. This afternoon one of our favorite guys sitting down to join us right now we talked to. John I don't expect you to remember that we talked you like yes but the two or three years ago when you were here so you've been here. A lot John overly Howard very well very well well I I have to be honest no I'm not ferry when I read the celebrity softball game last night night. I tore my hamstring it and let him in a kind of uncomfortable. Arena that I never been in before my gonna like them walking around with dirty diapers. Well maybe it had an idea of looked at. I had a guy I have doctor commend nice enough at the end of the game last night looked hatton you know gave me an assessment and he says it's. A terror there is no question and you played today anyway you know had a wrapped up he showed me how to wrap it up tonight it and you know oddly enough. If this GK Justin used to say it. In every inconvenience it's simply an adventure misconceived and today I had a great day probably played as well there. And well you know as you know you know it just isn't it makes you swing slow because transition test peace moves or hurts. And so you know helped me quite a bit that's when the problems in my games the transition from. From a from backswing to defaults rose and how to how did you do that last night you remember. I was taking a wide turn around third coming into home. And I was sure I was gonna make it in. But the other celebrities decided that he's tackled the center of things well like he. More on that became the game of football as you do remember that I went down and I heard pop you know it's. Never had to before forever I know I've I've. I've had some Dicey rotator cuffs on both sides but those first time and Andy anything answering I understand why it is absolutely capacity to Yan. John overly joining us out here on the clubhouse deck at storm late. You know him well from Sime filled certainly but he's done tons of other things including Dancing With The Stars eating get hurt practicing for Dancing With The Stars you know I never got I never had any injuries and its stars I was certainly by far afield as competitors at at but. It is no. Nine and the enters a period. Good to see you again you keep coming back to this as much as you can so obviously this means something to your toes a grain no means to me I watch the history of Greenville emerge out of the city that no one would go to tune into one of the great stories of Urban Renewal. I think it's. It's a credit to not only the planning commission that it credit to the private money that went to Susan government money went to dismissal by a private vision of reviving it downtown it continues and every Eric and back in more amazed to place. But I think it's the kind of the the kind of icing on the cake is that that retirees. Coming back in field the dream goes it's safe and secure enough and and accessible enough town for people to to retire and they can walk round exits. Let's say I can't I can't be happier with what's going on here and I'm glad of that apartment every year since we started John I'm getting text from the convention and visitors bureau that like national harsh on the Johnson is. The it's a great place if you haven't seen during. Its. He house a game these days. On had to do is you know. Sliced my Achilles heel entered into a good golfer I don't know that my action I couldn't hit the ball. Morse it's. Silence Oliver a smaller. Today tonight it along in you know. And China I think it was just because it does I had to slow swing or Winston. So I was kind of four transition to catch it when you're not playing golf these days who audio to. You know I have so much on non work lies on one man show called man with standards it's. And the musical reminiscences. Growing up in the fifties and sixties songs. Great American songbook. Sinatra Mancini and done and I use all that music to underscore the stories of my life a lot of fun telling them funny. There's some of them were poignant but there are all in good spirit and 2 great evening at what I do is site. Idea performed a show as a supper club in the weighted dean Martin's not true would've done. So it's kind of a pricey little supper club but it's reminiscent of the days. The shows in Vegas for dinner show it's a lot of fun and people really love it because they come dressed up and you know for a moment time. A few hours in the spotlight and Alex so you take that around the different venues I taken around to a bunch of different venues and just finished two week opened to sold out there. So it's been a lot of fun I've been doing for two years now just was nominated for each New York beat back there with. But I enjoyed doing it it's because it's mine in mind it's it's of the deals show and so while the source of my life and my misspent youth. And a and and certainly the greats in the great music at the time like the songs and melodies and the players when you're doing a one man show that seems seem to be a lot of pressure that you thrive on the accident there's a pressure as much as it's a patient because. Halfway through the show like I say to myself I'm so sick and talk and the all on this stage and to a fetal ball scream mommy make it stop with the it's it's it's a long haul nineteen minutes long time to. To sing and speak and to keep pace to. You know I like to shoot at the beginning middle and then there's throw line to. So you really feel as you've been through and you've been through that story two story heal. So. A lot of phone lines and doing I have that I got my fraud which Chicago the musical. On Broadway it is so. Or deny any of them leave for. Increase shooting movie increase. Shot the last one I was in a shot increased so apparently the Greeks can't to a field. I'm the Irish hitless at the Irish unity. But I know I've seen some some beautiful if you oh while sitting next to Greenville. Greece Greece resilience on either sell the same way. That's on your bucket list as well because it's just it just to scored in it to America it's just a minute or so let him tell us anything about the new movie is that a top secret eldest one is still well the of the old movies golf swing away golf. And so it's a wonderful golf movies and it's you get. It's been in the theaters Normandy but go to iTunes and download it's balls went away and beautiful film and very funny I mean it's SOB that there's a but I'm make no apologies for it and then. On an excellent piece called a red door in the country so woman who's going back to rediscover her past entries. She remembers news house with the indoor trees. So it's it's a wonderful returned returned to the home.