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We are back live at born blade club in Greenville BMW charity pro am day one is underway Greg McKinney JC sure now your Alonso at the studio. 844 GS PE SPN's our number 8444773776. Assailant at the leaderboard and three courses in play here. So this is the combined leaderboard from all three courses it's still. Mark and you line you know and again if that's not exactly your notes is nine my apologies. Mark is leading with a ten under he has played sixteen holes at Furman and he has ten. Under par for deep darn good scoring there he has a three shot lead over a group of golfers at seven under. Including. Dow we Evander ball. At storm blade Brandon hearkens planet Furman saps struck out of that nine. Playing at the normally. And Stephen Yeager is playing and it. Preserver for today those guys are all at seven under and bunch of folks tied at 604 shots back so that's. Where the leaderboard stands now by the way you can watch coverage of this thing on the Golf Channel. The app that on your system. Throughout the weekend they do a great job of bringing you this Victor is a big events all the Web.Com tour champions of your program one of the top events. So pretty good stuff going on the sun is now out JC cloud cover is broken so that's gonna warm things up. And possibly make the greens a little more firm and that could affect scored. Dispense a reference. So American tend to be an expert on his own you know what you are. Familiar with and prefer as a golfer but the a definite temperature rise is here with the sun appearing here in the past a bit. At least you're at the storm like this afternoon. All right. The NBA we had the NBA draft lottery this weekend the Boston Celtics. Get the number one. Overall pick and who thought they could use it based on wall which keeps asking for them and their series. So far but here's what Celtics great Paul Pierce thinks that Boston should do with pick number one that they accomplished this week. The Celtics. Are we now hold feared a number one team in the east record wise. And I don't think there's a rookie or a draft player a college player out there that can help them get them over the top. If you have a opportunity. To Linda Paul George. Gordon Hayward or Jimmy Butler. Or even so of the three. You have to go forward this is the window now I think they have a five year window if they can make that trade for the noble want it. About them window that's gonna close before too long according to Paul Pierce of trade data get a real player that can contribute right now not a developmental player because of who's coming out this year and I say something about what he thinks about. Marco Fultz or ones or ball some of those guys that are up at the top of the board their habit. Which do that if you could trade for us a name player right now. Celtics now depends on. Who it is I mean is that somebody's gonna get you the next well there there conference finals right now as it going to be compliment for Isiah Thomas. It is kind of depends on who it is and how much. Maybe another French value of a ball or full network thing about Paul George. On the Celtics. That be pretty good right now would help them take another step if they can pull at all. So I'm with calm and panel with Paul Pierce on the if you can he get one of those guys. Go and make the move because Saddam. He's right at me get this this window may not always be there and you need to get that extra piece that they're clearly lacking right now. I mean they're good. But for them obliquely you're Golden State agony that little bit more. And you get that right now and why not go into about the oil Lavar ball logs of balls that. He says. If Nike. Under armour or Adidas one elected deal with big dollar brand. The asking price is three. Billion. With a B. Dollars. Three billion dollars. He also said he sees no need to market his products to women. He was off almost Albert heard and said that he would like his son ones that play only for the LA lakers. He said he has sold. 400 to 500 payers. Of the 495 dollars shoes that's it 400 to 500 point appears as they launched about two weeks. Ask about dealing with a big shoe companies he said they will regret. Not making a deal with him once his son was picked by the lakers he says Alonso is headed to LA. What they should have done is give me a billion dollars in levity on the way but it ended. Told the number was unrealistic ball so well maybe unrealistic view. He says they won't talk to me now just one of the three billion dollars triple b.'s billion billion billion. It's at that's the only way attic anatomy. I'm already in the building I don't need them for nothing while. And their mind if you rate for Bill Clinton at the it is unbelievable in the sees them. I'm talking about why he doesn't think the Boston Celtics who have the number one pick the argument that team would wanna Sunday and number one. But he doesn't want to go lakers. That's why they're not a fit for his son he says if Alonso goes to Boston he turns into two. He's always going to be a point guard he can play any position but his true position is point guard in Boston has so many guards you don't need him. Lavar did say at the Celtics worked pickets on and he wants to play in Boston. He won't stand in the way that's very nice of you. Lot more. If the team wants your son and your son wants to go there you'll allow that happen. Good job. Thank you thank you. I think this guy is gonna have to understand at some point his power. Is very very limited in terms control it it's nice bowers talking a solid as and so he's talking and that's. You know can you blame for them it's it's working form. So far Ottawa has worked for kids but it's worked for him. Personally I Kemba Walker with the Charlotte hornets he has undergone. Arthroscopic. Surgery on his left knee hornet's said at a press release typical. Recovery time for this procedure is about six weeks. He's a six year veteran of the NBA played 79 games this past year. And averaged a career high at a Goodyear to walker was in addition 43 point two point game five and campuses three point nine rebounds. Late thirties four point seven minutes a game for the hornets. Named to the all star team. In the eastern conference for the first time in his career. So you know that's good that they're doing is they're doing this the right way they're taking care like. Cam Newton came back and it charlatan. That surgery while three months after 33 months after the season was over. They've gone run under the knife with Kemba Walker with the hornets which. Like get it done given some time as the NBA season is so long anyway that we content soon wait to others. Couple weeks training camp starts. It's ridiculous so. So that's good to see that Kemba Walker when it got that done and hopefully you'll be aren't I was glad to see him have the years that heated hornets in them very good year. By Kemba Walker was. Better than ever that you have a good player. In him what to think we we saw Rosie Jones that's the east Carolina. Receiver. And he has them. He's a guy who lit it up against South Carolina and had you know great stats as a college football player he's. Now the Buffalo Bills. And he sprained his knee practiced. And there's an update on that today. They closed their mini camp today. The bills did not say when this injury occur or which knee it was that he sprained. But this is a little bit of a setback because they need the saying they Jones they picked him in the second round. And they're looking for him possibly to compete for the number two job opposite Sammy Watkins could be the number two receiver. In buffalo. Of course Sammy Watkins injuries left and right he's not practicing because he's recovering from the surgery he had on his broken left foot. In January so let's orbit of a setback a receiver wise but he sees a jones'. Productive. For the Buffalo Bills absolutely. I think he's one of the most underrated. Underrated players in the draft. As far as either to stop his ability for Robert Jones is Robert Jones ladies here as well. And now. Had a long career with the Dallas Cowboys linebacker. You know and after watching say it east Carolina not just what he did get South Carolina. But what he did against almost every other team that played on or not soon but not so good ECU team. You know he's he's tale he's a guy that nothing could surprise a lot of people. And that we're sitting here talking about signed an epic freeagent wants his rookie deals. Down in what was he so productive vet them. At east Carolina mean size 62202. Kind of average size for receiver. Speed is at that rate. Is just the defense is that he scare on a place like south Caroline. That they got in those that stance because he had a heck of a year. I think that's that's good point. Second round pick by buffalo and now over the setback but will watches Nate Jones and see what his development is like aren't as we go to break I want to give voice some tickets we have the county line music festival coming up. This weekend it is Friday and Saturday at Greenville Pickens speedway. They're gonna have acts including 789 fall of an empire new mantra prowess. Of the palace fan. Kenny George banned Tyler Hadley. And much more big group of bomb Albanians from various upstate counties. And you find the full list at county line music fest dot com. And you can go out enjoy this. Event tomorrow and on Saturday as well it's going to tickets anyway and negative for free if you are of the Peru for calling for the tickets right now before tickets. If Colin Alonso he'll set you up 8444773776. Our usual number. Will work for the tickets so call now at 8444773776. For county line music fest tickets this week it should be that we kept that. We'll take a bragged about what more do you listen into the huddle live from BMW charity pro in a dorm Blake club lingering bill colonias pianist. Rack near the huddle ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC server down at the outdoor Blake club Alonso in the studio BMW charity pro am underweight today. Those on tomorrow's Saturday and Sunday at three. Find golf courses in upstate South Carolina. Think Jose Alvarez is coming in right now the former Atlanta operate with that Amazon in studio guest before and now. Good to see Jose with a headset on what it's all set up. I don't man. Don't aren't you know to be the best of times Evernote right you never know that there's still a chance with a lot of daylight left how to play today. You know weekly Q in I expect him off the the round and some you know that's that have been 015. AM quickly preakness last few out there you know. I thought you know we probably did it but I just had to say that sounds good right exactly yeah that's good deal. I wanna start with this for you I don't know if you heard this news as you heard it Freddie Freeman got hurt last night with a brazen though. The report from buster only. Today is that it's a fractured left wrist now and to be out two months maybe longer that's oh yeah. We went out last violent now announces via rest on greatly dale announces that it was a nice friends that are. Playing similar reasons they that went down there and did beat Watson is the gains so in. Attention got up early this morning but that's bad news is having a phenomenal year not just with the bat. In defense that only he sees a lot of runs that degree is so wish them well. Hope via recovers and as you were fairly positive about the strategy at the Braves when you do as a studio guest a while back though what your season this year obviously the wins actually that McKenna hot lately labeled a better what do you think you know it was a bad start that they have that sixth game in a row and and things are looking in I've talked low that was smoltz and chipper I've played yesterday. Talked little about what school on I still think you know there a couple of years away they start to get some money which is going to be big in this. Current economy culture and baseball Uga. Yes and bucked the book is the free agents oh. I still like where there hidden there's the unit there's a good culture of what's happening in the breeze. Organizations they built from from the bottom up Bobby Cox was big on that Paul Snyder's. Scouting director for years you know that's when sort of get the smoltz Glavin. He sort of in the A agrees the running here Blount is a good core group of guys that get a unfortunately. Things work too well there for awhile but alike elect who was then ended up about we think at the bar. Jobs that Snickers doing your happy that he got the job I was very happy a bra that was my catcher in the minor leagues together. So in nine AD and and he'd he'd just. He's actually I think he has the longest tenure of anybody with Brittany be one of the coach in America over the months or one here before and it's still moderately let's nectar. He knows the game inside now the catcher knows how to handle pitchers well. He he really learned a lot from Bobby Cox and every guy that's been under Bobby Cox has doubled in net you know as you look at some of the guys that. As going to be basically meanders I feel like snicker given some talent give us some guys and give him an opportunity. But do things in it very good talking to all Jose Alvarez who was with the Atlanta Braves were talking in 8182 cents. Yeah you know I tell people lies I didn't know if that rule on them and I was with them drafted eighth round went from 7883. Traded to Castro's. Came back in the eighties it was there eighties that 79. In the big lead in nine. You know my cup of coffee innate quality to wasn't enough to lose a rookie status elect him back at Bonita you know still rookies that that titles the fourth oldest rookie baseball histories of yes that would be proud of us that maybe it was just he stupidity a universal wants. But that idea it was fun. That 88 braves team knows I was at a young lad then and used to watch TV is really out of baseball for the first element here watch TBS every single game. And they lost hundreds of it yacht and a few years later I was totally vindicated by the that they get the World Series. You know and mediate. The big Russ lab and up to the equipment if they Cuba for fourteen years. I've its. In sixty games in Atlanta yours and team of the month that started out that it's. That seven. Years. And I really you know my first game back it may tenth 1988 and in Latin. Started the game that you know the second innings like that it's the top of the second in my Treo oh. And got the ground breaking up the the bottom second inning tucked in it was a mere Thursday. I'm not pinch hit for an amending how it's long it's and he said well you're third in this morning. As a first Majorly yeah ban. And I got to hit it had a bullet to left. Excellent well I remember it up as though you're ever and so I've pitched five in the third innings of one hit ball. In week yeah we got the the it looked like 45 rounds but. Like at a secondhand that up with it and databases vote. I think we have yet three or four hits it to blow. After the game a global locked room and and it might block fathers of the box and what's this then. Our clubhouse dances in the Montreal Expos radios that selected use later the game. You'd get half the hits you it's five in the third the one at all. So here I am a city after Tampa operates a cooling and chainsaw. Like come back to green that would bar first south like that it appears in in a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. And what trends and things that a fair feminist. A little while batting gloves or mostly certain amount there and mix oil and gas actually did read the directions about it. Florida and I'm out there and cut trees and there's one land that was absent feed off the ground like that latter climbed up there. Hold on of the tree reached an out in the chain saw kicks back in the it's my left hand. And might gloat polls. It happened just my wife walked out of the rod she looks at me it's like. And I'm like well no one's ripped the piece blow off outlook in my hands bleeding in school please please fingers and in my fingers my. Left hand. It looked that's got some blood that pulled my wedding ring just over that convinces them not the was toward. And my wife looks that used to just catch him as that yes he is which and is it your left to ride ago. It's my left and of course on the right in youth okay I'm almost oral. The though is that the of their but you know we lead we didn't win a lot of games in 88 and but there was a lot of guys learned how to play if that level in the course 89. Wouldn't win as many games that you get that's what he really saw. Small start to commence smoltz made the all star team and and then things started rolling ninety they still were worse but you could see it you know come and around and then they go from worst to first in 91 in the fourteen straight years though. Yeah it's it's that it could run down there and this new stadium is beautiful I have been I go down they've asked me to come down for a alumni autograph dale on the eleventh the engines so literally listens to beat down their currency is that would be good if now. Or more thing EU would agreeable for a long time now Tom you know kind of talk talk about living here get a sitter from Tampa obviously. It's different than Tampa here but. With the amount of time we've lived in in in this particular city. Talk about kind of the feeling you've had as its vault into such a great place to live it's always been great but now it's it's it's like one of the up and coming cities in the. It's amazing you know troubled lot with Webb dock of the staff put that if those actors and athletes for eleven years tonight. Basically serve we don't label is this but I've served on the duties of tap into the players' wives and caddies. Minister of tour life and that's the day and so. Every week we have or fellowship together and did some counseling and damage control on Turkey's actions flights in the wrist after that. Let them those are more valuable than those for a number scorecard. But when we came up Saturday says that the first letters that the greens so never hurt them. And we've we play for the parades and our second child was born right here in view memorial. We state a month after the season's that he could be born. And doctors here. It was that allows the political tale came back and eighth that's the month here for him beat them late impeach him great baseball manager. And Vietnam got called to Richmond. But I got called back to Atlanta and 88 we have an off day in different bars Norman and deal. We know of church and just difference in the eighth that. They want to go eskimo open and look at a house here. Lineup after you drive in Atlanta you know what look that's right. So Lee we came up on an off day and spent the night with them and Norman I would outlook to the house we audit and we lived there for eleven years. We ended up in here. Family members couple nieces and nephews and we will be possible we've been near the bald as a green the last actress but. I say it. Green bill Wheatley references infamous that in the European town estimates. Just the people around here it's it's a great place. Guess we start trying to keep quieter yeah. Think the cat's out of the bag because I was driving on interest is more at that lots. Organ RO but it's not Atlanta traffic so I wrote an idea. And Jose Alvarez who love late today in a former Atlanta Braves and with a sell out here on the balcony at formally club at the BMW charity pro am overlooking the green at number nine. Those images get your take on maybe this baseball season and what you've seen so far any surprises. People come at the cubs being a little bit flat to start the season but he worried about them and all. No amount of the cup for the fifth. Access I'd do my first ever big league win. May twenty that are forced of the eighties though. I was happy for last arm Merrill was I think this is good for baseball others elected. Baseball fans have been die hard fans that this is like when Boston won you know it kind of got the monkey off their back. Repeating it's tough and that's a mean Joseph Maddon he says autumn ball lottery tickets after that and it is. He he really pulled some some you know talents in lose their bring Lester what is. So you know all of that said I think I think they're going to be okay because they have a lot how and talent learns how to come together. You to go back what some of the Yankees greats team unity they would struggle that also is to build momentum bill and in. In the rest of sisters though you know I think there's too surprised that that is a few teams that. Probably haven't jail. Listen a smoltz in the day and he says you know you can usually it the first month of the season. But you know somewhere between six and week. And that's the kettle but more of the climate in the team where. We're just getting to that point right now to figure out where that's going yes. All right so the rest of the week code you know reportable plea a firm and morrow morning the clock and it. My pro what's companies is that my son. Austin is the cat was torn McCarthy's caddie. Kenneth Yost and yet on tour when it goes in and he's been here for your Ernst and they've acted season. Derek agree it's O. When I was asked to play in this that are awards while request so it's not everyday that is the news so. It was a fun law today he would stand you know. Pro that a little atomic wonder who has built you can do but he muscle Thursday oddity occurred just be quiet. I like it that stuff I mean it's always great to RT thanks for spending a few minutes but I'd Jose Alvarez. Joining us here in the huddle on ESPN upstate we'll take a break come back with more 8444773776. If you'd like to join us. You can do that now final half hour of the show coming up the ESPN upstate in the huddle we got back. We are back in the huddle ESP enough states. What's turned into a sunny afternoon after cloudy start to the day at Thornton Blake club for the BMW charity pro am day one of four. For the tournament this year and off to a good start we're seeing some low scores ten under was the leading scorer at last check. 8444773776. Going to get in here. In the huddle big big series for the Clemson Tigers they're closing the regular season. A starting tonight three game series in Raleigh. At NC state. Thursday Friday Saturday games Clemson comes in with a 38 and fifteen record overall they're sixteen and eleven and conference. NC state just below them in the standings 3121. Overall fourteen and thirteen. In the ACC so bomb. Theoretically JC if NC state could sweep. They could pass clubs. Seventeen again and that that would be bad because of that weight clips and may he. I don't I said they were ought to History Channel. Earlier this week I still believe that I am in my soul but. Its web by its state. That's ten straight ACC losses down going into the tournament. I don't know that that's gonna happen not predicting out at NC state is not done the team are missing Purdue from an island but I think if that happens the move if it gets precarious as far as a regional honest to goodness I just. Are they art let me let me let me rephrase. It makes it to where they probably have some work to do need to win at least one game. Now in the ACC term to make that happen pressed other clubs in really good shape their body of work is actually this year. But Saddam yeah I need to win some games it once in game. In this series. You know make sure that you keep the wolf back behind you in the standings keep the wolves at bay so to speak at a Muslim led to their. Dynamite drop in grave doubt listen I mean with three games you could have a big swing here because if they should sweep. The NC state maybe they get back into the conversation as the national sleep because they're close now. There's no doubt it's a huge huge day. Yes huge games three games here coming up now the game tonight starting pitcher will be Charlie Barnes but the tigers' Johnny Piedmont. Love that name that's good baseball that is active and they ought to be money hasn't he on the Indy think it's Pete monthan. We're just Johnny Piedmont I don't know. It may be people wanted but he has a right hander for NC state tonight Alex you banks will go for the tigers tomorrow Brian brown a lefthander for NC state tomorrow. And neither team has announced starters for the finale on Saturday both TBA. On that site clips of course won this week against coastal Carolina in their final regular season home game of the year. Eleven to eight on Tuesday night at Doug kings more stating the defending national champions Coste here on. The NC state. Wolf pack come in led by their 21 year head coach Elliott a event. Been around for awhile I'll take my hand and they took over re right about the they are hot to mountain NC state to come in having won eleven out of twelve games so there really on much better street nick Thompson is here. Of late because tigers have been struggling on the week implement. They just swept Pittsburgh did NC state. Their batting 278. Their team be curious three point 83 those are pretty pedestrian numbers there players to watch for the wolf pack Brad. 347. Josh McLean batting three took money. And Joseph do it and sixteen homers and 47. RBIs have bred the ghost comes out care wasn't had a that case you can make it truly is that I could use them could use somebody. Him or somebody that's for sure. South Carolina starts their series to close out the regular season in Columbia tonight against the Georgia Bulldogs. There's not a real good Georgia team nine and eighteen in conference 23 and thirty overall. Course gamecocks are twelve and fifteen in the conference and 31 and 21. Overall senior day on Friday tonight's first pitch is 7 o'clock tomorrow night's first which also 7 o'clock in the Saturday game. Scheduled for 3 o'clock so for senior day tomorrow. They will honor up pretty good senior class that includes Josh Reagan. And read Scott among others. Recent graduates will crow and John Parker will be honored. And they'll recognize some other senior managers and their bullpen catcher as well on senior day. Glitzy South Carolina probable pitchers they'll go with will Croat tonight five and 43 point 50 earned run average. He's a right hander. Andrew PS2 will go for Georgia senior left hander just two and four with a four point 13 ERA Adam hill for the gamecocks tomorrow three and five. With a three point one earned run average as they should be much. This in no way he's he's had a hard hard luck in any lost his record. You know he's he had some of those early losses to the UNC Greensboro as the world and things like that Saturday. He's pitched pretty well this year I think Thabeet. You know his first year as a full time tight starters. Unity and will grow in the fourth marchment and all three. Although they award the most clutch pitchers out there they've all done and good work starters this year it's it's been unfortunate loss of games. Adam hill tomorrow for the gamecocks Kevin Smith sophomore left hander goes for the Georgia Bulldogs and like clumps of with the NC state. No starting pitchers announced for the final game of the series on Saturday about the South Carolina and Georgia. Our TP Aso that'll wrap it up for the gamecocks in the we'll see what happens to them. In the SEC tournament but suffice to say South Carolina needs to win. Every game ethic. They probably need this week hampered just. Obama missed. Q are they going to do it. In Edmonton seven weekends I think it's I think if they make if they if they sweet Georgia this weekend they get 500 in the early. The man. I think there's a chance they can get back in the anti terrorist maybe it's a different conversations. Happen now. They have to have a sweet and they know it. I tell you what when the pressure on this group doesn't necessarily come through or at. In so maybe they'll have a chance to do. All right you're gonna get out of here to make an appointment but it got us out here tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock yeah definitely look at border getting back in here in the great outdoors in join this weather's beautiful golf course. This beautiful. Beautiful setup we ever born blade and a talking to some more people that are at their place. Can be fun thank you were appreciated jays pitcher projected out Alonso and welcome back to wrap it up here in the huddle at a moment stay with us you're listening to ESPN. A thing. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN up states as we wrap it up from. The BMW charity pro am for day one of the tournament JC stick and off just bitterly Mike appointment Greg McKinney out here or played lots of back at the studio will be back out here at 1 o'clock tomorrow. 8444773776. It was squeeze and called the end of the show today. The album all NBA team announced today lines of Paul George did not make it. So he will not be offered the rich contract by the pacers or at least the richest contract in in BA history. That's kind of interesting and you know brings up that discussion about whether he might end up with Boston. At the trader at ways that number one overall. You know how is that voted on how how they come about with that. This yeah I know who Susan and I don't know who votes on it I don't know that LeBron made it for a the eleventh time. And that's a record the two smell conspiracy a little bit yes you wonder yeah I wonder what the motivations. Collusion I know what you would save. I mean it. They had to know that if he if he made it that he would give that kind of money. On this thing right. James Harden with Houston was the lone player to be unanimous first team selection. This season. Which will LeBron but she's going to sorry to supply enough money within performance that he had in the a game and sends. That big choke job they the end of the season went. Along with Harden and James on the first team Russell Westbrook certainly deserves from Oklahoma City. Why letter. Now hurt with San Antonio. And Anthony Davis remember all we heard about Anthony Davis last year it was somewhat of a quieter year for him because New Orleans area again. And he's dressing room and. Think Davis is like the most hyped MBA player in the last couple years and then what is he done. This is going to be the next big guy that's what all the major. In L players have been saying and. It just doesn't happen. Now now I'm a great player but now I mean probably needs more around and to book but my guess is he had great player because I think this added if you put LeBron on that team that team probably wins right now I'm damn I'm decides. I realize who have compared it to but displays and other players out there may be may be put. Duplicate deal that team that teams by a winner right. Yeah speak indicating he was second team along with stepped Currie told a stake in the little love the subtle slap in the face to them. The most against B secondly. Do you think they should be first thing. Who would you take out a first teams but that's just the problem you got that Anthony Davis. Well yeah but I mean. I had to do about position right. I guess and I need to step in today's NBA I mean how do you there is no one. Not to meet people specifically play a Serb positions so oh right I mean is Davis the senator they have LeBron at the samurai I don't know. And Decker probably finessed that if they wanted to but they didn't along with staff scurrying Kevin Durant the Greek freak. With Milwaukee on the second team Rudy go where at Utah and Isiah Thomas who's had such a great postseason with the Boston Celtics. And then your third all NBA team Jimmy Butler Chicago there's talk about where he's going to end up down the road. Golden State straight migraine. The potter. Toronto's DeMar DeRozan jump all of Washington and the Andre Jordan of the clippers yet here's the deal all three teams who have two guards two forwards and once energy got to be able to justify. Those positions. In order to up among the first second. And third teams. So players that. MBA playoffs Alonso Cleveland Boston but we have no games tonight Cleveland Boston will play tomorrow night game to Cleveland. Obviously. Easily winning that game the score was closer than the game was it was over at halftime. Games at Boston tomorrow night right so Lama what do you think well it's another easy win for personal law. I'm disappointed in yesterday's game and I never want to yeah they want and and they won handily but there was a moment the third quarter were they. Well look like Boston was gonna come back and this this game should have been a whole lot worse but a lot of shots were not drop in for Cleveland and if they get in a position where all the sudden. Boston's three pointers or drop in the sins of being a closer game but my bigger kid I really don't think that's gonna happen I think you're gonna sweep Boston. But you can't. Take your foot off the gas against Golden State because we've seen a Golden State can do in just five minutes. How many points they can score means death Korea alone so that's gonna make it. I just hope they start getting a little more of a killer instinct before the series is over. I don't think desk and be a problem I think that will kind of build. As the season goes and they all have a before they get to on the Golden State Warriors. About the chipping is in this series we had a confrontation between Tristan Thompson Marcus Smart in the third quarter I didn't see that did you was a much to it. I did and that's win their start to be a turn around for Boston so look for Boston to come out tomorrow night and wanna fight a little bit trying to get in an inning in Cleveland's head. But there's a couple guys on Cleveland's team. That can go I don't let them decide I mean. If they lost Thompson I think they think if you lose Thompson use all the rebounding from Cleveland but it. Kevin Love that killer game yesterday and he he does at least half the rebounding for the team so I think they'd be fine. And I'm glad skin should be because we know it's gonna get should be his Golden State. Yeah but you wanna get chippy with a guy like a clinic in their ticket purchase. Very true but you know what he wasn't really the guy that loan. He was he was pulling on some more arms and stop again he birdies or Kevin Love before so you know yeah every time Kevin Love who they ended up stick in each other I got concerned. Which didn't happen very often luckily. Reich and then this series between Golden State San Antonio is it over. Yet easy chance for Santonio comeback know even after emigrating. I'm not him and green has is to give. Bleiler cool high Leonard I'm sorry glove winner comes back it's still it's still. I would say we're talking about punks and German greens are stuck in my days at him on the mind. He. I think so too I don't know that down to nothing come. That that that the San Antonio yeah I hate it and you know what the only way the only thing has me any hope for San Antonio is Popovich is such a great coach. May be comes up with a plan. That gets a winner to makes it more interesting. You know it is possible here's the thing though everyone's can a lot of people complain you know we knew that this going to be from the beginning as far as Golden State and Cleveland goes but I but the ratings will be good. Agree they will. Mark and you want Leo is in the lead here at the BMW charity pro am at minus ten. Andrew you un is at minus eight and he's alone in second place much golfers tied at minus seventh. Will be back out here tomorrow at 1 o'clock live normally club for date to the BMW charity pro am with more gas. So we hope you'll join us that states and the because of march Sturgis is joining us right here for straight it was church from formally club with some more guest today up until 530 when we get to Clemson tiger baseball. Thanks Alonso JC sure I'm Greg McKinney thank you for listening to the huddle on ESPN upstate and we will see you tomorrow.