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Welcome back in it's our number two of the huddle on ESPN upstate live from the BMW. Charity pro am Tony seventeen Greg McKinney case he sure merchant. The board Blake club. Angry belonged to back in the studio today play while underway some of the golfers should be wrapping up your shortly and we expect to have. But some golfers and celebrities coming off the course here that we talked to here shortly as though they're starting to get to number seventeen and eighteen here. Or blade this afternoon. 8444773776. Phone lines are certainly open for you to excellent 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches are the superstore the work last night amongst the fans of the Atlanta Braves might have been. Ominous. Concern. Now you know that's kind of tempered by the fact that. At worst in baseball anyway so. That's kind of how much does that matter but maybe a little better than terror arrive at the bottom really of the league this year but Freddie Freeman first baseman best player on the team got her last night. Is it a broken wrists. We don't know they're going to do so Obama tests today to determine that. Here is the Braves manager Bryant's nectar after their game last night what he knows about Freddie Freeman injury. Inconclusive. He's gonna have more tests done tomorrow. And you know more than I mean this is. Pretty much words that mean that there they want to more. More being a look at a better. You know with Kenny almost have to yank him out of it came when he hurts him for him actually exit the game was significant you know I could swing the bat I mean that was a no brainer. So we just hope for the best. There's over and that is not true either way I I don't know that they there's enough then it's a thing I say it's inconclusive right now and I think that's why they wanna do more tests tomorrow. Oh yeah there's a hope that it'll be okay I mean going to be OK he's going to be sore meant. You know it is. Everything's you know this is this there was no more tomorrow. They were you take pictures here today that what was inconclusive and wonder yeah they want to like CT and MRI and that kind of stuff that see you know you see a better. My exit there is so bright snicker manager of the Braves on Freddie Freeman injury was hit by a pitch in the fifth inning. It on the wrist he was removed by a Bryant snicker. And replaced with Jason Peterson at first base and so now the Braves have to think about. What they're going to do going forward if it is going to be off for want just a question of how long Freddie Freeman it's going to be out. Yeah they're talking about options there are reports out there at the Braves can look at and see if they can do a thing. You caddie here Bryant Snickers sports just wasn't. Wasn't positive calmer now is not. In house you know you might think Adonis Garcia but he's on the DL Madonna's Garcia has an Achilles. Injury so they're gonna have to look outside. Remember they tried out Ryan Howard at first base that was the plan for him to be to back up the first base break treatment. But he hit 184. Antoinette and they released him. Couple weeks back. James Loney is available as a free agent his name has been mentioned he's 33 years old tigers recently released James Loney. Batting two or 29. On base appearance percentage of our percentages 387 in 62 plate appearances at the Toledo. In a triple play so he was not exactly. Lighting it up. So we will see. Also Sean Rodriguez is agog at the Braves at signed in the off season that could play a variety of positions including possibly. First base but he was in a car wreck. In the off season Rodriguez probably out for the year so here's what journalism JC with Freddie Freeman. This guy was was on fire for really bad team fourteen home runs. Batting 341. For the as a lot of breaks to I mean he was the guy. At the plate for the Atlanta Braves and braves come into play today sixteen and 21 record. And they're trying to bomb at a point a little better as of late trying to sweep the Toronto Blue Jays but without Freddie Freeman and again. In this part of bomb the upside of. Not being competitive it doesn't change anything it's Ramadan but you know. In other permanent going to be a little bit of bad blood between the blue jays braves you know baseball's one of those were. You're always keeping scores but with things like this. Injured their best players. Will be surprised tensions flir. Our tensions are high when they take field. We don't be surprised at that at all and also they're concerned about. You know ahead of benches emptied last night not because of that. Did on the wrist to Freddy Freeman but because Jose Batista hit a home run to left field. And stood at home plate and stared out at Eric O'Flaherty the pitcher and it flipped the bat. Pretty high and you know about the flippant about it. They don't like them the plays put oddly I hate to even bring this up. Because that they are one of the worst he's miserable they are in second place in the NL east right now beleaguered there eight back of the nationals. But the Mets Phillies and Marlins had their issues this year too that maybe the worst division in baseball down the Braves just got a little winning streak going here but they have more lows earlier and fell back in the Lara also played Toronto definitely you know that they're good against Toronto Toronto as in San Diego news of the world but they're not serve. They said the Padres are all awful they've lost 27 games for them and that success against them and that's about it. Well when now when Batista hit that home run and flipped the bat. Taste Peterson was on first base because he had taken over. For pretty Freeman he said something the ball teased as he rounded first and Kurt Suzuki the Braves catcher was waiting for Batista when he touched home. They were mouthing to each other no punches were. Thrown. O'Flaherty also brought up huge. Punch that ball pieced it took about a year ago in a scuffle with. Quote or the the second baseman for the Texas Rangers you remember that. So. You know they remember the stuff of clarity set up surprise he's ready to fight after last year if that. A Batista says he would like to move on race and understand what the Braves would be upset in the situation. I just told him how I felt let them know once tried to show up anybody hopefully that's in the past has nothing to do with frustration but is definitely not something that was. Fitting for the moments of sort of apologizing he says sometimes are competitive juices come out in the wrong moment we have to deal that. Like nannies and hopefully I did that that's enough John Gibbons the manager at Toronto tried to downplay the bat flip B says he never seen that before. Yeah you do see if you bet slips up it. So we'll see that makes that the series between the Braves in the blew it gives you something to watch and actors are really. And much to watch with the in Atlanta Braves this year I'm still waiting to see gain McKenna updates on the tests that are being performed today. While Freddie Freeman and down. Haven't seen anything I haven't seen any kind of update so far but perhaps body into the day. We will we will get that in now. And pass that along yet that hopefully yours that's what it is. Also had a terrible incident at Wrigley Field. Man tumbles over railing you hear about this every now and then to seems like we get like one of these a year. Tumbled over railing at Wrigley and died 42 year old Richard geared in Wheaton Illinois pronounced dead yesterday at a hospital in Illinois. Fell over a railing after Tuesday night's game between the cubs in the reds suffered head trauma. From the fall. Of course the cup but not a statement saying their thoughts and prayers with spam link. Medical examiner has scheduled an autopsy to determine cause of death I don't know whether alcohol is involved sometimes. That those stands to reason but anyway. That's. That's tragic situation again you see that we too much. And baseball parks. And you know lawsuit probably waiting for how high the rail or portion it's coming via access self control. Yeah I absolutely do so well. They're your update on baseball again no news on Freddie Freeman just yet we had a much baseball games going on this afternoon but today games today. On this Thursday Pittsburgh Washington tied at four in the fifth inning Baltimore Detroit tied at three in the fourth inning Colorado leads Minnesota for nothing in the fourth. And now. Philadelphia Texas are just underway in just about to get underway Cincinnati India Chicago Cubs. 8444773776. That text line is 71307. Here. In the huddle on ESPN upstate. You'll score heading to ready for hotcakes and sausage coming up we're expecting to get a golfer too is that come off course here in the next little bit so we'll. What happened. Clear out the hot takes from JC today up next stay what is your listening to the hoddle. On ESP and upstate rock back. I. Welcome back the huddle on ESPN upstate Clemson baseball coming up. Tonight kind of an early start at 6 o'clock first pit stops and starts their series with the NC State's will be a 530. Airtime tonight. On ESPN upstate Thursday Friday Saturday series for the Clemson Tigers maybe a chance to play their way back into discussion for a national seed they're. Most of the project is of seeing just below that line right now but who knows until we get through the conference tournaments next week. South Carolina will play Georgia in Columbia they also start that series denied an extremely. Important critical for the gamecocks to finally get a series whim we'll see if they get one against the bulldogs this week. 8444773776. Here in the huddle let's get to today's version edition of hot cakes and sausage with JC. Okay have been looking at some things you know of the college basketball transfer market is in full effect in. Sort of started dig in and who's coming back next year in the SEC's fort basketball is. I tell you what accomplish Lester getting five NCAA tournament bids was better than people were talking about. What I said during the season ended up being true. Who's just a bad mayor and this the SEC was a badly about teams getting in three make it to the elite 81 makes the final four that's not a bad basketball league vote. But you look at next year. And there are a lot of teams that are positioned to take next step Alabama in particular in a region Eric Johnson. And they've been recruiting very well they added Kevin Mack who's from the state of South Carolina Columbia the transfer from Texas ought to sit out next year. But it just indicative of the job they're doing recruiting in Alabama Florida should be a top five team Kentucky's always good. Arkansas's got to lock him back Auburn should be better they play defense Mississippi State has erotica back even Missouri. Has Karen a retooled under quantum Morton a short period of time so there's lots of teams with a chance. I think the SEC QB 1617. Bid league next year if ball kind of falls in place. Here so that this interesting but I don't like. The Hamilton tiger cats of the CFL. Hold the rights but to Colin Capp predict Johnny man's oh. And Robert Griffin the third as far as the CFO right. In all they have to do is add them to a negotiating list to do this is. I don't like it to me it seems un American asset on American discussed earlier today at it hit me in the face that well it's out of area that's so I just don't like I think it yet countless sneak needed to him and it may. You know prevent some people get an opportunity. Just like that. All right speaking of preventing people from getting an opportunity in monopolies and things like this at order on security relish use. Orchestrated behind the scenes southeast Louisiana and tooling kicking. Michigan and Jim are brought Texas and Tom Hermann Texas native Kevin someone Houston Major Applewhite. Al of satellite camps. At those two for starters back schools and of course. The national writers. Of college football who were. A little idealistic about the true cutthroat nature cultural war critic. They're feigning outrage about loss of opportunity these poor kids they don't need it seen here and there. That's a fallacy first did for us because if you're good enough you'll be found one day at a camp disease cap issue priest but that's not yet. Number two it's it'll draw on and always in Louisiana his state he gets fired. If he doesn't recruit well analysts among other school them and there you can help it and then finally number three why is it. It would ever the national college football media Rory goals against. Also the opportunity dirty side of recruiting at all is involved and sees the team. Our team from us now that's like I think we can have good football analyst for two months of the under editor political. A picture this looks like balls optional about the big. Limousine her car. Kit now you know wheezing and plates and LSU. Chrome played on the bond analysts days of these easier analyst coach London. And let these other schools and blah blah blah. That's really not the way it is it your head out of the international media because there's nothing going on down here. It doesn't goal in the way there Yeltsin now for the soft. I guess now who Harry styles this yes. Aren't you can be easily here Giles the new players. They're both were oh underwhelming and at one point. It was in one direction you know he knows how to answer that really cool it. Humans and did he he has Leo yeah one direction fanned a season boy band in a sect that takes the other day and it's like you're not gonna believe this. The Harry styles. Core. And I was like shear is. I turned it all I have to say Harry styles do album is great and we use a target on. You bought it. Buy albums anymore have a subscription apple music I don't buy anything pay for the united Panama to us that it is now. I get in the car and put it all star list and I'm like my house sells like Jane's Addiction a little bit kind of sounds like killers a little bit has abused to undertones. Good song writing music. Bravo Harry styles. For shedding the boy and scheme and then not only doing him but making work as it works like that you are you confident enough in your manhood where here's styles teacher. Yes. Policy. I'm students who want you know warriors taken working what are we worked I think we can probably come. Up with one of them just since this is sort his hands in the air because everything we talk about involves him dressing and some bad for as long as you get me this medium. Will be glad to Wear head area styles. I'll I'll Wear one direction that your fuel but that wouldn't be is kind of poll out today because. If your gal like me your word boy venture it becomes ironic and funny below it just just to get the new Harry style solo album yeah here. Because I'll I'd dig the music I went Pelosi did was just terrible it was an appointment he's pretty good. So he's one of the most talented artists of our time I mean he's he can act saying it sells them in Baghdad that Gazprom level I didn't expect this. Styles but. Really felt it was so JC server turned me on day here's styles gas on the date. DN city really. Do you believe that at that he didn't encourage you to go on and listen doing on the income there's there is in this segment called sausage. For a reason right. Dizzy what do you know about Samir white running back it is clubs and apparently chasing him pretty. Close in the mix. George's in the team to beat for awhile now. Some as the team to beat early. Clubs made more news. Will get some here why. Not you estate commit date allegedly will be his mother's birthday which is June 20 sevenths and like five or six close got time account closed the applicable to all. It's been Georgia or. Does not gonna surprise. So confidence changing between. Idol thing out called likely. Yeah he is described by some as the best running back in the country which you buy that yeah I think he's. I like him better as the prospect now when did TV Easter. Easter time the country. And they tell us is but as a Mears passed these days natural ability. There's a residuals go to Georgia America's Georgia. Of course windows has great tradition for running back. Those gas Pollack are so it's going to be I think that with Clinton's depth chart at running back. That may be a more attractive option for so it's going to be interesting. The other thing a coincidence letter dot com says that he's friends with a bunch of clones and commits like take your Thomas is and Trevor Lawrence the quarterback five starts. It so they're trying to help get a man I'm sure. And it doesn't hurt. So we'll see if bomb if the Clemson Tigers can now. Can get in the mix with disguise and your wife Toni Mae and north Carol I think they're solid number two right so I think that's that's. 8444773776. That excellent 71307. We will take a break come back and have a guest out here from the BMW charity pro am at the more public level we return. You're listening to the huddle this is ESPN upstate bank. Welcome back live from foreign blade club in Greeneville BMW charity pro am underway on this Thursday Greg McKinney JC sherbet out here lines of back at the studio. And joining us on the balcony one of our favorite local golfers in this Tommy. Two gloves Gainey telling you dormant. I'm okay you're okay Tony examined today did not meet your expectations. Oh absolutely because they hung out ago that when they get today com. Shot even par hitter really good. But you know the the golf course with a lot softer than. Experience in previous years. I had a lot of problems in the ball to the hole and you know we knew me as seven or eight putts inside fifteen feet for birdie then leave them short and that kind of come across that yellow bit. Was at the drizzle this morning that that softened the greens and whatnot I think it was pretty much overcast in May be overcast and and the do. With all the greats as more and I think I had a lot to do with it and then Ellis on things like it most try to show I'll vote. Well we'll see but you know I've got two more days that puts them a discount score better that's quality if you play storm blade I guess a botched times how is this course is a tough. Where you know it it's it's starts off the tee you gotta get it in the fairways because if you miss the fairways are in Walker's here in ditches. You're hazards. Here and out of bounds coming you gotta keep that. In between the lines sleek and have a opportunity to get it on the green get on the right shelf. Have a good opportunity in making birdie. You know about her day in Furman to those Suu Kyi a little better use of well you know this golf course it's may I just you know I'm making putts. People admit I'll come down a short game in. And that's how you score you know they say dropped show proffered when. And now alarm but you know Furman and the reserve the preserve. Both those courses in they're OK they're they're good in just it all comes down upon. Absolutely. Menu you're pretty good testament to persistence because I know you've had your ups and downs you've been up on the PG one on the PGA right if that went up there. So line and you've been back nationwide now Web.Com here. What's key for you is keeping your mindset right to scoff at such a middle name went wherever your plane there to keep between the years where you needed to me. Well obviously. We talk about you gotta have a positive attitude no matter. How many cuts humanist. How bad you've been playing and how good human plan and you you keep missing cuts nominee and get the ball in the hole. You just gotta keep the positive attitude because once it starts go once I'll. And you let it go South Bend your attitude can get out of hand. And then there there's no coming back from. Absolutely is that that's the horrors border golf do you think that the mental side you know you talk about the putts today. That has to be extremely frustrating so I'll and you notice of them the mental focus and all that is is that the horse sport do you think of this game. It is it is because you know. You can't force the ball in the hole once she stroke it I'm more she swing at it that's it you have no more control of that helpful. And you just hope that you put it enough swing on it whether it's a putter driver Aaron. Then it's gonna go somewhere close to where you wanted to. And if it doesn't then. Being you have to scramble. To try to get it up and down. Or you have to really get focused on making a six footer if he had a ten footer for birdie and you hit it six feet by having you gotta. Name Yankee to mine right I mean gonna focus on at six voters that he picked up where he poked at the or any other you know like twenty theaters I mean you would hate to replant because that's. That's one of the worst thing you can do and being golf out here for us coming up for it but is. That's killer now Euro celebrity partners Steve a.'s are the country singer is good golfer and yes he is I was talking to him out there today we were trying to get you know. Situated woody killers in the first a first this is the first time Manning. He's played ammonia to master some and I had mating there. So the first Thomas had a chance to medium and intent was demon. You guys again got so. He must be in this country singer and offensive rhythm I mean he's he's up here and a that I should tell you something and but you know he said he had been planned that much hourly as kids. But you got kids in college and you got kids graduating. From high school now. That. That puts a damper on how much you can play golf. And and I've got two boys to a nine and so now my nine year old loves soccer and he's traveler complaints offers. You know that kind of put all of their pro me plan a lot. When I'm off. Write a sonic golf digest magazine has ranked him one of the top five musicians who play golf I don't know if that's a great list but. It's a good list is not a bad going to be on so we must via among musicians want the better. Golfers out there when he mentioned that he's going to be one of the performers tonight at the free concert downtown. On main street near the west in sixth ten tonight on to the musicians that are playing in the tournament. Our are performing tonight so you. Go out and enjoy that to a total football of out an astronaut Tom in area and you're gamecocks fans follow the Carolina gamecocks closely in the first one gigabyte you follow basketball too. Follow all the sports we care on the matter whether it's women's basketball. On baseball softball. Now follow all the sports yet mom is just the big time game conference. Out we'll take you back to march our end of march 1 oneself Caroline won file form in millions for the first time ever. I was out there in Phoenix the opportunity. And fault it's. Just the feeling with all the other fans there and flexed when I know one thing. Com. The moment before tip off and older in that game. Will was one of the most incredible. Athletic experiences I think in the industry universities after. You know from your perspective you know how did that Roland in the NCAA tournament. Impact cute as a as a self care. And you know just because of its. This is something that was a precedent when you know it's it was it was awesome because you know it's the first time a basketball team as. On being in the NCA term in a long time much less making it to a final forcing you can just imagine. Everybody that is the gamecocks fans when they finally made it did a final forming everybody's just. So how cloud nine and down you know we got a good head coach you know frank mourns a good coach he knows basketball. But most importantly. He teaches. Life. As the basketball. Because he knows. Not everybody all led team is going to be in the India. So you gotta have a coast and those life. Knows how to teach it and knows how to react with all the players because you know. When you've got what fourteen players on the attain it's. It's a different ball game because everybody's from different countries. Different religions. Different everything different races you know they do everything different. So nobody is the same thing you've got to be able to handle all lead and steel. Be the head count. That is a good point about offering warranties and excellent in. Switching your footballer talk a little bit about after football before we get on the years. You know we're heading into year two of the Will Muschamp Arum you know last year. Opinions differ out there'll on this but I thought it was a heck of a job to get six wins. With the the youth and the roster they inherited. You follow recruiting and all that how do you think things are going right now here with Will Muschamp and his staff as they try to rebuild. Well I've told some people. I was glad to see we must now we must can't get back from us he was the band's. Everybody fit what Tom Herman he's come in whatever. Blah blah blah but. Are really wanna muschamp look at three things the the only other coach I know that can do that ethnic thing. You'll networking you look at this realistic about days a year for sake. He can recruit. He can coat when you can do those three things and that's what's after harmony. Because he's got a lot of passion. He knows how to coach and look at his track record I mean all the gas that he's coached in the secondary the peak at the second area. I mean it made over 250 Meehan. So. You just say that out lab for a minute to think about that so if you're a defense to back player. Or players in the secondary. While what you want common place from muschamp and have a chance to get to the next level and make some sort of money. Liked it means that and to me. Eighties he and I'll lose it's. Coach tell those kids and they made them much that that's the estimate active coach. And he's a great person as well a chance to media whipping. Talk a little bit but I'm glad that having. And and I am thank in you know there was when he was first hired there was a lot of people. Not really happy with them are because they wanted to Herman anymore and other people before most it. And I told them off and let us at this is good news and great things like bird did when he was but. Muschamp not only get oil expert now. When you look at the cuts are not the popular that was the office because what happened at Florida where it must champ but when you look at. Take mentally and he's running backs of these receivers that are coming back in the so young this year I feel about the offense and so. Office should be good coming now for its alliance I don't know much about air war for the offensive line coach but. Yeah I mean JC thought about it. You know. I think he's I mean he's been able to get some good guys from any four start Alabama well I say the name of the sport on Alabama that's committed. And I'm hoping we can get this other kid out of Georgia. That warming is. Family members plate stuff. You know a columnist rob announced I mean. You know it's all about and in the SEC everybody knows it theses ski coming in whether they want to admit that a nominee of a continent that's just too bad. Are about on our schedule is so whore I mean the east is being count them the last few years. But. You look at the ACC. You know most of them and ACC country against the rainbow. It's a mix I'll just say this. You look at the ACC. You've got. Three teams maybe you afterward. Got Clinton yeah Florida State. And I think. You know Miami's up and coming of the tightening to may be Lue Wilson to and the level. Net that was the other team that I want to name. At least you had a Heisman Trophy it. But those only pertains only to retain or about anybody else. I mean really average mean not on not I'm not pocket called him nothing but coming. They've gotten in the coaches company intranet so that of in trying to get better arm. But you look at the SEC I mean it's always. They 678. Teams mcdougals. And sometimes more. And you you know the way Alabama's been plan when the national championship some happy news. Say that they are not the team the best team to beat. And now playing their right. No one maybe coming in for an excuse some polls in. It's. I mean that the prisoners and the putting in and says in Southeastern Conference. In the toughest conference in global and as you concede about the records. All right. Theories that. Tommy we appreciate it we're up against the break here man nowhere to go tomorrow which of course I'm going deferment tomorrow I'm expect in a good day. Yeah well we hope you do have a great day we'll be watching the scoreboard and look for your name of the rising up there 'cause we like followers of Caroline the guys absolutely it'd be rather trust me lack confidence do. Tommy Gainey here joining us in the huddle appreciate it meant. 8444773776. If you wanna get in here in the huddle to excellent 71307. Or breaking come back with more in a moment this is the huddle. You're listening to ESPN upstate. Back to the huddle ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC sure we're on location Thorne lake club BMW. Charity pro am under way. Alonso back at the studio will be back out here tomorrow as well. As golfers and other group makes their way up to the green here at number nine. I would tell you who it is but I can't see that well but he will it be enough they don't so leaderboard. Pretty soon I noticed when Nam when the celebrity women for some reason. Ball on the green trees he catches my attention. More yes. Yeah I don't know what that's all well Natalie Greg geologist. This is kind of a coincidence of just it just turns out that way thanks to a Tommy two gloves Gainey for joining us in the last segment you could see it on his face when he set down that he did not have a good day. And that was you know golfers are no real good at hiding their emotions right after they come off the eighteenth hole and you could see he was frustrated. Camp that date buddies now but really fascinating interests first and I've got to talk. Follow on Twitter yeah of course he's a big game cartman and that follows the work on the expert dot com and getting you. Had just talk about yeah you know that's the last thing I expect bigger exit out here and interview one of the celebrities there the golfer's. For them to know me I had a problem yesterday with Aaron Rodgers kept asking me granddad marry the huddle and and and in. You know hosting them. The music college obliterated show off the violent and all of us that the shift alt rock 10 on him you rock out to Led Zeppelin we'll let you play analyst at a lot of. A 444773776. If you would like to get into excellent 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches are the superstore you can reach us on Twitter. At ESPN upstate well we have a delay in a stadium announced today they've had a lot of rain in Los Angeles and now. There's got to aim Albert Hammond years ago this may be before your time accident never rains in Southern California. He said it in a song but he was wrong it has rained a lot in Southern California. This year and that has delayed the new two point six billion dollar stadium in Inglewood by one year this is the facility. That the rams in the chargers. Are going to be sharing rather than having that ready to go into when he nineteen they've announced today it will be 22 when he because of ranked. How about that. The rams will play at the LA coliseum for another year. And the chargers will play one more season at the stub hub center in Carson California. This new stadium previously approved to host the Super Bowl in February 22 when he won I don't know they may or may not keep that on the schedule. It comes to allay any further down that's a long time to be played in the LA coliseum and then. The chargers are playing basically at soccer or stay the hook the home depots that are being Carson. Is it soccer facility for the galaxy against Islam is the MLS team out there. Soccer. It's it's a very very small. Then you probably will be one of the most uniquely. Horrible venues in the NFL. I don't. It's it's interesting it's taken now it that there has been a lot of rain out there. Did you wonder though here's what I wondered medium conspiracy here's where there are other issues they're using rain as there excuse the weather. Only the weather's an issue that's where there other things going on with the airlines though Tom yet this feel like cancel flights license. The NFL has a rule that stipulates that a team cannot host a Super Bowl at the end of their first season. But the leaks as their cameo labor. The bypass that cell that still could happen that Super Bowl. The Super Bowl February 20/20 one could be held at this. New stadium Roger Goodell previously waived that rule on minimum temperatures at the Super Bowl so that New Jersey can host a Super Bowl MetLife stadium. The rams and chargers that record setting rain over the winner coincided with the mass excavation. Period of construction. Which are doing the big digging and that caused big delays that lost the better part of two months from early January. To the beginning of march and that's what did this as the opening plan. In they said that the new target opening summer 20/20 gives them the flexibility to accommodate anymore delays that come out so you know maybe that'd NAFTA the way it. But twelve months but you know season as the season now legal pad built in there with this. Extra delight there's going to be a press conference later today or will get some more comments on this. The rams were planning to roll out a redesign. Of their new uniforms for 2009 team that was supposed to tie into the new stadium they may push that back now. But they're talking with Nike in and possibly we continue to plan to do the new uniforms. In 2019. This new stadium. He is going to be. Holding 70000 fans and we'll have a 6000 seat performance venue beside it. All the setter plea piece of a site that will take about 300. Acres where the Hollywood park. Racetrack used to be and have a hotel office space retail housing. It was in the running to host the Summer Olympics in 2024. So. There you go rain rain huge problem around Southern California this year instantly and you stadium. That these. Two teams the chargers. And the rams. Our schedule to. Why yen down the road also Michael Vick is back playing football. Like slightly out of out of sync the Hamilton tiger cats and own his rights to the fifth it. I don't know sometimes guys just have trouble given and a so it's a new professional flag football league. And they're gonna test out concept again of the game next month called the American flag football league you're gonna have eight league on franchises in 28 team. Not only Michael Vick but just in four sets going to be involved in this too they're going to have their first game. In San Jose California June 27 Jeff Lewis came up with this idea not the guy who works on the 3.3 planet. This does is definitely lewis'. I don't know if these were legitimately. But he's a financier and he says watching as some like plaid effect the flag football last ball. I know moments that. And there was a business to be had by organizing some of the best athletes playing the game Arthur great athletes blink like football. Really don't know it's as somewhere probably mean I don't. You know if you watched the movie point break. For awhile back Patrick Swayze or IP. Yeah yeah on a reason in those actors flee from the Red Hot Chili Peppers they avail played Anthony Keith was not that they have all played a great flag football is tackle actually out on the beach this time on the beach c'mon. Listen. There weren't any actually flags but it was sort of in the game that's the first thing they came him. I had I don't like you you're dispiriting is one of my favorite movies of all times and please don't do that it's in my top 52 on. But I don't I don't like the fact that they're thinking there's a market for delightful ball which is. At some point that's what some people the sport to speak. And now. Our beautiful circle back and that's that's the NFL is headed towards like for the war on football at black opal this is part of a conspiracy. Others will be seven on 7100 yard football field sixty minutes a game time so and about the full the olden. The full clock but seven on seven football in this league including Justin Forsett. And Michael Vick. There you go. ID 444773776. We'll get back on the other side we'll have some tickets to giveaway for the county line music festival. Also getting here from Paul Pierce former Celtic on what the Celtics should do that number one pick they got this week. And much more so stay with us live from the BMW charity program is the huddle on ESPN a Tuesday.