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Welcome in to the huddle on ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney and JC sure Robert out here on location BMW charity program is. Underway officially today we are at. Or Blake club in Greenville. Three day great golf courses that are involved in this we're going to be here line for the ship today and tomorrow. Columns are back at the studio keeping things running for some we appreciate that. As there is a funny golf to be talked about we'll have some special guest joining us throughout the day here JC this is a pretty nice it was the first time you on this broadcast from out here with us were not here per year and now we sit on the back. Balcony of the foreign Blake clubhouse and we overlook the green of the par three number nine hole with a lay off the opposite side of the green just a beautiful setting. Absolutely it's a gorgeous Saturday and then you know when you look at it it's cloudy so it's not as high as maybe it was expected to be but it's. A nice warm day here in the south lots of people enjoying golf Jordan Watson golf. Hanging out here at the clubhouse at formally just great said he probably the most beautiful setting we've had the level yet so it's evident part of it so it's. Nice and serene and wanna get off the radio today that probably won't have a headache like sometimes that it. That's correct that we have a good crowd out here watching today every time a good pot has made here on Maria green at number nine we get that little roar from the bleachers below so. Folks are coming out early ethic of the weather maybe helping net act because there's not much of a threat of rain and other some drizzle this morning but up. Just the overcast skies are keeping the temperatures from pushing ninety like we expected they would today in them look like that's happened here or 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And clouds continue to hang over the setting here so that's good thing about the golfers love about whether. No doubt about it this is not beaten down like says it's not. As hot as it was expected would be you know the sun now. Says right now according to the weather app. 77. Victory it is humid there's the humidity here but it's. Great weather go play off mentioned this yesterday when non I was out here egos were in the studio that last year it was about 5455. Degrees with a cold drizzle falling on Thursday products services certainly. A marked improvement over that then rate for the Iranians who will be coming out this is just day one. But there will be a three more days after of this three days that all three golf courses and then a Sunday arrived back here. Net dot formally club before the finale so their per day the preserver per day and they are also at Furman this year in addition to hear the more blatant. If you get the opportunity to go out and now check out some of the golf over the next four days we certainly encourage him do that. It goes for a great calls and that's all the list of charities a long list charities the BMW charity program chooses to select and support. Every single year it's what investments in the area certainly the best golf of them are area right here that's. We love it out here we're glad to be here we'll talk a lot more about that we have. We'll tell you what we think we may have missed Boris guest. First bought him a star Aaron Rodgers interview at the end of the show yesterday were in the play that back in just few minutes here as that was right. Toward the end of the show yesterday. Were able to sit down with the Green Bay Packers quarterbacks that's coming up. But now also today we are hoping to have Steve Hayes our country sinker pure country fan. You'll know him. He's supposed to drop by and he's playing with one of the most famous golfer from South Carolina that's Tommy two gloves Gainey who is from Darlington, South Carolina. A very popular golfer on its torrent he is pulling Steve a.'s are to blame both those guys I hope will be dropping by a little bit later on. Jose Alvarez former Atlanta parade displaying out here today and we hope to get him on. And then the outstanding swimmer Dan Jansen we hope to get him more before we get out of here and he's been pushing the gum. The nom. Way to it is speech at least get a story this case. Yeah nobody's ever do that though now it's skater it all starts with an Oscar yet say it's easy access he is scheduled to come ride at the end about 345 so if he gets pushed back then now. Then perhaps we don't get a mom but tell you we've decided that mark Sturgis is going to do his show today and it's a shortened show easily available 530 because we have clubs baseball. Coming up later on today at 530. But perhaps Dan Jansen the speech it early on with market he's not a Guinea before we get out yet Dan has an incredible story of course can. Eating it in 1988 world stage is as a sister it is not gonna make it. Gets the call overseas goes out competes. Bomb just a great story you know one of those stories of triumph I think that we all love to listen to. Loan were considering why we love sports of quality of life so that should be good interview we don't get too and I'm sure stirred well. So love to right here we will have tons of coverage on the tournament and the celebrities that are passing through here today. Also coming up on the show while we wanna update the Atlanta Braves situation because Freddie Freeman got her last night we'll hear what. Bryant snicker at the manager of the Braves. Has to say about that injury and there are some uncertainty about the up. Injury status of vote. The best player for the Atlanta Braves in Freddie Freeman not that they were up competing to win a division or anything but the that you lose Freddie Freeman you through kind of lost a lot there. So we'll give you updates on that as we get them today. We'll talk about the NBA of course we'll have a chance speedway in county line music festival tickets as well and we'll preview the baseball that starts tonight for South Carolina and Clemson both drawing to a finish up with a winning series South Carolina try to get one for the first time in what seven weeks. So why it's it's a little. Off for the gamecocks he had just think it's room. It's going to be a an interesting series you know what surprised he's in the game cut snapped. They're series losing streak is Georgia's only not any team in the league victory news Mac game. It's just it's been a stroke on the matter the opponent is dead and now I don't I don't think they've played teams that are necessarily bad I think they put a lot of good teams that have lost two bit. As I've mentioned many times. There are standards for this program and it doesn't really matter that your play great teams I think that down the gamecocks should have been agree team on paper this year. It didn't work out that it's back to the roots of the program. We'll see what they do out we'll say if they do sweet Georgia this week in the get 500 in the league him and for the first time Colbert era. They can win some games in Hoover probably too I think that they can get in the NCAA tournament lingo from there but. It's now im just going off the tracker here we are the last weekend of the regular season Greg. And we're still talking about them trying to get it together so what you want that's not a trend in the right direction. It should be interesting offseason coming up. Now once this very disappointed except Caroline baseball season comes to a. Aren't you wanna get him thus were certainly taking phone calls as well at 844477. 377671307. Is that text line from the Carolina coaches are beast superstore excellent. And we're on Twitter of course as always asked ESPN upstate. Well so much for my AM theory. Really you might call it hope. That perhaps Cleveland will come out low flat last night to make this series. More interest and this game was over after August that it ended up being lay out what a thirteen point game which is closer than it ever was it was it was 61 to 39 and after. It or equipment over the so it wasn't that close and the caps came around dominated. I moved my Jersey collection at Defcon four last night kiss just oh hell lot of faith that in the Celtics. In this series caps played super. You know that's why other one of the best. Franchises in the NBA right now LeBron James is as the best player in my opinion in the NBA right now one they took care business of hats off to the cavs. Sell books let's go get him in game two. Speaking of LeBron James let's hear some comments he had after last night's 1172104. Win over the Celtics and LeBron James says what made the difference for the cavaliers is that they played aggressively in game one. Well thanks for months that if you go. Forward and one. It canceled Adamo. No blacks or shouldn't much junction us. And a smile mines. We've got guys that can. And should be accountable. And to care showbiz tonight you know both for myself. Do not have to be an attack mode and she put the pressure on the defense and see what happens and how they would do it comes to set the tone early. You know on what we needed to do once. You know wants us sort of see the difference and to correct in doing so from a shooters and I don't think we've played. They're great tonight we definitely should gamble in Oslo to be capable of shooting no Kyle had a three or four very very good looks that you miss. You know we had a good stretch book. Nothing good energy and effort. The mindset was where it needs to be shortened. Stone wrote this image conscience. Airs LeBron James and LeBron was a plenty good last night fourteen of 24 from the field nine for eleven from the free throw line 38. For LeBron last night K love had 32. Scott Thompson had to when he. Carrier ring a little bit off last night eleven points on four for eleven shooting and dies he mr. Kyle Korver was cold one for six only three points for Korver. Off the bench but they did not need that they put this thing away early. And I don't know Lum I don't know the scenario for Boston. Losing game one at home here I don't know the scenario for them turn this thing around on us. Yeah as we talk about yesterday it was critical that they ago it and get really to and hold serve and home above those really their only chance. And then game one the cavs go on there stab him in the face of and up palm take in the home court man Treadway says that this is not going to be a long series that'll thing. The Celtics have been a streaky team at times that we talk about them playing the bulls on the wizards vs play in the Cleveland Cavaliers I think that's a completely different thing. You know even though the records were what they were this season Katz played bats I I'm convinced that. Sandbagging is going to becoming big buzz word in the National Basketball Association. Here pretty soon. Just because you have these teams that kind of hold back in and you know you look at the cavs they're not even number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference but they're clearly. Clearly the best thing. Clearly the Dallas team so I don't know what the league needs to do to address that. You know I know they're not gonna shorten the season was when I would do. But it just seems like you know when. Factor in the Mark Cuban comments the other day you factor in the players sit on the bench and resting in certain regular season games. And then you look at the cavs and how good they are compared to how good they werder in the regular season. And something just doesn't add up his followers that the competitive. Genuineness. I think of the NBA it and that's bad because I didn't think. In recent years the brand of basketball in the NBA has become far superior copped. And people enjoy watching. But if it if it sort of like professional wrestling where you know outcomes are predetermined and I think that ruins the competitive spirit about it. And that makes it. Less interesting product to consume on TV that's him in person. You know the thing it James did last night was what the whole you went to the basket he didn't settle for three point shots as you heard in that. Clip we played from him yet 26. Points. In the paint last night and when he took shots in the paint he hit 81 point 2% that's deadly. That is you're not gonna beat Clinton gamblers. Now and they asked Brett Stephens of the Celtics you know what you do in the forsee said I don't know if I if I knew I would do it. They don't have an answer. For LeBron James he has taken it to a new level you know it's. It's certainly I think. This year JC more than any other odd time when LeBron James gonna get. More of the credit that he's dessert we had this debate going on all along time out just how good he is on he's proving. His worth right now battle level but that we have it's. Yeah and we hear the debate all the time about LeBron and Jordan and take a lot of times. Who wins that debate when you're discussing it depends on what you're born with I think guys that are our age definitely go with Jordan and then. People who were little younger sometimes go with LeBron it's a situation where. You know he keeps doing this for awhile and he is you know going to rival Michael Jordan. As the best basketball player Walt and any he's tremendous you mean look at look at the the championship series last year. Look at how he's played playoffs. You know nobody's got an answer for this in down. You know I've I'm not LeBron haters like the guy think he does a good job he does he does things the right way for the most part. So long you know more power to an even though it's gonna calls me probably have to Wear it to five straight days on the ship. The next game in the MBA playoffs or won't be one out tonight will be tomorrow not a big Cleveland Boston again game two at Boston double get Golden State San Antonio reviewing your series. On Saturday night at 9 o'clock today in that ball game. And I don't know maybe maybe San Antonio makes this round interesting I'm skeptical about that too it's it's almost like we're just them. Trying to tread water too we get to the to the Cleveland Golden State final. Yeah which I think is whatever body won't see for a third straight year it's kind of the rubber matchup between the two franchises. And it should be a heck of a series. You know we'll see ultimately what happens with the spurs and I thought the spurs you know just what happened in game one lost the chance to seize momentum and really get the warriors sort. Second guessing themselves on the ropes I mean when you blow lead like that. That gives the total moment the other team throw in the fact that letter was now I mean it's it is. It's Katy bar the door for the spurs unless they jump up off the map. Win both games this and it. All right so that's where we are in the NBA if you have some thoughts about that we would love to hear from you at 8444773776. Or via the text line 71307. Iowa come back yesterday at the end of the show. Just in case you missed it we had a chance to us at the alliance with Aaron Rodgers that the green bay Packers and play that back for your next. So loss stay tuned for that's as we roll on from Thornton Blake club. It's live BMW charity pro am underway here. At storm blade at Furman and at verdict but McKinney JC sharper and Alonso in the huddle. Audience in upstate. Rebecca air live at thorn blade club. Today in the huddle ESPN upstate Greg McKinney JC sure on location loans are backed studios central today. Yesterday afternoon there are playing or practicing for the start of the tournament today and we came over him more fortunate enough to catch up with them while probably the biggest celebrity of all at this year's BMW charity pro am. And that's Aaron Rodgers quarterback for the Green Bay Packers let's go to that interview. Came out here today just in the hopes of catching up with some pretty good NFL player in Erin Rogers of my green bay Packers and that has worked out guys Aaron Rodgers sitting with me right now live here and man this is an honor I you don't. Noon and regimens man good to meet you scrape did you practice today would you go here. There weren't played the preserved course. Playing that on Friday morning. Near this place is a little patches and there's someone to get out soon of course when you're around him don't. This foreign minister to different and you had them. I'm a streaky player if if I gig don't know bill I can I can shoot pretty low. Stress score in lower rates it's come a long day. I saw an interview you I guess it was done in Green Bay where you said you didn't play as much offseason golf this year what was that. And that kind of get taken out of context. It's our own nature of that interview room what are basis and was. Normally in the first for the offseason which is in season so they broke. I do play a lot of golf. I'm this year I decided to focus on my workouts more. As you are older and we can and think about your. Longevity in the past we've planned you know as Brady says in your forties now you really gets into your body is removed herself from me I just. This enemy you know of course I love. Because in general when more than trying to in my body in great shape let's once April it's more nagging remains low and also an implant a lot lately and I'm really excited down there so they extra work out too selective about the recent addition. I think so for me is about my weight. Body fat percentage and just kind of my overall. Join health all right do. No don't knee injury. Since high school really. I gotta clean up flash every season. Hasn't shown incredible so I did hear a pretty much of health last year other mental strain muscles. But. They try and put yourself in in the position soon took place sixteen games every year and that's a challenge system when one of the things that you two trying to accomplish a real. You're playing golf club helps you as far as football what do you learn from playing golf that might be applicable to the NFL player. Well I think events like this are clinical beach in February and now this and we played infringe on my own your. I think you can learn a lot watching guys compete and love me and competitive environment for me this is. For all morning nerves on the first tee. These three hopefully four rounds and then you say you feel in necessary recipients Atlanta last year. It's just it's a fun environment to see these guys competing for their livelihoods. Is really impressive to see they're focused in their grand plan when Jerry Kelly for so many years now. Who's been on tour thanks Tony two years now I don't kind of the split schedule senior and PGA. Other guys an absolute grinder and then hit. There on the green every home but he finds a way to scramble and make pars. And and make cuts a year after year mused someone's 25 year after year. So it's fun to see these these pros and elements really. It's taken on their challenge and and Verizon in their own expectations every week. Definitely counselor let's talk about his Green Bay Packers seem this year give me your take on what you guys did in the draft some of these young guys you come and. That's what we do we're we're addressing develop team for the most Goran so we went to defense first three picks. Haven't seen the first rounder yet. But the rookies just came in this week and it's good to me on their side they bring good energy we need every year. But as usually case and Green Bay we need those guys late in the season and there's always going to be injuries in this game we analog last year. Kennels and young players play important minutes for us and has stepped up and another problem. Dishing. They look I was doses is probably running back since I'm an image comes backlash you're playing the wide receiver the first half of the season and then becoming our feature back. Then we drafted three yes three and yes so real issues Tuesday assistant and and then try to contribute for us read some new pieces Martellus Bennett Jahri Evans. On offense last candidates as well on offense or two times in regard. And then on defense you know we had a Ricky Jean Chris Long whose longtime pro. Pros pro players refer. For for a number years among house came back tourism corner. So the key for us and really for any team this time you start to build that chemistry and chemistry grows throughout the season. And you try and had a peek at the right time and him have some good fortune when injuries where you can handedly in the years in the click on all on all cylinders and then then make a run we've been fortunate enough the last eight years and make the playoffs. Ports is front and other word we have had a great teams and has great coaching staffs it's allowed us to be in position to win essentially every year. But when you play entitled sound. I'm just going to NFC champs just not good enough so we need to get back then bring attention back home agreement. Talking to well one of the best Aaron Rodgers quarterback of the Green Bay Packers out here thorn blade club here. On ESPN upstate dumb about your offensive line that's always a key for you and protecting you is the key for the Green Bay Packers are you feel about the way they second this year. Romley pros guzzlers for us last year and a key to an office in line is continuity. In the ways you into new years is there's stay healthy and our dad is. Other than JC trend going down. You know it's more we're very healthy last year only had I think three starting lineups throughout the year which would rank very low immune cell. Nancy thank assist you with those guys who lost CC in Reseda Cleveland plus he's doing in three seats in Detroit. Those big us force JC is going to force you started two newsroom plus a left tackle force Tenet was our starting center. Mean last year I played really well for us these fantastic guy fantastic teammate. There are slows them touches airline is Muslim brother firm a number of years. Phenomenal player. Even better locker room and leader for us so we were foreign leadership success and opportunity and now from president Bryan Bulaga and they've. By two guards who tackles to step up and take a leadership role core England's Lee stepped in when JC transfer last year and played phenomenal forces senator. He's a rock in there very talented player very heady player very strong player. Blaine Taylor who is known in the media's mind the big question mark last year at left guard force played exceptional was consistent was healthy. Had a great season and orange are you ever and so makes a right guard who's been a long time all pro in this league in the knows how to play so I'm excited about those guys mcinnis about. Those guys are staying healthy and then and Joan ago. Would you say your confidence level going into the season as the size has been thing agreement. Well I think you're always confident in and shorts and T shirts it's a different game when you put pads on and training camp and you see your team and any sort of form. Might as a great job of release and the vision force every year what do you what he sees and our team. There is we need improvement. And and we its actions we got a great coaching staff stood there really believes in. And teaching the otherwise. I don't know the basics. Very confident in our our leadership and organization. Every year's challenge and a lot of adversity hits last year you know we start off slowly against foreign six. The mayor run morning in a row and then it was exciting and we're finally to build on that tenant finish it off in the years in the playoffs this year like we didn't do last year. How much attention do you play to what's going on with your conference opponents Chicago's an avenue quarterback changes in Detroit Minnesota's got a lot of new players some. What do you think of foam that competition level this year and and the challenges they'll present. Well you you princess and I am a fan of the game I mean I'm a fan since I was you know Ole miss too. To walk and talking and grow Boston 49ers and and and Brett Favre as well with the Packers so it's it's fun to live out their dream of as far as the other teams in the conference and this is stacked and they have been for a number of years. You see roll over and in teams make the playoffs every year. I'm because team's improvement in the parity in the NFC is. Is Israel so you look at it seems. Especially in the south the south seems avenue. New winner in division winner almost every year that Carolina two years ago reps in this in this horrible we land mass and incredible year last year rivers in the AFC. Tampa Bay they're saying is up this year you can see that. Our division I think he's gotten stronger Detroit Mets you know had a great career reform if there there and they add some pieces off season on both sides of the ball. Minnesota your consumers such a fantastic coach you know are always going to be tough. On defense Edison pieces on offense. And so you know we pay attention it's it's tough start for us Michelle and home this season and we go open a stadium in Orlando so. So we have fun season we'll look forward to really enjoy our downtime now and then you really ramping up you enjoy. All right Aaron Rodgers there and pleasure to have you thank you stop minds and down and hit a good this week when we watch monster thank you. There is Aaron Rodgers of these Green Bay Packers the quarterback who is playing here this year in the BMW charity pro am enough. I understand got to. Text from a friend yesterday JC units at that Aaron was pounding it practicing in Washington at all I would imagine that with the army has that his as a his long hitting ability is probably. Intact. And as well that's it's pretty pretty solidly a great interview there. Lots of topics stuff certainly. Very professional. They did. Come across like you are huge fan. Well because I got euros under an idea here it the and the like Peru which expect nothing less than. There aaron's at Furman today by the way if you're headed out you wanna watch show him some action today you look for Aaron Rodgers he's one of the group playing today. At Furman also in that group at Furman Larry the Cable Guy. John overly we've interviewed him before out here he's a from site film the actor from signed felt a Paul O'Neill former Yankee. Is in that group over Furman today so that's pretty good group over there that group will be here on Saturday yet storm played so they travel together. The group that is playing here at dorm blade today. Includes Kim Alexis. Number heard the actress model San Jose Alvarez we talked about that's the days are the country music artist the Spin Doctors Chris Barron you're Spin Doctors kind of guy aren't you. Knows something about them and there are. The fact half our way out though that. Being felt Burr from poverty and blowfish we thought him a hero for Dan Jansen the Olympian who admits that when to end up. Gary Valentine the actor from heaven can wait. Is among the players celebrity players here at born late today and then at the preserve. That per day today some of the players you might recognize mark Brian from Rudy in the blowfish. Chandler Ken's RO Clemson tiger New York Jets kicker. He's out there Chipper Jones former brave. Is out of preserve today Richard car and he was on the that's Al from home improvement. It's a good recognize him certainly that's. Russ Ortiz former baseball player Tim Wakefield former Boston Red Sox baseball players as well that's part of the group that. The preserve at birdie today except. And any events now on we go here we'll take a break here from form glee club come back with more we'll update the leaderboard here at the BMW charity program as well so stay with us this is the huddle. You're listening to ESP in upstate. Feel like the sun is trying to peek through the clouds here at the or Blake club today and that they dried the greens. Out a little bit which probably make it. A little tougher. They were probably solve from little drizzle we had early this morning. And the scores have been very very good so far bomb in the first half day of action here at the BMW charity pro am the leader right now. Is mark. A way I don't know and I hope I'm doing your name justice there mark who is playing at the Furman golf club he has played twelve holes and he's eight under that's could score right there. Now we van der Walt is at seven under here at the Warren blade to get tighter Duncan here's formed late news at six under Brandon Harkins at six under. At Furman and Zack Fisher here at the warm blade. As a score of a five under so far today also 500 Jack McGuire Samuel del all. Alba enjoy. Wade Banfield Andrew young men and Stephen yeah acre. So those all those guys five under or better you've got tonic for eight under par scores here. In the first almost these guys have played you know anywhere from eleven to fifteen holes so far today so the scoring is up. Literally tremendous yeah outstanding today that Google beat the question. Got this note on Jordan Leggett. Clemson Tigers tight end has his deal with the New York Jets. They brought him in and the fifth round. And he has signed a four year rookie deal with the jets. It JC so that's good news for Clemson fans and for Jordan like that that was announced on Twitter at Clemson. He had a 112 catches for 15198 yards eighteen touchdowns. During his career great size with Jordan like at 65. 258. Pounds. The question about Jordan like it has been blocking ability and in the NFL of course that is key but dots that he has a good opportunity to stick with the jets where. I think so too I think is a steal I mean is that performed as well as they tried in the college football down the stretch last year. Make clutch catches played with toughness got better. I remember that this would be Sam for the 1215 seasons that Jordan legacy can be as good relief wells to be. It's an iconic called into question you know is now. He's not maximizing. I think he maximum the last two years became one additional Watson's favorite targets and lethal lethal weapon. And I think the jets game. Definitely use him don't be surprised. Were set around watch it NFL football on October on Sunday. Jordan legged makes a big play as a rookie I think he's an it was a deep year tied it in the draft I think he's steel. Well Austin's a ferry and Jenkins is ahead of him on the depth chart but he is suspended for the first two games of the year so that may give Jordan just play early and get in there and show what he's made certainly. He'll get a lot of reps in my opinion in the pre season if he has if pre season. Play on Sundays that's what it's all about not I think get a different year draft law. Jordan lake it would have been hired if nothing like when you watch him play that's that's what he is our topic but it was just such a deep year there's not a a bevy of time is that are drafted. And he went through it with benefits I think he's got he's one to really watch. We'll keep an island Jordan Leggett he has this four year rookie deal with. The New York Jets and they could use some mop up some punch offensively in New York to say Italy's. 8444773776. Elected yet and we're live at formed lake club a sticker on outbreak of the hour we will come back with more. Stay Willis Greg McKinney JC sherbet Thorpe played Alonso and studio this is the huddle. You're listening to ESPN upstate. Quarterback Greg McKinney JC sure heard on location. At the BMW charity pro am thorn blade club where on the balcony of the thorn blade club house overlooking Karine. Number nine here on the front nine golfers. How they're putting right now it's this not an easy now watch this for several years Jason is not easy hole here because there's a creek that runs along the left side all the way down and you're off just a tad. To the plant on the so you're in that creep you are in the entering for him it doesn't look like I would probably. Go over victory slice no way to AMOCO. Other hall there it's not I don't know the links from mom from the two year. I'd have to look at but on some super long haul it's a nice big ring but you just got to be straight or you're in big trouble and get that. The grandstands on the right in the creek on the left out here but we've seen some good shots already here. Today where a huge cheer earlier of the dome might have been a hold on one and we can look up in time to see if that was from the two year maybe your short chip or something but anyway. It is. It is a nice day for golf the cloud cover is keeping it cooler here and the conditions are really perfect for the golfers in the scores. Are reflecting that at seven under is the leading score right now early. And the BMW charity pro am at this fight and loans are likely to jump in on this looks like this Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather thing is actually. Gonna happen O'Connor McGregor says he has signed the deal. He's in. He says it's up to Mayweather. To make sure this thing happened so it's just going on do you think. Did you really doubt this I mean with with all the money gets involved if this was going to die I think it would one way a long time ago but since they keep talking about time on it. Would you sign a contract and also will Mayweather back out I don't know I'd. This is. Has the potential to get. So many different fan bases to pay to watch this thing I mean. This will be awesome but I'm really looking forward yes I do you think this is gonna happen. Well lot Dana White confirmed that two he said that the McGregor side of this he has done he was on TV on the Eastern Conference finals game one. And it says he's just now starting to work on the Mayweather sites are there any reason that Mayweather would turn this money down. And not do this other than that that McGregor to get lucky Killen. If it I think it out I think he he might be scared I mean there is a possibility. But I mean listen Mayweather. Is obviously confident in his abilities the fact that he's undefeated. I mean it. If your him unison go this is an exhibition there's no way I can lose this thing. And also if you were to lose heating counted as an exhibition sale wasn't really a boxing match because he wasn't fighting a boxer. Now yeah he tried that. Dana White said this will be straight up boxing by the way if there's any question about the rules and he you know that are that though the format with a talk and everything that straight up boxing. I think he's going well and that's what he normally does well yeah yeah all right but I mean no kind of other rules he's gonna what boxing rules. Well and McGregor has been training big time on just his boxing skills so. Then it's gonna that I hope that happens sometimes and I can't wait to see this. Mayweather said he's waiting for information from Dana White and Connor Macgregor he was in London and he said. I'm not here to throw anybody under the bus but I can't see here and say they're waiting on us and we're not waiting on them he said I have a team for negotiating. As sinners there are side communicate with our side then the fight will happen so he's got to talk himself into a corner here to care early. In good conscience back out of that unless you find some excuse that we can't imagine. What it would be other two for you what's the last paper view that you bought the heat than you remember. Ever. The fifth at okay founder of several well I don't know that I have ever paid. Out to get chipped in on all of box like a Mike Tyson fight a hundred years ago. I guess that would have been a long time ago would you willing to pay money to see this man it was gonna cost cutting them bugs more than likely. Let's say high dollar would you be willing to go in on it with some deaths yet again am I getting guys Newton box seats and whether you know one are you organizing. Possibly around odd it was against the while lake. If they found out your. Yen yen yen so you know I will talk about it I would never do such thing talking here. Nobody ever does that it. That would hurt shippers. We tickle fight club we can say the first rule out flight is we talk. We do a radio show let's. Hear it sounds like a guy ESP in upstate promotion in which you know we get listeners to come in and watch that sort of thing we don't pay anything. An area that there's a often what you think JC you're in on this which you love to see this Mayweather McGregor. I'm not paying to get it on paper view but if you if there's somebody out there wanted to hold viewing party. All of a night where I was tree and then have anything do the next day heck yeah outcome. Closers. Frosty. Frothy cold beverages love imagine that would happen definitely definitely I think it's going to be a fascinating TV spectacle like. A lot like rocky three. Number rocky three fault hole and some other things like. Butler victory. I guess I just I think the potential for it to be very disappointing is there right allegedly Alonso can it be horrible. Heat. Connor McGregor has nothing to lose I mean it built the way that does if he goes on he has a decent showing against him even if you were to lose the boxing match. This still looks good on them and they did the only way it would look bad it is this McGregor got knocked out the first round I really don't think that'll happen. Because that's not really one Mayweather down. Nice not to be aggressive enough of that happened I don't think. Or if he's not aggressive against hotter greater commitment record take the fight it is it beat him yet but that's what I would do it if our McGregor I just take the fight to him try to just. Beat him well every McGregor find out what's McGregor is aggression that's what he is he's gonna come out just going nuts so. It it doesn't potential to be vary very I wonder what the undercard to going to be is it going to be straight up boxing the will would be an undercard. Damn you think they would have to have something to stretch. Do we get Mike Tyson fight an exhibition area do with the money. Of the policy that he's an actor now he's not gonna do. The other word is that O'Connor McGregor wants to fight twice this year. But this is if this is one up lead ending the fighting in those who it is going to be the huge payday. Edison on the seat of power here fighters like Greg comes with a bit of fighters fight. Piracy in the movie the fighter or. Cinderella man has some too much of a businessman American or Iraqi. Bomb making. Bank on one fight. In my just make that Mya my project for the year it just sit back in two and chill for the rest of the year I'm way out what is there that that's about mines. Yeah. Mayweather said this week he only has designs on McGregor. So he's talking a big game he says this is the only fight that makes business sense. He said I came out of retirement because I'm a businessman. And I wanna give the world. What they wanna see McGregor a fighter I'm a fighter of this is what fight fans and MMA fans. Wanna say well his mindset is. Or speed them. Both clubs out. Both up and how to McGregor posted a yacht. Picture on August and mr. Graham now Twitter and said. He put his belts on kielty said let's go get some boxing ones now son talking about belts. Pretty get. All right back on the other side here in the huddle. 8444773776. Will debut in what bus Greg McKinney JC server and Alonso audience in upstate stay with us.