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Welcome back to form Blake club BMW charity program day one and a underway here Greg McKinney out accurate. Or blade at the clubhouse loans are back at the studio. And we're pleased to welcome to our broadcast location here only back porch the balcony if you will. Josh Beckett outstanding Major League Baseball pitcher over the years for all teams like the Red Sox in the Marlins in the the Dodgers Josh I don't. I'm hanging in there humble on the little tires it's a little different haven't. Haven't actually walked the golf course and kind of griner out luckily I had a pretty good pro can carry me around yeah. The other bullet to in the gulf or well that you could take one out and I'd I did ride a little bit my caddie had a decision have to carry my bags so. But. Yeah it's it's not bad it's it's it's a good cause and we would always have fun it's nice to go and can get out your element and you know do some things that. You know you're not used to do in front of people and it's it's it's it's definitely different playing around a golf. When you know there's there's actually states in it's not like just play pickup game with your buddies. Yeah that's interesting you bring that up so lives many big baseball games as he pitched in in your rate careers that it's a little intimidating to have a gallery watching it. No doubt about it no doubt about as the C got lined up on the on the rights you think about it as oh just off causal don't come out right now insidious and if it's somebody that fits the it's that's pretty good how do you play today feel good about waited. I did yes shot I shot 74. Amal ball and I got four shots so it probably gets outs of around sixty in a defense that's pretty good take them. And I I act on the backs of the got back to back par fives are what birdie eagle and and I doubled the par three right after that. And it shouldn't 174 in a while that's golf you play a lot. A deeply quite a bit it's it's a little difficult right now discuss new a five week old baby. You know on some on come on on kid duty every every morning. For some reason kindergarten. Back and Bernie Texas starts at seven point five a hands. We don't actually live in burning so we've got a little drive to school every day what you're in Texas you're kind of used to heat is at different years it feels sort of similar. You know it still may be a little more humid. But it doesn't bother me too bad rather be early op than really cold you know. What we do you know who your pro that you play with today can looper yeah presents. Yeah and all these guys arm Gaza I was on the range yesterday watching just. In all watch all those pros and it's it's it's really amazing how difficult this game is for those guys in. You know you really got to want this because they don't have many home games in has no guaranteed money. Erratic really the only guaranteed money probably some of the endorsements of these guys sign. They all they'll have that want to win. You know they're really good and that's that's the that's the thing it's you'd realize how good those guys are on the on the on the PGA tour for a lot of these guys to. To speed you know basically in on this on this tour for 34 years you know we're talking to see Thomas well the actor earlier stop but this isn't thought about you know you don't really asked these guys for tips but you do absorb some little doubt about it. You in Vienna after that that's the best way to learn how to play this game I play a lot of a lot of golf was couple pros back home. I think I learn more just from watching the way they play the game and that's that's really something now mom on kind of are on trying to get to where I'm learning how to play golf that's that is going hitting the ball and you know you got to think your way around a golf course and you watch these guys it's just. It's basically second nature for them because they've been doing it salon and know how to get around the golf course even if they're on their bad days they're gonna they're gonna keep their there. You know their bad holes to a minimum and you know just string out 78 pars in a row maybe make birdie here or there may make a bogey there here's there. In my god did it today I don't think you hit the ball. You know they're exactly the way wanted to holiday but. He ended up with a lot of pars and few birdies in a couple bogeys and shoot for 500. So is your goal to get better and maybe play more golf and rebellion and I wish I yeah I wish we had more events like this in even if you know like you know this one doesn't have. A purse for us. I mean it's just fun to come and play in. Like a sit kind of take yadier element. A bit and and put you in it in a situation where. You get those competitive juices it's not really being competitive with anybody else is just your competitive with yourself and you wanna play well. It you retired in 2014 I believe what what else you do in the such going gulf. I'm not mud Sam and I I got a few little I I don't know ranch in south Texas side to some ranching in we're or registered long we've my wife got me into this long form business. I wish I could say that I loved it but it's it's a lot of work for really no money at all. But she likes look at that also would you know they say happy wife happy life. And if so please think about what you wanna do next everything will be broadcasting you mean like I did at this games for the Astros last year and I and I enjoyed the TV part you know assist. I didn't like you know when you sit there dug out all those years. I'll get to watch the game from that perspective. Yes and there is sitting in the press box this wasn't there really wasn't my thing and you know I got told the executive producer of baton. You know Heidi they won immunity fifty games this year we just had a baby just him. Yes I I left the window open you know I think if they call me like in September something. You know they need some might become Phillip for six games or something I'd be willing to do it but. Fifty games just there's just no way active could've done that from you know living in San Antonio during the games in unison him. Romania at the outstanding career three time all star a couple of World Series MVP of the World Series and he goes very. Yes sir that's pretty specials at the highlight of your career which you look back on. Yeah in there was yeah I enjoyed all the ups and the downs in and that's that's that's cool thing about in the play at a place like Boston is. You know you really you really and when you remove yourself from. The this bit. The bad you look back on and each day while what a blessing it was a play at a place. Where'd they care so much that they go through the bad times with you in their their miserable when when it's bad so. You know I look back now it's it's yeah I really remember. You know my time Boston as a you know it as of the as a cool experience something that if a unified spent my whole career with the Marlins I don't know that yet you know would have never known Brian you know what that was lines in you know we we they have some great fans down in Florida but it's just not. Not a baseball though nothing is like Boston. Talking to Josh Beckett outstanding for a Major League pitcher who just wrapped up his round Peter Thorne lake club. Speak into the Red Sox get this Red Sox yankees thing at a at a new level now because they're both really good what do you think about that this year contribute I think they're broken. Really good for a long time to and that's that's fun to watch you know Alice I was kind of there in the midst of wind. You know it was really some hatred like between them I have to right now it's kind of more media based hatred yeah after Olympic guys can't kind of really you know. They they really get along you know in. You know it just. I'd like to say it is there's there's nothing like that that rivalry in on out I played in LA and I'd I'd like to Sony's decision tell you that. You know the Dodgers giants rivalry is that it's just not it's not the same thing I mean there was there was some true light. You know hatred between the between those two gloves monopoly there. Dodgers sitting in last place right now which seems a little long and usually gets its early but the way things wrong with this and well I think they're missing some timely hitting I think it just turn back this past week is gonna help. You know they lost course eager for the year. Tommy John surgery. You know I and that's the end of the day unique in always pitch better. It's is that the quality start thing I just felt like his. It's not. It's not a good stat in six innings three runs and that's a four and a half ERA in Alex's. You know I think the Kershaw is down for right now you know he needs then you get him back and going in. Because what he's going that that's the thing you know you'll get along losing streaks when you got you know your horse is out there and you know I think. I think that that that division. That's the cool thing about that division besides last year nobody ever just runs away with that you know it's always kind of just pretty tight knit. You know but. You know looking looking at the Padres are better in the Diamondbacks are better in the giants are better so you know it's it's. It's it's going to be a tougher road than it was last year's as are all in the Colorado I mean they're there and there it you know pretty much a playoff team every year now. You know where they're there for awhile you're not the like the Dodgers cada went to San Diego on the up on the Padres went to Arizona and when would win two out of theory in. You know what to Colorado and would sweep for when you know three out of four and you know now x.s and there's a lot more parity which I feel like there is in all of baseball knew I'm sure you could help a team with a some coaching just not a good thing. Don't don't I don't think I have the patience for that and I unites us it's different it's a different. It's just that the guys are different. In in and does knows that I feel like. That was something that you know I hung on just long enough to where I assault the next wave. Of guys command it's all about Twitter it's all about fifth. You know yet how many. Followers in I just is a problem my group was a go grabs expect varies the estimates of tolerant you talk about baseball after baseball. You know that was that was our thing in. You know now I don't feel like they they really. There's there's not really much on our plays count us glued to their phones in that's just some of the stuff that I noticed in his ears. I I didn't I didn't love it but you know exactly I think it was it was good that I got out when I did that in after the it was for too long in here. Doc into Josh Beckett former pitcher for the Red Sox Marlins. And Dodgers just wanna get take on this Atlanta Braves team that surprising everybody rethink their career. I'd I'd do actually I never knew what what do we have third of a third way to the seasonally and I mean yeah I don't I don't think deacon. We knew used to be a good line is not to meet people that slip through the cracks that's an eighteen to slip through the cracks for you know 68 weeks it just didn't happen. You know I think that they're young and hungry. You know like I've I feel like in honor of John heart's not there anymore but I felt like he did a good job of peace Millen that thing together and you know even had to trade for some some contracts that he probably didn't wanna pay but. You know he built up in Johnny's good body mind. But you know he's probably not getting much credit for for that team but he you know he's Connolly added that built that thing you know. All right Josh Beckett Josh and you looked at things to do we appreciate you stopping by good luck the rest of the way and hopefully shoot low laughter. Thank you Graham thank you Josh Beckett. Hall of fame pitcher there or three time all star pitcher there and jump and anonymous open at pebble we'll we'll get to that later. Thank you Josh appreciate it 8444773776. Takes line 71307. And we will be back with more from the BMW charity pro am. In the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back live at thorn blade club Greg McKinney out here Alonso back in the studio. He has in upstate and the huddle BMW charity pro am. And down. Blessed with the honor of following an all star pitcher and an MVP of the U2 1003 World Series Josh Beckett is our home. Patrick Brown. Does all this what I thought was gonna happen when I woke up this morning and yeah I mean look I had to get him off to make room for Patrick Brown that's what a death sentence and Josh Beckett out here on graphics chip kimono. In Abby I I and I appreciate in my ego feels better now. Now that you said that so I preach a greatly appreciated thank you. I've had been a couple of weeks as we checked in only in front NHL playoffs as they go on for like six months and so bomb which hit jump on this down day that fourteenth joint U. Is say that the NBA playoffs do the same exact same do these same exact thing fees may be over now and on the fourteenth just like in the NBA. I as is is the best fourteen or did somebody miss out dissident. You can make that argument you know until you're blue in the face I. The only team that I with being could've been in there and that is and then there is the national predators but this series with the jets when deciding games it was a legitimately close series. Both those teams were equally matched you could make the argument for the penguins as well but you look at the series against when they played against the caps. After gained three date is kind of lost their footing. They were really strong on the power play did just didn't really know what to do and the caps. Are fortunate to because they got some lucky breaks went into those games as well. But honestly and truly I think these are the best four teams in the post season right now. Are you mentioned the national predators and McConnell liked them because they're of southern hockey team and you know that's about as much as. It takes from me like hockey team but done. I saw where their players they did the seven game series with the Winnipeg and and they lost 521 in game seven. But us all worthy players and I guess may be much of the staff and exit interviews after they were eliminated. Pretty much to a man said hey we don't need a lot of change your list don't blow this thing up we have a great team great organizations so law. Don't go messed something up in the offseason would you agree without for national. I agree without wholeheartedly day. A lot of the blame was point at Pickering Hank. For allowing two goals and I believe seven. Two goals in the first seven shots of the game Woodson led them to be cold very early. And a lot of people said you know should they changed the goaltender should negate changeable under. We wouldn't be here without him we would have gotten this far without him. So to say that we need to make a change is an insult him penciled the predators organization as a whole and a pencil to our fans. We're not gonna change a thing because we know what works we just got outplayed today by a good team. All right very good well sort that I guess there will be no more catfish throne of the I spoke. The rest of this year you know let them eat you never know national fans are are in a league of their own when it comes to craziness and alum for it. I you never and they might sneaky cat fish in their somewhere date they might pay for a good ticket in Vegas or something like that just a throw cap this online. I'd Las Vegas golden knights coupled with a peg to the war in the house a series and so forth. It's close. I know a lot of people we're gonna look at the scores ago it's not that close they even planned re very good hockey both teams have. Knights are matching the jets musicality but I think the ninth who. Edge amount so far in the two games to 1 lead because evening getting a lot of offhand. Attempts basically two on one attempts or when they catch the jets are going on a wind changed it just kind of catch some awfully. Andy the jets need to kind of regrouping game four. Game four is a do or die game for them if they tie the series at 22. In Vegas they now have home ice advantage again as debt the play two more games in Winnipeg if it goes seven games. And I think the jets need debt they really do need that because you can't go three straight games against the knights and win I don't see that happening so I saved. If you beat the nights in in game four you're gonna have to do it would much better line changes you're gonna need. Com held back to play his best he didn't really look spectacular in game three. And a lot of the times as 'cause they just kind of swapped what they were doing from one of whom was his own fault won a gold James Neal scored. Was completely is fully try to go behind the goal this clear the puck out. Got caught. The night stole it basically shorthanded goal wide open net nothing he could do hope that needs to be smarter he needs to be better. As one the goaltenders or the year he really does need to perform for the steam. And the justice need to match musicality and not. He's surprised with the Mexican after. Last game the jets didn't have one other guys Eller civilly laws he still out are do we know his status we don't know status for game four he had eyes following any more closer to a game time decision with him on the jets who really did keep a lot of their stuff close to heart close the test. And we're not really again know until morning skates tomorrow. We were really can I'll looking into it but I mean obviously there have on the day off today. And we'll know a little bit more whenever we get morning skates tomorrow big deal if he can't come back and see a big deal. It. It is your your miss him when he your key players but the same time you look at. Did the jets have been playing with the same mentality is that caps and playing next man up mentality. As an of one of us goes down no matter who the star is no matter who the player is someone has a step up and play. He had the big blow mentally because it because you complain with the style season you've been playing with them and trying to make sure that everything's good. And all the sun he goes out at the crucial party here but you have to throw that away insane elect next man up who's gonna step up for. All right the other series of course you gotta be happier camps are leading Tampa Bay two to one has that played out the way you would expect it so for now because I never expected to cast to be here. I'm being honest with that the caps haven't been here in twenty years and I will sitting in twenty years I was four. The last on the caps went to this went to the third round of the Stanley Cup finals are lefties and I don't know what to expect there's part of me down Mike I'm so onerous for the gains but the same time I'm not because if we lose. I don't really care B we kind of made our season goal which is to get past the second round what I love to go to Stanley Cup finals. Who wouldn't I think the caps are the better team in this series as well which is surprising because a lightning had the best record in the NHL this season. Not second best he's meet the only best bullet he knows better them with the predators excuse me but the lightning. Don't look that sharp and yet they beat them 42 in the last game boy. Most of it was you know four on five hockey or form for hockey they really can't compete with the capitals on final putt hockey if you look at game one and two. Especially in Tampa Bay it is did what good it all they looked like the Arizona coyotes. And that's an insult okay doesn't cancel public. It is it was a good. It doesn't was not good hockey for the lightning I think the lightning. They really do if game four goes the same way as game three did. We have a much better series on our hands but I think it caps are way too strong right now. Now I want to I got good at that. As it does say the caps do hold Foreman do luck yet the two wins they need to win this series would you rather than face Las Vegas or when integrity care. That's like picking though the lesser of two evils. Honestly I would much rather them. I think I think both stories are great. If you look at. Three of the four teams in the NH at air in this in the finals they have won a Stanley Cup only in the has as the lightning. So if the cast you move on they're gonna face a team that's never won a Stanley Cup both. Environments are going to be crazy I think it's more. Beneficial for them to beat the ninths because of one player and that's Marc-Andre Fleury. If they beat Marc-Andre Fleury of that skiing kind of release is done at the ghost that's been holding him back because he's never been able to beat. The painless when he beat the penguins organization. If you look at the lightning they have Chris Kunis who has three Stanley cups with the penguins and if they did face the night's. They have to go against the former Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender. Who's won back to back Stanley cups with them and Marc-Andre Fleury so I think it's kind of a natural progression if we go that way that you want to see the nights. However I'm such a fan of hockey in the environment a hockey I wanna see what Winnipeg doesn't Stanley Cup final that in a city would turn upside down. How are for all Washington in Las Vegas if they do win how with a hockey community outside the fans obviously pulling for their own teams. How a hockey fans in general feel about Las Vegas and Washington for the fun. I think adding these you know excitement. For everyone's saying it's too early for Las Vegas to win a Stanley Cup shop to just shut up. No one. Yes oh my gosh is the first season ending might be winning a Stanley Cup. The reason it's so exciting is because it shows what the players can do how well they've jelled together so quickly it's great for hockey to say that you know what. Any team can go out there and when it. A lot of people outside of hockey who have never watched hockey before our Watson has gold knights team like this their first year. I'm liking what I'm seeing on the recruit them and there's going to be a lot of outside interest and the next have been the media darling of the NHL all year with how Weldon a plane. And the cast I've seen a lot of people on social media saying you know what on the pens fan I'm a Bruins fan. Let this be the caps year I'm rooting for the caps which we never thought would happen penguins and Bruins fans don't like us they never did. And I think for the NHL diehards and even for the people on the outside Munich there's mutual stories going on here. Give people interest into this game so I think it's good if it is a night's vs caps. A situation because you're looking and Mike Nolan is really good stories here they've really good dynamics in his first team. Our first year organization in the Stanley Cup finals what more do you point. Dead at his Las Vegas vs Tampa Bay that's too warm weather hockey teams nobody wants that. Yes and no I I would be more interested to see what the lightning or what the the golden knights production team does before the game. Because I don't know if you seen this but they've done spectacles before eats. Gain you know like when he and as for the game I wanna see what they do with the lightning. Because of its like a bolt of lightning that shoots down from the sky and Mike strikes the golden knight's player and he just like stands up perfectly. He's he's solid jet in half last night. I don't know if you saw that. Go back and watch it isn't the greatest thing I've ever seen. Where it's a guy dressed about the golden Knight is in a skating on the ice and there's a jet. That this is on the ice kind of like a picture and it's flying towards the golden night he just told us sort out and cut the jet pack. It is the greatest spectacle on ice today. I like it Patrick Brown RO hockey you reporter and and you got some stumpel the website following this. Yeah I'm gonna post a few blogs here and a little bit about why of that skin. Has been the playoff player of the caps deserve. Just kind of following up a lot of the stories that are going into the policies and there's and a lot more stuff whenever we get to the Stanley Cup finals. A lot of good stories going on both teams I have a lot of that sent up right now he is in upstate dot com you can make sure that you stay up to date with that. Follow me on Twitter Mack Brown's when he too I do pose a lot of hockey and there is a lot of stuff in there. Just gonna keep up today with baton you'll see whenever our postman is stuff. The stuff Patrick we appreciate it meant presented. Patrick Brown ESPN upstate dot com to find more of his stuff including blogs. Keep it up what do hockey somebody you know. 8444773776. Out here at or Blake club BMW charity pro animal bringing about more in a moments on ESP in upstate. We're back to the huddle on ESPN. Upstate ledger witnessed today. As temperatures have cooled off a little bit this afternoon the golf continues. No rain here at the warm lake level flooded in Indonesia though. The other two courses today so a good first day for the 2018. BMW cheered pro am if you get lucky the next couple of days here and get everything in it as schedule. Some of the ACC the day tech this album. The ACC wants to propose legislation. To expand the NCAA. Basketball tournament field from 68. To 72 teams. I John's offer the commissioner made that announcement at the end of the spring meetings and Emilia island Florida. Just Wofford says the men's basketball coaches endorsed the proposal they say there are more postseason. Opportunities for football teams. Compared to basketball teams. A swappers' at the idea of having to first or right now we of one having to perhaps geographic first force. That's. Such a quick turn around you could have maybe won in Dayton and one in the western part of the United States and we will be. Proposing that. No love coming from the initial reaction to that is for most peoples' living and we have 68 teams we need we really need. More more than man. But it does kind of interesting that in you go 11 for basically two playing games involving four teams. And does seem a little odd to me. So I don't guess it would an army played games at the same time different parts of the country a policy is a problem. I guess the question is. Why don't we need this now you know more more bubble teams can get in do we really need them what's. Advantage. I mean I mean overall for his turn announced in advance I know it is. To me it also diminishes Dayton I mean this is a big deal for Dayton haven't he's playing games. Right doing them somewhere else on the edge diminishes them and but but again I don't get the point I mean I guess he got shot again another Cinderella and her some I don't know. Well. The coach of Miami Jim Larranaga said that it would be good for several reasons and one he said is that it's unreasonable travel for West Coast teams to get to Dayton Ohio. Coddled them. I mean how buzz today at age. Yeah played better get a better record in the not to worry about it. Or snot rocket coast coast trip to Dayton Ohio isn't. Me and I know that it's it's a long way from the West Coast to Ohio but. I mean you may call cut because this does go all over the place yet know last I checked early season tournaments. Last I checked I was born in Ohio look there are quite a bit I don't recall it being on the coast. Now I don't think it's you know like it's in me or something so. It's it's. More toward the midwest and that was not geographically the center of the country but does not that bad Larranaga said there'll always bubble teams. That could have and should have been invited to go big on that they'll give him but well. You know what when you add 68 they're going to be a new set of bubble teams 69 to 771 a 72 will be the new ball. So what does this stuff. Yes. 68 teams to the now there are more basketball obviously with football. You know there are schools that play basketball and not. Football I think the number is 351. Division one basketball. Schools. So that's Andy says 19%. Of the teams. Make it to the tournament at the if you bump that up to 72 teams that it would be 20% Oca. Aurilia from 19% Megan and a 20% Megan and we're gonna call that progress. You know what you know that they need to stop because basketball crowd for work on making the the football playoffs go to a team's. He took a while us write a mile yeah he's right there's all kinds of opportunities for the post season in football. But I only for two games for teams like spoiled for. There royals is playing and I mean this ball game. Simple bottle now. It is done. It just strikes me as a a little odd. There are also some specific role changes that the ACC is going to proposed they're going to proposed widening the lane in basketball. They're going to propose Reese setting the shot clock to sixty I'm sort a twenty seconds after an offensive rebound. Re set don't go all the way back just about to twenty seconds any says it's about moving back the three point line. I mean I'll be OK with with standardizing the NBA and college three point line. Ruined pro government. You know I'm kind of used shooting quarters you are to kind of shocked and it's not for some reason I thought they had already done that. Now they have done it's it's longer for India. You know and more more and is not slow down a new three point shots are taken it to watch the game last night economy. They're jacking threes like crazy but I you know standardize that that probably makes a lot of sense. But I don't know about adding four more teams to the policy. It feels like we have. Quality of teams. Iranian I final break 8444773776. To excellent 7130 cent. And back and wrap it up here from port blade when we return in the huddle. Audience in upstate. Final segment for the huddle today on this Thursday at the the BMW charity pro am and a thorn Blake club with Rick McKinney. Loans are back at the studio you know we have another turn on PGA guys are playing in Dallas at trinity forest golf club it's the AT&T Byron Nelson. And die after round warm we have a couple Clemson guys. Tied for the lead and the scoring out there conditions must be perfect got to go 1234. About 66. Or seven guys. Six guys tied for the lead here with sixty fives today that includes Sam Saunders. The grants and Palmer. Played it clemson's Sam had a modest 665 today as did Jonathan Byrd. 65 for Jonathan birthday and they are tied with Keith Mitchell Aron wise. Abraham answer. And Easton Tracy so those six guys all with 65 today. And minus six. One shot back some of the guys include Rory Sabatini. Ryan armour branding races they're Kevin as theirs he missed power is there. Slipping through for some of the other. Golfers of note that are playing others Ben Crane at minus three so three shots off the lead. Gentle breeze at minus two. In the tournament. And. Losing seasons from. Tommy Gainey to gloves minus one so good round of seventy. For him today to a couple clubs and guys burden Saunders tied for the lead at the Byron Nelson here. At the BMW charity pro analysts say here's three golf courses or blade cliffs valley and Furman. We have several guys time for the lead here as well eight under is the lead. Today. And net minus eight right now we have Cameron champ. Taylor Moore. Since India. Jim Clark. Luke Guthrie all itself. Minus eight right they have wrapped up. The day and that's different. Scores because they're on different courses like minus eight at four blade is a 63. Minus eight this valley is a 64 but the wanna say it is the leading score today and so. Have crowd at the top of the leaderboard. If they want we still have golfers out on the course and see anybody beats that for the rest of the day so on those model finals. Today we have some guys still play in their. And so our. Our co host Richmond Weaver we have not heard from and clearly will not with just five minutes left in the show I don't know if that's good or bad. You know it could be that he's barest amount talk about round that went yeah that's that's what. I'm gonna go to I think he's embarrassed I think if he played really get around you who have already texted you with a filling up on social media. And he's radio silent right now. Yet us it's probably not a good sign or maybe you know home and make it about some rain at the other courses he was at Furman winning heavy rain all day over here. But it is close to us it is nearby. So maybe he's running a little bit behind. Hopefully will be able to get him on the years tomorrow to talk about how his experience as one of the amateurs in the BMW charity program. Has gone but so far as you say radio silence no word. From Richmond Richmond are you out there which dual worlds wall though with the we're Richmond and contest of people try to track him down. He's just in content Ito. So far today. Anyway it's been fun out here today and they have been. Here are successful in getting golf in at least your form blatant hopefully everywhere else today so so far so good for the BMW charity program we will be back tomorrow. Now if Clemson. Baseball is not rain delayed or rained out at Pittsburgh tomorrow our show will only be ninety minutes were scheduled go from one until 230 tomorrow. Because the tigers and Pittsburgh play at 3 o'clock opened pennsylvanians to thirty airtime from Clemson. Network that start that series tonight by the way 530 year time. And at 6 o'clock first pitch up and be shortened show tomorrow but will come out here and down. Give you what we can from the BMW charity pro am you can still get tickets and it's it's always a fun of that you'll enjoy seeing the celebrities there. Very accessible for the most part and you'll see some. The great thing is the golf mean if you wanna see some guys. Pound golf balls than and go to one of the tee boxes. Here's the BMW charity pro am watch these guys hit that is always a lot of fun and I'm making them and take a look at some of the Nazi who slept out now of course this afternoon because I would like to see. A little off when the weather is good right now wanna think seat Thomas howl for coming on with us earlier today the actor from the outsiders and the pitcher and Justice League and red dawn and other movies and he was some. Very gracious and this time earlier in the show today enjoyed talking to Tommy as he likes to be called. And earlier this hour Josh Beckett former pitcher for the Marlins the Red Sox. And the Dodgers the three time all star two time World Series champion MVP. Of the 2003. World Series. He retired just what four years ago in 2014.