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Welcome back to mower blade club BMW charity program is underway Greg McKinney out here Alonso back at the studio and hopefully joined by Richmond Weaver who's playing as an amateur over it does Furman today. Hope you get the Richmond on before we get off the air at 4 o'clock this afternoon play underway the first round of the BMW charity pro am. And we're joined by one of the contenders now honest Jamie Arnold Jamie how argument to thank you have myself from doing well thanks for stopping by good round to thank you. You it well obviously yeah applied well and bush score sixty set 66 while yeah that is good scores earlier just couple shots off the lead I guess. I'm going to so but it's early. Exactly fairly or the conditions like out there and it was good news out of it arrives at the greens are a little soft spot. And I was really Austin's is Condit. Humid which is thoughtfully when you got it this morning in play out the robot. It's it was it pleasant sought to have that Ryan and say the sun packet sent out so the it was a good time. The guts to do does have an early tee time and beat the rank as we're still waiting outside right yeah exactly yeah. Com has your game been going lately even play well. I've been playing pretty well haven't scored as lol is what a Fella of implying. That's golf's gone a bit lost at the thought comes in and thought because it's a felt like. So I was. Step in the wrong direction. But yeah having nothing flash yet published of the so that a fair few events left of the season so you know around on the money list. Doubt you've been on the tour for a while now have even come up and down what were what's been your history with the trying to make it where you want. This is my second full year on the web though content. I had status in 2010 but by escalate from. 2000 and ten to. Seeks stained I've played in stride item mostly from strayer originally. Plight on the one I needed to the Peja to which on. Especially any rarely get tired oh went. Was like played in China has a lot different. It's good and in the golf courses that really dried. Just language barriers of civilly tricky and food. Conde what you ate for the united for breakfast. And it was five democratic France had met a lot of great people. And enjoy the travel sought of that say it was you know it's I'm Joyce saying different coaches then it says the house caught a fun. What do you think of this pro am format to get stuck guys you've watched on TV comedians actors all those guys Roma and round does that positive for a little bit of distraction sometime might feel about now. Think it's fun Maine I kinda feel like gulf gets professional golf it's a little bit. Two. Stuffy in Iran novels are pretty chatty talk with the essence on joy you know I think it's great to be out have a chat program. Talk about some all the stuff the suspending you know exodus. And we six cells and it's nice. A Philip it's con Austria again affair lineup which out of out stop fumbling gulf where mashed united alone Dawes. They get in their little bubble and not really wonderful if and they are enjoying it now and look my gets a lot of programs that matches on got to chat a bit more and as far as are a little bit more relaxed than. You know just played more like. You know how to play growing up in Aaron membership gulf on. Plan with whoever's on the today if you have an amateur that's it and a lot of bad shots that's not a not a problem for him you can chuckle I'm not the fifth I mean it doesn't matter if fundamentals like it's I am. Lambs. Played well and hit hit the ball awfully not that. On Anaconda feel like as long as your. An honest person you say haunts back from and that's the main that's the busing because. You know on early can Helen plants as a matter if they're good people can have a chat to them with what does this course fit your game today. It pretty well main. Show you know it is that so far a lot of girls wanna have a I think Els wanna have a third model six. A felt like it was a good round to must stop and anomalous you know you lost Joseph played pretty well I think a shortfall on the for a follow on to aid in the first round loss to the school cyclone in joy of this is flawed. And all capital markets it's good fun little members' schools. And then the thing about this tournament as your plea to the different courses in the next couple of days is that challenge. I'm an only talent I think from a client's perspective would be just the grains that getting the speed of the greens and and so is going to be tricky day get all three courses. This time and then. These cross Sears and processing. And then cliffs and you know which makes it a little bit. Little bit tricky of that phenomenon that everybody here's bright line isn't it. We play different golf course everywhere except Condon. I think it's really that big deal are you involved and you the extra events that are going on the celebrity softball all that stuff you do and I'm not big enough celebrity I thought that was a thoughtful guy. I'll probably can run out oranges fallen the rest of the deaths of as father. Now a lot of on spying on Simon than gentleman Bobby haunts this week is a member here acres have really good golf off a plane with him loss did. And I Jericho essays and their Greenville casinos everybody's so which is going to be hanging out probably have a barbecue diamond. You know maybe letter on the wake hookah. Some festivities for the environment latest. Pretty locate. Focus in on golf right now is as you should be. Did he says some goals for this year play as well as you can and go as far as mechanic yes but he getting more specific than. Yeah I mean I really. In a goal a goal study was to win two times. And mostly get my page attitude and obviously setting hard goals. Because that in one I'd just go wanna win and no wanna finish twelve point you know really wanna. Trying to finish up this cause I can on the money list you preferably the tall. Hold on would be you know occur right because it locked here in early on for the news starts before you reshuffled the jets who have thought. A main post looks more goals that stop syndicate progressing united way can get that term veteran laden. Loan from the week before what could've done better and so you conduct. Get down about flying about because we play somewhat gulf is that. Yeah you have weeks where the council studio lie in wait for the thousands it's pretty good that you're upside yet another goal is obviously throw line from it weakened. Work out what could've done veterans. Structural flaws that the following way which is schedule like for the rest we have a lot of events left the basically although play mostly everything and selling in the position on the line with where I can type away. Awake at two off coming up the Alito planner them at the at a loss I easily that'll land outsider. The stretch of them on luck and Oxford Mississippi and Knoxville and here grain bill. We get Nashville next week Rollins said the south face economy one of wild as it is and that's close to time you can draw everywhere and then. Maybe latter on the Yale home ms. Walters at this stage and was gonna cape flying new. Will be employed in a while still having fun I answered yeah and how a lot of fil a and very very Lockheed. Via Oden made great people and play golf and you know I'm very fortunate compared. You know some people. The united don't have that she and chance all pitching duo are doing so that's on goat grabbing a bought both hands than nine joining how often do you back to Australia. Generally get their rest was seated I easily go back to the strand summer events. What they strand to strand page and then try to snake there now it's on currently is. It's caught a little tricky and now with. However a full on Joba here Aaron at a for and a half year old son. The loss I'm Cyrus to you going out there that's that's also a lot more expensive than what it used to they haven't bravest sand and the Al thing is too it's not. You know he's got school and she's gonna to alt south content. Van Allen marry everything in I guess there's muscles are locked him about my parents committee wants is it's con Austin. Say that man. But yes not not hold as much or block enough the it mean. Occupied I'm assuming quick Kris your sponsor you get their logos alone yes if that's a good it'd have a sponsor of the and I describe mr. Winchester from quick Cory he's member of my club there Alanis he's. He's been a great supporter of mace cents a time. You know go on the windows sponsors first breeze handoff and help anyway couldn't that span in Brussels and Ankara relationship about this than. In has enough on some money back the congress should. I get plenty of I can't play at table Sami that haven't maker so Spezza. The good thing that I don't know that Jamie Arnold Jamie great to talk to you good luck the rest of the way to stop thanks for for Russia there's Jamie Arnold one of the contestants with a nice round today the BMW charity pro am here at the orange label breaking the back with more you're listening to the hoddle. And the BMW charity pro am coverage continues on ESP in upstate. We're back at formed lake club it's Greg McKinney. Want to back at the studio and golfers are coming off over the course today finishing up their rounds a year round one of the BMW charity pro am. At three golf courses across the upstate and that we're joined now here on the back porch if you will clubhouse at formally by Martin trainer. I'm Martin Prado parent thinks they have me thanks for being in your California. I am indeed intact when I first came to us South Carolina. Because I went to USC at my thoughts and Atlanta you the University of South Carolina mountains have to correct every month sentence this who have been you know we distracting. Menace can play well earlier ruling that let. Yeah we have that debate that constantly around here at the Rio USC you know stuff but does that loosely Utica to close by the ways with you eases the real seasons. That's an hour's. I appreciated. You play well that I had shipments. It's Amber's these courses because I am here. The trying to make it more friendly than normal usually you know Chris Melinda pumped up the beauty to orbit there's no. Pretty difficult route. Firm greens today. Because of the amateurs they keep account and damages and it's so much more comfortable so that you very they normally do that they limit at least here at any you know easier and more friendly you know. We and to skin. Can complete rounds and it takes effect. In fact makers would still be out there oh yeah one of those groups that little troubled that a disappointment exceeded their. So the conditions of the in the course of things differently to you no effects from the rain and negatively that we all good. Now courses little soft from the rain that it it's beautiful greens in sin. Oh man I cared for. Take me back to when you've got in the golf law I assume at a very young age there's still young man now playing for awhile ago. My dad didn't like everyone else that actually says. Much later in the third and eleven and missed the guys out here you know being offered there when there like you know site hits. For me I settled later about it you know I've picked that play other sports I think that. Pretty quickly and in. You know 1617. High school players cause. It just play golf and my school play sports ESCO. Am focused and beaten and then USC. Google team. You had a good team grows up. Fifteen nation on nationals that road and that's Southern California knocked out of whether understand which you receive your your talk about the west coach Bryant is correct it. But that's. So what's your professional experience been like most people coming into a lot of ups and downs in the Whitney absolutely I mean. And the alternate in the ups and downs I won and it's here and and ever since I mean there's the top fifty. Literally. I'm trying to you you know NATO to settle for like at points yes speakers just to something is in the miscarriage and richter went. I won in Mexico. And so obviously put together there was yeah. You know it. Anytime you. Win a tournament oval you have to do everything. That we well all I've putted it well but. Sometimes you'll want to and it had a and you know reform one axis because that the the golf courses. Really suited for him again it's far hive that our street sometimes and so. The course that played in Mexico was open is now to send. And it. Was your goals for the rest of the year after the certainly in the top 51. That mr. the top 25 get their tour card so that's every once in our. If elected you're games and please read to become the yeah absolutely you know that is taking it one week at a time they say. And it's just make some birdies what do you think of the whole atmosphere via pro am. With the celebrities. Comedians. Actors and then of course the amateurs that the routers used have a good time to well what's that experience like it's different it's much different from using reason play just rational and you can it. Says. Dark and quiet and I mean when it's playing bad ups and I think it's. That like all this stuff and making it you know it could be could be a funeral there. And it's just that the amateurs it's yours senators meet actors. And as a parent with. Athletes and also it's. That time the fine you know cute little later did that. On the play with guys who. Are necessarily you know super upset if there missing. If you run into the guys that you recognize that like the line Canada lol it's liberty detail yes well so yes actually went to the Children's Hospital needle thing man knowing ball. It was out there and use Hughes back in the out of the hospital not exactly. The greatest crowd of off Africa but he bit me he made it work he's he's he's. He's a veteran. Yeah he's funny is due under the table guys out here to him. So the funny guys I guess if you're jokes during you sell you probably are count as news. As a professional competitions yes and least successful comedian here. Tell us about your favorite stops on the Web.Com tour we're we're electable. Well there's one it's pretty close my house in Texas it's like now one for the home field but it. There is some good ones. Just all over the country and even you know like we put in Indiana couple weeks ago. Just in the middle of southern Indiana. If you have. You wouldn't recognize it from anywhere else where ever yeah exactly. But it in the middle of them in it's amazing golf course and now it's such a treat to play I mean thinkers like. Handful of guys shot under par for the week of course it's so hard news apps you meters so once awhile. We encountered some and those Euro zone that we you played instead of Curry's turn. There I did that section one. Point it out when one in Oakland and he was that the plan last year and it ain't. He doesn't get injured in these playoffs yankees playing in this. Amateur to sneak in his group being sort of local back via an amateur edit sneak out there and make it happen you basketball fan. I am mores then your wars. What do you think. I mean everybody thinks it's a done deal but the competition. They did I think he's the best and played in practice coal. There identical rounds that they became. You know and I think they're better than the Cleveland team that they play in the finals last year's team it. Probably equivalent of the third team. That are likely it's going to be says its video answers. That. They're against ours that tomorrow you go to Furman their that's correct and well good luck the rest of the way Martan a trainer who is so one of the contestants here one of the competitors in the web dot com's. BMW charity pro am it's great to meet you thanks for spending a few minutes thank you sir all right thank you mark trainer 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Here in the huddle. Well I tell her right welcome back we're more in a moment you're listening to the Hubble on ESPN upstate live from Thornton Blake club in Greenville. Quarterback in the huddle ESPN upstate about it born Blake club with the Greg McNeal rotation ones are back studio. At a statement from the a Big South Conference today on the departure of Liberty University. Kyle calendar the Big South Conference commissioner issuing this statement. The departure will be. Effective June 30 so coming up pretty soon here. Calendar in the statement said the Big South Conference in liberty university of at a mutually beneficial partnership for 27 years. Today liberty has announced that the partnership will be ending. He said we wish nothing but the best for liberty university in its buying student athletes in the future so here's what's coming up for the big south now. They're going to expand to eleven full time member institutions starting in 20182019. As they add in Hampton university and USC upstate. They'll be joining Eric Campbell Charleston southern Gardner-Webb high point long would presbyterian. Radford UNC ash poll and Winthrop. Picks up also has to associate football members Kennesaw State and Monmouth University. And north Alabama is going to join in that so regard in 2019. Sort of long beach south news to pass along. Today affective at the end of June. Coming up this evening on ESPN upstate we do have Clemson baseball yes I understand that it is Thursday but Clemson will play Pitt. First game of their three game series the last regular season series of the year. For the tigers 530 air time. And 6 o'clock for the first pitch and hopefully the weather holds up then not Pittsburgh for that three game series. A Pitt comes in at 27 and 22 only eleven and sixteen in the ACC. Clemson on the other hand is forty and thirteen won their fortieth game this week. Other nineteen point eight in the ACC. The game schedule. The point play tonight at six tomorrow's games at 3 o'clock so. Weather permitting and they get that game it will only be -- tomorrow for an hour and a half from one until 230. As we take it to the pregame show for Clemson Pitt baseball at Saturday's game is 1 o'clock sort of be at 1230 airtime on Saturday. Oh games played at Charles cost field in Pittsburgh. And though we will have the ball for you here on ESPN upstate Clemson leads the series four to two. On the road at Pittsburg they lead the series 221 they play the series back in 2014. A starting pitcher. Schedule for this evening for the tigers is Spencer Strider. He is right hander right hander Dan hammer going for Pitt tomorrow Brooks Crawford for the tigers and Jake Higginbotham on Saturday. The Pitt Panthers will outer with Matt bit rich coming up but tomorrow right hander and they have not announced a starter for Saturday's final game. Of the series Clemson coming up that whenever Kennesaw State seven to two on the road on Tuesday night. Their fortieth win of the regular season. And forty regular season wins by the way for the tigers' most since 2006. When he at 43. Regular season wins so on you know some big series person safely in the post season in the NCAA tournament but. You wanna be the number one seed. You wanna be a national seat to a top eight national seed. So they're playing for that and certainly wanna make sure they're secure with the whale. Home seed for the first round of the NCAA tournament. South Carolina. The game Cox by the way are opening up the series today as well Thursday's start to their series there on the road. In College Station, Texas blue bell park. For a three game series with Texas a and M. Play tonight. Tomorrow and on. Saturday 730 tonight our time. 730 tomorrow night and 3 o'clock. Saturday afternoon the Aggies ended their nonconference regular season schedule with a 65 whenever Sam Houston State on Tuesday night. Potter Coleman had two hits and drove in Iran in the when. Jason Sharaud earned the win on the mound struck out four and two and two thirds innings game got seven and four overall against Texas say it and last time they met was 2016. Aggies won two out of three games in Colombia and they beat Carolina 41 in the 2016. SEC tournament Logan Chapman scheduled go for the gamecocks tonight freshman righthander. Against Mitchell. Kill Kennedy junior right hander for Texas say in them that recording three and he has a two point eight fiber on members of the picture there. Adam hill Friday night for the game Cox. Junior right hander and John duck sockets sophomore left hander for Texas and amp. And then on Saturday the gamecocks will send out Cody Morris Cody is a sophomore right handed pitcher. And the Texas a and am has not announced there Saturday pitcher gamecocks are ranked in some polls. Other number eleven in the collegiate baseball poll this week they're 23. In the baseball America poll they're 25. In the ESPN USA today coaches poll. Right now gamecocks are 38 and RPI. And they won baseball says they have the twelfth best strength of schedule in the country playing in the Southeastern Conference. That's not a big surprise Cody Morris named SEC pitcher of the week after what he did last weekend against Missouri. A South Carolina took two out of three games their fourth consecutive SEC series win so they've been coming on. And they looked to be. In the post season but you know what go over to a College Station and get swept gamecocks. Need to get a win and if we get to a more. That's just gravy so we'll see if the gamecocks. Are able to do that it's a big series the final series of the regular season for the gamecocks. Coming up in College Station starting. Tonight. 8444773776. Or more on that Michigan State settlement with the victims of sexual abuse we talked about it. Yesterday lots of money. Flying around in that case. And John Barr is and he India ESPN investigative reporter who's been looking at this Michigan State case for a long time he dealt with a ESPN's Bob Lee about the way this entire settlement. Laid out. Each of the survivors looking looking at roughly how much from this particular action. Yeah barber 332. Women who are part of this settlement they will get approximately on average one point 28 million dollars now some women will get more than that. Some will receive less than that. It will be up to the different law firms to determine how to allocate that money but I it's my understanding. That. There will be an allocation process where they'll determine if women perhaps suffered lost wages they might might wind up getting. More money for example or if the abuse was particularly egregious in some cases those women. May wind up getting more money. But we brought our John if I could ask you do we have an understanding whether this these funds are covered by insurance for Michigan State. Are they self and shortage is coming from endowment. Yeah other details of that are. Did not come out today but it's my understanding just from reporting on this that it will be a combination of things insurance. That they might have to. Floats some sort of bond issues to cover this massive settlement if it's a significant amount of money 4015. Million up front. And then 75 million dollars that will be withheld for two years. For any future claims so they're setting aside that period for any other women who want to come forward. So yes that's how you get the 500 million number. All right that is John Barr ESPN investigative reporter met while a lot of what a big miss Michigan State's dealing with of course it is. Larry Nasser who was associate professor and a doctor Jan all the women that he abused. Over a long period of time. This settlement only deals with accusations against Michigan State does not address lawsuits against USA gymnastics. The US Olympic Committee. Or. The gymnastics coaches involved. The settlement in principle was agreed to by Michigan State's board of trustees at a conference call on Tuesday night. 300 plus women. Reaching getting. Paid for the settlement and then another 75 million dollars. Set aside because say there's no reasonably that that's all that will come forward. More victims are expected in the gets 75 million dollars that they can now. Call on to pay off if there are more cases over the next two years and probably reasonable thing that there will be so. I'm maybe bit beginnings of cleaning this up and get and moving forward getting past all this at Michigan State but though. There's ways to go before it's all over. 8444773776. Techs line 71307. Out here at the BMW charity pro am we will take a break and come back with more. Where with the till 4 o'clock this afternoon. You're listening to the huddle this is ESP in upstate. It's Thursday the Hubble on ESPN. Of state as we're approaching 3 o'clock here at the BMW charity pro am. Out of thorn Blake club of course also being played at cliffs and at that Furman. And the Pentagon lucky today that got a lot of golf in a lot of weather to deal with and seen any rain here at formed like we saw some here yesterday. I was just looking at though weather radar it's pretty good line of thunderstorms stretching from Asheville down toward Atlanta but pretty clear right now. In all of upstate South Carolina so even though the clouds look kind of threatening. We're getting golf fan and we're reaching the mid afternoon and so it looks like he'll. Probably be able to finish up today's round and now be on schedule after day one and with a forecast resolve. Few days ago for today I think. These guys that are on this prestigious. Web.Com tour golf tournament would be happy with that to get the day yen now. Have a celebrity softball game and drive stadium scheduled for tonight. And that might be a little more collectible the storms may be moving this way by then want to see a foot vacant. Get that in as well with a golf is the most important thing. It has been a good day with that and so we're talking a little earlier with the C Thomas Howell the actor who was then the outsiders and once Spiderman movie of me in the pitcher in red on. He actually told me after we finish the interview were just chatting that he wants had a radio show. Out in California. And the years talking about. Since now we make it look easy at all that stuff police at the yum. He had a Sunday afternoon for our radio show on a station in California and the first time he did it he prepare what he saw was signs of material for his four hour show so he was ready for anything. And he went in there and burned through all this material in fifteen minutes. Does I mean that's so funny anybody you know if anybody is ever done that radio realizes. But you have to over prepared to the point where you you hope to have stuff left over. Then you know that you prepared enough. Yeah. He says there was a lesson for amenities that radio taught him you know to aunt Lou the made him just more comfortable making a better public speaker said he has to do you know as an actor last month. But a lot of appearances that made him better then at bat so he appreciated what radio meant to his career and editors successful acting career I thought that was so. Kind of interesting the way he yeah. Started out in radio and and got out of it quickly and has been very successful in the acting realm anyway. I'd pass that along I yesterday we broke the news that Josh bail is leading Clemson they made an official after we left the area that we told you about it. Earlier on the show yesterday just ducks' defensive lineman. That I committed to Clemson a very good one some have him as a four star some even have him as a five star defensive lineman. And there's a little more about that today Phil core blue did an interview with Josh Bell. He's out of Lewis bill South Carolina. He signed. Last December he was an early enrollees. In January. He went through offseason conditioning and spring practice. Davos Sweeney praised him for some of his one on one drills. He is now saying the announcement he made yesterday that he's transferring away from Clemson hands to do with family considerations. And you know he's not saying he's going to South Carolina that's been. The focus of a lot of speculation him being from Lewis bill that was the closer to a Stanley not too many major colleges seeking go to do that South Carolina no would be one. Belk said there's nothing bad epic against Clemson. Or the coaching staff he said he appreciated. Everything them taking their time out to coach him given an opportunity basis sometimes. Things just happen. Must. Regulations since this announcement. Yesterday and you know a lot of this is message board stuff which you could equate to being nonsense. Until we hear something official. There's a lot of speculation some speculation a message boards that he got some trouble. At Clemson and so. You know that might be a red flag for South Carolina or any of the school that. Is considering in there has been nothing from the school that was when he statements that he's a great kid and they wished him the best there's no reference to any kind of trouble but I guess when somebody leaves unexpectedly yes Josh Bell is doing. Then you know all kinds of rumors you're going to circus about what's really going on because. You know we talked yesterday about how I mean wanted to get a lot of playing time this year is a freshman but. And he won't be just want to just flat loaded on the defensive line. But those guttural leaving. After this year and because of lying recruiting down the line has not been what it is right now they're not replacing all of those guys with similar talent. And just built a big time players up he had a great chance to play next year not this season but next year as a sophomore or maybe a richer freshman. For Clinton and if he transfers. To another school as he has now announced his intention to do. He will have to sit out a year. Unless he gets some kind of hardship and I don't know what that would be I don't think saying hail wanna be close to mom. Would qualify as a hardship that would allow you to waive the transfer rules so gets out anyway so. I don't think it's. I don't think it's wrong to assume that there's a little more to the story that we're hearing. I mean how much closer to mom when you're being Colombian and would be Clemson, South Carolina that's one thing. Is there something else that as convinced him that he wants to league clubs don't know the answer to that. Don't have any indication that he got in the trouble but maybe you'll hear more about his decision. A little later on you can be sure that lost schools want him so don't just assume he's going to South Carolina but Belk told a full warbler that. South Carolina and Tennessee have contacted him. He said he has talked to Lance Thompson defensive line coach at South Carolina and he has talked to USC compliance. You know maybe about that very thing about. Transferring and they're tone them on your what I just told you via. In all likelihood. You're going to have to sit out a year as transfer from the same level the same level. Belk said. The compliance people and Lance Thompson told him make sure you make the right decision. The South Carolina would love to have them there were close to him he was I think their second choice along anyway after. In fact most of the of people. Like the 24 sevenths sports. Crystal ball forecast had him going to South Carolina so it was a bit of surprise. When he chose clubs so the figure that South Carolina is back at the top of his list. Would not the sound surprising at all. They were at one time his favorite but he. Committed to Clemson. At the beginning of 2007. Team but when enough Phil asked him if he is simply going right to USC he says no so I'm looking. He's up talking in my family I'm praying and I'm making sure everything falls into. Place he says he's not sure if he'll visit USC or tennis Tennessee again. Heisman USC a lot of times. He had offers up high school from some other big schools and has some big time player he had offers from LSU North Carolina NC state Florida State Ohio State. Virginia Tech. Auburn and Florida. He says he will wait until August before enrolling at his new school which makes a majority support through May. Says keeping himself in shape and he will decide soon where to go. I'd just be a big deal for South Carolina who certainly needs. Help. On the defensive line this is one of those clog up the middle kind of guys that the gamecocks are lacking. Right now so with making yet. Josh Bell he can be sure that though. They're going to but don't assume that it's done that he's got the South Carolina he's looking at options. Now that he has decided to leave parts. How long is on deck press got. I thought this was interest and the cowboys quarterback. He was asked about potentially locking down a mega contract after 28 team. And he talked about bigger things than money. Back Prescott's said I'll wanna be the best I can. How ought to be the best quarterback. That Dallas Cowboys have ever had. Esprit lofty goal they've had some pretty go one's fellow Rodgers all back in Troy Aikman. Has some pretty good quarterbacks Dallas. But he says he wants to be the best so when he goes in each and every day it's about being the best player he can be and all that comes when you played the game. Well. Of course Staubach and Aikman broke hall of fame quarterbacks and they combined to win five Super Bowls. And course Don Meredith you wanna go back. A few more years he's in the ring of honor Danny white was a good quarterback went to three straight NFC championship games. And then there was I got Tony Romo. Tony Romo is still the franchise leader in passing yards. And touchdown passes. That press got. Brought a lot of people by wanting about two games he's won 22 out of his thirst 32 regular season starts. But the cowboys miss the playoffs last year with a nine and seven record. A package when he sixteen that Prescott's route 23 touchdowns in just four interceptions. It wasn't as good last year 22 touchdowns. But thirteen. Interceptions so we. Jumped up the interception marked by almost double digits the cowboys will have to remake their passing attack this offseason because. Jason Witten has retired going to broadcasting. And of course they decided famously to release Dez Bryant who is still looking for his. Next home the executive. By president. Of the cowboys. Is Stephen Jones and last week he said the team has projected that its future budgets with Prescott's either get him. They're index rose got foreign obscene amount of money. 630000. Dollars us although they that pressed the 630. Now. That's the way it is with a rookie count. They can't discussions on a new deal until after the season since he is a fourth round pick from 2016 east along the rookie contract. Jones said last week at the quarterback position. It is what it is when his time comes. Back is going to have a great year. He's going to. Yet what he deserves financially he was a fourth round pick no one deserves to get pay more fairly than he does that Jones. And yell at seamless some of the other guys who art Aron Rodgers and who wore metro line got paid so he will do well.