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It's Thursday we're back on the road in the huddle on ESP in upstate we are live at born blade club where the club house. Out on the back porch overlooking the ninth green here at the or Blake. As the BMW charity pro am 2018 is now underway officially and we left that day so far now we have. And they kinda like yesterday with low clouds around but there is no rain at the moment. Houses looking at the weather radar and it looks pretty good for the time being it would lobbyist prized targets of showers before the afternoon is over just 1 o'clock. And we get lots of golf left the plate but so far so good out here at foreign blade and presumably. At the other courses cliffs and Furman is looking at the radar most of the and in a northeast Georgia but showers pop and up all over the place and that may happen we will Lott talk lots of golf today we expect to have some celebrity guests here today. Alonso on know you're familiar with C Thomas Howell and you watch more of his movies then at least playing in spoke to join us later this afternoon and a the sports talk and him. Yeah on the geek out over that man leaked outsiders red dog especially a bread Donnie is my favorite character red Don so we really cool. And it's cool and then Josh Beckett long time very successful Major League Baseball pitcher Red Sox and Dodgers. And Marlins a belief. He is supposed to join us in the 3 o'clock hour and now we will. Look forward to chatting about baseball with Josh Beckett coming up on the show week. Certainly toward bringing you that and then nine between that the some golfers and maybe a couple of officials with the tournament here to find out what's going on and you never know who else might pop in so. Looking forward to an afternoon talking to those folks we have lots of other things to get to today. Our hockey correspondent Patrick Brown is going to be in studio with you their loans or 3 o'clock and I will chat with him about the NHL playoffs were down to fourteen. Sorting close to the finish in the National Hockey League playoffs and Patrick knows way more about it than you robust do so will look forward Dan Patrick on. A little later this afternoon. And of course the basketball NBA playoffs continuing and we won't get into that we have more chance dispute 1000 dollars every hour of the next keyword is coming up. At at 2 o'clock right before 2 o'clock and we will tell you. The word in the number to text at that time so. Just keep it right here on ESP in upstate for that fault lines are open text lines open 8444773776. You can text us. And it's 71307. Use the keyword ESPN and more on Twitter at ESP in upstate. But we have one good series going on. And just invent that maybe the other one will be good too but we definitely have something going on between Houston and Golden State now blowout last night for the rockets. 1272105. Over the Golden State Warriors and it was really down under control by halftime of that game used and came out played there. Game the way they like to play a lot of isolation that they always do. And they actually worked it to perfection. Last night and won handily over Golden State the time that series at one game apiece. Four of the Golden State Warriors. With notable one man's scoring threat with Kevin Durant he had another great day with 38 points on thirteen of 22 shooting. It all of this free throws. He just played an outstanding game but down. Wasn't enough in have a whole lot of help knock curry with sixteen points and Klay Thompson only eight points on three of eleven shooting so called not for clay. Last night and that's one of the ways that the rockets were able to luck get it done they have more balanced. They had done James Harden with 27. But off the bench Eric Gordon also had 27 on. Eight of fifteen shooting and six out of nine from three point range Eric Gordon was. Very good last night to get 22 from Tucker. And nineteen from reason so good balanced scoring from the Houston Rockets last night the tie this thing Mike and Tony. Coach of the Houston Rockets. Talked about his philosophy that the rockets were not peace changing their style of play going forward. We are we are and we had to do we are we just did a better longer. Does believe it and more on changing. Would be it would be silly on my part to pay any and me don't do that. We're very comfortable on who we are and we can be anybody anywhere any time play in the way replay not so much no one can. You know I sari. I'll like this. Sorry. And he's right absolutely right. There's no way you change at this point and become something that you animate and all season so got to go in what got you there man. It work last night Alonso you watch much of what's a good portion of the time pretty much figured out that it was. Going to be gets away and a anyway the Houston Rockets tie the series at one game each and that's going to make this though. A competitive series going forward looking forward to seeing at the Golden State Warriors dominate as many people expect but at least we saw pass. For Houston last which is always that. They can win by playing their game and that'll make this much more interesting going forward. They're also got a keying on staff Currie and more or less shutting him down not cut him off completely but they're they're making sure this stuff courage does not. Liked them up. He had said before the playoffs began for the Western Conference finals began. That he expected the rockets to attack him defensively on every single play. Other rockets targeting curry on 23 possessions in game two target in this the most he's been targeted in a game this post season. As they won 1272105. He was the primary defender on two when he plays in game one. According to second spectrum who keeps up we'll all this. A step Corey defended fifteen isolation blazing game 113 game to. Both of those more than he had defended in the past four seasons regular season and the playoffs so you can see the strategy. For the rockets against the State's current. Curry said they made shots. We were a step slow on our rotations in our switches. Guys got into the paint. We know their MO is isolation getting dribble drives getting the ball in the paint we have to respond with more aggressiveness. And more discipline on the defensive meant. Mike and Tony said. That it's obviously one of the things we like to do zeroing in on Currie he's making no secret of it and they're doing it. Very effectively. James Harden and Chris Paul are calling for screens from the teammate Currie is guarding. In order to get him to switch on to them once Corey switches to the primary ball handler. That's when the rockets shot at that into the hole. And now last night. They were able to do do that they shot seven of fifteen from the field on those 23 possessions that curry was the primary defender he was strictly beaten off the dribble. And frequently allowing hardened to drive to a stronger left side. So that's where we are you know figured something out and they make it last August is the question. You know what is it in curry coming off the injury he seems a step slow he really does and I think that. Houston is kinda Miro mirroring I can't I can't say you know we're one one and what Boston is doing to. Two accounts balm they're letting the prime scorer pretty much score and then they're taken everybody else out of in the cat's case that his don't have anybody can score. But and there's a putting defense up against Golden State and it did defendant everybody else in the sled and KB houses in Cady cam beat him by itself. And again what curry being a step slower. And with Klay Thompson. Not doing anything last night this is a lot more competitive than what we thought going into yesterday. And I think we all pretty much thought it might be over. Yeah I think guts play's going to be key in this is there gonna continue to focus on Currie they're gonna let Iran do his thing in score his. Thirty about forty points watery gets. So play's got to step up and be that second guy can he do that. Because he can't this could be an interesting series I don't I don't now favor Houston in the series though the U. Well I think Houston from the beginning and I will continue because I would never picked Golden State because I have biased against them. But on but I doubt I'd definitely love seeing Houston get back into it and maybe this will end up being the series and everyone thought we'd see from the beginning of the year. Yeah maybe maybe you will be numb still not convinced that this is not something Golden State takes care but last night was at least. Encouraging. I guess we have a couple days without basketball right we you know begging him. Saturday Saturday before Cleveland place so Saturday night Boston at Cleveland's that are changing venues and it's and 830 start on. Saturday night I feel about that when we said the last one was a must win this one is definitely a must win for camps. All there's no doubt is a must win and it's it's going to be good for them to be home for a couple reasons one because our home and the other reason is Boston hasn't played very well in the playoffs. Bomb on the road I think people in one like one game on the road or something like that. So what we'll see what they can do there palm but he adds it if Cleveland comes out and can't play four quarters the series is done and LeBron watch begins. Yep. That's definitely case LeBron watch will be fitness if that's his seizing comes to an end speaking of LeBron. How we have the finalists for MVP this year there's not going to be any surprises. In this but they announced. The finalists for rookie of the year and for MVP. And down. The vote will be coming out. June 25. They'll have a televised show. In Los Angeles James Harden of Houston LeBron James of Cleveland are among the finalists for MVP. And Simmons and Donna Mitchell of course among the finalists for rookie of the year. The other finalist for NBP is Anthony day that your favorite guy from the New Orleans. Pelicans and there's one other guy for rookie of the year Nash Jason Tatum I think Jason Tatum had a great year statistically he's not gonna matchup of the scoring. Certainly of Donovan Mitchell but it does match up to the scoring a band Simmons. But I think most people still think that Tim Vinson and it's gonna get rookie of the year is their is there anyway LeBron gets the MVP. Now there's no way it's it's. You know slow things when you're the best player in the world people like we got the brunt of this guy's playing really well they can give it to him every year but I don't think they're going to and I think he. He really has blood out there that he kind of wants it this year so. I would be surprised when you Fiat it. Yeah I'll be surprised bug. You know dependent on hands in this series I mean he's he's been. Money in the post season. And Elliott won what fifteen point game but that LeBron it's been special in the post season sept. Money mobile closer than some people expected with pardon you know still the favorite still low and still what to denial LeBron to be closer than something you folks think with that. There are some mom other awards are to be coming out with this award ceremony next month defensive player of the year. The finalist star Anthony Davis with a pelicans Joseph well indeed the 76ers. 76ers and Rudy go bear with a jazz. Coach of the year the other areas again former coach of the Toronto Raptors Dwane Casey is a finalist. Quin Snyder who did a great job Oppo with the jazz and of course Brad Stevens with the Celtics he'll probably get some votes in this coach of the year. Voting. Most improved player this year kind of interest and the finalists are Clint Capello the rockets. Spencer din witty with a Brooklyn nets nobody oversees imprisoned etc. many good. And Victor old depot with the Indiana Pacers you like they're most improved player. Helical of people. Does this say I would go Philip people especially you know watch him what he did in the playoffs against accounts. And Spencer didn't win he sounds like I don't know that sounds like a common both character. Well he's kind of in obscurity as a Brooklyn because they're not India post season so you don't get to see much of Spencer and if you saw picture of you don't know who he is an would not mean we're not knows Spencer in woody. A sixth man of the year finalist Eric Gordon won an idea last night for the rockets and so I think he'd be the favorite Lou Williams with the LA clippers and Fred van fleet with the raptors those at the sixth man of the year. Finalist so lomb will find out soon and see what we get with these awards coming up. The Simmons and Mitchell thing I'm interest to see how close that is for rookie of the year. Because Mitchell averaged over twenty points a game Utah won 48 regular season games and you know Philadelphia did not make a post season run like many felt they would. So was sick if that's the case and what they do with Boeing case after he's been far would they air give him the coach of the year. Award. Again Lackey got one in the coach's award. Who are we don't know until in this room on his wounds and media I assume. Tom. I think this all the media vote yes 100 media members so the media probably William Dickinson. Now when of these fronts. I think Stephen's again. Yellow then at least you get some votes you'll get some votes and he government should. So we'll see where that goes. All right. 8444773776. Techs on a 713. Zero's seven our guy Richmond Weaver is playing golf this afternoon he is now. On the Furman Corso he may be joining us here at the warm blade before we go off the year for clock. I don't know where he is along the way. But a deal can get overuse unity that no reported hearing about his experiences today playing over there in the BMW charity pro am as an amateur. And I use the word loosely. I will be back in a moment with more coming up from the huddle at farm Blake club BMW charity pro am audience in upstate. Welcome back at the clubhouse that's form blade in Greenville Greg McKinney. Alonso back at the studio Richmond on the golf course deferment somewhere we think. We're novel till 4 o'clock this afternoon and joining us out here on the back porch of the formed late clubhouse is Kevin price he is the digital content producer. For the Web.Com. Tour at the we talk to you may be last year Kevin welcome back. They expect it to be back here always great to be back you know that's that's the one of the reasons I have you here is that homey pronounce the names. That's I'm looking at the leaderboard here and I I don't know that you even looked at it but tied at seven under for non though. Not sure after a giraffe and a terrific what can you tell about him actually have not spoken with them not one of the few guys. Do not know evidence here will begin and on this week and you know come out one of those guys he's been out here a couple of years by. As head too much success to speak of but it such a fine line on this story accurately put it on together any given week in Iraq and Upton moved toward the PGA tour. Well he shot a 64 here Thorpe played today so he's tied for the lead with. Gonzalo Fernandez discussed on young with that at an atlas name always hung twist you know as the rockets that then again. And then Cameron champ is also a seven under. In Cameron can't super long hitter at a Texas and I am he's a rookie this year and he played the US open last year and Els which is a pretty wide openly out and he got a lot of notoriety out there for it is to blank and you know their stuff and Johnson and others like injuries in this in this first year out here and he's an had a up and down years that in this Q&A lot of guys would've predicted and to have this type of play itself. The sea and there is no surprise sometimes that takes you few events that. Get NC seems to be Roland today difference. Hi Kevin to tell us about what you do as the digital content producer end and how difficult it is to cover an eighteen hole golf course. Getting this content it's crazy in this week with three courses if it helps or holds that the here across you know forty mile. Metroplex the end of one person and a staff out here it's a lot of it is in this thing is other people with the tour on immediately and then this side. He stuffed it in tight suffered since it actors. I definitely reliant on them and because you can have to have. A sense of where goods storyline might be with the vehicles and if you can't know every story each game is costly and it. What in my fellow producers on the committee act. Index though as the much always be somewhere and that's. They agree not to just be analyzed and talking with Peter island. You're always aware that your idea always be in sight somewhere they mean you know don't be Sydney computers that. India there on the court and I and stuff like today. Hamilton won the gold medalists from. Yes Olympic curling and went out to follow and it is you know instincts kick in Clayton in my. Have something interesting on in college interview that round buy it. Felt like it would be good to get them on course and turn out he's carrying around at the Olympic gold medal and he looks at me. A number for a cat emotions and he takes it out new Marx's ball with the gold medal I was like yeah kind of round capture baton. I had this new device and trying in this I don't have the Xoom screen quite right yet mystic the standards and ethics I didn't get them at. South avenue where they'll work for and it's fun and the editor and will be on the lips and that he did bird act and I can term social media channels and look for all your stuff there understand there was a hole in one today elements you were used to happen to be they are but now but that happened here and I was close the other is that partly geared at one of those veterans there on the years in the PG Korea by. Plays well enough to get it back here in an Arctic and athletes next that the F apparently number four. Short downhill part three here. I know it's sort because that they've money pro am and if it's lately when he heard the green ended June and but he apparently darted right into the hole. In the bouncing it on land the two groups at a mean one of the guys. On a business thing called me I was worried that Clinton might be added happen that you don't tax me but he called me it's like it's not a caucuses thing you know like article. You told me before this is may be your favorite event of the year on the Web.Com tour tell us why it's so you have just. Any. Celebrities and you guys like he's at peace and ram monger from the office. Actors musicians people and see them interact with our players. It's cool just to see them out hearing interact with them of that and it's good for cats that helps our. Stuff get to a wider audience for people might care more human I care about what our players to the action they see them plane went. And I use them and they might be more apt to ten enemies like what is this but back on tour and free courses even though it doesn't make. More docking covered if that's except the only going to be on court today and yet if and it's a variety. Gives a player's challenges really weakened figuring out where to go where he tan. Especially this week where they're. Was at Wendy's some courses you couldn't practice apple and plain and from Knoxville drive and that is that. Intrinsic talent and green bullets I love cover in this story I guess you know the PGA tour goes to big gate city and you flying again shuttle to Europe are little things like that I have to pay for parking. A lot of them tell little things it's it's simpler it's easier on the cities in Greenville. Is agree microcosm of that friendly people of good food good stuff to do and it is my first event. Six years ago that covered. So day always and the soft spot in my team. Senior college project about this tour mpeg there keystroke here this is my First Amendment means that intimidated. And nervous about the whole thing and it live. In nervousness that all it always thought it live in a perpetual state there. That he always I think you making this 1000 you're always misses throughout played and that's accepted except the early in this confident yeah okay with what you do. Not only to miss the curling medal. Outside you got that so it's a good day for it to win for you you also go on to things like this celebrity softball are gonna have tonight hopefully with the weather permitting so you you do all the auxiliary advances to his right totally that the combination of I call. My major and Albert journalism marketing at some the job somehow. Blends both of those together and win it couldn't anticipated ink out to you reporting aspect and tell these guys stories and McCain's. Resonate with and in that way it was obstacles they've overcome different actions and I have now and also kind of offbeat side of making it more fun see you go around and currently we can guess trip announced words or Tom and they execute tongue twisters you know. Like we had played cable yesterday though with has programming machinators interview with them there at apart recourse prospects. That. About what makes parts for golf important. In the area disc camp on your view to their feet and I think it's serious interview that has turned into a comedic NFL week to week you never really know you're going to get I couldn't then. Anticipated that and then late Tuesday tip price eleven year old Greeneville. Kid I believe who won the age bracket of protecting putt. The pro this week Scott Langley we got them out to do little attractive pot game where it's guys use that club and Scott left the fifth race that's the only talent yet. Scott accurately predicted the for a strike like this and opponents hamster in my answer. Give them up against the clock here but it's great to see you again and also feel guilty for keeping you away from your missing stuff on the course while you're talking to me enough about about that so. But you never know that I'll always be somewhere and somewhere else that's the right dollars that are exe again men always pleasure Kevin price digital content producer for the Web.Com tour will take a right to back with more here live at born blade in a moment BMW charity pro am on ESP announced it. Welcome back we're Thorpe blade club at the clubhouse this Greg McKinney here loans aback at the studio. We get back to Europe phone calls and a 444773776. In a bit but we have another special guest joining us out here on the back deck at born blade. And that is seat Thomas Howell the actor. You know one. Just got to see is facing you know from a bunch of movies the outsiders red dawn the pitcher. You did a Spider-Man thing about this now. And that is sort of the second wave with Andrew Garfield rafter Tobey Maguire okay yeah. It's that's awesome thank you for coming over here my pleasure speaking with us now is this the first time you've played this tournament it is what got you here. Fred mind there at last he's involved with this turn of the past seven years I believe. And again. Uncle Steve's salary announcement might come out and play and I was just delight in and it's been great it's is. We weren't that concerned about the weather it's been beautiful it's it's been. You know is my first shipments so I have played like a really but. The two pros that I played with where. Super cool and hit the ball. So it's a little intimidating when you know you're out there with these guys that are. Doing this for a living back so much fun travelers so much and people are hurt extremely. It's it's a great environment. And you know. Can do this you know want to know well we have a lot of repeat guests celebrity's coming back that you could certainly lack of human lives that day and here's a easily can elevate your game -- room such good golf old I think it elevate your game. In in different. Indeed in in different capacities. You see how different pros practice there's things you can. You know I'm looking forward to go back home in my club in in starting so routines and and easy guys practicing pudding greens guys stretching you know. To stretch techniques and I'm 51 now so. I am I am sort of spot and guys were stretched techniques go I think I might need you present danger that. Verses young kids that are you know haven't appeared at a ball right where you said you played well that errant play well today you know where words seven under right now. Can in the thick of it. It's day one see how much golf do you usually play around I used to be real play. God a twenty month old boy hourly. Except I eat them. But my wife plays so. I don't ever have a problem. You know you go out playing golf again thank god Sheehan stance but. You know we have pretty harsh way to live over here in Blue Ridge Mountains. In the winner was pretty harsh this year so. Only played two rounds before it came out and play well seem. That's pretty good yes. What the desperate chips from these guys out there you totally. You know he really ask for tips. Like you get a lot of tips that you take immense sense yes you know especially on the greens. Behavior. Yeah. It's funny because gene which when we meet up we don't know each other. And after four hours of golf you know somebody's great thing about golf and and in you know we went from. Everybody being cordial being quiet stating that weighs way. By the end today you know you you you ask somebody come over here and give meter reader Woody's fate here and these guys there ours ago. And it's it's interesting if you think your game golfer like I got a group guys at home and I think I'm. You know agree golfer dog jumped out here and you realize a whole month and lowered these days they work so more it's it's. Difficult last you'd. You know we just see the best of the best and then when we watch TV where we're seeing you know sunglasses and eliminated in and dollar signs that. You know realize it you come out to the Web.Com there's people that it's in their cars then there's people. Fighting for their spot. People that being on the tour and had to drop back down in the win column tour he talked to these people realized. Even though it's a wonderful last out is because golf tees. Has so many opportunities for travel for I've met some great people but playing golf that's why play because that trial working. It off. Mystics where ago and spent a lot of time. In Newt towns meeting new people instead of being locked up in hotel room and only working. You go out and play in and meet friends have gators go to there house in really enjoyed. Lie in its its golf for means. It's been used them on tree platform. Two to meet people. I'm sure I got to graft on offer from years at a final five iron for me by six under house for a long time. Never really starting gate to go off to always in my early twenties really be. He's in. Love the war of golf history of golf. Passion I would think that traveling as much as you do as an actor. Golf is really good thing to be in two you can do a lot of things like things were less healthy in this keeps me out throughout. It really does in you know I like to go to bed early get up early in. Field. And you know that's the thing about factory you know to its men and minding your pocket and nothing. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. At the bets that we we do a lot of stories on our show about sports guys. That's always in a troubled three who had that bad today and having that yeah. And talking to see Thomas fouled you introduced yourself as Tommy's or is this which Frisco users we appreciate that what's next for you was forced repression. Just wrapped up sees a black list. I've. Had a great year rate last year place there it is for season five. A lot working with both those actors two days later Schreiber. I had recurring role series team he called a kingdom. And go back to LA to. Knows. And a planned news. Plays golf this summer and shouted out for about six to eight weeks in it's it's Jewish family in the. Yeah well it's a nice place to hang out which are due error would do Tommy we appreciate Greg thanks as always pleasure to see you and thankfully I was seeing next appreciate it. See Thomas Howell outstanding actor and you golf fan here at the BMW charity pro am nominees played but these and you fail this tournament so. We appreciate you stopping by time for a break we'll be back immortal moment this is the Hubble on ESP in upstate. Welcome back the huddle on ESPN of State's Greg McKinney out here at the warmed plate club long so back at the studio. Thanks to see Thomas Howell the actor for joining us in the last segment come on though you were more familiar with his work to me you watched a lot of his movies and a man what a great guy that guys on yeah there's there's only been a couple. Is nice guys you'll ever going to be right there yeah him and Debbie Dunn and sorry I missed out but in FF FF. Tilt on the fifth yes well she sounded very uninteresting and she downside how many years ago I was I was. Two years ago like memories had two or three not Aaron Rodgers Debbie Dunning matches that's when mutated humans -- This 'cause she sounded like she made everybody uncomfortable then and I think that's good. Yeah. It's just she did it was nor do we I you know knowing those guys who who went on a grass or anything like that but it would have been cool to meet him. As he comes out. A regret and are they lives in a name lives in the area kind of. Yeah yeah that's right but Lloyd hear this news HBO's hard knocks next will be featuring. The Cleveland Browns. Well why not an option after reporting this today it'll be the first time the browns. Will appear on the series which is about air for the thirteenth our questions one indeed the browns before there's so hapless that there's got to be great story lines there. Another hour oh in sixteen last season they have made the playoffs since 2002. They bomb. At less than five wins in ten of the past twelve seasons survivor Lance in ten of the past twelve season. And of course they have the number one pick him and in baker made real that will be a store baker mayfield an interesting character. They've got that Tyrod Taylor there's the little bit of a quarterback battle going on so weight thing watchable the Cleveland Browns I think so I think. For the first time in a long time there's a little bit bubbling underneath of excitement that Cleveland might actually be on their way out of the cellar. And I think this is another sign of it that they think that there's some things going on now be interest being. And death we would be worth watching and I am I yeah I did I think in years past sisters Diana Cleveland again Cleveland again. Everybody knows what to train wreck it is we don't need to see it on TV but now I think. He you're right with the personalities coming and I kind of stuff in the seems like the front office may be. Under better controls most we'll see I'd definitely wanna watch this. Yep. But anyway it's coming up so well watch or hard knocks on HBO 2018. How featuring the Cleveland Browns and I agree we do Clinton's going to be better this year I don't know what that will look clocked in terms of wins but though better than they have been and that will make them a little bit more interest. I'll we talked earlier this week about how there is little shades thrown at Central Florida line Nick Saban that Alabama coach. Well Scott frost is not letting that go. On responded to view only former Central Florida coach he's now a Nebraska. And down he told and all the hard TV station. That you know as it turns out not all of Alabama's seventeen planes national championships are legit. Taken on the excitement like it frost told KETV. Alabama probably has one or two national championships they're claiming. That were not necessarily recognized by everybody. Course he led UCF to a thirteen and a season before it took the Nebraska job he said. He thinks central Florida's claim of a national championship is Smart in terms of keeping them in the national conversation. But he also has said he recognizes the true champion comes as a result of the college football playoff. And the knights were kept out of that despite their undefeated. Record of course famously now UCF players receive championship greens. The program unveiled a championship banner during the spring game last month. And a big parade. Just went all out on that Nick Saban told USA today this week that you Seattle has the prerogative. To make the claim but self proclaimed is not the same as actually earning it. Statements that we've only have one undefeated team. And that is really hard to do so I have a tremendous amount of respect for their team. And what they were able to accomplish he said they can make every claim they should have been in the playoff I get that but we have a system. It's not fair to the people who went through the system and earn their way playing really good teams I mean really good teams that really tough games. It's not quite fair to them for somebody else. To just decide to claim a national championship course mammoth beat Georgia in the title game boosted its number of claimed national championships to. Seventeen many of those early titles though. Were before the modern polling systems exist it's some of those. Are certainly up forty basis dot frost is right they know I think we all sighed with salon no no national title is legit for Central Florida when. Nick gets a little pompous. That bothers me twos so long that kind of account is ammunition for the other side went statements that will be better off just ignoring them or you think just ignore Central Florida and an. Listen not I don't carry a ball and I agree he should ignore him but at same time Scott frost who do enjoy a you know what little relevancy has now because. Starting next year they're going to be asking him. Why did you lose to Michigan State. What could you do better to it is to be Ohio State why did you lose thought hardball led Michigan team. So you know it he should enjoy coming off the season that he had cause he's not an ad that kind of success where he is now. You don't think that Scott frost will do well at Nebraska. I think you would do mediocre. Long term I'm until next year now nobody should expect much problem in the first year you don't think they'll be relevant. I wrote. You don't think he went to a better conference with better coaches better team will show where everything I just you know the but again if I was him I wouldn't say anything either I mean don't go bam a man. I don't know at least get a final with some money it's money takes mammal on look Nebraska was for an eight last year under micron so. Scott frost is gonna make them better I mean it was six games that'll be better not be to start of something and I think is good coach I think that Nebraska within three years will be. Somebody to reckon with. In for conference championships I think they'll be in the conversation. At least I think he's that good. And I don't by the fact that he's coming back at nick. You know some people say never crossed that the master but. Like it was about a cross hasn't. So here's the thing you know he'll let me. As he humble person that I am you know I IE I aspire to be someone like me now Nick Saban so I mean he's my hero so. Leave my hero alone. Yeah and you'd love Nixon. Look Alabama won the national champs affairs corner just. I think it's like a big guy picking on little guy when he pixel Central Florida he he really can't ignore them and that's probably probably what he should do it coming up here in the huddle. Oh speaking of big Tim we're going to watch your bout the settlement the Michigan State has reached with some victims of sexual abuse that there will more on that story broke yesterday. Also coming up Patrick Brown our hockey guy is gonna join us in studio. He will be around at 3 o'clock this afternoon as were down to four teams. In the NHL playoffs and Patrick will tell us. Who likes what he sees going for Wii at two series are already underway everywhere at 2221 series right now. In the NHL. And Patrick will skip the so what to watch for in these upcoming games that's.