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Package the huddle on ESPN up states Alonso and Jaycee back in studio Greg McKinney live at Thornton blade club get ready for the BMW charity pro am which opens up. Tomorrow at three upstate golf courses will be out here tomorrow Friday. As well as play gets underway and now we're joined now by Marshall baton dork who is the tournament director for the 2017. BMW charity pro am and Marshall the time has arrived guest today is today of button in everything down and make that your your rating get a warrant yet. Greg thanks again for being out here in this beautiful day yet it's a little warm you actually. Played a starch market today's practice round all three golf courses I know Aaron Rodgers was out there today practicing and Alfonzo was that storm late yesterday made a hole in one that made the national news and Twitter accounts were gone crazy so. While things already happening here we're having an invent the big break. Wounded warriors for upstate solutions is here and the fact is kicked off two minutes ago. Without paratroopers jumping into the storm lay the driving range so are you lots of action out here. I heard the plane circling I wonder what that was all about I missed pair troopers though but though that's very cool. Yes a last year recall being out here is 55 degrees and raining so while what change year to year. Yeah we're looking forward to a good four days. We decide not come winter time we talk about whether about where you have plans in case this on the exit change but. Good weather means lots of people coming out of season great play in all the national salaries as well. These celebrity list this year and is probably as impressive as you've had not just Aaron Rodgers of courses. Well the best players in the NFL and I'm Packers and so I'm I'm very good with that but does Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves legend going to be a participant yeah we're excited that haven't shiver for the first time he played yes there is pretty good player. And LA are the cable guys here as well anyway here I would keep your eyes open after his group binary it's a lots of different places but. We're pretty happy with the celebrity lineup lots of people at Lotta times as timing with these guys talk to one last night he says you know I'd love to come and play. Four but the timing just to work out of this year it did so you know we got lucky in a lot of ways but you know there's some good artwork in the back in two. And you guys asked these celebrities to make themselves available certainly the music celebrities they do the free concert downtown which is a big tree for the community. Yeah tomorrow night 6 o'clock back nine from Spartanburg is open. Six to 73 than Larry the cable guys in ago and then now. Couple of our slippers are gonna have five or six get up on stage led by mark Brian of in Derry as he's meeting fell over of a million blowfish fame and several others in a jump onstage to go for an hour's and that's always a great time and obviously it's over the public and it's right in front of the west and basically so everybody come on down and enjoy the fun. Now nothing could happen here for at least four days without tons of volunteers what was the volunteers support in demand like for this year. He was really good with new course Furman being in the upstate bringing all three courses closer together for the first time ever. We have over 700 volunteers paid volunteers and down half of their money of forty dollars goes back to local charities are fourteen term teachers we'll some other monies coming their way but. The volunteers support it's been really good preserve his them. Is up to speed and in fact more volunteers laster fuhrman's turned up very well on and or blade. Certainly has their hands full with all their volunteers so. You know 700 and that's just the ones online polls we have another team probably honor people and help us out yours weighs throughout the week. Now this is a a big stop on the Web.Com tour we talk a lot about celebrities but many see some really good golfers and some guys who were. Going to be on the tour pretty soon well at lot of guys that are going to be natural last year many of our former players from last year. They were hearing room we'll have Horry one on the PGA tour this year. And there's lots of guys that are that are played many events on the PGA tour facts and former winners are going to be angry able competing. You on page picture you only get so we spots use its 156 and the world is full of really talented golfers so. Our field. Is not the second ranked field it is some of the many of the best golfers in the world. And heck if I was ranked number 300 in the job that I do I think I'd be pretty happy so there's some very talented players that there. And Marshall band dork tournament director BMW charity pro am gets underway at three golf courses tomorrow. Talk about that get hormle yep preserve per day and you've got Furman University golf club this year so. Everything's in pretty close this year that has to logistically be an advantage. Well really does help out I'm last year we were little farther away so I wasn't able to visit all three golf courses Monday and I've already done that twice this week so it does help out a lot of helps with our volunteer flow. Actually just makes it a little more room. Concentric to the upstate here and I think it's going to be great for fans. You know to remind everybody everybody all the celebrities go to each of the golf courses tomorrow we've publicized that Aaron Rodgers is going to be that. You know Furman so if you really wanna go see him up close and personal gone out to that golf course. Friday he'll be preserved and so the rotation goes all to all three golf courses so if you wanna see somebody up close and personally known in the golf courses and do that. Can you find that list online folks wanna find out where who's going to be where. Yes it's online at them are the and a teacher's program. Web site I very. Good so while ready to get underway tomorrow and tons of fun for a for folks who like golf and as a family friendly event just. I mean you know there's golf etiquette and Ewing and expect people to display that out here and I guess maybe this is the biggest local golf tournament we have every year but how can people like get tickets for the next morning's. Yeah great questions of the first thing to do is you haven't gotten tickets yet not a problem all the parking is free. They'll short shuttle ride to the admissions tense at each of the golf courses and you can purchase tickets anywhere from a daily passes of ten dollars. A to a clubhouse badge of fifty dollars it's very inexpensive to come around watch golf all week long. So. Come on out again parking is free annual show you right to where you can buy your ticket. And remember this supports a whole bunch of charities I guess every year you come up with a different list of charities you support this. And we have some that are back I'm every year that is such a great job of getting volunteers and support him but we have several new ones this year they're fourteen and total. And die early and one name off fourteen because every one of them is important and do a great job support in the tournament and now we couldn't be here without him. And we're just glad to be able to contribute back at the end of the day and let that is meaningful work here in the upstate. Don't let me forget the minutes should mention us and X corporation your title sponsor here very important to. Yeah actually there presenting sponsor and they've been with a turner for a long time they have those many players in the term at their big day hear Arizona Friday. So all their fans commands and support their group and I have several events turn term a week to showcase their company in their terrific supporter of the event and obviously is our presenting sponsor imports or overall picture. Marshall but door for the tournament director BMW charity pro am getting underway tomorrow thank you Marshall. My pleasure thanks again are right so it is tomorrow make sure you get started by coming out to one of the golf courses again. All in close right here at thorn Blake club. The up preserve it for day and the Furman University golf club which has been added to the list so you know you can kind of rotate around one of those some. One of those passes it's good for the whole weekend at all courses and in just roam around and make a weekend out of the weather's going to be good it is going to be. Warmer than it was last year we're looking at. Mid eighties today and tomorrow and maybe ninety. By the time we get to Saturday or 92 degrees but that's aren't. We'll take that inmates have come on and checked it out. I Greg McKinney along with Alonso and JC sure birth year in the huddle on ESPN upstate Gaza saw the story on Tom Brady. And we thank his wife. Giselle bunch and who loved broke this news she in an interview on CBS this morning said that Tom had a concussion. Last year now we didn't know that she said we don't talk about it but he does get. Concussions in fact she says he has history. Tough concussions and there's been some talk you guys may have heard this that she's talking to Tom these days about. When he got to hang it up and this might be part of all lab. Tom Brady is said that Gisele has said she would like for him to retire so you know. It may be sooner rather than later on Tom Brady wrapping up his career based on some of these comments were you going. Well I you know a million some. It's tough for me and it's a personal situation and obviously her mentioning that as shed some light on. Maybe has helped a little bit and that's of a big talking point out there nowadays are content cousins and CT and all and soup. That I took it from the standpoint of you know concerned wife. In and turn the camera look out for a husband or whatever I don't know that it's totally appropriate to discuss it. On national television and letting get out there. But it is whether this. This looks like to me she threw it out in the open because what Greg was alluding to she wants him to retire so now. The spotlight is not only on the fact that he had concussions and no one knew. Now people are gonna start asking did the patriots now why didn't they disclose it and you know I'm a sudden there's a lot of attention there. There there's there's a sports. Angle to it as well as one that they'd let anybody that kind of thing but. You know she's not a medical doctor last time I checked so she's diagnosing him her. That was her opinion or one notch provision that says anything or an hour Tom that's his excuse what he doesn't wanna do anything you know I and got a concussion. You have at a yeah I don't he always said he was gonna play through his mid forties. And he's 39. I yet I just don't see him play in another six years but he just like. Now I'm in Vizio one or two more years of being honest and as well the patriots are given to back a quarter. Right drop below I think so too I think there hang in on him not just as a hedge against injury but because they they may know more than they're letting on about how long. Tom Brady is is going to go but you know what is pushing you then that tends to have an impact on your decision. Yeah absolutely but who knows maybe Tom Brady's behind this may be mrs. His way of orchestrating his way into retirement after saying net. You know he's gonna play like he's led Dylan is mid forties maybe he actually is deciding to retire. Feel it's a life cannot their fill that out there and and also that you've got a reason. Jeff I know it's a conspiracy theory but you know how liked us jealous of us helicopters flying over here while ago to New England Patriots unit so you know now. Yeah Iowa you know it is it possible that he's a little or take it with her forgiveness that he had no odd issues at a below man here. Can look at this plan came to kid. Truly angry and supermodel I don't know I kind of in line and voted on the poll camp from one. Of the hole is very important in that decision. That's correct 844477377671307. As the text line drew my Caroline the coaches are v.s superstore. Hotcakes and sausage with JC coming up next some state whether it's your listening to the huddle live. On ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle it's Greg McKinney liable location at the warned league club by. Head of the BMW charity pro am which kicks off what tomorrow at three upstate golf courses. JC sharper and Alonso back in the studio we have basketball for your tonight Cleveland Boston 7:30 PM air time. As they finally get that series underway at the cavaliers and sit around waiting for the Celtics to. Do away with the wizards which it finally did so we will have it for you we've got tons of NBA coverage down to the final four finally. In the NBA and them got just about every game for you coming up right here. On ESP in upstate so we hope you'll tune in for that if you wanna get in without us 844477. 37 sevenths six subtext line is 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And that's driven by Carolina coaches. RB superstore night hotcakes and sausage time in the huddle. I Nick Saban did area from the golf course of Augusta National. Today would Dennis Dodd of CBS he says. The moving of the recruiting calendar was done. To benefit northern schools. Because they don't mean players taking official visits to their schools. When the weather's cold. I think he has a point that maybe this was one of the reasons that our friends in the Big Ten and cold weather places like the idea of but why does everything have to be about the self and Alabama and excitement. I think that there's a lot of motivation arrow there. Behind. Combating the SEC. And combating schools in the south around the rest of the country when. In a reality is most of the best high school our best college football programs in the country are from. North of the Mason Dixon line you're talking about Ohio State Michigan Notre Dame I mean you are a lot of good programs of their historically. Oklahoma. Is even not what I would call and a warm weather environments are home. I don't know it's just kind of interesting how these things kind of come about I think that early recruiting thing is nothing burger I don't think it's gonna matter either way. Yeah I was wondering. Why Nick Saban is always such a conspiracy there's this when you're at the top you think everything somebody does. Is to try to knock you off. Well I think he has a point and that it doesn't make sense and if you're looking for a reason why they're doing all this you know what where's the problem in the if you listen to people. Count out there in the coaching community. There is a lot of conspiracy theories behind the scenes about Alabama and what they do including their staff size and I think that we we saw the other day they don't even have more of the top five. Staff sizes in the country. So I don't know I'd I think he gets a lot of unfair criticism from. And I think the south to and to talk about the SEC in in the ACC major schools. You know I think a lot of towns there's. Opinion out there that. You know there's all of all this cheating and stuff that goes on they get it digs and a cultural bias a little bit toward the south from some people. But numb. That's a larger project to sort of to echo. There's another right lawsuit has been filed against Baylor. A volleyball player claims she was gang raped. By eight but much football players. There's video evidence. Here's my question and this is the question a lot of the other. National college football writers have pull them out on Twitter. How does the Baylor athletic director now have a job. Leading one of the nation's foremost religious institutions. Are religious universities. At liberty. How how does that guy have that job. I mean first and foremost I think it's stupid for liberty to go to FB depths and they don't and there's some stupid. Things out there. About them pay money into Old Dominion owns a list of something that gas pretty much do you pay it is it is. But it. How are you gonna hire him on this stuff that that this pandora's box keeps going there there's. You know flutters of sadness they keep coming out of this pandora's box and I just a I don't understand how that guy has a job especially if you do you say that you stand for what you stand for at liberty university in. Well he's he's moved down a peg so you know that's probably. Part of but he can get the big job after leaving most of course Charlotte why would they take human. Having having that Muslims and for that institution to be paying him money to do a service. To me is just absolutely insane. I mean I just United's wouldn't touch that care so I Lavar balls in the news again Hewitt. He told Christen Leahy from the card coward shoe to stay in her way. That. Big bowler Brandon does not market to women he says stay in your lane. And turn to Colin cowards and I don't even worry about her there I don't look over their rookie she scares me. Leave me alone out today for under 500 payers. Back to our reported outlay it was a reportable for Michigan report to whoever she wants behind her. Leahy again drug engage ball goes my problem here is your hater. He continued in a false I don't voice how would you ever were big dollar sure we're good don't even talk to me is what abolish. Wow and did you turn to say be more successful veto the women Bob Baugh. Here's what I don't like about this any also said the Jason whitlock. Should only be able to comment on snacks. Have a wedeman that's current. I like now here's what I don't like about this I don't give it cost low flying flip about one more ball and I think he is intentionally controversial. It's a marketing ploy. Live in Adelaide trying to play the woman argument that that's what people are sick of and sports yes we all know more balls class don't treat him like your plan when it comes on the ship. He's a genius clown in the lot of ways he's got out like you clowns they some things don't. Don't make it into a political issue you got a lot going politics right now we don't need that. In sports. Right now in my opinion and in and for women if you're if you're a woman reporter. And some crisis on the defensive you don't make it about the fact that your woman because that that that has nothing to do with the cumbersome. You don't want mark in the win and that's far and ask him why okay that's interesting don't try to make the point that you shouldn't. Market to women in the call and a sexist and all this other stuff too low bar of horrible Korea has no idea what sexist talk. And by the way. Have Lavar ball on as a guest what you really asking for controversy Christie as they arise when you get it Christine lady by the way is hot. Just just further okay. But but that's a great point you know this guy Alan and everyone has a more in tune isn't like he. Should he should not be able to surprise you with anything he says now exactly now coming in the knee he shouldn't make it about politics and political correctness in my opinion. That's that that crap. And that the that it intense. Focus on that in our society. Is gonna ruin this country. People need to take a breath and just you know say now what that kind of offended me but on this can win again they're doesn't need to be outrage about words. They want. The words hurt 103 words hurt. Whatever and now for the sausage. I'm gonna talk about something that's a near and dear to everybody's heart of Potomac conference calls. Why do people lose all sense of their intelligence when they get on conference calls. I'll never understand it. They're the most frustrating things remember having to be applied the right to be a part of people asked the dumbest questions they don't understand English. They don't freak in turn off their Dag gum phones are term thrown silent there's some people that loved to get on conference calls. And drop down the road with the windows down there stereo own and their kids in the back car racing gang. And if you can't even hear what's going on and indeed you've got the -- questions war let me just give this group and we do videos we've now she's clearly say it could mean. C Greg can attest and as this sounds like they in the economy. I'm not owner Jim Ellison's it was some of these guys in the building and other stations. Who just won't let the meeting into dead days Kaczynski is they love to hear your voice that people asking question after question did you question that everybody else got let them. I think conference calls are the biggest waste of time on the planet I think nowadays there are running have email and Matt you you be better all sin and a group text. Middle and end the group texting town last for thirty minutes I regular questions in all this other stuff being being mean your phone's going off for a while. The making people focus only conference call. Because I think that information. Gets lost. He had this person talking like they're from a bottom of the whale you've got people would distraction in the Bagram don't Boehner staying common freaking courtesy it's ridiculous it's. All full. It's all fall I had zero it's all about the the technical problems when you have a conference call and and the information just completely at loss. Yes. So this time thanks for them. Got a little love breaking baseball news JC that the Tennessee baseball coach has resigned. If you saw that from. According to be one baseball and they promised more information coming up I'm really followed Tennessee baseball this year remaining good now there are armed are obviously one of our Tennessee calls. The beginning of the year they needed to get her down when he was a disappointment because they felt like he would be pretty good as a caramel West Coast they came in then. Com may not be the first. May have been the first or the last SEC east. SEC coach that's what we got what you can possibly. Be talking. If hopefully he's not Ellen people here and SEC coaches are resigned in baseball at Arlington and something around here that. Has not occurred at at this point. But anyway Dave Serrano resigning as the head coach. At Tennessee volunteer baseball so that we look at some money new but it does it does bring this up I don't know if they have their eyes on who they want but you know it just. It makes. This one big job opening minutes big school that has the tenth. So I don't mail spending they also is when they hired Serrano. You know looked it channel broke. That was the idea that that surround us first year Tennessee was 2012. Holbrooke was the top assistant at South Carolina 2011 that was and they went down the the path with him now I don't know that they're gonna do that again. But. Yeah shoot they hired a gas or Arnold was 175 and 73 cal state Fullerton went to a college World Series. One of the college World Series in 2007 of the UC Irvine. He had a great track record when he came Tennessee. I don't I don't really know what happened that just shows you sometimes things don't work out. True so there's that opening to talk about as were in the final week. The regular season for College Baseball get to the SEC and ACC tournaments next week Clemson, South Carolina both wrapping up their. Respective series. This weekend and wrapping up the regular season. Phone lines open do you 8444773776. Text line open a 71307. Stagger break we'll come back with more on live out here at the BMW charity pro am home course foreign Blake club. And JC Alonso in studio in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay Willis will be back in just a moment. But I again the huddle on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney out here at storm lake club JC sherbet Alonso in studio phone lines open do you. At 8444773776. 71307. As the text line driven by Carolina coaches are v.s superstore is go to the phones brilliant Ted next. Welcoming and Ted Europe next. And it's basic look. You know there's a lot of grumbling on the right and I don't general were bank security here or not. If they do they think you get an action. Citibank go actor also is this indicative of great hitters are acts of terror but it hire plot to pollute. Necessary at with a bar area they're. And I mean really is an idea swallowed most important. Thing yes there is since. But people Placer government programs succeed. Object to China it's hot air attacks are. Chara I I think they did the people that aren't happy about the full ball hired don't know anything about football. And now I would understand it is if they don't 39 again last year and just look. Not competitive. You know but. Here's the reality reality is vet that team had a bunch of true freshman everywhere pretty important positions. Then other guys that hadn't played a whole lot. You know Devo Samuel fifteen and passes called last year employing a whole lot Haiti are stem played a whole lot. That a bad offensive line and yet we're able to put together enough points to beat Missouri for the first time in three years and beat Tennessee for the first Harmon for. Com. You know you gather offense stroll on the beginning of the year when their fear in the war right thing now but then yes they got blown out by Clemson. But clubs and was the national champion. In 2008 Florida beat South Carolina finished 66. Nobody was jumping all the Steve Spurrier bandwagon because they lost to the national champions on their own field by forty points or fifty points I mean those kinds of losses happened. Nobody jumped all dab those bandwagon in 23 team and calls 51 to fourteen to Florida State at home. You know those are the kinds of things that they just just did to me. The people that are propagating that kind of near rivers are ignorant about. The reality of the situation. There ignorant about the fact that the roster was completely depleted there ignorant about the fact that South Carolina yes. Did some good things when they went eleven and to beat Clemson five years in a row. The but the clubs and winds meant nothing in recruiting and the free of previous staff did not recruit worth a flip. They quit. You know people today are home message war we're talking Harlem. As chairman wonder Maynor pretty battled and everybody criticized the former staff when they didn't we yeah. The former staff was sullen. 33 and 642. And eleven and SEC's to win the number one NFL draft they read everything in the world to sell and couldn't sell it. So come home I mean I will see what happens. When will it with Will Muschamp and it may be that it's a bad iron doesn't work out you never can tell that again. Judaism they're pretty much from second after first and just don't know that so that's number one number two who else was opposed at there was no eye for talent. There was no light. Let me go out here and see all these guys have picked this guy this was the top assistant on a team that played for the national Jim Jim three straight times there was a top assistant at North Carolina. That recruited a lot of the guys that helped them win the national championship. And you just simply do not go I mean. It's not like he scoured the earth for the right guy the right now was right there nobody else makes it out of here they. And ray tanner left for the job Holbrooke still gets the job. You know so so the what does that say about ray tanner eye for talent if I don't know. I don't think there was any and it's not like is that I've made to the mushy empire is going to be one that. You know inns of millions of looking back it's I was kind of a gutsy move as it was as this next baseball job DC will be key it'll be a key ER and look to a judge ray tanner all you won't. Only his tires okay. But I think people out there have so much in Vietnam because they're so. Like ridiculously ignorant about what an athletic greater does first and foremost. And secondly they're mad because no other reason they're mad just football when the tank will let Steve Spurrier his fault not ray tanner. They're mad because Clemson won the national champs and that's not right handers fault. And that they have such a complex walked to where it's like. We can't be good. In any thing in this week you'll get somebody from somewhere else to do something and because blood a blood relative bright kid is not qualified blah blah blah blah blah. And it's all ridiculous. It's all it's it's all insane. You know it and if if ray doesn't make a move in this baseball season ends up not not the NCAA tournament yet you can criticize him for that. But I'm tired of the ignorance about not like in the football higher because of one season where their play in a bunch of freshmen. And I'm tired of ignorance about not understanding one athletic director missed it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me ashamed to be affiliated. With you people that pulled from the University of South Carolina and that's the reason. Why in over a 125. Years. They've won nothing. Of substance. Very oft. Well because and this type of attitude. It is in the you know it it's just complete. Ridiculousness. And Anna and I hate it and I am sick of. 8444773776. If you Clinton did in on the conversation text line is 71307. Get Jason on the line I think he wants to. Change the subject Jason and filter wake India I welcome addition. Did it take mark out. What product are. Then so they are. Cost growth restaurant you asked if I had. Well I'll tell you what the problem let. What you. My mom so we'll and I give them to. Yeah I didn't see that it that it that they were at it but at. I don't let it. What if they had worked well here all it. Oh. I'm wondering if it's yeah. Their employer are all in our public. Sector. On multiple multiple. Multiple Wal-Mart are back possible impact that. No but went on you know dark where they'll be back there but we'll let you know. They impact you know who it was all I know that only ridiculous but. We won't old. Well but I'll go for a garden nation trade video tried to connect. As marker for salons of ball early top toothpicks in this draft and I think you go you don't want those two guys you straightaway JC don't you. There's some talk Jason Tatum could be gather and they take with the number one world one. You know Eva Pete I think it's our zoo is the best player college basketball this past year. You know I've. I don't know you know Iran talks about potential and upside that you know maybe maybe he's a guy I think it's probably going to be folds. For them. Yeah I don't mind I don't mind you've got a great garden Thomas but I don't mind and of the guard for the Celtics in Houston missed it again you get them. It's like if they feel like those guys complement each other and I can't answer them they think if they think that's the case. Go for W for a taken of the dark topic they do I think they take a guard or they trade at. Yeah that that that's allowed them I think as well and and if you can get. A pretty good deal for a king's ransom if you will I don't think that's pretty good. Hi we have a new projection from the one baseball dot com on the 64 team baseball tournament field. Where they have Clemson does South Carolina make the cut in this latest projection would take about that when we come back 844. 4773776. If elected yet and thus we are live in the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Greg McKinney lie about a storm Blake club in Greeneville JC server to Alonso in studio 8444773776. Is the way to get hold us here in the huddle. On ESP in upstate on this Wednesday afternoon let's get back to the phones thanks for hang in on Randy you're up next you don't. They write it. I don't understand I could be that would be deep in general to hear it about Carolina. I mean great candidate pat and maybe it's not happy about it art book on it. We if you had not all they could handle. Well I mean I think that's fair for football that you can be concerned about baseball for sure. Well and everything edited this guy get behind Scott and me. I think Clinton name and they don't they're not all be. You know I mean. Airlines can't hook up fury. But they've they've yet not a good day. It a final note DC having you Jay I'm Soledad I does that all figure eleven point he thanks for the phone call for a this kind of control call him is if you don't they were soaring after countless live. You know look here's the bottom line. In football will must have inherited a team that went three and nine that I had a roster is probably a little worse than three enough okay. He won six his first year he can't win six there forever he can't go six and seven and as you say give you a simple they can handle or whatever. And they spent to keep his job and that's the case but didn't. Would baseball channel Brooke took over. A program that is down. Who played for three straight national finals and won two. I think the standards are little different there but you know I think you're probably at Clemson fan that was looking to make and ignore our men and try to be funny. Which is fine. But next time we call and it troll the show you may wanna think it out a little more. And and put a and you know go back room to you're jerking off chamber with your mom and base. Let's get to Joan next in the huddle hey Joseph. I don't got the debate live during. Outlook color and ultimately this statement. Luckily there's stars have aligned was meant it how would this so what are thriller there's no you did not do particularly get to get rid it. I think women's. You give Paul may be trade away you know we're also made his way EPS somebody noted though that lamp pollen doors couldn't. It would be you want to start you know what awestruck first compass like you know maybe they'll get. You've just got back up you know at least open. As good night for the lake where he got picked number two and it could have been an all four Miami today if they have been in the top three that had to give up the first for the 76ers. Even though it eventually you played a little loss of for the magic. Yeah would you like our trade so it could have been a bad night yup pretty good night. It hit a bad night and today trade privileges. Look it it was just. There have been bad look you know just bad policy because you know play it would got the book tense since you like we could attempt to break stated they brought. Hopefully hopefully this will be lucky chap you know and putting some some sort of like Beckham who is French president. Yeah hello how long you think go to the lakers are back in the playoffs. Now and it's. It ought to do though is we didn't let Georgia did not get that he ala cart that the big. And I think it was 23 years you know we can do that could play ball slipped out that eligibility if we can still keep its yellow corn check the video what would really look Portland. They didn't have the two years maybe three to call it victory is no split. It'll probably give money to do. It until they picture in the background in. I heard guys say you know at least the most what you're at least you know it. The bill got it right you know that each of you but the police Billy boat looking into that. You about it quite all the news with our remote little pillow and duo jello when years oh but politically. Secured the neighbor and what they do recruited for limited government because it you know. They can play I wonder how magic is gonna handle Lavar. Ball you feel like you can take care of business within gatekeeper model it. Tradition rich are trying to so hill looking he gave it to you wanna leave no one that you're debate mature you know every day. But nobody had not acted. The outlook mr. nick carbon look you don't wanna work Gately India this year deliberately. Your call appreciate Joseph thank you today yet your lakers fan. You got to be feeling pretty good today I mean yeah you could got number one but she got number two and a commitment so much worse. For LA so I think. Only JC's. Theory that the storied franchise may be. Come could be true certainly true from Boston they're already back and they get the number one pick in now the lakers get to and if they if they use it correctly. You know topic that can be the start of something good for them we will have basketball for you tonight. As we get this Cleveland Boston series underway in a senator earlier I'll say it again I think this is a key game. The Boston Celtics tonight take advantage of that and a layoff for the cavaliers and seeking get him a little flat you play at a home tonight. Jump out and get the first game win and this could be an interesting series otherwise. Kabila who short series. The Boston Celtics they need this one tonight. 8444773776. And a promise to the NCAA tournament we'll get to that when we come back after the top of the hour. Out here at storm lake club with Greg McKinney back at the studio with JC sure to Alonso this is the huddle on ESPN of state we're right back.