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Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN not up State's Greg McKinney Alonso. Richmond all fall for the next couple of days. Ledger with a save 444773776. Text line 71307. Snooze on South Carolina basketball before guitar three questions segment today. The Nate Smith basketball hall of fame announced today the field the match ups for the 2018 tip off tournament. Held at campus sites. And the know have the match ups at the Mohegan Sun arena in Connecticut November 16. Through the eighteenth South Carolina will be involved in this. In the to golf tournament tweeting tip off tournament for the bassist Nate Smith memorial basketball thanked. South Carolina will host contests verses Stony Brook on November 9 and Norfolk state on November 13 then they won't travel to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Per match up against Providence. November 16. And will face either Michigan or George Washington on November 18. So while there you go. Remarks announcing that today for the South Carolina Gamecocks it'll be the second time they've gone to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut under the direction of Marten. Gamecocks were up there and beat the saint John's 75. To 61 in December. About 2015. Our rights let's get to three questions at three today in the huddle. Since Richmond isn't here shall we do like six questions. Now we won't do that we'll stick to three questions from whatever you wanna do math whiz with two guys three questions are allows a question wanted to. I would Golden State winning handily at Houston in game one last night is this series headed toward being a disappointment. You it's. Not afraid it is I hated to bows look forward to this series. But look at this last night. James Harden scored 41. Chris Paul scored 23. Pistons shot 46%. From the field which was decent. They outrebounded. Golden State by five rebounds. And I lost much there to. So. They've quickly given up home court advantage big deals made about that Houston has home court of anyone on more than. Not after last night losing by thirteen. And I like the way they moat and enlightened Knight in Golden State. Just plays a better brand of team basketball only get all that isolation with Houston and idol love it I look at my goes seven games may be a well. But I'm starting to doubt that putting Golden State is clearly the better team here and this series though the other shoe may end up being better. Cleveland embossed in May end of the men on this I think this once headed the disappointment what are you could well see after our reaction. After. You know Cleveland and Boston a lot of people are sold bronze and come back it's going to be OK you know I hear now about this series and most CX percent this thing is gone and you know all the buildup for this all well. It doesn't matter about the east we wanna see this match up between Houston and Golden State. And everyone bought into the hype of this thing and then you watch it you know like. Hand Golden State is still so stinking good and it's effortless for them and Houston I just you know the team supposedly is built. To beat Golden State and it never looked like it was in doubt even win even when it was tied at halftime and it is Golden State does look like they're playing around with them so I had. I think is going to be disappointing. I do I it's it's it's I think Houston. Is god Toronto brain a little bit I think. It is going to be in their head I think gold states in your head. Well lots of on the ESPN's screen on TV right now it says held demoralizing. Was losing game one for the rocket that's me the questions. Are they. Going to come back with a any fire. And wing game two thing going into. Can they do that I mean I think they can. I don't think this is a sweet but. There's not much doubt. It's better team is or C. I I don't know I think this might actually be asleep and enjoy I picked Cleveland to sweep and I said when I'd. Said that the Dallas is taken for my team now expendable when you look at this. And there's a solemn thing. I just don't think Houston was ready even though they thought they were and I think. They are we going to something you think man I got inside got this there's no problem I got this a name like oh crap I don't got this. And then Ned to starts eating away at you and we'll see how they play in the next game and I'm not so sure this is gonna go over and while I pushed deliberative. With the sale of the Carolina Panthers to David tepper how much longer what training camp be held out Wofford College. IA. I'm a little worried because I mean this guy he doesn't have roots in the area. I'm sure he's got. Research people all over the place check in into things and and realizing it. You know tell them this is a good move this is a bad move. It would be a bad move for him to take this out of Spartanburg because they named Carolina Panthers in Carolina Panthers. So it would be for both Carolinas and this is the one. Way that it ties both states together. You take it out that then you might as well just renamed it the Charlotte Panthers ended overwhelmed. I'm concerned I'm concerned that he may because of the ties of Jerry Richardson with Wofford. Maybe he wants to go completely away from that is to get completely away from Richardson period and you can't go to Wofford and not season Richardson times I think it maybe gallons. Yup. Outings in trouble. I'll date they're going to distance themselves from Jerry Richardson and right there beside. The stadium give stadium of offers the Jerry Richardson indoor arena. On your riches is why they're at Wofford. I mean making a point about the South Carolina. Tip of the hat they need to do something for South Carolina and this is the main thing that they do. And commit their for over twenty years to offer from training camp says the only thing that could save it but David tepper has no ties to. Wofford college. And I think it could be a pretty quick move. Plus coming out. More teams are going toward. Keeping training camp very close to their home base. They can do them it pack up all that stuff and go to offered to do it because next to Ellis plays and they did because Derrick hasn't. And that connection is gone and not only gone but tainted. So. I like you and concerned. About that ever heard anything about it now of course people be asking temper that he'll probably Devoe politically correct answer 200. Ample and well you know it's such a boost to the local economy when they're in town to and that's gonna hurt. It later polish state that statue down pros. Bank of America Stadium reliant and the only question is will they do it Saddam Hussein found. Let's hope not. But that thing up and in a long has he had. Will be hard to get the I'm sure the figure of two but do you replace that was something. And captain and fizzled and the pedestals already there you gotta put something on sand and you can't put another panther and justice system for gladly camps statute and it's got into tribute to cam why not right question very. All right Chris number three former southern cal assistant Todd being airs defamation. Case against the NCAA is now in the hands of the jury. Wolf McNair get anywhere close to 27 million dollars he's seeking. The Maher read about this Sami has some evidence that the NCAA kind of mishandled the investigation but. No I don't think so and I think album. Coming of a judge was ruling in this case that timing near Paula yen nothing because look. He was involved in this Reggie Bush case in this Reggie Bush case was dirty and bad and you know ugly at southern cal. But it is a jury. Verdict that will be coming. And you just never know that your. But I don't think 27 million dollars is reasonable. You know he's arguing that he was not able to get jobs some are arguing on the other side that. Now he's turned down opportunities hasn't applied for a lot of jobs because that would Curtis case. His case is all about they I can't get tired wealthy take a job and the cases out the window itself. You know he's going for the big bucks 27 million dollars when. It be different if Reggie Bush's parents didn't have that. New mouse. But they did. They did and your emboldened. So shut up no not 27 million dollars for Tommy Reese. I'm saying no to and I mean all the evidence all around the visible evidence I mean I'm sure that's been brought up in the case and wonder what bet he's making on this happened I mean if he loses this and he indeed did pass up on jobs. Is he gonna get a job for sure after this. Probably not. And more deserve it I mean this seems to be what he's banking on. I he's got lawyers and they made her take and look they're pointing out some missed doings by the NCAA in the investigation there's some stuff about. Innocent contact that was alleged to have been made up and played hard to believe that the NCAA would be dirty and anyway now prime. But. You know panic yet to give him this kind of money at the glee timing there didn't do anything wrong and hopefully. Probably that is truck there in the middle of all of a so maybe they give them a little nod for some swinging him a little money or maybe zero. So so if he does. Win this but with lesser money how much money you think they'll give him bad debt now. This is still in them no million dollar range and has everything's in millions of dollars trying. We we just talked about how. Robinson you know is giving up eleven million dollars missing. Eighty games with suspension so yeah I mean everything and there's nomination dim of one dollar award that would be let alone slap in the face and now think they'll do that. The has happened it. If you were if you were to win the case he's pinky are you think you can see Casey at all thing is jury Ina who knows there's only a jury. And who knows their attitude they're true one way or the other bright so I don't know I'm going we know that he gets a little or nothing little or nothing but. Only shocked if he gets a multimillion dollar reward because juries do that although this is that this was fresher. I think. Guarantee the loss but this was so long ago. The F pester him. That's true but I don't think he proved from what I'm reading about it he'd improved that he was not employable. I mean listen guys and on some pretty bad things that are still get jobs ranked by Canton McNair worked Summers assistant. I think he could. Frog doesn't want to so will sink I 88444773776. Text line 71307. What Frank Martin game gotten basketball coach had to say about LeBron vs Jordan the debate that just seems to crop up every year system. That's coming up stay with us this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. It's a cloudy Tuesday afternoon hanging out in the huddle ESP in upstate South Carolina USC upstate baseball. Not happening tonight will not be made up Furman Gardner-Webb baseball. Not happening tonight because of the weather but Clemson Kennesaw State baseball is still on at this point meeting Kennesaw Georgia and when there's little better over that went. So while post like they're trying to get down when he and so we will have a four here on ESPN upstate air time 5:31. Pitch at 6 o'clock tonight. On ESPN. Upstate. Well this time a year when we get to the MBA playoffs and get toward the finals and LeBron is there the debate always crops up. Who's the best of all time is it LeBron. Is that Michael Jordan. And frank Martin's South Carolina basketball coach has some fun on Twitter with former players current players media people easiest down. He plays the Twitter game well and really hasn't gotten in trouble. If so you know give him credit for that we're not done going too far and down so he's been. Cannot trolling some players about LeBron vs Michael he was asked about that. And now Obama's comments were kind of entertaining here's frank Martin's game cockroach on that topic. You never see me pick a side. I just like instigating. So I kind of lost starters in there are some Bruce show and Todd Jim old guys draw big time LeBron fans. Twilight needling them. I think people try to compare those two guys are out of the mileage. It's yours and employ against each other in different church different rules different games. And you know can you imagine if Jordan had played the way the MBA is today with a bunch of six foot six guys at center. You mentioned. Everett also mocked. Jordan had to go finish at the rim over the best Ruble bigs that have ever played our game and his air. Patrick Ewing cup team Dikembe keep it like a watch a game last night that ruined raving about Clint capella. Can you imagine playing capella trying to guard Shaquille O'Neal. So I'm not here it's different. It's different trying to debate wandered the other and I mean I want to praise you I'm gonna get into that I've been behind the scenes were LeBron a little bit. And he's phenomenal. It if you gave me one tick to start the team I'd probably take Jordan. I'd probably take two but I'm not I'm not entering into whose greater prisoner during different eras and different different deals. And there's there was a pick me pick. A big or pretty good up. I just got a good point about the mix you all he does a great point I mean I haven't heard it explained that way but yet how is awesome and now I'm just. Picturing. A fifth pitcher and has a smile on Jack's face when he does come in on. Capella. Just got a different air so yep. You know that they're much of a hand checking them. Was allowed not allowed in the a lot of stuff. Ed this debate is never gonna end every man but always wars discussion ally going frank marring its small its pretty up pretty good stuff. How we talk about Jim Harbaugh a lot of Michigan this being a key. Year for him because he really hasn't gotten a lot done in his three years and Michigan so far at least from. Conference standpoint and you know big wins standpoint. But. There haven't Big Ten meetings in Rosemont. Illinois now that includes all the conference's athletic directors. And ward manual. Is the Michigan. Athletic director and so he was obviously ask about Jim Harbaugh and his future. And he was very emphatic. That he wants Harbaugh to remain in his job. Until he wants to quit. Until he wants to. Retire. Ward Manuel said today I love my coaches across the board in the stock and particularly about Harbaugh. And basketball coach John Beilein. He Saddam extremely pleased with where we are from a staffing coaching standpoint. Jim and John are two people that I would love to see retire from this institution. I don't want gym to go anywhere. You have four more years at this point. Jim knows how I'll feel about a week tag great conversations. And I don't want him to go anywhere. Harbaugh. Will head back to lump. You've been back in Michigan this year now some assume that he'll have back to the NFL at some point. Before his coaching career in TS four years remaining on a seven year contract at Michigan. That he signed in December of 2014. A last year may seven million dollars. Third in the country. Right now lie to us Davos we actually made eight and a half million dollar should bonuses last year. So only Nick Saban in Davos Sweeney were had a horrible. Last year our ball was ahead of Urban Meyer. At six point four million dollars. Lester all three of the other guys have won national championship. Meyer and Saban have won multiple national championships in three years and Ann Arbor. Harbaugh has gone 28 and eleven. His finishes in the Big Ten east you may have heard me say this before. I'll say it another continent. They finished third in two when he fifteen in the Big Ten east third and 2016. And last year Tony 174. In the Big Ten. Against. Ohio State and Michigan State. One in five. Oh and three against Austin. One and two against Michigan State you know is going point out that one wasn't yes Michigan State if you don't want to. But clearly he has his athletic director. In his corner. You know at this means this means absolutely nothing how many athletic directors and you know been very positive about their coaches even if they are on the hot seat and then suddenly they go in three and they're ready to make the change yes. Nor are they just are they athletic director along with a head coach. There's not just the athletic director it's important you gotta have the AD in your corner but there. I'm curious what the big boost herself yeah. As to what the boosters are saying what the alumni from Michigan are saying I think. He's been and grace period because of how alone. Michigan had sunk and the promise seemed. Start that he had when he came back even though he didn't defeat the rivals but he but he started to bring them back to prominence. People are always talking about Michigan even if they're talking about Harbaugh first. So you know deserves. Getting back where they need to be in some areas and does not. The winning part yet so. How long does that grace period last I don't know it depends on the memory of how bad they were sticks in people's. Heads yup you bigots and turned around do you think Jim Harbaugh retires at Michigan. He's 54. So he's got a ways to go. No I don't I think but unless unless he wants to surpass. Below. But Jackson need to do some women to be able to do that yet I think I think he probably goes back in the NFL some point. Whether he gets a turnaround Michigan and on May be sooner rather than later in owning a turnaround helped you do something about them. Anyway. That's the deal he's got. At least the AD. On his side and by the way the satellite camp we talk about this a lot the last couple years this time a year. That hasn't gone away. And Michigan has there. Summer satellite camp schedule starting to come around. They are going to crisscross the country starting June 1 so couple weeks away they have a confirms stop. And Mercer university in Macon Georgia. On the backyard of the Georgia Bulldogs. And I'm not exactly in the backyard but not too far away from the Georgia Bulldogs. Harbaugh and his staff opened up the 2017. Satellite camp. At tell Mercer it's a prime location in the south from a recruiting standpoint. Michigan already has two players from Georgia committed for the class of 2019 including a five star defensive end Chris hidden. Wolverines already have camp scheduled for June 9 and June 18 in Ann Arbor. They will go to New York City. June 6 through the eighth. And they're going to Cleveland Ohio. Case Western Reserve University July 15. Our ball doesn't necessarily. Have to get all those camps but again it's up to him. NCAA rules instituted last April limit the number of days a college football coaching staff can attend camps to ten. So Michigan's had to get creative. Harbaugh told reporters in Toledo last week there's going to be a lot of them that we participate in. But it's not like years past where we send the whole staff to every chance they'll be two or three coaches he said. At each camps although split that up. So the camp satellite camps continue in a creative way for Michigan there and I out front on that one and they'll be continuing that. As well. 8444773776. Text line 713. Zeros seven world like to bring them back more and extend the huddle here on ESP in upstate stimulus. Welcome back 8444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the Ronald hunt a text or ask what exactly does satellite camp. Mean. Well. I guess it depends on the US but basically. The gist of it is this an excuse for. Coaching staffs to go and doing hotbed recruiting area. And go to somebody's camp like the one in now Macon is Bobby lambs camp commercial coach form for. These enemy camp so. You know par ball and whoever else can come in asthma and an instructor. And therefore have contact with some of the best athletes from that region who come and about these lamps. That's the way that works and how they only want to do and Penn State there's basically a scouting can help me get more of Islam. Hansel. Did you eat you get them most of these camps or in the south. Because of recruiting. Here they wanna get into Georgia especially at six maybe Florida. To log. In and get some face time with these on. These gas and it doesn't Crowley count as a recruiting visit Iran and you're there and they come to you. In any causes. Is kind of a turf war because yeah definitely they don't want. You know people in the south don't want people you know coaches from the north or even less threes or whatever come into their turf and still in their guys. Death and we're not seeing Davos when you get to California this not work now. Not yet hockey left after Olympic comes up itself. It was trying to get a handle on land a limit down and so that's what you're seeing now they have limits on the number of times any individual coach can go. So split up the staff and sending them out in groups of tourist ranked. That's the way that works. And playing James Franklin at Penn State and Harbaugh and kind of cutting edge of of this issue. So wanting goes. Talking about Major League Baseball is kind of cool to see the espionage story on the weaknesses of Major League baseball's ten best teams right now. Was very cool as the Atlanta Braves are listed with. Who would have thought. Led the Atlanta Braves would be listed as one of the ten best teams in baseball so looking at the weaknesses. And what ESPN identifies as the weaknesses for the Atlanta Braves trying to kind of interest. Big issue at third base we've talked about it here. They brought and Jose Batista and get a big home run yesterday but he has not been heading. Brian flared he is a guy that had been holding down that position starting got a strong but. They don't really believe that he's the answer at third base of the Braves do have an issue at their bench. They've got to figure that out long term Batista is not the answer at third base long term. And many don't believe that flared he has either then also. The bullpen the opens actually turned out to be okay other than now. Some key places where they have slipped a little bit right now all the bullpen for the Braves ranks ninth inning ERA. This down I was shown some wildness. But is ERA he has been good. Dan wing door. One point 02 ERA. Chang Karl point 75 ERA the group is allowed only nine home runs and 150 innings. But you know that the regression is coming for the Braves open. Those aren't the guys that are born to get to their long term by themselves at least so they mean did add some. Help another reliever to two that's the Braves have to be careful about not pushing too early. And will continue debate whether they contend that. All season. Looking at some of the other best teams in baseball so far and what weaknesses they have of course the Yankees and Red Sox at the top of the list of baseball right now in the American League east. So the Atlanta Braves I'm sorry the New York Yankees have an issue with one of their starting pitchers nest Sonny gray he has not held up his end of the bargain sunny Grey's earned run average right now six point 39. In 38 innings he's given up 46 hits that's not good. So that's a concern and then third baseman Miguel and new car. There's a little bit of a concern that might be a little bit of weakness for the Yankees he has. Shown some hitting skills that could make him the long term solar should solution at third base but his defense is shaky at best. Throws out from the side and tends to throw all over the place. From author makes so. Maybe they'd trade and pick up someone else to help them out at third base. Right now the Red Sox biggest problem could be their catcher they're catchers are batting. 178. That's not getting that done. Also Jackie Bradley junior and we love him around here former South Carolina game cocky is not off to a good start batting 171. Right now. Where the Boston Red Sox. Batting 088. Against left handers. His underlying stats are similar to last season. But the Red Sox are starting to sit him against left handers it's so bad. So keep an island Jackie Bradley junior other Houston Astros. Their problem who's going to be either close or. They have not figured that out yet they have some good bullpen pitchers they have figure out who can be the clothes are out there for them. About the Arizona Diamondbacks their catchers almost as bad as Boston's. So look for them try to help there must St. Louis Cardinals and I got a few problems. Dexter Fowler has not been hitting. Mac carbon under cult of wall not hitting. If the Marcelo zoo you know who's supposed to be. A rising star. Not really meant hitting and then of course bullpen as a big issue for. By the St. Louis Cardinals. They are working on that trying to figure that out. And the Chicago Cubs the guy who is pitching tonight against the Braves Yu Darvish. He's ON three in six starts with a six point 00 earned run average. He also lomb. Has been on the disabled list with a virus. Which may mean they wanted to just give him a chance to reset. A little bit. And a Jason Heyward for the cubs not hitting course when is Jason Heyward. Ever hit the cubs. Probably the team least likely to make a big move barring some kind of major injury. They will probably I'll stick with what they have. And Washington Nationals big competition for the Braves in the National League east bullpen depth a bit of a concern for them Sean Doolittle doing fine but. Overall the bullpen is twentieth in the major leagues. In ER race on the nationals could use some. Some help there Seoul on there you go some of the best teams in baseball and some of the issues that have against this good to see the Braves included in the conversation. Here on May fifteenth mid may is here in the Braves are in the hot so far. 8444773776. Last Jesse get a on the phone if you wanna do that next text line 71307. We're back to wrap it up here the Tuesday held all next on ESPN upstate. Final segment of the huddle on ESP in upstate near mid may is the fifteenth Tuesday afternoon's Greg McKinney and Alonzo they 444773776. We will have via Cleveland Boston basketball tonight for you after our Clemson baseball game with Kennesaw State assuming that gets a underway on diamond. Does not get interrupted by weather. So 73 the air time only is paean network will be joining after the baseball game it's the thirtieth tip off tonight. For Cleveland and Boston so what do you expect what does LeBron do tonight. LeBron is not held in check tonight there's no way Aaron. I don't know because Boston's defense is really and he would add more points last. Game feet just some of his shots went down I mean he had some. He has some clear open shots and uses horrible just like the rest of the team we've seen them have. Back games like that word when they shoot really bad from the three point line. They lose and they shot really really bad from the three point line abroad has no business taking three pointers. Mary wants a Wallace fine but he's never going to be known as prolific ever managed a shot Tuesday now because. Well when Boston whose everyone is counting their great defense and a defense is good when it is back off. And there's no within ten feet album and they're saying go ahead take this shot now I mean that's a slap in your faces and they're saying that you're not gonna make this is it. He'd miss is the first to you deathly now make in this when he went in gloves why wouldn't you just say in the polls as anything about Boston. And play good defense. The last game it just seemed like he did. The thing where he wanted to get the rest of the team involved and he waited too long to try to do it himself and it unless they took the game off. But I'll be tried as hard as you can. Once again out of hand you can't that we talk about that before yeah once he gets a point where it I mean it's not that important of the game it's a game one I mean it's playoffs but it's. Game one tonight differently via I mean at this would have been game five or something like that. I think he would have tried to do everything within his power to get it done but he realizes game one of the possible seven games. So just. The play another day. Over under. 38. For LeBron over. Way over. And the ball way over to weather season average in like forty something in that game. So yeah I'm definitely over. I say a maybe. Over thirty and in the first half. How Muslims fast corner the first half which which would be I if I order if I recall. I think dale we scored 38 as a team in the first half now first game and now are Rachel Nichols said this to. It's becoming clear how much Cleveland misses. Carrier. Given. I'll they definitely use nobody's there were already being. Hurt. Well I mean you know of course you go to a mister Starr's. But I think he's overrated in one sense that he would be savior because I don't think he would I think there's too many times where. He got county where he didn't get the shot worse that what they want to Kevin Love to module with somebody else too much and he would disappear. There's too many games do it when Kylie would disappear. So if you was there who say when he disappeared and at first game I just. He is not consistent. Now but. He's another score. More scoring Jay love. They surmise score. They do need so what they need multiple people to score not just one extra guy but three or four other guys. I'd tonight. Game two big one for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Boston Celtics will have a four after Clemson Kennesaw State they're game is still on the South Carolina game off tonight with the USC upstate affirming game is garner web off tonight but. A Clemson and Kennesaw still long tonight. It's a 5:30 year time 6 o'clock first pitch here on ESPN upstate Clemson comes in at 39 and thirteen. Kennesaw State 25 and 24. On the season. The pitchers tonight lefthander. Matt Clark for the tigers. And left hander Ryan Kennedy for Kennesaw State Clemson won two out of three home games against Austin. They're averaging a little over six runs a game. Manning to 55. So that's still like to get set up a bit Kimi RA 3.4 five so much pretty decent. Don't longtime coach at Kennesaw State 27 years they're from Mike sand saying. They're the owls the Kennesaw State als they won one out of three against NJ IT last weekend. They're batting 280 and a five point 11 earned run average. Watch out for Terence Norman Manning 355. Tyler Simon Manning 325. And Adonis Bryant has eleven stolen bases for Kennesaw State. In clubs is pretty good at that they have allowed only 22 steals in forty attempts. So far this year.