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Go back it's a huddle. ESPN upstate new Greg McKinney Alonso Richmond is up off the debt thanks to Doug is Irian for coming on the last segment. Talk a little law legalizing gambling on sports which is a big big story this week we'll breaking news now Major League Baseball suspending. Robinson can no 480. Games for steroid use. She's with the Seattle man. Eighty ain't half the season. That's big. So while. The Seattle Mariners let's figure something out as far as the how they're going to. Do without. Pretty good player and Robinson. Canal. This is broken right before we jump back on the air so I wonder is this because of multiple incidents or what he used I mean it. It as an army deal typically get 88 and it's you know you've had several I don't know how many said in his past but they don't do that first offense so. I am sure that there's a track record therein. He is paying the price. Right now so we'll Lally in opening more details come out as they sure that they will also baseball. In my cardinals Adam Wainwright. Just cannot stay healthy. Ten day disabled list today. Inflammation in his pitching elbow his second elbow related. Disabled list stands in the last month. IBM way right is now wearing out used to be a great pitcher he's 36 years old now. And to take some time off his record so far this year one in 34 point 00 earned run average. And just can't get healthy so we'll see how I don't know if Wayne writes going to be back and be right again but the it's not looking good for him that baseball news today as well. Are we talked to lie here you and Richmond and myself about Dez Bryant the former cowboy. And where he should go what he's going to do no team has picked him up sportsman. Three weeks or so since he was cut by the cowboys released. And everybody just wait around. Nobody's jumping on Dez Bryant so far Jason Witten course played for many years would Dez Bryant Dallas now Jason Witten is a a broadcast analysts Monday Night Football on ESPN. Well. He must have been listen you guys who men harassing me about. Dez Bryant for a wanna. Hear is what he said about. A possible landing place for this. I think David is certainly gonna have put some good opportunity motivated and I think he. Gonna end up corner of the green bay Packers and it's a good spot for him Aaron Rodgers. It goes bad back shoulder is broke so well. And and did a good chemistry with a good quarterback that can put the ball where they want because I totally dead and I went to football as good as there is it. Anybody in any other larger National Football League so your partner him up with Jimmy Graham. And and and Aaron Rodgers I think that often can put up a lot of points and looting Jordy Nelson and I'll do when they cut him. I think it's a win win for the Packers look for him to go there and it would help him pick the next step and get back on the welcome. I know the Jason Witten is set and I'll buy. Thanks. Did you notice the I think he just threw some shade. And Jack Brusca. It does because he said he even be playing with a quarterback who could fill the ball wherever he wants under the back shoulder yeah I don't I took that as a as a crackle on on debt Prescott saying that that could not get the ball or does needed to get it to be productive. Maybe a mile. And abided doesn't know the deck press god does not Aaron Rodgers is probably. Well plentiful that and I need to see now Tony Romo we've had with Yahoo! com. Mean this a good point it's a good boy that Aaron Rodgers can make it. Does look good and maybe this did help the Green Bay Packers. No it's not just a matter of making him look good he's a good player and he may not be great anymore but he's. Potentially better than what you have and they you know law cracking aside he. He can be very productive this could be a resurgence forever if you would go to a team like Green Day. Yeah how much certain about his resurgence but David Nelson Packers. Surge. Then I'm all in all right. I don't know I've heard any real discussion of that though I mean other than just stuff like that like Jason Witten saying so. It has just been no movement on Dez Bryant and I just wonder if. Some something happens somebody will pick him up on one with the timing and that's going to be yes. I would guess that the anyone else have made any offers to whom we would probably know miles all it took awhile to find out the Baltimore offered them. Yeah a little while but we did find now has he been offered by other teams and he said no to them to. I don't know. But this Dez Bryant to the packer story has taken on the lodge just because of Jason Jason what now. I was also impressively as the first tomorrow governor jays win. Talk then his retirement them things around here a lot most I was curious who. Police on a pretty good yeah. Yeah I think you build a good job Israel analyst on Monday Night Football and that's fine. Tom let's see what happens how Long Will it take for Dez Bryant to get his. Next. Job in the NFL. Well financed speaking of analysts John Fox is now an analyst. Pre SP and we just saw moan too few minutes ago wearing Carolina tied to know when you look like duke Carolina blue for sure. Former Panthers coach in a most recently mayor's coach. Is making appearances on NFL live sports senator ESPN Radio One all the ESPN. Platforms today. He coached in the NFL for 28 years he says he's looking forward to his new adventure sharing his experiences and passion for the game with the ESPN's viewers. John Fox was ten games over 500 in the NFL 133. And 123. In sixteen seasons Panthers Broncos mayors. Course led the Panthers and the Broncos to Super Bowl appearances. His teams were eight and seven in fifteen. Playoff games. We think. You do your job. I think he'll do great job and he has a unique voice of one thing about him that that is bothered me has since he's lost the way he doesn't look right I think there are so. Guys who did this a better chunky feet you days ago I did some people look more natural heavier. I think he's one of those guys I think I think his weight loss makes him look kind of sickly. While you're really sick I don't know I get that far but I know what's amazed at the round face and he looks like it should be doesn't own it at the height of the Panthers when he was there he was heavier and and it it just. It looked everything looked right now he just doesn't. It was cool all. Which way to health or. At least to them. I will watch for John foxy what kind of analyst he has put duck. He's making the rounds on the ESPN today ESPN NFL insiders are also this week breaking down the offseason action and what that means. And they put catalyst today of what teams they think are worse. Following free agency the draft and all the offseason moves who went backwards. During the offseason. And down several guys. Offered opinions on that field Yates NFL insider. Says it's the Buffalo Bills. That's a little bit surprised. The Buffalo Bills he said there is a long term building process that was followed. And not in anyway compromise this offseason. The bills performed exceptionally well in single score games last season there were six and two. That played and Andrew go party and snapping their postseason drought. But it was clear they were not sold on Tyrod Taylor is there long term quarterback solution. And they utilized their draft capital to select Josh Allen seventh overall. Factoring in the quarterback transition and offensive line shuffle buffalo profiles as they regression team in the short term. He's on subprime. Is glad that really I mean it whether you like Tyrod Taylor or not he'd been there awhile he's a veteran in you get rid of a guy like that and you gonna start rookie. And it just Tyrod Taylor. I'm just not not just quarterback but the bills have kind of been on the upswing and some good players. Seem to become irrelevant and I I agree with the assessment I think the thickest I think they take a major step arguably been McDermott. I do. Hate he had things progress seen in but I mean just the Tyrod Taylor moves this is weird. That's the one you don't like aren't Kevin Seifert. National Ryder. NFL writer says the Miami Dolphins that are going backwards. He said their plan is difficult to discern a parting ways with most of their best players from Ndamukong Suh to Jarvis Landry. They added a crew of aging veterans including 35 year old Frank Gore. A tailback 32 year old Danny Amendola. And guard Josh certain. Former Green Bay Packers 32 years old. They're facing quarterback Ryan Channing hill who is returning from ACL surgery is risky at best. The dolphins aren't rebuilding and any functional way. But the roster is not ready to compete for playoff spot either that's a major step back so he just says they're in no man's land they're not rebuilding. And they're not good enough. The dolphins who. Aren't. Did you expect them to be any I mean. This is just seems like common knowledge I don't expect them to do any. How about this about this on and off the fact these guys that they're considering on those two teams. Aaron Schatz football outsiders editor in chief agrees that is the Buffalo Bills he says their quarterback situation is a mass he doesn't believe and Alan. He'll take a lot of work to transition their offensive line is a mess three best lineman gone. Trader retirement. And edge rusher. Trent Murphy was seen as one of this year signings at least likely to live up to the value of his contract. Three years 22 and a million dollars and Mike Sandoz senior NFL writer agrees dolphins. Also points out that loss might pouncing. And appear to be a less talented team however here's a new team in the mix. KC Joyner NFL writer says. Seattle Seahawks regressing. They've been addressing have a day I mean it it it's it's maybe gradual and not nose wheel to a lot of people but they're not the best team in their division and and every since that. The last Super Bowl parents they started going downhill especially when you start letting letting go all their defensive players they're. And that the offensive line isn't I'm I'm just. Jogger it. Congress melt harper gave Seattle his lowest grade of the draft Regina. Didn't I didn't. They're free agent additions were. Arguably the least inspiring in the league at those might be enough to drop Seattle to the bottom of this list but how in the world the Seahawks do so little. To upgrade the offensive line. May be the worst in the league lecture and they knew anything. Dan Gross TI no national NFL writer agrees Seahawks. The decline obviously started last year he said but losing Michael Bennett Richard Sherman cliff admiral. And Sheldon Richardson in the same offseason. And still Lebanon resolve situation with Tim chancellor. It's a foundation crumbling underneath the team. He says Pete Carroll is not to be underestimated as a puzzle solver but does he have enough peace. Guess stinky Pete can expect. I agree. Com Kris prizes still there I thought to be gone by now could want because I think they've been going downhill and I think their stagnant they're stale and they're not I mean. They're not look like they're going up any time soon it's really been just couple years for the slipped all the stuff that is the NFL low. Dead unless like this could be a key year for Pete Carroll I would agree that. Then a couple of up unions on who improved the most in the offseason. One opinion of the Los Angeles or Graham's. Proven veteran talent via trades and free agency. Cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib have play making skills to find the ball in the secondary. They get defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh interest on about him from Miami bolsters the interior of the front line course plane next to an all pro and -- Donald. Branding coach a wide receiver and upgrade for the passing game site and not RCL a rams got better. I agree with a lot of low but the Peterson to leave her in trouble a lot you and deck decades spells some problems for them have been both those guys back there is the same time I'd just that. Keep an eye on that. Cleveland Browns. They had the league's worst quarterback play in 27 team and of course they got the aforementioned Tyrod Taylor. And they got the first overall pick in baker may feel. Joseph Thomas and Danny's Shelton are gone but. They got some new talent AJ gains TJ Kerry Carlos Hyde Jarvis Landry Chris Hubbard and to Marius Randall. As well as early round rookies Denzel ward Austin Corbett and nick Chubb. This is a team on the rise. And her that while monthly number. More on it's hard for him to not be if you want their articles do ya you can't go any lower no tennis right Benghazi analysis Chicago Bears improved. He said the problem is that because of the strength of their division he doesn't know that the improvement will show in the standings. The bears spend big in free agency that's not always the best way to go but they've improved the wide receiver corps kept their secondary intact with spending. He believes their top three draft picks rope on Smith out of Georgia James Daniels and Anthony Miller are guys who can help them ride away. At positions of significant need. And cub more votes for the browns as teams on the rise in the one vote for the New York Jets. Really. The this is. Seifert. Tendency for NFL writer he's had this. He says stay with me for a moment. There is no doubt that the browns have raised their talent level from 2017 to 28 team but they also had the furthest go to the jets drafting. Of quarterback Sam Arnold. Establishes a long term focus for what was already a decent talent and raw decently talented roster. For the first time in six years the jets know who their building around. Don't underestimate the value in that even if Sam Arnold doesn't make a huge impact and 22 Bali oven on the same uncertainty at quarterback that they always seem to have. The goal McDonald. And we'll see how that works. Yeah we'll see because I storm. And it is the jets I mean you know. I just. Davis with the same or worse to me any improvement will be. Notable you know get tons of attention because they're in New York the jets will be the new browns. Then. ID 444773776. Text line 71307. Back at a moments in the huddle on ESP in upstate. I know the baseball cancellation game Cox and USC upstate tonight not happening. Because of the weather in Columbia. Possible thunderstorms in the area this game will not be made up. So fans who have tickets to the USC upstate South Carolina game in Columbia tonight can exchange their ticket out for any baseball game next season. Except. For Clemson. You can't trade in your UC upstate ticket for Clemson to. Don't know what you do. So we gamecocks down to a three games left in the regular season with the cancellation tonight their three game series in conference against Texas a and M. Series opener scheduled for Thursday night. 730. And then we'll continue our Friday and Saturday. Clemson and Kennesaw State is still Lana games in Kennesaw State in Kennesaw Georgia is north west of Atlanta and a skill on the backside of this rain it's not as a wet mayor as it is he yourself. Maybe they get down one end tonight Clemson in Kennesaw State 530 year time and 6 o'clock first pitch here on ESPN upstate there's any change in that. We will certainly let you know. Last night's NBA playoffs Golden State over Houston 1192106. Golden State up one nothing. In that series Chris Paul for Houston eight for seventeen shooting 23 points in the game we were talking yesterday. At some length. About LeBron James memory. And you know solace at least were impressed with how he recounted. What it must have been five or six possessions. Some of the colors were not impressed gaffe some of the colors there I can remember tiger every golf shot I hit on this golf course or whatever but you know I didn't think that was assigned. I got something for you to compare it to. What LeBron did yesterday or what we played four yesterday from the night before from that stretch where. Com Boston. Allen scored seven straight points or something and kind of took control of the game. Well Chris Paul last night was asked about a certain stretch. In the Golden State Houston game. And you can hear the question answered see fewer impressed with Chris Paul's memory as we were with LeBron it's meant. You and you and he had a little verbal spattered spat in the second quarter at the inbounds play. Well what was that about and in you think that that might it had a little fire in him after that who KP when you. Second quarter on the sidelines until the play ball and. You can definitely compared to shorten it who whooping. And spots and edit. There are spanning just want to remember that. Chris ball is lost a game he's he's a good meeting stupid questions he just wants to him was to get out other food oil and I'll or whoever. That's not a diabetic memory of their. Boca. A filming now. Is flooding usually does it raise my husband's life is baloney to me. A step curry the guard for Golden State. And apparently was a targeted and defensively. Last night he didn't score a lot of points. Always say god you got to that'd McCurry. Currie got to eighteen points eight for fifteen shooting is only one for five. From three points and you know the theory is that the rockets are just trying to shut down staff and at a morgue because Acadia. And clay Thompson. But. James Harden. And the rockets in general. Seemed to bomb have accepted the invitation during game one. Winced after a said he hoped the rockets would attack him in isolation on every defensive. Possession. Pardon did much of his damaged during a 41 point performance act Curry's expanse. But the warriors pulled away for the win anyway. I curry only had eighteen points as we says said if that's the game plan they want to stick with my job is just to make it as tough as possible. You get two great scorers out there and Chris Paul and James Harden. You know they get shots off in isolation type situations. And they're tough to stop so he says I'm gonna get scored on their gonna get scored on there's going to be a lot of back and forth. But he says long is I'm in the right spot at the right time and defend. And try to make it as tough as possible. I'll be all right when that and just have. Back competitiveness. That we need. I ESPN stats and information says James Harden scored 25 points and shooting off of isolation he was good I mean nine for twelve you watch some of us. I mean you know he's gonna shoot and you can't stop him. Very good isolation players feel like that kind of basketball that's what James Harden can do. The rockets rely more on isolation than any other team in the league. Because hard to get at it. According to NBA dot com stats James Harden led the league with 877. Points off isolation during the regular season. But if you're if you're playing isolation game other guys have to be able to do the same thing don't think so when they have the ball they've got a because there's not going to be as much passing and all I kind of stuff. I just I mean it's. It didn't work forum last night now. Coming you know what's the Goldie Arden is forty wandered try to win a game on the gift for him but yeah then when the game. They got they got to play some defense and some other guys got Chris Paul now points to lead still. He got to score more than the other thing. I don't think it's a bad idea to attack curry because you know he has that MCA Alley just came back from a and so you gotta think he's not moving as. He also tends to pound a little bit and I'm not pick and he he tends to pound a little bit doesn't mean you can't get over a pretty quick but he used pounds some last night. But I think the key is to do you guys attacked. Katie. Just made it more. If you can slowed KB down any at all maybe got a shot but if you leave him like they did last night and yet he made a lot of shots on his own but still. I mean your key in on well on curry I think he needed. Double and triple team Cady and let the rest of team B Tuesday may very well do but Houston. They still they put up a lot of points even though they lost. Yeah well certainly Mormon offensive thing for coming Curry's on pardon a lot. Half of his. Pardons 26 isolation thing game point came against Currie. The rockets repeatedly set up the match up they had the man curry was defending screen for Harden so they forced to switch. Pardon averaged one point 31 points for isolation against curry. That's pretty good. Her isolation one boil over point for one point three per us Alicia. The warriors can live with Harden scoring however if they keep them from creating. Open looks for the rockets of the three point shooters Harden had seven assists that's all. None of them resulted in threes. Houston players other than a hardened 8428. From three point so dating yet good three point shots off on the Norton. You know he was five for nine from for the rest of the team eight. For 28. Harden has been spectacular in all of the rockets' season series openers this post season. 44 points in game wanting a September rules 41 points in game one against the jazz and now 41 against the warriors. He's the first player in NBA history to open his team's first three playoff series by scoring forty or more. The matter. The manner. In fact Mike Antonin joked he needs 55 next time. Because they lost home court advantage when gardens were 41. So. You can break it apart anyway you want it's a thirteen point loss. For the rockets last month. Tonight we will get to Cleveland and Boston that is an 830 chip in Boston with the Celtics up one to nothing we will join. Ab broadcast him progress after Clemson baseball Kennesaw State tonight. Here on nine ESPN upstate a 444773776. Text line 71307. The year I've backed misses the huddle on ESP and 8444773776. Our phone number fueling you know more relaxed here. And no huddle for this Tuesday afternoon addition cloudy skies out there rains let up a little bit they'll be in a little better before it. Comes back in with a more over the next few days that's in the forecast for short Clemson Kennesaw State baseball still on for 6 o'clock at Kennesaw Georgia tonight. 530 airtime here on ESPN upstate USC upstate South Carolina in Columbia. Canceled tonight and will not be made up here's the news on Robinson can no more coming on on this. The star second baseman for the Seattle Mariners suspended for eighty games today and eighty games without pay you know what that means. No 180 games without pay means for. Robinson cannot. Eleven. Million. 8518520. Wow. I know when you make that kind of money then you know. Probably not that important beaches. He'll make 111800000. For the half season that he does get the like hope that she was worth it but my goodness eleven point eight million dollars this cost. Robinson can tested positive for a banned substance. Let me see if I can pronounce that Derosa mind you hear them. No. No I have dire Redick. Hero so my. It violates Major League baseball's joint drug prevention treatment program he will not appeal suspension begins immediately. Here's what canosa and a statement. Recently. I learned that I tested positive for a substance called heroes of mine. Which is not a performance enhancing substance. For more than fifteen years playing professional baseball has been the greatest honor and privilege of my life. I would never do anything to cheat the rules of the game that I love. And after undergoing dozens of drug tests over more than a decade I've never tested positive for a performance enhancing substance for the simple reason that I've never taken one. Rob is gonna city was given for us in my body a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic. He said the substance issues. Two great. Darius. Medical conditions there and in the United States what. Right and treat. You have the worst trade in grade I think that's that's typo by I don't see how this Fella do you learn G area to agree to treat I'm sure that's what it means. I'll take that license there and say that's what that. He said while I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was manned obviously now wish I'd been more careful. He suffered a fractured and fifth medic corporal in his right hand when he was struck by a pitch by Blaine hardy of Detroit on Sunday. He was placed on the disabled list Monday he was scheduled to see a specialist in Philadelphia today. And then this. Major League Baseball sicken those time on the disabled list will count toward his 82 game suspension baseball's drug program does not distinguish between healthy and an unhealthy player. However he will lose salary. And is an eligible for the post season. And the all star game. While pretty big deal. For Robinson Cano he's 35 years old now. Last year he had 23 home runs he at 39 home runs in 26 thinks he's an eight time all star. This year is batting 287. He had missed two games this season and hadn't played in fewer than a 150 games and any of the past eleven seasons. Fact according to stat ESPN's stats and information can those 1783. Games played since the start of 2007. By the most in Major League Baseball. Net time period. So he's been pretty durable do baseball player regionally fight this thing I know you know like in football league big given. You know the suspension drop down south and in baseball and it's like I had. Now. Baseball's little tougher to fight. And it's going to be eighty. Mariners outfielder. 2000 sixteenths in the battle the diminishing. The similar guys on the that's a big deal though for on the Mariners lose. Robinson get canal. 480 gains for half the season. That's pretty tough. So all they'll have to. Figure out how to go long enough forward for the rest of the season tried to be. Competitive without him their own and their competitor right now they're only a game and a half out in the west in the American League. Or six games over 500 so big loss. To Seattle Mariners. Atlanta Braves didn't win yesterday now the Braves have won three in a row. And they are 25 and fifteen the Braves are ten games over 500. And which you say you're saying every day and the this record in their. As best record in the National League non baseball let's my heart I know but still. In the National League that's not bad just not man in fact only the Yankees and Red Sox have better record than the Braves. In baseball right now. You always have times changed what you think what they're going to win need to know about finishing above 500 and that. You know I mean I don't think you have me on record saying they won't I think I said did it would be. I am close to 500 I am not going to go back and check let's say I'm not I'm not gonna put that kind of effort into that. Now I'm cynical in the east that's. Alana de may have lead over the Phillies in a two game lead over the nationals. And the Mets are four and a half games back so it's close it's close division that's going to be on entertaining I think. But the Braves now back on the winning track and 13 in a row. And with that wind yesterday. And once six out of their last ten so I mean it's fair to say they cooled off. A little bit. Ought to stay at their home since yesterday. Man. Just when we were criticizing him saying embraced needed descendant Downey is a three run homer and they beat the cubs. What's this thing we. The gospel we were saying how would you. This when we were saying that dwell Batista has not been hit you where you were saying that and then Richmond and I watched him hit it. Thanks for numbering and enough. They'll play the cubs tonight at 735. They've got three more games with the cubs over the next three days. And then the Braves get the Marlins and in Philadelphia and then Boston so. That's next video red hot Atlanta Braves have won three in a row now. And I continue to play well Fulton edits on the mound for the Braves tonight against Yu Darvish. Or the cubs a 444773776. Hoping to bring to Maclin more. Here and auto GMAC Alonso on ESP in upstate. I love saw no you'll be tune in for Cleveland Boston game two tonight from 830 tip off but. Will you be watching the NBA draft lottery before that and Chicago know Iowa and at 730. In this evening the NBA draft lottery the Phoenix Suns. Have the best odds at landing the top pick. They were 21 and 61 the seasons early at the worst record in the immediate. Along with the suns. The grizzlies the mavericks the hawks. And the magic. Make up the other teams with the best odds at getting the number one overall pick. And the nets lakers and pistons. Are all in the lottery but they will lose their picks because of various trades each team made the lakers picked. Goes to the 76ers. If it falls at number one or somewhere between number six and number thirty copper hit enough yet. It will go to the Celtics went on the collect respect will go to the Celtics at its two through five. Just a weird have you tried to watch this before I did this it's extended. Yeah it's not good on the now attempted to watch it and not only is it confusing. But after watching the NFL draft to expect other drafts to be somewhat entertaining. And it's like and I think the people doing it don't even know what their deal and sciences. I don't get it. This mummy is just the lottery is so stupid yeah and spano who they're gonna epic yet just the take order so that's not that's not exciting. To me but anyway I'm ESP we'll have a tonight at 730 appear interest in. In the NBA draft lottery once they have the L or going and we can start speculate on who's going to pick who won and where. Coming up in the NBA draft. Other Baltimore Ravens are the latest team to try to reduce concession prices. And get fans back. They're cutting their concession prices at Inman T bank stadium this year. They're trying to. Repair their relationship with fans. Some National Anthem protest and Baltimore have. Upset fans. And of course Sam made playoffs in three years and that's Oscar hopes that their France. Over the past few months the ravens invited fans to ask questions at a pre draft news conference. They held a question and answer session with fans at the team facility. With homer with their owner and coach John. And the ravens have sold out every game during the twenty year history at him and T bank stadium. But there have been an increasing number of empty seats. Especially last year. The no shows were in the thousands. They of the fourteenth largest stadium in the league in the Hannam. Bunch of fans disguised as empty seats. At the NFL owners meeting in March their owner Dick Cass said there has been a disconnect with fans in Baltimore. He says we have to do a better job of engaging with our fans they're following the lead in the Atlanta falcons' course the falcons as we've talked about several times on the show. Dropped prices of concessions after they moved into Mercedes men's stadium. And they ended up making more money. The falcons lowered prices on food and beverage by 50%. And their fans span 16%. More. So mom and drama doing that. In Baltimore. As well they're going to hold a news conference Thursday. And announce exactly what their prices would be losing everybody would study that and see where that. Magic line is on prices vs profits. Definitely and I mean in and once more more stadiums are doing that eventually maybe they all will put here's what not that you know from the story. Young lost fans over protests. The ones you lost over that you're not gonna get those back by lowering your concession prices well I think you'll get some back anyway because it because the initial old. Anger over a lot of stuff does this dissipated to some degrees of some of those guys who really really love football will be back but the ones who were doing it. Mainly because of that. Dropping concession prices not gonna get them out. That's not the only reason they lost fans you know one of the big reasons they've lost fans as. M a very good yeah that may have something to do the quarterback but you know then in other parts of the tape but all four and look I'm all for rom. A better fan experience and concession prices have a lot to do that. All I'm not complain about that I mean I think that's a great thing like you said I mean this is this what the second stadium that we know this can do this didn't. Hopefully he gets around to panther stadium in and other stadiums throughout the country on the MB also. Yeah hopefully this becomes a trend and look if you prove that you can make more money because. I mean that's the way to and we do NFL game. Concessions are so expensive archer pretty conservative about what you do yeah you pay so much for ticket. Already that you don't want have to spend so much on food but if if food is cheaper you don't go back more than once. Because especially NFL games in their last a good little bit and you go back two or three times maybe. Yeah I think it's Smart. Again I'm a little surprised they haven't analyzed this. Over the years old more effectively and figured out. I mean ad basically trial and error in Atlanta to see that by lowering concession prices they can make more money. You would think gum but all the research we have going on these days they would nomad in implants will this move on to other sports too. If it's found to be successful football data is of the NFL like. Pretty ridiculously high as far as concessions yeah that's more than most morning college and you know maybe more I don't know I don't that NBA games I would imagine MBA concessions pretty how to. We were professional sports concessions are. How over the top and it's nice to see at least some effort to move them in the other direction and I hope we catches on Baltimore joining Atlanta. In taking a look at this mossy for it to. Does catch on and spread that would be a good thing for.