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Well Elise is not hot. 74 degrees problem is it's. Wet and give stay wet for a while rain in the forecast for the next several days as unfortunate because we have the BMW charity pro am coming in. We have baseball. Schedules starting Thursday of course Clemson playing on the road. In now Pittsburg but rain scheduled a player as well. So. Enjoy coolness but. Not going to be real pleasant outdoor welcome into the hoddle Richmond off today and tomorrow. So Alonso and I are here. And we're glad you're with us here in the huddle on ESPN upstate we'll get to the NBA of course news on the Carolina Panthers sale. It's happening and happening quickly twenty latest on that. At 145 today Doug because Syrian ES PM will join us live we'll talk about the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling get his take on all of them do what it means. That's Canada 145. Jason Witten has some thoughts on where Dez Bryant gonna go. That are interest and we'll get to that coming up course he played alongside and as with the cowboys and on Jason's going to be. Well on the television broadcasts. He is joining the crew to law. Broadcast Monday Night Football this year. And now we will also have three questions coming up at 3 o'clock and Frank Martin Frank Martin chimes in today on LeBron vs Jordan. It's kind of entertaining. At least so that's coming up to about a white Clemson baseball tonight. As of now. Still on for 5:30 year time 6 o'clock first pitch Clemson in Kennesaw State but it does not. Look props. No looks pretty miserable out there so then you know we are watching for that to be canceled we do have one cancellation Furman Gardner-Webb tonight. Canceled because of the forecast and what's happening right now but. Those at this point. Mr. Meehan bill are quick so they they don't. Need this game so we say cancel you mean boom it's done they won't try to reschedule I don't think they can this late in the season. Rescheduled so I would expect. Cameo sees hope for actions were closely enough and travel to Pittsburgh again so does not happen so you have to call a knock on maybe that's Maine maybe that's why they're waiting as long as they are. On the side excellence in Kennesaw game he has. They know they can make it up so seized on the wheel braking can get it in. Will sing but right now on no cancellation out of the Clinton talks were scheduled to bring you clinching Kennesaw state of 5:30 this afternoon 6 o'clock first pitch. And then we will have buck Cleveland Boston tonight in BA. That's 730 ESPN air time for an 8 o'clock game if we get the rain out from. Clemson will bring you that entire broadcast if they played a baseball game will join Cleveland Boston. In progress after Clemson baseball this evening so that's where we stand right now. You can call us at 8444773776. You can text us at 71307. Police target text message. With the ESPN and Regis on Twitter at ESP in upstate. What's trending in the sports world is. Another game that wasn't so close. In these great matchups. In the western and Eastern Conference finals. Yeah it was the west turn last night angled to stay once it over Houston 1192106. A thirteen point win. For the warriors last night you'll want to nothing and of course. Just like that home court advantage is gone for the Houston Rockets. So will say. What's gonna happen going forward here but it was it was pretty much. All Golan stamina and was tied at halftime. But Doug Golden State took over in the second half too much of the Big Three Kevin Durant stepped Currie. And Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant 37. Points Klay Thompson 28 points Def. Somewhat quiet night with eighteen points but he did enough. And the Golden State Warriors shot 52 and a half percent from the field just under 40%. From three point they were lights out at the free throw line 2225. That's 80%. As only need too many weapons. For the Golden State Warriors last night. And Kevin Durant talked about his big game leading the way for Golden State last night. Thing was defense and using an. It's trying to be aggressive when I Devoe. And forceful manageable Nelson show us wish I have backers of floated Shimon. And so forth there rushed or third who assured him. I should just like there and you don't miss some early enough food to Lucia sort of see where he gave. Pertaining Jimoh my loose from being aggressive litigated and also alludes to know to give other doesn't vote was wounded collapse. Hey man I'm missed a shot on ticked off about I can't stand uncertainty LeBron would remember exactly where he was on the court how much time Muslim clarkin who was around them when I missed that shot about a way Iowa Knowles Landon preview but I have Chris Paul. Chris Paul being asked about a collect it'll it'll look illustrate the difference between a photographic memory and whatever Chris Paul as you know as a watch and. The majority of this game admittedly I fell asleep some time. In the third quarter might even be in the beginning of the third quarter I didn't make it to you of the first half. What would Golden State be like without direct. Because derail his assault fire last night and it he is so dominant and he's clearly the best player on the court. I mean. What from both teams he's the best guy out there and I just think he truly stands out and it's that it's a shame that. He's going to be tarnished forever because the other you know join the front runner. Now. Didn't bother me but OK yeah you're right to Randy is having a special post season and he was special again last nine or didn't really nothing on the scoring front out a drain Montrae Holland out of some rebounds. And some assists but one for five from the field and just got hostile and Megan just arguing bad. He got a tanker in the end it was lives looking pretty bad I thought he's gonna get thrown out pretty quick and Owens valley arguments and we just kind of Randy guy over with his back on the they hung up on the sideline and he shot he would put his kids if you were Tomlinson when he put his arms up there kind of and they showed another angle and saw what you do with these are golden to them and then just. Went nuts over the foul call which course this. The right call possibly LA any scoring out of tray money much got a big Dolly eleven points and only two for three from the field. And made it I mean they've got these three guys and one albums always gonna be on right. The direct Korean towns in somebody's going to be warm at least. Yeah in the nation curry on the side line incurs haven't given much talk about how all new did not only your shots are gonna drop an honest I was like a showdown in the right. But I we'll get to listen three questions but time I'm not overly optimistic about the rockets. That just don't they play good team basketball than. I mean hardened with the all those one home one moves isolation news. And again he did tonight if 41 points he shot well over 50%. It more than 50% of his three point. No admittedly I guess I I've bought into the hype that. That Houston had a shot at this. Now and I'm questioning that. Whether leaving goes seven games. But Golden State has taken charge right now. So what is the a future that series to a call about that certainly welcome to do so bentonite Wiig gets. Game two of Cleveland and Boston it is an 830 tip. I am Boston again Boston Celtics up one to nothing in that one. Big night for you boys and for LeBron Jenks got to have this one tonight. Definitely have to have those who know he's gonna have a good game got to see what everybody else around them is going to do and yet as as you mentioned before the series started. Boston hasn't lost the game at home during the play else if you are going to advance you've got to win one. Yup got to figure out Alain. Kim they do that not tonight is just critical for them after the 25 point loss. In game one just can't tell day go down two games to nothing and they need a fast start that says one thing LeBron said. After the game the other night. They don't get off to a fast start they are typically in trouble so on Ali's first quarters key tonight. For Cleveland against Boston by the way I'm seeing reporters that I 385 and found hands completely shut down yes a sum up that moment ago. That's not good so be aware of that this afternoon in the rain and mail it to say which direction. And in CNET park. South 35 southbound near fountain in so you have to go that way and well. We are sorry. Be ready for a back up. I get thoughts on NBA stuff 8444773776. Text line 71307. Or you can hit us on. Twitter at ESPN upstate are also. A bit of an update on NBA coaching news Milwaukee Bucks ownership is meeting. Today in New York. With two finalists for their head coaching job one is Mike Boone holes are formally with the Atlanta Hawks. The other is at Torrey Messina. Who holds or is the front runner for the job he is still talking not just to Milwaukee but also to. Toronto Messina is a spurs assistant and a decorated fever coach. And he's getting some momentum according to reports for the box he's been more of the world's top coaches sport. Decades. A legendary international coach. With four Euro league championships as a head coach. Global powers like Real Madrid and some others so he's interviewed he also going to be for the hornets opening course didn't. End up by getting bats he's 58 years old been part of Gregg Popovich as staff for dispersants 2014. So we should get some. Movement bear on now those two jobs but particularly to Milwaukee job. Up pretty quickly here has there having some meetings today we will let you know. What's going on a weird thing for we get off clear today. I will we come back one update the Carolina Panthers. Ownership situation sailors just about done here. Just buttoning things up it appears we'll tell you the latest. That's next this is the huddle GMAC Alonso on ESP in upstate. That giants have been on 35 southbound Lawrence counties around mile marker 21 and Amoco's wrongly crash. Vehicle in the wrong way. On the interstate M by 10:45 this morning and so. Southbound lanes of vol 35 at last report still closed. In Lawrence county. Because of that. Wreck earlier this morning so while the boy that area. Probably would be a good idea 8444773776. To the phones and Delmon Europe first today how are. On the ground you know don't do well. Cooperate or or unaware about the Bart and back I don't count there are only limited edition that you spoke like you know. We'll ask. You out at a true ability he has owned what or the two candidates trot steps out from bill. Welcome but he did get Indiana. And I airbag now and have one you know. In Atlanta. Airport and all exports and oral. Go to Tehran. You know he's taking he's sitting there acute pain and I'll try also looked this good at but he cannot. It'll be a great because it's NIC the wonder where they noticed I was a world. Despite could've been a world full truck and on and now acutely carriers could be at risk and he barked orders. The list. At this Symbian or or technical so now does it directly but it didn't Mercury document eat eat these Keenan an etched in. And an apartment and out movement. Don't see it right now alone opened in that I and we are doing pretty important it is to import that it won't close although it looked inside our product and hit written bit. You know it out I think that probably was like Caroline side maybe just crossed state lines that one guy it and talked about a month but. Doesn't look like that's in the books now looks like a mostly in the Charlotte immediate Charlotte area. Yeah it would do thank you depend noted that they understand and know. Is liberty international but it looks you know well all audio on the nuclear power right isn't it we're still there are not like you. Here are a devil we appreciate it Donovan David tepper. David tepper expected to sign a deal today to by the Panthers according to Adam -- after and assessed worker sham habeas PM. The sale price 2.2 billion dollars in Dublin is right that's less then you we saw these estimates of two and a half billion dollars this seems to be the guy Jerry Richardson wants. And he's willing to sell it to him for. Less. This will be a record. Hi sale price for an NFL team however. Back the record right now is one point four billion dollars buffalo bills' 2014 has just know teams have been sold recently told the record would just keep going up yeah that's it. In the inflation and it's also advise your teams in and all that kind of stuff that's it I'm surprised it's not a little bit higher than that. Down from the Houston Rockets NBA and sold for 2.2 billion. Last year or so little time that. Record for a franchise price. This will get approved at the owner's meeting and there's no question about that I may be another reason that Jerry Richardson likes temperament is temper has already been vetted because he was a part owner of the Steelers still lives but not to divest himself. Of his 5% ownership of the Steelers who have to sell that before. This purchase is complete so I'm sure that's. Well underway David tepper is the founder of global hedge fund apple Lusa management. His net worth eleven billion dollars. So he can afford. According to league rules he asked put up at least 30% of the selling price so all the money doesn't have to. Come from him. Ben tomorrow founder of Charleston based Sherman financial group was considered to be the other top candidate to get Richardson's recommendation. I'm Michael Rubin fanatics owner. Alley testament ball on the bedrock industries LP and George of Dow Jones of cyber Brooklyn nets majority owner. Reported to be interested. In the app answers but temper emerged as the early leader. Richardson wanted to complete the sale as soon as possible. And there were questions about whether they can do that with Navarro. So thus tapper becomes. The top choice. The Panthers hired Steve Greenberg a New York investment bank company Al running company to help but the sale and they worked sell other major franchises. Before temper arguably one of the greatest hedge fund managers of this generation he's been pretty successful. And it is also lob given a lot of money away he donated three million dollars over the years to help with hurricane relief for him Puerto Rico and Texas. When hurricane sandy devastated New Jersey in 2012. He gave out 121100. Dollar gift cards. To people in need. He grew up in a lower to middle class neighborhood in Pittsburg. He has his degree in economics from the University of Pittsburgh. And early in his career he worked as a credit analysts at Goldman Sachs. So all that's good stuff here's one thing just keep a nine. There's a quote from a David temper about Donald Trump. The president. Where he called Donald Trump a demented and narcissistic scum back. So. Politically. That. Sit well some people deathly won't sit well peace suddenly decides that he needs tax money to. To fund the new stadium because that will definitely. Be used. Against them. For that yes a label like tempered just because of that and that alone. And I don't know the the you know context of that quote. But out say it several times and I don't think it's been. Denied so awful what it's worth. There is that Tom. As far as keeping the Panthers in Charlotte it is believed that he will. As far as keeping training camp in Spartanburg we'll get to that in three questions. Today but there has been no. Guarantees about that I. I wonder how extensive vetting is now live with all these things come to life as far as what. Richardson is accused of I mean do they talk to a lot of people around him to make sure that they're not getting into the same sort of situation. It's hard to do Amin. I don't know but I I think most people were shocked by these allegations that. Came up in recent years against Jerry Richardson it's just hard to know. When something like status cannot. Underneath the visible layer I Zoellick I know what you're saying minutiae at the least try. I know he's we showed we put some effort I'm not sure how you do it and I think I think he got a least try. I mean you know if anything has come up that certainly will be an issue when they're discussing this but though there have been no reports of that so. Don't anticipate a problem he's already been vetted. Because he owns part of the state were so. You know they should be quick I don't think it's going to get held it will happen. And will be off to the races here. With some. Tapper as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers a lot of questions about you know what that's going to mean. You know Jerry Richardson was very much behind the scene agency much of even before all this stuff happened in the past what year so even make camp Armenians every once in awhile you would. Catch a glimpse of him a silent and guided do interviews didn't seem around. Tepper is. Reported to be a more outgoing outspoken gregarious. Guy who will be out front a little bit more like Terry Jones time when I don't know that it would go that far. But more than Jerry rich to not certainly not as quiet behind the scenes is as mr. Richardson wants so while will sink we'll see if he is. Well and and for us alone I hope peace and Jerry Jones type because think of it all the stuff we get to talk about. Don't. I think there will be more news stories of things he says 'cause you'll say anymore he sixty years old. Com and again. He has already passed the vetting process as a minority owner of the Steelers. Hum so. This on the fast track this is happening quickly toy you know when it becomes official can be today they're supposed to be putting the final lomb. Deal signed a final deal today but in the of course it has to. The approved by the league owners and those meetings have been in Atlanta on May 22 that's one week from now. This time next week can be a done deal. The purchase needs approval from the NFL financial committee and then. Three quarters of the 32 owners of an aged 24 owners to sign off. Should be a done don't see any problems. With David tepper being your next. Carolina Panthers owner so wall bossi Legos we'll see if that you know what it means as far as. Given the team is South Carolina or North Carolina rather keeping the training camp in Spartanburg a debate from completely separate from that. A new stadium where will it be. Some are suggesting. Just keep renovating Bank of America and play they are another 1520 years. Don't know if that's in the cards or not don't know his temperature on the but will seek a 444773776. Text line is 71307. Doug is airing coming up with a ESPN 145 us a break we'll be back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Are back again as the huddle on ESPN up states Richmond off today. It's Greg McKinney and one so here. BMW charity pro am get underway Thursday weather forecast. Not good on his first practice tomorrow. So we'll see. What kind of schedule they are able to keep but it's definitely going to be impacted. By the weather was like together playing golf run the way it is run them today. Might improve my game. I guess you know like to play in some rain. Standing water on the course is an issue and and of course there's any lightning they can't. Be out there but dumb as a bad draw for them to get this kind of weather we have had several days of mean socked him like we're expecting here. In a little while and it's just and right on top of that that's the way it looks Clemson baseball Kennesaw State still on for six as a right now you know that changes. Is interesting the NCAA approved a rule. Limiting the number of people who can't communicate through headsets. Did you know that dumb. There wasn't a restriction on how many. Headsets you get half I just to iMac we thought there was only one that communicate to the salon room. Always come in a one time another numbers twenty thriller. At a did you 120 guys are on headsets they're paid close attention. Fifteen coaches can be on headsets twenty total people they have done many coaches on the sidelines the movement. Didn't think they had them any trojans in many schools probably don't but. They're limiting it the tallest consultants. Those guys muscular yes tries to miss right advisors you have to do whatever they are. The playing rules oversight panel for the NCAA. Approve the proposal from the oversight committee the head coach assistance and graduate assistants are allowed to be on headsets Jerry played a game. And four players you know players can put on it's it and you have four on headsets now. And one other staffer who is a non coach. Like the guy who might be charting place. You can have a headset. On the oversight committee spearheaded the rules change it's intended to clarify and limit the maximum number of headsets. While still allowing it adequate coaching in student athlete teaching opportunities. Why. Why does it matter if you've had when he got to this point wide. Where you have more than one area now you're limited to wanna. You could have had more than twenty I don't know that people half. But just to hear what ever you do do not have a laptop on the sidelines. So says Dave Dorman. No laptops twenty headsets. So is it going to be job which which refereed isn't their job to count out the heads. Did you get do you get a penalty. Yeah now would imagine you do I don't know what the enforcement is. Sounds like about fifteen ordered that sure maybe it's a spot well. It's when he first person with a headset on wherever they are on the bench. Yet still the guy counting players you see him doing that from time to time. Pointing in counting LOB pointing ahead since. And by the way here's the other problem game operations people security medical people they can have headsets so you gotta make sure you know who's to. You got identified. Who's a coach or staffer and losing game operations security or medical person. Because they're headset so going to twenty can. So how you can do that yet. It seems complicated. I don't know why. If you're gonna have twenty I don't care you have 25 right yeah what you re listen up boy you know I mean yeah I discussion. Yeah is is one of those are not always grouped in one area either they're all spread out so I'll farm and Abby to try to count that. Right. Oh by the way I mean I guess in that twenty number is the as upstairs so he has some audio is counting up there. Although than maybe they discount the headsets before. Before the game. What did you unplug and on and on public good over I'm Jason and all you got another one vPro we go to him. What a mess. This is probably a little too much regulation. Will unnecessary. But what spurred this means something had to happen criminal complaint. I mean when they have an advantage they have thirty people on there so. Who cares. I don't know I don't know who complained who got this some. Started up but that rule has now been passed twenty. People on headsets fifteen coaches. Consider yourself warned are we gonna talk sports gambling huge rolling yesterday you for the discussion of the past 24 hours. By the US Supreme Court on sports betting we're gonna talk to a guy knows all about it doesn't podcast about sports betting pretty SP and and that's dug his Syria and he will join us coming up. In just a moment stay well that's. This is the huddle with Greg McKinney Alonso on ESP in upstate. Welcome back strike McKinney and Alonso in the huddle haunt me ESPN. States. Standing by to talk to. Doug because Irian of the ESPN. About the hunt US Supreme Court ruling on ninety gambling yesterday national fuel. Hook up with a dog here in the next moment or two still to come in the huddle three questions coming up at 3 o'clock this afternoon. And today and one of the things will get into is the MBA series between Golden State and Houston got underway last night. The Carolina Panthers sale. To what David tepper which is being finalized. Possibly as soon as today and also wanna get into the jury decision that is pending on Todd McNair. Timing there as the assistant at southern cal the trojans. Who has sued the NCAA for defamation. Going back to the I'm Reggie Bush case. And is asking for. The little little money 27. Million dollars that's how much he thinks he is entitled to because his career was damaged by. What he alleges was misinformation. Put out by the NCAA. In the southern cal investigation. So odd that has. The testimony has wrapped up and disposed go to the jury Monday August to protect. Probably softening of the jury so will law. Talk about that coming up on the show as well. As part of 3 questions at 3 o'clock. And then frame are not thought it was kind of humorous Frank Martin is as we have said the South Carolina basketball coaches Chris. Doesn't hold back his opinions. On Twitter and sometimes it's like keys. Trolling. You would think what would the head basketball coach all the major university. Want to be trolling warm but duck. Frank enjoys that particularly when it comes to some of bomb his former players likes and there storm welts on his current players. He just likes to lump goad them a little bit on Twitter and he got into the debate. About LeBron vs Jordan. The best of all time debate that seems to raged this time every year when LeBron gets to the playoffs and and the finals which is in every. And everybody. You know the youngsters say hey yeah LeBron is the best ever because they didn't. Really witnessed Jordan. And all the old conjures like us they hang on a second. Michael Jordan was pretty special. Frank Marten is one of the old conjures I guess he would qualify as one of the old conjures and so he has some opinions on that now thought was worth a chuckle and we'll get to that and then also after the dumb. Conversation we had yesterday about the photographic memory if it qualifies as that of LeBron James and how he recalled. Several possessions in the first game. Of their series and Boston. And now things took a turn. Chris Paul. Showed off. What memories he has not when he was asked about a section of the game last night involving Houston. So it's quite a difference. I think worth the explore what you hear on Chris Paul answer more loose off the cuff questions. Coming up in the next hour here. In the huddle our audibly we have Doug Doug Azaria and with ES piano on the warm weather as does how laureate. Your dad get to the aisle yet thank you. Thank you for coming on I'm sure you busy today because you are one of the sports betting experts out there and it's been a big 24 hours up. Any surprise yesterday what the spring cornea deal. Not at all not at all I expected that based on everybody would covered. The industry are not in the court else off in December for the dialogue. Between the judges and do those present indicates that to what we expected. A comedy giant wind Earl sports fan and I think it's the time when a common sense. Yeah com yeah most people agree but this scene is a somewhat conservative court there's never any doubt that they would never have much choice I guess is that the way it boils down. Well that it is simply put that brought that up because. This is it a rare situation that the Supreme Court heard something that was strictly by law it wasn't like an opinion right. So YouTube a birdie above the partisan nature that they had no bearing it was all like. This is unconstitutional. I thought the way they draft of the bill that was very intelligent in that regard just saying stupid awards. Down well ever because gambling is already. Huge and not going anywhere. What will happen now how quickly will this be adopted New Jersey I guess will be really pretty quickly but how about other states what do you think. Right to lose support for our listeners here to understand this was a federal ban all law that data had been grandfathered in with sports betting so the federal ban has gone. And that means every state can operate. According based on their own sort of expectations whatever. And now it's it's a state by state some states are further along like New Jersey they're ready. Bright but it would probably had their like a week or two away to the party at all the legislation in total. About twenty states passed some four or at least introduce some form of legislation. Now the other states are Mike South Carolina have our publicly announced plans are planned on doing give the bill also gonna take some time. Bought the other year year and a half but the of the that the planet that has been illegal in the all states. Yeah you know I saw newspaper article here this morning you mentioned South Carolina and no they're talking to certain select legislators. Locally and and many of them are saying then we're not really comfortable that don't look for it within five years here but. I certainly disagree without once the ball starts rolling. Everybody's gonna want peace the money north and. I would imagine so local municipalities are eager to get rabid right and it's really poured on him. Cash grabs of revenue overnight and this is one thing that's going to allow. The state could that now it is as simple as just what Bihac which in making money no others don't draw the proper channel do all the due diligence that the licensing all that stuff. But there's a lot of money out there to be an eight. You know my guess showed the biggest windows toward the stage right the stigma has been placed forever so you have law makers may be conservative nature. Who are ready to tally go down this road yet they don't understand that they bent. Like a better word brainwashed or drove to their head that it's such would stay yup Obama have state lottery and the may have you know alcohol whatever the dislike. It's a party that they're such a stigma to it overtime double wrote and people will be out to be able adult but there are and everything else. The NCAA talking to Doug is hearing an area of ESPN they may have to be kind of bomb careful about what they say about this because of amateurism and college. Athletics where's the NCAA stand on this right now. Yet you and admit Sibley has no leverage just like the other football basketball league and professional sport to me. They talk about the integrity beat but if you think about it sports books don't need their permission right. All they needed a television screens and a box score right they don't need. The provision of the NCAA. I mean offshore world put that I took a ball numbers of those and you gain to a flight one burst by now you you they put they they put out our offshore on the color of the Gator. Now has in Nevada they don't do that but they're Nevada they're slowly get that we could bet on the NFL draft. And so that'll be the commission of Roger Goodell to do that so. There's a cooperation that's gonna happen down the the the term integrity being rub people the wrong way just implied that might this industry is not above board which it is. Because they want everything to be above board they did not succeed with things are done under the table or whatever so they'll be more integrity it's operated as far. But maybe affected the authorization be right now on the bad they called federal excise tax which is point 25%. And that. It is so that's quarter of 1% health what they're asking for integrity he which is. Of 1% that's four times as much so that's classic negotiation book about and the reason the sports what should give it some money as they want. No way to cooperate like maybe these pro leagues or the NCAA the intercourse you might give them advertising space right during their commercial broadcast or on the court. True the final four we we think that's crazy but look out fortunately football cup. Right yeah we know people there we have people now know Pete Chiarelli get the did not know that five years ago in five years. People know what South Carolina minus one asked me they don't know that right now. Death absolutely talking to Doug because Syrian and ESPN about the Supreme Court ruling on non sports gambling that came down. Yesterday and Doug I guess some you know it was. We got teams that are up for sale right now looks like the Carolina Panthers sale is going through right now. I would imagine that this means the value of major sports franchises can only go ops of the guys are selling right now might be the losers in this does that fare. Syria what the Biggest Loser well one of the losers could be guys that are selling now before the values going up because again. Right Mark Cuban said yesterday that he thinks all the sports teams will double and value because think about all the revenue they're going to get with B. Point 25% or whatever it is they're brought it just became much more valuable because it generating more revenue there's going to be more. I'm accounts receivable coming in it's just that simple. Based on these agreement in West Virginia and we were rewriting the laws the great David part of who covers sports betting Gretzky stand as rodent. They are very exclusive article Ahmed scooping that story. He didn't means there's just more cash coming in now as part of revenue sharing all of that yes. When the debate went for ESPN and talk although. Broadcast networks and is a big win first the sports teams in general because they're gonna have a slight to apply some debate we're getting two days ago. If you're not going to gamble if you just. Not into it and you're a viewer of television sports is a gonna affect you how us TV sports going to be changed for the viewer. That's a fantastic question I think. If it remains to be seen I don't think it's going to be huge in terms of turning people law burden been like that I think can be liked and he sports right. I think it's going to be mentioned. I think it's going to be restaurant here and there but it will not be the entry point so to speak how we broadcast and cover things. For example. Also much of our Kaka. And so consumption of TV right now all car. Right we specialty shows we have everything. So the specialty show will exist for everything but you're not gonna two point spread the Mike local morning news Israelis that they. I have just be like over well like what you've been taking over the world ranked I think it'll be out there it'll be prevalent it'll be mentioned probably torso. But you know we tried this yet. I'm basketball gauge rightly they've if the home team. Hold the opponent to under under point they get free tacos right to your people shouting we want tacos we lock stock or regardless is back to back creek rose from the visiting team. There's all sort of goofy stuff like that get people yelling about the Dana Kiki. I don't notice it. Maybe they'll be some negative situation but I don't twittered yelling at would be happy to free throw cost about a bad just like we. This illusion Doug desperately to going to be going to be. We've been resilient Brazilian. Hi Doug is Syrian Doug if you can hear me we sort last year but we're wrapping up anyway thanks so much for being what this man we appreciate it thank you. My my pleasure talking all right Doug because Irian with the IE SP and joining us on the US Supreme Court ruling on nine gambling. Yesterday and yeah I ought to be open look it's good for guys like Doug is hearing he's one of the experts on the sports betting. So we isn't high demand nothing we're one of about you know thirty interviews he's doing today exit a guy like that is certainly going to benefit going to be much more demand as we watch this thing. Play out and the.