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Welcome back in this is the huddle on ESPN upstate and other featuring the now week five game between the Packers in the cowboys you know Ashley imports of middleman now problem. They are just being played yet she should and I think I should come with a penalty. Like that low like that. I don't know where it's been employed. At the data but that's one of the better games of the early season test us. Well maybe so. Yeah we it was has remade the doubts that he knows it now don't understand than dallas'. The second one maybe it. Typically the home team yeah there was I think that's a typically. I anyway the Packers in the cowboys have had some interest in games over the years but though Dez Bryant will be there and whine about not making a catch system. You might be on the Packers. Yes that's possible no movement to give them your acting like you Witten. Welcome Dez Bryant and open arms. To the Packers now my arms would be only partially opened for the alligator arms alligator arms and his bride. Borrowing the open receiver Dez Bryant want him easily and not wanting give this a fresh start you don't want Packers he was your guy I didn't another warning you you're not a good you are not upset when Leonid and I understood that it was time to move on line. We'd be OK with the cowboys yes you'd be okay is he ate a little need OK yes. Aaron Rodgers can make. Guys would. OK I have no idea step up for a while on to say and aggressive attacks now and it's not it's it's the truth in you and you have to admit it. Governor Roger just ten on the back media appear I'm guessing that the 111. Receiver as we talked about in the last hour yet do we need Russell Shepard is it would be to step up from some of that figure out right now thanks. Although he got some good stuff come and endlessly. As we do my Dez would complete the whole package. Can do something to the whole package that's for sure. I'd Clemson, South Carolina successful baseball weekends the Austin paper would be a little bit of a tough team for the tigers over the week there was scrappy. I had some good good games in fact. Clubs and had to have a walk off home run our leadoff home run in the eleventh inning by Grayson bird to get a via three to two win the next game. And get the series that's the only other way very easily it could have so well Volvo but yes the tigers. Get the way Anna and now they are at. 39 and thirteen. On the season and money Lee talked about the om grace of her home run and the tigers play was certainly happy to get out of there with a series went. You don't score goals three fast it's going to matter well at all today. I was investments that are his fastball there's horror it really nice job keep the ball I don't know play our approach is one of the best thing a lot of that's the polls on the field just need to do a better job. Those enormous feeling. You know obviously there yeah G chances. When it runs over. Understands why we weren't positioned to win the game right in the air and that we got pop quiz or. It's frustrating. But on the other side we get a good job. And cool and calm and collected and understanding that we can't last fast when they get a drop previously. Maintain your approach. We'll all get frustrated here let me get a last fastball is horrible. Because he's just McCain we knew we're gonna get ourselves a chance. And we yeah. This is again. Great job. Horrible thing and done. You know last I don't know what. Yup there's a money leader Kyle which rookie had a really good week for the tigers batted 579. For the week he has an eighteen game hitting streak. He is now batting three tend to lead the team. Also had a but two walks and no one hit by pitch to get home based to. Logan David's and good weight batted for 29 with three home runs for the weeks Ethier hit three home runs last week so he has sixteen for the season now so the bats start to cover element. Four Clemson and Clemson will buoy him play Kennesaw State at home tomorrow night. They've already played them once they beat them nine to four back in April and then they got a Pittsburg final three regular season home games Thursday through Saturday. Against Pittsburgh. On the road it's like you get a man but the weather forecast of players along like it is here. And there could be some brain issues. But we will have those games as they're played for you here on ESP enough states and no law. Though tripping up for the tigers over the weekend which is good. Same for the gamecocks they get two out of three. Over Missouri. South Carolina where they Carlos Cortez. Home run in the ninth inning. Was able to capture the series they lost the opener wasn't looking good Friday night they lost that 15 to three but they want on Saturday 63. And then yesterday. One to nothing one to nothing. Pitcher's duel to get this series for the gamecocks this is game cock coach mark Kingston. Obviously we have Asarco remorse gave us a unbelievable. Outing today when it really mattered. And then obviously Carlos Cortez. Started an enforcement strong runner out at the plate which ended up being extremely important and then had to hit the walk off there at the end so. Have to start those two guys today and in between that everybody else just battled and battled and battled. They just showed a game college baseball's all about just refuse to lose and and never given. Margo laughter watching law plan just keep throwing all of the all speak slop on what you tell your guys in the Niger did you tell Carlos and now we had to we we tried to tell things throughout the game about how to approach it but it. Candidate guys they got if they're honest they have their command they had their control. I can put the ball where they want change speeds makes a really hard. There's a guy that pitched here named Michael Roth the main. A lot of history here doing exactly what that she did today so just happy that our they're pitching and defense was good enough to match him blow for blow. And then obviously left one pitch up there Carlos and and his game winner. Was over that question off speed slot. Those little cook. Has been colorful little condescending. Is particularly if I ended Greg Maddux throw off speed slot for the Braves all the secrets I don't think that. I mean this is not the best way to describe it does go you know thrown in 98 doesn't mean it's slot right and it cutting Morris by the way. Has been named the SEC pitcher of the week this week that was announced today his first weekly conference on her second game cock pitcher to be named pitcher of the week he had that chance strike outs. In seven innings in that one to nothing game. Yesterday. I did not allow a runner in scoring position after the first inning get a strikeout and all seven innings he pitched. And lowered ZR rate of four point 22 PS 69 strikeouts in 64. Innings this year. And he joins Adam hill who was named SEC pitcher of the week February 26. And downloaded Chapman earned SEC co freshman of the week. April 23 South Carolina starting cracking in the top 25 now after this weekend. Ranked number 23 by baseball America number 25 by. The U one baseball they will play USC upstate. Tomorrow night first pitch scheduled for 7 o'clock in Colombia and then they yet some. Picks say and am on the road. For the weekend Thursday through Saturday so right now in the SEC east South Carolina is third. But the fifteen and twelve conference record thirty and 21 overall record. After this weekend's series and definitely get. I would think that. Solidify as they're spotted a regional yeah. And they want several SEC series in a row now. So looks really good for them to get him and only four games left so hopefully don't go born that set but Victor yeah other good shape it and I think that to even if they did. Somehow fall flat on the face went for us still think therein. Yeah I'll Florida leads the ease of twenty and seven conference record Georgia's sixteen and eleven. South Carolina at fifteen and twelve. And down so things looking pretty good. For the game Cox and of course for the tigers over the weekend as well both taking two out of three. In their respective series that's the Braves did as well. Took two out of three over the weekends of the Braves are up. Are still looking pretty good. Islanders playing the cubs this afternoon and that's about to start a bleakness like at 215. To twenty start today so. Right now the Atlanta Braves are keeping it up they have not. Stopped. Winning just yet. They won two in a row 124 and fifteen they now have a one game lead. In the National League east. Over the Phillies. So so far so good yet and are they doing. Leading me. I think their lead in the National League with the best record in the National League right now June jones' that would be correct me has hardly been yeah. Yeah errors or is it time now that we're. Able to say OK we think the Braves are going to do it on no it's not time since last Friday when we last talked. He's still don't want to buy into the Braves that at least they'll be over 500. I'm saying they're gonna be over 500 announced that design. So I think gossip there were gonna win that. 50500. I don't recall say thank you pull the tape. Say thank you our listeners. I'm only tell arrays to be ride at 500. And I think that's what I've been site. But no not when these you know the nationals have now law one foreign row they've won eight out attend they figured it now and answer coming. Match gonna win that division to. Arthur you think they would do it braves are holding. In its mid may now. Condo but you know. It's been making exactly where you're gonna hand it is early I get that yes we've we've got a long way to go that's it I keep looking net. The record of news you say 24 and fifteen. Doubles forty games than night. Still got another 120. Games to guess who. Just isn't that too much. To budge to do it again what you have a 160 I'm gonna change that. Over thank goodness we see what the ES PM power index. Major League Baseball rankings say about the Braves. Did you see it and yeah government children yes I like Milliken over the children there they are number chant so their top ten in Major League Baseball and the power index. At number ten. I here's what the folks at ESPN say about the brakes. While Ozzie LBs and Ronald Okung your junior had deservedly gained a lot of attention for the Braves resurgence. Freddie Freeman deserves a lot more attention that he's been getting for his part and bringing them back. He has top five then Major League Baseball in a PS leads first baseman in netstat also in. Batting average runs and extra base hits so from their point is their Freddie Freeman. Is being quietly ignored here when he seven agree here. Think that that's the case I just think people are excited about the Uga exactly I think that's more of it more of the focal point is on the new guys because that's what's exciting. Especially in a guy. Where they've been talking about commute for a long time that. He was going to be. Dick and it heir apparent the next big thing in Major League Baseball and the Braves are so excited to have him come up in their system. Yep the brakes by the way dropped one spot in the ESP in rankings this week there were knife. After week five no other chance. Here's your top teams I think it's probably because like Washington Nationals there on him and right now your top teams other top two are in the American League east the Yankees and the Red Sox. Wanted to be a slugfest between those two via finishes that they have exactly identical records at 2012 right now. And about plant while Houston at three the LA angels at four and the Arizona Diamondbacks at five rushing Louis cardinals at number six. In the rankings and moved up one from number seven. But relievers Manley an amiable and cardinals need bullpen in the I don't win much. Otherwise I think they're looking all right cubs at seven the bracelet and today nets are up to eight they moved up from tend to aid are coming on. I'm Bryce Harper has started hitting yet. Bryce Harper stars and watch out what you're saying. That's why as was gonna do the Braves and that's when the match and take over that division the Phillies at nine in the Braves. At ten we'll look at that in terms of the power rankings. 89 in 103. Teams from the NL east. In L east Brian let me say that correctly that's Phillies and braves. Yup that's not an easy. Division there that's pretty even pretty even and now you know look. Just enjoy every day as a break turning around. I think they're more than just going to be hanging around I think they're going to be. And they're gonna make a run. Oka and you know it's still early. So what month would he suddenly go you know what I think this is for real September. That's those injuries and purify it that you and look all star break. I mean given in July and there still within a couple of games in Toledo. Deal more excited but I my expectation is they'll be. Five plus games out. Modular. Maybe more maybe double digits. Maybe it didn't. They could also mean that. One of the teams the Phillies or the nationals are on fire yeah. So the Braves could still be well above 500 MB five out the opinion on what happens with the other thing because there looking more forums braille are you have to be such a negative Nelly wants is don't you know but by the high after. Six weeks of based policies. You know the British are going to be good looks like the big long view here. Next couple years. I think you'll be right there. If they can't it be ahead of schedule with the need a closer Biscayne on I was not doing it. If they're over they're positive they're hitting like they are. That reduces the dependence on a closer. And closer you can't win the division close. They'll find some I didn't say that they were gonna win the division I'm Hussein and there are going to be. Well above 500 and and you're saying well below in the good news for the listeners as we only have another four months story about the I think that the that the well but we also know come August. It's gonna be quickly shift every top player base and it and if we know braves thought at that point that's why they should wrap it up in August neither of them before football starts exactly. At. We can agree on one thing. Bat a 444. 773776. Text line 71307. I about the golf over the way Jim Webb Simpson the winner we'll talk about it coming up and also. What tiger did. That's next they would this this is the huddle on ESP announced that. Nice win and not Florida TPC sawgrass yesterday for Webb Simpson. Early on. Dominating way I shot 73. Yesterday didn't matter yet such a big lead. Ended up winning by four shots over Charl Schwartzel Jimmy Walker and Sander show slate. Simpson eighteen under par three rounds under 73 rounds in the sixties before the 73 yesterday. And diets comments about getting the big win yesterday at sawgrass. So page and grade that is our players champion winner Webb Simpson Webb congratulations. I know this is this is a big deal to players to win this event you're 32 years old. I your fifth when you course you won the US open throughout the players you're in the top twenty now world rankings. Man what what does this mean to you what's the best part about winning this championship. Means a lot I think the best part is that it's been. You know four years or so since our last loss. Does my caddie thought out. But I think you know just they years. You know staying with it and not into frustrated some. You know waiting around for Robert to diet like this to come in the mail to get it done on Sunday means a lot. I know it's Mother's Day but you your dad was on your mind a lot you lost him late last year bomb. I can imagine are hurt. Some of the bottom a father son golf in relationship is just so special there's such a bond there what do you think about as you rob played your final round up a biker dad. Tom I think about a marriage somehow play I really do I think about a more now than when he was here with this. But I think my doubt what it's only this morning you know edit to try to build that lead to make may delete from seven to twelve. And don't let up finish strong and you know he'd had so much fun out there watching me. Why isn't hard to play with a seven shot lead. Because you don't wanna do any thing. You know to get yourself to make a big number get yourself in trouble. But at the same time you wanna keep attacking like you've been doing so assess find balance of trying to make birdies but no NA with five to go got a six shot lead. And you think you don't wanna do anything dumb. And so a sense your your plans smarter not really hang you know he's just playing a little smarter a little more conservative but. It was a day is a good amount harder than that I thought a big. Why is it more fun when Tiger Woods is in the same tournament and he's playing well. Because he's the greatest ever. You know he's he's won so many times so many big tournaments. You know being clutch in so many great moments. I love that. At least part of my career I got to play with them I hope he continues to to play well and I hope he gets back in the winner's circle soon. And then one more quick one web have you ever gotten a hole in one on a par four never have kept but do it better it better be under 300 yards and my dad to me happy Mother's Day to your mom to your wife on a great win Webb Simpson thank you thanks so much. Holy cow. All the more on the par fours you know that I exactly better than that that's happening regularly but more often than not thanks weekdays. Overly so let's do par three for snow will think exactly the youths at a better. Had a hole in one on a par three total mentor for you kidney. That's. Adds a little bit of a tall order their like his caddie them. Some passion there for whips and to. So when game when your play in the BMW charity pro am this week whether reading if you have a seven shot lead. How what were your approach it still wanted to maintain. You know level heading this NBA impressive but not overly aggressive right. I think right now you need to guarantee if he has that kind of believe in years there and you'll run behind him going to move prudently bridge. Oil now oil well loved jump down off the balcony it's apparently club bouncer or just scream it from the balcony where you play number I would welcome all heckling. Can tell you from Normandy it doesn't matter with my game you know heckling or not angling I'm still audits is our armor now I wish I was going because. I think I can happen when you win some hockey Canada there does okay is that it's where my worm burners it doesn't matter how did you get heckled along. Or not nickel. I am and in the same shot I CA FaceBook live common man. On number nine because our advantage point overlooks that when you get the nine at the or blade now you're really making me nervous though I was OK we think about male page that well right now. They'll be thinking about their issues log video yet if that Tiger Woods was job was good. Minus eleven tiger shot 727165. And 69. He won 225500. Dollars and do his bank account. And I thought was just the solid all the way around if he hadn't you know people like one in the water on the number seventeen yesterday. Or he could have been tough life. Yes it. And I thought that he was going to be tucked in at quail hollow. Though I just had the wrong. Week as far as trying to get him in the top ten title is tied for eleventh. Dale we had a coming up bum. As a question about how your faith in tiger stands right now on three questions a threesome warned Ivan Radenovic got to be. Gotta be encouraged by tiger and the way he played this week and he did not have a bad round witches. Good to see and showed no physical issues or anything like that but to win a tournament like this and you say not a bad round I don't. Obviously not a bad around it. You gotta get in the sixties almost shoot around us at least three ammonia thrill for you from relative. I mean look Webb Simpson just 73 yesterday which is a worse score than tiger shot on any day. But problem as Webb Simpson shot 6663. In 68 in addition he realized. Sunday does the some guys yeah it's totally different animal I think as he mentioned how he was leading so he's got mine and that's. That's hard to deal with him you're almost better off Manning neck and neck race on them stretched its. It skits in your head they don't that I don't exactly that I say be conservative and only a stupid mistake but he Wyndham when about four. Says he was fine. Some of the other guys. What what else did you notice from which one thing I noticed is. Jason Gardner has a beer belly yes he does a he's does not look like and happily those. But he played well the a three rounds in the sixties yeah and also Jason Day he looks like he did actually play football something. Yeah we'll thicker than I thought yeah not in a bad way I mean he just looks. He could be on the football field them through Dustin Johnson ended up shooting minus ten. So bomb in a bad round leader shot 72 yesterday which was his first round first worst round of the four days. But that's not bad for him. And as far as other local guys we just in having talked about this weekend when our guys were out early. The local golfers Jordan's speech ended up with a 74 yesterday had a 65 along with tiger on Saturday so look like he might do something but he faded. Yesterday. And did nothing else and he came close towards beat did Poland one yup that's seventeen now. Bubba Watson minus four for the tournament tied for 57. Sergio even par for the tournament so. In doing his thing Lucas Glover ended up plus one it looks like he made that. Well like all that would determine last week that secondary cut because he didn't finish yesterday. Virtually every ram yeah. They had some of that yet another like him ten golfers do that yesterday and Glover was one of them so he didn't get a final score on them. On the weekend but he finished up with a three rounds he played at plus one and just. Nothing else good happened for the local guys this decision was not there week. Com at the TPC Bill Haas didn't make the cuts think the same thing with some murder. And all those guys so. Getting to Isner to make the cut just tough tough slum. Couple of days for those guys and Phil Mickelson knew just. Stunk it up. On the first round really magna on the first round at Phillip and with a seven in the first day. And did not make the cut is too hot nature and man needs to he had to he's two give them to a fast. An enjoyable golf tournament even though wasn't close on George Washington it was never really and now. Late but I need to do you enjoy watching it because you knew that could your magic be happening with Tiger Woods. Yeah within four bright. And your thing game. Hey anything's possible now that tiger we've we've seen him do some crazy things in the past and I think part of it is what Webb Simpson was talking about is that. He knows that Tiger Woods is the greatest. And so he had to have that in the back of his mind as well even though he had a comfortable lead but he didn't wanna do anything that would open the door for tiger right. We miss his tie for eleventh at the players tiger became the eightieth ranked golfer he moved up twelve spots from 92. Eightieth. Yesterday. So progress. For Tiger Woods there is gone in the right direction he is going in the right direction and making himself factor at least in some of the tournaments 844 GS PE SPN text line 71307. I'll. Show you how. LeBron James has a photographic. Memory. That's coming up this is the Hubble on ESP in upstate. Braves are up on the cubs this afternoon one that nothing is set up. Grand opportunity with the bases loaded and two outs but unfortunately Batista was set the plate. And struck out looking. A.'s Madden won sixty if you'll look for a weakness in the Braves of the get an issue Batista and Allen and keep that a guy happened. Not questioned if they needed to bring him up there for LA figure something out but. He's not getting that done one nothing braves though here. Bomb. In that ball game will keep denial now on for your Julio Tehran on the mound for the Braves. Three and oh record. And a one point 24 earned run average in his last five starts so Julio has been dealing. Lately. For the Atlanta Braves and if he keep doing that. That bodes well for the Bravo says they continue to try to lock shock the world here their shocking the world here amendment. That the best record in the National League right now. Yes they do. Itself. Still the bottom of the first innings in it. It was a long inning and was. Bottom of the first one nothing breaks and things like every time I had. The game. Julio Tehran is his pitching. Now I'm not sure just the way it's worked out has now he does not pitcher. Fifth at. But he has Gonzales admitted that he did he did in the days everyday and good. First game of the Celtics Cleveland Cavaliers series 108 to 83. 25 point win four of the Celtics over the second time in their three post season series the cavaliers. Have involved found themselves down one to nothing in. Have been blown out in the early game it was 36 to eighteen in the first quarter 126 point lead at halftime so. Never really a contest just mag game for Cleveland to open up the series but. One thing that was pretty impressively done and everything that LeBron James Dunst. And down his memory his mind as one of his biggest assets and he demonstrated that in the post game news conference. Yesterday. It was when he was asked about a particular. Segment of the game where the Al. Jabs were outscored listen to how he recalls that but the question and answer here. The start of the fourth I think because the fourteen. Do you have any idea what men think they scored seven quick ones anything like. Happen there. Whoever we ran on the first possession we run down 0221. Shot clock Marcus Morris missed jump shot follow up the other. We came back down we run a set for Jordan Crawford majority Clarkson and he came off and missed that they rebounded and we came back on defensively. We got to stop the ticket on the side line Jason Taylor took the ball all due to marks Martin Short corner and made it three coming down miss another shot. Tim came down and went nine to four feet deep will step. Maybe write a little timeout. That's got a remarkable in the it is an aggressive I don't know be answered the question now but I was as I do about the first segment of the show that market. Let them. Greg's to challenge on her mind when this guy up. I don't think you did like it as well as you wanted not that you could really said opening drive yeah. You could say you know we talked about sports gambling you know or that part that's. That's because I was half asleep at the innovative it is amazing that you coalition plane you can do it into its own relatives have been. It's amazing what LeBron can do with that but how we know we didn't go back you know during the time between. The game in the press conference to memorize all that just to make people also amazed that they don't. I Lacey was gonna aspect on underwent a horrible lead did you plan you are just. Calendar man. You love LeBron and exaggerate backing him up fear and his singing his praises right now be a meal is a beautiful mind really hard it's. Well in my delivery and everything because they keep my voice study but I houses joking that is does amazing what he did and you wonder. Does that get annoying if you're his spouse. If you if if he's like you know we have this conversation yesterday you said this I said this he said decisiveness. I can be bat. I highly suspect that that's not the way it is at his house probably not it's. It's his craft it's his job through that's what makes insane here in the early in life this is your job you don't do them. I'm working on it and I'm not the elite of the elite dry get some training and continuously doing but there's definitely. I mean. The quarterbacks in the NFL. The Brett four hours of the world mean you tell you hear stories about how they can remember certain. Calls that they play me play is that they called. At certain times. 1520 years ago. That's the type of memory that they have in I think it does the league type of guys. They're built that way because they dissect everything in us and UCLA is right I mean this is called I getting memory generic and weak yes that's what it's called. None of us haven't but yet another us at all you know. So LeBron is I mean he's fortunate to have and he didn't he didn't develop a that he means to some that he was born. I'm assuming. I believe you are correct I know we've had this conversation before long long time ago I believe we looked it up because it required some help with the spelling of idyllic and yeah yeah it's something you've won. I'm looking it up right now on this is from Wikipedia so take that for what it's worth but. It says I didn't memories typically found only in young children virtually nonexistent in adults. Yeah I think there's got to be something that you can develop a memory I don't know if he actually has photographic memory. Just because he is able to remember. Not just. Bruce Gordon left handed lay up. Two seconds on the shot clock when the shot was taken all that stuff and that would our graphic memory be now that he. What else is he able to you recite where his ears visible do we know maybe it was and I feel. I mean that's idea again you know this is a question that he was been anticipating that that one section of the game. He couldn't have been anticipating that and prepare for that. He's heard no I agree and I think there's it. It's amazing that he's able to do that and I think that's what makes him such an elite. Level of player it's one of the things. You know if it is this pretty good to its. It's amaze you but at the same time think of one out when the pain that would be if you had that because. The special when you made mistakes how many times you go over it in your head to the point where you buy drive yourself crazy. He's got to have waited his turn it off and move on to the next thing is I know I'd. I'd be in a padded room goes I'll go over every single thing so many times. Here's a story from the BBC. Headline does LeBron James really have a photographic. Memory. Com the answer that question we just played for you were so good that the jaded sports hacks who witnessed at the responded with a round of applause you can hear that the end they started. Applauding for that. A Joe's stone senior lecturer in skill acquisition and performance analysis at Sheffield how one university's academy of sport and physical activity said. James incredible recall is actually quite normal for a league sports players. It amounts to fine tuning of the brain he said the original was search was with master chess players in the seventies. Looking at how they can recall or recognize patterns of play. And in the sports expertise. Researchers caught on to that and move didn't of the sporting domain to see if sports people can do that. He said through lots of domain specific practice through the basketball players practicing a lot they build up these really specialized and refined knowledge structures in their memory. And that allows them to predict or anticipate plight. So does this mean James has total recall when it comes to things other than basketball doctor stones is now. He says its domain specific they might not have an expert memory for general knowledge in one domain. They're really skilled at being able to call information as an image yeah well that's that I was talking about that I doubt he does at home this is is crafted s.'s job in. That's his domain then that's the one area where he can recall that type of information to. That type. Specifics. Ouch Chris Sheridan a veteran NBA journalist said LeBron was unique in that he is the only person in human history who does not age as he gets older okay. And maybe a lot arizonans up and say suffers hairline yeah. But he is down. Yes certain certainly his memory is impressive when it comes to this kind of stuff he's paying very close attention. Sheridan said. And that helps him remember the specific details I mean he's dialed in during this game remembers everything that. I don't remember fifteen minutes ago but that's okay how precious American don't. Well but again I've. Mentioned this and it's embarrassing to even say that there's. At a time in the shower I could remember how wash my hair that you. Did you shampoo or and I do think it's. Obviously impressed when. The Brian James can do that but I do think it's more so the calls. That's his world at his domain and he takes a lot of pride in being able to dissect every single. Played it he's in death none else is a testament to focus block and really down just being completely focused on what's happening on the court. A 444773776. We'll be right back in the huddle he espionage state. Just 1000 dollars just about three minutes away stand by for the next keyword here on ESP in upstate. By the phones and talk to my next in the huddle Mike welcome and what's up. Welcome welcome dear to our guys guys. All of everybody has their memory is anybody had called her on your staff yes. Yearlong course. Now. Wouldn't let me play. But if there's a challenge me being a golfer this the and also knows exactly how good golfer yeah it's been a couple months my. Well I'm just saying. Listen I I play. Six months ago my home course now I don't remember what I did on the first tee I remember my second shot. I remember mighty gesture exchange. Golfers remember that. Then. So you're not impressed with the bronze memory. I'm impressed what ever a lot of people do a lot of different sports stars it's not just blah blah. Yeah but he wasn't just talking about where he hit the ball on a shot he was talking about everything that happened on the court. Where the pass came in bounds with a was a left handed lay up variety handle he's done it before he's done this several times. I mean really specific details we know look at clearly see as a great memory. Don't shoot well. Okay. Rule. So you don't agree that other people. Nobody else and is the only wanna have a but I'm saying his design business. It's special. I'm Mike. Thanks and he really lost in my haters man haters like it's not impressed. Ever I don't means about golf shots as you will remember. Like you got a closer holding your home or shall remember everything there are a lot of things you've Donald now holds the past Norway have been has like triggers to different to me well.