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Everybody it's Monday as the huddle it's ESPN upstate with Greg McKinney Richmond sweeper and Alonso hope your weekend was good. That you were able to deal with the heat which continues today but don't. Well better after today we're in a run 89 right now and then have a cooling off this week here's the problem though we have thunderstorms comic. And on man I hate this for the guys at BMW charity program that. Looking at the forecast. To promising no it's not I saw some. Large percentages. Champion rank on Thursday and this is Greenville. Thursday 100% chance Iran. I've 81 Friday 90% chance to bring my a seventeen on Saturday 80% chance of rain high of seven in on Sunday 80%. I mean you want every day eighty plus percent chance of rain right now but may be down. You know just some thunderstorms that don't. Soccer is in weather wise and maybe using its involvement in hopes of a movie not a 100%. In 90% chance an 80% chance that means it's only for a short period of time damp deliver our dead we know a 100% chance or nine. You can only hope there but that it certainly looks like will be dealing in that same thing by the way up in Pittsburgh were Clemson plays Pittsburgh last series of the east regular season. The tigers. Have been Pittsburgh on Thursday Friday Saturday this week by the so Astaro Thursday and there's a high. Percent chance rain up there every day the south half the men I have golf or baseball on and I'm not good for outdoor sports and as a team best one of those weeks. Anyway we'll keep denial on that lots to get to today here in the huddle speech to College Baseball. A nice weekends for the tigers and the gamecocks they both took two out of three so they keep some momentum going as we wind down the season. And we'll hear from both marketing stint and money lead coming up in the 2 o'clock hour on the show. Three questions. His. Coming up at 3043 questions at three here in the huddle wants things to talk about with that we'll get to the NBA of course. Alonso just looks calm he's really panic on the inside. After his cavs lost but when it for August we'll Bronson who's got numbed and the bronze good lawyer from LeBron actually couple times today. And I get into what happened in game one of that series game one of the Golden State Houston series tonight you can hear here on ESP in upstate 8 o'clock is the air time so a tip I would say is 830. As they start off that series tonight so that'll be interesting to watch as well rich take on sports we have that coming up in the second segment to a net. A little early today Webb Simpson wins the players. Championship TPC yesterday we will hear from him. And tiger was good. Tiger was in the hunt. Nobody really missed catching Webb Simpson that tiger was right there with the second group of players and not play well. Or the week it's great deceived finally him. Plane like tiger of old Jim Leland they really sixties and really 65 on Saturday having your. Thinking that OK this is what we came to expect from tiger candy consistently do that you followed up with a at least they. Another solid round on Sunday yeah yep pretty kind of an improved as the week and weekend progressed so while while he was close to missing the cut. On Friday barely made it did he played well Saturday and Sunday so it was good decision. Our weather coming up as well chances for you know 1000 dollars in the free cash dash at the top of each hour. So stand by for that your calls. Your tweets. And your text are welcome 8444773776. Text line 71307. On Twitter at ESPN upstate as a pretty big deal today from the US Supreme Court. As they struck down the federal law that prohibits sports gambling a landmark decision now. States have a go ahead to legalized betting on sports Palo let's say and who will go first well. New Jersey will be first and only using question about that. But after that the races on. It was a 63 court ruling today struck down the professional and amateur sports protection act that was passed back in 1992. And in Bard stayed authorized sports gambling with a few exceptions Nevada was made the only state where a person could wager on the results of a single game. For example. But now stage that would like to offer legal sports betting may do so. New Jersey plans to be first right behind probably Delaware Mississippi New York Pennsylvania. And West Virginia I was looking and ESPN's story unite you with things well or South Carolina fit illness and you'd think last. But not really. Not so much you to I'll probably be last yeah you have to be a very conservative state in I understand that South Carolina. This historically through much of a conservative state than when you look at presidential elections but it. You've got I would think there's got to be 45 states that would jump on this pretty quickly just based on their all looking for additional. Revenue streams there has been. I saw a story on ESPN and that basically. Listing groups of states and where they might fall in this process and they had South Carolina. Somewhere in the first twenty to 25 states to do this their project that because there's been some discussion in the legislature already. Some moves toward introducing legislation when it can be done and now can't. As of today so odd don't look for South Carolina to be at the very in the line on this it's probably. Coming here within. I a year or two anyway. Part of the issue though is that Muni debt legislative sessions wrapping up we're already in May and so. So likely something will happen this year in this state. But you never now. Stephen A Smith Max Kellerman. Talking about this today after it happened and both basically agreed that. You could see it coming and they're not surprised. Just think that this is something that's been going on awful quite a long time you're talking about. An avenue to stimulate the economy. A local economies and what have you on the united I obviously the negative. Are elements to what they mean we all have to be careful low which is why the sports leagues. War in Kingston until recently I mean I think back as. 2012. They sue to get stuff. You know legalizing gambling throughout states because obviously sports leagues were very very concerned about it but. In the end it's been trending in this direction for quite some time I'm not surprised by its long overdue. Not in this gonna be legalized for the most thought. You know you can legislate laws of swearing in in implementing create laws that ultimately. What monitor. Those the world of sports gambling and I personally think it was inevitable so I'm not surprised by and I think it's long overdue. Both. Even a just touched on and be you know the concern committee couldn't go to the integrity of sports etc. but I'll just quickly say I like this that this is pat. Asked I basically you know consenting adults. Of course there's always a limit to that because if we think that there's enough societal harm from something. For example certain hardcore drugs then there illegal or else severely regulated and and the idea using gambling. Like in alcohol consumption. A small minority of users are the hardcore addicts that represented a vast majority of the business done. But that argument has failed for alcoholic sailing for Canada's and it has now it looks like. Fields from gambling and I. I I sign on on it being legal you know and when you know something is potentially harmful and this goes for a lot of industries that. Panel's vice. If you know it's potentially harmful and can cause addiction and 15% of the users will represented 85% of the business because they have a problem. Then I think the best policy is not to say it's illegal. But tools you know strongly regulated and be vigilant about it but with strong regulation I believe this is the right decision. Is hard to Guam make the argument. Against sports betting in states where we have. Lottery sucks is that. Exactly it's as simple as this change and it's taken this long. We get so consumed by. History and tradition in the way things used to be rather than evolving and once you've kind of removed defenses so it is speaking city that. It's not as bad as you think in terms of what this. Can lead to could gambling lead all of a sudden this. You know. Where freefall in society and people can't control themselves and lose all the money are they not very good net plus right lotteries together doing that and you know you can. Battle line and all those things and you can do that is Steven. It just with you know although I don't know harsher by an off the debt your incurring all of this true. I'm not saying that I'm against it but I've I think we will definitely have some problems for sure. We will there will be some issues and only easy question about them. You know pretty well brings siting down I don't think so because. But anything could exactly two I'd I don't think this is going to be the one thing that. Is the tipping point. It that there is chaos in the streets because gambling is legal they'll be portion of the population that gets trapped in it to end. Has a difficult time getting out in the league guys that and gals that'll dabble in it and well I want our guts. Make a lot of money off of it calls people get suckered into I don't know. What if you guys do this or don't do this thing doesn't really matter but we you mean be more. Will you be more willing to go on do this now. I mean you guys gamble you know mr. Obama thanked me either but I think if you if you go by if you're in the store some click some people who don't buy lottery. But this sounded B and in a convenience store and they know that the the power ball side to go ahead and do it was these same sort of thing you just happen to be in someplace and look they've got sports betting their you know what I'm as good go. Played ten bucks balance on that. Yeah you'll definitely happen you have more people gamble when it's. More accessible there's no question about Ariba lottery ticket so it's not likely affect it yes I don't I don't like the math but I don't either get that they need. Very low percentage of my chance of winning and I have ball lottery tickets in the past. I mean maybe five times that much I don't hunch can't win if you don't plot that's what it's true yeah I give him and he can't lose if you don't play him. Which is also nice. And much more likely. I it's funny how the on major sports leagues have dealt with this. Over the past six years as this has played out waiting to get to today's ruling from the Supreme Court. For example the NBA and Major League Baseball. Has limited their position on expanding illegal sports betting they have begin lobbying on the issue in several states. In favor including in Connecticut Illinois Indiana Kansas Missouri New York in West Virginia. How on the other hand the NFL the National Hockey League in the NCAA. Have just been sitting quietly on the sidelines waiting. For this ruling so hum the NBA Major League Baseball kind of taken the lead on. Pushing for this Major League Baseball said today. That the ruling will have profound effects. And that it will continue to seek the proper protections for the sport in partnership with the other professional sports. And they talk about protecting the integrity. Of the games. Which of course. Is Paramount. One for a search firm estimated before the ruling that if the Supreme Court were to strike down that. Act perhaps I'm 32 states would probably offer sports betting within five years 32 states within five yourself that's a Franciscan. Yeah I think there's some states that are already have been prepare. And behind the scenes like a New Jersey like a Delaware just let the states that they're wanting this to be fast track now that. The Supreme Court has made this decision in this ruling and it'll be interesting to see how the league's rule. Really adopt this because again as you mentioned initially they don't have anything to do with this the hands off and now. I think they're understanding that the amount of money that's going to be involved and even like the NBA I think has started. Looking at okay. It's our league pitcher going to be betting on so we want of 1% feet or some type of V. You to have access to debating on our games so. Are they gonna try to get in the revenue stream of. Money as well as well. Like prohibition when alcohol up people wanna do it and so here comes that's basically the bottom line and it's clear the people wanna do this on the people wanna do this to make it hugely profitable for a lot of people and money talks of course and the government probably had to be sitting there like. And all that money that. We're not. Taxing people on right now right. Yeah and I don't know how much cookies and apple is going on behind the scenes underground in I want to commit other cut they want their guy about to get it. Obviously does about it if you are more pro war against the Supreme Court ruling today and certainly love to hear your opinion but. It's a done deal it was six to three ruling by the Supreme Court soap. Here it comes get ready mullah wait to hear me I'm sure that some mud enterprising reporters and start talking to the South Carolina legislative leaders to see what they think about that temperature here and how long it will take to get going here but don't. Again don't look for South Carolina to be at the bottom of the line back line on this probably somewhere. Close to the front half of states that. Are willing to do this now from what we're reading. Right now yeah I think it makes sense they want to be involved 8444773776. Text line 71307. Here in the huddle. Rich take on sports doing an early today we'll get to rich next stay Willis the huddle on ESP in upstate. At some love football recruiting news for Clemson they picked up a commitment today take on Johnson. Defensive lineman from Williamsport Maryland. 63275. Pounds. Has committed to the tigers today did that and noon. Today other schools and his top ten include Alabama Rutgers temple Virginia North Carolina Penn State Georgia some good schools in their buddies going with the tigers that announcement. Happened at noon today take on Johnson defensive lineman commits to Clemson. A basketball announcement at 3 o'clock this afternoon that could be good for the gamecocks. 63 point guard Dovonte band do. A cool nine. He is choosing apparently between. South Carolina Minnesota and Baylor. To be announced yet. 3 o'clock this afternoon so we'll let you know when that happens and that's one of that there are different. Combination of choices there North Carolina Baylor Minnesota yeah under the that's all over the map Minogue pink he at least to the ones not like the other so he could strike. Have some differences to talk about their arrogance they oil pass that along after 3 o'clock but we'll see that's good news for the gamecocks as Clemson got good news on the football commitment. Earlier today all right time now for rich take on sports in the Monday hoddle. Now so. Review might have heard me talk about before that. Ahead balls one time give me some great advice. Just talking about the life I need to slow down at times and not get caught up in the moment and his advice was never get too high. Never get too low life is about being able to ride this roller coaster of life the ups and an ounce the turns the stops. Whatever the dead in the new beginnings. And try to do it without over reacting. Stayed even steady steady Eddie even killed. And it's actually one of the things that I talked to my kids who repeatedly. And one of the things that I try to tell them and teach them is that life isn't about your actions it's about your reactions. The calls for the most of our you're alive you're reacting to situations. Your car breaks down it's bad service at a restaurant. You rings not ready when you're traveling. On business at the hotel there's flight delays. You have a wreck you secure a big sale at work and you're all excited though and you want to celebrate you get a promotion and your team wins the big game and how do you handle it are you humble. Do you overreact. Until one of the things that we do. Obviously in sports is we overreact. Why the go sports is just like alive. There's so many parallels in life and that's one of the reasons why I started the podcast rich take on sports because we can learn so many things from sports because it mimics life. So after yesterday's Celtics win over the cast. The over reactions. They truly began that's all we heard. The Celtics are dominant it just shows how unbeatable they are Brad Stevens to showing the rest of the coaches. He should've gotten votes for coach of the year and is he going to become the greatest NBA coaching history he just needs to win a title. He's the one is going to be able to do at their own LeBron. LeBron does have anything left in the tank he's wasted at all. We hear these over reactions all the time. And remember. That. LeBron has been here before. Again the Celtics win the series will of course they can we see that there will coach we see that they can play good solid team defense. But this isn't new were a team wins in a dominant fashion to start the series and over reactions again just remember not too long ago. LeBron and cavs lost game one to the pacers 9880. And they were down two to one. They came back in one. LeBron was down three games the wind against Golden State in 2016. And obviously had a great comeback to win the title. The 1985 lakers they got blown out by the Celtics in game one of that series 148 to 114. But they would win the next two games and ultimately win the title. In 1992. We all remember Michael Jordan erupting for 63 pointers in the first half against Portland. For a 122 to 89 victory. And we thought it was over but guess what it. Portland won the next game now in. But Portland was able to overcome that poor performance in game one and last year the rockets. Dismantled. The spurs won 26 to 99 in the Western Conference semifinals but spurs would go on to win the series. So is LeBron worried. I don't think so. Just losing game one. Specially in a best of seven game series it's not the end of the world he's not overreact and and so what's his level of concern he says this. Zero level concern discourage. Com. I don't go to college. So I was not in March Madness. No you do burn club series east situation in reference officers worked on the nominal one of the nose tube. Horrible season. No concern no matter how much I don't play tonight with seven turnovers. How inefficient I was shooting the ball. Just as confident going into this year's no matter. 00 series when down 01. So we'll have another opportunity to to be unbearable clue or coming to the united. And on congress to act. Never getting too high never getting too low. And also could this just be a situation that LeBron. Actually has bigger goals. The Celtics this was their opportunity to finally showcase what they can do against LeBron and we heard Marcus Morris talking about how he can be the one that can defend LeBron James and after the game was. All consuming net he was gonna remember this day and would be a day that he could tell his kids about what they did to LeBron James. For LeBron James. It's just game one. It's not that big of a deal especially in a game the wind of a seven game series. So the bronze going to be okay. So it's don't overreact. Overreaction. Leads to frustration. Exciting. And a lot of times anger. And remember. LeBron James is eaten three when he loses game one of the series. So I think we can just chill out and let's don't get that consumption of overreacting and getting angry. Because when you start letting your reactions conceding you. You just have to remember that something net Ralph Waldo Emerson said it was I do like to bring some sophistication to the show Campbell we'll have some nice quotes here. Any says for every minute your anger in you lose sixty seconds of happiness. And I can promise you the bronze not wasting another minute overreacting. After game one. It Ralph Waldo Enders Emerson play for New England Journal river. I think it was back in the days and yeah. These guys are great as well skills may have played in super born in Chicago made possible. Thanks thanks for a rich stake of sports their rich we will hear more from all of it coming up bodily. Chemical laden pieces sell from LeBron showing off his photographic memory after the Dallas pretty well for later on on the show we appreciate that good job. A little breaking news outside of the sports world unfortunate today on the death of Margot Kidder. Being reported by CBS. Los Angeles lowest lying again and Superman to a 69 years old apparently passed away yesterday but it just coming up. Today Margo kicker passing away according to CBS. Los Angeles. Story here that on to this is the year this month. Must not those Latin. It we have one tomorrow and on the day after. And you know using comes in theory is right now. Now he went crazy last year. And 2017. About it being your I think new crazies who went over the edge it was very effective and so segments it was a in too many people were dying it was the into the world exports gambling the world was just told her seems via as people were were. Dying celebrity were dying there were dropping like frontlines. And price. Last year. And many this year and we have now. At the end a few at the beginning since then it's kind of tapered off which is always good anyway now. Sorry to see that with marketer press waited 8444773776. Text line 71307. Will be back this is the huddle. Monday on ESP in upstate. Amara sister station WORD one a 63. Man bomb. The gentry is on the scene and early ones of this. Fire yeah from upstate outdoors apparently he's out while he's out there it's a marina so yeah I used only at their fishing zones points on the I don't know Portman shoals marine a big marina on lake horrible. Multiple vessels votes. At Portman shields burning. Right now and looking at the line video from. W lord a lot of smoke being generated in. And hopefully no line injuries but. We will keep an island four report Mitchell's knowing some votes burning right now. And they're working on getting that under control so. Be alert and aware that you're headed out toward like normal anytime soon. New news on the job Watson injury update recovering from injury update no he's not hurt again war. Additional Watson the former Clemson quarterback now with the Houston Texans is recovering from a torn ACL in his right knee bill O'Brien coach of the Texans today. Said he is on schedule to be in training camp in July. O'Brien told NFL network. He's doing a good job in his rehab I think he's on scheduled to be able to participate in training camp and we're excited about that now I'm march. O'Brien had said he was ahead of schedule but there was still a lot of work to do. Michelle Watson tore his ACL known contract tacked injury back in November wasn't an game is in practice. He said last month that he was taking it one day at a time and he did not know to what extent he would be able to participate in the routier's are in the in the off singing offseason training programs so. Not sure what to make of that as sounds somewhat encouraging but not definite that the show on as a coming along. Well enough to know that he's going to be good to go this year on. I guess a little early deceit we expect this show almost from the start game one right I think so and are they also move this. B and been very Vanilla in terms of information they're gonna be released in right now. I mean it's may sell do you play that game here you play out play a little closer to the best I guess for a closer everybody should dumb. Assume the additional Watson will start game one for the text right I think that there. Com I hope so it's off to such a good start can he keep it going well let's have. It would hurt at Clemson his freshman year and he had when he elect three injuries and then now people say he competes and he's going to be tended. He he managed to come back okay for that can he do it again at the NFL. It is a whole another level but there's you writhing it would be able to do it it would be him. It's based on a sister who. I hate to bring this up we've heard a lot about Andrew Luck is ahead of schedule he's come back meeting come back into a sort of makes you skeptical. That they're not real clear on this then and has wasn't concerned now I'm a little lower. Yeah I think it's fair to say. We only more than we did because of what they're selling now and I don't think they're going detailed and much information. Right. I think they wanted to be vague if he wore not recovering as well as they would hope they Wednesday's. They wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say if he was behind schedule. Miller obviously does those close or it and training dampen yeah now that's all that often marry so. Anyway so far so good I guess is the best report we am on the Shawn Watson with the Texans and Israel closer to the start of the season we'll get a better idea how he is doing. DeAngelo Hall. Longtime defensive back has made it official he's retiring. He spoke at a golf tournament over the weekend. He said he still wrestling with what he wants to do after football he's deciding between joining a front office or becoming an analyst. But he says I'm not playing that's for damn sure if he's up and traffic that that's a sound of a guy that's done I would things don't do it out imagine it's the grind of going through camp and it. He's done enough of that is over I get it fourteen seasons in the NFL ten with the Redskins three times he was a pro bowler. Was a corner for most of his career he did move to safety is the last couple years. And talking about his career this kind of interest and Angelo hall called it average. Here that very often do. He's a not great I was on pace to be really good until four years ago. I had a vision of a gold jacket. The injuries the last couple years have been hard on me so that's out of the question now. Who's to say I can't get in there another way that's my focus I still want a gold jacket. As an executive or coach I'm gonna give me a dam gold Jack. If he's entertaining at least a dozen goals the F. And he's realistic it sounds yeah I mean that's really grayer I mean most these guys to be saying yeah with him about your work should be in the or quarterback yet. The mini was pretty darn good for one he was. He missed 31 out of 48 games. Between 2014. And 2016. Because of injuries. And then he opened the Nazis last year on the pup list physically unable to perform list because he had a torn ACL in week three. A 2016. He joined the Redskins midway through 2008 after being released by the raiders. Atlanta Falcons selected him back in 2004 with the eighth overall pick in the draft. At seventeen interceptions over four seasons. With the falcons were four joined the raiders. Was released by open Oakland Simon Washington in part because it was close to where he grew up in the Virginia Beach area of course went to Virginia Tech. 43 career interceptions 23 of them with the Redskins he once picked off four passes in the game. That's hard to do. Haves against the Bayer's. Mitchell he's he's he was not the quarterback the easy against the bears are with. If was saying quarterback threw all four model in Internet. Natives third of three pro bowls that seasons of D'Angelo hall done as a player seem foresee him on TV. Practicing NB a pretty good. Television. You don't entertaining yeah yeah I was definitely going to be entertaining and fourteen years in the league he. As have a good understanding of what it would take to from an analysts perspective and could he. Provide that type of insight. Because you haven't seen too many times where there's been a cornerback or safety as an analyst because I've always been enthralled by those guys. You know like a you know the island before Revis island and Howell. One play your burn it you gotta be ready to go again yet it did that that quick and what that's like mentally everything in about the last play that's right got to move on to the next one. Erik flowers and update on him he's the offensive tackle with the giants he was at the facility today for offseason workouts for the first time this year. There had been talk about him being traded. But the giants were unable to get what they were looking for in return. They declined his fifth year option this off season. The option would be guaranteed for injury this season for between twelve and thirteen million dollars and given the giants the option of having him back. For the 2019 season for that salary not still not off the table that he can be traded right now. The giants looking at playing Erik flowers. At right tackle they don't have a lot of depth there he'll be competing with Chad Wheeler. The giants did not take a tackle in the draft so sprawling one of those two guys. Four New York. At that position but at least he is out at the facility for offseason workouts today. A 444773776. Got to take a break we'll come back with a more you wanna join the conversation. Feel free to do so text line 71307. Keyword ESPN at the beginning please. Be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN. Upstate. With Greg McKinney. In studio. Richmond Weaver Alonso here as well. I was distracted mama Packers on the television news that's when it was a solid Green Bay and the suddenly lost all train of thought apple happened to something happened. The show and Aaron Rodgers. Throwing hail marys. Which he's done frequently. Successfully. Just a commercial. But hopefully he doesn't play in the rain this week when he comes in for and things you don't reveal a note board that. BMW charity pro am beaches he's scheduled to be here. And you know unfortunately puzzling and at the celebrity's schedule. He doesn't play at born blade. Where we're going to be until Saturday. As the play their thirst your friend but anyway. We'll see how that works out with a lot will be out there Thursday Friday assuming they have call Thursday Friday but there is a large chance of rain. Now all forty's this weekend as of right now and forecast and change right we get better hopefully it does. Only a 100%. Change to what news that tiger skin disease that millions and millions Allen again I'm hoping that 100% is just a 100% for one hour of the day him not being tired arraigned sometime during those four days it appears pretty likely. And also again up enough Pittsburgh work on display in baseball this weekend's organ in dealing with some rain this week the eight you know. That's life in sports we deal with the rain and keep moving of the Carolina Panthers are redoing their wide receiver position is clear that only offseason priorities for the Panthers was the change. The wide receiver positions somewhat dramatically. And that continues today Russell Shepard. Has asked for his release he refused to take a pay cut. There's a hard time for him to refuse that 'cause he really million bunch of new guys coming in and he was not at the top of the pecking order. Has receivers but he would like to try his luck somewhere else so. Russell Shepard. Will become a free agent. After this transaction becomes official later this afternoon this will save the Panthers about two point one million dollars against the salary cap. Shepherd posted on mr. Graham today it was fun while it lasted. He thanked the Panthers for the opportunity and said he's excited to see what's next. It was a 27 changes last year that Dave gentleman remember him. Signed Russell Shepard a three year ten million dollar deal. But he didn't know much impact in his only season with Carol on a call seventeen passes for 202 yards. And one touchdown only score week one. In the win in San Francisco. In fact pro football focus rank Russell Shepard the NFL's 111. Receiver last season. That's not exactly what you call. Bargaining power come ma. Renegotiation time he did dub on special teams he was a Gunner. So we did play that role is pretty fast. There was no guarantee he was going to be on the roster once the Panthers traded for Torrey Smith. They added freeagent Jarrius right in the slot position and of course with a 24 overall pick they drafted Maryland receiver. DJ Moore. And they have Curtis Samuel and Damir bird coming back from injury so I don't know that there was a place for Russell Shepard this year and especially not at that value. Now through for him announce trying to. Land somewhere else a missile thing he's going to be able to get a deal like that three year ten million dollar deal. I am. I'm guessing you but I don't know the answer this but how many receivers are there enough now. Since he's ranked 111. Down on a well. We look at 32 teams have many team receivers purchase wondered how close the bottom that is the resentment they would set allow it to work for us yeah more for five delta. The abbey thus yeah you're right yet finished. Senator Evan yeah yeah if there were. If there were ten every three hundred twenties so there's not that many but you know there's probably. 200 plus receivers. In the NFL and he was 111. Right somewhat deaf. So now he's right middle of the pack then if there's seven. Nearly 201 even sell on me 111. That definitely doesn't give you bargaining power don't know army 200 yards gaining kitchen ware and that's where he was last year and now they have. Are they going to be better at receiver this year when he gets thing. They should be health if if they stay healthy yeah but the and in addition Torrey Smith is going to be. At the big pick up in my opinion that this hourly through the trade I do. Unlike the DJ Moore draft I think he's going to be good. You know there's a there's a video on Twitter and on camp throwing to DJ Moore. It's pretty is and he can catch us we like that become before he went out of bounds but just think DJ Moore fits Cam Newton style voting Calvin Ridley. Year out because he can break tackles I think chanting get it to him underneath and let him do the work. And dale field accurate passing not exactly what camp is known for bright. That's fair that's fair. Very fair and so Ridley streaking down the sidelines not. Not we don't get me wrong I think don't really be good. In Atlanta. When Matt Ryan is now obvious that Julio Jones with Julio Jones take any attention away you know and that helps. Ridley beaches you know the Panthers and nobody is gonna draw attention like Julio Jones so that helps Ridley I think really should be happy to be in Atlanta always. Highly expect he's got to be happy. That's the other Matt Ryan as well it in your receivers gotta be extremely happy when you're going to a team where. You've got a top ten top fifteen quarterback. And obviously Matt Ryan fits in that and I think if it's in top ten. But any of the other top fifteen quarterback. As a receive re going to be very excited about that.