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We're maxed Thursday huddle on ESPN upstate cloudy day and expecting some rain this afternoon and alerted canceled down penalized for the nine downtown great. Because of the forecasts. Don't plan to go outside for the music downtown tonight may be next week taking give back on schedule I think after today we're gonna have several days of good weather. Some sunshine and warmer temperatures I think don't jinx it that's the way I hear it anyway. Greg Olsen reportedly. Will signed. A two year contract extension with the Panthers. Worth eight point 55 million dollars a season. That about right for Greg Olsen played a half million a year that annual maximum value could be up to ten point 05 million accord in New Hampshire after. In last month's Greg Olsen. Interviewed for Jon Gruden job that we know that I was out last week and we know the Greg Olsen and reliever Jon Gruden John do we did yes we talk about alas a good parent. He was entering the final season of a three year extension signed in March 2015. He told ESPN recently he wanted to an extension with the Panthers he would prefer to end his career in Carolina. It's 33 years old missed nine games last year and a broken foot suffered in week 21. Time since his rookie season with a Bayer's that he missed a game. And the first time since his first season with the Panthers that he missed a start. Analyst when he eleven. Olson's the only time in an NFL history to have three consecutive seasons with a thousand yards receiving. The timing of the extension on the eve of the NFL draft is. Interesting. This could mean the Panthers are not in the market first time this could affect. They nursed perhaps as loans and would hope. Being picked. The now and I would guess and I signal that. This is the end. The career for Greg Olsen. Wants to finish as a panther. We know he wants to get into broadcasting. These are his final two years. At least 33. Tires at 35. Going get a tight end. And have him ready and as we talked about yesterday. What do great option for Cam Newton if you get the ability to have to tide in line up. And the guy can learn under Greg Olsen and only tied in in NFL history to have three consecutive seasons with at least a thousand yards receiving all that vote but would usually make him much more likely. For Hearst to be picked in the first round by the Panthers have Greg Olsen did not sign an extension not if you know that also means Blake was Melissa is going to be there for two more years than disagree with that that doesn't mean you're right and windows Maine and right now demeanor and I guess we'll find out later because I guarantees they have bigger needs guys get tired saying that haven Hurst is for sure a lot first round on on. But that's what my point is that they give him in the sector around. Well maybe they do okay I'll be taking you nurses second round five equipment they need something else having a bigger needs for the first round pick for picked number 24. They have bigger and eats you know what and we decided yesterday and we know with you gonna do they're gonna go on there first the record it with the death lines are okay. And I said yeah I know that they're going with the secondary that we know what they're going to do it according to three questions you know scenario had to come up with something kind of got to do it exactly the same as everybody else was in I still believe it's it's a viable option alive and we don't know who's going to be left by the time he gets to them on their pick him pretty low. In the first round tomorrow. No and that's the thing as much as and I even today yesterday as much as there is a big need in the secondary. But if some of those guys there's a run on the secondary guys. In the draft. And Hayden Hearst is sitting there available in some of the other guys are gone by the end. I think you really didn't have to take him Hearst as a legitimate consideration. I did see one mock draft actually had Calvin Ridley fallen all the way down to 24 to the Panthers him. You say they nursed as a legitimate possibility for round one pick number 24 I do. I definitely do limited to depends on who if there's a run on other players and I think it's is on the best available and you know you need secondary but you've got like second and third round grades on the guys that are available. Did you wait till second and third round to draft those guys. Here's ESPN's story only read the studios. Try to patent. The Panthers have plenty of other needs that are more pressing at tied into play opposite Olson could be considered a luxury pick. Comic luxury pick in the first. Even though Carolina plays a lot of two tight end sets and has no proven back up Olsen after letting Ed Dickson go to Seattle. In free agency the Panthers have needs for safety wide receiver. Possibly a senator guard all of those are more pressing needs than tied for the Caroline pat you tell me that. What happens the first 23 picks of the draft. Takes off the board all the viable safeties wide receivers and offensive linemen the highway trying to tell me if they being haven Hurst is the best. Players. Out there and in yes they video Talbott now more than one pick right so that means it can pick first I don't I know but there's almost no first round pick I didn't say don't take a nurse in the second round third round whenever you get him on to say in an architect and appointment wonderful. That's so. Let's hear from Hayden. He was and with Paul find bomb. And talked. To find mum about. His career at South Carolina let's listen to some of that and. If you Mayo I would like to spend just a second talking about your your college career. And you mentioned the baseball preamble but the last couple years especially under will much champ we've seen a transformation. And an infusion of energy into that program in Columbia how was it on the inside. Yeah I love good question what he's doing up there in Colombia. Appears South Carolina cannot be extremely excited you know the energy that you grace. Without coaching staff every school day and integrate environment is great it's a great time NBA game talking I'm excited to watch. From the sideline to have those guys do I think the president obviously heading in the right direction we got to was McClendon. So in the offense knowledge I think he's gonna open it up legalize this play makers so. I get that a fear itself John stand right now I'd be extremely excited. Let me get your thoughts on Jay Bentley obviously. You he's still extremely young good. An unbelievably talented and are your impressions of spending a little bit of time with him. The magic and often kid I mean off the field comes from a great Stanley you know coach Bentley you know running back coach and I got. Don't know that Stanley really well objects when my best friend. Like you said extremely extremely bright young man. And then as far as football goes he's an extremely talented quarterback and I think. With coach being active in offensive coordinator this year he's you know take some pressure off the Jake you know I'm expecting a lot of big things out of him. If he's a talented kid and I think you know I'm excited to watch what you can do. I think the last the end of last year especially in the Michigan when surprise some people were on the current remember you being and they're at the forefront of the vanguard of this program's rise back up again. What what would you say coach muschamp has. Brought in the event. Again we're all due respect for Spurrier I mean he had he had an amazing run there. I coupled with restraint though eleven win seasons but what would you say if you had to pinpoint something. We're or number of things that had changed dramatically under coach muschamp what are they. I would just say the mind that he brings everything from you know he challenges us. The challenge those guys and everything that you do you know we never take any reps off he never take a day off in those guys grind I mean. Whether you're do you those Dan Wheeler here a third straight guy on special teams coach muschamp is gonna challenge you gonna bring out the best player you know and that's why I think. We had a success this year you know going on floors and then. He preaches you know taking the fourth quarter to break out tough them and I mean I think what we did to Michigan whose death. And finally you've you've played in what. We believe the most sensible people believe is the toughest. In the best football conference in America or your your thoughts now it's over and are realized tomorrow night. Begins an incredibly exciting chapter but just to grind. And the SEC and how you think that has helped prepare you. For the next level. O'Meara no people outside the conference really don't understand it may get tired of hearing about it. The FB he's the best football in the country there's no doubt about it you know on and I'll be able to do. Due to the highest level for two years South Carolina you know named all conference and you know that's why I think that on the death Heidi come out and I did it in college at the highest level for two years and then. Not I don't have any spearheaded this thing you know it is obviously be different beasts once I get in the NFL but. You know I feel extremely prepared haven't played in the SEC for two years and do what I did. A look at last part of their for you consummate. The SEC east and in at that outcomes and you wanna hear it again it's. It's the same old talk track. Tries that with. Despite calls. Alabama. Is in the national championship and into Georgia sneaks it as snakes snakes did the right. You don't remember that constant has been. In the college football playoff semifinals three years in a row. How many of them want. One and what teams that do what conference of that Austin. What conference today beat. They've lost more and more in those playoffs that YouTube well a story on the front I've followed us to bring in and a let's take you did what they are only too willing to even out in the SEC they almost a one team out of the SEC it's not that they lost to multiple teams out of the SEC. And that's what gets. The ACC fans and even specifically you. The Clemson fans have said is that you try to make this job that. Just because Alabama. Is winning national championships that the SEC is the dominant. You take Alabama out of there OK Georgia made their run you don't get to do that you don't get take Alabama I'm sorry that you don't. And you can do the same for Clemson but you can't make that jump that all of a sudden. Just that because Alabama's there that makes. The SEC is the best golfer this argument went and Alabama and Georgia play for the talents of Medgar yeah yeah definitely the center for next army. Embryo back up next year note and we're we're looking at a Big Ten year period. We are a seminar. I mean SEC championships how many. National championships to the SEC enlisted. By hoot that's my point. An SEC today and I now Alabama now. They're trying to get our job now homeless Oliver won the last ten years and yes there already and they aren't that Auburn is not. Alabama to Florida once and yeah of my point is that when you're looking at an overall. If you're looking at eighteen year. Aspect. I'm OKC in the SEC is a better conference OK but I don't want you to make the point. Just because Alabama's in the national championship game that the SEC is the best conference that we take plaza of the ACC. Since you're trying to take yeah Alabama in the SE CQ you have to be able to do the same thing earn one does that compare. Us and who wins Wofford over the last ten years we think Florida State now when Florida State. That process again and I'll pay you today sergeant then there might take cards out and up and take Ellis yeah well that would take all these eighteen is that Alabama down monopoly Clemson now and still think he's got a better if it's in the SEC is just the same as you do any statistical. Equation that you take the top number out you take the bottom number out and you get your average. And you think CA CC Wednesday and not not saying that they necessarily. My I'm just making sure everybody knows that. As good as the SEC is. A lot of it is weighted to one team in that Alabama. But point. This phone's a month my fear is that we've. Not taking it earned only talking about NFL draft don't ask you your fear may be warranted that we'll get some at Clemson fans Colin and then making a pour as port of an argument. Richmond does the day I'll Bryant's are putting this thing David did you change. Brian you are up next enough. Brian. RE ES have been. What are and David so well originally. You came upon all right. You'd like that are now and there are no doubt about it now our. Your post. Don't worry about all these SEC homers. They're James are not everybody knows so they've got to apple to someone else. One gene does not come. To the amateur about the team in the title game. First call. There is no none of the national championship should count or apply also married and why is because. People and take two's they one amen give an example the ear that LSU won the national championship. I don't know. Eight years ago maybe they shouldn't even applied. They had to offset the night showed him to play Ohio State over three other change with one malls and other large I am ticked. At that time the FT CU at all a very good run so they made sure. That there were warned that one came and a national championship every year was going to be the FCC. So so there were several times and I should even have been allowed the for the national championship. That they actually did not want to be one of them. And the other they are they're obviously being. When that wonderful West Virginia team. Lost the final game of the year. At the 28 point favorite belt another year of edgy she won a national championship when I would even have played and I'm just about sport. An individual team it has nothing to do which are out. If you're playing the very good. How do you take pride that someone else in your conference is doing well that blows my mind. I don't know that's not just SEC people that do that for the record Brian it's not. Listen I cannot imagine taking pride that Florida State won the national championship. After they beat us I just can't even imagine. I would warn anybody but Florida State to win a national championship. Just. I don't understand that but. Just. I mean just keep bowler for your table don't worry about what everybody else does and the rest will take care of itself. I got to college football started in 2014 according. I think his name's Dave. Well Brian is that he gave us David what's the latest list of this confusion as you're all here our eyes as Brian ads on there and he does does does the name he gave me I can't help but what does this new caller ID system is this noon I don't let that make you shy away now that we know what their real names are coming in Germany. But just you know just like you know us we know yet. If it does give the finale million dollars powerball started. In 2014. So we can just go from there so just based on the at. Mean the SEC has two championships. And the out ACC as stilted want. Now Heidi again year years. Stating. Just for calls. It team win the national championship debt. They're conference is better now my point is that. That's. Why don't I infinity west conference of all time because they won the very first playoff and that's win college football started so the Big Ten conferences about us. According to Brian David David driver yet. Meant anyway. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Then you can get us on Twitter at ESPN upstate wearable lot of stuffed dog but hopefully not too much conference stuff. May be some MBA and another look from Elkhart for a one of the guys that can go early. In tune nights in FL draft and that's Penn State tied in. So that's come and upstate what does this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Thank you texture from 864 area code. Who said. Bill Cosby is found guilty but GMAC will probably trash Clemson instead. It's an amazing tweet the last I checked we're sports station so we probably would talk about sports. Maybe. Possibly do a segment on Bill Cosby went to we could do that. I he was found I know is found guilty I don't know anything else in Iranians had a sinister in the I don't know it would be a 'cause Bill Cosby guilty guilty bill why is trashing Clinton just so one of just so I understand. You upsetting Clemson fan in the room that makes you trashing Clinton even though your tiger Greg and I don't know that's possible for tiger Greg due to trash Clinton. I think I think the text from this bird. Yeah this is that situation where. When somebody says. Hey come down don't get mad when you're really not mad. Bidding you start getting mad because people keep telling you calm down calm down Mike I'm not mad my Condo I'm not mad at him. That's what's happening now I was upset at sea and around the problem when no matter who won expect back there. The outlook and dot com ended coming blame they nursed. And Paul I'm. For bringing in these dominance of the SEC in the and you had to throw in. Our debt and though the use of the said. I had to throw that in there for years I left and in the air for you yes I could cut it out but. All I can say is if you're easily baby and then the problems we are you man it's not like us have a fifth and last I checked it's not college football season I realize it's it's not it's no religion it's always eligible season. But alas I text is the NBA playoffs and in the NFL draft. I appreciate that. But that's not a not directed these. It's never not college football season it's always guy I just that not college but I'm good with the always talking college football. All right so it was that sort of talk about reality when you talk about. Which conference is better how's that that's trashing Clinton I mean not I've never said anything but Clemson is dominant in the ACC I noticed you're trashing it since then now the can be a textured. But when you. Stars like no logo below Clemson what you got that's my question demean somebody else. And somebody else now. SEC football there's a lot of hesitation even somebody else CA boom boom boom some that there hasn't been anybody that is. Didn't dominate as Clinton has in the past. Five years Florida State is obviously down Miami. Their diet now offering though they're not for real Virginia tech's Macon a run Louisville had their little run with Lamar Jackson went one that's that's over. Can Florida State get back to where they wore. So I would pose the same question no. Outside of Georgia's one run wedeman so far Wall Street George's is gone no no I'm not I'm not you know who really good teams yeah really good things exact seems. But my point is is that. Outside of Georgia's one year run. Would other SEC team has been dominant outside of Alabama Alabama's dominated only one can dominate. Right to have two dominant teams and you. What we're gonna say came Georgia and Alabama DB dom I mean they're both yeah really really good because they're both in the united dominated on needs. Ask any news conferences. The spouse and each division. And George probably didn't do for Opel. Sorry self Caroline. But. DL have anybody else right now on the basis and I don't you gonna yet I mean you buy in Miami you've I'm Virginia Tech. To be anything more than. Pretenders. I would suspect Florida State despite calls. They're Florida State and I've got. Foundation napping Willie Taggart a good coach I think he's a good recruiter. Will they. Be back to where they were I don't necessarily think that because college football's changed over the past twenty years it's hard to be a dominant team like Florida State was for that long. Period of time I got a good buddy whose big Florida State guy and he sends me everything home Florida State and you know I got you know that they charged admission to they're. Spring game and still Al. Drew. Just about everybody else in the country and in a bunch of people that's 'cause they're excited right now to change means nothing I mean that's what it means nothing. Spring game attendance doesn't mean any thing. The there are debris should acquire over here I've been saying that from day one that's bringing it games don't mean anything as Willie tell it really going to be better than Jimoh fish. Who thinks that. Ranger. Injured. A meat he could good. Is he going to be better than Jim though. Jim though did win a national championship so dubbed the bar is there. So you've got to win a national championship just to equal what Jim both Fisher did it Tebow had himself a year. And it faded away. I mean I know that they had good years yet they don't let what you typically see that a lot of programs you know sustain Clemson sustained excellence is very hard exactly. And he certainly knows that Alabama and I guess it would Georgia. I don't. I think it will be there. And wherever Urban Meyer goes and hosting yet he seems to be able to. Have that sustained excellence and bit. It's the usual suspects. You have these cycles of teams. That ebb and flow of teams across the country. It's very hard to continue this type dominance that your scene from Alabama and I that's why Nick Saban got to be. Arguably. The best coaching college football polls she arguably the right. I don't know in the history on target and history he has I'm not talk he has within the past there's no question teen years he has dug in history. What does Willie Taggart done to make you think he will sustain success it floats. Seven of viva org. The Delaware and present. As only their for one year South Florida I mean. You know and get frost because he won. But that's what Nebraska did yeah. Does that prove that they're going to be enjoy sustained success and by the way. So you're you're borrowing by the way South Florida was 24 and 25 under Willie efforts he turnaround but as they're poor you know they were nothing. Western Kentucky was sixteen and twenty. Yet they're two intense first season Andy and really turn the brownie got seven and five moved on. For Tutu tennis 75 that's okay but it ran outside and about that. That's the. I don't yet I don't buy. The Florida State will be back real soon. The problem is is that. They can attract five star talent pretty quickly because of their name took him Florida where they've been. Laura national champ two national championships. Land of them allowed to take him to get back we're still answering that question. I wouldn't compare Florida to Florida State because. Because Florida State was much more dominant for much longer period of time in Florida Florida State has that. That somewhat of of an aura around it more than Florida that your ICC behind us now hi this before. Florida State came into the ACC. My and they came in on fire. And took over the case do you think Florida State's gonna win because a tradition. And I know I'm seine net. Florida State will have an opportunity to win because of their tradition they'll be able to get the five star athletes and by stars do matter and so that does. Put Willie Taggart any good position in the air and heat he's gonna win not oh I. How can you predict you can't but I don't think any seventeen year old kid knows about Florida State's tradition or cares about it. Nabbed him argument they don't care. Doesn't matter. And they are they still gonna get five stars let's say let's Wayne's thing. I mean what seventeen year old knows anything about. Florida State's tradition it's been gone long enough that that you know it's there now a couple of years. On a bill that they won the national Jolie's kids twelve and there are all all that time. It's not like Florida State did win a national championship. A few years ago and gone. Right I mean you'd say the same thing that. Do they know anything about Ella she's history no. Items that they're arguing that Ellis on the way back to only college early voting either they're only gonna go to a team that has won a national championship in the past two years now only team they're gonna look now they're going to look at teams with a high. Coach. And a an exciting program and I don't know that that's Florida State the sport right now is that Florida State 28 and well there's excitement with a new coach. And why. Because it didn't go left on his own that and fire Jumbo and he's going to get fired yeah that's why he left the and we know that. I don't know if there was fared too. But anyway but we discovered your passion for the ACC and we will exploit that. I'm not convinced yet show me something that tells me that. Florida State's gonna get back to where they were and state your not convinced yet having played under really tagged and that's correct. That's only my argument there I mean I mean years yourself in Florida State so we know will join us in the ACC I don't know that there are the other two so he says tiger's gonna come along and use the players that. Jim bow left. And make him winning team. Florida states have one quarterback. James Winston that's when they want and no I'm game as Winston don't want anything. Who's I mean no human under the Andrei France why are black and James flattening and taken the promised land. It would you're basing it off they have to win a national championship to be a successful program and it is hard to win a national championship make the playoffs now at all. They have power for Alabama made the playoffs two years in Iraq. All right. Our states great they never taken a step back the idea. Love. How you can just the road. That's so out of contact Clemson. You've got to watch out. There comes a state maybe. They're back. What do we base and I don't I don't know. Because again Willie Taggart and they had a good spring game attendance so any team that has a new coach here in eighteen or any coach. Juarez has come in give me a guy that is. Creating a buzz why is that Willie Taggart. But it's a wise it Dan Mullen at Florida. Odds it lines that it I don't know that is what he's saying about to give me an example of somebody has created a whole lot of buzz. That hasn't done anything. Stop for a he's done something but not you know I think you'll be successful. Why's he gonna be successful and Brad Wilson can't recruit in Nebraska the so cold in the weathered. That we want to go there anymore just what he did. Because what he did he get you recruit to Central Florida. It's Florida it's the state of Flores who play the Central Florida who doesn't wanna play. How do you look at whether so you don't new you by Taggart more than Scott frost now. I think all the guys are really good. Yeah but I'm trying to dig create. The analogies of what you're saying that. Now that based on. One season and Scott frost is gonna equate to success that Nebraska received this air as I he'll turn the program around talking about. How in the world nobody knows about Nebraska is history as either forget Nebraska block captain because he's good. And that that's what matters on those Scott frost is good I don't know that about tiger that's columns. Regularly that's what I'm saying. Nebraska is competition means a lot. No they get little if you don't what it would be if you're a Florida State where. Oh how much you really don't seem to deal that. Meehan knows Lou blows like this instead is going to exploit it did this really wanted to go down as ACC. Route. I'm not mine I'm I I'm not on us I think it'd make him as a matter. And they ACC and the SEC's better than the ACC so I mean it and you know it as the caller mentioned in our reality. Gain about the conference for me both Clinton wins in the last twenty minutes fifth in the days. Not about Chicago has spent the last twenty minutes trying to make sure that. This whole SEC argument. Is based on looking at. The body of work by all the teams not just you are just because Alabama's winning national championships SEC is better than any conference. In the country where really that's not accurate. Really late but I think hey nurse point is that he's a better player because he played in the SEC and he played against. SEC defense is for his entire career South Carolina and Ali's right. He's playing against better competition and I don't disagree with him. One to 8444773776. Will be back to huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome to copper stalk. Previously known as the huddle. Money is peanuts to. Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and lines up. We will get back to the of NFL draft in fact I think that's what Jason most talked about let's go to the phones hi Jason welcome in. I got back to golf this and a big drama out or broke all of it Georgia legislator about a pack your ormat reject ago little earlier than before they pay you know. I would not mind Jamail trade you him. You alerted the latest quarterback scorer edge rusher. Backcourt Aybar but. I'm bacterial and they are the epic about that a Beagle and a all the pick aura. Olympic stick around got a note. GQ debate lab tech got your victory the best player. And then those circumstance. If it doesn't matter how great secondary is if you don't have mania I wrote chaminade we're back. So. And I betcha to a liar I'd like street they'll give that began actually in it changed their Arnold the only thing about it. Was he kind of overlooked them out college is he becoming a while they show remote server ever year. Get this from the bank or they'll look at it and order a joke. It's competition level it is. You know your bad back and a camera or in late is number ordered cookbook that you don't usually what you. I'm sorry Jason I don't let Davenport for a mom obvious Texas San Antonio Senator Obama. Our area. Are. They don't like. It. I should. I agree they need down they need help on the line and pizza money and a rush the passer. You know Clay Matthews is not getting any younger either and down. They've gotten. I mean they got some guys that get Mohamed will pursue an ally Kim got Kenny Clarke ally camp. The markets Davenport she yet mention for the Packers. As a reason for that but because they need to pass rusher and you know he played it takes San Antonio who did you rush how do you prove you can rush the football when you played Texas San Antonio I don't know which it. But they should have our guys are pretty good they got it down to a science today vacancies filming theme technique and understand is that gonna translate to the NFL and so. Based on the caller and your thoughts you think you need more wind helped in secondary sale. Now Hillary's senate and we need secondary octave and we need and we can do is another one receive. You know I mean not an ally as his right out there when you're did this and whatnot when our running back. Well they play that are running backs along I've given up on that position. Get a Aaron Rodgers I mean to you still run it feels like Paul horning was last. If not Ahman green is it was good solid run was he was good. But not not. Elite great leader since they healthy yeah that was the problem yeah no I think I wouldn't I would be happy with either a pass rusher or some money for the secondary for the Packers in the first round and then try to address the other needs in the second third. Mike Mayo like he is Smart draft has Packers take in dire. Alexander girl from Louisville via he's good. I am an ACC puller us. It's yet letting go but yeah not letting go so now we're getting to the point here. If you're an NFL team that's about general managers at the you can only draft players from the SEC because. There the best conference and they only get five star athletes. And would you say man I don't know where you come out of the stuff. Let's continue our draft profile and look at Mike gets sticky Mel copper junior with them months. No country junior. Player profiles on. Good Mike is 665 AM 247 pounds with incredibly long arms. Huge fans what shocked me was the 454 speed always played pretty fast but not that bad according to wrap forgive the long lines we'll have brought a breath of who also was a surprise that 41 and they have vertical this guy is a Brussels. Of all the charts athletically really good catch radius excellent hands. The big concern is going to be blocking that's the issue is not an extension your offensive line. Not an inline tight end number one dimensional pass catcher if you're gonna be that type of player you better respect pat. Actually are not having dropped to really get down the field for the paper he should be able to do that. Mike just sixty from a Penn State the tide and does he go ahead of patent Hearst. As we close. OMB shocked either way I'm hoping goes remember where guests. Yeah I'd like to see Hayden go ahead of him as a god is like Hayden story in baseball. Come to be you walk on being successful announcement play in the NFL. He's got a ties to South Carolina I do like that. I don't know enough about executive really comment I think I've seen more paid her Denmark dress ahead of him now. It's like he's been rising in some grass but again as Iverson not. Known for blocking and in the NFL I think you get blocked you do and we know they nurse has done that yet and make. They talk about as one of his true skill sets this is. Mino to line up in block inside you sec he while our hearse was a baseball player he said he was basketball what does a good basketball player. But they're both good tight ends and both a bigot choices for a team that needs on his only to be to talk to tidy and steel which order they go and we'll find out we'll see if either one and goes in the first round tonight. And our coverage begins 7 o'clock here on ESP in upstate got air final break you wanna jump on the phones. 8444773776. In the huddle this is ESP in upstate. One of the ninth inning in the Braves lead the a Cincinnati Reds this afternoon 624. Acuna with a home run all these with a home run good news. Got his batting average now up to 444. Echoing your friend BP and BP. Already that fascinate the drama and he came up yesterday he's not he's he's right. Puzzles are the brave thing on and that would earn them a split in the series with the five in nineteen Cincinnati Reds. I told you the Braves needed to win that crucial game yesterday and they. They did it was a crucial game for the elaborate and they got a crucial game in April yes absolutely. A 444773776. Back to the phones Jimmy your next how aria. Area off that. All right though it aren't by the Carolina Panthers NFL draft plan though out of your member previously thought they should. You can pregnant again daequan Barkley but I. But reading day and thirst web site. I think the draft the law I opened they have a lot of holes until I'm saying they pit talk about Peyton Hearst. Maybe drafting him because it's a great goal and 33. You get that bad let you out that's gonna hold up eight it'll look under percent came back last year. Though he designed an extension by the way on the heard him. Yeah Ottawa but and that they're dirty little did he look got to respect you came back yet but Hendrick umbrella not prominent. Yeah you're limping a lot though. Active scene interacting patent hurts. Get Heatley they're really good idea and and you know. Then Spartan running back I don't know they might lake opened the later rounds linked yet a division to. Or some small school our running back I don't out. But what do ya think what do you all think the mayor there's gonna do with that debt first round pick. I appreciate coach Jimmy we Baath kind of addressed a yesterday numb I think. Secondary. Additive I think they're going secondary and I think just depends on who's there is. Safety or cornerback bright and whichever is the best player available. They'll take that it might be. Quarterback vs a safety and I'm still donate Hearst but I think best available no matter what position may need a lot of different guys so. This is someone your islands on the board take. Yeah and that's where if somebody like a Calvin Ridley is there no rule ally receive yeah I think you do have to. Look at taken him any. My question is I still don't know a 100%. Salary cap wise why would they not take a run at Dez Bryant. In this they just don't see there's any value for him. Does not a good dude and I haven't enough baggage problems right now but if that you don't bring anymore. I AM eleven you'd take attention away. Daily also one year deals are turned on the ravens. Not sure that was smaller and but but he now Soviet turned down a worn. A two year deal would he turn a two year deal to play with Cam Newton. The elite passer Camden. Still a lot of potential but Cam Newton camp better passer and that Brusca. Okay. Politics 444773776. Up it usually pass rusher too they can do that. And any dolphins won helped him all the reasons they're not going to take a nurse and first yet could be offensive line does eventually also rankled bill Heath if he's demeaning and Emma yet. You give us a call we will come back and gonna have did he join us a total baseball in the next hour. We will also winning here from the New York Times reporter who wrote about the players owners secret meeting last year about protest. All ahead in the huddle on ESP in upstate.