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6 o'clock tonight Clemson baseball yes they have to. Midweek games this week to be Kennesaw yesterday they have presbyterian. This evening six clock air time 630 is the Al. First pitch of that game South Carolina got to win. Over off Furman. Last night for a field a dig at that game and Jonah bride with four hits Carlos Cortez drove in four runs. And the gamecocks beat paladins ten to two or so they now before game winning streak starting to. Joseph spark your late in the season we'll see if it continues for South Carolina of their. Trying to make their way to the bubble in over the bubble. To get into post season play this year. NBA last night it was the Celtics over the Milwaukee Bucks 982 to 87. Now Boston leads that series three games to two. It was off Philadelphia eliminating the Miami Heat 1042981. The 76ers. Win the series. Four games to one is at the end of the road for. Dwyane Wade. Here in the comments that he made. About that topic. After the game. Of course none argued in his so this is still in a low food and bring them you know breaking news here soon. I'm sorry so I appreciate your own concern. We were about them later. You know before you bring them here. No news from the way. I think to be expected the using these he'd done I think he's done Alonso thinks he's a big thing he's done a background I think he's come back yeah I do. You just beat up Meehan. He just beat up. I'll see the point our brother and be done and watch him to tear your present what they see of Dwyane Wade is that high flyer. Explosiveness. Taken it to the basket taken it. To the rim finishing strong. And that is going to be harder and harder for him to do you CNET. Over the past couple years. He had a little bit river surgeons when he got back to Miami but when you saw him in Cleveland he was just. Not the same type of players napping there's just part of his age kitchen up with him. Well yeah did you too much in Cleveland. This is before the overall yet do way too much and he wasn't. He he wasn't ready for that. I thought I like his role in Miami as a mentors and some young guys and Miami has potential to. I mean they made it chooses the playoffs without him cause he just got back. So he's not the reason why they made the playoffs so why not hang around and I don't think you'll notice. Too much deterioration is not going to be like Jordan comeback complain for Washington I think he plays one more year. I think he gives Miami a four year back. As a matter will Hassan Whiteside. The only play ten minutes socializing in her easier now I think he's a powder noted he was not her. Ten minutes in the game last it is was a play Iowa now I don't know if he did get hurt later in the game or something but it. Yeah he's fit as he's been pouting and some things like here is that there's been some controversy I don't remember exactly what it is. It's led to him having less playing time how he wants to be there. That's not good. It's not good at all 76ers last night had good scoring from JJ Redick 27 points. Redick Simmons only had fourteen points four for ten shooting. But he had ten rebounds as the and Simmons your rookie of the year most likely and Joseph well indeed had nineteen points on eight for fourteen. Shooting. I think people need to give JJ Redick who were more laugh. When I hit you know everybody thought he had kind of a dud in the NBA and make schoolwork in that he did have a lack wherever he's been he's been really good news agree. You know I thought it was impressive last night for the 76ers. They did not necessarily rely on the three point shot them they shot it poorly but still. Re able to be effective in there. Low post game with indeed in. Simmons dishing the ball in keeping him back out to Redick. When they did have to have some threes but it wasn't all just three ball for them. And if you're a Miami and you're leading score is Kelly Nolan can't figure dropped. That's just wanna say about that. Yet eighteen points to lead the way for the heat last night but though they are done eliminated also done the San Antonio Spurs. As they went down to the Golden State Warriors 99 to 91 it was a little closer than that went down the last minute of the game and then zipper is two point game with dampening like less than twenty seconds ago. Yeah but just nothing to finish they're for the up. Or disperse the warriors win that series. Four games to one as well so now we know we're going to get. We know we're going to get. A matchup between the pelicans in the Warner's New Orleans and Golden State can be fun interesting competitive. You'll have a chance. It didn't have a chance that this is a year you're gonna take out the warriors you better do it now. With this team dissembled wade is. Considering stepped Curry's hurt and he very doubtful he's human play in this series so guilty plays at all in the series. I don't think so. In Lessig goes maybe seven games in is he able to come back you want a current employee at all I think pelicans and angry and they definitely have a shot especially if Anthony Davis of peace. Continuing to be motivated by ons well then listen no he's got to show I think they get hanged bit that. Foreboding sense of dread to slowly creeping up my spine that tells me they Golden State's going to be in the final again then yes I think that it it will be Golden State Houston plan for the Western Conference finals. In more likely build state coming out west. Our guest. Then there are looking vulnerable they still do but that doesn't mean they're not gonna win. Odd array has got to step it up. Coming he's not he's not consistent every night he has to have his a game if Curry's not going to be there Durant has candidate and that's almost. Because Antony and Anthony Davis is the real deal I'll like this series. I'm gonna watch this series. And the two adjusted very intriguing figures I can't a lot of people are gonna watch this series and have him. Wanna see Anthony Davis and Kevin Durango act. Yeah I like that like that match up. On the other side in the western Utah has the 321 lead over okay see. And Houston has a 31 lead over Minnesota say probably in all likelihood looking at. You John Houston and you know you be content. You dump mine in Utah the jasmine so good Donovan Mitchell maybe. He is a rookie so that's. A big challenge. Route to go bears played really well so they're solid defense team with him. Clean up the middle there but in Houston just has too much fire power. They're not revealed. Shut down James Harden. And you get Chris Paul to contend with mom and Houston mean they are all about three ball and so they have any semblance. There shooting. 35% for the night. There's an Al score you because they average. Over forty threes. A game forty attempts I should say so there if their written at 35%. Mean. To me at like twelve. Threes right there you tell them have a chance. Houston's got this does or just dumb. Tall man. It's the same teams of it's it's all about don't give us any underdogs. How like ally I give it and that's like realistic. The pelicans and the Utah Jazz to be competitive in both those here's the I didn't say when you take them when. Yeah you're saying competitiveness act of blistering competitive and want I want my platoon. Market down. It's 312. On Wednesday. April Tony April 25 one of the two. Utah or New Orleans wins this year. Now one of it's you it's used in in gold's Golden State in all conspiracy theorists out there rule say Wilshire. The NBA's gotta make sure that it's Houston and Golden State. Or raids purposes I'm picking one community to fight. David Stern Nate they put via. New York Knicks. Draft pick in the freezer the caller and he put them if began to new vehicle and that is a picnic all looked at. On the other side in the east of course Cleveland and Toronto. Cleveland Indiana rather are tied 22 and Toronto Washington are tied 22 so those could go the way I mean you know what done deal here and tell me it was a slip there now you think's gonna go outside I think that's not a slip on the guy doesn't tell me this is done dealing 22 series. That. The Cannes and Toronto are gonna know what to tell you is competitive Theres. Well Carty is testing under its only competitor Narnia is competitive that's what you wanna here's that is competitive. But it's Cleveland and Toronto that events that's what you think. Yes and you too long on the go Cleveland but on the go Toronto be in hopes that Washington yes the wiz. Yeah Italy in the list I didn't do so and I just don't believe in Toronto and believe them all here the I'm not certain when the last time it eighth seed is that a number one's the last American vividly remember was. Win Denver beat Seattle. But that was had to be. Twenty years ago I'm not certain and Italy Canada and we've been coming deal right yes it would but if there was going to be an AB no one Washington over Toronto would. Kind of makes its. I'm just yet is because I'm not buying into Toronto champion and number one seed that's the issue or not a dominant number one seed and usher. Are right there on the other side you've got Philadelphia the sort of clenched they await the winner of Boston and Milwaukee Boston has taken a 32 lead Boston and when that. I think so in six games I think they do now they've got market Smart bag fees. Been now since March not they had a great game last night nine points. But he added a little bit of a spark and help them. It during a run in the third quarter that they needed. You know I'd like to pick Boston lose because I would like to think that. Josh is driving down the road right now and I can cause him to hit a ditch by saying that Boston will lose the Boston's gonna win. All right so that's what's happening in the in BA. Cup playoffs we're gonna have much more NBA coverage coming up here on ESP in upstate just can't tell you the games just yet but we up. Should have some detail about that tomorrow so stay tuned for that 8444773776. That's our number here in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Back to the NFL draft went our three questions segment coming up. This is a hollow ESP in upstate stay with us. We're back at subtle it's ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver. And Alonso did two or three questions. Segment only NFL draft coming up but some NFL news coming out here in the past few minutes. Reports that at Dez Bryant. Has turned down. And offer from the Baltimore Ravens. According to Ed werder. Based in Dallas former ESPN report I guess the cut him loose front. Nominee when he still reporting he says. That Dez Bryant turned down a multiyear offer from the ravens. He per first to bet on himself with a one year deal. Giving him a chance that the free agent market the cowboys prevented him from enjoying. This year the ravens moved on they signed. Saints restricted free agent will least need to. They also brought and free agents Michael Crabtree John Brown they parted ways with some guys like Jeremy Maclin and Mike Wallace so we leopard Dez Bryant betting on his future. Dez Bryant say and I'll get the big deal next year you mean one year deal that. I'm OK with him trying to earn it it looks like right. That he'd just give me a shot I'm gonna show these people. What I can really do that it was a mistake that the cowboys let me go so. Just give me a good situation so I can prove myself and then be rewarded fort. That's what we wanna hear from what a lot of players is that you turn your key. It's all line he's just saying that because he won't get a chance to play Dallas twice he goes to Baltimore he's just looking forward that team. So we can play Dallas flight. So you'll take any Jane is not least. No he won't. Until we reach it and Pelosi doesn't get picked up in in the draft happens in the league is desperate he's a step personal for Dez Bryant. Does he seem like the kind of guy that it would be no personal. And that's why the cowboys letting go because he's that immature to. Did you appoint that he would only sign with a team in NFL he's just so we could play the cowboys twice. I think you can prove yourself. Outside of hand to play the cowboys twice goes I can promise you he's not gonna be the sole reason why whoever. Team in the NFL east that plays the cowboys if they beat the cowboys. He's not the sole reason why now they would beat the cowboys so I'm sorry. Go to someplace where you're gonna get the best deal and you can prove it out on the field. Despite your stats in your play performance about how to count which it captured not McCall's the other team beats the cowboys. Don't know. I'm not sure vengeance is a matter of maturity and I think I think it's it's a matter of motivation for this guy and he's. He's an emotional guy so he knew he's driven by his emotion and this is gonna cause him to play better so. I'm not sure it has anything it he's probably reached the level of maturity that he's going to reach whatever level that is that might be a third grade I might be and I could not amount. But I I think this is driving him and I think if someone in the east does pick him up you played pretty good. It's a one year deal and and have a good year it's gonna back far. Right bless the reality of the NFL yeah. Right but then on the other hand he gets a one year deal in the breaks down has another great year goes back to having great years been out all about guys have proven themselves and abetting don't have sells us on I am all about that NI I hope he has. A good season and I'm OK with that even as the cowboys fan because I do feel that it was time just to turn the page and start another chapter in north only one hand how. A good season he plays for Philadelphia Murphy plays for the giants you really want that relief from a personal perspective because I'm all about Oprah mobility a mall about seeing people succeed I don't get caught up in the situation. That I'm so Ty said the Dallas Cowboys are the Clemson Tigers. That. My world is shattered if they lose to the Philadelphia Eagles of course I want them to win but I'm not so caught up now. 1015 years ago as different story now I have reached a different level of maturity so my point is is that. Yeah it be great story to see that Diaz does well. Will it be detrimental to the cowboys. Yet that would suck from that perspective but. Oh well I'm OK with that I don't know Greinke so nice and normal for you break the sky. As such a positive as talk to another cowboys fan Billy's on the line they've really welcoming and. Okay yeah I agree it's far more Richmond played and solve it I just. I think there's an emotional person and he's Sweden but it's you know most England didn't think about this because. He's not going to build a unit of the salary cap space or not only where he would. Have a chance to actually expect Murray who don't doubt. The cult and walking wounded troops now on the nobody in that matters more than the people we're clear that's what hurt at number and I outlast leaders. And did not. If you go to New York the problem they're they've gotten ultimate blonde and I don't think be addressed and it absolutely perfect. The looking for Cuba what good does that do you Corbett has put it to support the ball float. Obviously need to step back from this little porcelain and look at this it's like let's say you know want to get some weird. Including and I'll anymore duty left on matters more neat thing is is moment I'm not part of that. An instrumental political wind and discreetly an outcry and they were wrong. I do about spot with Ingrid two in the plot would or not but to compare and stormed out and out of Citi execs in this building unity can only own press did not he still locked up the you can burst that he has dropped out the last two years is eager to a year ago. Almost hurts. And then last are just three years ago and in the last two years express dot org and bought particularly big correlation. In this city you know win. You can clad only in what the receiver was quote is that a complex everybody logical on when this bronze. I'm Brian wells hall I can't think you'll want to go to. When they buy hot movie one of the red states and that I actually did. We're talking about it can be successful winning that well. And up ought to look obviously can be quelled economical when he was not a great athlete difficulty not between the poles politically and the ball. And it is you know what you've got to the buffalo mean there was a quarterback this year. It's completely what would build quiet it bigger receiver allotted to do what did you also don't want it and pull the trigger. If you don't have domestic critics and it doesn't matter hundreds York. You know all the more reason to not go to Baltimore goes on I mean what's Flacco done since you won the Super Bowl why would you if you go there you're basically going to the same sort of situation. If you're Dez Bryant. Well ally black are better than I do. Prescott's at least one Super Bowl he wants first L one. Now so does gonna have to pick out a one year deal at a place with a really good quarterback that's his game plan I. I would go to like it but of course here at what's right plated a legit you Orleans well degree today. You know what it looked a lot in their own rock solid deploy club any detail not aptly named Peter you're not make you look we're good out the year yes I do. I don't want him to 21. Because there's no triggerman and they are all they got other issues that we are built like. About Eli and the quality logic and Tom Arnold 200 more if you've got to listen to click to make a decision you're not anemic position. I really appreciate it bumper should call Jimmy was talk about Dez Bryant must go to him next I Jimmy. All I feel. I know Dez Bryant in my opinion. Is one that. Leaders. In approach football and they gaga. Being the guy and there's nobody here and dealers personality. And gay and that play yet that is the air so. But they're but they make a great that there isn't batting and don't want your contract. I just a little bit England patriots updated it about. Another old where there are. I'll look at me he could be the next Randy Moss front. I'm like yeah it it exactly right cattle are doing it that is a problem let that exits air it out problem at all. Point. I got thank you get. Appreciate it 8444773776. Station mr. the news is that does Dez Bryant has reportedly. Turned out a multiyear offer from the ravens prefer to do a one year deal. And then. The freeagent the next year and get a bigger deal that's his game plan. They want us one more little update from Mel hi per here while we have a chance as these. Profiling some of the projected first round picks and tomorrow night's NFL draft and in this when he looks at the veto today. Kind junior. Player profiles on. In the mobile today is loved coal loading not formally at war again first traffic to a Baltimore Ravens great career in the NFL he's that kind of guy with that we'll. Rare physical talent 64347. Pound Bruins. Quick and athletic for big man. 41 drafts become by the remarkable draft he's a guy can be destroyed the medical Shaq got big get into the backfield because destructive quarterback. Makes a run stopped behind a line of scrimmage he's helping him decide if delta flight back to that line back will now be watched more freed up. Yeah I agree without Melvin whoever gets defensive lineman beat Avaya out of Washington is probably going to be pretty pleased I mean you know you know gonna go top five or six picks with him but. Somewhere in the middle of the first round will be recognizing things got to this got to land somewhere around fifteen yeah when he yeah. Like it. Elected I wouldn't mind him for my Green Bay Packers. But you will be there by the time there picking him afraid we'll slid up. I'd just look at veto of a laugh some more profiles from melt tomorrow the last day. Before the picks because tomorrow is draft day we've got to cover with a here on ESP in upstate starting at 7 o'clock. Tomorrow evening a 444773776. You wanna get and what thus not text line 71307. And Twitter at ESPN. Upstate whim break. And come back with our three questions segment on the NFL draft next in the huddle on ESPN upstate stay with us. Well Greg and bottle ESP in upstate GMAC Richmond blonde soul. A 444773776. You wanna join in the conversation. The text line is always open at 71307. And Twitter. Asked ESPN. Upstate with the NFL draft now just a little more than 24 hours away and coming up tomorrow night. Let's get to three questions on the draft here in the huddle. I love so NFL draft question number one. Our first phone to commended mr. McKinney for figuring out how to use the font. Size thing on the type and put and in a way that someone such as myself can now read it. Well there is you do that as a short questions there's no one was about to the minding your and aging. Radio. Make an I guy I am getting older and I I just don't wanna use. Wear my glasses and her cause you make fun of me so I'm I'm glad to that IG degrade our right answer her question rather number one. Final answer I don't know why isn't final answer since we got another day now we're doing today you guessed it doing that today I finally answer who goes number one overall. In the NFL draft tomorrow night and why. Let's put the new guy on the spot first. Regiments do it number one pick tomorrow night in the draft number one at Cleveland Browns are going to select stand Arnold. Out of southern can now. It's going chalk of course because it dead but just in spite of you. Had to pick. Quote unquote consensus that most mock drafts have as number one but also I think it's a situation where the browns. They they almost have to pull the trigger on sand Arnold he seems to be. The best bet they've had such a bad history of quarterbacks and Sam Donald's got a big arm. Good mobility got a pocket president's 63%. Completion. The percentage on his passes I know he's turnover prone with thirteen interceptions twelve fumbles but. He's the prototypical quarterback he's going number one because it's a quarterback Lee and they're gonna try to roll the dice and they're being paid this statistically had a best chance with Sam Arnold safe choice Sam dark. Berkeley to London via. All right here's a thing. I've been saying it's all a mistake when it. I am going with sickle Barkley there are two guys that are that are picked as the two best guys in in this entire draft and its take on. And show up. I think Cleveland it's both of them and doesn't pick quarterback in the first round. Because they have time Tyrod Taylor has so many times on this show we got Tyrod Cleveland. Is looking for the long plan not the immediate plan if they went five or six games it's a major improvement or what they've done. And I think their better quarterbacks coming out next year or the year after that. Plus though basin quarterbacks that would drop into the second or third round I don't think they dig quarterback and on first round sick while Barkley goes first and shakes the whole thing up from the beginning. Shocked the world baby running back number 1. O'clock mark that would shock the world and you know you give him a number four. There which shocked when. Mary Kay Cabot is pretty trusted reporter in Cleveland and a dishonest although I wasn't going to amend and change my pick but it helps. Report browns have cooled on sand Arnold. There we go cooled on sand dollar of course they have they don't want anybody know there and pick Sam Arnold if I I'm trying to choose between two in his nose and Arnold is not sick on Barkley it's either. Josh Allen. And Emeril I was torn on Josh Allen will stand Arnold. Now had to pull the trigger on sale and I and I think the baker may fills up the serious on the Russell Wilson changed things I think he proved that you don't have to be six or to be a quarterback in the NFL and you even look at Drew Brees. Yeah Andrew brings. And you know he's accurate I think meg may feels most accurate guide. Among the group but it. I'm gonna go Josh Allen Ottawa. You know I like him best myself and I'll say they're Smart design. That's what I'm wolf with big modeling cold weather that's why -- us right now playing cold weather a strike but if that's so I'll go with Josh Allen but close is not just on the biggest maker makes it question number two months he told us yesterday cold weather things amend its a lot of I believe that he disposed of them numbing OK number question number two what position will the Carolina Panthers addressed with their first round pick at number 24. All right I'll go first on this one Anita ruling cannot just say secondary or do what I have to say cornerback or safety. I'm saying that you can say secondary propels. Does that I had to. High heat and they're here as it went off. You agree laws are gonna you know are secondary and Nazis safety and normally I go against the advice I heard that's like of the panzer straightaway Darryl Worley for a wide receivers that they think they've sort of bolstered their wide receiver unit with Torrey Smith I don't agree with that or not they've added a wide receiver already. They de ya release Kurt Coleman safety. They need help back there. They got to go there first I love Peyton Ursula distort and he knew David Newton out of Charlotte saying that he would pick. A nurse the tide in for the gamecocks but. I'm Greg Olson's going to be around a little longer so I think the pressing need is secondary and now go that long of our rights knows. Gonna go with this even before you read the story because I read the story earlier I'm goal with Hayden Hurst and I like everything had David Newton said in his article. And you even talked about this I believe those in the last hour about. How good. Cam was when he had shocking there along with Olson and I think Q Pat Hurst and Aries a mature guy. He's very good. Receiving the ball and blocking. And he adds so much to the offense. But I'm going hey nurse. Someone tied at. Richmond dongle on secondary as well. With the carry out. If some of the guys that are in that. Top projections would mean we know during James Mika Fitzpatrick they're going to be gone dean's award probably let me go on but opinion those other guys are gone. By the time the Panthers pick and Hayden Hearst is still sitting there I agree with Alonso that that would make a good choice. I don't think that's gonna happen I don't think you're going to be a run on secondary guys that you just never nodes opinion on trades and stuff. So I'm still gonna go with secondary. All right and if I had to pay just to clarify that the that you guys might make me pick as you usually. Jerks. I'm just getting. I would say get safety first. A safety or the quarterback first tackle Kirk commingled bothers me you know they need safety. Carol I now know that war is gone too but them. As just one of the two ago dongle second are impressionable three lines of I call this number three how many quarterbacks go in the first round. All right you can go first on this. I'm going to go with five. Aren't you one name. You have to you have to protect. So obviously in this and did the usual suspects so five. 'cause they're all gonna go we're going chalk yes yes I just tell by his job. You won't find on five and go and Alan Arnold mayfield Rosen Jackson that is no particular order. That the two ghost six you gotta go with Mason Rudolph run right again. I'd love to do that. But I'll believe it I have to go 52. I load the seed Mason go to the patriots I keep saying the patriots discusses number 31 get right before the end of the first round he sneaks in. He go there to beat heir apparent Tom Brady. Could definitely shocking if I Rudolf slid in Italy first round. I think these other guys by the way these five go in the first half of the first round all aligning thirds including more objects now. He goes about sixteen which is halfway through. And unfortunately history tells us though that would wonder too that these guys. Might really make it in the NFL you know that's it authority said Mason Rudolph would be better then. I'll say three of the five will be better than three of the five and yes that's as to who's the guy that's definitely not gonna make it. Out of that five mass say Allen Darnell mayfield rose in Jackson who's just hard to do there I mean I don't know you know I would say Jackson. You know. Earlier but I am pop started to believe that maybe the NFL's trending towards. You know it's more mobile quarterbacks and they in his arms not bad and and you know because of the writing you can make it. I mean he mean to pick one I'll say Lamar Jackson quarterback who do so yeah I would based on and Lamar Jackson's. Skill set where he does it really transcend doesn't look like you would be an NFL quarterback. But I like his athleticism but if you look at net candidate traditional quarterback guys. I would say roads and I for whatever reason I just don't. Have any specific. Necessarily things that shows me debt. He's not going to be a great quarterback. It's just that I don't feel that he's really into it and I know that's not a whole lot to go off but. I don't see it just doesn't. There's a wow factor to him in my opinion. CI and O'Donnell Ed Ed this because for a couple reasons one he looks to do need to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. And and it's to keep this heat. He's not his movement is not fluid he just looks. I don't own sake clumsy he almost he looks not even robotics and I think robots are smoother than. It's it's more of Neanderthal I'd I just can't explain it I just I think he's gonna get hurt. After Mason Rudolph by anybody else that could sneak up but think it's a real reach Luke fault at Washington State probably not that low eleventh column let out of a Richmond probably not. Now moving up to first round by any stretch on anybody else that threatens that after Rudolph. I don't think so either now I'm not sure where Riley Ferguson Memphis wouldn't he's projected as a Laker third or fourth around union maybe they're maybe third. But none of those guys are close I Rudolph's knocking on the door he can beat him the guy that slips in the make it six which would be alive. Now on you know but nobody really stands out among the group either so now they've been. If there's six in the first round thing is first time like 35 year depth that they would have that many in the first round I don't see it happening all right final political comeback and wrap it up this is the huddle on ESPN. Upstate. So just about four minutes left and huddled don't have time to take a deep dive into this week. You'll look it up and read it I think it's interesting reading and haven't finished reading it myself the New York Times. Today has an article. Titled inside the confidential NFL meeting to discuss National Anthem protest. They want this to get out. And basically it says this it says NFL owners players and league executives about thirty people got together and park avenue in New York the league headquarters. In October. About a month after president trump began deriding the league and its players over protest during the National Anthem. I it's rare that owners and players get together to discuss. Something like this Roger Goodell headed the meeting. And they went as far as not having owners and players sit in alternating seats owner player owner player just showed the spirit of all cooperation here. Roger Goodell started the meeting by saying let's make sure we keep this confidential. Whalen didn't stay confidential the New York Times has an audio recording of the three hour meeting. And they have corroborated details of the gathering with several people. Who were in the room soapy water read this what they thought was awful record conversation. And detailed the details of the discussion of the Japanese thing in the protest moment. It's up right now that none delegates out right it gets out in never stays company did this stick confidential for six months that's pretty good. But the times has that they have audio on that. And you can check it out at NY times dot com the New York Times website and finish reading and it's pretty fast and stuff. So I want to make sure to check that out as well preside. I'm not certain where this is gonna get over this upcoming season. Yeah I agree it's some it's not a finish story that's for sure. Little news out of NASCAR before you get out here Matt Kansas did not have a ride going into the season but he's going to return to NASCAR cup series competition. He's going to run select races for Roush Fenway racing in the number six car normally driven by Trevor banging. The number of races that Matt Kansas will be driving has not. Been announced but. He will be driving. During this season the first race for Kansas will be may twelfth. And Kansas Speedway. And you'll be in the NASCAR all star race the following week is eligible of that because of his win at Phoenix last year. And so that gives up any playoff hopes for Maine. Maine is 26 right now on the standings he has no top ten finishes after nine races in 2000 eighths at Kansas gets at least say. Partial ride in and we'll see what he makes of that and maybe it leads to. They come back yes 39 core career victories in 650. Starts. He was at Ralph Stanley moved to Joseph Gibbs racing after the 2012. Season. They released him after 2017. And replaced him with Eric Jones so well but good news there for. A veteran in Matt Kenseth. All the time we have for the huddle today would be back tomorrow and I suspect we'll talk about the NFL draft since its NFL draft day tomorrow this a little bit. That'll be one of the subjects I don't know about NBA playoffs though NBA playoffs as well we'll get back and a bass and much more when you join us at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon don't forget Clemson baseball with PC tonight. 6 o'clock air time 630 is the first pitch. The strait of a storage we'll take you next up to the 6 o'clock hour here on ESPN. Upstate Alonso. And for Richmond I'm GMAC C tomorrow 1 o'clock in the huddle.