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Welcome into the huddle this Wednesday afternoon with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. For the next three hours here to. Get a job today on the latest sports latest numbers stationed latest opinions in the world of sports we're here to do that on a nice Wednesday. On not raining today at a few clouds around rain may be back tomorrow but we got a baseball games in yesterday at a most of them anyway and Wofford a postponement that. South Carolina and Clemson both picking up midweek win is sweet she is important. The 64 while we're on the airs this deal sometime this afternoon so. Will be watching for that and we'll let you know while it's where they have Clemson and if they have South Carolina in their field of 64. Now they certainly. Wouldn't have before last weekend with the gamecocks sweep over L issues of approaching the bubble at least so looking forward to that. Also coming up on the show today speaking of College Baseball we'll talk live with Landon Powell former game cock catcher also caught in the up. Major leagues with Oakland. He's now a coach at north Greenville. And his team. The crusaders. Are number one in the division to rankings this week in two polls collegiate baseball poll. And also in the College Baseball writers' association poll number one. That's remarkable that's impressive considering where they're coming from when he took over yet they were eight and 38 the year before he got there he's been a three years. There were eight and 38 this year at 39 in six. In a three year span and that's the way you do it that he's the president. If you know and fortunately though. For north Greeneville and yet to be concerned if via. How long they've built to keep them and how I mean not at that rate you know what's gonna happen to me and outlook nothing more Kingston is is going to be a good coach for the gamecocks but that the conversation came up when Holbrooke was leaving and I'm Landon Powell only you know almost everybody including me sit well known of these ready yet. And it looked like these are like he's ready now yes these guys things yeah but anyway. Of which I'm sure begins and calls but let's deal the president with north going right now they're going into their conference tournament. And he is. Got to play well and we'll talk to him line at 135. This afternoon NFL draft is tomorrow night. Just a day away now filing and get your lot on that today we'll hear Todd make Shea. With his thoughts on the job baker mayfield number one to Cleveland. Concept that's been bandied about. For a couple days now his thoughts on that also Immelt Harper's draft profiles. Kimmel hear him talk about Hayden burst South Carolina. Say Kwan Barkley. Penn State running back. And Vito van de out of Washington. The a big Lyman. So while we'll continue to hear some profiles from. Mr. carper on that coming up on the show one each hour this afternoon. Also today we are on gonna tell you about. A column for the Atlanta Braves of note that waiting to see this guy you're about to be able to see him they've got that coming up. And we will also be again with some tickets today that will tell you about coming up some mind drag racing tickets have a chance to win those coming up as well. You can call us at 8444773776. Text line is 71307. Start out your text with ESPN. If you would. And on Twitter Eddy SP in upstate. NBA playoffs had a couple of elimination games. Yesterday and last night. First of all the Philadelphia 76ers advances they beat Miami four games to one so they will await the winner of Boston Milwaukee. Boston's a 32 in that series. Now we have a yes semifinal series match upset and now the New Orleans pelicans who swept Portland forty nothing will face the Golden State Warriors. As the warriors. Got rid of the spurs and won that series four games to one last night so we're we're getting ever closer last night the scores Boston beat the box. Nine need two to 87. To go up three to two in that series. The Greek freaked only a sixteen points he had ten rebounds but. Outplayed really by Al Horford. Al Horford remember him with the Atlanta Hawks or Fred 22 points fourteen rebounds. In that game so big night for Al and so the Celtics. With like during good shape they win one more name the 76ers snow trouble with a heat 1042. And 91. Indeed had nineteen points and twelve. Rebounds in that game and there's discussion about whether it would have been the last game of wind wait. A lawyer's comments coming up later on the show. Basically. He's not saying he says he's not gonna make such an announcement in Philadelphia story. William Forsythe they've got to be noncommittal right now Stuart. Yeah right after the game give you some time pusher gut feeling about it brew I think he's done. Clones of the great. No I wanna say he's done but not I don't think maybe he'll go another year. I mean if he stays in Miami in the role that he's in right now. And he stays healthy I think may be hill with the women of the year he played 31 minutes off the bench last. 31 minutes and he basically starter yeah. It is just. Looks different that is coming off the bench. I just don't know if they're gonna have enough pieces around that he's gonna feel that they've viable team now if something crazy happens then. Somebody named LeBron comes back to South Beach that's a different story right but I just don't see him. Playing next year so great career. He looks so beat up me and I'm I'm yes and that's ultimately CNET. Gain in game out he do he's not the same bank to back games and to go through another 82. Skiing season I just don't see it happening and I guess the question is why because you can kind of valid troll you contain your legacy by really playing bad another year you know let me play terribly dish enormously inevitably comes back and just. Lips through a year what's the point. Yeah doing a lot of times these guys it's not so much of the season that is so draining on him it's the offseason that they have to training and all training and be prepared for another season they. They're tired of that is one thing to play in the game that's the easy part. It's all the behind the scenes things that makes it more difficult and you get to a certain point you're like am tired and done. Yeah but you get million dollar pay days I mean I cannot throw another one year contract I just. Unit if he does retire won't surprise me but in the same. It wouldn't surprise me if he comes back I think he's about warmer here. The Al warriors and spurs game was fairly close on link god dagger by drew ran them in what about thirty seconds left goes it was a yen injury Ahman Green hit a big one death right there and in the not much time left now surprised that San Antonio actually played a match tough and cut it down to within two points records into the game. Now LaMarcus Aldridge he's tough. To defend and that was a big reason why San Antonio was there the Aldridge had a thirty points on the night have a really forging voice coming from the free throw line. House and they boy margin at the end but it did go down to last a minute in that ball game. Leading away for Golden State's policy talk like Thompson had a 24 points. I can and rented 25 points got good balance dream on had seventeen points and of course there's still playing without staff Currie. And winning so far without staff Corey here's what clay Thompson said about. Whether staff could make it back for the next series for Golden State. But I'm not expect it so all you Microsoft and I'm the fulfillment. Davie doesn't play I mean we're prepared. She does put a whole new via the the we ought to go and and again this week with the mindset he's not playing because. That's we've been doing this whole post season and don't just make us better when he does come back we sincerely Miss America we think is better. He isn't some significant that. The warriors were able to kind of breezed through the spurs without staff couriers it just that the spurs are. Michelle and form their former selves yeah I think is too early to tell. Based on line. The competition of the spurs are an older team. You know there's obviously a lot of disruption. Within Gregg Popovich not being there. Be in a way. To mourn the death of his wife errant. That has some effect and could it actually had a positive effect on the spurs in terms that they wanted to. You play for their coach so they're actually even more motivated to. To give Golden State run and they still weren't able to do it and I just think that shows just the power of the warriors even down. You know a unanimous MVP instead of curried debt. They still got a lot of weapons. I just don't think that the spurs were really good test for. What the warriors are gonna look like without staff or would collide Leonard have been enough to make them more competitive. Oh yes. Yeah I mean there were some fairly close games running. Why Leonard to make a big difference they got to figure that out. And that's what they're saying now they're going to have a summer meeting with Kauai Lenard that's the top priority for the spurs. They have a pivotal offseason. To deal with here. And Danny Green guard said. Everybody ask questions but why is still here he's locked in. He's a part of this team until things change. Greg Popovich expected to take the lead all these conversations and these meetings going forward to gauge whether they gym work out their differences. And continue the partnership. While under missing all but nine games this season because of the quad issue. Led to an icy relationship with a front office over his diagnosis. Or just monologue trust developing. Over that and see much he wanted to come back and like. The decision regarding whether offer him a super Max extension totaling 219. Million dollars. Rests with the management. Ownership will make the final call. Convincing the team's former chairman and CEO Peter holt and his wife. Spurs chairman and co executive director. Julianna hall and hold could be a difficult sell for the general manager RC Buford because that couples going to divorce that complicates it even more. They'll spend a couple of markets because they don't get a little bit but is a lot of money going to be tied well and then divorces pars. Assets and the connect who's gonna split is going to be 5050. Cents. You gotta think about those things down the value of the team Popovich was good with LaMarcus Aldridge when it got a little strained there. He was goober that can he be as good with. While under you know I think the market Saunders at least was communicating. Much better at incline Leonard seems like why is this that type of guy that. There's its dairy grave area ambiguous don't know exactly what he's thinking goes he's not really share in Hawaii you don't hear from him you did at least hear from the mark. Alters closure does this what kind of set precedence though if this co why is able to get that. Big old contract to do shows that you compiled and say that the doctors don't know what they're talking about the future money and also do you feel better. Could work. Yeah if he gets is why somebody else could try it. There's always that danger that's the big deal for disperse the element that got talk about Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker and you know. Whether or whether or not they're all gone. That it's not gonna matter. And I mean to the future of the spurs and as a matter Noah does because that yet they know that. This might actually be even. Both those guys there last year especially Ginobili yeah. So they note that the future's not in those two guys it's will. Coli Leonard in the markets Alter you know Parker has said he would like to play twenty seasons and he's in your seventeen I don't see them. I may gap that he could he could do it again it's going to be a different role. Much different role. And had to know is actually under contract next year. 42 and a half million dollars. But he's always taken the summer in kind of figured out whether he's wanted to come back and so will sink. But this is up man you just feel like I'm. Transition time is here for the spurs and yes it definitely is yours you're gonna see a different spurs team next year regardless and are we 100% certain Gregg Popovich is coming back. Now we don't know I think nobody is hinted that it based on. Recent events with the death of his wife and age and age yes he's 69 years old yet. If so could this be a time where. He decides exit out he's been coaching there in 1996. That hardly even a death. Been a great run and maybe it continues but down anyway that's it for the spurs. And the heat they. Leave the table in the playoffs last night. And now on we go tonight we get Indiana Cleveland at 7 o'clock. We get to Washington Toronto at 7 o'clock Utah okay seed and 930. And Minnesota Houston is at 930 so those first 2 of the 7 o'clock games are 22 series so those will not end but we could have elimination games in the league games you've got a huge shocker wrapping up in Houston to wrap it up. In the late games tonight in the Indians have four games on tap tonight in the NBA playoffs. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Back get a moment in the huddle well carper takes a look at Hayden her South Carolina tied in ahead of tomorrow night's draft. That's next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back Dan NFL draft coverage begins tomorrow night at 7 o'clock here on ESPN upstage tonight we have Clemson presbyterian baseball 6 o'clock is the air time for that. I here's melt clapper junior taking a look ahead at South Carolina tight end Hayden Hearst's headed into tomorrow night's draft. No hybrid junior. Player profiles on. You'll former baseball player walk go on to the gamecocks developed into actual player in the SEC's 24 and L-3 25 when the season starts big kid six warning of 250 pounds ran 467 it to come by and translated that speed. Threw the football field with the hats one cable line a variety of formations could catch radius impressive combination of speed and toughest day after the catch is made and he prides himself what being a really good in line blocker I think he could be a heat. Miller type former Pittsburgh steeler that type of all around tight end in the NFL. High praise therefore I Hayden Hearst's some think he may go late in the first round most projections have him second round. And I'm even seeing some animal all the way down to the third round is just. Some I mean I'd lean probably toward second round more likely for hate nursery Gosling load seemed to him first for I don't do it and why nine. Carolina Panthers. You know it's interesting that you say that because David Newton wrote a story about that. Today I read a story to Greg Olsen the tide and for the Panthers. Talked about Powell. He was drafted 31 by the Chicago mayor's. Back in 2007. Desmond Clark was with the bears at the time he was going into his ninety year he said Desmond Clark made it very tough on him early in the transition. Wasn't until his third year with Chicago that he became the starter Greg Olsen is good to see this. He said he would not roll over and play dead and have always made that vow to myself if I'm ever in that position. Regardless of how much success I've had you'll make it tough on the next guy to lob. Take cover rent also is 33 years old. A look the Panthers have other needs this thing but I mean yeah paid her to the Panthers. Would be awesome and that's Newton Newton was in the album they knew was in the NFL nation mock draft. Last night and he picked a Hersh for the pants. WB is Smart pick by the Panthers. I guess. They are we're gonna get to this in our three questions segment but that they have so many other needs. They have so many other needs that is tied in the priority the top priority for the Caroline print. Maybe not top priority but it's hard to pass up I think somebody. Patent hearse talent even though he is obviously a little bit older than the prototypical. Rookie. Yeah I don't think that's a problem. Right I mean to play into play baseball and the playing. Where entire football where in Tehran as the bodies assigns it will and you just like do you know is that the maturity levels probably a little bit different though. Commitment to his craft might be a little bit different at that age. For your first year in the NFL and I. I think with Greg Olsen I knew he wants to continue playing for several more years but if he keeps gating enticed to do the broadcasting. Would be a situation where say there's a little bit. Another nagging injury does he decide yeah you know I'm just tired of these nagging injuries and the Panthers are sitting there with a a solid replacement already. In place it's sick but I think you're looking at the wrong when you bring him in as a compliment at first as a possible replacement and as a compliment I mean he plays into it's yet well. But sometimes and even so two to spell him I mean they don't really have any backups right now and really you know it's a great point on though because. Also and he can be still a downfield threat. And even haven Hurst can be downfield threat the dean you've also got the ability to keep poignant for blocking which paid her and then yes I'll. You know backcourt in Camden was a rookie Jeremy Shockey was there with Olson. And that was. A great year for Cam Newton he threw for 4000 yard today here the only time he's done that 4051 yards had a second best completion percentage completed 60% of his passes. And you know having those two big targets was a big part of that outlook. I don't think it's some. A bad idea. And just worry about some of these other pressing needs that the cancer Sambo line so. And there yuppie secondaries and am more pressing than him tied in right now lefty he gets there he's best available I mean you got to go with them maybe. That what is that what Marty Ernie would do. You don't know Marty charities and if he's doing different this time so we have no idea yeah right bit. Now the heat. At least had some. Decent success with first round picks him a check around pigs afterwards strikers right yes right he had good some good for the caddies burst in the first round that's right Jordan Gross of course Cam Newton practically some of those guys it wasn't mark Ternium and that first round picks. This little tougher though when you don't pick number 24 news. It's is that bubble thing there you know I mean these are not topple that he draft guys and ruining the other aspect of what's really difficult as you're getting down. Within that first round one of the key things that teams are looking at also is it if you truly believe that this guy has potential of being. A star in the NFL you want to draft him in the first round so you can walk about with a five year deal. Before they go to their second contract which typically that's where the big contract comes in place that's what all these players want. They wanna get the root their purse contract as quickly as possible right and the first round guys are locked into the five year deal where this sector round elves and drops down to four. And so. Yet the potential these guys only playing for years and and decide to freeagent. All right. And that's why lock them up that's why he's quarterback you're gonna float up whether you like them or not of course that the kind of flow of the pie quarterback to lead him. I'd your thoughts on the matter welcoming 444773776. Paid nurse told about him for the Panthers or do you think he might go does it make first round. Second round or even though later we'll find out tomorrow night. India NFL draft when we come back we're gonna chat live with Landon Powell he's the baseball coach at north Greenville his team is now. Number one in the nation into new division two College Baseball polls out. This week and a great year so far and it's not over yet Landon Powell joins us next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. And the crusaders we talk about them too and why not great season so far for the on north Greenville baseball team. And we have their coach Landon Powell on the line when this coach Joseph Lauria. Doing good thanks for coming on man congratulations on the season you get all this attention now because of this these two polls that came out I guess that have you had. Number one in the country in division two College Baseball so first of all congratulations on that that's a big achievement. Well thank you yet and it's been a total fun week every week we've had a good year all year we don't etiquette the it is it is rewarding took time to get Somalia. The notification and or artists and and some. Some low from the media and from. From social media world for in the rankings so don't disappearing number one consultant but that doesn't mean anything it's just pulled on so my doubts the art work and then we'll I'll let. Geez how have they reacted to it you say you've got to kind of keep their heads on straight because you a lot more to do but that may have to pretty excited about it don't think. Yeah I think all of them. I think all of the Gaza very excited that you know that's that's an epic achievement and I think it's more so which you are out at you or are or most of you do it says. You know proper aftershock that you have the team was 838. And cars and shoot eighteen in the copper accused of we really that situation here. The further beta program goes in or cream also. These guys have been here since the beginning. In markets except that have been a part of for her turn around. The American for the country uses a very big deal for them from the Dayton or their butts off. Put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this program and turn it around and and they should be proud of what they don't does. You know being more worried or actually the big deal. So. It has been a fun week it darker side that got her around you know why I put into my old Turkey their pump all of keep them hungry that you don't know that there's a lot left cop. The LA and let up. Land Apollo coach at north Greenville baseball the crusaders number one in two polls this week. A man and I know it's it's probably a million. Small things they can get you to this point but Missouri cannot turning call in or a couple of key things that have made the difference in you getting this program turnaround you can tell us about. You know I think the way that a particular economic. Our biggest our demeanor are atmosphere that we build are so. We're not a typical college coaches in his words were younger I played if you play lately but also marks a sharp decline it. So we understand the game of baseball from beneath it are not perspectives end. I think all allow those. Keep it restricts free environment. You know we don't freak out about walking at all. We don't dwell on built much of the truck stop waited look at the pictures in the development PC or what these kids. And and we try to keep the very least phone. You know tunnel here you atmosphere and that that is prone to the biggest ingredient to our successes that. These kids really feel comfortable. Feel on a daily basis that there site on the practice. They're excited to be your other principal or the development are seeing their baseball team. They're excited to play games and they're not worried that they look for. They're not gonna play the next day. They know the coaches understand the basal it looked noticeably though that we give them opportunities we give them chances to the to give up their group they could do. But overall atmosphere that you that the key to our success and has its purple purse. Talking with the Landon Powell head coach at North Greenville University crusaders that new number one. Team in division two baseball and coach Paulus Richard Weaver coasting here with the dragon Alonso on the huddle and looking at. Just the perspective. Your team is batting 321. Your opponents are batting 244 and we know a lot of that has to do with. The pitch Sheen led by Tucker Burgess the U played in the majors that you mentioned. How much are you guys utilizing. Data analytics to help. If this situation where a team your opponent or batting 244. So you know unfortunately in our level we don't have. A lot of a couple of U giving a lot of data. And it's hard to get sky report the power so. Have a lot of analytic follow up now to promote the abruptly the meat balls are very well. But our level is don't you know schools don't keep a lot of that in Sosa. What's really helped us is kind of the opposite of data in politics it's the fact that markets except that I. Have seen so many great bookings and our lives. We understand that some of the same thing that the data are being able to tell us understand it without just unsuitable for arts. And that might be part of a chip samples from the that you played up but professionally Berlet yours and you know every year your plan and somewhere between 26200. Games. And a lot of pitches but a lot of that took a lot of rules. A lot of baseball and you know when you see all that just. Institute will learn things about the game and you pick up on things so I think her meet personally so I'm probably not instruct you. We reboot see a lot of things that do you sometimes feel like other people don't see just because of how many games we've been bold and and doubt that cute does speak to any sort comes to this call. Positioning our sense. You know picking off its decisions during the game or to all put it on what is know you know all things. You know. I think that data that are boring sort of hears this kind of helps us and that's something we're real happy political. Outlook the press all. Yeah now are you a believer and analytics because I contend that sometimes. Which you're talking about you go to your gut your go to your feeling that we over use analytics in baseball. I think so I think they're they're definitely need to be happy medium I think they're so doctor Cooper do it. And I think there's something up there that probably don't do enough of it. If baseball at the game and number so there is without a doubt it's images. And then knowing the numbers and it. You know that the biggest trend you've seen change at the professional level ought appearances. Is shifting you know who was decent Tuesday they have souvenir bat on record these guys they don't. Or the percentage of time where we're gonna hit it until you've actually seen shift happening in batting are mistrial. You know immortal of that happening with the game that the flow also actually hitters are just hurt and got a field. And hitting against the ship right now hitters are little reluctant to do that. It is. You know the whole world as look at you paid Sadat still trying to hit home runs. But I think we gain more which would. Build back into more complete hitter that he is all fuels on I like he's got approached my hitters here. If you look at that would have a ought to be an Oregon couple weeks. We would grind we scrapped we realize that it. She strikeout numbers slow walk a lot. The whole field steal a lot of bases. Or one of those parity so. If I step which he valued analytic about Iraq that it rough play out but I I you you don't think there's someplace out there that. Landon Powell north grave baseball coach with a slant and you play the course of South Carolina very successfully for the gamecocks. I know you've got John Jones they came in from the game Cox its line for your Tucker Burgess are great pitcher from Clemson. How are you attracting these guys who recruited by major schools in this area to come to north Rangel when they think it's time for change. You know sue and we don't really recruit them to come here basically what I eat employers for many different reasons. Whether it's academically or are they actually or play are more. In order. To increase school. And when they decide to lead we don't wanna be the option for them so they aren't you weigh what we don't act grunt worker clears. We doubt that hey John Cook is leading South Carolina because he's OK now we call him chuck are more corporate equals about all talk so well. It he's horse steps on how sure are cute tricks urged an alternate version of the best players are serious. Our computer networks are all all this. You can easily see it from me you know local local easier with constant pressure its first year. On them. You know he he's not require oil opened won't be tremendous pitcher and then it's Jon Jones so our record viewership is trapped this year. I. He transferred the call also. On and this situation the financial situation where. You know when there's accrued pensions there it is an honor scholarship. He could afford to stay there are also indicate or prequel. And bump to be. To copy a top bureaucrat at age. So we've had a little success Laura. Trust and be transferred to comment yet clear apple IndyCar programs. And a lot switch that you second chance that you playing time but you know she's just out they can do and we've been on offer that your and also a now a lot from playing are they don't develop in the hopes the more you don't. You know some some some big league experience don't suppose. You know during the week you teach them the way the game is all hope that I slow and I doubt that helps them develop and killed eight and will help them. Well below the ranks they get the group wrestle that's all. I care job post season is next you've got to koppers Carolina's tournament in Burlington that is about to get underway against sudden tomorrow what do you see in that tournament and you know. Obviously the goal is to go over there when. Well. While you were targeted job growth when the rigorous Uga put ourselves go to position two were one seat in the earlier group when I'm stung. On Thursday and the 7 o'clock in the North Pole just there. We have income went. People are staying proper sort of we wanted to see injection now or when you know turning a championship and. And a new report record that arm. And our window without concern or that X you know and they won the national championship two years ago director agreed to coach Rick well if they match up. And then now. And then hopefully we've done enough to put ourselves in the regional arm which would be here a couple weeks so. The sort these two Versteeg and delegates out of date or now at the Dolan. And do an equally good job they do you can't be black teen mom play at more also on. Coach Landon Powell north Greeneville crusaders number one and not to baseball holes in the nation in division to baseball this week. And we appreciate it we'll stay in touch good luck going forward. Thank you god. The great pedigree we can't. A command region if they landed a 444773776. You wanna join the conversation in the huddles on ESP in upstate will be back after this break. Alonso I have more information. On my side. In my pick of the alliance of American football over your pick of the ex FL to survive. Even thought about the new offensive coordinator for yeah okay all right Michael Vick will be the offensive coordinator for the calamity. Not only that Brad Childress will be the head coach former vikings coach that some people man. There are some names this this league has a chance to at least. Be relatively successful. I'm not certain it's the last but at least they're putting the pieces together and like we said previously. They've got a solid foundation with the names. It we're three and in what is a hike without the high people don't want to what I watched you need some hi how you get the NFL there's no height is just NFL. Think when the accident though comes back will be put the hype I'm the same game over by them anyway and mark. These guys were so Smart to jump on by year you know I only you're in trouble. Otto you know you got more for use the cooler name I agree with that cooler name and ex FL verses the alliance of America football hate that unless unless. Vince McMahon was looking so far ahead he knows it they're going to be competitive. Then there's going to be a merger might like. Every NFL did and that could happen and suddenly they will be competitive with the NFL they'll move to. The fall. And to be interest to there's got to be something also that they couldn't do with the. Acker and MA FA or American football lines there must be something else out there does that make more since then alliance of American football are. It is except for. Not a I don't mind American football alliance that's bad that's bad because Jordan added a short and very well no but there's got to be something that they can go they have them. I you know the Atlanta seems gonna play at Georgia State stadium you probably know better as the Ted that Ted and that's trickle. You know your voice familiar was that a lot there. You are so high for this young girls and I am I am I'm I'm I'm going to be in every Hamas these tickets. People watch so vital not seasons we always in his win an aggregate Tim Tebow to comply oil that's the next thing is that TiVo's baseball players and as soon as he claimed some baseball and probably once they take him up to the Mets so they improve that he can't play Major League Baseball and they can get their big gates for a little while watching not play Major League Baseball then you'll be in this. One of the two right. As he could do that Tebow be great for this you'll have. Play for Spurrier again yes if spurs and what Orlando yes Lauren we know Tim Tebow of Florida as well and obviously. Well Michael Vick. Com. Doesn't have the ill will with the falcons anymore so he can come back to Atlanta they allow him. In a town now they honored him in June the Atlanta Falcons did. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for 1000 yards. In history in a season and Brad Childress knows Michael Vicki got to know him last summer when Vick was a coaching intern for the Kansas City Chiefs. And then he joined fox sports. As an analyst of course Childress was an assistant to Andy Reid left the chiefs when the team's season ended in January. And Dow went to Chicago helping him helping Matt Nagy in his transition to the mayor's. But he will now be. The Atlanta coach Michael Vick will be is OC that makes him worth watching me I'm me and I'm all in for now. You didn't get the players that's. As the big caveat here I forgot to hazard a coach players. These guys are not gonna not get players are hackable I got to know what players to get dividends is still not gonna be the level of players of course not that it going to the NFL will never will be none of these will ever be that. But they'll get the most interest thing available players Johnny men's L. China's so Jim play in the excess focus there won't take Baghdad's. Throw assessing weird the ex FL sells like a bad guys league deduct. And they're haunting Johnny Mans up and giving they'll relaxed that rule. Yes they will after that first year there you see that there's a struggling so bad. Final fix any other drama. What he considers struggling I mean neither one of these leaders are gonna get a lot of people want to watch I don't know how they gonna make money. Sponsorships. I look. It's. It's a long shot for either one of them to survive more than three years or depending on what they said as their expectations. Is this. The American alliance her alliance of American football. Are they hoping to be. Like the G league for the NBA. If their open ended just be that didn't. They will be around for at least appeared timed their but if they're trying to compete with the NFL and go heads ahead that's never gonna happen obviously but I. I think bogeys and I think both easily serve or trying to be geely exactly I mean you have to start small anyway he may have aspirations for something greater. But that they can at least be like a farm system for the NFL. That wolves give Adams stability enough to stay around watch it. The question will be also the end. We'll they had the same type of rules in place that you have to be three years removed from high school before you could play like the NFL. Those would this be an option we know there's a lot of talk right now about the one and done in the NBA who could this be a situation where guys in college that. Not making it in college after a year wanna go professional could they do that I don't know who. If this league is gonna have the same type stipulations as far as how long you have to be removed from high school greet him play. Haven't heard back yet but that was a good point they might be able to Albion option for some of those guys in that transition. As well. So Orlando and Atlanta are the only two cities announced they have six more to announce six more franchises to announce. Gonna be the major cities something green goes get one don't think will be. On the list probably not. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Back to the NFL draft previews coming up we'll get back and then another. Player profile from. Mel copper junior coming up as well stay with us as we head and our number two of the huddle on ESP in upstate.