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Final hour of the huddle here on ESPN upstate on a beautiful Thursday afternoon Greg McKinney JC sure Bert and Alonso. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches are being super store you wanna get Ambien sex. JC had a text asking about some game cotton players Josh van. Our potential players Warren Ericsson. And trade dean any chance South Carolina gets them knowing him on any of those guns demand. Ericsson and and dean. Josh Josh van is. Is the wide receiver from Tucker Georgia game cards in the top two with Georgia. Warning Airset is a guy that tests after our really lights on the in tears they take one more interior guy. I believe he will be it. And then trade dean. I don't know I share that you know assist. He's one of those guys that's out there just from Hampton Georgia 6280. Pound safety. Mean I'm not sure about him gamecocks right now and I think Georges in pretty good shape. For him. So mom where. Berkeley quarterback Darius Douglas has signed with USC has a prefer vocal. Says it is as a quarterback not any other position. He's a good quarterback to I don't know how. Some schools didn't. Go him man just. You know authorities an excellent excellent player whose disease found eleven half 170 pounds he can Ronnie can throw. Also say that he could probably play another position pretty well. So I think there's a good steal from them here's what I like a sort of at someone about this today about South Carolina under Will Muschamp. And their walk homes. The walk on program let's just say South Carolina prior to must champs arrival was. Pretty bad. Which. Is sort of discouraging for a lot of game got fans because they were starting three or four walk calls me for every Perry or that like made a difference or hate her estimated difference. There are five Gaza couldn't play didn't movie those guys don't help your program. Just you know this dude I know in Florida has a player rules to walk home let's do you know probably there's a big carrier about that. What must you after this staff done in Bali Bentley has a lot to do this too that they're cattle look at it that second tier. A high school players. And a lot of these guys. If you take a big pool album you know there's going to be two or three album. That would normally sound of one of our FCS programs in the state. That if you get on the wall on the South Carolina you know they hit into being pretty you know you know especially when you're talking about our state. Of South Carolina and a lot of that's because. You know. Outside of Rock Hill which is close to Charlotte and fly to Charlotte drive Rock Hill. Columbia which are two major Irish three major interstates run into and the upstate. It's a little difficult to get a lot of places in south care months out of state schools don't necessarily come in here and and do the work to them turning over stones. That's always a good one double A football. Here in South Carolina over the years this I think it's Smart of them to get as many in state good players from high school level in this is they can. And having various Douglas is one of those and it wouldn't surprise me to see him. See him do some things at some position in the future during a fourth fourth. 773776. We'd like to get in here in the huddle and again they text line is always open a 7130. Sum up please use the keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message. Just following up on the suicide yesterday and Aaron Hernandez. The tide informally with patrons and Florida Gators. ABC news' investigative reporter Michelle make free. Has reported that the correctional officer that was assigned to Hernandez's cell block has been detached with pay. Sounds painful. According to WEEI. Make free in the investigative reporter have previously tweeted that the officer failed to do is to AM check of the cellblock. That tweet now been deleted though so there is not a copy of that tweet out there about thirty report that that was that we didn't and I guess she. Backed off on its of that may be you know the next avenue investigation did the corrections people. You know do what they were supposed to do laws first check in on the cell block. Yesterday morning when Aaron Hernandez apparently took his own life his lawyer Hernandez's lawyer. Is now accusing the chief medical examiner in Massachusetts. Of illegally holding Hernandez's brain. Jose Baez told reporters today. That Hernandez's family had a range from Boston University to study his brain as part of concussion research. The medical examiner released Hernandez's body to the funeral home earlier on Thursday and today. The bio says the office has not returned to the brain. Says the family or go to court if necessary. That'll be seeking an independent autopsy. Medical Examiner's office didn't immediately comment on the brain dispute. Hasn't received our release the results of there. Autopsy. By the Boston Globe which first reported the release of the body also set Hernandez was. On the phone with his fiancee hours before he was found hanging in his cell yesterday morning. It's not clear what they may have discussed. He used apparently a bed sheet affixed to a window. In his cell. Ramos found about. 3 AM and Hernandez. According to prison officials jam the door to keep officers from Ginn and did not only the note was not on suicide watch. They did not consider. Hernandez. A risk for suicide. Corrections spokesman says they're not commenting anymore they're investigating all this we will see if far anymore. Comes out of that also their questions about his a state. What's gonna happen mall lap. And you know others are questioning why he would kill himself. A few days after he was cleared of two more murder trojans well again we talk about a yesterday still had. A life imprisoned there are some discussion I saw back and forth about where they're maidan that I've ever gotten out of prison. That's certainly wasn't. Sure that he wouldn't it was going to be a very long time some. That's the latest on that one for what it's worth I'm looking at a basketball insiders mock draft for the NBA. And couple local notes on that. This is. Again from basketball insider Steve Tyler did this and he is mark Dell faults going first to the Boston Celtics. The Washington. 64195. Pounder then Josh Jackson. Now from Kansas and Alonso ball. Out of UCLA. Followed by Dennis Smith of NC state Dennis Smith 63195. Pound guard going to the 76ers. In this mock draft. They have Jason Tait and Tatum of duke going fifth multi month of Kentucky going sixth. Other Kentucky player Darrent fox. Going settles to the knicks. And just scrolling on down the list looking for a couple of interesting names here in again is just a mock draft they have the hornets taking Harry Giles and Terry Giles to the hornets were number eleven pick. Morning nor do I mean I know he's tall on no he's town I live I know he did nothing. Of note in his one year to do. So much interest in. And then they have Jauron washing game kind of forgotten guy here. Lately Wisconsin had a poor year or sometimes not tough talk about him came backed plan of the year Clemson. They have lime basketball insiders they have blossom game going number nineteen overall to the Atlanta Hawks. Be close to home for neuron enough. Not a bad deal for him a number nineteen I would be pretty good spot. I would think you minimum Mata the worst waiting in the year ago number nineteen this year. But we'll see if that happens. Justin Jackson. Very impressive North Carolina player they've won 22 to the on nets the Brooklyn nets that's not good for Justin Jackson. While away the years there and DJ Dozier they do have. In the first round at 28. To an LA lakers. I'm tell you man lakers are hurled their way back. PJ is gonna bring him back. That visa is not bad. And that the lakers and the lakers have an earlier pick and the other it would take Alonso ball a number three in the Dozier and number. 28. To build team around those two guys start to build a team around those two guns. I don't know I don't know that you take ball and coming hasn't I guess ball be the point you have those are the two. There could do that. Mussina does any other players of local interest Tony Bradley out of North Carolina projected a number. 42. Overall to the Utah Jazz. DeVon Robinson out of Florida I'm 44 overall. To the Nixon this projection. And Frank Jackson under duke 57 overall to the Brooklyn dance. And I don't see any other locally. Significant players on this projected draft I guess just a projection from basketball insiders. For what it's worth but the interesting couple things in the Ayers were on producer goes and ocean goes in the first round and he was right I was wrong he didn't need to come back. You can go in the first round PGA. But I'm not so sure he will not so sure he slides into the first round. Blossomed and go as high as number nineteen and be pretty good for the club support. 8444773776. The text line 71307. Speed basketball look at the NBA. When we come back. So Q right here in playoffs continue more games tonight some good games last night some people in trouble some teams in trouble down shoot out. In playoff series early playoff series here. We'll talk about that coming up stay with us the huddle on ESP in a state back in a moment. What about in a bottle on ESPN upstate you know what the album Chicago Bulls are doing to the Boston Celtics as a is really unusual. It's only the second time in NBA history than an eight seed has won the first two games of a series on the road like this. Only Osama seven was 1993. When the lakers beat the Phoenix Suns in the first two games. Then they lost the next three back then it was five game series so we don't. Mom boss the first doing came back. Did the suns. Back in 1993 the second half and with this bulls. Series. With the Celtics even Dwyane Wade admits he's Los prize about what's going on he said. In my airline where confident team but you don't think you're going into Boston and get to you're just trying to get want. May have gone and and picked up. To wade says a Billy fourteen years of their men in this situation being an eight seed or lower seed them winning the first two games on the road it's uncharted. Waters. But what we can do is what we started to do focus on every possession. And try to win those. So will the Celtics come out fighting tomorrow night. At the united center for game three on a fight left in the Boston Celtics. Remains to be saint. Games last night there wizards beat the hawks 1092101. And they take two to nothing lead and that series. The hawks. Were outscored in the fourth quarter. 3523. That made all the difference they had the lead going into the fourth corner. And lost it there in the hawks have been doing that little bit of Enron and out of steam late in ball games. Now they're down to her nothing. On despite the west Brooks 51 points the thunder lost to the rockets last night 115. To 111 was the final now Houston's up tuna thing. So they are rolling. And despite. Not having Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors beat Portland trailblazers last night. One chin to 81. So day now. Hamdi tutor nothing late. And down one little exchange in the post game that was kind of funny was Dre mongering but the warriors. Ask about a foul and a certain situation. In that vote. Truman after that second quarter foul by Meyers Leonard look at your tone the officials if that'd be me note and a flagrant foul. Bull as a message there on the line. He heard a perfectly run. Maybe that's who. But the Soka like rules on what goes on drink mongering now is playing very well. And so is Golden State and I think when. My tornado on points without. Durant will see what does that portends for the future now the lineup of games for tonight with three more tonight. The game's always came with some room for your earliest in upstate tour to new ones but. Tonight the action includes Cleveland at Indiana. For game three and that series on BA 7 o'clock game. Auxiliary and when this one. Just keep it rolling. Yeah I think they're probably a sweeping mud like I said earlier there's a chance for in the Lou's going to be the first game back. In Boston because Cleveland. Has struggled on the road some but I think they've found something and even if JR can't play around a pretty cult. They were without JR thanked him nominees. They may play says he's ready the team has not said. Whether he's ready or not that's 7 o'clock that's on TNT. Toronto and Milwaukee at 8 o'clock on NB ATV. Don't think that comes through my television scoring. If it does it's probably like mine and it's not an HD and it's a multiple campus miles an HD you're NB ATV and yet again. NBA network or whatever. You have U verse in my boxes pregnancy guest can come and watch or hear what our Brothers come on overnight and so yeah you're not him. You'll be watching I'm sure. How San Antonio Memphis. That's 930 on TNT Memphis needs to get something going here game three of that series. In Boston Chicago will start back up tomorrow night at 7 o'clock Houston and Oklahoma City tomorrow night at 930. And the clippers a new job tomorrow night. At 10 o'clock on NBA. Left and right for a while here if you don't like in the India and then now I'm only. Stay off Curome. Television sector this can be a record for a while in return about. The coach David says dale Memphis and find 30000 dollars for criticizing the officials game two loss to San Antonio. Mike Conley is the point guard for the grisly says he and his teammates gonna pay the fine. They sent down. They will play at. They said that he says affairs Della thank you text at 4 AM on Tuesday. After that rant. So they're proud of their coach. 9682 loss to the spurs and there's dale called the work of a veteran crew unprofessional. And unacceptable. And that's when he said take that for data and slam dismissed down. On a table. And stormed off his dale said yesterday he knew five was coming but it didn't matter it was times stay up or go home. These are players in general and coaches poll this card a lot I'm not sit here acting like how many more original than any other coach but your fighting for your team your life your playoffs. You just don't have room to let things go into the next year. This series can be oversee got to fight for your guys and that ramp was rival. Was viral bottling. Went viral almost immediately. One version somebody spliced it in to clips from the movie Independence Day. Are there have been T shirts with take that for dad on let me say data or data into one massive data picked effort data. Andrea Lisa. I. I use both. These ups and I was also the data says there are some residences which would sound smarter data sound smarter problem was always a date yeah but I achieved is given as I think they are Smart and in a certain companies you have used does not accompanied the use data. Get some breaking news binding element is get deserves a good idea as one of there's. Another teacher says they're not gonna raucous those those have been available in Memphis and Tisdale says the support has been fantastic everywhere he goes in the city as text messages and and ices his wife is the one big in the social media associate. Passes some of that on to him and it's been some funny stuff he says he wasn't. Expecting it. As critical players campaign fund missed the program. Happy fourth got change in their pocket they lengths Polanski it's to get good for them. The team I think many around entertainer pat Ellis perhaps not what you got from breaking news. Tiger was has undergone successful back surgery. Today. Have we mentioned this earth and I was just sleep. Now negative okay Gonzales whom do anything in the tire was announced days undergone successful back surgery to alleviate ongoing pain in his back and leg. Quote from tiger the surgery went well and I am optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain win he'll look forward to getting back to a normal life. Playing with my kids competing in professional golf. And living without the pain have been battling for so. Oh. Forced back surgery for Tiger Woods was this merely different he's done. Now meanwhile as us. Pauses when gonna make the difference. Says the dude a previous tourney Asians and three surgeries boards bottom lower bike this severely narrowed. Calls to causing. This guy a Shia and severe battling pain. Conservative they're B which included rehabilitation medications limiting activities and injection failed as a permanent solution that woods opted to have surgery. Procedure was a minimally invasive. Interior lumber are intra body fusion blah blah blah. The surgery entailed removing the damaged this. And re elevating the collapse disk space to normal levels the soleil is the one vertebrae. To heal the other. The goal is to relieve the pressure on the nerve and given her the best chance of healing. So when we thank. Panel Alonso. He's done he's finished. I don't know why this fourth one would be them. Lucky one. There will make all the difference and suddenly tigers go to get. It ready finish but I don't policy this is any kind of breaking good news for Tiger Woods' fans isn't it depends on if it's successful. Right and if successful his back feels good Gigabeat. The Tiger Woods and you think you will. I didn't say and I've I told Jeff I think tiger has one shining moment left and then. And will win a term and again at some point. You know back stuff is very serious and it's hard as heck to get right when your. You know. Dealing with that Yeltsin money this had three back surgeries how many people you know and done that had a fourth one and said all that was the trick. How many people are you know good with the we get as good as tiger would. Pond flooded a hundred right now I'm how many hundreds are better than Cameron and I counted how many people light you know that that are tiger with tiger he's Tiger Woods maybe gets back. Maybe doesn't I didn't think it was interesting that the first word in his cloak is quote was. Play with my kids and it wasn't playing professional death. There you by the way there's other breaking news it if you consider breaking news for some reason sports center thinks his breaking news but some in the NFL. Schedule was out including him. The patriots play the chiefs in week one. NFL schedules out we heard I don't think it's entirely Albert doesn't I'm starting to see Craig's list today you have to start to come out notably ammonium it's a big deal to me. You also. Your tastes a Super Bowl rematch in week one and normal and demands that this year we do our current on the we've had some sanity and Broncos have so the traders are planned the falcons in week one. That does take on the chiefs. Well the chiefs are awfully good. Yes they are okay a look at don't care that was sarcasm or not. Look and see if we get the schedules for the Panthers and some of the teams here leaking out this afternoon but I don't of the there'll just chip they are starting to come I've heard error has stadiums are very pleased to watching him and never been their driven by the stadium before and Alonzo Powell won the lottery. I'm sending you an friend. Maybe two friends maybe three friends to Arrowhead Stadium put it in about I've heard it's a great apt to go ahead and you bring your hat for mum. Arizona sewing you know I don't in the lottery. And can he get thereby to train and danced with some ultra low level fly Detroit Kansas city's probably some. That's probably why there is a Kansas City destroyer railroad hub at some point he went like it. By the way baby girl our marquee ones some of them was born at the greens are decent shout out to them you know a monkey there's a couple other games of note on here are supposedly the giants will face Dallas. In Dallas Green Bay will open the season by hosting the Seattle Seahawks my favorite shame bring a man as your Senator Kerry man on stinking. Bring it outright anger anyway it and light him up the when I talked to Aaron Rodgers when he comes into the BMW charity pro am. Next month to play. I'm going to insist today he beat the daylights out of the Seattle Seahawks in kind of the awesome I don't you do tell them that I'd do this I think you're gonna give you an enormous nine get a guarantee out on him to be. Seattle there and win. Sales and when you need is a touch need to give him the C can say relax and listen to huddle that's what you got to commend him. And listen to him he's never been asked to do in the event or should it affect. Doesn't matter who's there is literature bright idea. It would. And 44 GS PS VN text line 71307. Macro more coming up stay with us this is bottle on ESP enough that. Yes you are welcome back into the huddle on ESPN of state here GMAC Jaycee and Alonso by the way on the scheduling thing. The Super Bowl rematch Atlanta and the patriots it's gonna happen but not first week they're going to do that to on a Sunday night in October. According to ESP. With the schedule for the NFL coming up for the season starting to come out again New England will open the season home just to Kansas City Chiefs. Getting a three giants. Facing the cowboys in Dallas. Mum. That's the you know doesn't tell you exactly win. Green Bay Seattle you mentioned that one vikings and saints you mentioned that one. So August the only other new news on that is the Super Bowl rematch gonna happen on Sunday night. In October they don't have to open up with a Super Bowl rematch and they're not going to. This year a 444773776. Got the phones bring him Billy next Billy welcome and. The great lawn could logically TO villain. 00. Let the media and probably a reason why I don't go first Mineta our characters are probably. OK I'll probably in an interview could be. The petty but I can see this deal happened that probably. Cancel their little. Yeah thing and you know and I and I'm you know I'm not gonna Green Bay and closer to equality and luckily there are always going to be monitored intimidated by Philadelphia yeah assist. The way it is broad I mean you'd think after two years. Yeah and well enough divisional round of the well your daughter is number one but. You know there's just something about. If you Irvin could gain still there that are you know even when he's saying that they have a nice quiet about what our government warned earlier but it grew and good old. You'll understand why. Anybody in this cease third pick Peabody people turner missed anybody don't go to eagle eagle eagle and. Oh yeah mother of the they're they're the worst. The worst in the best I don't open one. Yes there you are looking live and on to the NBA playoffs you got started about well club black saying that he knows and and then or while law and an olive Sullenberger and there's a rickety particular tour. Conference final. And you increase regularly for all he can get there should be noted usually don't make it past that. But it happened quite a bit in the NBA where you'll see fatal Karl Walgreen decoding. Directly in the U get that or is just to order our IndyCar for the congress ought to and neither it appears you've got a really good defense. The united need to be distributed so well and we can't look that great scene or really good you know I think. Get really really really good overall secret committee that perhaps someone. In this. Very good and wanna look into what supreme. And police situations against very good defense is that you got that replicated you can just for the conference final. In order to get past that I think he's got a good coaching and someone can go to this site are happy to meet their needs. Ironically can make it to alleviate it or not these big bottle but the conference final against Cooley when I'm not sure how the match absorb much what this treaty he has good. Could definitely see still basically on the first tee and decent and the hidden children and everybody else and where the San Antonio legal state. Quickly used then given clintonian they. You know I'm Vermont Ian and I and not get the next round of that they'll come to fruition because. Tony isn't likely in the Scottish greens. And I can create software you don't say. You know they're one of listing legacy into the conference finals. Cult they have certain currency you know they they play really couldn't overall defense plan. You know they have a really good all legal advantage or home I get home coordinate. Actually wanna look for pretty well list into the conference finals but I would be shot everybody over the San Antonio ergo they came out of the whip Steny by real quickly we cannot that he speaks on. On the kind of agree that I don't know who I would pick outside of those three you guys gunning favorites outside of those three teams that you think could make it. The Celtics yeah you know pass the aspirin go without mass keep saying that that's good JC over the Celtics. You ought to do this this story tonight and they bought an interventional and why do. But what we're gonna get a series out of Chicago and probably you know be ready and he wouldn't the next round. If I could go. Is there anybody outside of Jaycee really felt like that that ball Google did in Madrid are in a serious number one I mean they are tightly all ready her. And I just I don't think that there's this is their number one to 850 and Indies. The Washington. Only once and broccoli or all and so better than him and it looked like structure right now and I would never all that court series started. My prediction was based on absolutely nothing to do with sports players carriages and then that it was based on the theory that have. That the great franchises always rise to the that's while the lakers again and audience while lakers are going to be a big thing I say this while the Celtics go to the finals maybe we'll. Hey did you see that now I think that there is. Struck and our great franchise. How portable that would. I mean they went through Iran where they were great with found one great player leading the way and another man they've been good die but not super duper I wouldn't put them on the same category as the sultan on the lakers migrate them but but you know why not run I mean the death six championships that doesn't put to us there let's. Studio that would be rates when they re what is wrong greatness then we will support you now not later. Definitely not in the lakers or or or so. That they're definitely in the not bad guy yeah maybe you're pretty. They usually obviously it's a multiple he's just outside of just seem to me in San Antonio it would gold now you can. Definitely an end and it. At what I like about. Yeah that the Celtics and lakers as its transcended you know you went from showtime to the shack in derby teams with the Celtics she went from. The bird McHale air Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen on that group. Yet they want it would different groups of of players you know and act analysts that the Miami Heat really mean if you look at it that idea. Not it's fares. Houston. Actually screws and you're in the commitment that the pessimism and Craig he's not happy street course or. It does take over being to disagree that you just don't see that reasonable hour and particularly in the outlook conference on. I don't as part of fault problem to they as part of our small firms that don't have. Yeah agreed they really weren't very gently and easily Billy has them. Early briefings there like Billy Billy and Billy knows his stuff in his stuff you can only called Thursday's last thing about advocate Jimmy is next to Jimmie welcome him. Yeah it. Well I did it play out in the hole and day out and watching. First big eight and I think they're gonna NBA championship it again at stake there. Biggest thing is that during mongering staying out of trouble you know beat because he would do it like are going to referee last night. When the obviously well and more and and they need they get under control. And then odd development key. They make him about it MOT and see all sparkly and some of them guys. They're blocking shots. Getting Alley oop passes they keep and the key ingredient corner on the NB ATV ship again and I'll. Yeah he was impressive I agree with that the cut him some money but it. And then that is currently. And then went 820 not like Kevin Durant who loves. That the other night looked strong can't. Thank Jimmie archenemy and Yemen G last night off the bench seven for seven the anonymous a shot. Once one from the free throw lines only fifteen points but that's pretty good bench production from a guy like that and again no Kevin Durant did not matter. 29 point win. For Golden State. And now lately too and nothing. Over the Portland trail published book about a rabbit up here if you wanna jump him for the last segment a 444773776. In the huddle on ESP announced. Our final seven minutes of the huddle here for Thursday afternoon GMAC JC's Alonso. A 444773776. A pretty. The news lists spraying for injuries over Clemson had gone through pretty much. Unscathed one exception though is on Deron Williams forget the word this week that the junior fullback and tight end Gary Williams has had surgery. To repair a torn ACL. The surgery happened late last week. And that was when he said his status for the beginning of fall camp is unknown. Suffered a knee injury during spring practice did not play in the spring game on April 8. But he has played in all thirty plunging games over the past two seasons 28. Of those were wins. He is a native of Orlando just two catches for 21 yards. 252. Career plays from scrimmage by love special teams and the credit him for having an impact on the ground game the last couple years so that some. Listen bothersome injury there was gear was why they are saying it that against don't know if you'll be back for the fall camp. Unknown status after the surgery on the ACL for here where it's to denial that Fauria and what you know if there's any new developments Clemson baseball by the way when talked about this they won last night. Over Georgia nine to seven yup guess six runs in the fourth inning. But Doug kings more stadium so they complete the home home sweet with Georgia. And the record is now 31 a seven George is not very good. The fifteen and 23 on the year. But still you take the wind Tyler Jackson got the win for the tigers six and one now gave up eight hits four runs only one earned. And no walks with seven strikeouts and two downing for Tyler Jackson. Last nine save goes to Jacob Hennessy. Schaefer Sheppard suffered the loss for Georgia. So what that did last night. Not that this was ever and down. It's secured at Clemson is 53 consecutive winning season. And that's the third longest active streak in the nation you wanna guess who have there's two longest. Winning streaks active streak so winning seasons. Clemson is third. Anybody. Throw somebody out there com. Texans know. Fullerton state I think I'll tell you vote them numbers that Notre Dame. Now it's a couple Florida schools Florida State a Miami. They have the top two. Streaks of consecutive winning seasons McClinton 53 straight winning season so. That's pretty and not match this pretty big series will wait force him into the Wake Forest is number seventeen and at least one of the polls. So Mr. Big when this weekend. And the first game will be tomorrow night 6:36. O'clock your time here on ESP in upstate. And by the way first 1000 fans get player trading cards. Part of a set all the entire roster. College Baseball trading card. That is outstanding. Much it's pretty cool. Gamecocks to natter on ESP and you about the way they start to don't forget they start tonight it's a Thursday Saturday game 7:30 PM ESP in human after game. U verse come recent box from. It's phenomenal Geron on that. Please those big series for the gamecocks for sure every series now is huge for our auto launch. Artest seriously just Darden I'm done I mean and it it's sad because I was again today you'll. Maybe I shouldn't feel that way because. There's fifteen games left in the SEC season if they go. Well than three year some like that down the stress they're gonna barely Ryan on the dude you know good things in the post season and additional they are is that old Fella there are things that. This is a soft baseball program right now it's full of excuses. And their their their run out of sounded to prove that they can be among the best in the country I mean it's it's. It look I think the polls were very fair to them almost two fair. Keep him in the top five at the end when they were losing but they they just kept right on there there are no different right now. In the way they were when they play Clemson earlier in the season are RCC earlier in the season or when they lost to Kansas State at home. Is the same. In not tough choking group that blows leaves and can't get clutch hits and in other fortunate to win some games and then they blow others just on any I'm losing faith that they can turnaround at. They lose two out of three this weekend I don't wanna hear channel Brooks I had that third game we won it's gonna give us a moment also anatomy. Here a couple of bop its former South Carolina football players taken high school jobs. Cory Boyd and Seville Newton are going to be assistant symbolized would. Under coach Brian Smith. Reported by the state newspaper. Smith's entering his first season of life would be our Boyd to coach the wide receivers and some don't live in the coach dvds. But that demands backs for some ailment. Now of course both those are good college players but the gamecocks. Cory Boyd is tenth an all time school history rushing. 2267. Yards. They get out in 2008. He was a seventh round pick by Tampa Bay but he played several years in the Canadian Football League. And your member of the Seville Newton Arab news here. Reasonably long time game conference he played quarterback and wide receiver. Pass for 2400 more yards twenty touchdowns and a good running quarterback 786 yards rushing ten touchdowns. And he caught 61 passes for 673. Yards. And three touchdowns. And see too many guys that don't. Have those kind of stats across receiving rushing and passing. In college football but Newton was on an elusive guy and had some highlights with the gamecocks and went on to the NFL for a long look and we'll put a time in the a CFL and AFL some. Scoreboards bell Newton will be assisting coaches obliged would high school. Under the new coach Brian Smith. Led the Secord board came from nothing in Orange New Jersey. Glad to see he's coach and now and glad to see civility into backing coaching too I think that's. That he does better when he says that black cloud has gone happy Brothers guess you'll be here tomorrow you have some business at a funeral or go to but I will be back next week. Now right and Alonso and I'll be here tomorrow in the huddle at 1 o'clock to wrap of the weeks that we hope you'll join us then strategist urged coming up next. Covering the South Carolina football hall of fame induction ceremonies tonight. Downtown so keep it right here on ESPN a stable see you tomorrow 1 o'clock.