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Final hour of the show today as the huddle lines down by the way ammo here next week. So Richman. Good luck I know you're new and all. Throw me to the rules don't like dead into the fire that lets go outside its training under fire me you know what can go wrong he Alonso he's telling you good luck because you're going to be here just with me just slots casinos open has nothing to do with that I'm going to be here's my restore good radio show my restraint has gone on that tends to go crazy when I'm gone and yes now so it's going to be all WW the next week. I respect my elders when they're around and they won't be your next English gaming will be a lot of gaming I think X the older than you. Now you're now I'm two years older than an is that right these are six. It's I don't know if you could he gave his name is not the other day when I've thought about substance in the city councilors and you'll gold. Oh end but I did shave today John oh I didn't. Want to take about five seconds then. All right speaking of Bob Young guys. Who law and or on the fringe of the sports world we have Patrick Brown here. I Patrick won an intra. I appreciate that that would be the best intro I'd ever done in my life Patrick likes all the weird sports and I do anything that we you know we only thing about Patrick pilot follows it closely he. Soccer. Primarily but right now that this playoff hockey I am I'm all in on my hearing now Holland on hockey and you do a blog on the web site. Yes icing woods fittingly enough that's the term that we decide to use for the blog name but I think with the Patrick Brown ninth and died just posted. And it was Wednesday before the playoffs started. Basically a minor breakdown of eats. Matchup in the post season and now up to seeing game more and my also broke danger. Pretty good cynicism which you don't really but you know I I try to figure timing it. So we have sixteen teams in the playoff yes I got that much right guy and for the most part we played one game yes and every series terabytes but one everybody's playing more in depth so we have eight series going on if and I was just run through some of this and let me ask a couple questions about a hot Tampa Bay is up one to nothing on New Jersey is or any reasons care about that here. Honestly yes because I think the lightning is probably one of the best teams in the NHL they were. They were my favorite and after the also break to go to the Stanley Cup finals where had golden era the golden knights and the candidate lightning. Billionaire but Stamkos is back Stamkos was injured for the final part of the year he's back it's good to see in the playoff hockey but honestly. Not really much of a drama filled series and in the lining 15 there and they went 52 yesterday. Over the doubles. Not looking good for the doubles at all. Taylor halts he's. Played a fantastic game but Gary and that is the centerpoint of the doubles team if he doesn't it going there's no way they can win the series. Time now know more than I ever wanted to know about Tampa Bay and New Jersey test like that. I'm familiar with a Boston Bruins we actually talk to ditty a little bit about Boston yesterday because it we had two bomb choose between that game last night in the Red Sox yankees know at the record I would help melt since I was already watch knocking him I have to start tweeting him live updates Oscar adjust and make sure he could focus on his Red Sox and I was like you know I hope beyond what they want over Toronto right. That was a dirty game and by Eleanor I mean physical guy was. Honestly wanted the nasty schemes I've seen playoff hockey in recent years. It was physical it was brutal. The Bruins won just because of their veteran experience I mean they've had the same team playing with each other for about 45 years now. They know each other better than a lot of other teams know each other right now. The Bruins were three for six on the power play for smoking it's six opportunities on the power play now that is terrible. Discipline from the other team just. Not eating good and one of the power plays was a major. Five minute nonstop. And means even if they score it's still going to be five minutes of power play time now and it was take advantage of that all the took. Great event and if you haven't seen it could Geary. Just watch the hit that he did he is probably gonna get a suspension from the league it's that I can be announced later on tonight but theories it was just terrible. Led with is not backside left his feet. Ran right into a guy's head for the Bruins he is going to be suspended on one maybe two games he's still at the Bruins for the series. I like them instead in the only reason I say seven is because when they play in Toronto that's a whole different ball game. Toronto's fan base is loyal they are hard court and you've seen with the with the raptors holiday you know. Take apart with the raptors and when it's this national sport like hockey. That's a whole different level. Acting Toronto wins their games at home but they cannot beat Boston Boston. I'm Washington and the Columbus Blue Jackets as one of my favorite names of the Columbus Blue Jackets and round in commenced to skip this one like you want. If you. The same we are capital alma I hit me I said with a lot yes I MA a capitals fan. And boy did we shoot ourselves in the play we heard the name of the NHL. We we cannot make it past the second program no matter what. So right now we are living up to our expectations. So Beagle to nothing after a major penalty five minutes of nonstop power play scored two goals and 29 seconds. Two nothing. It would lose 432. In overtime. To big guy who has. With public what the name he's put a favorable openers to watch because he is fun to watch. But there's no reason that this capitals team lost to the Blue Jackets unless they got lazy. And they did if you watch Perry trots and he said that in the post game interview. He said that the caps for the for it was just three differing gains in three different periods first period very disciplined. They showed them what they remain second period very display in the beginning. At the inn start to unravel but he got a back third period. There was no saving the caps they lost that game the Blue Jackets and not win that game they lost and now they Los home get a Bennett's. Columbus Blue Jackets. To me Richmond seller should be a minor league French. It does have talent and I got on real professional teams right you know I just want to point out that if I had a favorite hockey team it would be Columbus Blue Jackets who wanna know when they started the started in 2000 as the expansion team. Nine school and they're looking for their first ever post season. Series victory cuts in Miami from Columbus and now I'm rooting for them because it's gonna cause Patrick some discomfort. Do you guys still have a list and we do is still around. Let's go to some of my friends call up and taken object in other taken BS he's although that's in that was quiet. In the game but it's still good oh he's so good he led the league in goals scored this year with 49. He's 32. This this set its years thing he scored over but he's led the league in goals which is best all time in NHL. I still feel it it's just in the post season I don't know what is wrong with the caps they forget to use them. Now is getting could nets off when my fear of players. Bless you. Yes. They look back who is and that stuff can use net stop and boy that name because I may have scored two goals and 29 seconds that for the capitals he was the focal point. Of that team but they were just terrible weight. I'd. Pennsylvania series Pittsburgh and Philadelphia that wasn't close to us and now clearly penguins were good luck good net Murray's in the net for Pittsburgh if you don't know memory please learn him because he's the best postseason goalie that we app today. And I say that. Very competently because he's two for two and Stanley cups in a seven nothing in hockey be like 62 to nothing in football in at the below out it was a blow up. If that people were saying that. The happening with that score a touchdown and made the extra point on the flyers. It was it was disgusting the flyers didn't look like themselves. Aren't you forced me to pick a favorite team. In hockey I'll have to go with the Nashville Predators obviously out as the other southern team and they're doing well and understand fans support appears outstanding. The I was about to ask Patrick why is it that everybody is picking the predators to win the Stanley Cup. Other than the fact that they're just a hot team because they're in Nashville. Or one day lead they had the most points going into the season meaning they'd won the most games even in an overtime or they won the most games overall. They are just the best team in national hockey if you wanna see it in a composed team you would watch the predators now the going up against any. A beard team in the avalanche were last year they were dead last in the NATO I'm not even talk in dead last when it came to their their conference. In all they were dead last and now they're the eight seat. EDT. In neo Western Conference they're going up against Nashville they looked good starting off look really good analyst at but the thing is that they were terrible on the power play in neagle against team national. Who averages hit it. I succeeding eleven minutes. In penalty minutes per game. You need to capitalize on the obviously everyone loves Nashville because of the when they score. They will say he shoots he scores. So it's the goal is lasting they lure in whoever it is bill lured his last name or his nickname it isn't it is a lasting way too long. And say sort chaining in this they use sock is all your fault. At least 171000. People see it that you now it gets under your skin but every fan actually talking knows that when you played in Nashville it's hard to beat. The play bridged a factory in the present Iranian Lebanon and now the funny business on the finances are open seat area and would. Actually actually it wasn't until they should. Because Mort start Mike Fisher her husband re signed with the predators so he wasn't there at all most people go because they wanna throw the cap is on the ice. Before every game they throw a cap is valid address of the cap it's his time in prince here it was very weird to watch the so let's all picture of that yet it was bridge with just flying catfish and middle years sorrow on average Tommy count Fisher thrown out on the ice and water game. Even on our game so people hide. How much does that Arenas now on to say just one camp says I won only one cafe has gotten him. Sony they decide who brings a captain. I think someone of the reds organization decides but on the road game last year at the Stanley Cup finals at Pittsburgh someone. Vacuum sealed a catfish stopped in their pants brought to Pittsburgh is fluid on the guy I think we talked about on the ship. That was my favorite moment of molds them. I mean did the hockey was great in the final analysis on the watch our Winnipeg Minnesota won a pegs up one to nothing but we know about that series. Now Winnipeg is good Winnipeg is a physical team. They are hard hitting team in Minnesota wants a shot in the series don't play that match up Winnipeg was taking you on the boards and they wanna hate you and we knew in tire you out. Winnipeg is the real deal and I think they're the only contender besides Vegas to beat Nashville in the Western Conference by us. Little tidbit it's been 8015. Days since the last time the jets won a home game home playoff game in Winnipeg. The last time it happened was 1980 whenever they left to go to. Phoenix acts you mentioned Vegas what a great expansion year for Vegas and they ardea meetings yet. Not really surprised on that one pickings are losing a lot right now they did just kind of beat up I mean to have Jonathan Quick who is. Two times daily cup champion I mean that guy is one of the best goaltenders when it comes a playoff time that I can think of both Laurie. He's proving something right now. The pit working with did not sign them they did not resign and that he was available it's in (%expletive) and he was the first picked that date. And Florie was approved the Pittsburgh ping with the wrong that they should have signed him and armory. And he went thirty for 3030 shots faced thirty shots state. In the game and he is looking good and I cannot wait to see them see how well he does address the policies. Anaheim and San Jose that's the final series to talk about it everybody knows the sharks can be done trying short can be duds but also if you wanna watch playoff hockey and try to seize on the cool the Sox have the best playoff beards in all of hockey. I mean they've got some people that had like six or seven inches per beard. I mean and they have zero T. When they smile it's like 12 from the fraud in the whole bottoms are saying. But I mean that the sharks are really. There really opportunistic. If they give it if you give them a chance to score shorthanded goals or score. I'm mismatched they will take it nine times edits and and that's the thing the ducks need to do the ducks were third in the NHL going into the post season in goals allowed per game. Without a heavily about two point seven goals per game. But the thing is the sharks were three and two of whom were shorthanded. Mocha. Is just I think I think the sharks when the series but is going to be in two teams for the finals. Patrick what about the two teams right now on the east side even though the capitals and even realize that all those things about Matt merry. There is no doubt my month I think Boston makes it for the eastern side of I think the Bruins are so good and they are so talented especially all the veteran experience they have. There's no doubt in my mind about the birds can make it to the finals on the western side. Let's make this dream a little bit more will bit more exciting. Let's Google night's Vegas I think gold knights had the best defensive unit. Besides the predators in it you catch the predators off guard because of predators like I said won't get into penalty trouble. I think we might be in a situation where mark under floored me when too many states and Pickering I cannot recover after that and I think gold knights advance. Barely Vegas is a weird city for a sports franchise my guess they've really embraced that they've embraced it and painful like we were expecting them to maybe 101000. Fans per game they sell out sometimes with staining her home. They they didn't take into that team and they've been rewarded this is the best year we've seen out of any expansion team in any sport. This has been one of those years that you kind of go back and watch and you like I was alive during the season I remember this team this is going to be upon one thing they'll support football level. In Vegas yes you know it NFL as soon as today. I'm sure it happens with us here at the thing. I think it was a nice thing to the NHL with the first team to get into Vegas because he kindness was like. Look let's see how the fans react to Vegas the other reacted eagle nice. They had a pre concert before the match I think drew third like 3000 people and just for the concert. People were ready for that game. Tenfold and I think even if in adult goes into it I I still think Vegas is a good Nazi that they can support it. Are you are right Patrick Brown check out his stuff ESPN upstate dot com they're looking for icing Georgia's an icing yet it's mostly on the you can look on the block section it'll be right there most my stuff you know building titled NHL. They're that's the easiest way to find me appreciate demand the problem thanks for coming in Patrick Brown thank you patronage back in here before the playoffs Euro. As though we're just underway here with the NHL playoff series. 8444773776. Techs on 71307. Back in a moment huddle on ESP upstate. Back hockey talk. The a lot of hockey talk next week on and on you could talk hockey everyday and X when the fans are listeners out there that don't. Realize it's hockey all week next week all hockey all the time here in the huddle. Kind of stop start cracking on Patrick honestly did an excellent job Patrick was very good Baird I was cracking on and none of us have a clue what he said was actors make is how those names. It's right in all reality when I was. In New Jersey this is right after I graduated Clemson and assistant coach fairly Dickinson university at the Teaneck New Jersey. May keen I don't know. 67000 dollars a year. Though live in high right. I had to make in the ends meet some way so I was actually. Do ticket sales for the New Jersey Nets if I did and so I would be there at the arena meadowlands arena at the time. And there'd be times or be hockey games go and on and so I go down there for breaks and stuff and Jacob hockey games first time I'd ever seen hockey live it. It's fun live I get that in. You know being an employee there at the meadowlands arena you can walk around anywhere you want to do so always was able to go down pretty low and actually get some good seats and it's fine when you're right up against the board yes. Done that Minor League Hockey in Lebanon in the NHL but that is on a hit them hard they do and yet to be alert because sometimes the talks will come sailing over the glass and fly into the crowd. And I think hockey might actually be. From a ability to play hockey there might be the hardest sport to get out there. Because of obviously the factor of the ice skates and he escaped back we're told line skating backwards yes but yeah I would too. I went to a couple of the ground games early on when win the growl was. What was then the violence and radio station I was worth and that. Broadcasts. Some of the hockey games and had a coach on things like that it was pretty cool to go there and see some of the behind the scenes thing. And I've never been talking game but you're right it is what the atmosphere there is this different than other sporting event. I'm not angry at school look I understand them. Atmosphere day HL game can be unbelievable. As sounds like a nationals won please word it's. There early. Roll in with the reds and nationals already a good town as he has an and you throw in a good hockey team the couple catfish and your or your radio man at. And we do and I forget which in my opinion. At the hockey does have these rear tradition though in Canada. NBA update here for you the Washington Wizards guard Jodie Meeks suspended. For 25. Games violating the anti drug program. Punishment will prevent him from being on the post season roster obviously. He tested positive for banned compounds. That were basically. That's the accusation and that's why he's out. Washington's an eight seed they meet the Toronto Raptors in game 1 tomorrow in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Meeks is gonna appeal he says the suspension is a wrongful accusation. And he denies ever knowingly using performance enhancing drugs scorch we've heard that a few times from a few guys who've been busted. So I don't know what that means that's the net that's the template. Yeah right into that pace but you have to say this to some might think that the that the that the tainted in any. Yeah no doubt but he worries out. Four 25 games of basically that means he's out for the post season there. For the Washington Wizards and we start up the O show this magician mr. Charlotte hornets dismissed their coach today Steve Clifford is out. Five years they are they made the playoffs two times but the just brought in Mitch Kupchak as the president and general manager last Sunday. And it appears that Michael Jordan the older is giving him free reign to do what he wants and what he wanted was to. Make coaching change so. The hornets. Part company with Steve Clifford and now they will look for a new coach and we'll see how long that search takes but though. That's a change that can had been anticipated. After the hornets had another sub par years did not make the playoffs. A 444773776. Schedule phones to talk to leak next highly welcome into the huddle. Mr. grant how are you. Got a court chewed. I ought to do about it although not in promoting the pain in the Olympic thing. Though in the National Hockey League that can go strictly. Dario or are out there and pick you birdied the moment they didn't look like now. And alternate Barack wouldn't let it and they still aren't into it at that but at that time that there were only there. The word I. The only one how to not get so lucky to get this hockey quiz all I had from my little brother play little boy I mean. The value of the New York Rangers. One. If the Montreal Canadians. About Florida don't. In Carter's real long. Let me see here it is and I'm in Brussels. The Carolina correlate a nose that looked at I lifted up to and I know you're just thirty. Because. The there is dirty pool isn't isn't a question Greg has not looked it up your school how many has not I'm not no memory lucky. There is no memory. Let's see. He's. The orbit and never looked and oh and one more note Edmonton Oilers. No no no fifth at the or the fifth I'm done already leaked help me out. Broad broad though Mark Foley denied the maple leaves a joke about it they were only ten team. From Obama. And and I killed the trick is the other or worse but you're right you're. The Detroit Red Wings now. Ballclub earlier in camp as a former depending you know it you're a bit. The Chicago Blackhawks. Right now that all of us in about it but yeah. What you're Kyoko older somewhere yes it will. I have learned something there today. I would probably. Greatly appreciate that this is not a new trend. The skull GMAC and asking questions about us forces and everything about by the way on the enjoyment I think you should keep it up and who it's amazing guy he got to. Come because I I don't know about Richmond but I would have got warned for so I mean. I would've said Montreal. Yeah I probably would the way we Chicago discusses the first name that pops in my hand yeah I kind thought and battle. Further action in Detroit's been around forever the red wings Blackhawks. Some new of that and the Maple Leafs have been around for a when did the I would have never guess Toronto. I didn't yeah. The car. To enemy and hockey it's been around forever day. A 8444773776. Welcome back in a moment in the huddle on ESPN upstate stimulus. You read yet from all those snaps of the towel. It's embarrassing that it makes it sound like. Not dress addressed yes yes. Listen we conflict could tell pretty hard. But if you keep wearing thick of pants a thing no matter now how long is this initiation process anyway and it's it's it's indefinite. Open ended. A three to six months and a plus sign up for the Athens. You don't know what you son of aura I really don't I guess next week is going to be really the craziness began so yeah I've made any. A way of predicting what might happen next week. It's a lawyer to help you as an out at I'm nervous you are are even meteorological turning into plaintiff attorney did OK so the Netherlands thuds finance at. That or talk and hazy. And that's illegal and and will not be tolerated anywhere but in the studio is just questions. Just wandering into its precedent for friend that's a heavy door right there as it is we have the heaviest doors in the business and. There William prop open you can you got to get an industrial strength it that's door stopped to hold that door open wheel plastering their fails miserably. Today this morning the Seattle Seahawks. Signed former Redskins quarterback Stephen Morris. According to Adams show after reporting. Course the news yesterday was that the Seahawks. Postpone Colin tapper knicks visit when he declined to say that he would stop kneeling during the National Anthem. I don't know that Stephen Morris is the answer only split down in the NFL he's he played a Miami. In college and these new wave British interests and he's practiced and got to basically right. So that doesn't mean they won't. Take another looking dapper nick later on but doesn't mean they will. I don't know that's the bold move this is DC there we got to Stephen Morris now. We're ready now. But anyway. This is gonna add fuel to the fire well and you know those who say that that that Colin jeopardy. Was stupid for saying I don't know to the question would mean the older in the national Obama I mean I don't know that that's what I would expect and assign. I would expect him to commit one way or the other. Why would he he's in a collusion suit. And dom. It's got ammunition. He's got tons of ammunition we said this yesterday. You know being blacklisted as basically collusion. And now he's got one more thing to add to the case. That hey there we are wore me out thus that I don't know whether all Neal and suddenly am canceled. So we'll see where it goes but I think cabernet I don't think happening cares whether he plays again and not only is about him playing because. If you suing accompanying. And then you're trying to give back into that company view that really believe that you don't get hired. Especially for what he's suing them for us right why would they even. I questioned the Seahawks from bring in amendments the suits on. Once the watcher of a party in a collusion suit why would you say Eric let me interview you just to give just. On the chance that you would give them more information for testimony in the suit. And they may have done it which it seems like they might have done dance they may have done that. So to what people. Anyway that's what they did the Alan Meese and Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll is the man. The Pete Carroll tends to. Worked his way out good graces wherever he goes yes funny how that happens. Funny how that happens we usually gets out of dodge before before that I did it's the Famer comes down that's right if that has usually what he can do. Oddly the Seahawks donated quarterback I guess as the point I don't know that though. The Stephen Morris signing as a is the deal for them but we'll see where that goes that's the update today only. Capra take story William wanna spend a whole lot of time on that big NFL news today is the release of Dez Bryant by the Dallas Cowboys. Some people seem to be I wanted to say there was universal agreement among cowboys fans. Good riddance but that's not the way the phone calls have gone today. That's a bummer pride about it yet there is actually in some individuals that are really. An. I can understand. It not that I'm happy about it is just that I'm at peace with and they cowboys fan understanding that. This is a business decision and for the betterment of the team long term. Let's rip the band aid off and move forward and Missouri player on the cowboys team if they cut today would have bothered you. Yes a bit like Ezekiel Eliot. Erica. Today though have been tough to give. Considering. How are running backs. You. There are. Not as equivalent obviously to the quarterback but if you could have a solid running back. That helps your quarterback. So much and we saw that with the Ezekiel oil well. It sure looks like that's going to be the cowboys' offense they were Eliot right now a path to god and also even sold on back Prescott's. Serviceable. But he's not in league quarterback Peter you can go to the right time with Zeke Eliot and we saw what he did that came seats they. I'm trouble out of trouble healthy all that stuff. And how do you think the cowboys are going get a receiver pretty early in the draft coming up and a couple of weeks but the hope is that going to be the answer. That after trade up to get one of the better ones yeah well that's good it's going to be interesting to see if they do try to make any trades. But they freed up some cap space yup so. In all reality you think they do have the ability to make some deals. They say they've million dollars against the cap this season with this move and they still have they have bomb. More than 21 and a half million in cap space committed to wide receivers. And that's quite a bit considering but they they should be able to for somebody else to comment they begin their offseason program on Monday. And they will do without Diaz in new day has made some noise on his way out of the Dallas facilities about playing them twice a year in the future which is. A hand that he thinks he's gonna go into a division opponent. Probably just being a blow hard growing. I would. You did we expect anything different from Dez Bryant probably not as is par for the course for him and could be one of the reasons also why. You do turn the page and letting go down a look it'll help the locker room if nothing else you won and it's chiefs. I don't they we need to you bust me up about the Packers you wanna get doesn't need it. Well I listen if the if you bring him into cheese UB a number three when you put him. Put him above. Above Sammy Watkins and above the leading receiver who I should know. And as Terry keel. So would he come in as number three if you would come as number three well I'll take them I don't go to agreed that of these debts that. Is tiger you create that type of money they get to the point where he may not have a choice or he may be how easily and that's what happens in the NFL. The NFL starts putting in its own value on news. Regardless of what you think it is some CEA youthful and a battle many but the chiefs have receivers. Receivers man who want to Adams Randall Cobb Jimmy Graham. And Randall Cobb. Randall Cobb is a is is and lands a fast guy when he's healthy he's is all right right Randall Cobbs got to be what 33 years old now. Couples Dez. Thank you. Thirty theory if and how used up SE and how bad is the is still very serviceable there's dozens edged back now to such as we go around as much effort for ideas. It is a motivated now. He's 29. Not a one this agreement. That was caught him off all made that you just don't like you'd think you'd be cancer and yes this instance. The sizes get a notably Green Bay in a play Dallas twice a year remains negative to the east. Got to go to the east maybe. He fits best with his mentality and everything with the giants. I mean maybe a Swiss stock and other won three games Lester they use of. They can be number two number sooner they'll now the situation with. The other negative. That's not off the table there was now as not a position it is unofficially don't think so. I've final wrinkle wrap it up in the huddle for Friday afternoon here on ESP in upstate in just a moment stay rooms. While our embrace got a call from Randall Cobb he wanted to tell. Richmond that he's not 33 years old he's 27. And I know I have a response aged him out that you. I'm an agenda that you know he he seems like you that are relevant I'm dating six years at the this though it. So if I'm going to carnival. And in on Baghdad and today and I'm not a win and I'm not yet it was totally a lot right now look at a god does things like he's been around forever. Yeah he's been around awhile and you know he's been injury prone and is hardly ever played sixteen games in his career which is 12347. Years agreement. He's played sixteen games wants. So he's always missing time. Always play beep like fourteen games you play fifteen games Lester I'm Torres he's played sixteen games twice he started sixteen games once. About last year he played down fifteen games he's like six or 700 yard here receivers now I'm not saying he's. Great but he is productive. The at a thousand argue or 12100 argue back in 24 to. That's been his best years it hasn't come close to a thousand yards since then. 829954. Earlier about 820 ever since and since that exponent did you hear him. Last couple years he's been 600. Some idea so he still would rather have him and as Brian. No I didn't. And he's waffling now is waffling I don't like the way you phrased the question on site and we're not. Desperate for receivers Ingraham. But it's just Bryant. Disney what this was a lot of cowboys fans that are upset better. I don't a lot of our fans were upset about Jordy Nelson but I was not particularly devastated by that news and wiry you know why I mean look. Aaron Rodgers can throw it to me. Now that is a stretch. Now he could go to me and say you can't put a good point yes speaker at a what's the effect of bella higher error he's got Jimmy Graham command bill I mean they need another receiver and bring I want to be Dez Bryant. Good lord what would you want to be Dez Bryant. Do you want that around your program here because now he's motivates us. He's not ready to play so right around Christmas time next year will be MG MacKey cheese head hat and Dez Bryant Jersey and to me some of that Dez Bryant I think dissolves his mind he's he's he's RE checked out to me you on vacation yes and no luck. I don't want yea you don't wanna meet their lawns of the talent you don't want images and SMU watch I don't carry Kyra you don't know why does that Watkins is stale than I do sell a war won't take Dez Bryant if he's willing to take number three money and economy you know how much do that you want him around. Your franchise. I think I think. Yeah I'm OK with that I think you've got to figure out what it would have been better lash without Smith there's just. If you get a pretty strong locker room I think he can handle. Good luck. Look you don't seem too upset that he's going over there I not just double now aid yes it will be avoid a wide receiver. Is he a difference maker in terms of winning games. I don't think he necessarily as in terms of it's not go to help the cowboys win. Five more games it's the same thing I'll always talk about your own Michaud was you know past performance is no guarantee of future performance and as Bryant's best years are behind him he's not going to be battered on the road the NFL is not the league of potential like the NBA he has. And so. I think. It's evident that we're seeing a cowboys. Understand that concept as well and that's why it was time to move on I let me ask you question since your last minute. By the time you come back from vacation will Dez Bryant has signed with somebody. Probably. Mean yeah some money take Dez Bryant right. Why isn't argument that it's Amber's gonna take him so you know some my ultimate you know Willie have any still serviceable I think he should. Being signed by somebody how many yards next year this coming season for Dez Bryant wherever he ends up. That's hard to sake what's the over under. I'm putting teams in Green Bay or New England he will be coming a thousand yards he's not gonna have a thousand arts the over under going to be seven Haniyeh that's basically what he's averaging for the since 2015. Agree. So you know that's what Randall Kaufman is that's the I rental car and add. 27 years old dressed like the young Randall Cobb young mr. Cobb averages that much so. You know we don't need them we get that anywhere. Are you guys have fun next week yes sir try a little bit between the ditches. Don't get and suspended beaches there's not enough of you around the wanted to get suspended. You know when he both of you for the whole week. And now I'll be back away from him. And you're saying you're coming back though I'm gonna Mac Boca idol be back right. League in hitting good hands. And yes forever greatly next week everybody. Senator and I'll Monday at 1 o'clock in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Struck up a scourge is next I'm Greg McKinney thanks for listening and keep it here on ESPN. Upstate seal it.