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Some beautiful afternoon on this Friday the thirteenth we do have our rain headed in by Sunday and because of that Clemson baseball has adjusted the weekend scheduled tonight's game with Miami had dug kings more stadium still on for. 6:36 o'clock your time here on ESP in upstate but go play a doubleheader tomorrow. To get out of the way before the rain comes in on Sunday there can be some showers tomorrow that Sunday really looks like a washout so. 1 o'clock double header tomorrow Allred Doug he's more enemies baseball and us spring football will be. Happening at the same time but you cannot leave the spring football game and going over to catch the second game of the doubleheader. Ed Don king's poor weather permitting. Tomorrow. Richmond you caught up with Jeff Scotch he is the co offensive coordinator for Clemson. And for your podcasting had a chance to you ask him about expectations. Or the spring game tomorrow. What some of the things that we should be even die out through the screen game this year. Yeah every year's a new year and even though we have a lot of guys returning. We look at it as a completely new team. And new offense new defense new special team and a new season and houses a lot of attention around the quarterback situation we're very excited we've got four talented quarterbacks and and I expect all four of those guys who play well make plays and you know but I think it just kind of see what is the the 2018. We know Clemson football team go look like. And there's one thing you can see you know paper but actually sealed the field and the only competing his each other us one benefit we have your consciousness. You know is that there's iron sharpens iron you know our offense and defense. Are very talented and so that's a very good battle every day and so to be able to go out and do that in well you have our opinions there is always. A great time. Up folks wanna hear the rest of your interview with Jeff Scott -- can ago thinking goes to web my website rich take. On sports dot com and also they can find the podcast on. Any podcast platform. Apple podcast Google play stitcher on I heart radio tuning and all of those typical platforms Lisa do you do your show and you spend like the next six hours uploading it to different place today. Fortunately it is an automated system I had I had to put the timing and when I first started it and has built you know over the quote unquote year I should say that. Didn't do in the podcast and at least I put in the work. Absolutely upfront and regularly featuring some of the stuff that you do here on novel as well so I'm excited to get out of some people listen to it and you get to hear more of does conversations. About. These people's journeys as you think you know. But you don't know their story down and definitely what I found out through now to release in my 58 episode is that. These sports personalities. However big or however. Small they are from a public standpoint. They're just like us they go through trials and tribulations they go through. Struggles they have their ups and downs and I think you get a good scope of that but what we have seen is that. For whatever reason they gravitated toward sports for some reason and it's great opportunity here are some of those stories tonight we'll look forward to that now we have to Yucca Valley with the Associated Press on last hour and we just stuff. Besides talking about the heritage ask him about the spring game immoral things he brought up was hell. Com. The story line coming out of clemson's somewhat this spring has been the defense has not been as impressive as they should be. Are you buying that ours is just. Coach but he. I think is probably some coach speak in maybe there is a little bit of truth in there and are the guys motivated enough and I would. I would think for these experienced guys. That. This is their third or fourth spring practice their suffering game. There's got to be a point hey we know who we are we know. Where we are on the depth chart. You know are we that motivated where some of these younger guys. That are trying to make a name for themselves yet maybe this is their opportunity. But. I think there could be some Malays so at the end because. I think when you talk to any of the players what's the one thing that they. Love about spring game come when it's over death and spring practice when it's over specially these upperclassmen. These juniors and seniors done it before and yet their pride tired of spring practice and spring game. OK but I don't seem Bremen doubles allowing Malays to set in for very long now. I'll see that happening not come all I can promise you that they have. So let me something to watch though alarm. Tomorrow in the spring game everybody's talking about the quarterbacks and certainly wanna see that just to see how polished lease on new guys look out there and we know Achille Bryant. Has to offer and bring to the table we've seen some of honor Johnson thereby wants to see. Lawrence tomorrow and that'll be fun but duck watch in this defense and see if if you know these guys came back the guys that could have gone. Early if not the first round. In the NFL draft from that defensive line they came back for a reason so I would imagine that they gonna get fired up pretty quickly. I think sedatives and again I think that's really gonna come shining through come fall. It really starts matter. Not that it doesn't matter now but just not as much it's were still months away from. The heat of obviously college football season getting started and I think it's going to be interesting to see from a coaching perspective. On the offensive side. This is going to be a year where. They have a situation of all of those quarterbacks. And how what do you do. In those situations put on especially if there. If they're really really close am. In the past. And had to Shawn Watson. It was easy they do is to Shawn Watson and naked game plan around just knowing it's the Shawn Watson but now. You know you have to look at aren't we getting this guy wraps begin this guy wraps you know how much. To make sure we're evaluated properly it changes not your coaching well it reminds me in many ways of the Johns freshman year when they started out with calls downton and had to decide when to. Face in the John Lawson of differences to LeBron it's proven star Michael stout was not so there is a big difference there. But still they had to do is decide how much. I mean how much playing time if Kelly Bryant is going to start for the entire season we're gonna get we're gonna get a pretty good texture Lawrence anyway right. And maybe in some meaningful situations you know thing. I just want our duty. Yes at northern mop up duties more than help but duties is my prediction yes I think you're gonna see. Trevor large plane bombing you and I both Indians starting idea got them but if that doesn't happen in Kelly hangs onto the starting job. Is there a scenario in where which clinching employee Lawrence a lot anyway give him a lot of time and some meaningful game time I think they can't know if I think when it. The deal adage is whatever the saying if you have two quarterbacks you don't have one quarterback thought. It seems to me that you you have to be able to make that determination who's gonna be your guy him and go with that guy you. And we know of death though isms. All land if you're gonna go. All in with somebody you need to go all in with that that quarterback until. At a point where they're not performing in the you have to make it change. All right and I think that's what you saw when Nick Saban. He was all again. On Jalen hurt until. Almost the eleventh hour our guess at what Villanova our 45 that it wasn't until he had to mate. A change up. And when he had to make it he made it a dead end Alabama was just fine up until. That first half against Georgia when they had to make a change. Now they lost Auburn obviously that's the rivalry game and it's hard to go undefeated. Him Clemson wins a national championship. With a loss Alabama wins a national championship. With a loss you don't see too many. Undefeated national champions anymore well the thing is there's there's a difference between putting a true freshman and in September. And in November even December January. A full year of practice under their bill by the end of the season they've learned to play book binding and yet they're no longer fresh air now freshman anymore so. You know it could be later in the year that that happens you know to me it's not so much a physical thing as a mental thing with Trevor or twenty credit. Yes and I think he's ready. I used to play I think so too and that's. That's why he came early as well. To help that transition from a mental aspect of preparing for what college life is all about. Anything yeah he's many are Wallace not like he's coming in August he's had some time to up. Get settled outside a quarterback and that's only by a really lost talk about receivers kind of speed and watched more of course yes I think it is immediately again you got to see. Where the replacements going to be in terms. It is he Higgins gonna make that step to the end. The guy. Quote on quote guy it's gonna replace you know. Dion Kane and ray Raman clout Jamar Rogers. Cornell Powell lots of potential there are a lot of potential and what's interesting is that. I think now you were to get into a situation. They get into those links the receivers where. It has been that the Deion are taped disguise the rearrange you can smaller receivers but Clemson has had. And now with the T Higgins and the rest of the crew. It's that much of lying to your type of receiver. From. You think Kelly Bryant stretches the field tomorrow. The Atlanta mayor now a little bit right. Ellis tore down the field so I mean just a question about him right accuracy down the field. What of this one of the things that you wanna see each and every year is a player developing. From their weakness and we know that Kelly Bryant says not been that. Down the field type of quarterback. And so you hope to see that. If he's going to maintain a starting position ahead of these other guys I think he's going to have to show that he can do that. All right all of it coming up tomorrow it's 230 kick off bomb coverage begins on 93 point three the planet at twelve noon tomorrow we'll have the baseball doubleheader here on ESP in upstate. Which starts at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. So you can tune into either both parts of either one tomorrow if you're not going over to Clemson to catch the action and did you see that they threw a retirement party for timber right last night. Over Clemson it's pretty cool you had former student workers co workers coaches players some media there. And they surprised. Timber way Davos Sweeney surprised timber right. With a pretty cool golf cart. That had Clemson on Abbott also had Notre Dame on a that's and school. And mass critical got some tricked out wheels on it looked pretty it was very nice to see yes it does how does a good idea. And yes I'm sure Deb token afforded and and that was a nicely in touch with seven million dollars a year have. Maybe so him via BR I was that don't were too much about him that. At Tim's you know what listen PGA tour stuff some golf stuff. After he's leaving Clemson here I haven't seen that yeah article convene here and you do some of that and I think you'll be involved consonant someway but he stepped down this summer after yeah July 1 for guesses I mean to June 30 in his last day long time as the up. Forty years yeah 41 years sports information guy at Clemson and dumping ground around in his golf course that I like that is a pretty cool. 8444773776. Text line is 71307. But take a break and hear from Hayden Hearst former game cocked tied and now. Trying to make his mark in the NFL. And a little bit from Mike Leach that's always fun that's coming up to stay with us this is the huddle Friday edition on ESP in upstate will erupt. So are really as started happening with Mike Leach football coach of Washington State is. Reporters have started asking in the weird question so they can get the weird answer now coming heated to start so I in this stuff with the game now it's eating up. And so somebody this week ask Mike Leach what is the weirdest animal he has seen on his walk to work apparently walks worked. And here's the answer. Track record one time in the snow because that is your Allison and neighborhood and I'm just curious were Basra who lived you know. And you know rush fresh record intra. And he didn't even some garbage Sawyer of folded tracks and I don't even know who these people know that humans read about it or else when you brush and trees. Huge well. Winter sea hawks. Bosses. If you what department Quayle learned that snow. The lift up right front and scares the hell yeah. He is an issue. While officers lately isn't. So I was. Like coming cartoon show. Wait for a structure. You know it was a residential and office cures for this sort of relived and so what about half up from mile out of my way to sort. Imagine widely wandering around in the snow coach acting director and still to come into work. I can somehow seize this moment in our daily jog your backyard here's my police factor Haas is my fifth at a thrower or not it just as the common occurrence right that's also. Also we had this news today. Off the beaten path. Guess who's going to be on Dancing With The Stars. This will be a great cast. This is why you're going to be on vacation you're gonna be on Dancing With The Stars numbing I'll enjoy appointing a choice. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. There's picture him standing beside Jewish. So Korean. Tonya Harding. And Josh Norman. Okay just so you'll just dormant gonna win that careened his weight tool into stiff Tonya Harding probably. Has no moves left and yeah. Just got that adjust to what I mean every other people but those of the athletes definitely whenever there's a major athlete on that show don't they easily win especially football guys Emmett Smith was earlier. Yup and Antonio Brown yeah. Kareem Abdul Jabbar as seventy years old. And he's you do dance with us. Or anybody know how much they get paid. Do not appear that do not I know that there has to be pretty significant today they act like it's torture. The practice and I you know I believe me I bet it is yeah well you're in you've seen some of the videos of these people do get hurt. Admittedly the first year it was on I watched it. And so I'm not seeing some days it's hard amend it but yes and I did so I didn't do it was a novelty yeah it was it or so new and you wonder what went into as far as. The practicing can these athletes who you know know how to be an athlete do something like this. And the fact that some of these people struggle and some digging we show up for practice and then they fail and it's. No the judges are eccentric it's it's it's I stopped watching them but it is. Greg has taken a dance class before so Greg knows how rigorous it must be to do this you look for. Any opportunity. To bring an and listen magna would manager's mood human consultant on there and been around him. It can never forget right. Also participating. In Dancing With The Stars. I can't say her name the Notre Dame women's basketball player are read today of mumble allay some like Datsyuk those two game winning shot this year she's going to be she's on. Cheek Talladega Busch didn't take long. Yeah I know she's a star now fears and Kareem by the way says doc I can dance a little bit I occurring. That's going to be an embarrassment I'm sorry if there's if I'm I'm thinking of Tucker Tucker Carlson ozone layer is Dow is really bad and can remain yeah it's pretty bad so and sorry careened. Maybe 2030 years ago. The NFL guys that won it war. Emmitt Smith. Donald Driver. Hines Ward and Rashad Jennings. Our member driver being pretty good. And down. Hines Ward yeah armored MB pretty good too but I don't want. You know we all know here we all know an awful lot about. Wanted. Well it really the pictures of these athletes and look at the girls there as well we have an excuse from Washington. They're not man it is entertainment and its entertainment. How Tonya Harding she's 47 now. I mean she's an Olympian she you know she was an Olympian right two time Olympian. And just you know don't give her baseball battering and may will be all right I would incorporate that in my dance at some point I'm in the united. And you she at least has me dancing background. That is you gotta dance disclosure area and I won't say she should be pretty good and that's what Liz. Novel about when it first came on it was it seemed like it was stars that. Didn't have any correlation to some type of dancing background but now. Mean I've seen they've had like. Old N'sync guys on there now these guys were performers up onstage dancing yeses that's that's an unfair advantage to. Against some of these other guys. At least in my opinion yeah. I must watch again this year now it starts at just and now idea. Cast to dial April 30 this one's Lothian wants Karine you better watch the first week. Is illegal car he'll be on Josh normally be good I think he'll win the whole thing yet just Norman will be. Because not only. Is he young we know he's pretty Agile. But he has charisma. And that's something they look for him. Yeah maybe you'll start talking trash it because it wouldn't be the first person born in South Carolina two win. I don't know if he is Borneo ugly feet and arrangement agreement would agree to put him on hours born media probably so probably so. Hate Hearst former South Carolina game companies from Florida right. Anyway he's ready to go to the guy NFL. And so the dressed in an open a couple of weeks and he's hoping to be a first round pick could be a late first Olympic. Well things he's talked about this week is how he was a baseball player and how that helped him with football. You know as they need a pretty resilient person you know I was pretty much at the bottom of the sports world stay in the rookie league for three years in a battle my way out. Made a life changed in a home run myself the situation now. I would love to see out Carolina Panthers take a look at Peyton or be nice to have him much as a local guy stay close to home but somebody who needs it tied into. Is gonna take eight Hersh pretty early maybe late first round early second round trade news going somewhere in that area. I would think so it is gotta be within the top forty picks up in a bomb got all the tools and could be a great NFL tied in it and it does scoring in Gracie because he's being given and worked out to such have been very good so. Everything I hear about him is positive you're seeing more more NFL teams are looking for. A solid tied in. Pass catching tight end and a well does this is that age help or hinder him cause he's move in order right. Yeah his little older. I mean more mature has that baseball experience which doesn't hurt but you know the point is you know is he a little more worn out or you get a guided. Has a shorter shelf life. Because he's older. I wouldn't hold that against you still a young guy right now how old is he. I'll look here guys understand. Let's say 2424. Little older than your typical rookie. Not by much though not at a Jacksonville Florida photos and more. He get 67 years out of him that's solid in the dolphins. Had a meeting with him and he's met with a few teams the dolphins. Was the latest I was looking at some mud different mock drafts for Hayden hurston. It's kind of bomb. What I said there that he should not be a third day god he shouldn't. The out there in the up some there was ten different and mock drafts that the big spur checked out to have him in the first round six have him in the second round. And then two more have him in the third round so out of some more and for Hayden hearse will be watching that with the interest and hope that he gets picked up early. You can call us at 8444773776. Text line 71307. And a Twitter at ESPN upstate. Yeah update on the heritage down at Hilton head. And much more coming up sister went this year at a Friday the thirteenth. Edition of the huddle on ESP in upstate we'll be right back. Enjoy the Greenville drive has instituted a clear bag policy. For baseball. It. It's gone cross every stadium and the in the country I just love clear bag pollen young men near the sobering and an against vote no I have not with the now I'm ready for this I'm not a fan I'm granted today I'm gonna you're in Canada because I know it's a lost cause. I know it's a loss column yes I have to wait what's. Would you just got a lease give me a snippet. Oh look here's the issue here's why some of mine now. Of course it's been a football stadiums and since after I was last year the first year may be. I think last year is a very fearful for so I go low last Friday night to see Three Dog Night at Spartanburg memorial auditorium. And my wife has her purse. Guess guess who's walking back to the park yes. You're in trouble. Welcome back to the car because she has a purple. Purse that is not clear. To go into Three Dog Night at the spore amber outdoor. I hate to interrupt the rampant and ask how were they. Old. I don't know I. Think that I think you know I was worried about him. About a real ID they had this is still original lineup resume next there there is there's a guy. Okay but if we can you know all these two dollars and nine and one dog one of the three dogs is still with a Danny Hutton is the guy and I he was done. Knew he would but no the other two funding Warren. Pastor way and they're on the outs. One of them. Chuck Negron. Wrote a book called real nightmares. That I gives you an. That and sound good thank you you an idea how to get a little exactly. Three dug a matter read a book spree. Yeah Oslo and worry when they strolled out they're one to get one of the original guitar players doesn't releasing over the back up. Distilled layer and then Dana and so wobble when they when they became he 75. Could be heading inside city I'm yours is older and and Kareem Abdul Jabbar who's dancing and dancing and because he hit everything to the point where you're like yeah I know that's the guy who originally didn't sound good at it and you know must say and he sounded like he was thirty because he didn't but. These on again and act in up posted on Twitter because I saw Three Dog Night. In 1974. Yes. 1974 degree memorial auditorium and I still had the ticket stub at home is that a box with ticket stubs and it joked about the so your love of music goes way back in in your and so yeah you're out there are always there aren't yet still so I've posted my picture my ticket stub from 1974 in my ticket stub from last Friday nines that I liked Agassi 30 ignited over 44 years. And your consistent right now anyway of the walk back to the car was because of Bo. The clear bag policy in now I see that fans coming to the home opener last night at the Greenville drive had to switch their items into a clear bag. In order to get into the game. I'm boasts. Like the policy according to the story from WYFF. And those fans who weren't prepared or able to use a bag provided by the drop well OK so it up while back to their car there were to stick office unless they have something better scene in their. Back to do when he won the sixty and and data back so they having. What did they do their bag. There yeah that's a question. They keep though they brought all we have to sort through and is now mind is that it and Carolina Panthers game I've been hit by this at least twice now. Carolina Panthers game alive. Donated a bag because it she left it because we're going back in the car were part for a boy. And we came back out the pile of bags pile of bags big pile of bags was known. Mail tomorrow. That quickly. Wonder what they do with those of what they resell them. Maybe donate and chaired hope Maria how are they going to get it and there's no excuse anymore you know it's on us now if we get busted by the clear bag policy but. But there is a situation that not every place is doing it so you've. If you go just Arthur once every 44 years he just actually I've been to a few concerts it's only 309 policy whatever 44 years. But you seriously you might not now you might I hit it but did you he'd now but I think my advisors or should assume that is a clear bag policy and it's it's it's going to be at every stadium. Within the next three to four years at this were real so if you go on believing that their own due within you won't get caught off guard that's correct. Escrow. That everybody has a I'm on board and this is our blew up and are down this is the PSA. I mean yeah everybody. Be aware. Clear bag policy everywhere is everywhere now you know the one going it's just a Zune don't wanna going to some fast food and fast food restaurant I would not take your your your. Agony as the in Mexico any establishment where there can be over a 150 people here's our candidate I'm star selling clear bags meant. That's the deal that's the new business. Clear bags. Somebody needs to make these things because you're gonna have to have them is gonna stand right outside against. Jessica and the Golan and what to do that. Was still you know if you go up to date with the good news and we year old magna has us at rob problem that's the rub I anyway I'll get off this 8444773776. Got a BJ next in noddle IBJ what's up. There's no right to thirteen and got beat bad luck. Much doubt countless well why didn't need to get rid of the district should we got. I don't understand are out of what they spectrum and aunt got sick guy in the world right now. Homeland. I've heard a lot of that are doughboy stands saying good riddance today BJ you're not happy I. Who only got credit union on millions of young. It's I know we got nineteen being trapped under the don't wanna move well but I I don't like looking like most don't give up taking bears. Pretty damn well by eight years ago. Now. And there it would order a move up. You get. Our Calvin Reid at least I would like CO UK EMC deputy receiver Adrian more you gave more. Yeah I'm the Cuban. Yeah you're gonna need some help that's for sure. Yeah I am up early he's an eagle stray and he revenues amount streets are. Barcelona that's a much there it's a risky and expanding he's glad initially prompted a risk in them a gross income giving Eagles. It's actually. You Arum is. But I thought I was about to ask the same question DJ is that her BJ all right that. How in the world you have three different allegiances loss for an NFC east in your family. Let me tell you this that this you don't get a good laugh while habeas. I got married about warriors built in my dad always told me what each you bet one day and he waited so now where at big east that they animal keeps what are you talking about a checked into pieces. Lleyton generally got a primate species cem product my son little getting married. And everything he says I want it to you Hamas some became cowboy saying act now to sit. Would it be do you don't want chipped it to become cowboys and he didn't. Don't eat chicken. Now and again Williams brought with its first he's the ability chicken he says the meat they would have signed saga compression that changed my most x.s and chicken in my hands was slippery greens and when you were little. You slip out of my hands and they'll embarked he would act and I neo piece criticized. Are you okay peace yet but our ceased all those. He says a lot of desperation he says well maybe on the ground and turned it. On the other side when nobody is ligament trouble and seated here and shortly trot them out a suicide also animals are that bad apps and most thought he saw it. And you gonna cowboy. He's a little. And he'd let me say yeah mom I'll latter mark is saying that counted. And look. Rest is history thank you BJ I'm sorry Dez Bryant gone cut today by the let me get Terry in here next to forward it to the break I teary welcoming of the huddle. Are there Jerry. Terry Terry Terry. We had a I'm trying to deliver a 444773776. Will be right back the huddle on ESP in upstate. Friday the thirteenth huddle on ESPN up State's Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso phone lines open. 844477. 3776. Text line 71307. News skewered ESPN and Twitter and ESPN upstate. Clemson Miami coming up the start their series ever dug kings more stadium tonight. 6 o'clock your time 630 is the first pitch. And I think changed it to a doubleheader tomorrow because of rain coming in on Sunday so the doubleheader tomorrow starts at 1 o'clock over excellence and in one followed immediately by game tomb. And there will be no game no Clemson baseball game on Sunday this weekend. Because of the weather forecasts so on disfigured that into your plans if you war planning on going over to seek Clemson baseball. This weekend. South Carolina baseball only got a nice win. Last night it's. A good start to the series for the gamecocks as they don't open up their series with the Arkansas and so. This is big for them if they could just take the series when one more game and take this series that's a rare thing for South Carolina baseball winning and as he sees Syria how many series have been born the just one that one the other week and as the first ones at Tennessee spurs wanted to year. If if it in the SEC Utley is death is the death so long but again as we talked about SEC is. From a conference perspective yes that they're having a very good year India no question about it the scoreless night was three to two game Cox Arkansas rated as high as number three. In the country in some polls. So that's a big win for them Madison stokes. Got him out of a jam as he started a double play in the fourth inning that was big they had another jam in the seventh inning and got out of that Arkansas ended up leaving twelve men on base wing goes to sought your bridges for the game Cox. And they change their starter Logan Chapman got the starter. Of the start last night. And he allowed seven hits two runs but two strikeouts in four innings so good enough Carlos Cortez at the plate was the big heroes three for 52 RBIs. For South Carolina last night. All right so laden we got all the clinching games for you here on ESP in upstate that's one tonight and two in the doubleheader tomorrow for College Baseball action. This weekend. Esque goal back to the phones believe this Terry who we lost little earlier he's back hi Gerri well I don't. Right up on those Eddie we wish him button. Yeah that's what he does he pushes buttons. You talking about the clear bank as we win it he. Quote my dark like soccer for the city state and we went out to eat in this city and we had a bit regulatory conditions. And they were not Lecce take seek commissioned to induct little flat won't really. Yeah they won't let you take me anymore because they're great that you had a bomb in the months. While I mean I mean like you still want to be number one. And him but I depth and could but I. I mean it is not seeking gray right there were one other thing okay and and I didn't hear this slop. But several weeks ago that are commercial community in the about golf. And I think it was Josh talk in a long ago about. Chili dip it in the Rondo had never heard what actually get right. In Canada. Yeah it's a pro my basically it was a promo for the show where that happened on the show and it was just I like. Yeah well it's nearly did he know that it lose. When you blade it and hit across the green. He's wrong and that. Yet he dribbled the current high wasn't just want our area. Let's do it yet but we do not come underneath it in July barely hit like two drinks they like you look yeah. I think your client in across here across agreeing that the skull and they're blatant. That's yeah I'm. Yeah I mean I've I've been a long line up I was. Like Josh you're not they're stuck in Bosnia both. That's that's why we cut him loose Terry because of that happening there if we let him go because yeah he's messed me up so much I mean you know I have no idea what what it is what it is and I'm glad you strains album. While we assume they're taking. I think that's that's at that did it did he didn't grow market are. Originally I know he has ties target saw was he born there aren't that yes he is he is definitely family Josh Arkansas. America's not my daughter she Dayton and I've got to play baseball Mississippi State and of course they're losing Haney was just. Air war army yet I loved Leo look and then not and then have that really give Crennel without school where he was insisting coach you can see you play your city. Back up quarterback it's done just it pitcher in this class. Two days together a lawyer closed up but you know as say yep pitcher or. Nine doctor. And I let and maybe my newly de South Carolina hotel back in the picture. Well we can only hope. Tricia L. I'm going out retirement present. Good will last night. The win last night for the gamecocks but we'll see if it starts something for them against Arkansas as a matter of fact quick update on the leaderboard at the RBC heritage. Down at Hilton head three guys at minus nine now. Kim C woke him. Korean golfer. Ian Poulter and Rory Sabatini are all M minus nine. Jim and Poulter have finished their rounds today Sabatini still on the course he may have the lead before it's over with. Because the scores are great conditions are perfect and the scores are going low. At the on heritage today. And minus eight. Chess and Handley and Brandt Snedeker. Minus seven you've got Danny Lee CT pan and Matt Kutcher. And another group that minus six so we got a bunch of Los course that we've had some guy shoot seven under par today. At the heritage just today so that tells you that the scores are not in fact we've got a bunch of sixty fours and that's the course record. And we bet that tied a bunch. In the last two days I think you're gonna see some scorers definitely into that. Minus twenty minus 23 that's gonna probably win this thing now. I've been on a couple other golfers look Dustin Johnson South Carolina got playing in the tournament now. This year he had a 69 yesterday and he's two under for today said he's minus four so that would put him five shots back. Right now Lucas Glover is at three under ia 65 today that's a nice round for Lucas. Bill Haas still on the course and minus three and a 69 yesterday and he's one under so far today. Are other South Carolina guys William and Gertz. 71 and a seventy so he's at one under buddies finished his round for the day Wesley Bryant who won this thing last year universities after on a golfer. He has minus one so far but he still on the course today he's on the ninth hole so he could go lower before it's over. And then Martin 74 and a 684. Or even par. For him so those and update on the oh and doc Redmond even par to seventy ones for dock the Clemson golfer I. A 444773776. TO trade to Russian hockey. Some NHL playoffs and catch rate Patrick Brown hockey correspondent for the hollow. Is coming in to educate us on what's happening with the just underway NHL playoffs that's coming up. So stay Weathers this is the huddle on ESP in upstate third and final hour coming up we'll be right back.