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It's Friday the thirteenth. And sometimes a Fridays are slows force days not today there's so much going on to talk about today. Welcome into the huddle on ESP announced they Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver Alonso will review all the way through till 4 o'clock. This afternoon and may weigh a ton of stuff to get to today. How we hope to be joined by PR a belly with the Associated Press at around 130 he's in Hilton head for the heritage golf tournament. And is going to try to Collison then so look for that some time around 134. And update has were watching the leader more like guys Marty finished their second round today. Lot of scorers on the board for the second round today and we don't have any one. At the top of the leaderboard that is they had local. Golfer Nazi woo Kim and Ian Poulter are tied at nine under for the league there's some guys in the hunt Lucas Glover had nice round today and done. Bill Haas playing pretty well as well still in the mix so we'll update all that for you coming up on the show and with Pete. Also gonna hear from my Asia Wilson's South Carolina women's basketball player number one pick in the draft last night the WNBA it's pretty cool for her. Our Richmond spoke with Jeff Scott Clemson coach offensive coordinator about the Clemson spring game and these were here part of that and people can hear the rest of it on your website. They sure can guess the episode 58 average take on sports podcast that I started about a year ago and you can just go to rich take on sports dot com find it on Google play apple podcast stitcher it's all out there. It's a great. Opportunity of hearing more about. The impact of sports in people's lives and you get to. He died in more into the conversation about why they gravitated towards sports but obviously one of the things I did ask Jeff in addition to his journey so to speak was. And what. What can we be looking for. I'm tomorrow. In the spring game which Davos as is important he said at a union through it's important that the Clemson before. The coaches and it's very important for the coaches yeah. Peyton Hearst get ready for the NFL draft and a couple of weeks got a quick comment from him about how baseball. Helped him become a better athlete that's coming up on the show. Another guy from our staff fear Patrick Brown is going to come into the studio at 304 this afternoon. Because none of us know squat about hockey. And Patrick does Patrick does the blog right loans of on hockey he doesn't quite energetic you know it's none of us know anything about hockey. How do we know he knows something about hockey and we don't we're trusting him okay. We're trusting and he knows he's a good idea he knows more than we know our right I I know the 30000. For the view. Type yeah information Jeff enough to be dangerous by it will Patrick will awful settle what we should be watching in the initial blast which are underway we have much of one nothing series so far. In the NHL so long way to go. USC baseball one last night we'll talk about that Clemson baseball to play Miami tonight at 6 o'clock your time here on ESP let's say they Marty change the schedule. It's Friday we might as well just go ahead and say all Friday the Clemson baseball schedule for the weekend will be adjusted because it seems like every week. That's the case and it is again this week their series with Miami because. There's 100% chance of rain here on Sunday. Tomorrow we're open will be OK for the spring game and it looks decent there's a chance of rain but not a 100%. Sunday is a washout. So they're going to play tonight's game schedule and you wanna play a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 1 o'clock tonight. To Clemson baseball games tomorrow's a Clemson baseball will be up head to head with the spring game and fortune. That's a tough one for the baseball team camp knowing that you're going to be pulling a lot of fans away. From your game damp I think more people are going to be headed over to watch the football times that affects just the way it is that Clemson University but that's gone well now why. Would you wanna do that when you have to what are they number three in the nation there's only if the baseball team believes they and the other shuttle watch them as opposed to watch in the spring game which means absolutely nothing bonds lines where I'm Fernando. Alonso Alonso and Clemson football. Let's a year do you think we do the math on this. Do you think there will be there will be more than ten times as many fans at football game. A safe. From much further do I want ago. A drove a 60000 of the football game last year was about right spring game it was pretty full. I mean this is their number now when their number can be a low pad I got that. But you know in my if 5000 for the baseball so ten times that will be 50000 to me at least that. Yeah I was gonna say well we 5000. You know battle mode I bid into the football stadium but haven't been to the baseball stadium how close were they in relation governments are so parking for one would affect parking for me yes the other didn't account. Her tomorrow that they'll baseball fields just on the and so little John Boehner just it is they've got a clinic they've got if they got parking down lower lot down there for. The baseball Austria there's plenty apartment and it's only going to be a few thousand people the baseball game and don't worry about the baseball game in the way of football arms of the which are concerned over the web but since it's a double header hopefully they'll be some people who get done with the spring game and decide you know what I'm here let me go to Hollywood to -- I'm sure that is the advantage of having to double -- Beth I'm sure little. No problem but you know the plan had been a national weather restarting the baseball game where they work. Is that you putting on over anyway without the double during Goldberg called the baseball game which was starting at the end of the football game and you can make a whole weekend out because and you could go back on Sunday and watch baseball and I don't know baseball's Donaldson doesn't say about usually end yes it was set up where you had the ability to like us that make ninth. Weekend out well the weather doesn't get in the way supports but anyway that's the plan clips and. Jumbo more without saying 444773776. The text line is 71307. And on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Another NBA coaching change announced this morning this one hits close to home as the Charlotte hornets. Dismissed Steve Clifford. Ending a five year run that included two trips to the playoffs. Where you could see this coming because they just hired Mitch Kupchak as the president and general manager on Sunday. And now Michael Jordan did not bring in midst and say you gotta keep the oak coach that's knowledge and he kind of figured that wasn't gonna happen. So Kupchak is being afforded the autonomy to reshape the basketball operations and the coaching staff. And now we have a bunch of vacancies in the NBA. In addition to Charlie have Orlando New York Phoenix Milwaukee Memphis. All open and again as we said yesterday probably not the end of that you can expect more. I was is Clifford is up fairly popular guide though guys and he he's the expected you know the job I mean he's not. Poorly thought of an NBA circles. Is just. Did work out Foreman John. Kemba Walker said he's being great from day one a great coach for me very motivational got me to another level. Allow them as a coach and as a person. He's been special for me in my career. 36 and 46 each of the past two seasons. And that's what did in. Steve Clifford his overall record 196. And 214 the problem is that there were they were getting better and. That's kind of what you have to use you definitely do and historically. The Charlotte's organization has not been. Very good for coaches in general. And so who I think it's a difficult situation to. Attract those type of coaches that. It can help develop that team to make them get better now we'll see with Mitch Kupchak I think that's why Michael Jordan brought him in cause. He's got to get that stigma off of the hornets and have it worse so much better shying from that perspective in terms of this is an organization that we are gonna do that things to try to improve. It's gonna take time obviously. And it's not certain people are going to buying into immediately. What Michael Jordan tried to do with Mitch Kupchak stop a great job is notes not right now I mean it's some would say an impossible place to clean. If that's what you know shortly has been in the for the coaches that have been there you didn't like a layer brown at I think it depends on if how much freedom he gives cut checks to make moves if he gives them freedom then the guy knows what he's doing he should be able to attract a good coach and Phil isn't doing anything right now based on an early statement that at least come out is that. Michael Jordan is going allow him out and sign of that that is that he's given them the freedom to make the move city. Yeah they wants to make you see you had to see this coming know if you're Steve Clifford you know one out once the general manager changed. Again we'll see where he goes that he'll get a job Willie get another head coaching job in the NBA right away. I don't know but he'll get a job as he is well respected if you take a look since Leo hornets returned from New Orleans. At the coaches that they had in their winning percentage kind of ugly. Bernie Becker staff won 31% of his games Sam Vincent 39% Larry Brown 45%. Paul Silas 26%. Of his games. Mike Dunlap 25%. And Clifford. 47% to Clifford was the best one of the group the almost 150% zinc and he lasted the longest. Five seasons had the most. Success. But. Still not enough. Success. And so out he'd go out there that definition of success is not. What you want. Success of yet close to 500 is not exactly which are looking for exact right who will they get that's why do and I don't live I don't know where to begin with who they might bring in. To Charlotte we'll start hearing the names tossed around but. Who knows. You know. Who knows who the hornets are looking at. Who knows what's in the mind it would be interesting to see if there's going to be any other NBA teams that tried to do the same time a model as Boston did. By going into the college ranks and getting somebody like a Brad Stevens. Don't do that Jay Wright the guy that you go after mob Jay Wright's been discussed for every opening in the India. And yeah you can discuss him for this wanted com. But man he's got a good deal at Villanova and he's got a suite a sweet deal loves it there and just doesn't seem to. Care. About you know make him any money yet can he make more money sure he could. But you know being around college kids in line is his stick his team is not in the midst this FBI thing yet. You know I could see a coach in the in college ranks and along missile this. Yeah I think -- do the NBA where you don't get the stuff we play everybody thinks that a I think it is very easy there there's no grade lie now right as a black or white we know you're getting paid net it right and we can actually offer you money. Legally. But I don't know that Jay writes that guy you know a somebody else yeah. You know. That that might be mentioned more deeply in this. If the ideal might make that jump to ride my he may surprise me I would I would be surprised only reason that you look at maybe this year though. Just. Coming off a national championship. It's perfect right yeah zulus in Mikhail bridges losing Jalen Brunson got for the guest of Mecca. But for those top six players they Smith and wooden award winner. Dylan Brunson. I got it that's that's a lot to lose and I think he's a college guy go through and through it feels that way he does he just he's got that aura about him that he's acknowledged that. The ball coach. They get a college basketball as expected last night of Asia Wilson's South Carolina. Was the number one pick in the WNBA draft and she's going to Las Vegas. And she's eleven that as she became the number one pick. Here's some comments from Asia Wilson last night. Asia from the tiny little girl and you gave your dad at a team when he thanks for about about camp to becoming the national player of the year winning a national champion. I hear your name called number one what has been the most important port at your journey to standing right here today. The saints facing adversity. There have been times throughout my collegiate career just. Basketball courier service. So far that I really stuck but the lead changes fighting through those being thin having just a great coaching staff and people around me really help me and just a lot of air. Lot of parents can mean Jimmy humbling kept me going through it. You won every national award this season player of the year every single award what's left to grow in your game that you. Can afford to. Well it's a lot it's a lot and I needed to. Take care of whether it is easy merit him or expand in my game. Learning how to read defense is a bunch of things of that when it comes back you aids. I don't even really think about those things. What do you say Las Vegas fans they're excited to welcome you to their city. What happens instance these days. Am I gonna ask what that means I don't know about. I'm about all that is but anyway that was critical. Congratulations to hurry you know as a hometown Colombia and basketball player who stayed home. And the a lot of best players have a history of leaving the state of South Carolina also is a great story it's. Really good story outlook issues Canada with. The Las Vegas fans' skin im ready the sin city in every you know what's what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas I love that at the end it. It really starts putting into perspective though what dawn Staley is doing in South Carolina. I mean. Just looking net. The rich history that she's been able to build in a short period of time with the talent. You talk about of the Tiffany Mitchell's. The only sure graze the Asia. Wilson obviously. Elaine code to mean she she's putting together a program. Of individuals that are not just. Really good college basketball players but actually are taking it to the next level in in the into the WNBA. And first round draft picks number one overall now with Asian wheels and it's. It's remarkable what she's doing you no longer the coach of the Las Vegas aces is. Do you know I do not bill and the year I did know that yes I don't know that so that's critical yes and I I actually. From my high school days when I used to go to Atlanta Hawks games all the time and I'd harassed players for autographs and actually get vlan beard she's a school yeah that's critical. Did you see the video of club that that Asia got from Blake Griffin last. Blake Griffin your favorite NBA player. She's crazy about it and he after she was drafted number ones that are video there's cool video of her watching the Blake Griffin video that says you can pick up on nov. On line I think we have an on our FaceBook page so basically congratulated Hershey had 22 point six points per game average. At South Carolina as a senior almost twelve rebounds and a 105. Blocked shots so she is the number one pick last night coming out of South Carolina on their first dot women's basketball player to be. Number one I guess she joined us. To dating clowning and George Rogers as gamecocks who've gone number one in drafts and English the current history. Would she be the greatest. In gamecocks history now we've had that debate on here before. Out although. She she probably. Is the most dominant. But and she's got arraigned. Yelled get that national championship that now I know George Rogers has the Heisman yet that's pretty big too and yes that's predictive. I don't let us get to him before the break here I don't welcome in. Hey yeah I don't man. So getting it's total was but it didn't well. BC won't put up what you annoying part of junk credit outlook that he probably knows how do you Australia's. I actually raised it won't usually. The education miss the news ramming talked about it yet not a cowboys' releasing Dez Bryant. Now. What. All know you don't want that. I'm sorry it's reality. And that was confirmed by Jerry Jones today. They said they hold him in the highest regard them. As they ushered him out the door. So you know is Arizona. You know all our board action until. You're really upset about and let's say the may million dollars. Or grow it or not. My illustrious fun somebody gets the ball. You know any receivers with Desi and some organ are old buddy Josh what are you didn't have one win them it and then you receivers with Dez Bryant and these are celebrating on Twitter we salted. Student cash trouble totally being. About that surprised I'm not for us and say guys at all and I'm a huge cowboys fan and in our reality I'm OK with it. That there has to be a time where you move on in his production had been declining over the years he's had injuries. And notebook. Carving out sixteen and a half million of the salary cap just for Dez Bryant. If he's not get new close to a thousand yards but I don't think he got 900 yards last year production doesn't match the money you're not going to be their long right exactly and I'm OK with the there's got to be a point where. You have to move on to another chapter or just the reality of life and I think it allows the cowboys to turn that page that is. You know as far as Dez Bryant goes a change of scenery might be good for him and how many teams out there are gonna change their draft plans because they may end up going after him. Him. Could you do that I doughnut hole putt putt I don't know. Now I think DP I think a lot of people don't think he's got enough left them. That he might be worth it yet I like I definitely think he's got enough left. He's still able to play another. 34 years here number one or number two. Now I think he's slide to a number two position. Why would you give up a big draft choice for him if you go get calendar layer. Some like them to get some youth. You know I get that. But there's also feel like one piece away from going to the Super Bowl you think in and you need another receiver this is an experienced guy if you're not worried about him being a problem in the locker room why not get a. What about the Carolina Panthers with sir I don't know who their salary cap down situation and then he receiver they need receivers yes. Guy on deck is available. I think. Delmon was despondent and yet. Since Addison was distraught another brother Antonio how am I promise I definitely OK he's probably still win only in right now. Hate the cowboys are not gonna make the Super Bowl they need to marry anyway it's all good. The three bills. We need to take a break we would enjoy about the Yucca Valley live from Hilton head at the heritage golf tournaments. Around the time we come back so stay with us 8444773776. Is our number. Just underway on Friday in the huddle on the SP in up state. Let's talk about a little golf head down to Hilton head where the associated press' speed Yucca Valley is covering the RBC heritage. And Pope read how are you. Hey Greg are you guys don't do well beautiful day. Also a classic it's just suck. Oracle RUK the wind not up yet the birds are the birds are singing their golf everywhere. So they went so what's wrong with this scene now. That's a good job he got their feet. Like on Sundays and at some days it is Greg that's for sure. No doubt Amanda scoring has mango we saw the 64 yesterday from Sabatini but yet a couple more carded today right. Yeah yeah. You pulled a little while ago then there was the pork. Even warn they used this few weeks ago that dramatic way to get him in good matches. And it looks like he's just kept it up. Kept up this golf club near you start to believe along with. Sabatini who started at. He got heated nine under par along with older. And see who can lose some of your listeners might remember won the players championship last year going Annan is also at nine under par yes it Scott today. And you know some of the big. Some of the big game scooter Dustin Johnson are on the course right now trying to see if they can. Currency advantage of these mile are conditioned on whether you're down. The death house dust and look to use so far. He looks he looked OK I mean it would be at times yeah down. Yet again you're also looked to be off this week I'm not so it's also playing by you know that's what comes when you decide to sign. There aren't as an RBC ambassador I'm sure than. Are made it worth his while to come here and participate in their. Are in their sponsored tournament so. I think he's I think he's a look I think he'll be more encouraged today although he did start off. On one and two with a couple pars. But I think you'll be able more into today in Woolsey is Jamaica where a believable. Fog and Bianca belly with the Associated Press is an Hilton head for the RBC heritage second round play under way today op. Also a nice round for another local guy Lucas Glover out today didn't do too well yesterday PBS 65 today so obviously you have got to feel good about that. Yeah yeah that's for sure there are a number of guys was South Carolina caught the connections. Oh yeah in this field and Morton finished up a little while ago it got pregnant. Was. Playing. Was playing well. There aren't our number of those guys. I hear. And engine aching hand upon millions of noise our our army. On the PGA tour are noted. Eat. Their point the committee herald journal as it was telling me that Larry and we on the gulf coats at the Lucas. He's just paid. A good round away from really turn things around and maybe this is this artists in really getting back to another another high water mark in his career. Then I would be good to see a Bill Haas 69 yesterday and he's out there today so he's he's not out of it I guess right now Plame for. Now I don't think anybody's really out of it means got to this you know you put if there are there are sixty poured into it because that they're now you know you can certainly. You can certainly get a couple more of those than. They helped mark start late tomorrow. You know that. The beat these whispers are that are made we could get a little nasty weather may be some thunderstorms roll it there. Actually complicate things I think yeah tomorrow. Are going to be the weather's going to be really nice should be perfect course course. Yeah no law appears a 100% chance or rain to stop the Clemson baseball game on Sunday there play a doubleheader tomorrow so be anything like that and that could be a factor but we'll deal with that when the time comes. A bit more what's the attitude about the future of this agreed to give you looked into that any this year this year to turn America's that's you know been questioned in the past they got their sponsors are not what what what's the outlook down the road for the tournament until Alia. The outlook really starting because. Like the lettered down year because RBC a long car and it'll long term commitment. Could this term and only. Would be tired be presenting sponsor is a long term commitment. And this. I bet. People loved the location below. The time in years played right after the masters. You know law has RBC a year and they Karl Marx you're going to get a number of really. Current top level name golfers you're gonna yet met couture and you're you're Dustin Johnson you know yet clinched that occurred whoever else they might decide to sign. Aside Jim turek is here and RBC ambassador you're gonna get those guys coming back. Time and time again so the future years certainly secure no I know eight years ago or eight years ago we we recruit among cattle cars. When it sort of inherent to our. Can't pay co way to keep itself going and not go out of business but right now it looked like those cards at pass a cloud capacity. And we got. Oh aren't strong. South Carolina than Kurt you're succumbed. How are the galleries for the week day rounds yesterday and today. Yeah today you know Thursday though it a little. But they're they've always a little short today it is it really kind of picked it up a bit it didn't it get a little crazy I would imagine tomorrow along the weather holds. You wanna beat them from really really. Really really big time out you know it's it's interesting how this tournament call Lotta times it's all on. Traditional scoring great week a lot of times at calls you know that they'd be final round played on Sunday when those things are inquiry. This island I mean you can't move around us are used that you're you're not going to be able to is there's so many people you're not. It's good golf but they're good kids in your career and there are marked. You know Easter as fast as we know it's been Brent absurd redirect to so. So it should be a little more each delete. It we should be a little easier to get around down here and it will so strong crowd or maybe not a stronger by the team. Our income other years. ID four or let you go you cover off football as well and clubs and spring game is tomorrow can you give me a thing or two that your interest and and seeing from the Clinton spring game tomorrow. Well I'm sure once we had Trevor Allard does so that your body and it immediately relatively god is there any kids it's. Since there in the spring where you can do that it loses the ability eating into comer with this error really long gone. I do wanna see that I like I like the fact that there. Kelly Brian and kind of taken the challenge. Out front and sit. You know it's my job on the year and that manner necessarily wouldn't that nobody else. Think on the outside I'm and keep our work and and I know I can win in our car liked to see that kind of thing. From him because discs. I think people are kind of discount the way he played last year because. Once we got these two ties Boyden disarmed while the grown at all of the quite a lot a lot yards and it wasn't that way at times. Also most of last year grew still except the very successful season record on a boat and that. I'm looking forward how to eat at metsu general Brent venables and their item in the world this boring I think that's part. And parcel because he's got such a veteran unit and ready to those guys opt. You let them know that they are not as good as they believed dale you know even though we could seat. War hurts our graphics. In 2019. Along that third quarter than eager to park you know with Dexter alarms and and and all the rest are there so. They did it is or you really have those guys ready ready to go public and go to C America. Once you know those guys mesh as an older experienced group. Cool know that they're hurt and our art thinking about a level that maybe nobody is ever reached Cold War. The doctor ballet Associated Press Pete enjoy the day on the weekend and appreciate human element. What are you all right thank you very much now one of the best. He covers the entire state of South Carolina for the peace delegates did he gets his Pickens and selections of whatever he wants to go to the he got a rough when this weekend right on my bad isn't. In April. Very nice 8444773776. Will be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Follow up on the release of bud Dez Bryant by the Dallas Cowboys. According to one of beef 1053 the fan in Dallas. As he walked out of his meeting with. Jerry Jones. Today. Dez Bryant said. I'll see you guys twice this year. So. That would mean you ago. To a temperature yeah NFC east is it really comes down to is that. More important to him than money because of you make more money. In another look like in the AFC he's going to the AFC do you really take commands. That guy that guy's gonna take less money. Many artists and I don't know maybe he does. But it's this sounds to me like a disgruntled employee or ex employee leaving and shouting whenever. You think Dez Bryant would be petty like dance that just kind of make a little brash statement walking out of his. Meeting where a fire and no it is very shocking but it does happen on occasion. I'm just gonna take less money where Regan yes it is gonna have to take less money you know your eyes not with Dallas Cowboys they May Day you know there may be. Other teams outside the conference where he can make more money so maybe it does. A fact that he did say on Twitter that the release was very personal. Well. Here's a here's a tweet cowboy nation I need you know this wasn't my decision I'll always love you all forever Dallas in my heart. If I didn't have my edge I got it now. I'm sorry they got to feel me it's personal it's very personal. All right anyone who's ever been fired from a job did you take it personal yet. Which point. That is I mean so. It was going to be personal that no matter what I just. This outing not because he's now for the if the cut I understand. Photos where ago you'll go where do it will take him and pay him he'll go I just don't heal it end up in the NFC east I think he'll end up somewhere else. Maybe somewhere like Arizona or somewhere like that to someone or. Other than before yesterday alone thought maybe you would end up in Cleveland but now that's probably not gonna probably not. Probably not. Why cowboys fans surprised that this at all. I'm not. Oh yeah we never tell weird and had a cowboys fans just in here to your left loops. We're here emotion man you know like Dell and I mean dealt them was I mean. Could barely speak he was so upset and you're older you just laughing about it is is this a big deal New York it's. I think gets a little bit of a matured over the years and understand the business aspect and you don't have the production. They're not gonna keep your round. And it. For the cowboys to hat to be able to take the next step to get better this was an obvious move. They probably should have done it last year and I guess where I would be upset is that. Why did they tried to do this last year with the trade opportunity would Dez Bryant that you get something out of now I just. Walking away now obviously it frees up some salary cap room but. It be nice to get something for Dez Bryant of these at least get some value it's just not. A value of sixteen in half million dollars well either either they tried to trade him when they could and nothing came of it. Or something. Happened recently to make them cut them. Other than. Production what we know yes. And limit them and any if you were on the block to be traded. Somebody would have found out. That just makes me think there's a little more to us than that. Well production was certainly enough. He is not recorded more than 69 catches or 838. Yards since his new contract in 2015. That's a while back. Course you miss some time in 2015 and a broken foot 2016 he had a fracture that slowed him down. 113 games over his eight seasons he calls 513 passes franchise for a franchise record 73 touchdown catches. He is yardage total ranks fifth in franchise history. Is still behind Jason Witten Michael Irvin Tony hill and drew Pearson. Opening up top bush tried to go get Sammy Watkins. And we're not able to do a deal layer. They have and a receivers Allen Hearn and beyoncé Thompson. It excited about that I guess. And then they're reported to be looking deeper into the draft for a receiver. Early in the draft Calvin Ridley has been mentioned DJ Moore at Maryland. James Washington at Oklahoma State some of the names that have been among their top thirty visitors. Those guys have visited. So. That's it yeah this is out. Who he thought that he or Richmond well first of four residents say it's all about production a moment ago continuing off of would carry GMAC is talking about out of the top eight. Receivers with the highest salary cap hit in Republican Mike Evans Larry FitzGerald Dez Bryant Jarvis Landry. New Cobb gains AJ green QI Hilton and Julio Jones. All over twelve and a half million dollars for salary cap hit between eighteen. In seven of those have averaged. Over 11100 yards per season since 2015. With the exception. A Dez Bryant who has averaged 678. And that's a big difference. And that's why he's Lago now who do I want you have been nice to have Sammy Watkins I think there's still something. That Sammy Watkins has something to prove now who are they going to get in the draft. I don't know if there is a legitimate. NFL. Outside wide receiver. To the capabilities of Dez Bryant when he was in his prime now. As a Clemson fan I could easily say O would get Dion came. Is it the FF FF. I'd I don't think that's going to be. The cowboys option to replace Dez Bryant. Am I agree with you there got to get a break Scott he'll fail we'll get to you first right after the tub break here but we are a little late for a 444773776. B rub back and hoddle ESP in upstate. Because the Packers don't take cowboy or rejects that's why Richmond. Finale is a region yes. The region because they Dez Bryant is a region they just cut him. Air and Roger does it mean either reject Aaron Rodgers could take him above what he was when he first came out to make him a mega superstar. Good locker room influence to eleven Primeau. Let's talk to us Scott next in the huddle I Scott. And it. Dead what's up. Well a white or cowboy fan and client happy it can pay. Who happens. I am I am static right now yeah. He didn't they take for the last. Eight years. I just I. It has. It is great when you lead we had room and that's all right let. He's not a lawyer. Always dozens or pain O meter and if you don't wait begun the last few years now dropped all. As best bet is that it is Ichiro row. Yet. Well I don't hear it. I'm I'm I'm dumb but they'll. Yeah I did a listed that you didn't really get scared to got to strap. Because nothing at all we need. It and we we really young daughter in the past. Really is always a work or lower. What we strap yeah no we decorate all the blonde. Yeah we haven't got the right pieces late inspection clerk at bat it's been. Is it one disaster after another bit unhappy. Appreciated Scott that's the prevailing attitude I hear from Kalb with the traffic. I think so let's move on let's move on in turn the page to start another chapter let's start. The process. And let's tried to have. Build a winning program. What is and with the cowboys have been doing in the past is it working. And Dez Bryant has been part of that we've got to start making some changes and drinks so at what point in the season next year we start here man. We still had a client that fifth. You know it's good amount. I hear I hear they put a contract in front of Inman news assign him but he dropped the pen. Don't do anymore that's that's the only one that ended where and I need some. Drum roll or anything unusable. It's noise makers did you did you whom I was such a great low one liner you had there Johnny man's else they can of bug guys who. Are all struggling to make their mark. You see him last night in the spring league is second and final guy is a problem of the spring league star games. But he looked pretty good. So he's finished up his spraying the league play. Hum and he was run and around thrown around missed him for 16188. Yards. It's thrown one interception ran the ball six times for 27 yards of cattle look like Johnny Mendes are now we just decide what he wants to do. Well Alba. A 188 yards. In the spring league team and satisfying and that is that's either good when I'm getting moderator for the NFL and I didn't say that. You hear me say that. We haven't seen Johnny man's own a football field Richmond and all I'm saying is we did see him in the spring league and he didn't look horrible. Against the bring believe congress did sing no spring league defense is man wooten. A 188 your route he should be throwing for 488. Yard he needs to go to the Canadian Football League because of weight around for an NFL team but he could go on to Canada and I think that's what should. His got a standing offer from Hamilton island. You should do that signed today Johnny manned their language and announced on. On the other side here in the huddle on ESP announced they will hear from Jeff Scott. Richmond had a conversation with the Clemson co offensive coordinator about the spring game coming up tomorrow. And we're also getting here from mom paid Hearst's game got tight end ahead of the NFL draft stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate.