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Welcome back to the huddle ESPN upstage is Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso and joining us in studio is Mike been dating. Judy it's been a while you've been there's a new person you have it was not a there's a lot bigger this some random guy over here and a well a much bigger person their last year Meyer hammering a new and in every three months that's so. Well like I'm open the last three months trying to. It would be a new world record just yet. I Diddy baseball not giving my you have to don't have you have to be having with a Boston Red Sox before. Yeah a little bit I mean that you got to take it with a grain of salt obviously when it's the first ten games of the season and you know they're nine and one that's a huge star that's a great star but she did play. Your first eight games against the rays and Marlins in Florida so it's not something that you can really necessarily think this is a sign of everything. But a lot of great signs with certain guys swinging the bat well and fortunately they injury to enter. Puts him on the shelf for a couple weeks but the way he was swinging the bat as long as he keeps doing that when he gets back he'll be you know really helpful for the team's offense. And you saw what they could do the first night. In this series against the Yankees put up the fourteen runs immediately score well that's with outs and a Bogart's or Dustin Pedroia in that lineup so the way they can get better. Offensively going forward is obviously there but like I said. Ten games in about a 162. You got a long way to go and who knows what could happen here but positive signs on the horizon favorites. On bookie bets off to a great start to huge ya guys who played here Greg we heard from him the of the day on the show immigrants in the of that are huge night against the Yankees and obviously good starts of the season forum com. It's just a better option having him at the top. I know you're trying to produce more runs have. Guys you'll drive in runs at the RBIs. You know extra base hits and stuff in the middle lineup but with a guy like Nokia and his skill set. Not having it at the top line up thinkable was killing the team the last couple of years and I think that's what maybe even did John Ferrell and because you're not giving up its output. That you get when he does set the table little bit better you have to lineup set up I think a lot stronger obviously you have JD Martinez with a little bit different was the last two years. But with him at the top you know you might get to all for the first guys. Instead of getting out of you know the 123 inning in the first you might have a better chance to get to back up here maybe make something happen and start fast like they did the last. You know week and a half the first week after the season outside of week one in outside of the first there last night's game against the Yankees got two huge start every single. The Yankees the brawl had to be all the Yankees every single bit of a figure out punishment what happens. While I mean the slide was bad it wasn't horrible wasn't you know Chase Utley level of a horrible slide but he did obviously with just like that left the spikes were blatantly up. And it column. What could have ended it is if he didn't do all purpose which he claims when oracle turned round says whenever says whenever man I didn't do it on purpose and run off the field. But it's over the whole situation he decided he want to get in now. Testosterone driven and man up to on the smaller. Brought colts and and that fired everybody up people came off the benches and bullpen and one of those guys that had to make that run from the bullpen which Joseph Kelly and he was probably are fueled. Went back in the opening game gets to pitch at a guy hasn't 30. Yeah Walken anyway and Orleans because you know and that's kind of it's. It's one of those things were both sides are at fault for the final brawl. But really nothing happens if Austin just runs off the field after the slide because the slide was bad but there was no call in try to turn two's have nothing to what's happened is over. You let him say something to you you say whatever manner run off the field and there's no bean ball no brawls there's no benches cleared all alone. David Price came out of the game after what an inning everywhere by him. I mean yes and no he's one of those kinds my dad we when we were you know. Hardcore fan and before I could get into the radio world and had to be a little bit more objective we had this thing called Roger Clemens disease. Because in the ninety's it seemed like an I was a kid that any time the season when battery game when bad oh Roger's got a blister or open hamstring he's got to come out that night he can take a loss before Nancy Sutley. And last night and he just got shelled out to start the game and it was 39 degrees outside and the only complaint is my hand felt numb and I couldn't feel the ball. And to me that seems like just whether. That's the game Muller. Could tell why they should start baseball and name or just scheduled the first month in the south do you have stadiums and in on snowy areas. That you can play in April and then I made it's fine. I'd rather they play 126762. I'm sure it purist that he's not gonna give iTunes not 364. You get one chaos. Again as good as the purest I've got to go back to the brawl. If you call at the brawl and it obviously benches cleared it. It's the unwritten rule that it's okay neat too long. A batter. Based on some other action that happened in your point they could just let it go that they had their confrontation. Exit. And so why is it that it's okay in baseball that. Being you can have a pitcher throw it ninety mile per hour rocket and somebody to look at the that I mediator undercut and it's even worse that's so yeah. How is that acceptable. SES for me it's not and I think it's a joke that we. Are glorifying them violet part of the game that we Selig we saw last night and we saw yesterday out in Colorado with the Padres and Rockies yes it's. We we don't want athletes god forbid you flip about when you hit a ball 500 feet which is an amazing thing you too can do in sports god forbid. You know you enjoy yourself out on a baseball field like Bryce Harper guys like him. But you know what you better stick to these unwritten rules and when you don't we're gonna throw a baseball that you at top speed it it's asinine to me. But I do see why it last night happened in the sense that that is part of the game right now I wish it wasn't. I wish we could have fun and not be stupid and violent. I wish from people say that we're sending a bad message to kids it's punches not bad flips that they're talking about but. You know when you have that that is part of the game and we are in that situation it's two of eighteen games against each other for the season between yankees and Red Sox. That's a message sent to the Yankees that we're not playing around anymore we know use apps like stood up you filled your team up here talking about winning the World Series. We're still here were two pound division champs. And I think a bigger factor of it is the Red Sox themselves have been an issue the biggest issue for them the last two seasons has been camaraderie in the in the clubhouse. After last night that's a closer team yet you would hope that it anymore unified front exactly where that theme Joseph Kelly's a hero embossed. And I don't love the fact that you have New York to Boston. With this. Hatred of rivalry heard heated rivalry I think as good for baseball yeah. It's just not good for baseball wingers throw knees 98 now the hour rockets guys whose one of these days. It's is gonna go. At least had yet and that's the thing that stinks and that's why you can kind of compared to past incidents of last year. Allenby was Barnes for the Red Sox threw it game China's head. That's a much different situation in this I think because this was obviously through it and you know the birdcage first when he tried to throw it does have been missed. Consider for a couple more pages and an element of wreckage by. You know this was more of the message to them saying we're here we're not going away where were not planned around this year at all. And obviously sending the message to brought Cole we got you and sending a message to the team that misses us work together now and that is something that's big for that team right now. Because of what's happened the last couple of years because it seemed like such a toxic environment. With John Farrell head of the organization. That you saw things like David prices issues last year you saw you know different dramatic situations coming at the clubhouse I don't think that's gonna have. Happen issue because I think Cora is more focused on that. And I think using this bribery. Can help kind of formulate that team bond that they look for trying to be better than yankees this year who all are offensively better one on paper. Then they'll be throughout the season so they need that kind of fire I think this year at that kind of brings it back in this rivalry itself I think elevates both teams to different levels they just went to see him they just need you to guys. On in the dance rather than out on the field goes. Also. What these guys don't get hurt you imagine Michael McKee that's gets hurt you know we know it enroll him in a brawl. I mean Aaron judge was right in the middle that he was a solid he's a big dude there's guys on the ground legs can get clipped it could go really badly if my cardinals by the way only fight when you caller catcher a man named watch. We need you need to set our standards you have denials like the first time I saw that video was like what do you say if guzzling Johnny typically doesn't do that he's kind of more for professional type guy. But he snapped real fast and was like what was said and now and punching a manager's call and elegant probably now see this election. I'd braves are seven and five and twelve games would be seen. I mean they looked. Like a better baseball team that would just like they've kind of developed further it's gonna take a couple of years I think still to get to the level. Of what you're gonna see by the end of the year in that division I don't know if they can keep up with the nationals but the Mets and that the Phillies can either throughout the season. But to see them come out the gate like this Dansby swamped since when in the bat well. I you're getting offensive production from a lot of places Freddie Freeman healthy get some RBIs and you're getting decent pitching to start the season that that's something that was the big question can these guys. This kind of rag tag rotation that they have. Put together of guys you've remembered from other places and then a couple rookies or young. Not rookies anymore but. They're kind of get it together seems like I don't perceive that being a season long thing but I think this is that kind of comforting next step for braves fans. To see that development that movement forward. If Dansby can have a full really good season at the plate then your gonna have a little bit more confidence building around him. Some of the contracts they'll come up of the guys who aren't young and being kind of groomed for the future will be replaced may be with some free agents. While they may be found the money somewhere to to do that if they can stop the stadium and off and do any of that so he's hopefully you see them kind of feel fulfilled them. You know the whole roster the right way but right now I mean I think you'll see that kind of middle of the road slightly above average team. But you're not gonna keep up in the division but divisions could be related. They'll be under Fatah right to be under 500 for the year with a I think a flirt with that aren't in the and flirt with it and I think that's their ownership Liberty Media I think. That's all they want to make that 500 we're good they're kind of since last year kind of been an Astros mindset like they wanna build it that way it seems and you have the young guys coming up and and making slight differences at least so far. Berets are scoring runs 68 runs scored they did lead the baseball for awhile but the the angels started scoring runs in buckets. So they have the Florida we lead Enron score but brave so far so good. Back down to Florida. It's an embarrassing story yet Miami Marlins. Lost to the Mets on Wednesday night 41. And on that night they were out drawn by their double a affiliate. The Jacksonville Jumbo shrimp Jacksonville hunger baseball but I. If the Marlins drew 6150. For quite a Saturday Jacksonville played they play Tebow. Anomalies that we need during that kind of back story to who was playing in the game and policies human Tivo the story within the story but I like it. Because that's double A TiVo's double layer right now he's coming to town in Jacksonville is home to and I think it would say that there it would definitely outsells but that's I mean what you expect you you come and you say you're gonna change things for the better in the first and you do is get rid of everybody. They forty start the season look in my team they can probably. I'd lose a few games in the series to that team thing that drew them to be harnessed or else they really have nothing right now so. Jeter in the guys better figure something out to get people in the stadium because not only have they decided to not put a good product on the field. They've started kind of going to war with fans and they're bad choice was going to war with Marlins. His ticket dispute and all that stuff. Now you know he's got a lot of people outside and he's just gonna fire the people is he's kind of double figures in that area. They drew for opening game and six then they haven't drawn any feelings it's it's ugly. I'd. The Mets are for real is I. I think they're for real enough to stay at that you know level to play at the level and in fight for for the division and getting to the playoffs are not quite sure there. To the World Series caliber again. Because I'm not sure what we can expect as far as the health of the starters that the depends how. Harvey holds up to grumble substantive articles up if you start seeing these lingering injuries come up for the missing time millionaire. I think they struggle to pace. With the nationals down the stretch so it kind of comes down to I think their rotation strength. And but I don't perceive them not scoring runs I think you're gonna see a lot of runs from a lot of teams the Mets are gonna be one of them who put up a ton of offense throughout the year. I you have big choice to make tonight Kia Bruins now hockey's. Up against yankees Red Sox baseball you'll be watching Yankee ignorance of people are saying let's just April's resolute in wonder if I 'cause I restaurants aren't aren't. Yeah I'll probably try to flip back and forth as fast as I can with the streaming services you'll have that special bulletin anymore and he cut the cable and get it and it's but. I wanted to kind of see both. Hopefully you know maybe the Red Sox do what they did on Tuesday night with the father fifth inning I just flip over to the hockey game and keep track phone but we'll see Archos. I am I. Sometimes decide to stop watching when teams are playing badly so the Red Sox are losing. That's another went over and see if they come back for me. Got to look for your stuff on the website yes trying to revive the bases loaded podcasts and we'll get some blogs baseball content on treason. ESP in upstate dot com thanks didn't make you might have been Diddy 8444773776. Phone lines open you know if you wanna get him and us in the huddle. On ESP in upstate we rock back. Back here in the huddle ESPN upstate 84447737766171307. Key word ESPN. At the beginning of your text message police. Greg McKinney Richmond we were and Alonso. Big news today Tiger Woods is going to play in the US open. He filed his entry to that. We think he was not going to play non always thought anyway but it will be his first US open for and since 2015. This comes after he finished 32. Tied for 32. At the masters. He's in the last year of a ten year exemption. To get into the US open he won the 2008. US open so the future and out of that he is running out of time in his in his son Don. Last time he played in the US open 2015 missed the cut that was a chambers bay rounds of eighty. And 76 this year US open courses in June as the fourteenth through the seventeenth and it'll be a shuttle cock hills on Long Island. And that's where he made his US open debut back in 1995. As the US. Amateur champion he opened with a 74. And the next day he withdrew with a wrist entry. Kind of a sign of things to come here one. He tied for seventeenth fish in a cock in 2004. When he was changing his swings hasn't done anything on this golf course course US open moves around. Two different golf courses and now every ten to fifteen years it'll reappear at a certain course and that's what's happening on Long Island that China cut hills this year. The white escaped Las Vegas super book has Tiger Woods' odds to win the US open this year. At 25 to one. Some little optimistic it does not too long 25 windows I am curious. What they have other. Data on the whole list but Sammy yeah I would put him not the top but not too far down based on him having done period before the very little slow URL there's. Many people just grasping they want tiger to come back they want this redemption stories they want him obviously in a major as well that's. And at that that's where they want to see him really shine and to be wanting to win. A tournament they wanna see him win a major those I'm right there with him I wanna see him win a major disease finish. Better or worse than he did at the masters deeply. Based on the history. Of his time playing this course. I think it sets up that'd probably going to be worse than the masters and make sense but hum. But I think you probably don't open. I'm the eternal optimist when it comes to Tiger Woods. Welcome. But only get eternal optimist when it comes to Tiger Woods well I mean. Look I I think he's going to have a good major I know he did not. At the masters he made the cut but I mean nobody was decidedly mediocre at the masters. I thought he'd be better so on next wanna man. It's time time for target to have a good major police we know people be watch in the US open. I say he'll be leading going into the last day and then lose a playoff while I would be good. He would take that they got no heart if with the and I also would do he still Witten I know he would. It was us anywhere yes that's right he wouldn't say it because right obviously it's all about winning but. Yet that would have to. Build some confidence for him blow to get in contention like that that be huge for ratings defeated that Athens if big deal. Right now we have the RBC heritage going on down a hill and had to end a round one is. Almost wrapped up we have few players still out on the course back we've handful of players still on the front nine but. Most of the guys have finish today because they started early today Rory Sabatini still has the lead. Finished up bug a bit earlier today several hours ago with his seven under 64 today that's a good round for Rory. I and he has two shot lead over Ford offers John haw. Billy Marshall. Mega merger. And Harris English. Was not exactly a who's who at the top of the leaderboard those guys are minus 52 shots back. At minus 43 shots back. Yet here umps are English Abbas said was tied he is not he is modest force at least two shots back. So English Martin layered Patrick cans laying Jonas Blix. And chess and handle they are minus four there's three shots back and we still on the course he's on number thirteen run all the other guys have finished. That I mentioned there. Other players of interest Bill Haas is at two under after shooting a 69. Getting to Isner from Macon to wander after shooting a 69 Dustin Johnson. Coastal Carolina guy. Two under 69 today Wesley Brian South Carolina game cock golfer from mob. Columbia area of two under he won this thing last year he's at 69. As is Webb Simpson. Some of the other guys of interest on the leaderboard today Zach Johnson and minus one with a seventy. Today Sam Saunders former Clemson golfer. And the grandson of Arnold Palmer he can't say it's it's require you can't say Sam Saunders name without saying he's the grandson animal. That's a golf rule that's an unwritten rule it is an elderly have to say it. The he's still on the course he's on number fifteen and is at minus one Susanna decent round so far. Today. Who else do you want to know about Jonathan Byrd. Is it even par had a 71 today and Lucas Glover. Where are him getting down to him we got target now does not gonna got to dig a little they ever get down to Lucas I'm sorry William Mcguirk from mob ball X springs is playing number eleven right now and he's an even par so just a okay day for him. From India Lucas Glover was one of those that I thought would who always going to be that yes the debris field yielded him well I've. When you finally got that monkey off his back of winning a major and you thought that was. What he needed. Lucas has played ten holes he's on number Lebanese applause one. So he might not make the cut you out and over the cut line's going to be you'll find out more about that. Tomorrow of course but it's not meant a great front nine at least four Lucas Glover. Ben Martin plus three through fourteen. The local guys there. Will it's down on the list. Think that expires our list of local interest golfers there's so. So the leaderboard scores of men pretty good minus seven after one round is pretty good and Rory Sabatini has that. Right now at the RBC heritage the person six point seven million dollars of weather down the field and his beautiful it's a sunny and 66 degrees right now it's just round one. You know this of this thing almost one away when they lost their big sponsor was Verizon offering few years ago and those that have been. They've been kind of bum. On the cusp of trying to keep this thing going and hope that chance good tournament is the only PGA tour in South Carolina so yeah we would like Steve one you think there'd be some other type. Sponsor if heritage decides to. Yeah RBC they doubt that yet RBC I should say math side backed up somebody hopefully stamp it and yeah you hope so I don't know how lomb. Now the outlook is going to be down the road but it's you know it's popular event in South Carolina it is it is it really is again as I mentioned Livan in Savannah I mean it was huge for. People in Savannah they take off. Thursday and Friday go and stay the whole weekend to beautiful setting to implement all of the lighthouse hole I mean you know at the harbor camp so. However played that course so we cannot not plated either walked around. At. It's tough to walk around them and decide. ID 44477377617. With a two shot lead right now RBC heritage. And Hilton head will bring tobacco more stay what does this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. It is not a list ESPN upstage its Thursday afternoon. Niger with the scouts a mob. Well breaking basketball news out of Clemson on the women's basketball can you qualify. Any women's basketball news as breaking news out of Clemson and Oliver you do not over the past few years that but that's for sheer and real long. Battle to try to get to that. Fame level is South Carolina he well me and baby steps they have their new basketball coach. Women's basketball coach. Amanda Butler. I actually know someone named Amanda Butler it is not her. It is Amanda Butler the former Florida coach actually go to a former SEC coach to bomb. Think of the Clemson women's program. Butler set to be approved during a board of trustees' conference call this evening according to Matt Connelly with the state newspaper. Clemson women's team has not reached the post season since 2004. When they made the ninety. But Amanda Butler is men there she was the coach of Florida from 2007 to 2017. What do the post season eight out of ten years four of those were NCAA tournament berths. She had unfortunately losing seasons tour final three years in Gainesville but she has six seasons were they won twenty plus games. In 20152016. Is finished 22 in nine but the next year fifteen and sixteen in that led to her dismissal. I don't mess around a Florida if what you win and they they really don't visit her record. You know at Florida owes 191360. She's almost 60%. And you take away those. Two years thirteen and seventeen and fifteen and sixteen I mean she's twenty he's winning twenty games there. First was six years. While Clemson obviously was impressed. Enough in their bring in Iran. Before she was the head coach at Florida Amanda Butler led to Charlotte to the NIT in two seasons there. She did not coach last year and that's the question out there what does she do. This past season she stayed away from coaching and awaited her next opportunity. Career record to 3159. As head coach 190 and 136. At Florida look on the face of it looks like they've got a pretty good basketball coach Dunn I think it does yes now. Mamiya much we know about her not much but dumb certainly track record as you played at Florida as well. Welcome and also who she was an assistant coach for the United States national team now it was the under nineteen. Team but still he's been involved on the national program and that does mean a lot. Sure. Our congratulations to Amanda Butler at some. Possibly a really good car for the tigers certainly seemed not inexperienced and all tennis has success of Florida. Over the decade there and won a lot of games they're social come in and take over. Pending approval of the board of trustees' that's expected to happen on a conference call tonight Amanda Butler the next choice for Clemson women's. Mass cue ball and beyond. Folks at Came out with them. A look at the draft coming up in a couple of weeks. And then I'll do me any favors here. They listed the on most under rated and most overrated quarterback prospect. Most underrated Lamar Jackson Louisville. At what position. Stop and it. Not listed as a top ten or even top fifteen pick the word elite is thrown wound. Quite haphazardly. rights but that isn't apt description of Lamar Jackson's athletic ability. Arguing that he certainly has athletic ability all over the place rising death via the argument that. It's safe to say they say any team considering drafting Jackson wall already have a plan in place for how to best utilize his talents. And they mentioned John Watson who you know went number twelve to. The Texans last year as they Watson was a much more complete passer from the pocket then Jackson. But Jackson's ability to flip the games in his team's favor by utilizing his ability to hit the home run should not be discounted. The best offenses are usually rank near the top and explosive plays. The one major concern is whether Jackson can stay healthy with his penchant for leaving the pocket Lamar Jackson the most. Underrated quarterback. Prospect. The most overrated quarterback prospect from Is my pal Mason. Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State northwestern high school is what they say about it. Rudolph operating with a very good command of his offense at Oklahoma State he knew he had two receivers Marcel at month. In James Washington that could make plays with a ball in the air. Rudolph allow them to do just that but when I studying the tape and I would be the writer Lance easier line. When I study the tape I don't see a quarterback who looks like the top fifty pick we're hearing buzz that he could end up going in that range. Rudolph was not asked to go through many progression is in his offense. I felt like his arm strength was very average when he was asked to zip it on side to side field throws. I'm like a size as well as the fact that Rudolph understood the offense that would attack now on the field. But I see an average NFL quarterback prospect who should not go inside the first two. Going and then that is not make you happy at all ticking me off as well as doing yes the death. And even got some of their degree when I know you do Alonso yeah Mason Rudolph overrated. I just don't. I don't know I don't think that's their right definition yeah overrated I wouldn't say that he's overrated because I don't think he should be going and the first or second round not even in the second round. Would you take masonry. Late second round. And this is in relation to our relative to all of the other quarterbacks I'm not. Big on that any of these quarterbacks in this draft are going to be elite level quarterback yeah same here I think her service I think. Think they're all overrated. The fact that they're going to be drafted where they're going to be drafted because the NFL teams think they have to draft a quarterback. No other quarterback so they're going to behind our group that is not the best quarterback class. But you have to rank come. And Rudolph outside the top two rounds a silly to me is to sit. I think there's better players. Bank in their quarterbacks are just better players. That. Based on team needs. Dan. Just drafted a quarterback to draft a quarterback and and I think does that serve I mean I agree with that no draft just draft quarterback you don't like. This guy handle seeing any thing in and don't draft and that's fine it is it that you're saying that he's got to be drafted in. The vice president and yet the first few rounds almost any yesterday you know maybe he won't be your one and entity I think you should be I think you should be. Look you can't teach 65. Our restraints. It not a C a huge issue all are you know the strongest arm in the young college football ranks coming out. Slung it all over the place that was there that I would like to know I'd. And I don't know how they are measuring. Arm strength when they're taught him about. When he sees on film. Throwing passes out to this sidelines. And doesn't feel that. Yeah as the as an average arm strength how are they measuring them. Did I would like to know that our it took about velocity of the ball those are some way that they can actually measure that we're we're used ice tea amniotic. Here are designed NFL dot com's top five players at quarterback Sam Arnold won. They say he has the sign is armed talent and poised to become a very good starter in the league buddy just do a better job taking care of the football yet you think. Yeah he's very turnover per mail. They have Josh Rosen UCLA to the most technically proficient quarterback in this class they say great footwork good accuracy. Questions about his leadership qualities and love of the game our concerns for some things. Josh Rosen doesn't of the game. That is a big issue in the NFL you better have some passion for were playing in the game. They're a third ranked quarterback this year is maker may feel of Oklahoma. Mayfield dominated the competition was deep ball accuracy and decision making needs to prove he's not a product of the air raid system and that he can excel against tighter and coverage. All right now look. I don't dislike maker may feel. But I say yesterday I'll say again he's a back up in the NFL. Number four they have Lamar Jackson they have a Lamar Jackson had a Josh Allen. Not so sure about that and their son that thing that Josh Allen it's going to be the best one of the best wian. Yeah that's why it's all. A crapshoot to be honest with lodged and that. They say Jackson is the ultimate playmaker in this draft has the ability to beat teams with his legs or his arm. Or do that the NFL. Has tendency to miss on simple throws. That's a problem in here that's a big problem that's such a keep coming need to get this only hope that it's accurate throws in the NFL that's what makes paranoid for so good. And then on Josh Allen knew they rate the fifth best quarterback in this draft in a bill that comes as Alan is the physical prototype for pocket passers. With great size and a huge arm. Therefore is never thought Patrick. Yes the shore up his footwork. You'll think the NFL can teach Josh Allen footwork. Yes they do these people don't think that's what I'm looking at you Jeanty size each NT torn strength and that's why you gotta go sand Arnold. Maybe so he's got the size arm and Arnold cave. My quarterback. Has some turnovers. Trying to thread the needle. Trying to be aggressive. And being we put it Brett Favre on a pedestal. The ultimate gunslinger right. Damn. Too much greater ace Greg does not a little too much gun slinging for my taste and you. There's OK would you won the Super Bowl. And an okay when he threw interceptions to get knocked out of the playoffs either. And Jeb Darren Rogers on the bench as long as he did that's another story for another day people you've learned. Richmond. Don't get me started. There were over Rupert at the breaker we are and how much I got out wanna shake. Our take Josh Allen is my. Go to quarterback. And Mason Rudolph as mine. Back up quote. In this stretch I'll give you Sam don't. I'm going to ambulance and Arnold goes number one. Ali may Cleveland likes him. And I think that's what happened but should that happen that's more than question I think it should I think issue yes edged up quarterback on the to have the pick corn. OK don't play the game I just. Sorry I just don't like any of these guys I hate that I like one better than the others. No room. RI is down. And both Lamar just yet where you go to a large active law just for that's what I'll live with yesterday a move on the be consistent hail Mary for Lamar objects and there you go a four forgy as tedious PM last golfer bongos today we're back and ramped up today in the huddle on Thursday. Ali SP and upstate just moan. Final segment of the Hubble for Thursday afternoon on ESPN upstate. Still bug the phones and talk to Mike welcome in my what's up. Thank you thank you guys doing do well thanks reminds things. Are some. I was looking back on. On Mason Rudolph I think it's the second round and I got the body out that I don't know ending a bad rap because. The offensive system. And air and navy now. Pro football vehicle where their thrown around so much. By. And I think she's just a little. On the just fine and everything. You don't think it. He could do it and cannot file the other. Well no one believed Nolan and I know Beimel in this column are gonna say that right now but it. Trevor laureate has era changed our starting. Open Akron and he's he's getting in line with everybody hill and they're gonna Clayton. I'll make it sound like he. You you know it's a battle depends on what other un school depends on everything we're evaluating everything and how they eat what they. Well actually. Now but in the end of the pain. Lying Cheney rice and I had this guy he's he's not starting game one. I controversy and it could and that. Kelly Bryant. He'll get the ball first. Literally with our own little. Yeah just. Socially. Do it down by. Onto a ball and ran. Hunter Johnson and connect got to get the ball and and I won't be surprised that they Richard. I just let I know I'm. I'm way alone on this. But with the help welcome welcome to like Ireland my can. All right I've been there are the fifth. It's a great place but it's not a great big guys. I demographers and it's tied I really starts game one either calling Trevor horn starts anymore but. He starts before game two will not play in an all of the season. Among island where you might hub swim on out to Mike island airlines at some I think it says that it. Trevor Lawrence is not going to start potentially go to red shirt there's no and that. When you look at Mason Rudolph though because the 65. He's got all the size got to be a second round pick in the NFL draft room. What's the good Trevor warrants him. He's got all of this size he got everything so why would he automatically just by that definition be out there started well. What are starch or does any Asta earned that but what would be. Any reason to Richard farmer owns give me one reason. There's half a reason they're zero redshirt driver lower third zero reason. Three years is gone if he's as good close to as good as we think he has what you're one of those years for him to BO and available in most people. Quickly. Come out and say that Trevor lines is that good when you got Trent Dilfer. Talking about that he is one. Best quarterbacks he's seen coming out of high school and his whole career and he's seen a lot of high school quarterbacks. That he's the most NFL ready quarterback. At this age now even ahead of physically of additional Watson. Eight could he could turn out to be a bust that can happen horse there Richard and they're gonna find out but put down by giving them a chance. And it. And size doesn't always mean that. That's going to equate to success and I think that's where you get caught up this whole Mason Rudolph thing to discuss these 65 does that mean he's. He is gonna be. Great quarterback in the NFL this look at all the quarterbacks under 62 it's not just size Richmond but you can't. You can't make. Baker mayfield six to. And grow and though you can't but look at Russell Wilson named. I look at Drew Brees I'm looking to get Aaron Rodgers the only six to make him but thicker mayfield is not Drew Brees though he's not but my point is that. The size does not define it does not but it's an advantage and is something you can't teach and it's something you know they can teach full work if footwork is the question. Was Mason Rudolph. They can't teach that. Arm strength we can debate that. But legacies the faux war. Look give me Mason Rudolph and give me and Josh Allen. I know that dog look I'm not saying Mason Rudolph is a top five pick and know that and he sprawling not going to be first round although I'll wouldn't I wouldn't laugh and anybody to take him late in the first round. You gotta get him on the second round. If you don't say Mason Rudolph all the schools and says South Carolina and and they use Greg college quarterback on that organ. And I paid I get that. Their loved to have the league in passer in the country last year yardage wise. I don't care where he played. He was leading cancer in the country yarder to watch any completed 65% of its past. However far they were downfield. Mario I'm not sold 100%. That he needs. To be drafted in the top tier around that does not mean. I hope he tears your NFL team apart and left them on Dallas Cowboys at a thanks for listening to the huddle today on ESP announced a good luck to us Asia will also only WNBA draft tonight the South Carolina game cock star. Expected to be at the top of the board tonight we'll talk about that tomorrow. And gets ready for the weekend baseball course South Carolina and Arkansas again started tonight so all of that talk about. Much more when you join us for the Friday edition at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon straight it was Sturges next for Richmond Alonso on Greg McKinney thanks and have a great day see you tomorrow in the huddle.