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It's the second hour a bottle here Thursday edition with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso 8444773776. Text line 71307. Clubs in spring game coming up on a Saturday afternoons at 230 kick off admission is free over Clemson. For the tigers. Enter squad game here for a on the spring chance to see Clemson. As you'll be taken time off the sourcing clubs and after that before the Al. Upcoming season starts in September. And they are dividing up the teams and everybody's watching probably primarily the quarterbacks. Tony Elliott co offensive coordinator for the tigers. Ask about that and ask about the interest in seeing. Incoming freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence green. When he was able to accomplish you know as high school player just just the winning. He put users. He's actually obviously with the recruiting you how is that the bad at all you face a no hitter when it was a sea of their own eyes it's not good human. And yes he does the it's negotiators are doing is as he Wii U is possible I think he's got I got hundreds server once I got Kevin James. I don't see those guys get opportunities to give equal reps are. Those pieces. Closest that you. We humans do it's huge because those guys so and I. We drive for value and to some other elements when I got the crowd yeah abstraction of the crowd Baghdad. Then working with guys that may not gotten that we've. On page but of the teams in. Now there's new chemistry cohesion has developed with the office monster who stressed those guys. He knows this is you can about having an actual news. The frustrated. Power plays in any game for him I'm really excited about that business it's a New Year's offensive coordinator and he's really held just imagine transition. Club to a corporate headquarters here crunches and I was excited that these members quarterbacks. He's going to be himself in Dallas. It was always always I mean there and I said it before and because there wasn't a defense staff a lot of credit for our success you know we are were we offensively because we get our nose play in practice and overturn. You know our guys that they did get exposed and it causes and give better service always good just to go against those animals and Indian firfer for play caller who has always obviously to challenge in. United sharpen skills. Looking at. There first and foremost disability access to manage a game. We'll take what's there within the system and to see those guys to close up feel with the with the the crowd noise in just a different you know. Things that we have from Westchester went to see how they manage it's a force of almost it would go out their dysfunction. You know on their own see who can put together drives and can lead to. Made for me on spot. Hey John give yourself but the biggest thing is is is make a survey. There were originally equal for everybody gave him an opportunity and got taken consideration and have guys spots. But they may not mean he might have some guy it's his starting role that's gonna back up soon. He's not used to going out there first so you add those components automation that you give them plan where it's it's easy in this and moving go out and executed play fast so. Feel we're gonna try and in make sure that we were hardcore stuff than any nation at the quarterback's a lot of us and everybody on offense can handle the core stuff. Negotiate. Go office of coordinator Tony Elliott for the Clemson tiger slayer ahead of the spring game coming up on a Saturday afternoon as of this morning they sit out the roster for the orange and white. Pick your team your guys. They did a good job of balancing. These two squads I think but on the orange team. Quarterback wise you have Trevor Morrison hunter Johnson that's pretty good. So you know number two and number three. On the orange taint you get a mare Rogers a wide receiver T Higgins a wide receiver. Predicting good stadium for Easter running back predicting good. It's a good lineup so far. Who OC get Shaq Smith at linebacker. Xavier Thomas on the fencing old line big incoming freshman and out Florence nine G. You get Albert Huggins at defensive tackle Mitch Hyatt on the offensive line Dexter Lawrence on the defensive line. Cleveland Ferrell on the defense of Juan. Greg Hugo was your kicker. As Americans receive who have you wanna know about that coming you she's a skill position in the and the leaders on the line of scrimmage. For the orange all that's the orange team. I've here's why roster. It Kelly Bryant and chase Bryce. Measured two quarterbacks. You get Travis ETN at running back. You get. Darian Kendrick who's going to be a big deal with Clinton. Coming in out of south point high school watch Darian Kendrick he's going to be good. Wide receivers again outer rim throw you Cornell Powell. Really like him an agreement North Carolina. I Yeltsin get out of choice of running back to along with the TN. You get Chris Jim Wilkins on the also Nelly the senator on the offensive line. Who we missed the U wanna know about their slogan Rudolph on the white squad out of northwestern high school defensive end. Mark fields a cornerback. Austin Bryant on the as tough and it sounds pretty balanced to me. Me and Chris Mason don't quarterback to just gonna go with the team with the starting quarterback in Chile Bryant go the wind blew would you do. What would you do here if you if you had to pick a team here. In the spring yet. It's all on the line and we know how important this is ranked in my first reaction is that the orange team you like the orange stained with the backup quarterbacks. I do. You know I don't want to but I greet my first reaction was also to go to war. We defense is going to be given no matter which one helped but I think the better receivers might be on the much. Malia utterance from Cornell Powell is pretty good wide receivers and when you get T Higgins an MR or Rogers. Now on their orange belt. That's. As pretty stout right there and trade on Moline. On defense aside yeah. You got and essentially you got Trevor laws that are just a quarterback on the orange so. They'll split reps there won't be competing with Kelly Bryant for ribs he'll be on the other side so that's good one how will split the reps between pottery and Trevor basically you know the whole game those two guys who get the reps for the orange. I think grew one guy debt I just noticed on arms team trade Lamar and I got to be a question. To see how he's developed and see how he's gonna be this year after. Coming back from injury and we know Heath was listed as healthy bit. He didn't play right into the season ranked into I'm anxious to see. How he's gonna respond back via. He's a junior this year linebacker 64250. At a Roswell Georgia. Yeah this is a big year for trailer more for sure. Now Amish so many Hoss is on the offensive and defensive line especially the defense of line. But I thought they did a pretty good job of splitting them up watching the kicking game. Will be interesting to donate a spans on the white roster and Hugo on the orange roster yes it will now is actually about to mention that also deceit Hal. Brew the beer is a competition with Hugo coming back from obviously his injuries are all so you would think. I mean had a starting job for a reason and only reason he lost it was because of the injured right. Right that's something to watch. Certainly in this game a demo Sweeney will be involved with both. Squads and Brent venables will be the defense of coordinator for both sides. This year so there and adding your one team the advantage by giving them venables I guess Agassi what I did that. And then. Scott and Elliott's. Are actually on the orange side. That's interest to. And or both of death toll on both listed on the orange. Brandon Streeter as you heard from mark Elliott their brand it's straighter apparently gonna call plays for appointing. In the scrimmage and then get this weekend. Interesting to them that Palawan Brandon Streeter some professional growth and development and given him some opportunities to. In some experience calling plays. And obviously would signal that there would be his career path. Yeah they are definitely so you get or Kelly Brian will be is and there with chase rice will be used to quarterbacks on the on the white roster. NE SP is carrying this thing you know here. You know you've arrived and he is being here is spring game rank and they're slated. Good to Davos we knew is imploring him. Fans to be there who wants to have a good crowd. What are the chances you'll have a good ground with clubs and sprint it's going to be a very good crowd especially the weather's supposed to be good this weekend or at least. Will be warm up. I think there is a chance of rain but I think there is diminished. But the now 20%. Are gonna check on that it was forty earlier in the week there is chance rain on Saturday as this kind of the wettest prospect for the weekend no rain Saturday. That's was as though Watson and I'm hoping well that's what's your guess and I'm open Cameron calling for yet knoller were do India and build a Bill Ryan. I got you know it's still 40% still 40% I have 77. And fueled nice temperatures owns a dozen. Doesn't mean yeah. Again you can hear the game on 93 point three the planet we have the Clinton pregame show and Sturges doing a post game show. Mosher is going to be with him on 93 point three the planet but. Now 430 the broadcast should end of the spring game and we switch and over to baseball the baseball Clemson Miami will be here on ESPN upstate. But on 93 point three to planet scourge will remain in due I think one hour post game show after the spring game. Sturges instant analysis. You can yet. All knowing stirred up and that's not your name in the show Hanukkah and the impact of what we can take away from the spring game and start. Over analyze and everything. But again it's alchemy like Tony Elliott at least was. British soul only important to the spring game is he gonna say call me and of course he's gonna say that. 40% chance of storms were canceling. Because that's what I learned to do earlier this week. This is not begin with if there's still time there's still time hasn't it jazz is up to 60% was I came off. Game off now with the ESPN involved now does not happen and probably not I should be adjusting we'll have some. Good chance to evaluate what Clemson has coming back after the spring game and ending. What does it mean not a lot but it's where they are right now and look we haven't seen Trevor Lawrence swirling in around itself. That's the thing here right vote as a what everybody wants to see what is Trevor Lawrence. Gonna look like. Out on the field outside of the high school uniform we do know it's different but he's already getting so much. Exposure and talk about he's ready even. But the building block thing he has for the next level so. Talking about wouldn't even stay for years at Clemson mail. Though it is it's an anxious time to see would. Skills that he truly has against college athletes. Our rights. Coming up Saturday afternoon 230 you wanna go over and check it out impersonal if you listen to a two year. On 993 point three the planet or check it out on ESPN this week in the Clemson spring game. Coming up this weekend 8444773776. Techs on 71307. Be right back in noddle. Yes in upstate. I love dumb college student stories those are all among my favorites. Especially when it comes to some kind of rivalry stunt. We are one of those today from Mississippi State. Four Mississippi State students have been accused of breaking into the Alabama athletic facility to steal memorabilia. This happened during the predawn hours of April 4. Six days before Alabama's. National championship football team met with president trump at the White House. Which you just happen. The four managed to get inside the man all more athletic facility. They stole various items of memorabilia. The facility was unoccupied when the crime occurred. But guess what they have camps. Who. Hello shocking that they would have security video cameras and media Alabama athletic facility would. Year worthy students I mean if they're freshmen maybe even after you've been here three or four years maybe be Smart enough to another camera. No they're still college students fail as a matter yeah. The Mississippi State is fully cooperating with law enforcement as they investigate. According to a school spokesman. The spokesman Sid Salter said it's a cushion. The future status of the students with Mississippi State University will be determined after they have received their due process of law. According to existing university policies clearly. These individuals will have to face the consequences of their actions whatever those actions might be. The forced and as we don't know their names they have to put that in the story but we get their hometowns just to besmirch the names of a few hometowns. Other often miss the beach the stark bill Columbus laurel and Madison. That's where the force students are sort are front and as a list what they actually stole what memorabilia that was the story is not. Various items of memorabilia. And how accessible is this memorabilia has to be stolen not mean that they have to break. Things to get to it yeah I mean building I'm wondering is it happen. Not happen six days before they went to the team went washing now just wondering about it might have been around preserve but it went to Washington a six days before that they would have already. You know this sounds similar about that when the rock was vandalized a couple times at Clemson the EU just. Believe that these things are well protected and then we come to find out that they're not really so. Wouldn't surprise me other than cameras that. Maybe uses to glass case or something. The rocker it was an even under case to know I'm not and now it is now just an Alley talks to you when you walk up to a must look at brother but before that vandalism happened did you believe that. They had some sort of precautions. Are believed to be harder to get across the gate the closed yeah it was the opener closed when the rock was meant as a had to be closed whose club and you're close it has video of him climbing ever met. But I was thinking that. Mississippi State Alabama is that. Truly but the biggest rivalry in the yeah it's really not bring rival Auburn fans over me and those that may be it is now well and I was thing into why don't they just go to Mississippi instill some memorabilia. But if they're looking for championship title here don't Mediterranean area. Phil Elliott alabaster and they have more stuff to stale and Alabama a slide Alabama he over the stuff is him. Yeah now. Way to go dummies. They'll get their. Just rewards of this little stunt I still wanna know what they stole. I mean I'm curious what is worth going to jail for I mean in their lives and do it. It'd been some fraternity prank. And you know some type. He's Ayers dead alligator whatever McClellan I've never been to either group is not a pretty good hole from one place in the other non next door I mean. The states are but I mean it's it's not like it's real close. To go from store filled to. Tuscaloosa. I don't sit around campus going you know we ought to do. Let's go to Alabama and still slow to think some alcoholism all. At that like a good idea one point up and turn sour quickly. After that after they Seubert there though right. Also some security news out of Oklahoma State Mike Gundy. Has provided a donation. And so he will have a hand in helping to protect students. At Stillwater public schools and Oklahoma. They approved a financial donation from Gundy that won't pay for seven uniformed and our members of law enforcement. And each of Stillwater Oklahoma ten school sites seven at each of them while. Currently three Stillwater police officers serve ten sites. The donation is for about 35000 dollars or 1167. Dollars a day for the rest of the school year. So just real rested this year and it's a middle middle April so August that's where it comes off cheap. On this what happens next year deal with the long term play on the death he has two children attending Stillwater schools. He originally pledged the money in March after the shooting him park on park in Florida in a February. And at that meeting he ask the board if there was a safety plan in place and he offered to help. He said he was willing to take on the bill for the rest of the school year. At the time he said that. School administrators could vote on that action during that meeting then moved on quickly. School ends in thirty days but Oklahoma is currently embroiled in a teacher walk out. That is likely to have more days to the school year so make cost him more because they're gonna stretch out theory of the walk up to them. Anyway. Was nice gesture by Mike Gundy there are tough Oklahoma State. To help out with some security. Alike. 8444773776. If you wanna join the conversation here in the hoddle on this Thursday afternoon. Where I'm watching stories develop throughout their afternoon in a college football story that is out today. Is. Or rather an NFL story is that the Texans Houston have informed right tackle bearing noon then he's going to be released. He hasn't played since week seven of 2016. Any failed a physical long march 23. He toward the patella tendons in both legs back in October of 2016 and spent all of last year on injured reserve he was a roster bonus of 500000 dollars. For being on the roster April 1. But was told used to will not be playing bad so he is going to file a real grievance against the team to. Try to get it on the news reported by USA today sports they reported that although he failed to physically marching got a second opinion from doctor James Andrews the famous doctor. And doctor renders cleared him to take part in the organized team activities that begin next week. Before his injury he was a starting right tackle for the Texans started six games in 2016. And all sixteen games in each of the previous three seasons so daring and was a up productive player for a while for the Houston Texans coach bill O'Brien was asked in March about Newton's progress. He said he's on schedule but probably wouldn't be able to do a ton of things. In the spring he was drafted in the seventh round in 2011 signed to a five year 26 and a half million dollar contract. Back in 2015. So that update from the Houston Texans campus. We continue in which we think that in any of these type of situations that might more make more sense you actually. When your have been a valuation by a doctor that you actually get a third party doctor involved because I do question. When there's money involved like 500000. Dollars for somebody to be on the roster by certain date and he as a physical and the team doctor that's on payroll by that organization. Says your not cleared. Is there any behind closed doors conversations. If it's questionable. Does know. Which way is gonna get ya we owe him 500000 dollars and we really don't wanna pay him 500000 dollars. So if you're the player you played now only got to see them come. Began know that there are probably only ago. I don't think so. Yet it's more of they're basing it off he's not cleared medically to play. And he's got another position. Pretty good one a very good one thing and you're cleared to play. You can't tell me. 500000 dollars oh what he did doesn't make you Susan a biased Willy he's trying to do a lot of folks are usually as a guy so he's yeah he's taken the necessary steps. Thought I just think it's curious if you file a grievance against your current employer. Is that gonna make it difficult to get a job with someone else. Don't take that chance. And doubters are tons thousand dollars you did. Me you know what they're they're gonna do is. Cut him some who hit with one. The take that chance. And that's what he's doing and I you know he's going to file agreements as what he says in an NFL if you can play somebody's gonna sign here. The other Lars and I don't. Neil Neil. That I don't know that that's the wind or have video review punching a woman yup that's right into that it. 844 GSP has the end takes on 71307. Getting a break we're back with more Thursday huddle you wanna jump on board and give us a call in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the hot all Mike been Diddy blogger and podcaster joins us toggle baseball or did he coming up at 304. This afternoon. I'm South Carolina plays Arkansas. Tonight they start that Tim three game series in Fayetteville. Arkansas. And the gamecocks have made some adjustments to their pitching rotation they're going with Logan Chapman freshman righthander tonight three and a record three point 86 earned run average. Against blame Knight for rob Arkansas. Tomorrow it's Adam hill for the game Cox who's the ace of the staff but has struggled some as a Blake and his ERA is up to four point 79. Casey Murphy junior left hander for the razorbacks tomorrow on the Saturday and decoding Morris for the gamecocks sophomore righthander. Against sophomore righthander Isaiah Campbell. For Arkansas so three games. For the gamecocks they got the bats going against the citadel this week so you know hopefully that's a good sign this day on. Beat the bulldogs twelve to one Jakob Olsen was sitting Chris Carlin hitting well. Also Madison stokes starting his first game since March 24 on a home run drove in a couple of runs. So that was good to have to see as well some big series for the gamecocks opening up tonight. And sees. Pitch is at six. Thirty. Tonight. Now in Fayetteville Arkansas leads the series 37 to 31 over the years. That would game cock Gus and there are storm well has wrapped up his season because his team the LA clippers did not make. The playoffs they were in contention until this past weekend. Other putting the wraps on scenario storm wells here it was a pretty Dylan and especially the way it ended. He started sixteen games this year. He played in 73 games. Total played most of their games. He actually turns out to be the most used game clock and game cock in the league since Alex English so I do is bag what keeps. And I don't know a long time. Alex we've had on the show us saw Alex up by the way tweeting. Yesterday that he was confident day amber was gonna win that game last and they almost toasting yet you went over time did they are on the road there's going to be a struggle for them to win. But. They almost. Got into snuck into the playoffs so he's almost right that was the I was actually huge Alex English fan. Grownup and high school now loved watching me today we venomous guest on the shows your gut. Anyway I thought well finished up with an average of three point nine point two game just under two rebounds a game just under one assists. A game he played fifteen point eight minutes per game this year for the clippers. And he talked to reporters this week in Los Angeles and basically said it was all about just being consistent this year trying to keep his confidence up. Getting opportunities and take advantage. Of those opportunities and I just keep grinding and I think. Now hauling all successful year force and Darius the web playing in that many games at least in his first years it is pretty good. Very good and I think just what we talked about yesterday does that. Time of understanding the transition from college to the NBA. That's a very good season for him and I think he's got something to build upon now now the questions going to be what's gonna happen with clippers and Doc Rivers del. And will he be partly be lands him yet really been sitting with a different coach you coach in welcoming a new change. The good thing about Orwell season is it that you know it it grew basically got better as the season. Goes on in fact out yet this career high Monday. With twenty points and seven assists against the pelicans and had that up. And about highlight film dunk in that ballgame. Bomb Oprah beyond ray Liggins that Twitter went crazy universe that was kind of cool way to. End of the season for him I he said about that he saw that it was a guard dead him was guarding him and he says wasn't like it was Anthony Davis wants a piece of that for you. Was blazing I think Davis who's going up against. Was just to guard. Don't make me root for you. Fear the brow as what he was basically thing also this year from dorm well one up twice against LeBron James. They upset the cavaliers. Back in early march march 9. In Los Angeles won 162102. And don't want had a good game area fourteen points in 37 minutes that was his career high up to that point 125 points in the game. Tom soul. That was a good. A good performance Boerse and area storm well and then they won three straight games in late march to keep themselves in the playoffs. That included a 10598. Win over the Milwaukee Bucks storm led six points next game. So he contributed mayor his first starts. Came November chance at Oklahoma City. He was filling in for the injured Patrick Beverley. So he became at that time the first South Carolina basketball player University of South Carolina basketball player to start an NBA game against. Guess who Renaldo Balkman. Eight seasons ago remember moment. Baldwin went into first round pick on me and the Shia Iran is shocked everybody I think we'll putts. I haven't thought about that came a long time. Yeah the less all along but anyway because they have no idea who you're talking about how when he was a good college play were analyst ought to be if for no picnic. That's raising those bizarre. Orwell had ten points in that game his first start and the clippers fell to the thunder by nine points there. He went on to start five of the next six games he had to guard people like LeBron James and Russell Westbrook and Kemba Walker. During that stretch. And then they came in and played the aisle hornets in Charlotte on November 18. And Dow and you know a bit it was more about the support that was shown to use in terrorist area a lot of fans that stuck. There's picture here from Twitter all the fans showed watch him play in Charlotte which was pretty cool so yeah out Goodyear force and area storm well out of South Carolina and up. Good opportunity refer him you know going in next year to all improve but I think he got a sale on all great start. Note do without a doubt and I figures probably seen some of the differences in terms of college verses the NBA also is it you've got to be able to defend and I think that's probably one of the things that separates. Cornwell from like a PGA don't usually do you think that has. More skill sets. More viable for the NBA and torn world does but I think there's the mental aspect of it as well and that toughness that the colonel has to be able to play defense is what separates. He meant Dozier has Dozier to hasn't been able to. It is way out of geely geely Kenya. In Oklahoma City so what do you think long term who has the better NBA career in east do you think it storm well based on what you saw this year does does your surpass. I haven't seen enough of closure to be honest media. It's it's it's hard for me to giving good judgment. Again I do you know that. Dozier has more skill sets. For the NBA he's been torn world does it wouldn't surprise me if Cornwell has a better NBA career I just think he's more mentally. Tough and his mindset is different and hoosiers. He's a grinder he yes we put the Turkey grinder and so I you know I cannot think oil will end up doing better I don't think either one number you know. All stars in the making everything battling door four woken contribute to a team. And I'm just not sure about those are yet I'm not sure you get a develop yet. Into you know a regular. Starter in the India. I'm it's a very good question and it's. Right now that put my money on on both men have better career with the on now. 8444773776. You can call us and join the conversation today. And how Gilani espionage state breakdown back and mourn just a moment. Like I tell highly ESPN up stay with Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon. And we're glad you have decided to spend some over the us and have got some information and from our extensive research department Boca. The distance between. Start villain Tuscaloosa is only about seventy miles aren't. Go those easy just the easy trip over there still some death quickly go to. A they're new. They don't put much effort and go over stealing a winner of resource department has experience with go in the opposite direction and possibly might have been installed that wind net individual. Does is now. One mr. search Alia. Aren't surprised me he said his name on the yeah provided the update that aggression that. Urges watching numbing go Fitzpatrick making the rounds on the ESPN and spend on any favors with camera angles as they. Stood in kind of behind the female ESPN sports anchor and it made it look like she's taller attempt. Finally moved him up and and she's not but I. If make if you mink and height is probably a bit of a sore point because not a real tall guy that's right he probably don't preach. Well it's fatal and shout out board they say there's two weeks before the draft yeah. Don't do me any favors by this need it. Anybody having any questions about the jets Saturday but yeah I'd let him go over next Saturday for ourselves Holland and a better yeah. I here's the latest a bad idea. In Alabama. Missiles are used to urge. The Alabama high school athletic association has approved the use of instant replay in high school football. Like can go wrong it's coming here and then once it happens like. In football they have the bandwidth coming everywhere. Alabama will become the first state to utilize instant replay for all high school football games not just postseason. An oxymoron. What instant. Replay a replay for Alabama think about this. How. Have you been a lot of high school games because I have. Yes you have I have it and I've seen them bogged down for far less complicated deals in this seat just like Sosa he's thinking about how much longer has broadcasts are going to be now one PS to wait this had people at this will add an additional thirty minutes. They co Ed if they don't. Limited in some serious way but at least get some awesome filler Randi Kaye will stories. It. I mean come on do we really need instant replay it in high school football I get that the technology has improved greatly so you can get into it. Easier. And cheaper than Ernie on the video serves on the sidelines and everything's just about time process of stop in the gaming going and the officials. Some of these guys are not. The best he would not there at the NFL doesn't have even. Dedicated. Wreaths leaping high school has data on around here there's no some pretty. What we've seen some bad stats for the years there really ham and so they're gonna stop plays lingo review video and really is this is this necessary. That we need this guy is. I'm hoping you're gonna read over share that. It's a limited in the scope of what can be reviewed. I don't have that information. The high school association in Alabama has been granted a waiver to utilize instant replay for all games for up to three years. The company that's going to help them is called TV sport they provide replay for the SEC so that might make you feel a little better they should know what they're doing. But no I mean. Pretty high school games are going on and on a given night in a state like Alabama or South Carolina. So and you know. They're going to be 11 o'clock ending basically is what this means but it definitely gonna add more time. That there's just no two ways around we'd already see that happening at the leaders' level. With the NFL. I'm also thinking about you know how many cameras again half. Which is to give mr. replay you gotta have a bunch cameras to dig good instant replay. Is certainly a dedicated and Wales shall. Don't know that day because of so I'm a might be interest and do you like one norm how much campaigns. You know they talked about the kid even agree on a shot clock for basketball in high school the talk about and South Carolina. And one of the one of the reasons that some athletic treasures and wanna do it was expanse of having a shot clock operator. Expand yes paying that person. To run the shot clock. Down and it was five it was five days goals a look at the bigger high schools and they shot and so you're telling me that a high school football we're going to have minister and they're not doing this in South Carolina don't get me wrong but as Alonso said. Things. You know we used to say things start California move their way east in football star and Alabama as they did they start in the without it the and so it may be. It's an uptrend but gathered there's an instant XP or not experiment but. They're the same for three years they're saying three years the approvals for three years but it it's for all games I mean all games that I I agree with you that is. Should they try to pilot it out or maybe they did maybe they have piloted out. Over certain number of games over the past year. Don't know the story I got this from Saturday down south and it does not say that it's a pilot that has been tested out. Just said that the high school association in Alabama approve the use of Britons to replay for all. Alabama high school football games for the upcoming series. That's a very difficult this to roll out to that many high schools all at once you know what I'm saying about the angles though when you do I SEC game or an NFL game you got cameras everywhere. And you can see you can compare angles and they're not gonna have that forty cameras and highs. Listen you can have twenty cameras and high school game I got to do is get students out there with their iphones in the got to cover if you gotta be able to directly beep goes into. The moment easy Booth plazas is being. Yes yeah I'm not entirely counter no I'm not entirely beam whatever I am normally I could just. See opposition I could see that being a possibility iphones and students not necessarily iphones but. They still have an audiovisual department and most high schools this by today AV club something like obviously you're you're just to use as building confidence by the minute on how good this is how I'm just saying. And it doesn't cost money. And the like Michelle and I told him burns AV club work in the sidelines tonight I mean I just undecided. When it doesn't cost money. You can be guaranteed that the quality of the product diminishes quickly. Osce dumpster fire here. Yes I really do. I'll awful. That your point about the cameras and I I get upset with college games in NFL games how does. Had they not have cameras at every single goal line right ending pylon and now it takes forever to do this. In the NFL and colleague exactly how noisy it is high schools do you think they're going to be more proficient in high school ugly. It's going to be ugly. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Keyword. ESPN. To get him on us on text Twitter. At a ESPN upstate so Thursday hoddle coming up might be in bitty our blogger and podcaster would join us in studio. But Harlow baseball would duties especially interested in the Yankees in the Red Sox series has been going on this week. And the brawl from last night. But thought the data coming up next Suze stay with us here and hobble on Thursday on ESPN upstate will be right back.