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It's not a Lonnie espionage status Thursday afternoon and welcome aboard were reviewed for the next. Three hours talking sports with you Greg McKinney Richmond Weaver and Alonso. In studio this afternoon on the twelfth. All of April and a beautiful day it is we have lots to get to today and heritage is underway now in Hilton head bull. Update the leaderboard. A pretty good pairing of Dustin Johnson. Wesley Brian the game cog golfer who won this thing last year and Mac future. With that pairing and they have a big gallery following them around today mortgages the latest update coming up on the heritage now and it's Hilton and Clemson spring game coming up on Saturdays and now a couple of days away we'll hear from Tony Elliott the co offensive coordinator for the tigers. And album you know is interesting listening to him talk about spring game and he seems to think it matters. Well of course and a coach at batters he seems to think as spring games are important non anyway. Holland are they release the rosters set today so let's say how the orange balances out with a flight I have those rosters here with you go through. The split up a little bit on that coming up on the show. The Panthers pre season schedule has been announced we'll tell you about that's the browns. Are on the verge of finalizing a deal would Jarvis Landry was pretty big deal. The about that coming up South Carolina starts is baseball series tonight with Arkansas in Fayetteville preview that for a bit. I'm Mike then Diddy blogger and podcaster will join us at Rio for this afternoon Diddy is the dumb baseball not in our group. And I'm sure he like last night. The brawl between the reds. You only like the brawl we'll see if that is the the fight Isaac he's gonna say there's no place for them placing its purest yet fighting but I thought baseball. You were allowed to five. Just like in hockey that's part of the game right that is just like hockey. They don't just stand in the side of watching whales only as an unwritten rule that he's in the road at ninety hour per hour rocket somebody in his don't well it is defy us there delayed about last night was that justified and you know there's an argument about that the other unwritten rules about if you do something we're gonna come right back at you and blah blah you know which is absurd. But I mean now. Hockey is just down. What's what's to stand back and watch him fight for five minutes and then we'll go bring it up they do try to break up the flights in baseball at least they give it a valiant effort to get between the guys that are fighting. In baseball somewhat. A little bit a little bit touch but they do me yeah your right wing and you see somebody charging the mound I'm rarely. Do they actually. Lane any punches now last night it in my land. After a fiscal trying to struggling now on the pitcher's name for Boston. You Celtic you know if you count the glove hitting the the oncoming pitcher I mean homecoming header as a as a first punch. William punch with a baseball quality I'm pretty sure he had to do with the glove when you rush him bending. And maybe some day he got the better and they got the better of via the matter right. And it was it was as best baseball brawls ghost does pretty good anyway we'll talk about that coming up. Got the NBA stuff to get to as well the WNBA draft is tonight beaten ivory Joseph Wilson I assume she'll go number one that. Peace prize she didn't. That would be a shock. If she's not and number one. So big night for her and that's got to be pretty exciting. So and clemson's men's basketball lost player yesterday I don't know. Who saw this coming but it's a good day is David scar up. Not exactly a household and star name for Clemson basketball to come out early to play professional we say professional. We are not talking about the NBA some. But we are not they were not talk about the G lead you there we're going to be talking about international resisting and B singer of the four guys leave early to play overseas. Well it's. When you say leave early. It he is yes frames here eligibility so he does yes but he's also transfer detainees graduate you know inmates that he has is degree. So even though he does have eligibility. I don't think he's at a point where it does he knows he's gonna continue to fit in with the program and the time he's too old now as a dire. The attire to school. Oprah that's allowed I mean that's that's part of it in his journeys Indies had to sit out do you know there is that the infractions as far as. When he transferred out of Alpo and now even had to sit out some of the games then you know beginning this year so. I think it's his to probably a situation where it's timing and time to move on. All right but this is some amount to call this insignificant for Clemson because he contributed. He got better so lie on the defense aside and he's a big body he's long and he can defend he's just an offensive liability who was the problem. Aren't loyal to you what he had to say with that announcement coming on after we got off the air yesterday afternoon. You can call us at 8444773776. Year and the huddled text line 71307. Keyword ESPN at the beginning please. And on Twitter at ESP in upstate. What's trending is that the long NBA regular season has come to an end. And we're ready for the playoffs. And we have some intriguing matchups going forward. Policy we got the album. One decision that had to be answered last night as the timberwolves did advance it took overtime so for them to beat the nuggets jump timberwolves did duck come out with a win they are so. Congratulations timberwolves you get a flight to Houston Rockets. And the west that your off pressure grand prize there. So that's one match up the one vs say the two horses seven in the west Golden State in San Antonio. And somewhat intriguing that is very intriguing them they. Golden State has to do with LaMarcus Aldridge there and keep him off the boards and that will be interesting. The three verses six is. Portland and the door and pelicans loans as they return. I'm just trying to think what the rallying cry for Republicans and some sorry to pelican. Squawk and among them drug du one. And the four vs five the thunder in the jazz and album. Last night. Four OKC. Against the grizzlies they won 137 to 123. And you don't think that Russell Westbrook was padding stats last night to average a triple double for the second straight year which is a first time that's happened in the NBA with the stat line. There's a layer it's. Russell Westbrook took he played 37 minutes. Into nine shots and hit two albums so he scored six points. And he had twenty Rebecca. And put it even more into perspective. He needed sixteen rebounds. To. Average the triple double for the season and again as you mentioned for the second consecutive time first time it's ever been done in NBA history. Well wouldn't you know he just happens to. 748. Gains in the NBA. And on the last game of the 2018 season. He records he is highest total rebounds. Yeah I was career single incidents you guys are talking and you are all skeptical about this that they were playing another team right that other team could have stopped him from getting those rebounds and had to put forth a little bit effort to do it he definitely puts forth pepper. Every single game I give him that but he's also playing the Memphis Grizzlies who word. Out of contention out there tanked. Dating even. They had players there that I've never even heard of playing. So. It was not a legitimate game and you guys are making a sound like everybody just down the way instances as you watch some audio. Now have not okay when you want some of the video you'll see that. It's a point that Russell Westbrook is standing under the basket. Many of the Oklahoma City Thunder teammates. Immediately. Start either. Stepping out of the lane or start on their fast break you can't make the opponent get a little about your own players are getting OTC I get down by the opponent was there he had at least put a little effort into us and tolerances and it I give him all the credit he goes out there and plays power every everything in the thing if you were that close would you be trying to do that its history. I mean. I definitely would be trying to do I guess that's fine I just wouldn't. And he's got to deny here's what Russell correct. Here's what Westbrook said last night. After the game about. Patting his rebounding stats to get the right. You could you pointed out the night they would. Your fifteen resulted. This is hard to see our. Is everybody so you know their philosophy and talking mills and Todd. Rebounding. Well. Toxic parliament. Commodity. Markets is all. Facets Myers it's. What is he don't want to come here it was a. See I. I don't doubt the sincerity when you lace your comments without much profanity it's obvious that you're passionate about like question that's right he's passionate about it because he knows he's getting criticized and he didn't defensive about it. Because he knows deep down it doesn't look good it would have been so much better he just comes out and says. Hell yeah I was going after. Just sixteen rebounds I want that record. That's also the criticism of Russell Westbrook that he is more concerned about individual stats. The knee is about winning championship either one you guys are Oregon and twenty rebounds and just ask him you know I'm about as many of pick up game Tony and I know how this played at a different level so I'm on an Oscar in more Oscar Richmond I haven't but that's it did that's a whole another topic it's not about. How hard it is yes it's hard. I give him all the credit in the world. He just needs to come out and say that. Yes I was going for the record. And my teammates were helping me of all that Carmelo Anthony even said it the other night that. In a joking way but you know what happens when somebody's joke in a lot of times there's truth hidden in that laughter and Carmelo Anthony talked about how. And we do some stats. And allow Russell to. Do that and it's no different than when David Robinson. Several years ago needed to. Woody knee I think sixty. Points or so to get the NBA scoring record median of scored 72. Game the last game of the season but certain. Why is little insulting to act like you're you're offended by the question is just a little insulting to our intelligence to act like it's not even a question which just shows up and never ask. That's fine we'll rustle through this and probably view. All right it's like they're great accomplishment unfortunately there's also an aspect of the triple double is diminishing and exactly how little. What it means in how significant ideas about the game is changed in. Fair enough. He got it congratulations. That you west lineup in the east. The once it is Toronto they'll play the Washington Wizards. The Celtics will be the two against the Bucs who are the number seven seed. The sixers. Get the heat that's the three vs the six. And 45 is the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Indiana Pacers wheelock out of that group in the east I know Alonso you watch the pacers in the camps. I'm interest in the sixers in the heat just to see how real the sixers aren't OC. Same here because I mean he. How wave even though he's diminished he still has a lot of playoff experience. And you would. We'll see what you can do with that crude down there and who knows maybe they can be competitive. Yeah. They will be competitive that Philadelphia should win that series though they should definitely should. Can't really get excited about the Celtics without Tyree down to they beat the bucks without tiring probably right. They should be able to be the bugs but they're not gonna get past. Well Celtics get swept if if Miami. Makes it out against Philadelphia. Then I think Miami. Pitt could have a shot actually dance Boston Boston's not going to advance to the conference finals and the raptors should take care of the wizards. Yes I stepped. Yearning really have a healthy John Wall I'm Washington's. Gonna be nothing Toronto that should. They might lose one game I don't know I heard some experts this morning saying they think Washington man shot that. Yeah well. We'll see and ended CMBX I mean it's it's there's always possibility I'm only in my trust the raptors I guess that's the part of into the one seat Allen who trust themselves losing faith come in strong several different times of moves like that they're gonna do really good and and they looked horrible in the plan now. How we're I have a lot of NBA playoff coverage this is just the first round starting this weekend so real hopeful for it to go play also we continue for the next couple months it goes till June yeah. So here's what we have for you are first a playoff game will be the Sunday game and that's Indiana and Cleveland will be. Join that right after Clemson baseball on Sunday afternoon. Then on Monday night. We will have a late night game from the West Coast San Antonio and Golden State. A 10 o'clock airtime next Monday night. And next Wednesday night we'll have by Indiana in Cleveland again at 6:30. PM we'll go from there we'll keep you today don't want we're caring but. A kind of sporadic coverage and we pick up the coverage as we go deeper and deeper rounds of the NBA. Playoffs but we've got to cover for you here. On ESPN. Upstate. The other thing that has happened in the NBA as we already have some. Coaching changes while not the season ended yesterday. The magic have fired Frank Vogel that was announced today in two seasons he was 54 and 110. Two seasons is a short term but you know winning a thirty year games pretty bad to write yes it is and I think there's also is she's just with Orlando management. As well on usher Paul Frank Vogel would had a better opportunity is it. Is it good coach. Yeah I agree he has a good coach we'll see if the lands anywhere else do you think that he will. Yes somebody will pick him up somebody will pick him up. Right at an NBA. Yeah on the NBA guys cannot recycle somewhat just like you're mature about the announced that you'll probably see somebody come back. For more to say yes to aboard a six fired by the knicks this morning. They put out a statement saying he's a true professional. And he worked tirelessly. And he's out of here. That was something that happened after his flight back from Cleveland where the knicks beat the cavaliers to wrap up the season one tend to 98 but. Under Orszag the knicks were sixty and 1046. Worst record in the NBA. Over that stretch while he was there actually knows. Actually there when your winning thirty games a year you get James Dolan has here and there. Leading organization. I should say misleading your organization has a better way to put it you're not alas I don't think coaching has that much to do with why they're losing. Asked to do with ownership that yes this new players I mean you can only get so much out west to guy. I he says that from Palestinian mediating and I mean it but even that it's even more magnified with the New York Knicks because James Dolan and in. He's arguably could be the worst owner in the league. They also off barker Rambus the associated kept. Familiar name to a lot of people from back in the day yes but he's out as well. Now we're watching. Charlotte Steve Clifford you think they keep missing the India. It's on the bubble right now would new general manager Mitch gut check come in and that would be. You could see a change coming Phyllis come and he's coming out of retirement. Heals him every day everything's there everything's in place. And go familiarity with Mitch and the owner themselves I mean that's he's come. Watch for that in Charlotte see what happens to Clifford and in a standing Gundy yet Detroit also could be on the hot seat loss. Might not be done just yet it's just day one I would just say yes that there'll be more I imagine there will be. You can call us give us your opinions MBA playoffs what are you watch and what he alike who feel like 8444773776. The text line 71307. Will take to bring about more just underway here Thursday huddle on ESP in upstate. Back then no huddle ESPN up state 8444773776. Is our number. That text line is 71307. Twitter. And ESPN upstate Carolina Panthers released their pre season schedule. Yesterday afternoon. And if it looks familiar. It's pretty much identical at least team wise to the 2015. Pre season. Here's what we know we don't have specific dates on nom what we do a one game but just have date ranges on the first three games but. Answers will open pre season the second week of August. In buffalo against the bills. The date and time to be determined. The first home pre season game will be against the Miami Dolphins the following week somewhere between the sixteenth and twentieth of August. So that's a home game. How week's three home game with the New England Patriots. Between the 23 and 26. Of August. Are you tempted. To go yes. I mean obviously I hate Tom Brady but a chance to see him play once live now. I mean a lot of people I think may wanna do that we three did it does starting Korean play Wii three Billy Payne a series made me. Maybe maybe that's the way he plays the lead yet it already has to come back into an improbable but only for a yes no lot flowers why can't they don't know when the only two of those three and then four exited their play in all the players are about to be kind. So actually you play so three would be your best shot to see implies that. Nine will summer between a 23 and 26 the Panthers will host the patriots. And they wrap up pre season definite date on this is Thursday August 30 on the road at Pittsburgh against the Steelers. So Lester that's blunt buffalo Miami New England Pittsburgh's pretty stout pre season schedule in the pit exit you know it pre season so who knows will be doing a lot but that's. S three playoff teams. In the pre season in the NFL announcing the pre season schedule is this there. Way of just drip being information now yellow clearly they're famous for that that's right that's why are they not have the dates already sent. Com hi I mean I guess that's a good question the you know they play preceding games on weird nights. You might get one on Wednesday nine or whatever you know so I guess TV. Or just. Trying to finalize all that I don't have. May ninth they had that finalized before they announce just be easier playing yeah in May not obvious the so give me another chance to talk about the in Portland summer that's my point. But if this is on purpose they've got paid direct plan of how they wanted disseminate information congress. They do that that's in power of the NFL NFL loves to. Driven drab and out so that you're always talking about the National Football League that's right that's why as much as NFL is a season. Football season what we classify as a football season start a stop in FL is really all year like twelve months a year him it is. Carolina and buffalo meeting for the sixth time. In pre season football. They played in the opener of the 2015 pre season in buffalo in the panthers' 125. To 24. They're playing Miami for the sixth time in the pre season. Tenth time for the Panthers and the patriots and the sixteenth consecutive season. That the Panthers and the Steelers. Have met in the pre season that's a regulars like they always wrap up the pre season with the Steelers and Panthers do. You know him and wonder what the how that came about is tunnels like a tradition now yup they've reached some kind of deal just keep doing that sixteen times so it's. It's a regular occurrence anyway. So get excited if you want there's a pre season schedule. For the Carolina Panthers just out yesterday about a well all the games can be heard on classic rock wanna one point one that includes pre season. To follow cancers again this year classic rock wall. A one point one. Other NFL news Cleveland Browns and wide receiver Jarvis Landry are close to finalizing a long term deal. And Ekpe in this new. Fifteen million dollars a year on average. Brown's acquiring Landry in a trade with the dolphins. Sending. A fourth round pick this year and a seventh round pick in 2019. To Miami and that swap. Without a new contract he would play V 2018 season as the franchise tag he. The dolphins used that on him before the trade and that would pay him sixteen million dollars south. Now the monies you know kind of out the same here but they have bumped. Pretty good receiver there in fact. Kenny Britt was released in December tied for the team lead in touchdowns for wide receive. As with two lashed yourself. Landry is a step up question is is thrown focal back at that but that's the biggest question doesn't matter how many wide receivers are who you have. On the outside or even in the slot. You don't have a quarterback that can't deliver the ball. Mean. Yeah. But look at this is it's a good receiver this is a three time pro bowler. He missed a thousand yards last year by thirteen yards but previous two years he was well over a 1011100 Los. Only Antonio brown and Julio Jones had more receptions than landry's 400. Since when he fourteen his first year in. He's a remedy stellar crowd our map real deal that there's this. Pointing that the coaching staff and his teammates and the other team didn't let him get that. Fourteen your. Fourteen yards that you get and I'll just think he is Russell was rooted it at that you guys keep current economic so you don't think Tyrod Taylor can get the ball in this guy. Maybe you. You tell Taylor is not terrible he's not he's not horrible price he's probably one of the better quarterbacks Cleveland's other awhile I know hasn't been on the field but. Right Enron's in all honesty I'd actually forgotten about Tyrod Taylor is stepping I think a lot of people have forgotten about that yes. That's it did kind of fly under a lot of people's radars. Of Z nine I forgot about it. All right but he's not only eat but he's better than what they've had. Well and great receiver will make you look better than what two more than if I give it somewhere near him in this guy's that good enough to to catch something if it's anywhere close enough and offensive line yeah. That's right can't throw from your rear end the one thing about Tyrod Taylor he can scramble. Agent that I was looking I think couple weeks ago I remember this popping up on ESPN a graphic. My when he no longer just few days ago it was guess the quarterback and put the stats up. And one of those things was completion percentage but there were few other stats there and one look better than the other. And the one to look better was Tyrod Taylor and the one a looked worse was Andrew Luck. Just for what it's worth or see them play much anymore with this makes you say them him things that make you go home now. In terms of completion percentage and some other key stats some don't look maybe they'll be better offensively again the line as you say they're Richmond as a is key but. They have a piece now and receiver that they early and then they do yet like Jarvis Landry at the good and when they. When they draft sick while Barkley first. Fourth first and they've got you know they've already got an okay quarterback. Good running back great receiver. Cleveland might win 600 games this year to lose stop the presses and that's a big deal with the fifth and defensively lawns so how are they. Thus holes some projection of Bradley Chubb. In the statement goes number four Cleveland. So you tell me take cyclone Barkley number one amber at which a number four just forget about quarterback arrived at Tyrod note gave the edge Josh Allen. Listen number one so an inch of it number four wood to a which one of these or or how many of these quarterbacks are better than Tyrod Taylor. What quarterbacks the ones know that they're coming out that yes. Well we had this debate yesterday you know my guy is he's nodding in the first round. You don't need to take bigger mayfield. No because those John MacArthur and number one mayfield a number four. How many don't take your quarterback. I think they're gonna wait I think they know they're not gonna make the playoffs this year I think they're building and I think they're gonna look for quarterback next year for their gonna tank. Take it or not. Thank you got Tyrod Taylor he just talked about the stats he's got a great receiver if you finally signed him if you just take one Barkley to work on the running game. Until he Dorsey doesn't it he's pretty get a planning how. A few years ahead so I stalled they do draft quarterback. Maybe in later rounds. Last year Tyrod Taylor completed 62 and a half percent of his passes. Fourteen touchdowns four interceptions you gotta like that right. I shall a man and I think keyboards all why would buffalo let him go and the fact that he went to Cleveland Jim. Yeah. I know I I believe was one of those two picks they take accord. I believe I would be surprised if they go. And actually still believe it's the first. We're gonna find out soon enough when atonement this draft so it's two weeks away finally it is who April Tony say again do we run today in. Finally get this thing here. Hopefully. Working on a plan to be on location that it. But to know more about that camera. A 444773776. Text line 71307. Will be right back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. We're back at the Hubble on ESPN upstate. I doubt it Hilton head Harbour town. RBC heritage is under way today beautiful day on their 68 degrees. And sunny today. And a Rory Sabatini has the Al lead Rihanna actually actually have a lot of guys their finish today the played early and I'm so here we are. 141 in the afternoon lot of final score for the day. Sabatini at a 64 today so we seven under par and has the lead by himself by two shots right now. John Huff. Korean golfer HUH. And that is the way you predict John ha. He is at five under had a 66 today as did the Billy or shall and Matt Kutcher. All finished with 66 today. I am minus four Harris English. Martin layered. Patrick canceling Jonas Blix to Sam Saunders. Clinton and he play right I mean he's the grandson of a opponents he has. Yeah minus fourth to its core percent. So he's just three shots back. At minus 34 shots back Charles Howell the third Fabian Gomez. Peter mall nodding. Bryson the sham bow. Nick Watney. A bill hoster Graeme golfer is playing he finished double a minus 269. Today so he's five shots off the lead another South Carolina guy saying position minus today. Kevin just there. And yet another south Joseph a look at this. This is bizarre for South Carolina guys in a row here on the leaderboard. At minus two Bill Haas skimming just or Dustin Johnson and Wesley Bryant. I don't Wear us Wesley Bryant's from originally. But he played at university itself and it did get one this thing won this thing last year. So there all I'm minus two as our Webb Simpson Steve Marino. Chess and Handley C woo Kim and Ian Poulter. So those cheerleaders. Within five shots of the lead there to see who else you might be interest in Jim turek. Is at minus one with a seven the today. Bin Laden and any other local guys we want to you mentioned. Today. In the leaderboard. Bob others Mcguirk Mcguirk had an even par. Actually he isn't often she's only on hole number five so women are from Boiling Springs is that even par through four holes. Today and Lucas Glover is plus one through four holes to. Does not invest I don't know holdup obviously an eternal light heritage now you're going to need to do better than that amount to win. Scores at the heritage to win group we talk and minus twenty. Well you're minus seven with the leader now also you know four rounds of that would be 28 I don't know that he'll do that again yeah you are only dug into when he uttered to him I think so. I mean it's probably about reasonable and a good pairing today with Dustin Johnson Wesley Brian and Mac couture ground on the course. A together today and to the person six point seven million dollars. X 1700000. Dollars at. Hilton heads up keep an eye on the scoring the yachts. It's surprising hourly these days just finished up to get out there early get a starter earlier. Al salaam they are still some guys out on the course. But. I think we're pretty good sense with the leaderboard going to look like. I'm fact doc Redmond is just tee and often past few minutes the current Clemson golfer so the last group apparently going off right now are about 130 few minutes got some. I'm doubly playing for the next four hours or so especially to board. So far at the heritage Rory Sabatini with the two shot lead. At this point. 8444773776. Here in the huddle. Redshirt junior forward David scar will not return for his senior season Clemson basketball well instead pursue his dream of playing pro basketball that announced yesterday by Brad Brownell. Us Carl graduated with a degree in economics in May. He appeared in 26 games this season seven starts. Averaged 3.3 points a game two point eight rebounds a game. Shooting 42% from the floor in twenty minutes of action. For the game his biggest game was eleven points in the Louisiana Lafayette game back in December. And they put him on some of the best. Players in the league. Defensively settlement. Certainly appreciated his. Defensive efforts on. And you get more playing time obviously with the Donte' Grantham injury yeah. That was part of in being able to come in and also the situation with Eli Thomas getting in foul trouble quite a bit yet he would try big bodied command. Right. But we don't know yet about Reid and Mitchell. But we know they've lost scar on of course we know they've had a couple of guys lost to graduation including Grantham W. I'm mentioned so mom and gave devoting Dave Devoe was a big score for the tigers. So I mean they're definitely already going to be some losses if Rita Mitchell welcome back. Will be a different team altogether completely different tea and it's about the inn at every position. Yeah I think they need they definitely need those guys I don't know which way they may be leaning again they've declared for the NBA draft did not hire an agent so they're just testing the waters and mostly. Pretty soon hopefully I think it's pretty clear that they're going to be coming back. You've got to hope that if you're clumps and otherwise you're gonna start since that charges at the I mean that would be very difficult to lose both of those guards because one of the things that you saw last year is the ability to Clemson for Clemson to finish games because they had the upper classmen and leadership of these guards with Reid in Mitchell and they're experienced they've. You played in big games and you've got to have that to be able to close out games includes an has had that over the years and in the previous year losing all those close games. By less than five points that was part of it it was that maturation process the process that these guards go through and they are able to finally. Get over that hump this. This year and some of those closer games now so although this David scar on news is not huge it does sort of accentuate the need to get those two guys back a would definitely does it we know Brad Cornell is a defense guy also you know he's really good exit knows and can put together defenses. Four particular teams and that's why you saw scar would come in in certain situations against. Different teams because of what Bradford knows it to do out there so not having scar would definitely be avoid. One more college basketball note before the break UN CS bowl has hired their new coach it's Mike Morales. Been an assistant at Texas under Shaka Smart. And at VCU with Chaka he replaces Saddam nick make debit who left to become the head coach at Middle Tennessee State. Meg DeVon was successfully UN CA he won at least twenty games three consecutive seasons went to the NCAA tournament back in 2016. The CIT last year and the NIT this year. So Juan congratulations to. My morale who will take over UNC national. ID 444773776. Spy on Americans the sour back and more in a moment stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Text your DC angering bill a lot of snow that Wesley Brian is in fact. From a Columbia Dutch fork high school like Dustin Johnson or just interest and we have four. Fourth consecutive South Carolina guys on the leaderboard. Together at the heritage not the top of the leaderboard Monday but just listed right but they're together minus 25 shots back. As the heritage. Rolls on. Story out of Seattle from Adam show after today. That the Seahawks arrange for coming jeopardy to work out. This week and then postponed the trip. When he declined to to guarantee them that he would not be kneeling during the nationally at the next weeks. Now a source told Adam show after that. They're still considering bringing him in for trial no decisions are final but they the words postponed and postponed. Be worked out. For telling Kapanen they had contacted jeopardy about two weeks ago to arrange a visit. And then the trip just got scuttled over the anthem stance. The day after his schedule worked out with the Seahawks cavern except forest deposition. Administered by NFL attorneys in New York regarding the league's. Alleged attempts to conspire to keep my league also this. Doesn't hurt his case that the feature set so this trip over the anthem. Stance when you don't agree with really shorter shouldn't. It sure looks like gum. That's the reason that they skill the trip yes so I don't know ride the timing of that is interest. This retrial with them last year. Remember I think I'm pretty sure he did everything people I think as the ravens. Thought it was a couple teams but I thought it was them. And I had the same time the Cincinnati Bengals. Visited. With the San Cisco 49 Ers free agent safety Eric Reed he was a guy who Neill with shepherding during the anthem. They wanted assurances from read that he would not take part. In on field activism. No NFL team has so much as it worked out camper and according to show after story. Since he became a free agent after 4060 and so on I may have visited some worked out now. Seahawks visit with him a year ago. And the Baltimore Ravens. So we its driver yes so he's visited and more to him. Other sea hawks trying to find a back up for Russell Wilson. They have not made any decisions about who they want to bring into work behind Russell Wilson. Dampening expected to be one of the options but there will be other quarterbacks who will be considered so. That's story is as you know we all agree is being from the rest of the day for sure. Oh definitely will end of it anytime calling Capra nick and he's this. In the news it's obviously about the National Anthem and is that affecting his ability to play in the NFL and hard to argue that it's not affect in his ability to blame the NFL now I it is it's hard to argue that if at the very least they got that. Forty niners linebacker Rubin Foster he's in trouble he's been charged with three felonies. Including domestic violence in connection without arrest back in February. A police responded to a disturbance call February 11 in California upon arrival they spoke to a Foster and an alleged victim. Officer said Foster physically attacked his living girlfriend leaving her bruised and with a ruptured eardrum. Officials have fostered dragged her by her hair physically threw her out of the house and punched her in the head eight to ten times not looking good for Rubin Foster. He'll be arraigned in San Jose faces charges of domestic violence. And and the few other things all felonies tacked on top of that and was charged with misdemeanor possession of a large capacity weapon magazine. The weapon just the magazine I guess they found. The one though they did find a weapon two and a magazine both of which were illegal to possess in California. Could face more than eleven years. In prison if convicted. So bomb will see with the NFL does about Ruben Foster they could discipline him as well could suspend him. Tom after had a good rookie season for the 49ers. Second on the team in tackles 72 tackles last year. ID 444773776. We'll get back to bomb tomorrow field stuff Clemson will be on the field coming up on Saturday for the spring game. At 230 a bread Death Valley engineer the broadcast starting at noon 93 point three to planet of where you hear that. We are going to hear from Tony Elliott the Clemson co offensive coordinator. Coming up and ultimately the rosters the way they've been divided for Saturday's spring game over at Clemson coming up India. Next segment so stay with us a 44 GS PE SPN if you wanna get in text line 71307. As we have for our number two of the huddle next. On ESP in upstate.