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How'd you and welcome to the huddle call on ESPN upstate. For Wednesday afternoon it is April 11. It is a beautiful sunny day out there and Torrey. Nice weekend we hope for a spring football for Clemson. And other outdoor activities the -- the heritage at a witness this witness starts tomorrow. Talk much about babble we should and will do more of that immoral when it starts with that I was looking at the field and of course tiger is not going to Mickelson is not going and Rory is not going to speak to snuggle and but. They don't read Dustin Johnson going for the first time along gone. And that's cool when dust because he's coastal Carolina guy you want amateur tournament itself Carroll still maternal we have we want him there and in the near what you've got to be a nice attraction for the heritage to have him. Local boy coming down yeah no doubt. Otherwise. In the field. So we'll look into that we get our local guys Bill Haas is gonna play Lucas Glover William Mcguirk. Also want Jonathan Byrd Wesley Bryan won it last year is University of South Carolina and he'll be back. And up Paul case you'll be there remarkably Schuman who was in the top ten at the masters on Sunday will be there Duff and or market timer. A dock Redmond Clemson golfers gonna play so good field and it will start tomorrow. Down at the Hilton itself. Look import of that out in on national big stops on the tour nationally but for us I think it's well worth following. Open and we lived in Savannah that was a need to do for everybody to drive their votes from Savannah over to Hilton head and go to their parentage. When's the last time the masters champion played in heritage. Can't remember I can either and it rarely. Britain yes and unfortunately for the heritage at the tough spot to be and right after the masters and Patrick Reba little knob either Patrick so well. The don't do this fan growing in peaceful since and some I don't know if nobody's not play and so anyway it's good enough field to make it entertaining I think especially with DJ play contestant on sensitive that helps a lot. This year the great environment as well yeah a beautiful beautiful course and should be a lot of fun this weekend coming up on the show today we're going to hear from mom Mason Rudolph. The former northwestern high school and Oklahoma State quarterback headed off to the NFL now talking about. How his experience at Okie state prepares him for the NFL. Multi bets. Many of you saw him when he plating Greenville for the drive in 2013. He went off for the Red Sox last night at a Grand Slam most. Four for five as Boston club to the New York Yankees and that rivalry where your from Okie that's coming up on the show. Also Donovan Mitchell fought this battle between Donovan Mitchell and and Simmons for rookie of the year. And Benson was gonna win and I don't think there's much question about that but the debate is you know been Simmons is not his first year out he. Was Al last year but missed the season because of his foot injury. So Donovan Mitchell. Last night wore a sweat shirt that had the definition of rookie on. Making sure that he explains to everybody this is what a rookie yeah. Should be defined path gazes and some fun and I think he knows that. He doesn't have a real good chance to be Dublin seventh because in the years Simmons has had but we'll hear Donovan Mitchell coming up as well. Also import it 304 this afternoon to talking live with Steve Marten. Not the wild and crazy one. But the on the broadcaster. Charlotte hornets longtime broadcaster called his last game for the hornets last night Stevens retiring. And and I'm known him he's been a Charlotte like 35 years on an unknown in about thirty of those years. Back at a minimum way gave back in the late eighties. And won't talk to him live at Rio for about his career with the Charlotte hornets he did radio and TV thing rusty does he he'd ever to make of his mind he kept switching back and forth between radio and TV. Khamenei must and and I'd like six times during his career under already and I'm not come back on TV you know got bored and headed tries have been different. It probably had to do with what they wanted you know they needed to TV guys who went over and and they needed a radios -- went back when he went he did a great job over the years for the hornets and he also called some ACC football and things like that so. Without Steve coming up at 304. This afternoon and Michigan has canceled the spring game. On Saturday today is what I'll today's Wednesday. And issue bubbles is now we can't play Saturday and obviously thunderstorms. The little early it. I was amused by that. But putting a lot of pressure on that meteorologists. Why didn't Wisconsin also chancellor did the other games Friday and then that's a little better little closer to today but. Still that's. I would love her sunny and 65 on site Saturday in Michigan how. How often in life does that happen if there are a prime example is just Monday. There is at league academy your daughter's playing soccer and there was paid eight straight night she's in eighth grade and now take it you know parents won't this this student out there. They canceled it because of fear of rain that they might not even play the game of course no rain dance and everything went off without a hitch. But we didn't do it right now today after Thursday that he doesn't happen right I get that dead you know you'd you don't want people standing on the thunderstorm but. Wednesday is a little early I don't know that you know what is going to be doing Saturday I don't think you do either I think it's way too early letting what I did it shows you that they didn't really care that play that game. I think that's exactly what it means that in the spring games are meaningless so I know these fans are all excited especially Saturday and clumsy and it's great family environment take kids out and watched some football but. The games are not that important no but I am wondering if Harbaugh is thinking I don't need another reason for fans to get on me so we don't play this game they had nothing to complain about a very valid point and as you hear. Took Sweeney talking about pay. You trying to get all of the fans out there he doesn't want to be the laughingstock of the Internet right not have any good turnout. Could that be the same thing with Jim Harbaugh that they can just be it is that even if it is. Somewhat weather is OK but there's not a big turnout than that a sign of who. I guess some lack of support him are you could say that about Colombia and people more excited about South Carolina football in a minute long time the background at the spring game is not impressive. It was not impressive. Have they historically had good turnout not great turnouts. I rate Jiaka I think it's just following their trend him. Yeah. Just humorous to me a lot. It's just very humor all right 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Keyword ESPN at the beginning of your text message. And you can reach us on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Erdogan are for Clemson baseball last night down in North Augusta as Georgia scored five runs in the third inning and held on to beat Clemson six to three. First game at SRC park last night. On the bulldogs take a one nothing lead in the series this year they play again just next week. Next Tuesday Clinton got out first score three runs in the second inning. Andrew Morton with a two run home run in Jordan green had a solo home run his fourth of the season but. Blush came back with five runs on three hits and three walks in the third inning. An and match went silent for Clemson and the pitching was not what. Money Lee wanted it to be here's money after the loss to Georgia last night. Georgia the better team tonight that's for sure. You know we he has started all fairly well we had a big inning there two home runs in the third and they answered right back. We had a dull walls and a guy who isn't a hit the Big Three run homer. How to make you bond to three and then we just cannot find a way down. They're really put together another good at bats to get us back in a ball game and how we had a couple opportunities but not very many because a delighted in such a good job. Out of the bullpen matching up righty and lefty their bowl game was very very good. So you know and you know we didn't play our great baseball game by any means we made some mistakes. Beijing while we were okay. You know couple Gaza the ball well felt like Mora was okay tonight Miller was really good and it was great to see only rented. Get an errant throw well you know here near his home town but overall I might just be a little more competitive with our pads. You know we took a lot of strikes and I'd bring in a lot of strikeouts. And it's very difficult here and do strike counts when your face and really get arms like Georgia pass. You know I've got to be more competitive at the plate. You know overall I just outplayed us they were the better team tonight and hopefully we can learn from some of our mistakes. And they deserve the credit they were the better thing. You'll ever go to a baseball game and hearing sweet Caroline in. I don't think so that is a that's a state that the staple yes not a severe one during the entire time is that just. In the south when plans that don't. I don't they in yankees stay long enough Boston gets almost daily volume of throws us personally us not just all of this now with a minor leagues some in Ohio but I'm. I don't remember ever hearing that but it's big it's a big deal for Red Sox affiliates at least in the course you hear every blind because of that. I don't. Oh yeah I think that I'm not at that I can't give you good reason why sweet Caroline is the baseball I get the significance here by the you know. By most yet why Boston. Out of but they do it. All right so here's the deal is person they lose to Georgia no big deal I mean look Clemson still and in great shape with their overall record it's 25 and eight their 105 in the ACC. But. Not lead to good teams. They're not being the best teams. Other good news for Clemson is that they have Miami this weekend at Miami used to be good baseball remember them. Other not good should least be very of their there this year Miami is thirteen and eighteen. Thirteen and eighteen so fork so and get a homes have Clemson should be in good shape where that India would Wake Forest in the next weekend's series. And Wake Forest. Is fourteen and twenty cell. It's not murderer's row coming up but later on yeah as bad as say I think down the stretch yeah. The got to play a Virginia in Charlottesville less last weekend of the month that's like Florida State appear act Clemson. And then nom that body that's it for the conference season that got all series for the Austin. Pittsburgh so mom you know playing Virginia and Florida State will not play well. To win those two series I'd look Hudson's in great shape to host a regional yes. Beyond that. I think still an open question because while Clemson has a pretty gaudy record and they've run up some nice win totals. When they when they face the better teams like NC state didn't go real well like Georgia last night. Dean go so well. You know low bully beat two out of three little is not what they usually are this year Miami's coming in this weekend they're now what they usually are so when the ACC is down. It's not to be is not the best year for the ACC in baseball when duke and NC state or your two leaders about its theme this season down into this from. In the past few years. Yeah out so you know poems and rolling through fine and they're getting into the policies that yes the question is will Clemson will this Clemson team be able to beat the best teams in the country and I think the jury's out moment. Right now. Based on what we've seen so far. You know and they have enough to get to to get out of a super regional and get to the college World Series and you know you want to answer that by beating good teams like they had the chance to last night against Georgia and they neglected and do when your pitching let you down specially you know after. Have. Good inning like they did in the third inning and in Georgia response and you're obviously you heard Monty Lee talk about. Does the pitching just let him down up. Yep they're gonna have to play better to make a deep run in the post season this year and have good news is again when he Tom. To work on that don't surprise Clinton does well the next couple weekends in his mind you Wake Forest or. Are not the better teams in the conference but that Virginia Florida State on the horizon will be bigger tests for the tigers. A South Carolina did get a win last night they beat the citadel twelve to one in Charleston last night Jakob Olsen with five RBIs. And out and got young pitcher named Carmen Carmen. Modes in ski. While that's a mouthful and he pitched five strong innings. I Chris Carlin had three hits and now Carlos Cortez in Madison stokes all had a good night's Raila Hogan had a good night to South Carolina against that cell. Midweek win and they've been bad about. Not winning the Wii games so they needed that. They will go to Fayetteville Arkansas. And face the University of Arkansas beginning Thursday night beginning tomorrow night the snow the Thursday through Saturday series. 6 o'clock tomorrow night for the gamecocks actually 7 o'clock eastern time so while. Gamecocks need a series win they need to get another myopic dismissed pretty good Arkansas team they're going to have to lock. Play well in order again and and conversely would mark talked about the ACC be and down amid the SEC is not the SEC is is lights out in a drilling this year yeah they're loaded got a ton of teams in the top 25 and so in south Carolina's remaining schedule will be. Difficult and they got some work to do is robbing is an uphill climb for them to get kaposi's agreed. A not certain net that'd rubio a lot of gamecocks fans that are going to be happy. Without these balls in China this year not. Does not appear to be in the cards right you're thought she York comments are welcome 8444773776. Of the text line is 71307. And on Twitter at ESP in upstate. Is Greg McKinney Richmond we were Alonso just under way for Wednesday in the huddle on ESP in upstate. So as we head into the NFL draft coming up at the end of this month. Projections continue two send her round quarterbacks at the top of this draft. And mock drafts continue to. Ignore the Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph who played. Here in south Carolina at northwestern high school I was really that this. Mock draft from SEC country I guess they did it themselves and don't see. Anything that says they're quoting somebody else's mock draft. I don't Mason Rudolph in the first round. At all. Not in the first round not the first 32 picks. I guess mistake. I think Mason Rudolph is is going to be an effective NFL quarterback. A you look at what he did. In college at Oklahoma State. I mean is far and away and everybody wants to say. Well he does in the big twelve they're no defense that took. He was far away either leading passer by yardage in the country last year. 377. Yards passing per game almost 5000 yards for the season a 4900 yards. For the season 37. Touchdowns against nine interceptions. You love that. And you know you can you can criticize the schedule. All you want they did beat Virginia Tech in a bowl game which is a pretty good. ACC team they played West Virginia they played Oklahoma they played TCU. They played Texas at Texas came was an aberration you look at the scores for Oklahoma State last year and they're all like 415253. Except for Texas thirteen or did I had to crack crack crack. What we were in overtime we are get into some basketball scores almost half and then all of a sudden. Thirteen to ten in overtime. And now Austin against the Texas Longhorns. But anyway album Mason Rudolph believes that the kind of office he ran at Oklahoma State. The spread. Will translate well for him in the NFL. See you see spread quarterbacks a movie the last five years and even that I've been pretty successful at the next level and I think job. Did you do if we start to seal up more of those concepts that we looked at type the high tempo type of offenses. You know they're NFL teams adopt more of that you know that that that philosophies. I'll tell you want if I had down a late first round pick. And you know I didn't have a glaring need. And I needed to go ahead and give me a back up quarterback. And be looking a Mason Rudolph. Like employees think in the first round. Late first round and he's not going to go in the first round and I wouldn't take him in the first round tonight. I just I question his arm strength it is. The big now it in the NFL you talk about their cornerbacks in the NFL he's gonna have to have a different type of velocity on that ball. Coming out now and I just don't know violet. I'm not gonna take him in the first round second round third round yes. If there's no other big holes I'd I'd take him. But I would rather build. From the inside out it. And obviously a lot of it does depend on what your whole czar. The patriots. Opinion on. Would that be something that didn't they might look at you they know they've got a quarterback issue. And they're going to be draft dean lower in the first round so could you make that argument. Because they know Tom Brady's not last forever they've got to be summed that up. Op patriots or anybody else yes I would take Mason Rudolph late first yes but with. Watched him play a high school had northwestern. Washington and Oklahoma State. Look these guys that they're projecting to go in the top five. Sam Arnold. Josh Rosen. You believe and all those guys you believe then. I like Josh Allen is he going to be. A star in the NFL. Or you take that risk on him at number one somebody coming that Matty what happens. With Cleveland. Do Cleveland's gonna take Barkley. Now than that they are in full or they won't play anymore. They're actually gonna trade. With the patriots and patriots are gonna move up pictures of trade rock them. And so the patriots are gonna do what. In the majors are gonna take one of those quarterbacks. And it's not going to be Mason Rudolph no one O line looked on the same Mason Rudolph is top five pick don't get me wrong. The did you did not even the first round are there any explanations out there why I mean well probably thank you liked like. Richmond is that he doesn't have the arm strength I don't know that. I don't know that that's true. I don't know the Mason Rudolph is is so deficient and arm strength that that he doesn't deserve to be in a first round of the senate program. Does a winner throws it all over the place he threw the long ball he would see him throw the long ball on Oklahoma State. Oh there's no doubt he can throw the ball. But it's different. At that next level. And he's gonna have to be is that play under center we know that if and that's an adjustment period depends on can he you know additional wasn't in play and centuries. OK and so now you're gonna compared to Shawn Watson Bob Barrett wanna go play in under setter I am of for me time to see the show once and Anderson are excellent well do you also see at Houston actually started to. Change you know a little bit of their offense to allow him that he didn't have to be Anderson. And so it could be a situation is the NFL are they moving away from the true. Drop back quarterback. I'm not talking about a true read pass option. Quarterback is rolling out all the time but. You start to see some offenses change their scheme a little bit. Especially when you're looking at the type of talent that you have a quarterback as we know in college it's just going to continue nobody is under center anymore. They're all. You know in the shotgun and yet has yet to adjust if they're going to stick with. Under center snaps in the affair or will they don't have to judge yes that's my question will the NFL or just maybe they will. The NFL to NFL just citron's all the times we shall mean. But the Mason Rudolph I understanding passenger on tennis but if you had never seen him personally. And loses look and you know like you look at all these other guys. Would you drop them at the end of the first round like you talk about now this is just because your eye tests just speak. As a Solomon high school is while woman wanna lay in the first round up to snuff one important spoken first of all right at the Abu. Now and discuss some ticked off that he got out of state when South Carolina been desperate for quarterback over the years no either and it's not at all not that at all the ball communal. Now look at him I mean look at had a guy slung it around look look. What does that what does the argument about. I'm an. Should we look that up. This he'd turn out all right I don't think you can actually necessarily try to compare apples apples based on schedule in the level of competition. Mean you see so many of these guys and I guess my point is that the NFL they know rarely do they mean yes. On a player a really to show while some of number twelve. It's the moon's yeah him to Shawn Watson went where he needed to do want. But all we know whiners are good players do shoulders who were reversed really he's there with Cleveland now he would never play again has been hurt since I'm Caroline does not going. I'm not saying eleven people picked other relevant James picked other guys that's the point I'm not saying that the NFL. Teams don't. Make a mess but well. Overall the NFL they don't miss too many times all line. A player and they find players to considering the level of competition there's plenty of guys that have made it. In the NFL to become stars that did not play in the SEC in the ACC at the quote unquote highest level of cards so you agree with me that the fact that Mason Rudolph play in the big twelve should not be a big factor should not. Factor yes I why that's not bad then you're saying in its arm strength yeah I think it's more of the mechanics more of the arm strength. There there's other things that I've read about. It you can look at talking about. Not care writer for sure but no that is tiny known is Ralph's is not as good as another guy's ball comes out wobbly at times a member here and these things about another guy we mention Islamic. It doesn't go through his progression in this but. I'm tired of mentioning his name. That they were about. That they were wrong about. Do you think Cleveland would. They got number one pick back from last year. They would love to if they can get it yes those little quarterbacks are looking at this year. And we're gonna wanna passed on last year yes. That's all on site at. You were talking about Cleveland now. That's what they they are my Cleveland and picks two through 112 Cleveland has no regrets. Cleveland and he's very consistent if you're consistent at being bad you have no room grabbed her and that's when you suck. Well I think there an organization that doesn't know how to run themselves because they don't know what their goals our. And that's the problem they're gonna do better when Dorsey back there he's he's he's a pretty good general managers who mostly. And you guys are making an all about Cleveland. And now know imaging Cleveland because they had. Yeah Wasilla teams it you know but rather a quarterback if if you have. Mitchell drew biscuit. Elena a number to do yet by the mayor's don't even give you started as well you're not and obviously have orange in my blood. Patrick Holmes. May turn out to be all right ahead of the show Watson and Chris I was surprised by that and as well I actually thought Sean was going to Kansas City. Does seem like a logical choice. Andy Reid offensive minded guy he thought that he would be all over to Shawn Watson. And Holmes is supposed to be the guy now for. Maybe they worried about Shawn Watson mr. ability. Now until until we see if he if he ends up hurting every year. What they said the Clemson if he ends after the freshman no I listen I don't stale but I always look I stayed healthy I understand it but Clinton is not the NFL and and if he went a minute. That's a sacrilege. To some but definitely not to pay back. I don't wish him any harm I hope he stays healthy I was rooting for him in Houston I thought Houston really good but if he doesn't stay healthy. Then. You're gonna have to change your mind about the pit. Yadda I don't know that there's any such thing is injury prone and it's. You know what happens to you. Bad luck gay hit the wrong line pat it is Aaron Rodgers injury prone well last year laws. I it's it's life it's adversity just happens. At RG three came out he was highly lauded he got hurt he was never the same. Well I mean there are some players like that again heard there never decide what RG three is different situation yet it's different because of he put himself in position to get hurt more often than some of these other quarterbacks. Nash is the reality of it. And it's like you can't have a true running quarterback in the NFL are to me just say this I'm taking Mason Rudolph. You guessed that one quarterback of this year's draft. I don't wanna picking any kind of got a problem in Athens and us are all there are no good quarterbacks in this market. All of his won't draft quarterbacks this year with his passing comebacks is next year for quarterbacks. Who's better the Mason Rudolph tummy want. A that your stress in all honesty I think you're splitting hairs there all the signs they're all basically the thing with the now what are these guys going to be better than the others. That's the way it works and that's going to be situation haunts them it's it'd be the guiding goes to the better team. Not necessarily has to show wants in on a better team. Yeah he put into a much better team knew what he could have went to could've been Chicago as you mentioned that mentally how to abuse and it was the other. True but if you look at the couple years before Houston won games without a good quarterback that was then they weren't much without him. After he got hurt and you know they also lost JJ broad as well. We just is not a column good please don't insult me call Houston that he used was a playoff team that makes the playoffs yes. They could marginally in only because their demand is. That's as good a sudden they're all who is better in their division nobody but they who's good in their division. I yeah I'll think about it saying give me a quarterback and now will revisit this. Three years to come back. At the app that we got to write this down got to add this in May down Jimmy your guy in this quarterback class. And I want you know always demonstrate to me down the row why that guy's better than me I'm not sure that any guys in this quarterback class will be around three years we you never know. That's right but. Odds are that one of these guys will have an impact one or more of these guys rule will last in the benefit Columbia pretty good quarterback. So you think you can yeah I would say. If I had to make a pick right this second among go sand Arnold. I'm go on with Lamar Jackson. That. A kid a barge accident well positioned. At the that was never would suspect in the senate which one of these quarterback Mark Jackson. Turned out to be the best wide receiver in this quarterback play at 8444773776. Will be right back this is the huddle on ESP announced. So tonight's final night of the NBA regular season some James finished up last night we have a pretty good group a games tonight. The big one Minnesota hosting the Denver Nuggets. Minnesota and Denver. 46 and 35. Going into the final game and ride on the line of making the playoffs everything is decided except that. Games at Minnesota you like the Minnesota or Denver ever been on the won six straight. But Coleman of Minnesota at home in yeah I think so with playoff berth on the line. But now they're still. The shake up with that how the seedings Lohse lay out in the west yeah no question but the west. It looks exciting. At least for the playoffs the match at the potential matchup that east who not so much you like Golden State Oklahoma City that would be a final and first round. San Antonio right now would play Utah. Not bad. See that prisoners mornings can be relic Santonio and you too you talk about what you. Yeah give me just because you don't know. Yeah Donald I don't I don't really know you saw and I mean I know San Antonio. Because of all the Kline Leonard not playing stuff. Now if you was to suddenly play and become an exciting. You'll be watching the pelicans in the trailblazers launch a big issue. Love the New Orleans felt that overrated player. Yes good thing finally shave that thing thousands of the at the camera. Yes the unit brow. So in the east is some boiled cited as big gap between eight and nine in the east of the wizards and the Miami Heat down at the bottom of the up. Top eight in the east the raptors did win the east clinched a day of a five game lead. Over the Boston Celtics. Philadelphia dig get past the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sir. I'm OK here what's eating you going to. Face the pacers. Apparently in the first round in in my scared of them got to be scared of those Indiana Pacers man. It's all we go the play also star this weekend and we're gonna carry a lot of but he earliest in upstate wait until tonight's games are played to get the final officials seedings and and tell you what we'll have come enough for you here. But our NBA playoff coverage beginning on ESPN upstate did you see the story about Andrei Ingram. Great story. Called up from the gene league to the lakers. First time he's been in the G league for ten years. A decade in the geely. Called up. To play the Houston Rockets last night for the LA lakers. It puts in nineteen points. Allow that to great story that's an all these air chanting MVP. After Arafat's 32 years old. The engineers and NG the death you talk about a grind you have to own you know want it badly. The put up what that the keep the dream alive in Gaza salaries there they're not making much now. Now I mean it's like stay in the cheap hotels and it you know save as much money as you can turn. He's a 63 guard. He holds the all time G league record for most reporters you would think so is in the can bidders can hear it gets affected. And most guys are playing in two to three years and geely Gannett did he get his first four shots in the game last night three were three pointers. I had three blocks in nineteen point 648. From the field four for five on three pointers. And every time he hit a shot in BP chance would wring out. In the arena there with James Harden who's probably going to be the MVP. In his tenth it's. It's funny in attendance like I said that in intends there's an element yeah. It ended say it was the Aaron and it was there anyway. So sprinkle and and the other players seem to be. On his side to crop has just you know story of president great story SR Chris Paul talking with him and they need detail is giving him a lot of words of encouragement and just thought it was a day. Nice way to in the NBA season and now but it was nice that it. The lakers pulled him up they didn't have to write. Now that's right it was a good move by them do you think he's and retire now that he's made big if that would be a good way to end out right. No authority to you know itself. At some point you are going to get tired of it but now look if you make a decent living and adult that'd you'd call it necessarily decent him in a beats working some. Menial job your playing basketball and do what I love this yeah I get it in and it's critical that they congratulations to Andrei. And in the G league also just celebrated the Alston spurs with a G league championship. And that was drawn Boston game. It is on Austin spurs and he can say he's the champion has him into wanna be saying I'm eight Gordon scored fifteen points and us nineties. That didn't is a double average guy double digit average guy points wise. In some good playing time. Not sure he's gonna get called up right. I'm married extra now that it's a good season for him especially if you win. When a championship. Yeah no no question. And the story on Kevin Durant he's gonna decline his player option. And become an unrestricted free agent but does not expect to be on the open market for long. He'll turn down a salary of 26 point two million dollars in order to restructure his deal with the warriors so. Tom just a long term play their for Kate and of course he's not going to go anywhere he wants to be. In the warriors organization doesn't doesn't have to be the main guy. Right that's why went the warriors in the first place up which is completely different then what you see with LeBron James. Where LeBron James has been the guy for fifteen years and he's not afraid of it. Yeah true there is a difference there under ran this down a deal allow them to keep Iguodala and Shaun Livingston so. He certainly has. Done his part for the warriors to help them out. All right we'll get back to the phones after the break the world against the clock fearless sticker fabric of the hour we'll be right back smoky bets coming up Steve Martin hornet's broadcaster coming up at 304. All of the huddle ahead today on Wednesday on ESP in upstate. Wednesday hoddle underway ESPN of State's Greg McKinney Richmond sweeper and Alonso 8444773776. Is our number to the phones and Jerry you are up next hour Ager. I'm doing good man and Paul got that allow. Ridge and not to meet ya can't go to your job and it. But I got a quick question about the outlook are really quickly. I don't want to know how moms are that big dot. Content man to man caught in the dependable core. Not the quick comment or all of deputy David. Right here is that that would keep the farm bill. Yet here here's the thing we have heard that he's up and coming to follows we'll start a team today I would start with Anthony Davis. He's good he's a very good player he is he averages about a hundred points a game. But what does he done I mean and he's bit. He's been in the league since 2012 what does he done it did say is split and end. How can you say anyone's great when the team to play four's called the pelicans that's also a problem. It's it's definitely a problem is the stupidest name at all sports including Minor League Baseball. I just I'm sorry I'm waiting for this guy to beat the guy that everyone says he has. And if I'm team had a chance to have more of the team yes I would have one team but. When do you go from upping coming to finally having arrived that's all warm out. Also I guess that that they really get it yet there they get it. And it there's so I'll take back that that that makes it felt I believe he got absolutely yeah the great and it. A Major Garrett thank you thank you for the comments here death greatly appreciate you listening as well. And in Davis just scored twenty points game it's not his company's on a team that's not play off for the are not deeper on where the in the play offs. Not at all but he was supposed to be that guy that was going to carry ignored by yourself. Yes that's a that's what everyone has said he is so over high do you know if you resist if you wasn't hyped so much I wouldn't have a problem with. I'm not sure he's over hyped. I just think that we get into a situation where we'd look at his size. And that automatically thinks that he should be dominating the NBA in carrying this team well when they're saying. He's the next LeBron he's the next guy it's gonna carry the league when LeBron retires I don't see it I just don't. LeBron title hill. Always a lot of help. I mean I'm not saying he doesn't. But he's went somewhere worries god help. It and they brought him help from Cleveland when he came back quickly Mindanao and the first down with Cleveland when he took him to finally have any help then. Name somebody goes on that team felt Anthony Davis also hitter river is in the Western Conference if there's a that that's a problem as well that's not easy to get out of the Western Conference. Well if you look at today's NBA what he needs to do he needs to go somewhere and pair up with somebody else in the world who he's got. I NT is your fault you leave. Leave the pelicans man who the heck out of New Orleans yes what are you thinking it's your fault. Frigate like there's a god don't put money on that's going Cary delete this Tony didn't Simmons. Not Anthony Davis well like Manson. You're right he's had a great year I like human LSU on and like him ice. Attitude. His attitude. Was that were thrown his attitude is what he's done he's a bad that he was he was just. Basically a quitter enough. Analogy we haven't seen that type of quitting attitude in the NBA. If I wanna be at LSU. So it's okay review. Zion doesn't wanna be at duke next year in office on nine it out I'm not saying that it's OK. I am trying to give you a reason why and hopefully that they're going to mature enough to understand that's not the way you react when you're there you're there man play. LSU was awful talk about a guy continues aero team talk about a got usually carry the team in Denton about been Simmons and I had no issues that they didn't make the tournament Ernie thanks but no no issues he doesn't have to Jerry he's six to tell. Anthony Davis that nest areas he's the closest thing we might be able to see to Magic Johnson in years. 8444773776. Motif that's coming up a great night last night. More your call stay with us and huddle on ESP announced it.