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We're back it's a huddle as ESPN upstate Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso Hollywood until 330 today that's when we take you to Clemson baseball. Tigers and George take the open ACC play today. Gamecocks don't open up in conference play till next week in only a Princeton I think this weekend. So limited this game up today just try to clear out the schedule a little bit motion ring cumin and more Sunday than Saturday. So stand by they could end up having to play a double header. Tomorrow on this one and we're going to this one down early today. Final seconds of ticked off the clock and it's a final at the SEC tournament. In Saint Louis Alabama 81 Auburn 63. And eighteen point. Alabama blowout over the top seed in the SEC tournament. What do we make of that. First of all what does this say about the SEC that Alabama more than Alabama is better as a nine seed then that getting credit for or is Auburn. A bit overrated what would you say. I would say a little bit of both but I'll also give Auburn somewhat of a pass because they are missing Michael Moore some fears. Yeah. They are but I mean they have been winning without him yeah outside of palm. Doesn't give me a lot of confidence that Auburn is gonna make a deep run in the tournament as a you know. Could part of this beak live demos is getting hot at the right time yeah they're they're better than a nine C problem. Out of her there know those. Those last second buzzer beaters and termites. Can sometimes spring board team. Farther than what they would. You know most people why shouldn't say most. If you're over the age of 33 you'll probably remember times said in the UCLA when he drove the lane against Missouri. In the final what foresight into that ball game. Very very similar to what sexson did dealt. So next it's Georgia and Kentucky Georgia get a win. About another upset Georgia over Kentucky winning no mingle with cats in the mountain. I guess. It's not not an aspiring on this here though I mean they have a minute goal with the globes. Galloping Georgia or Georgia Georgia wins. Kentucky all the way meant more who without hesitations and I'm confident. Yeah I'm not either you know Kentucky's capable losing this game that's all I'm saying. They you know maybe they don't but they're capable of Tennessee and Mississippi State. That's the 7 o'clock game or time tonight. In the bulls beat me to Rick Barnes has done a nice job he so long to act has been around forever and it's with the slope erode Hickory north kuril yeah. It coach and his done well with the Tennessee as they come into the tournament as the TC amount may be the favorite since Auburn has bowed out. And then their late game tonight 25 minutes after that Mississippi State and Tennessee game will be Arkansas. And Florida. To keep a watch I'll force Florida. And though they haven't they're not very flashy. But man they are monstrous. Are you gonna go on own land and go with you guys Mormon my guys. Did you watch what they've played us now. You beat up on the gamecocks now the same class action law and her well they did bullet. When your delete key. You don't allow all. Another team they were up I think fifteen to seventeen points. And good teams go ahead and gore and and it. And they allowed the South Carolina come back in the game played well it'll get me wrong. They knock down some shots Menard came off the bitch knock down some injuries. Arkansas' here's the thing that scares me about the razorbacks is their defense is not very good. I mean they do not get back they don't pressure the basketball they don't level all drug dealers I mean they just. We think of all you think the forty minutes of oil defense. Up temple full court pressure. Well this team as a form for cry from the far cry. I just watch and a replay it on the highlights of the some 8163 Alabama game overall in and out on their sexton who was most diaries. Driving him for a lay up goes behind the back. And then drops up the pass for the lay up there was some there was sex and yet. Ocalan. Her need for behind I'm well that we did 360 wasn't as he just scan a swirl the ball on the ball away around 360 and then handed it off for the lay up. Big fan of the behind the backs tough match in note style just happens. OK you don't you have I don't plan it just happens we have played pick up basketball. Over the years there was a guy that we just constantly throw. Behind the back passes. And they would consistently go up against the wall a lot of violence. So maybe is that. That kind of soured me on doing anything behind the back there's no need how does it help you do love. The little behind the back I'm not implying anything here I'm just curious were all those TU. Another or not I but you'll be on my team and try to throw it to somebody else behind the back and you know he had no idea where the ball is going. Is slowing demand. I'm not just making a pass how would that be. How would that be showtime who by the way and you pass he's talking about was completed pass and opinion one way ticket all the way around and get control of and then just dropped it off of the guests it was really behind the back pass it was just a 360 move the ball before he passed to off which is aimed visit more unnecessary. Unless you have a defender on you come into the right field behind a -- I love to my income on the option of themselves. Feels like G Mac's a fan of just came of the fish ball he officially get back in. See some Princeton basketball around oh. But that's what you thought it was me ever have a all right you know we've talked before about allowing golf they had the of people call in watching on TV and and and reporting players for rules violations. This is sort like that in NASCAR going to just thoughts on this. I Kevin Harvick dominated the hour race at Las Vegas last week and got a second consecutive victory. And he passed the inspection at the track but shortly after the race photos began surfacing on social media. That appeared to show. The rear window of hard mixed number four Ford borrowed yen. On the right side. Pictures after the race after he passed the post track inspection post race inspection at the track Seoul Wednesday. Two days ago. NASCAR announced that it had issued a level one penalty to harding's team. Because his rear window did not remain rigid at all times during the rights. They also discovered a side skirt on the car was made of steel rather than aluminum. Bats and supposed to have aluminum. NASCAR did not determine the team used any illegal parts and only mentioned a brace holding the window in place. Had failed so today. Harvick was asked about all this. And he was asked to be thought without the pressure from social media he would've still gotten this penalty. And he said no I don't think so anyway Thomas say it's a slippery slope you see the repercussions of all the pictures of pop up from previous races. Then immediately Scholl. That's something that has never been taken before sometimes you feel like you've been. May be taking a picture to prove a point that's more the case than anything here says like compared to golf. It failed miserably when you look at Alexi Thomson. And the outrage of the players. And the things that have never had that have happened the last couple years the root of the problem. Is that. My friends that don't follow racing are very confused on a penalty that comes out on a Wednesday. He said the officials in the garage do a great job it feels like it's a micromanage situation. From a ball of what these guys do in the garage to appease people sitting around on social media social media warriors. And trying to officiate is sporting events to letting these guys in the garage. Do what they do and do a great job with a weekend and week out I agree with Kevin Harvick. How way too much time on your hands if you're looking at a picture and element that we know right senators bond once the races over a once she passed post track inspection you should not be going back and saying well I saw this picture on Twitter. And we're finding. Shouldn't do that yeah it. I hate I'm glad golf changed that rule. And NASCAR needs to do this that I mean if you test. The post game inspection he's good enough cigar store NASCAR fans are nasty if there for a guy and against the guy bullet there won't go over I mean do anything they can attract. You're the guy they don't why you shouldn't let any fan of sports in the home watching on TV have anything any say in any thing ever agreed. Agree right. If if he or Saudi official. Dean team okay. That's the end of most elite people doctoring pictures and sending them run all that stuff from the people you know all kinds of things what club. On a building equipment now on a bold glass. And final 50000 dollars and the crew chief. Robert Smith was suspended for two races that's the truth it's a and village knowing kelp ends is victorious because he got his favorite driver you know they're on they're bragging about it now no I did. Look what I did. Why Alonso was developing all conference threw it in the linemen cal transit area of competence. And we count him. Models now from I think knows a legitimate count pens accident but definitely I wants. Because named Caltrans doesn't mean it felt like that job in the count pencil view. Very I got to hear this stuff. As garnish changes golf has addressed it NASCAR's gonna have to address those social media. Warriors changing. May change your results are still got the win but still causing fines and penalties and all I imagine what polls like oh my gosh. That. And can you imagine. Four plays a go to guy at left tackle is holding out. There are you doing you adapt to close up shop preserved by becoming out to them. Or three days later hale found a picture in CAA. And Carolyn Clancy gaming does need to go back and penalize one of these things stop at. Stop at 8444773776. On a break we'll come back and wrap it up today. In a Friday however Clemson baseball in a moment on ESP in upstate. You're so Alabama blows out Auburn by eighteen points in the SEC tournament. In Saint Louis and here's a tweet from SEC football news which I think is the guys or Saturday down south thrown. SEC football loses little harsh in that they say. Alabama exposes Auburn as a pretender. I donate second half to cruise to the SEC tournament semifinals. As the exactly. Unbiased. I mean I know those results that's fine but that's loans to cash from SEC football news out Alabama wins Auburn is out in the SEC tournament. And us are Georgia Kentucky get ready to tip it off 331. Chip about ten minutes from now all four that one. A we will have Clemson and Virginia for you tonight 7 o'clock is the schedule took time after Clemson baseball which is coming up momentarily here on ESPN upstate. In our huddle poll. Does are not liking the trade the Panthers made today. At least you're not inspired by it. Carolina Panthers. Traded cornerback Darryl Worley to the Eagles four receiver Torrey Smith and so we put a poll asking you your opinion. And only 22% of you think it's a good move. 38%. Say it's a wash doesn't matter either one and 40% of you say that's a bad trade for the Panthers. Worley for Torrey Smith that surprises me. They like Darryl Worley that much. Or just aren't impressed by Torrey Smith. Now it's moved his 43% say as amendment. I'm okay with a yeah you have to get better offensively. There. And don't yell at me about. The Broncos from a couple of years ago. Okay that that's an outline in every now and then it you know like the ravens. In 2000 whatever was in the Bill Ayers and in all of those teams I mean the NFL it's an offensive game. And if you won't know my brother gets mad at me when asked say this but it is on defense is bad. In my guess it every now and then you'll have an outline of that. Crops up but I don't I don't like when people talk about now flyers parcels that you know if you've got a team about liars and you're probably picking number one in the direct. So defense wins championships. Is no longer I mean that thing was done in the 1920s. You know when people were still using now houses and got a hundred years ago via I don't think football existed in the adrenaline myriad. Well yeah I mean you could fold up your helmet put in your back pocket book. It you know we're a little farther along and then when that. And even army that that theology and philosophy. Is so ingrained and look I spent the majority of my career. On the defensive side of the ball the series says his opinion from an offensive coordinator well yeah I mean I thought this and I mean look and college. If if you average. 24 points. Or 28 points or less you you're doing phenomenal. Phenomenal. Mean that's just that's just the game. All the rules are changed all of the you know used to it favored. The defensive side of the ball now only the offensives on the ball why because it's more. Exciting fans wanna fans don't wanna see. Seventy the pinball games fans wanna see 5552. Fans wanna see what we saw on the Super Bowl and the national championship from a couple of years ago when it was when Clemson south in Alabama at like. I don't know 2000 yards of offense and it was 4940. Is acquiring. Torrey Smith bad news for. And your burner or anybody else is currently on that receiving corps. Andrea you know figure well because to me or does so many he's a versatile player he can play on special teams each game. I think what hurt he's gonna do is try to make that transition you know when you think of the Carolina Panthers. The culture of their defense that's what you think about. And it seems hurry is trying to change that. And we'll see if he's successful non. But you agree with him I mean you've got to surround Cam Newton. Width. Legitimate weapons I don't think he's done. I think Ganassi and profits of dominated draft. By him and Ron Rivera. And then. Go way that they've got about three year window. One more piece of news out of Charlotte basketball brought Charlotte hornets announced today that guard. Michael Carter Williams. Has suffered another injury a chair in his left shoulder. Confirmed after he underwent an MRI and was examined by the team order orthopedist. Injury have to a 405 to go in the second quarter of Charlotte's game at Toronto on March 4. Of five days ago. Carnell Williams is now going to have to have surgery to address the injuries you will miss the rest of the season. So that's a loss for the hornets. In his first season with the hornets Carnell Williams appeared in 52 games. Averaging four point six points game and two point seven rebounds a game so that's it for Michael Corey Williams for the hornets know what the hornets a are going anywhere anyway but. That's certainly does not help. Right now. In the NBA standings in the east the hornets are 28 and 38. And there are about. Six and have seven games out of playoff contention so. Even though there in tenth place and you get the playoffs top eight teams go they're not real close. To being in they've lost five and rose to their fading fast. Through it pretty clear picture in the east who's going to be in the playoffs and that line is drawn after the Milwaukee Bucks. And not including the Charlotte hornets. And in the west's. Low blood more a battle he got three teams that are in a virtual tie rod around the playoff cut line the clippers the nuggets and the jazz are pretty much dead even all sixteen and a half games back. Right now the clippers. Statistically. In eighth place but the nuggets and the jazz. Are right there Houston Rockets winning streak continues they've won seventeen in a row now. How long can ago. The Golden State is 17 under. About the staff curry injury that doesn't look like it's terribly serious right. Hopefully. What is the shortlist that he used his sandwich in his hotel room but he. I even went stumbling. He'd come to an event can be on his pinky toe. Now itself for California what you just hate stiff Currie. I mean eight stiff Corey I don't Haiti I just don't like. Like he's or he does good things I don't like him I don't care what these guys I'll I feel like me I don't. Well look I mean I don't deny that he's a good play he's a good shooter of the basketball I just don't lie. I just can't get the picture in my head of him being you know LeBron throwing him into the third roll him soaking in. You know. Well. Chewing on his pacifier. Just draws. He's out for at least two games Donny making the trip this weekend the two game weekend trip right ankle twist is the word. And though most say hi looks after that. Mean if he's not Bakken of in a hurry that can be a serious blows to the a Golden State Warriors thanks for listening today we're back here on Monday in the huddle at 1 o'clock coming up next Clemson Georgia Tech baseball. Followed by Clemson Virginia basketball. So stay tuned here on ESP in upstate for Josh lawns are Greg McKinney receive money at 1 o'clock in the huddle ESP in upstate every weekend.