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It's halftime now in the SEC tournament and Auburn has ten point lead over Alabama 41 to 31. No idea ACC daytime games most games are tonight duke and north Caroline Little League game Clemson Virginia of these 7 o'clock game. And why that Clemson Virginia game four here on ESPN upstate. But the switching over from baseball as Clemson takes on Georgia Tech. To basketball in their schedule to do that at 645. So that'll be the switch over time but the tip off around 7 o'clock laughter. For Clemson and Virginia. In the Atlantic Coast Conference. Tournament. But back to the SEC tournament South Carolina Gamecocks failed to Arkansas. Yesterday. 69. To 64. Was the final score. And an actress so before for twelve from the field for fifteen points. Coach so one bad seven for eleven for fifteen point. And then now Booker was the only other guy in. Double figures he was three for eight for eleven points west Myers was holed. One for ten over six from three point he had two points on the day. And leading the way for the government. Razorbacks was bar fur with seventeen. And make and had a twelve so now we gamecocks. Oh wait a possible. NIT bid they're seventeen and sixteen they finish koppers play at seven. And eleventh here's what frank Barton said after last night's loss about the gamecocks post season opportunity. We're both 500. RPI. Arkansas' or pre like thirty years from when there. Neutral court or. You know we've lost it's crazy whose game Dragic. So from an RPI standpoint strength of schedule good wins quadrant winter ball 500. And all teams of RBIs in the eighties. Walsh each have gotten into Yemen to Wii Wii Fit the criteria. To me you were bad stomach decision. You won't like I don't speak for coach tanner who ship back here with the energy and I just wish I mean people were logo. Stay home. So nothing if they don't it's and I tear bust baby at at at that's if that is. That's taken a hard line and it is he. Poisoning the again in the united yeah. I think they give and I think blew the name. Okay the raw and I think this is where they'll get the benefit of the doubt. From the momentum of the run of the final four last year. I'm gamecocks fans travel exceptionally well meaning people remember what happened to New York City when they played Florida. In the elite eight it was a 80% gain car crowned. A daily gain cart faithful how and Arizona was just off the charts. I'm in Arizona for the final four so. I think they get and I think keep. And your whoever selects. Those team rightly recognize that they would be great addition to the field and like posted. You know with the winds that they've had yet they haven't had the greatest of yearbook. In other basketball also flooding now because which we haven't talked about them all a lot what you hear it. You know he mentioned that some with the quadrant in the tears and ill was or tier two. I didn't know there was so many tears in division one basketball there's been a lot of players issue there's a field could hit especially. This exactly. You know there's tier one tier two tier three you know her Clemson played. Who was at the wrap up. Their game the other night. Syracuse Syracuse and that was a tier three game. And Syracuse and that great but he you know because of their RPI. That. You would help Clemson who won that game which it did in all of them so. Well. I think they get an MIT and I think they'll do very well. In that it would give them a lot of momentum going in tune into next year and understand why coach. Is feeling like he has right now from in key standpoint. I kinda get the sense. And this is pure speculation. But I can't get those those. The service that he's ready for the offseason. That with this team and will. The hectic schedule. They have last year during the summer leading up to the U they're really I would avail. The players do the coaches didn't. And so they I think I got a sense that he's he's come ready for the offseason. I don't think he's gonna be too upset if they don't pay. Now of course as a competitor you want to go and compete and we heard that but I don't think he's going to be all that disappointed if the game parks. Finished up their year yesterday just kind of get away from and then regroup going next year with bone filled. Well there's 74 in the RPI according to ESPN's today that's updated after the loss to Arkansas so 74. They are 1716 as we said. They have the eightieth. Spot and can bomb right now. Against RPI top fifty teams gamecocks only three intent. Against RPI top 100 teams they're seven. And fourteen. There's a couple of three actually people do project tournament fields for the ninety. NYC buckets dot com. Donuts. And they have the gamecocks and and they have them facing. Temple. Think there article Lleyton and lost to. And at the NIT bracket project. Has the man as a five seed. And looks like they have matched up with a Old Dominion. They were probably in a South Carolina probably they get in the pro I get a home game running because they've got a great facility and run you know they'll draw some people moments I think figure who did and they'll get. One may be. Home game. And we'll go from there yeah demagoguery we just think they probably getting him as a four or five seed just. You know the fact that there are fun a fourteen question doesn't hurt no sure knows he needs some name recognition and announced what can hurt them of course as some upsets here and non. We still have some tournaments going on so there's a lot to be decided. Going forward on whose on again and he's gonna take those automatic bids in the somebody you hope we get one of those. Automatic bids lose and then they get an at large bid that can all affect South Carolina so which will grow we're gonna fund house on the night. Our idea Alec come out right after the parchment it's been during an. So we will see where the gamecocks. Go if they go anywhere but they will not do the CBI or the CI a two year any of those things if they don't get me in ninety. Frank Barton has made it pretty clear there is no no FDIC tournament. You know none of that doesn't amassed what that. Let's see when did you a couple of score updates we have a lot of basketball going on today is forty US big game in the SEC forty. 39 Auburn leads Alabama. Seventeen minutes to go. And that won me get the score updates appeared to what's going on some of these. Other games or go to division moron here and some of the other games that are under way today. About two minutes left Louisiana leads Texas State. 77 a 48 in the sun belt so Louisiana is gonna win that one. Handily I got Marshall over southern miss by twelve. Late in the first half. That's and number USA. Cincinnati's now pulled away and beaten SMU by ten. And the AA EC tournament. 61 to 51. Is a final and now one and in the AT and Rhode Island beats. VCU's 76 to 67. Bunch other games going on this afternoon the SEC afternoon games will continuing Georgia and Kentucky. Georgia other played pretty well now. Nobody gave them much of a chance that they took care of Vanderbilt took care Missouri and Elliott play Kentucky. Can Georgia beat Kentucky. In Saint Louis. We'll see that's scheduled for. May say 3 o'clock probably later net before it tips off. This afternoon in the SEC tournament Affleck to stay plays UT Arlington today in the Sunbelt quarterfinals. And we'll see an Old Dominion we mentioned they may play just South Carolina could see South Carolina in the jump in ninety. Later on the play western Kentucky. This afternoon conference USA at 4 o'clock. George state plays Troy later tonight. As Xavier will play Providence tonight the big east. Tournament 630 at Madison Square Garden. Kansas in the big twelve tournament place Kansas State tonight at 7 o'clock. Kansas 25 and seven the K State's pretty good to Kansas favored by eight and that when Wichita State. Will play temple tonight. That will be at 7 o'clock. Back to the SEC tonight of 7 o'clock game for Tennessee and Mississippi State. And then later on tonight we'll get Villanova number two in the country and 9 o'clock taking on Butler. Villanova one of the best teams in the country. 28 and four North Carolina duke scheduled for nine probably a little later than that closer to 930 when they took Taiwan off for the Barclays center in Brooklyn. And don't favor by four over the Tar Heels tonight. Texas Tech is 9 o'clock tonight will play West Virginia in the big twelve on the pac twelve Arizona takes on UCLA. In Las Vegas. It's pretty cool that there have in the up pac twelve tournament in Vegas at the T-Mobile arena. I used to play Central Florida. That is at 9 o'clock. And then Arkansas Florida in the SEC schedule for non o'clock tonight. And that. That's a big game. Both of those schools need to win. Florida needs do you figure make internment floor yeah yeah afternoon. Number 23 in the country. And there are. Arkansas two Arkansas safely give a you know there and they they made just from me. You know the hogs made it. To the term file to a the last three years they need to get into it and do well. Just just from a confidence standpoint going into the tournament from proceeding. That's where a lot of these tournament teams. Can move up or down. And I think that he you know it probably Kentucky Auburn those guys are pretty solid where they're going to be but it. No floor or console they can. Get to the tournament championship game could affect their season. Eating dramatically. Yeah the ACC championship by the way will be tomorrow night at 830. Now so the tigers are are able to have somehow upset Virginia today that's when they would play next four. And Macy's championship what a big deal that would be running. I saw the stat from timber I'm. We told you the last time Clinton reached the ACC tournament championship was 2008 to play North Carolina lost 86 to 81. To break through this out as he is retiring after this year what you'll still throw these kind of stats out after you retire. Back in 2008 when Clemson last reads the ACC tournament. They shot 2.4 56 from the field the better than 45% from the field. They shot point 372. From three point range. In 2008. Right now. Ten years later. They're shooting exactly the same percentage from the name of the point 456 from the field point 37 different reporter so. But the legend himself tumor is saying my and analytic standpoint it. The closest you going to love so what Virginia tonight goal that he's agency term gas. I mean there's chance. There's chance and again on the and we much better game than regular season game but done man Virginia is disciplined that's the thing you think of I think out. When alligator Virginia's discipline. They just don't make a lot of mistakes and they just smothering defense. So law or else like it'll take an all out effort for Clemson but I do think they have a shot to be competitive in a game we'll see how that goes and then of course after that duke and North Carolina that's always fun. 8444773776. Big and that will hear from mud Tony Bennett. We'll give me an update on what's going home of the Carolina Panthers and make some news today and much more when we come back. Only on for another hour and ten minutes or so we go off at 330 performed some baseball this afternoon so get on board an 844477. 3776. In the huddle on ESP in upstate. On twelve minutes left and Auburn may be in trouble in the SEC tournament down by 951. To 42. To Alabama. Keeping an eye on now and for your. This afternoon. As you missed it told me this earlier. Significant trade for the Carolina Panthers today. They have given up. Cornerback Darryl Worley. To the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for veteran wide receiver Torrey Smith. According to Adams show after some official yet but didn't make this an official trade to the start of the league year which is still five days away march 14. Much after says this is a done deal. Darryl Worley for Torrey Smith. Smith 29 years old. Called 36 passes for 430 yards and two touchdowns for the Eagles this past year. And I had a pretty good policies in thirteen catches for a 157. Yards and one touchdown in the post season for the Eagles. Eagles are projected to be about fourteen million over the salary cap so they're trying to shed salary. Smith Formica base salary of five million dollars. The season M Worley is cheap third year was four year rookie deal we make 650000. Dollars so that's the impetus probably run their for the Eagles Bob Worley started some. And then other games he did not start. For the Carolina Panthers. The reports are that he didn't really play up to the level of James bread bury. The other young guy who started opposite him or at least 23 years old. He finished the year with two interceptions ten passes defensed and one sack but don't Ron Rivera has been saying he wanted to veteran receiver. He gets that Ian Torrey Smith so. Output on the pole. A huddle poll on Twitter at ESPN upstate. Give us your thoughts. On the Torrey Smith for Darryl Worley deals today. For the Carolina Panthers and I'm giving you the choice of his today good move. Is that a wash pretty much even arisen amendment. Just put it up 45% of you already say it's bad move that's the leading vote so far I've booted a wash. You'll like it kinda like it they need receivers. And war when given them much. I'd I would like you better of Torrey Smith whose younger. 29. Yeah fuse and confuse younger I think he'll be better he can still scoop on weekend. Yes his forty time is a 44. Twosome with them you can he can. Pretty good stretch that was back in the come my back when he was rookie of the problem with the fast receivers for the Panthers is they can't stay healthy. Troops of these relatively healthy and can stay in LA and then it is a government. So what else will the Panthers do here in the offseason while one thing is happening with Carolina is there waiting for an answer from Julius Peppers. I'm asked him about many and so I am so yet 38 year old defensive end. Will he return for a seventeenth season before free agency. Begins on Thursday that like that answer before them. I'd like Dan answer so in order your free agency. Maybe wait and see what the defense is go look like when our trade players away and things like that Jelena is concerned it could be. You wanna know if you're still going to be playing on a good defense or not Gloria. Mean it will be good we'll find that the trade everybody away. Things and Boller in the Worley is gone then maybe they may go full on Seattle here in a minute and start trade everybody away. I don't know. David Newton new covers the Panthers for ESPN was. Was grating yeah. The team position by position where the roster stands right now so let's look at a couple of grades he gave him at defensive end gives them a B plus. They got a lot of production out of peppers last year. Elevenths action certainly take them but we'll have that again this year are to come back probably not probably not gonna have elevenths actually enrolling Julius Peppers. That would be amazing if he did. It was his most total of sacks since 2013. Mario Addison had another good season. But Charles Johnson was released was suspended for four games didn't have a sack and they had to release some select an. Offsets what production they got from defensive ends this past year. Just looking a little further at the defense of and if you're looking at the draft. BetaNews says they'll probably draft and in somewhere in the first three rounds unless they pick one up in free agency. Loved seeing him get Bradley child but he won't be around a number 24 he'll be long gone. Mark stab import we talked about him a lot Texas San Antonio. Could be out there. RD GL SU. And Ohio State Sam Hubbard among those mentioned as options for the Carolina Panthers. I'd I'd take Hobart over. Or in key marquee was almost a game you of what the guy like deployed. Think he's a the ball field Yiddish. There's I think keys. You know he took that. What was sabbatical where he didn't know if you don't play and he couldn't make up his mind when he came back in many laid out in the middle of the year and the you know there's always there's always some drama what just yet. In Hobart is a very very undervalued. Defensive men in this draft. To me he has a mother crystal ball. And I think any team that gets him I mean he's a legitimate. 652 and sixty pounds. Plays with a lot of effort technique can black get after the quarterback. I think he got overshadowed a lot on that Ohio State defensive line because of how talented and deep they wore. And all of the positions but the bulls is kind of stole. Most of the spotlight right rightfully so but. I'll always really like hovered like his game in the way that he. The way that he plays the game as a defensive and I'd want him home my team. Yeah I would I would wanna defensive end pretty early in this draft has even if Julius Peppers comes back it's only going to be for one more here than you start building there. And they need more they're here's the bought from David Newton habeas PM on the Panthers at this position defensive end. He's is resigning peppers to another one year deal at a low number is a key. Even so position isn't near desperate need of a young player with star potential there is nobody behind peppers and Addison. Who has consistently prove worthy of the spot. Not a great year in free agency for that kind of player or less you pay big bucks or take a risk. And get along with baggage so lead draft seems to be the clear path to upgrading here courted date and net defensiveness of but not necessarily first round me second or third round. For the Panthers. And again and I agree they need thing he does need to get a decision from Julius Peppers. Way under Julie asks are you coming back or are you. 38 years old he's fourth on the NFL's all time sack list. And the reports are he's leaning toward coming back form warrior but he hasn't said. Be good to him to artist. How close is. You know they'll analyst. May we find that. 8444773776. The text line is 71307. Here in the huddle rich charmed by the way is saying. He's going to be released. Sources say that the Seahawks have told Sherman. That he will be released sometime today. Before the end of the day and they're also parting ways with cornerback Jeremy lane accord and and a ship after. So they're around they're definitely dumping money. And once by the way. Julius Peppers is that 154 and a half sacks Kevin Greene isn't three a 160. So it's six spot and if yes he's got a good shot he's not Barnicle going to hire Reggie White is number 2198. And issues Smith. There's no more what to wonder if we will once spot because back and has a basic here. Could be a factor annual possibly former Carolina Panthers are doing it. 844 GS PE SPN we're gonna hear from Tony Bennett Virginia coach ahead of Virginia's game with Clinton coming up this evening. That's next stay with us this is the huddle with the until 330 this afternoon on ESP announced it. Number one seed in the SEC tournament in danger of log going down this afternoon are down by seventeen we're talking about Auburn. Alabama leads at 65. To forty eight's. In the Southeastern Conference tournament a minutes fourteen seconds to go on the incidents in time left but up. But Auburn is on the ropes here Alabama playing pretty well at Alabama could win here they would get the winner of the Georgia Kentucky game next. Semifinals tomorrow. At Georgia Kentucky income and a 25 minutes after this game is over and then tonight we Mississippi State and Tennessee. And we Arkansas. And Florida so if Auburn goes down now. I mean Ari like Tennessee's chances are likening him better we think evening wins the SEC tournament get a pick right now. It's not going to be a homer with the woods who I would say you can see your album. Beat Alabama can run all with review are really like this album T yeah console some Alabama last night and does Washington now man sexton. Dude is turning up right now in the second half. He's hidden all kinds of stuff and take some punishment to those look like football game they're adding call anything until finally after about the third gaga plowed over the call a foul but the Alabama does look good. And this is a team that was on the bubble but the are getting off the bubble in a hurry. So it's so I'm now 66 to fifty to 720 ago. In that ballgame. Later on this evening Clemson Tigers. For the chance to make some noise if Clinton should upset Virginia today that will certainly be a big national story. Given how well the Virginia Cavaliers have played only two losses on the season we'll have a game for you coming up tonight 6:45 pre game 7 o'clock or so for the tip off. At the ACC tournaments at the Barclays center in Brooklyn. Tony Bennett coach of Virginia says his team just tries to keep it simple. Yeah I think you know tournament basketball it's about you know possessions matter we talk about this. We see we just have been talking about the last I don't know how long. Knots over complicated just try to prepare well and and preparing well this. How we rest how we watch film and get ready for whoever we play next try to improve from the things we saw in the when the ball is tipped. Really be ready to go and play play at our highest. Were possession by possession team that doesn't change I don't know if that sets itself up for this but. It's it's you don't. Records are out now and it's just. Teams complain I'll W soft it. Play Notre Dame clothes she saw the swings in the the Virginia Tech Saturday means he just try to lock in Louisville made one against us and I don't think our guys understand how we have to be. Well Virginia. Should be motivated for this game because they would like to lockdown that one seed they might get an anyway losing here but dom dot leading into the championship game of the ACC could possibly cost them. A one seed so they certainly have their motivation Clemson certainly safely in the tournament. They did dumb they can dramatically improve their seeding. Just battling this thing I think in and get into the championship game on tomorrow night to Clemson and Virginia 7 o'clock tip follow by. Duke and North Carolina. Probably about 930 when that went tips off and then the championship game is tomorrow night adds. 830. Boy thing I think duke in. Virginia for the time. Alike giving duke and Virginia. Rarely go along with me. You agree with the amp Barbara meg. Yeah he's a handful who. Clinton and the upset tonight. Against. Next duke or North Carolina duke. That crash you heard was me hitting the floor. If principles it took them and no long it'll actually picking Clemson me. I think we need to mark the tape on the need to go back and replay of that amount I'm not sure I pick Clinton before you know it's like I think Clemson football every just about everything away ilsley Z it's like sea and yet you or you know one. Or mermaid if you're not sure. But you gotta go back in. Verify that your motto was playing tricks on. Else. Obviously his his motivation is just made a. Announcer. That's my motivation daily but that's not the reason why he was clumps of this has been playing pretty well this year. So I mean they're the position therein because they've been playing well and and there were missing that a major player. Last time to play Virginia Virginia is going to. Be overconfident in Clinton's gonna win of course we'll. If you're right they pull ups and did to vols don't have them. He's got them or fifteen point oh my fifth saying yeah he's gonna have to. They stuck on 25 as a sign he's beat them probably not gonna that against Virginia I don't know he's an. That's what's that if he can. Do you think you're gonna get ten or fifteen out of chill Mitchell and mark usury and so it you need another guy. And if you can get a double double of the blodget Thomas you need that. Fourth guy to release stand. Virginia's defense and if they can get if they can be that balance on Russia. To be a balanced Clemson team for sure and a win or lose tonight. They will get a good seat. In the upcoming I NCAA tournament by the way we have bomb selection Sunday covered for you here on ESP in upstate Sunday night at 6 o'clock. And then whether or dosing and announce all the teams run a fraud and then kind of expand on them after that so tune in right at six and find out who makes and there we'll see what does Clemson to match ups going to be like next week Thursday or Friday. In the tournament. So they're just gonna tell you everybody who's in and now apparently that's what I've been reading that there has announced the whole field in the evening and a break out all the brackets it's so. Kind of interest. By the way we told you this what happened to. That. Tiger Woods being tied for the lead about spar would last through the day. It hasn't lasted for very long at all Horry Connors is now one under today so he's taken the lead at five under par for the tournament. After playing four holes they may not hold it up but that right now he has the lead by himself. And balanced Barbara Tiger Woods tied for second would Brandt Snedeker Paul Casey. And Ryan Palmer. And that's okay because sports and will still leave on family for a second place Tiger Woods every single time. I agree. I think your own. Yeah court Connors as a way to go he's only on hole number five today out enough Palm Harbor Florida and Inge broke resort NS brook resort. For the Val spark championship. Where it's 64 degrees and sunny. Right now so beautiful day for golf down there. 8444773776. Will be right back Gillis into the huddle on ESP in upstate. So Leon and IT field is announced starting at 730 on Sunday night and your question. And in searching to find out what time they would do that. I found a website that I have a bone to pick one. This is an LSU. Website for your website for Louisiana State the tigers. The website is. Tiger droppings dot com. Any right. Go home and well you've all the best names are taken so the other didn't go for the region are an idea of tiger droppings dot com. That's where you get your information on LSU sports but they're very tiger droppings. Clinton you mr. chance you could and it go to what should have been you missed it but that takes insider information to a whole new level well. They allotment. Fuzzier Jonas your daughter is run in the mark Nestor nos are yes he works. And a Dollar General and New Jersey becomes in all the time and he always told her that. You know he's a famous football player and unfortunately he has alzheimer's so he's he's. Pam parkinson's and a couple of things whose re introduced himself many times she had no idea who he was and choose tell me about it and cannot pronounce his last name. Micah Wright it it starts with a G tell me the first names said Marco might mark Astaro. In she's she looked up his picture look at attempt to test the new net. So Shenzhen Anke is reintroducing himself to be he's in pretty bad shape today is calm and his wife has to bring him man and you know. First former guest knows of the Dollar General I mean no offense but my guess nose in the Dollar General. I mean I'm big game people. Rich people don't shop in the Dollar General. You know. Many many don't you're right he was on my way I shopping at Dollar General he was on WOR radio in New York last night. And got emotional. Broke down sobbing during the radio interview and begged Roger Goodell to help former players. Gassed and said I want the NFL to treat people right. He set a lot to hold you to your promised Roger Goodell you said anything I need well I want the players to be treated. Our guest knows now 61 years old he entered the league in 1979. He said he's known Roger Goodell since the early eighties. When Goodell was a public relations intern with the jets. About that. You ever them or they go back to the early eighties. I guessed that this probably doesn't help Destin says he referred to him as my ball boy. They develop a friendship. According to mark guest now. And he said he spoke to Goodell last year about a year ago at a game. And he said the commissioner told me listen mark you know what you need any thing you let me know. He was my ball boy I treated him great. Paces so announce a Roger Goodell treat people right. Destined I was accompanied by his wife and his lawyer for the every use of ending his wife testimony kind of a company more yes. He has a plane at first said he's a planet from the concussion lawsuit against the NFL Teddy has not received any money. He said he percent of his medical case to the league and it was rejected. A year ago. Gas to know said on that same radio station WOR in New York. That he was diagnosed with alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease he says he believes it was the result of brain trauma from ten years in the NFL. And during that interview last night you became emotional when you described his daily life. He says. He used to do yard work with his wife but he said she has to do everything now foreign. It's that is not good when I'm laying in bed until three or 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon that's not good. He says there are days when I get up and I'm good. But my wife will tell you she helps me get out of bed and she helps me remember names. As long torture centric got a vouch for that when it comes into the store. Definitely she says that he's he's very nice and his wife is very nice man always come to her register her name. And his wife says she uses her favorite cashier and she she says it's some days he seems in no he's cracking on Philadelphia fans and stuff like that in the next day. He has no idea where he is an. Yup pretty said if I remember Danny blocks some two. So neat for some reason that's I think he box on two and I wonder if maybe that has something do with why they don't wanna. Give and take care of them. They NFL yeah because I think he got her box. Again I'm just speculating that if our call on me it's been awhile that I thought I remembered him boxing. You remember that Josh I don't remember. It seems like it was a box. It was in that wrestling or so he didn't he made in the tip do. Something along those lines. Lawns on Meyer frantically. Looking for us that's very since 61 years old and an area. In 1991 guest in a began a career in boxing lasting five years in his first fight cast a no knock down Derrick dukes in the first round. Duke's a professional wrestler later admitted he took a dive. Sixty minutes interview several others that thought gas to know and we're told to take dives to make guest a no look good. His career ended in 1996. When he lost to another former football player Alonzo Highsmith. In eighteen career bouts his record was fifteen wins two losses one no content. Again I'm speculating but I would think that would come into play because I think we know what boxing can do to your head so mail. Well and you know I don't think we've dispute that ten years and unifil can do that too and turning so. But yeah the NFL probably say hey what about that boxing career five years.