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Welcome to Friday in the huddle on ESPN up states. After reading off the year yesterday for ACC basketball we are back Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso. When you for most of the show today most of the normal time I should say up until 330. And windows some mom shuffle on over Clemson. As they are known to do with baseball. Seemed like every weekend they're moving the baseball game one way. And they did that today. Moved up the Clemson and Georgia Tech baseball game this series opener. 204 o'clock start over at Doug Doug kings more two day 330 will be the air time here on ESPN upstate. Not because of weather today but because of weather on the weekend they're thinking they maybe need to play a doubleheader tomorrow because of forecast on Sunday. So they're being proactive and down this movement up today gets him a few extra hours of rest before double hitter they're gonna play. Tonight and dumb. Now don't play this afternoon selection. Be a little more rested if they have to play two tomorrow so that's the deal Clemson Georgia Tech baseball coming up at 330 then. We will have Clemson Virginia basketball that's a 7 o'clock start in the ACC tournament we'll get that here. In just a minute talk a lot about that also some mud Clemson basketball trivia coming up we will give away 100 dollars today. With trivia. That's coming up up pretty soon here in the first hours of standby for your opportunity they're. We will also talk a little bit about the Carolina Panthers. And now what they need to happen in the off season. Joined by Mike been did decency couldn't get on here was this yesterday he'll command at 304 today. And talk about a few things whatever on his mind. A we will hear from Frank Martin the gamecocks. Losing to Arkansas. Now a lot for South Carolina Frank Martin talks about their potential to make the NIT field. He thinks they don't have the case and them we'll talk about what the projections. Are for the gamecocks going for now that. At least their regular season and copper storm and action is done with the loss to Arkansas yesterday. Much more coming up today in the huddle plenty of time for you to get candidate for 44773776. That's our phone number you can text us. At 71307. Please use keyword ESPN beginning your text message and Twitter Eddy SPN upstate. Buzz a pretty convincing win for the tiger basketball team. Yesterday. Over Boston College 1982. And that being an eight point win but they were in control really. Pretty much all of the way had to twenty point scorers in the game gave the bowl 25 points for the tigers. Fourth time he's done that in his career that's meant his tap run it 25. He made eight of eighteen from the floor. And then hits 33 pointers. Also six for six from the three point line and shelter Mitchell also posted over 2021. Point six of twelve shooting including seven of eight. At the foul line here is some of the call yesterday. As Clemson. Maintain control through out and beat Boston College. Back here did work with a left in durable thirteen on the shot clock bulls up straightaway three pointer off Frontline combat the offensive core. Yeah lodge Thomas has been very good for. Clemson for sure he ended up yesterday three for six from the field for just eight points but. Some good rebounding with a dozen boards. Including three. Offensive boards for it lodge Thomas. Also. Pretty good effort by Amir Sam's three for seven from the field. And I'm pretty good balanced scoring for the Clemson Tigers yesterday they were up at halftime by seven and they ended up winning it by eight. And now. As their reward they get to play the number one team in the country. In Virginia. And it was ugly last time Josh when Clinton played Virginia really ugly. But I think this will be a better game this evening to 7 o'clock is the tip there expecting to switch from baseball to basketball at 645. Tonight hopefully the baseball game will be over at that point and the shortened pre game show but I much chance to give the tigers against Virginia tonight in New York. I'd give him a 62 selections 6060. Years when they played them before it was literally. On 2448. Hours after they had. I've got news that Grantham was not going to. The part of the basketball team because it is injuries so. That obviously affected the chemistry. And the rules. Of all air Brad Brownell had to shuffle everybody around such short notice plus it was up in Charlottesville which is a very very difficult. All place to go in and win even of itself so now. You got basically a full healthy squad. Oh with clubs and you've got the emergence of logic Thomas. Down on the block and you're playing on the neutral court so. I think this is a game that wouldn't be surprised. If Clemson warned. I don't think they will but I definitely think it's going to be with then single digits. And I think tiger's gonna put a scare in the camps but. If they came out they wanna when Asia. Only scored 36 points against Virginia their first game it runs an awful second having had a ton of turnovers. A ton of turnovers they have to somehow matched the defense is intensity that Virginia brings to the table every game. Somehow Clemson has to do that and can't get sloppy with the ball. And I'm kind of with you I don't know that they whenever but I do think it'll be a much much better game the last chronicles is a score more than 36 point chewed he certainly hope so. They have bomb when he put a nine yesterday. They have been scoring may have been shooting pretty well and I think they've come a long way since that's a first Virginia game both lost 61 to. 36 but Virginia hasn't gotten any worse. Virginia is 29 into. And 171. In the ACC cell the Tony Bennett will hear from more later on in the show he has it going on. At Virginia this this seems like. Maybe the best Virginia team we've seen under the Tony Bennett. Rain there and Charlottesville. So law on big challenge we're gonna talk about. How long it's been. For the tigers coming up a little bit later on but I mean it would be really remarkable for them to get in an ACC champ chipped. Yes it would nah I think one of the keys for Clemson in this game. Is they've got to be active. Not only on the glass but in transition they have got to force the hand. Of Virginia that they even. Even if you don't necessarily get a good shot you need to try to speed up the game. For Virginia especially on the defensive end. Would not be surprised to see. Along a lot of long court passes. I'm mark Clemson wouldn't be surprised to see some early. Full quarter and half quarter track on defense is on the other is something to try to get Virginia. Out of that methodical. Are high and low pick and roll type of basketball. That they'd like to play because look. It I thought yesterday when Virginia played. That. They made a lot of shots. Extended away from the three point line and look you give him credit for market those things down. But I thought defensively. They were forced to take some shots that were low percentage and they made him and of course you give him credit for that. But you almost feel like if you Brad Brownell if you're making them shoot 20/20 two voters and that making them you just tip your hat and go about your business. But you wanna try to get this thing into the seventies low eighties if you can because that's not the type of game. Virginians accustomed to playing so. I think Clemson needs this. I pressed the issue speed up the game get after him try to get some easy easy dunks that they can't on the offensive side. But really try to make Virginia. Speed their game up as well. There will hear from Tony Bennett coming up. The SEC tournament has been outstanding Alabama's leading homered early down nine to seven minutes and a critical game for Alabama and try to get into the NCAA tournament. City games just dude I'm in my goodness beyond even the South Carolina Arkansas game to game Cox fought their way back into and ended up losing about five. 69 to 64 dollar wrestling games were downed the wire including Alabama's win on Colin sexton is. Jumper buzzer beater. And they beat Texas a and M 71. To seventy. Bay in that game. Georgia over Missouri yesterday another. Very tight game 62 to sixty. Was the final and Allen and even Mississippi State LSU it was a three point game missive to stay one Mallon. Eighty to 77 so we're seeing some outstanding. Competitive games in the SEC tournament in saint Louis Missouri. So today we're in Alabama Auburn followed by Georgia Kentucky. And then tonight we'll get Mississippi State Tennessee. And Arkansas will play Florida to lead the down. SEC tournament runs a day behind the ACC tournament ACC will wrap up on tomorrow. In the SEC will wrap up on Sunday but some very good play there. You know was that's why when they release the all SEC teams I didn't agree with the media placing. Jalen more effort on the first team I thought sexton. Should have gotten that he's a much better player. Then bar for the guard at Arkansas is and we saw that yesterday. With the way sexton took over the game and of course ultimately made. The game winning shot for Alabama. Late but no question. The depth and the talent. Of the league is all been on full display and I think they broke acting the FCC tournament broke a record. For. The closest games and an opening. Day. In the history of the SEC tournament so on the a lot of of separation top to bottom. In the league for sure. Nine the ACC games we're not close yesterday Clemson was the closest there a point when Virginia blew out little by seventeen duke beat Notre Dame by eighteen. North Carolina house prize they had. So little trouble with Miami really in the second half. North Carolina pulled away as new game to halftime but it was a seventeen point win for the Tar Heels. Last night as well. So tonight. In the ACC we will get North Carolina and duke. Yeah hey this Clemson Virginia game has got to being overshadowed by a North Carolina and duke is he might expect. But you'll like in the North Carolina big game tonight. I've got to go do. I think with Bagley. Back on the court I think he's playing with a chip on the shoulder. I don't think North Carolina has anybody down. Lol that's going to be able to handle. On him and then of course the way that. Grayson Allen's been played if they can keep in particular anybody there will be right but you know north care dude is gonna have to figure a way to slow down Jo Berry. He's the engine that is is the catalyst war. North Carolina's machines so if they cannot somewhat hold him. In the twenties and expect duke to probably win this game. A relatively comfortable. Barbara Bagley is so good and easy I mean not just scoring or rebounding just unbelievable he's. On top of his game right now say out all of North Carolina has an answer for him or not duke is favored by four in that one. Virginia favored by eight over the Clemson Tigers in the early game tonight 7 o'clock tip that the on new York life ACC men's tournament. And there. Barclays center in a Brooklyn New York so. Look at board to bring you knew that one we'll talk about it more as we go on if you wanna comment initial thoughts on not ACC SEC tournament basketball. Some of the other games that are going on you can call us at 844. 4773776. Or you can text us at 71307. Another couple scores some. SMU's leading up another tied down SMU and Cincinnati are tied down in the second half so lesson you've given Cincinnati all they want. In the early part of the second half of that ball game and Rhode Island at halftime leading VCU in the eighteen and the told the Alabama and Auburn in a Taiwan right now it's eleven to nine now Auburn leads still fifteen minutes or so ago in the first half of that one. Let's get Colin before the break and talked to Tyler here in the huddle Tyler welcome and. I'm yelling yeah a man. Our policy at all where he learned over the period in. Want to transit worker clothes and that good you can be triggered never. Appreciated Tyler rob kind of gave you my fall atonement. He is a not turn the ball over because they just did a tunnel that the first time around. When they only scored 36 points that's as lay ups. And they have to do love at play some defense kind of match that intensity defensively that Virginia brings we think Josh was Clinton and. Yeah I think number one they've got to force the action that they can't let Virginia given to there. I call stall ball. What they walk the ball low they get in their half court offense they bleed the clock. Down around five seconds and then they Jack about three inmate kitten and you know everything's kind of in their corner I think they force the action try to get out in transition towards the needs to Roland they need to let Mitchell and read. Really push the ball up the court and attack the basketball. On Google are really thought that lower level. Did a nice job with their bigs on the interior kind of exposing. Virginia a little bit I think Clinton can do that with a logic Thomas. If they can get him going early. And keep this game close and I think Clinton's gonna have a shot and it's at the end but if they if they're not forcing action in Virginia is able to slow the ball down and run their half court offense that is going to be very very difficult but. If Clinton could force the action get a Eliza Thomas who I think will be a mismatch down on the block of that I think the tiger's gonna have a great chance to beat in this game. Strike call from west here in the huddle I west. I ask. How was that you BA graduates. And I asked him about where the name. Walked Luke came from L program. And they say it will reset it refers to the stage but he said you know all wanna move. And during. Twice its weight in water. And cliche humiliation units like deterrence. Like they're thank you being here. At least get that spla that's where won the game for a. A little trivia for you as we approach that lets you know like. Thanks for the call list Virginia on ballots menacing thing about them. Com guide seven all tie Jerome. In go to any of those guys they need from scoring they are rebounding from Isiah Wilkens. Just balance on the team and they're so well coached being you you can claim they're boring to watch that's fine. They just went in only two losses on the year for Virginia so close and as a work cut out form will not be easy for the tigers but. Let's say that you play more competitive game and ended the first time around I think they will this evening together college basketball's version of the beer the F. On them. And now I'll watch. What you launch. We'll watch. Determine Tom baby gotta watch means everything right now on a 444773776. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. What will we hear more about this weekend college basketball. Or Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods I mean 'cause. That is everywhere the tigers on the green tigers here tigers there tigers there will keep you updated on tiger really what about the other golfers. Time well a there's raised more now is in the lead they usually talk about a when he's not competitive. He's tied for the lead and it has been 930. Days. Since he's held the lead and an official PGA tour. You know T need to interrupt programming to stolen every one now is it really that big a deal. No I think I don't think at the end of the college games are more important than what tiger's doing right now what are you that but. You know it's like Andy and good to have that opinion because you going to be. Bombarded with tiger of the week it is a minus four is actually a 12345. Way tie for the lead. Tiger Woods Paul Casey Brandt Snedeker Ryan Palmer and quarry Connors and by the end of the day may not be there because Corey Connors is just no team in off. He's on the 130 inning started play yet so he was minus four yesterday TO is under par today you'll have. The lead over these guys of course are some of the guys too well of course is that could. Catch him too but tiger is a shot a seventy and 68. The albacore Connors may take the lead and all you hear about is Tiger Woods is tied for second place. William Gert Boiling Springs and now Wofford College is also in the picture minus three. He's on the course right am William Berger can be leading at the end of the William maggert shot a 71 yesterday and he's three under through four holes. Today. And Jimmy Walker and a we had a great run going had a 69. Yesterday but he's even par. Today so he. A 71 today so he didn't stay quiet as hot. Bill Haas is playing in this tournament memories. Been out of commission since that awful car accident and California have bills playing well. He had the minus one. Party is at minus one. He had a minus three today and he's finished up the Bill Haas at minus one is tied for sixteenth. In this one. You know 68 today that's good route for bill costs obviously he's. Got everything going well you considering what he's been through there a couple of the guys have notes Sergio at minus one in the tournament. Policy. Lucas Glover even par for the tournament. And the other locals in the air don't seem projected cut at plus two. For this tournament so. You hear about tiger all weekend long. If the album. When he wins us which we hear about tiger than big deal. Tomorrow auditorium. A huge huge hook. If tiger wins this thing you know early of people they're crazy you know but Josh he's back there. No. Call me when he's leading the masters. Call me when he's leading the British Open. Only when these went in the PGA. I don't care about those gasoline open or over the Yankees playing in right now. So it's about a tournament you do carrier Baywatch and always hear numb I watched the back nine on Sunday if I get time. Sent some kind of alarm on your phone that's gonna trigger text me if you watch this golf tournament. No I'll be watching college basketball. I'm glad he's playing well I'm glad these. You know win the golf term right now it's good for the sport but the you know I I don't. Watch tiger to see him. Do he should do what he's doing so we won't see multiple tweets from you about tiger Monica Erika either tweeted once about him or. No I'm going to be totally engaged with college basketball in the term and in. What happens in these championship games and if he wins great and now. If after day one of the masters tees in the lead. Yeah I'll be pretty engaged. But he he's won enough of these little term to ease slightly agers. Well I mean he's been injured he's been out. Only thing lately right best point neither had Phil Mickelson until last week this article Phil Mickelson won last weekend tigers in contention obviously and not so you get some of the old guard trying to fight their way back into the picture. Which is conical Ellis is about getting ready for the masters culture and so. Tiger plays well that makes that that much more interest. But the way to go before that. Just gets people excited about OK can he contend. Because if he wins this. Then everybody's gonna get excited about him playing netted just because they're gonna say OK well he won the vastly open now he can. You know he can compete at Augusta well that's not necessarily true. Because there was what was that before he really went on the IR he won five or six tournaments they were minor tournaments but he won five or six album and I think you may have had one or two top ten finishes. In the majors and then of course he disappeared for two or three years. But it's gonna get people excited. About he potentially. It's gonna make people feel good about his game that if he can win this one then. You know he should be able to compete at Augusta and that's what everybody's way home. Everything of tiger competes changes everything absolutely does. And tonight to deny that crazy I mean I hear so much about. You know he's and after all these. Kids. Ridiculous. Golf's an afterthought without him exactly right if at least for right now because nobody else has stepped up to be different. It be different at speeds are. Rory McIlroy or Rickie Fowler head stepped up and done something but they haven't so we're waiting. Yeah I think the other thing that will help him like it did in this in his opening round is I believe he played in Jordan speech. Yesterday. And see if he gets paired with a player of that ilk. There's an old saying golf is that if you're the worst player in the group your automatically gonna play better because of the group. That your idea and usually that holds true so. If you can get paired with somebody at Augusta that's Jordan's beef or somebody of that ilk. That's not really struggling with their game that still got her game pretty much under control it's gonna help him with is. Now you put him out there with Rory in their cut enough people popcorn and each other and you know Rory is blasphemous and the ponds and an acting crazy. Then he's probably not going perform as well but. I think the pairing. Definitely this week has helped him and I definitely can help income goes. Well space not play well he's plus five no he's not 71 today but a 76 yesterday so he's in danger of missing the cut. Which is projected cost plus two run impact he's got a missed the cut I don't think it's gonna move down that path some possible Britain. All right would you possibly breaking new Eagles traded wide receiver Torrey Smith to Carolina in exchange for cornerback Darryl Worley and why is it possible well David Newton this cream those same sources told ESPN's. Out of shelter so. So Newton is saying that out that someone told shelter gassing the ship after tweet now after saying its a done deal. Erica Chester says another quarterback deal. And display it trading quarterback. Darryl Worley to the Eagles in exchange for wide receiver Torrey Smith. Trades continue says shift. Morning they had Torrey Smith to the Panthers. Like get it. Tells me hardy is making a concerted effort. To upgrade the office and I think rob see that. Come draft time yeah it won't go after Richard Sherman now since he's going to be available and it depends on the they can afford it. Missy Torrey Smith played a Maryland east 49 years old. On a couple of stats on Torre here see what he has done for a slightly. Spent several years of the ravens than a couple with a forty niners in the one with the Eagles last year 408 yards receiving on 33 catches. Just two touchdowns. Exactly burning is not had had a big year for since he was with the ravens. 11100 yards with a ravens and 2013. And went down to 767663. To 67 and 408. Sell the last couple three years and not been big years for Torrey Smith. So where would he be on the pecking order as far as receivers ago and it wouldn't be used to. Three I mean. I would say to. Olson's going to be one and Schmidt Tory approach would be to peaceful give partisan credit at all he'll be three I think they will can. That are fun too much just a bit Adam yes I think Torrey Smith a six feet tall 205 pounds which that's what this. Wikipedia comport themselves so not exactly a big receiver. But you know again he's had a couple good years but they were a few years ago. Any do it again he had his only a 1000 yard earbud a couple of hundred yards years before that with Baltimore. In the non tailed off so. We'll watch. Reaction to that Torrey Smith barely corn manager after coming to the Panthers and Darryl Worley. Alps. Are you worried about that secondary that that are. We'll talk about that too going forward I'm sure a 444773776. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. You know Torrey Smith was fairly productive in the outpost season for the Eagles Super Bowl run this year. And the divisional round against the falcons he had three catches for 39 yards in the Eagles won fifteen to ten. In the NFC championship game against the vikings he had five catches for 69 yards. Call one touchdown course the Eagles blew Ahmanson 38 the seventh. And then in the a Super Bowl win against the patriots he had five catches for 49 yards so while. You even though. Never a great regular season 400 yards receiving for the year pretty good policies. Not a guy like him. Then again the reports. From Adam she after a BSP and that does Darryl Worley the corner is being traded to the Eagles for Torrey Smith the wide receiver. The Panthers pick up a wide out there and lose your quarterback. According to ESP. All right let's give away some money. In celebration of college basketball are humble sports agent Alonso was throwing around some cash and we have another 100 dollar prize to give away. Right now if you're the first Greg Kohler to answer. Ones of those questioned want to burden among. Pocket man I need to give away a hundred dollars. Do it I know you're listening to you're gonna know the answer to this question. If Clinton pulls the upset over Virginia tonight they'll reach the ACC tournament championship. When was the last time the tigers played in the ACC tournament title game. No all right what year 8444773776. Is the number rules take the up. First correct color here to 100 box in the huddle and of course get there will be a big challenge. Play in the number one team in the country tonight. The end of Virginia so they'll have to win that one to match. What they did before to get to the ACC title game and so we're looking for the last time Clemson Tigers were in that title basketball game for the ACC tournament. And the calls are coming and let's go to the phones loans it to him we have Mike Mikey gets first crack at it who what when you're now. I could not believe there is 2008. My H first ones charm you got it you know they play you know they play my. They've. Playing need is that an extinct. And no there was North Carolina. It was the Tar Heels and they lost 86 to 81 in Charlotte in 2008. But the and in need that part right you just needed the year Mike congratulations we have a hundred bucks for you and lines of we'll get your information aren't hang out. You know what interesting congratulations by the way mark 100 bucks studies we will have many more chances Pete 100 bucks during a march. Because we're mad in March were so man we're giving away cash. Not like we don't you avoid cash all the time room here Josh but. One on battle more during the mad month of march. Right yeah let's do it. Might give away money you know people think that. Duke North Carolina really dominated the ACC tournament. And as true over the years they have that's probably fair. But in the last six years there have been six different teams win the ACC tournament. You know in. Yeah here's the list last year was do. You before it was North Carolina. But the year before that it was Notre Dame. The year before that it was Virginia the year before that it was Miami the year before that it was Florida State. Six different teams in the last six years or more on the ACC tournament now back before Florida State's win duke it won three straight set you do that'll run for the Blue Devils but the so you know what if Clemson did just there and when I'd like to be the seventh straight new team winning the ACC tournament. But we'll have full two big wins to get that done so pretty interesting. Congratulations again 100 dollars going to Mike and will do this again sometime next week we will let you know on the day we do that we have several more chance dispute went. Coming up I would well I'll take another break come back with more if you wanna get in on the phone lines say number 8444773776. We'll be right back this is a huddle you're listening to ESPN upstate. Clemson Georgia Tech baseball coming up 330 airtime Clemson Virginia basketball coming up. 645. Of air time. We'll be like clips reluctance into the you don't. Don't look tonight it's a baseball basketball doubleheader tiger Greg goes all the program erroneous. Twelfth goal and 48444773776. Jimmy Euronext are you don't. They got the books look at that. I know all the morning outlook at FaceBook and a friend hours. Her daughter and actually land they'll get to leave our high school in Marietta Georgia. Or debate but today she's going to be the starting pitcher on the a horse debate all day and night. Tabloid that. Maine acutely kid she'd seen are out that you got that there be separate. And she could hit one shot after another on the basketball boat as an act of natural born at the site as well to give a shout out. Bet there. That's pretty awesome. We appreciate that him. You can only thing about it on the Internet. You know your your name. Nationally. You know I stay instance or or stay away and bill Leon's the bat. Yeah I think LA and LDP. LL. Video all right we'll look around. Thank you Jim Driscoll. Yeah you don't see that very much but dumb when we sing a few who tickers. On football teams. That's kind of cool. One of the Colorado. But it went burns. That's interesting when that happens but. I don't know that I've seen a girl pitch in a boy's baseball name to be. What ever happened to the moon lit the girl that was in the league roster Monique Davis. Who was just smoke in the ball a I was I kind of thought that she would probably pitch. On the varsity high school level she got disappeared. I thought she'd switch to basketball knowledge number are I'm not positive I think this was him who she was also watch it. We'll destroy lots of a customer information about it. Tennessee Titans have released Matt Cassel. You go there's your quarterback that quarterback will be on team within a week you know the army a couple of men Ryan Fitzpatrick just young what can do at the yes Fitzpatrick and Cassel I think you have to have them in the league somewhere there's a long hours on that. Well Leon titans released. Three guys safety to Norris your seat receiver Eric Marines and Matt Cassel to save seven point seven million dollars in salary cap space. Now they have sixty million dollars over that in cap space. Two seasons with the titans Cassel played in six games started to. 55 for 93446. Yards three touchdowns and four interceptions. So the deal just releasing castle. Saves them two and a half million dollars. In now. Cap space he has been you know his longtime backer of Tom Brady. He was saying Kansas City and now he's just moving around where he can find a place those sea land somewhere else. Does the castle saga continued we. Oh yeah he'll sign as a black coach somewhere. What a way I mean you know is. To live your life just to be able to travel the country and all of clip or never once allowed as the great having professional. Position. In the world like a quarter the backup quarterback in the enough. You make it one year. You'll you'll have a 101520 year career. It does make it one year on the team. In Nusa. Incredible. Who takes Matt Cassel. Cleveland. I would have to go with the Green Bay Packers yeah thanks. This Fisher chiefs had him before you know we don't look don't get him back no no he's he's. Does want to backtrack he's continued his journey so that means he needs to go to to Green Bay or Dallas he can be a journeyman without taking the journey right exactly. Help us air she's just 29 years old he was with the titans for three seasons signed a four year 24 million dollar deal started in Tennessee first two seasons. And then he moved to a back up. Last year so that's. Saves the titans three point 85. Million dollars.