The Huddle 3-21-2018 Hour 3

The guys talk new football league, college basketball, and a sendoff for Josh. 


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Final hour of the huddle here Wednesday afternoon. Final hour for the coach Josh Phillips with a us. In novel as he moves on to a high school coaching after today. It's Greg McKinney Josh Phillips Alonso is off today Patrick in here able to make your calls and a bit 8444773776. You wanna get in on the college basketball all the news that's happened the day maybe the baseball but I mean let's talk about we're here for your one more hour today in the huddle but. Right now we're gonna take you out of the gas line and bring in Scott keeper with the green gold news all on the road again Scott headed to Omaha hi Scott. Hey how you doing some. On the ground Gustavo. Now here on the ground not in the year but on the air as Scott not only you would say hey all the Honda sells lucky good drivable trip. Up. Yeah and I never envisioned that. Throughout Ramel would get to Omaha before markedly if a doctor that is what it's unfolded. Now ball well I wanted to like analysts go cross country trip and equitably during the great Kenya before so while what does it. I guess so I yanked from black generally criticize job driven to the West Coast and back but it was a long time dream with the benefit. We're stopping along the water what are asides between Greenville and Omaha or anything cool. We're gonna find out a success we're not even. Our next double B Chad and they're there look at him it's actually know what the real work. We're. Because it will Chattanooga now gadget. When you get out there I hear they have good stakes so you can drop your hands I'm sure that there will be brought aboard yeah. Absolutely dire it's this guy let's talk about the basketball coming up all Friday night first of all Brad Brownell and the job he's done it this year we probably talked about it before but. Made it should be mentioned again getting this Clemson team to the sweet sixteen. When he was a squarely on the hot seat after last season first of all credit to Clemson for seeing what Brad Brownell could potentially be. As their head coach and sticking in there being patient with him has paid off. No question you got to get to pick gaps there. Dan replica which and other administrators to escape their name. And you know he kind of felt when their early years ago they were come up with these that did not end well they lost so many close games. You're either still Cabrera added you know there were rumors circulating that even he might be Albert who's done that. Just he used to put together a coach who just couldn't get routine over the hump. And even voted this season you know if they're potentially. It is very solid start flight which you know what else they had. And as Brett told yesterday. This has been Celtic perfect fit. All these guys who love each other they get along great. And all of the position guys have just had to play so well there's this regard. Bruce Pearl let this Saturday after being the most polished but clumps of bet that they're probably did that to bring the best guards in the country so that could be mentioned up there with them and I kind of agree with a man. When you've got a guy like a large accomplice in the builders. The plane is tail off. The business is certainly dangerous team I I think at this point all the treasury don't interest. The I don't disagree that Kansas not that big a favor of the four point favorite from Vegas is one us all that. Bob heard we had some comments from Brad Brownell all earlier in the show and heard him saying he was going to be talking to his team. About that all Verne gay men and Canada emphasized to them how they beat Auburn by 31 points as he doesn't wanna think that there probably wasn't playing that good writer. The right exactly invented that to themselves strategy. You know he's so they'll what shall the bill would say this that this is how we did what we did. You are helping ever so that's common contained. Probably although it was a one or two point favorite in that game and or if they could bottle the way they played Sunday. I think they could dispatch campus but they'll also have to overcome you know Lawrence campus. Is about three hour drive from Omaha so now it's going to be there week we're grossly outnumbered but. Say is that what would you put all the all the releasing seal suitable. Are you can try to get that out sometimes that want to let you know that sector rally you know do the underdog don't expecting much out here. But yet I grapple preached that for sure that you know what got them the big victory overall bird. It was just externally defense of that but one of the best defenses. It because again as I've ever seen. In years of following college basketball and that's what he'll be part of that same treated at. What about this Kansas team they've got the one not seven footer in there and then a bunch of guards that's a little bit different look for Kansas there were used to and I. It at the very much but I totaled if they do it. This is a very nontraditional into thirteen. You're like one big guys who look arts they'll duke archer. Quite guilt that the Arctic Graham was. First team all American and then. I'm really Newman a tough guy every day gets them. I was just counted players but I think another area where consummate. A hole a little bit of an upper hand is what you get beyond Candice is starting our life. The contributions from the guys on the bench really drop off in a big way. And as opposed to Clemson has got more to mail and David Starr. I'm going to be your Sims. You've got guys who played you know appreciable limits. All this Spansion out of necessity after the injury. Two topic grant them so you know if they can Wear. Can't be a little bit maybe get a couple guys in foul trouble could be. Yeah half foul trouble can be huge I don't know if you can make that a strategy go to try to dig guys in foul trouble might take out your game a little bit sometimes have. It might although you know they're stretching the San Diego. Forced to attack the rim and yeah they they put the all the against the guards and they who they attacked the rip them. Regularly and it paid off and if they got the posting to kind of thoughtful and so every once once got to get go finally but they shut the street George between them. True combined about 83% which is fantastic so. If they can somehow get that situation would really pay dividends. Any inkling about Clemson fan support out there on old B grade but a dirty talk about people making the trip. I bet you that not a whole lot but I'm curious to city how many wolf say you know this is. We have a chance to piece of work this government have been at 41 years and this doesn't happen here in and year out they're closer than they mania. I think the bigger crowd jumps on board there were. It was a pretty good smattering of fans of San Diego open the big San Diego. They can make a double. Damn so what's your overview this match up but I mean I thought you played a one C you don't like that if you can avoid him but as one seeds go this Kansas team might be go one for clubs may have to face. Yeah I think so I look at it closer look at what your goal the place they're good luck will lose them. You know that often. Played in favor of all this content bit at the team to the best opportunities come NCAA tournament time. Auditing the best courts and look between Clinton's. Marquee read. Sheltered missile capable O. I love all those guys and they each. Kind of bring it different. The skill set that they can all score. And National Commission which had been just. And it genius in. Getting assistant protecting the ball kind of getting this whole offense I think they're going to be a tough sell its true. Deb I was like in an odds on players being the most outstanding player for all of the sweet sixteen. And another one four Clemson was marquee read does 66 to one odds which is not. Really high but he's the top guy and then and that probably goes gave to go after that mark he's read what he's meant to the clubs in this this year coming in. Well he usually commend his own you know you transfer. A couple of years ago that little erratic at times last year he can score in bunches and then you wouldn't hear from a for a while there do you have a two point game. This year he's been much more consistent. Earned second team all ACC honors and if he's going to go it is he is an article. You better watch out because you can still look than. Now he's also a pretty low key guy. You know gates were unloading it. Kind of a cut up marquis doesn't say too much he's a little more serious than low key but. He's a great get Eleanor team. All right should be an interesting one they get the early games much ACC teams out there and Oman half. I thought they got called the ACC tournament midwest a picture of me and you get three out of four in the but it was whether they were president you know when you get. Bill Self relationship and if they haven't agreed Kabul there was committed that guy. I think it is if you can make a vapor so would that a couple of wins as we get. When the regionally could certainly do that for alleging Goss got just want to get your thoughts on clemson's baseball that a little bit of rough spot here with the so losing streak. And they are losing again last night now they have to go to mobile where it's been snowing up any cause for concern about money as at least team running a. At a look at Stossel earlier that you'd you'd ever like to get swept get a few weeks ago. I think it was NC State's first creep ever clumps and that Bill King is more in. You know granted at least it's a pretty darn good team and that it was actually picked to finish. About quotes in the Atlantic Division but. Looked that that they've they've lost a game here last night and now at the little I mean. That's a tough chore so you certainly don't wanna hit it a little get swept. It Ichi can't afford this week but all in it be nice with Twitter real good look at commenced massacre. Beekeepers go to float you don't lose too many too little. Yes like the bats let him down last weekend in the bats have been pretty. Oh yeah they. I think ya know cause more of attachment in states pitching colonel Russell. Just watching Colin called his plate but whatever was. You know. They kind of get beat decisively as in them except the final game and do so. This cycle also isn't that a rocket science but look at solely I think Mata real estate back contract. Scott deeper Greenville news Scott enjoy the drive be safe out there. World all it is forty thank you I appreciate that he'd a couple of but I headed Omaha off for the job midwest regional as Clemson will. Take on Kansas that will be Friday night the out early game. And then not seven of seven scheduled to open in the second game on Friday night two more ACC teams Syracuse and duke 937. Is the scheduled tip for that one course we've got. Tons of March Madness coverage for you right here on ESPN of state will have a Clemson network coverage of the clubs in Kansas game then we'll have the Westwood One coverage of the Syracuse. Duke game and the other games going on on Thursday and Friday here on ESP upstate. Now it's on you wanna jump in 8444773776. You can text this is 71307. We will be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Mac here not all Wednesday addition. ESPN at stake Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Patrick Brown in for Alonso today 8444773776. You wanna get and in the huddle. South Carolina women will play Saturday. Against buffalo. The Albany region for the NCAA women's tournament and then after that. Oh man. Is likely UConn UConn did not win a 140 to 52 in their last game at least. With. Quinnipiac they beat and 71 to 46. Now what you get decode has become a duke women's basketball for and we need duke to be you cook it. That's what we knew we knew it was Mississippi State miracles like we have last year or somebody to be. UConn. Because that way at sun up right now on this Saturday game with buffalo for the gamecocks and then numb most likely UConn on. Monday and by the way. Tweet out of the ABC station in Columbia Mike Gillespie. They met with the dawn Staley today and said despite multiple reports saying there's interest from Virginia. In making dawn Staley there next head coach. Staley told him this afternoon she has no interest. In the Virginia got the job this is just constant coaching rumors this Tommy here in the this goes with the territory. In every sport it happens. That in the year coaches moving around special in their season's done you've got some high profile. Jobs. That are open in college basketball right now with the global and UConn. There's some smaller ones that are available so don't be fascinating decision. Did Jeff Goodman by the way ESPN is saying Chris Mack at. Xavier is the front runner for low level and has been for awhile doesn't mean that's going to be the higher. But they did decide to that they want to keeping David Padgett the interim coach on there. So watch that decision pretty decent. We'll see allowing goes match done a great job at Xavier for sure a we have a new football league. No not the Vince McMahon. League that's already been out there but Charlie ebersol. Who directed a documentary on the ex FL that aired last year as an ESPN's thirty for thirty. Has announced that he is league. Will debut next February that is the alliance of American football. And a mouthful and the alliance Lee I guess we'll call it. They're gonna stop like where they're starting to starting right after the Super Bowl and makes a lot of sense was there was 10 man football's over. So Lisa starting at the right time he says they will have a ten week season. They will have fifteen man teams so that's pretty close to the NFL rosters. Ever salsa father Dick Ebersol was make man's partner in the original XFL. Longtime television executive. To help him steer the league ebersol will bring in Bill Polian. Currently in and analyst for ESPN former general manager in the NFL he's going to be commission. Polian. You like that. And what's the name of the sleet the alliance for American football. What's not to like about that. The alliance all the American football I'm sorry I underlines. Bloom now American. Football Jared Allen former Minnesota Vikings defensive end is one of those people involved here. Ebersol said this. He said I think where businesses like this fail is that they expect to have Ludacris and unrealistic ticket and media projections. In year one our investors understand this is a seven to ten year plan I think he's right about that I think the key to this is managing expectations early. Because they're not gonna go it's not gonna look good early you're one surviving here one year to. And then letting people start take you seriously mold a little bit would be the key not that I'm optimistic about the alliance of American football. But that is the key right. Just to stay alive for a couple of years to people find out that your mayor. Well the thing is to you get needs. To be you know. The US felt lasted as long as it did because you had. Steve Spurrier Herschel Walker. Reggie White people forget Reggie White plea in the US well. I mean you got some name guys that were outstanding players. That was and they are well the problem does what when you go after those named guys. That there and cargo play for peanuts while on the money for that and see that's the issue that these leagues run into is OK well then. How do we if we don't have the money to pay those guys. Then how do we still make money. On this situation. Would you watch after the Super Bowl now keep that in mind some rebels Hillary got nothing going on your February and you kind of still won some football. When you watched Johnny men's L and some guys that just didn't quite make the cut in the NFL play football. What if curl and was on. Earlier was a guy gets curling at the he's likely that he likes the shot that misses his party is is last hour you get they one more shot at curling. Four hits out of here. Now here's what ebersol said there are 28000. Division one football players 17100 will get NFL jobs. Says were looking for curt Warner's working in grocery store and we think we'll find them. And you know what he's right. It's like Ghana are there enough problem oh yeah I mean geno Smith would fit in. I mean who wanna pay to see. I mean JaMarcus Russell it 400 pounds that pro football means to be an yards in the air because they only got one starting lineup. To join hands now amidst all the different people wanna see that. Here's my question what would be the cities of the team. Don't know yet cities and there will be eight teams and cities that will be announced sometime in the next three months. They're gonna have regional drafts. So what they're trying to do apparently is. Provide some protection for eligible players who played in the local community and try to get them in cities that are closer to home. That would be Smart yet Selig around here right up on two quarters of positive point of view on our show all. You know bill and Thompson. You know rod McDowell guys like edged. Okay they can put three they can put three of those teams in this state alone Charleston Columbia and here. And do just fine. Well I'll probably be odd one team in this region you know I mean the start where they. Wonder how much they pay him probably fifty to seventy GE's notes that mean I guess somewhere in that range. There are so badly that it. There are some rules differences to no kickoffs. And place the ball is 25 yard line a lot I hate kickoff kick return so no onside kicks. The losing team we just start its own 35 yard line. With fourth and ten women let me understand this thing. Known psychics the losing team will start on its own 35 yard line with fourth and ten. That white does that make me racist view us now. I don't understand it loses the holds an overtime. No I if you believe the losing team. That's in this nexus since the I think really after they scored them the losing team might get another opportunity. So they'll have the ball to 35 but it's fourth and ten wild wind. And it confused me already not homestand now play clocks will be thirty seconds. Every touchdown followed by two point conversion attempt. Okay. All right I don't know how big a deal that is. Again to me. Survive for a couple of years to people and get some guys that people wanna see men's L just be one problem but some guys that. You know oh and the biggest one the young guys that just couldn't make the cut for whatever reason in the NFL. But are pretty good. The bubbling under guys that you know some people thought would make it in the league and it. I didn't think about that you could have. Like a bit bull winner yet right. Could play in the lead me. I don't know. Jamarcus kitty you know these guys are pro day US luckily you know forget it scratches detonate them I don't know maybe it. It's brutal man. Kirk now what could they possibly uses is like saying hey you know. The NFL doesn't really think figure up to it proved herself in this league and maybe be bumped up later on yes you're young enough. That's right you're still a young guy and you can play in this league for a year. They're going to sell that of these guys saying hey. You can be rediscovered here. In the alliance of American football. By the way the players' side of this league is going to be overseen by Troy Polamalu. I mean if they run it right it was it could have a chance. Hines Ward is going to be involved. Justin Tuck is going to be involved. Jared Allen we mentioned now. Is involved some guys that have had some experience with football for sure. That will be involved and that's and they're trying to trying to incorporated a fantasy element I think a Smart thing gets a fantasy players play and that we keeping old. Can get that gambling element the element I think that's what happens to a this a modern Mike if you would try to compete not really can be with the NFL put try to stay afloat in a football league outside the NFL. There are more focusing on what fantasy football can bring to them. Bullets coming. Via. Legalize. Sports betting is coming to the mainland yet. I mean don't call to me oh well it already is because the Nevada. I'm talking about me. Yeah they're going to be starting you know or Rhonda Miller college basketball season and then March Madness right there in the early part of the season bobbing and again probably overcome that I think just the right time to start. While we have time for abolished just. Then went about a Super Bowl in the NFL playoffs. And a national championship college football and people want more football wouldn't it wouldn't would go through with them what would be the season. I don't know if starting right after the Super Bowl so you're probably looking at February march April C that's a bad plan. Oh it is why. I would give it a month after the Super Bowl. Well I don't know exactly how long after but close after the circuit. Give people time to come and existent income to get back into miss football this week February 9 one week after the serve and today. There reveal too that's not bad to me man we don't how many people say after the super balls over Rome and how long afterward for. I mean you've got I mean people spent thousands of dollars. Going to games bowl games I was thinking what the hysteria for football to die down and you don't you wanna kind of keep it going hey. Football's not over you got the alliance maybe. An acronym awful that's not a good plan but but but the AF. Alliance for American football awful. Yeah it's awful and now. I mean it's kind of tough for the ex FL to come back in this thing to come back in the same time obviously they're not both going to survive if either of them. See this NFL what with one of these leagues I thought the NFL. Got it right with the NFL Europe. I don't know why they made eagle away. Because you have players that they would formal that was just like this. That didn't quite make it the NFL for whatever reason they would sit in the NFL Europe which happened over this boring you head coaches. Good friend of mine Jim Thompson well. If that's how he gap could coach in the NFL. That's how we got to coach the San Francisco 49ers. He was Muhammad are just like the rest of the division do coaches and then in a vote you're kidding around and they didn't pay a whole lot but they gave him an opportunity. Two don't stage he got to own that stage then transitioned over the NFL. Don't Beverly Vienna well now. I don't know what I don't know what the issue was. And right now NFL over in Europe is big. London Paris. I mean it's it's big. I don't think is probably money. I don't know if they felt that the money. Was leaking oil somewhere I don't know what it was but you know how like the Barcelona dragons the cool beautiful. Yet no room for Leo. US Leo Sunday NFL know in your life no. I don't think you can make it work here. I think you gotta go somewhere where people are hungry for it. Like we all but don't have. It's going to be a niche. I've got to get a break hearing for fourth. 4773776. You wanna get him and us final twenty minutes saw the huddle coming up on ESPN upstate stay with us. Almost all of the good news for South Carolina in this whole FBI investigation and a college basketball and evolves chuck Martin. Assistant coach at South Carolina. Formerly with the Indiana. There is a report. According to the Indianapolis Star that chopped Marten. Had no communication via school email or text message with a SM sports agency employees. Between January 1 2016 and April 1 2017. Regarding Brian Boland. The local player that's transferred into South Carolina and still trying to get eligible to play there. Freedom of ever measure request was issued. Two. Indiana. And down. That's the result of that Yahoo! Sports back in February mentioned John Martin. As being the topic of an email from a SM rep Christian Dawkins who's one of the Gaza dishonorable honest to his boss. Andy Miller Dawkins and Miller have been tied to the FBI's probe into college basketball corruption. US attorney's office has charged Dawkins three counts of wire fraud one count of money laundering conspiracy. There was an exchange transcribed by Yahoo! in July 2016. While chuck Martin. Was an assistant with the Indiana he was hard USC last June. Dawkins wrote to Miller chuck Martin trying to close the deal on Brian Moehler for Indiana. I told him that we can work together and you can push for us to get Thomas Bryant. And another projected first rounder from IU this year we can work something out John Martin was not mentioned in the Yahoo! story beyond the Dawkins to Miller email. Frank Martin the coach of South Carolina has. Called chuck Martin is assisting coach Amanda family valuing character. Frank Martin has said shucks not in the middle of this in any way shape or form I don't care what's reported. Or small ones a centerpiece the FBI probe he signed with the lower bowl. Reportedly never listed Indiana as a serious. Recruiting contender. And then transferred to South Carolina in January is still not been reinstated by the NCAA to play just yet. John Martin's been in college coaching since 1999. He was a Marist. At Oklahoma City with the thunder as a scalp. And was instrumental in landing Jermaine coups and art three star guard and south Carolina's loan commitment in the 2018. Recruiting class some bottom line of all this is. There is no evidence according to this report linking John Morton to wrongdoing with a SM so that is good news. We'll see when now. The report on non prime Bowen and his eligibility will finally come out for South Carolina that's the piece there waiting for to get him eligible. And this one. Josh. Is a hedge fracture to me is from Ralph Russo with the Associated Press. According to the big east's recommendations. For college basketball reform. It includes this. If a high school player enters the draft. Assuming they've eliminated one and done it a high school player old enters the drafting goes undrafted. He permanently forfeit its college eligibility. That's a recommendation from the big east. What the heck. What are they thinking when they suggest something and that. They're trying to protect their brand. And I get and argued that it would not do that it's a little bit extreme book I mean not understand. Understand the premise. Was gets posted it. Make an educated decision. So you make a bad decision do you think all right Dominic go to the end NBA draft them in the draft and you don't get dressed in your that you're toast. Sleet and I don't agree with that. I think there needs to be a lateral rule. That as long as you don't sign with a agent. And you don't throw your name of the draft and if you don't go in the spot that you think we don't get drafted at all you should be allowed to come to school teacher this year. But now. I agree with them in this if you sign with a agent you're done. Because what those guys going to do the first thing they're gonna do is they're gonna try to loan you money. So that they can charge you 20%. So when you get that contract they make an exorbitant amount in fees. Also of York. Right. Well some of the nature and I'm within there exactly. Got to do that to be in the NBA draft exactly. So paid college basketball has a lot of leg work to do to get it cleaned up. That's bad look that recommendation to the big east don't I don't think they won't do that. Well I mean they're not getting any leadership from the NCAA is the problem. Well it's the NCAA is hang in these conferences dry. Yeah cops is probably should mimic their own decisions solely surely missed due to an overall NCAA decision how to handle this stuff. Our got air funnel right we'll coming up a rabbit up Josh is last segment here is paean upstate at some sort of proves is ahead we will. Get the Kleenex out and say goodbye to mr. Phillips. Up next in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. You one more phone call him before wrapping up today with Billy Billy welcome into the harder. Fredricka. Or Josh. Is usually vote that was the button on your future you never know when to bring about. Just waiting on more daytime on a regular basis that PG or not a regular best. I guess that's. Yeah it was like myself with a lot of trouble in those days and ability. Just birdied urban portion of our job. Why are quickly I don't really well Gabriela or Obama or Obama and ready eleven out of sixteen the one problem. Junior coverage I've covered and it's. So. Important. Well wait there's definitely a market order they know Detroit has been there all it will be at the bill that would initially in the and so a lot of money. I think you're someone that equality. Jacket that apartment that are important. That it. Just got to do it deportation and thought this guy did not want to let it and it actually has got to play well a couple of there's there's still a book all our society. And I'll stick right now and I suspect that I can produce they are also you know at all. Yet there's a lot of addicts out there that you can no service with some kind of football playing bill. Yeah exactly. That without that they cannot be part of an effort Procter and why. And I think it's an out the door and I think they'll get mission go about it is our stick market. Don't go as well there's an adult they don't and it's right as they felt like another important. No place like softer on what is morally and opening the journal of course that you. But there's best polyester it earlier all in all places like that you can dictate it and market immediately that it that old white. I honestly I don't know what we didn't want anybody. At the topic here. I humility we appreciative and thank you really from those words I appreciate you know just just tuning in today turns out to be Josh Phillips last the day with us here in the huddle and on ESP announced they were spot attempt for another couple weeks but is a new job move things up on them orbits of these. Actually got to be on the job right you have to get up early man. Yes I do got waits in the morning. As we started our routier's. So will be there and then got classroom work. After those and then more OTAs in the afternoon so you know we're getting ready get after. Well I appreciate the job in the entertainment value brought to this show over the past few months. Including right up until last week you now with a bang with your trip to. Charlotte it's true that the Specter and senator covering the a regional player and and and and your stories from there including huge shelling. Roy Williams a thing or two I mean that was up. That was a camper I think we wanted to kind of finish open and let you can retail that a little bit. You you were talking to Roy Williams numbering in the bracket into his locker room this was before of the game you want to write. After astronomy after the game he won the first game yes they have to leave the lipscomb yeah and he did not want to bring. The bracket into the locker room or didn't know it was coming in and and he told you that bring in that thing you know was a blanket he might move. Right exactly. And you told him so was losing the offer is exactly right. Now that's some that's classic that's play exactly net take some grapefruit. But at. I wasn't thinking about it at the time it was just got Maria and I was just I thought he had crossed the line. You don't think that I have never bothered me it is titles. I'm always try to look at people as human beings and it's from my dad my dad has always taught the Eagles on everybody's human being. You treat where everybody with respect and you'd never allow anybody disrespect you no matter who video. And you didn't and that's critical yeah that's where another favorite among was the snake story is up. The python story just bitten or via. You know I was one latching on your arm that was a that was another classic story you do this might mean yes and the Bruins were playing good listeners to go into that first Alonso was a little hello. Acceptable I was I was she'd which we can work today where he couldn't. Big here but unfortunately didn't get to see him before but at the you know first a little skeptical to shielding those Marcum form. You survived that one anyway we've enjoyed avenue and we wish you best of luck go which are coaching career over leveraged. We'll be watching. And you know you're here start earning about some you know some radio guys talking about the play calling over blue original epic its us don't assume it's a house. It might not be honest it probably will be. No it's a good chance and that's a good chance if good chance it's a fair chance I guess that about him we're really and all answers this appreciate what you divorce the last few months here on this show in the last a few years on his. Well I appreciate it GMAC in the honor has been all mine. I was fortunate enough to start out with mark three years ago his showboat Cayman award winning show was blessed to learn. Some things for him and then come on this show. Which is the two time. Defending sports talk show in the state of South Carolina. I mean. At the owners don't mind thank you for having me. Stay in touch mammal to Shawne Williams. One more chance of free money here for the day in the huddle on ESP in upstate than 1000 dollar free cash stash the key word for the salaries bike. BI KE. Josh you're gonna hop on his bike and ride on out here into the sunset. Text or Micah 72881972881. You can win 1000 dollars. And over there we play up to twelve times every week day beginning at 6 AM. All right thanks to Patrick for filling in for Alonso today Josh good luck to you will see you down the road I'm Greg McKinney we will be back Patrick and I at least. Tomorrow at 1 o'clock in the huddle on ESPN up stick.