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So I know when we changed most valuable player to most outstanding player and why we didn't. Probably only one irritate about it. What we feel the need to change in BP to Emma OP I don't like him OP mop. Probably about the time we started getting everybody to. Participating. We don't want to console body. Because when you have most viable player than. That demeans the other players and their building where as if you have the most outstanding player. And that things are all equally just war that was a little bit. I hate them and we drama trophy that said 2018. Mop or MVP. MVP thank you. That's what I'm saying a woman a trophy to say mop. Anyway I'm looking at the odds for players. In the sweet sixteen. Too windy tournament LOP award most outstanding. Player award who would you think has the best odds to be the most outstanding player in the tournament. On the sixteen teams that are left. I guess. I expertise. Only sixteen teams well player one player this still alive that has the best odds. Actually there too with the same odds that are tied with the best dogs to be the most outstanding board. I would say badly worn correct. Well it's time for a while ago. I would probably say. Do you inventions old two. Two kids of normal. It's Jalen Bronson development. All but it was a little known kids figured Romo will be in the mix Jalen Bronson Villanova Marta Magglio third at duke six to one odds to be the most outstanding player after that only a lot this grace and Allen at duke is third. Always play well. Ten to one odds for grace and Allen to be the most outstanding color. Me he hit him and baker made field are living proof. That it's better to be. Infamous than irrelevant. Deal to grace and Allen deserves that. I mean he could you don't see any scenario or personality can be the most outstanding player and current. Nap Clinton looks to make it deeper on running yet but there's gonna have to be a game that he's gonna take over and I just don't think he's athletic enough. Against the guards that he's gonna face. I mean I just watched Texas a and m.'s guards. Destroyed Jo Berry. I'll love Jo Berry. I mean I love that kid. Then I don't know. Well you're right. This is Vegas odds by the way what they're doing clearly is they're looking at team's first in the African players on the team they're picking the obvious teams like the first. Four guys. In these sides. Are you to do girl Knoedler. Bagley from duke runs and from Villanova 61 grace Allen for Newt to underline Mattel bridges from below the twelve want. Also Dovonte grant Graham Lucas wants face on the front nine Kansas twelve the wind and Kevin Knox Kentucky. Twelve to one odds to be the MOP the month. The first Clemson player. Listed in the odds is more peace read at 66 to warn. And the only well the one listed on the list I'm looking at from Vegas is gave Devoe at eighty to one odds to be the most outstanding player. So their long shots. I was a ton of duke Villanova Kansas Kentucky and in Zagreb players at top of the list. Lose to shrinkage Clemson ones. Lou kidding. No kidding at Texas a and AM Tyler Davis. 421. Sides he is there. Leading. Odds guy for the MOP and add Mon guilder from Texas saying I'm 721. Text say in him. As the challenge of facing third seed Michigan. Coming up. That's tomorrow night missed the early game tomorrow night 737 tip in that Monday coach at Texas a and M is Billy candidate. And he was only guys this morning goalie and window talking about the run his Aggies have made so far in the tournament. Bill listen that game was a runaway well from start to finish you guys had big put the gas on North Carolina right away Europe fourteen at bath. And you never let off it how are you able to do that to the defending champs. Well our. Are Sox general amateurs still trucking of crude could beat them in Charlotte such a great feeling great program with. Our guys just were ready and in. Then Favre in our our relative to this day. There is due to do to sort of target are combined into believing we talked about it we played good team to speak between all year. In the they believed that this coming year believing indoors this is probably as much as. Important. To everything else. Senator halftime I got up 42 to 28 so what what was the halftime talk. And you know make a run into them and give a lot of regular makes shots are. Thus urban poised who's who's critical than. Fortunately they've been in very much lower than maybe there's some should so. We are that we won't we were concerned that included. There were capable bacon bit laden. Fortunately it was you know the wherever we came out the first five minutes and have asserted that you have to score first our minutes there was critical and we were able to do that. Coach a lot of people meta what did that say this is a big offset. But the only talking to a lot of people in college basketball they really thought that the depth they have an a and M was actually better from the definitely defending champs. You know where BP and then we bring your zero that would eventually Tony Roche moralists. Good. Include sweet sixteen and who's had success in. He gave us some quality minutes in the circuit and our young freshman played really well overall and force also also. Our depth was there are started this couldn't ballots and an internal true. There who don't clear to either truly delivered but it didn't slumped in between the music community. While understanding the line you knew you had the win when the clock was at all zeroes. You guys ran away with this game was there a point in that second half when. May be where in time was winding down at some point you you were like okay we're we're gonna win this game. Well about it under the former remarks. There's a coach you never know so so this person. Fortunate to have an upset a couple of years ago principle though with their own twelve order or sort so. It is always war there partners there's simply mimics not a would look so when. And was hooked and could certainly be in the crowd tensions there some part starts and so. The home anyway. That would so a couple of minutes. A solid feel a little bit better about it but what roars sort of sort of is there still are there really so good about it. But I bet that would actually be that the white flag might be being raised in North Carolina realize there was not make you do about it at that time is Billy Kennedy would this. Tex a and M head coach bill it's interesting you're your team sort of is like in it'll always Kentucky. That is also in the SEC would you guys and then they went through via the SEC tournament they've been on a roll since you guys were nine and nine and it it in the conference play this year. And then it sort of seems like you turned it on down the stretch what is it about this team has changed a little bit heading in a lot of part of the season and going into the tournament. Won't do school look we are are are apparently in our good young players Robert Williams. Discs are matured through those who sophomore. And what he plays or the level he's capable player working with spiritually. He makes so much better being in the DJ Coke. Really stepped up. There are much worse scores and you know it's been. A big key source could coach davis' return the soldiers who have been hurt or kill him. We'll be deterred assumed that support smoking goes with current grew up that episode brilliant but I could close or reduce the. Text enamored coach Billy Kennedy joining us coach at Murray State before his stand out Texas a and M was an SEC coach of the year 2016. And the next game Thursday night to take on number three seed Michigan so give us give us the Starr report you're telling your players about Michigan. But aren't recruiter defend the three point you know. They're very good out there absolutely close call close Cuba screws and then. But the thing about this mission continues recruited decently we were gonna have to be physical. Well on our parents should be both Coke and did not give you the ball going to do really good job. Defense who live every position. And what we're gonna have to score because there were always there there are developers to create. You go to post wrote her grotto floors corporate perimeter post which is little different was good to traditional post. Well I'll tell you what you scored play against North Carolina so we'll see if that continued as measured accurate coach we appreciate you being with this morning a vessel to the sweet sixteen next coach will. There are certain creatures Billy Kennedy Texas a and M they play Michigan tomorrow night 737. Starts in the Al west regional. I was looking at this and trying to figure out where the upsets. Might be. In the sweet sixteen. And you've been looking at that coach. They say in Hamburg Michigan would be on I guess some mild dose of not a huge one. What about Florida state of organs that can happen. In Los Angeles at issue. It could but I'm expecting. I think gaming comes to enroll much really yeah. I'm also certain that Michigan that a and in miserable play for the national. I mean this is a 500 taming conferences this yeah this is a booted. Good basketball team put together the right time for sure. I was so impressed with that front court I've never seen. A team that big. I mean their front court of moralists number two and is he 611 Williams 424046. Elevenths Pollard Davis. Is six pin. And the thing about it is they're not. Still. I mean they're 611 guys those are 3611. Guys that can really move and on the court. And then you put him in the hole I believe he's six and on Starks is 63 at the point go our quick as a cat. And I think this is the first time. That those five kids have been on the court together. Almost the entire year. And Richard Williams now is. It's been a long time since I've seen a big man. That can move and jewel the way that he case. And I just. If they can continue. To keep their spacing keep their chemistry. They are going to be a difficult. And they love their approach. And he's battling parkinson's. Which. Everybody knows about and they love their coach they love coaching staff those kids play hard. I don't know but I've seen a better team yet but it took the crowd completely out of Charlotte right yes they certainly. I said this the other day GMAC it was literally like watching rocky three when clover wind was just such growing rocky in the in the ring. I mean that that's the way that Luke may look. I mean it was like they came out and they looked across the court in salt and kids. Down their phrase and him and it was like before the game there like we don't want no part of that. And they didn't they didn't want any part of the of the action. Down the block. And a and M just gonna. Just go out. I'm 21 point win for a and M over North Carolina. I don't know that it would be an upset either way on the Loyola Chicago Nevada game those are two sort of Cinderella teams they're applying each other. In the south regional. This weekend in Atlanta and the other Atlantic game this case statin. Kentucky that would be a pretty big upset if K state to win that you don't see at the podium. No no I'm not expert Kansas State was very fortunate to get past Maryland Baltimore County. Maryland Baltimore County didn't exactly play they lost they they missed a lot of open shots. And have they made two or three more than we'd be talking about. Then in the sweet sixteen then though. And the miracle continuing but. To me Maryland Baltimore County was the better team they just missed some shots down the stretch. That allowed Kansas State calibrate to get break away from it was a 12 point game all the way down about 23 minutes as low scoring game fifteen to 43 was. Only now went. Hold. Worry in the east. It's going to be Villanova West Virginia so there's an opportunity for West Virginia shocked the world didn't pull an upset that game in Boston. Don't see it. Texas Tech Purdue that's a two verses a three. So either way that one would not be a big shock like Texas Tech to get back together when nagging fortieth. Yeah I think so percussionist in the big Garrick. Yeah. I don't know I know Hoss talked about him possibly being ready but. I mean that was a nasty injury in the they showed him in warm ups and he he just he couldn't raise is available. And without him it's going to be difficult. That of course and Omaha the first game Clemson and Kansas sweet talked about Alan plenty here. 707 start and the late start 937. Purdue can Syracuse Syracuse as an eleven seed. Liberal amount. Their tournaments over Carol Amon G Mac they're gonna get cash for wind. Duke beat them early in the year of ninety to 44 a that there really was at the school I think so well lord. A little upset you don't think it was like thirty point when. They destroyed. This is going to be a mass. Well Syracuse as one to close when they beat TCU by five they beat Michigan state of course but to. And duke on the other hand has had to all the owners. 8967 over Iona and 8762. Over Rhode Island. Yeah. I still can't believe Michigan beat Houston hadn't gotten over that game. One point. Hyundai Kidd missed both of those free throws then. And. One point. So where's the upset where's the big upset this weekend. And I gotta. I gotta go with Florida State. And and Zach. The only game I did find Syracuse Dave played Dave duke did win sixty deport deport excuse me sixty to forty. The number was flipped upside. It's been like this I. My dyslexia shield law. They can upset forming you do pick an upset I'm taken Florida State their organs and sweet sixteen I'm going within these. I'm gaullist Virginia. I'll I'll ride the Aggies all the way to the national time you're going West Virginia revealed guess I am. That would be ups and here's the thing. And my bracket I do you have West Virginia meaning now when that game really I have a going to alienate and lose to Purdue. I'm in that region I imperfect. Don't go anywhere else firming should expect it everywhere else I'm just gone if there were of one region contest you'd be all over that I win that money. But Doug historically in the sweet sixteen determine kinda hold strong in the and it did you know it's kind of like the first two rounds you'll have some upsets. And in the sweet sixteen holes chalk and then release date there be some upsets. And then in the final four count holds jolt I don't know. There's any science to that though so I'm a bond that nobody now Mumbai and besides I'm insisting the pick and upset viewers you're in Houston snapped when you say and Michigan are going in the them. Yeah that's seven vs a three I'm gone different I guess I'll give you that as an upset now module on them. In and play well I could see in and one in the game to. Also remember before the term I faltered BS service seed that would make a run like South Carolina to the final four program. I was hoping it was gonna be my hopes and they got barbecued Bob Butler in the first round. So wasn't them but it looks like it's the Aggies. Marching guys going clubs or Kansas just just just asking for friends here. Because they're playing near Kansas do I think it's a hometown crowd a hand this out of eight it if they do win I'll be happy but sad time. I think you're gonna plainclothes book I just think kansas'. A great basketball team Osce is an eight to ten point Kansas when you you know I can see I don't symbol clubs and no and to be competitive. Don't be shocked if Clemson won but. You know. That you I think if Clinton beats this team. This will be the toughest match up though how the rest of the way. Our in the duke yes. This Kansas came to me is but they've already beaten duke they've proven they can beat duke. And if they can beat Kansas in that environment. With a all the rock chalk jayhawks who won on then. I don't see that there's another team that could stop except maybe Villanova uranium. Duct. That tool. I mean I don't like I was in the final four that came in good shape yet. I'm old enough to buy a bit average the two young men yeah it's a little bit moments. No they still ask him what pair of socks to buy. You know Dana you know they need to get the point order Schiavo. Raiser yet and I got a full season under their belt now stop it with the use young anymore I mean when they get all decorum in it was a bunch of kids. A player like these teams old alike Villanova Clemson aiming them. And it's grown men. Experience can be a factor but again which at this point play a lot of basket a particular thing that's gonna determine some things is how well the officials. Well the way they call the game if the officials allow him to play. And let him be physical. That's gonna favorite teams like Clemson an A in the and Villanueva who like to get in there I'm in throw elbows and rear ends and all that stuff play a little bit policy team but let's just say hard. But they they call little tight before the nest teams. Has Kentucky and the Kentucky is not a physical team. That the way they approach the game at that they don't have. A physical reality about them like they have in years past were that team that won the national title with a lead they were tough. You know they've scrapped with you that you Anthony Davis would talk smack to you mean they were tough call Anthony towns Harrison to win. I mean they were just take tough tough basketball team. This team and not so much. ID 444773776. Feel like you're your predictions on the sweet 16 gotten underway tomorrow evening. You give us call text at 71307. Using keyword ESPN and beginning your text message. Be right back Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Patrick and Alonso this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Sky differ in degree able loses headed out to Oman he's actually driving. From green Paloma says it took his wife Jamaican vacation element. That's. A healthy little drive. Is like seventeen hours worth of driving than you figure in the brakes and all Latin. Here on the root for one. But we'll check in with Scott on the road on his way to Omar coming up at 304. This afternoon talk about Clemson and Kansas coming up all Friday night. 8444773776. Is our number my the phones Delmon your next how are you. Eight yeah the last. Won't hurt the lawsuit argued or not but it's close it's close the local law. Did you bet on a little out national public bus shortly and. Great can you actually closing in America confidential below all in battlefield. Thank you don't opera I appreciate that thank you. Not like you are critical policy is a little early days. And I'm only about portal on less so that can't Wear it I'm gonna chemistry extended losses and it'll breeze. Don't look that the cooking up there must admit I have. Iraq as the all master futile loan and try to mix. Don't you borrowed eligible for a full. Also it just did Canas just stay sort of quality or leader to the great defense but strategic. Thinking is taking it. Eight if they haven't external. Took chased ever Kentucky's you're upset special though in high. Aren't just not man that's not bad. Yeah every bit as you know against all of you channel it. Yeah they certainly held. Maryland Baltimore County to 43 points and game the other. It just does all of they have not. And there output also Gigi back on it does I don't know what state it upload it doesn't make this time it. And locals that doesn't make as well Allstate. Limit on your side there apple will grow on trees up there. I am well it's a West Coast game that was in Los Angeles social away from home for Florida statement that and certainly didn't bother Clemson the other night. So I yeah odds that's my pick ninth seed Florida State over force begins tag him for what it's worth. That's my sweets and upset. You know how little Linda's latest turn it but he should not at all on this trying to beat. A bit well what is suitable to our point here you people are fortunate truck rental season. Dale it's it's is crazies it's been. Sony's Columbia final weekend we appreciate called Ellen thank you 8444773776. The number and huddle I don't get the Nick Saban talking about his injured. Quarterback. To attack a below law. Well hopefully a minor Andrew what nick had to say about it from spring practice and Alabama. Well let coming up next second of the right back in a moment listening to huddled this is ESPN. Upstate. We're back cannot hold this is ESPN upstate GMAC coach Phillips his final day here with us is the moose back in the coaching. And patter browns a name for Alonso today 444773776. Is our number. Omaha feel about the picture you and I two on what's right. My Nike jacket looking little. Tight. You can reduce and run around so yes I don't you work it off in the summer. Test in the strength on the stretcher that. Johnston. It's still cold outside Sierra attack this low this job that you've been doing here for the past few months is not exactly a high energy work out. At least physically maybe mentally. Enough physically mr. get ready. Get out there on the field with some youngsters. Oh you know keep doozy for you keep it moving. Alabama. Has little bit of an issue in spring practice as the sophomore quarterback that won the championship for them to a tag of a law was injured during their first practice of the spring. It is a thumb injury hopefully not a serious injury here's what. You boy Nick Saban. Had to say about it. Talk in the media after the injury to to a. Through. You know Curtis on the day in practice at home taken him to Birmingham to get that evaluated moment. Com. You know probably going to require some time off for him to get back. Want to speculate on what team and we might be able to put on most of the time when these type things happen. Home. And do it it takes more foreign to come back ups on into obviously. I think. In the few days to will probably be able to do some things. But when you hurt your thumb on your phone hands kind of hard to deliver the ball so I think that's going to be the issue is whether he's able to throw it. Home in jail them we're split the corruption com and you know. We're we're given both guys an opportunity and see how they compete and see how they do so I don't have any decisions we are not speculating on any decisions right. There's going to be free air law and honesty in terms of how we can both players a chance to compete. So lots setback for two Magellan Hearst restart quarterback this ball. And so Blanton kids only and to the 200 in tune. I was kind of jumping to a bit of a conclusion there but I appreciate you'll probably not right to him today and if he starts. I think the horrible football grouse on his hand to be just understanding you watched it more of his news conference understanding agitating with a median it was hysterical. Mad about what they're asking about Jalen hurts alias yeah immediately the comment that. If you know. Well I'm gonna invite the media out there and why you guys are out there I think his quote was. I'm gonna have him run with the DBs and then when you're gonna throw you out of practice moving back to the quarterbacks. Basically that's all you guys wanna do is move in different positions how many times did he do this during that comment. Several I mean he needs the right so that podium. A coat barely balancing on that podium and now they batted salty water to Zynga now you've got the Coke. In the plastic bottle in the sixteen ounce on the right hand side. You've got the saudis and the plastic bottle and sixteen counts on the left side and he's got sort of put his hands. Want to Coke products are competitive then yeah there's no place he's got to do just panel on the podium NC Fazio of the bottles survived there. Chris Lowe has been talk as people and Alabama today. He said there was some concern initially when they saw the injury to two well there was some swelling. But the latest information he has is that he probably won't be out for the entire spring. They do expect him back before spring is over but dumb. It's a fluid situation can't wait and see. How it all plays out the eight day spring game for Alabama is Saturday April 21 of that is one month away so if too is ready to go they're. But coming this a quarterback battle more interest. Well let me ask you this. You know a few years ago. JT bear. Was a starting quarterback at Ohio State. And then. The biggest coral Jones opponents in the emirate hard court opinions and came around after bared her and let them to the Big Ten title and through the playoffs. This is similar circumstance and that he he was never the same quarterback. After I mean everybody said he thought they thought they should don't probe. After that run and I agree with him and he decided to come back to little different and that he's a freshman. And go pro and okay go current right now. But I mean. Are we jumping to conclusions a little bit that yes the kid. An unbelievable. Half. OK probably should came in the game a lot of earlier earlier. Did what he did but as they say everything's history. But it's one thing's coming in that moment where you almost don't have time. To realize what's going on that's another thing where you've got to grind. Oval weekend we can now we can now preparation. Right. That this kid is gonna have to go through in the media scrutiny. Alabama as the equivalent of North Carolina basketball. OK they're media and even Lane Kiffin even. Made a joke about it when he became. Coach at Florida Atlantic. Bus thing every press conference it. As the offensive coordinator there was forty members of the media. Opening press conference there was to him as a head coach. So this kid is gonna be under. These enormous pressure. That every move that he makes is going to be chronicled. I mean is he mature enough to handle all of I mean everybody is quick. To throw and the other kid under the bus I mean now we're gonna find out. We don't know he's ready for that that's right we don't know how to is gonna handle the spotlight handled the day today stop if he is indeed. Named the starter so do you think that its hands down that hurts is now. I mean look you solid second half football and you base it on that and so what they did the first Japanese say yeah but. But it out what what do VW lightly not only matters what he did in the championship game is gonna matter I practices and that they think he's ready for game one. Game one by noisy as low level. In Orlando that's not. You know it was a soft start that's my Mercer now now and they play Ole miss game three in Texas A and in game four. So mom not mean look I would favor to a right now based on what we've seen on the field and you know it just opens up their offense so much. But they can change. He can not be up to the task just does he had a great half football doesn't mean he's. Ready to take them. So let me assure that let me ask you this if he tries to out there and he struggles. And that makes the change but the hurt. I mean is that kid ruined. Don't know two kids that would that matter I don't think I don't think it would matter that much to hurts. He seems to handle it well exactly what we single him. Does he got yanked in the second half the national championship game and was okay it was okay William right exactly Winona two handles adversity yet exactly. If he starts and look he was not perfect in that. Right. I mean each day their cost of the game. Oh yea through wanna programs Bentley yeah and then took bets in the you know one played negated. You know all those other ones of course there was the game winner but. I mean he could've thrown it to somebody else just as easily as it through to the to the receiver. No doubt are right up against another break here back in a moment to wrap up our tour the homily for 44773776. Will be Jim and us. Huddle on ESPN upstate will be right back. Well a lot lower bowl has told David Padgett the interim basketball coach that day. Gave the job temporarily. With the issues with the Rick Pitino when he was sparked but I told David Padgett thanks conceal letter. Going in a different direction. In the restaurant move I don't think he's up to new 33 years old. They were 22 and fourteen this year they won two games in the in ninety. Possibly ask David Padgett how crazy this season was he said on a scale of one to ten it was 25. He said I felt things went pretty well all things considered they didn't achieve everything they wanted both the players gave the effort could mess for better team to coach. And he thinks that did a good job all things considered he'll look for another head coaching job improbably get a smaller one right Padgett Inco somewhere at a small. I mean he may end up you know with karma going to what we're Ian noble lives. He might be able to go to middle Tennessee somewhere along the right. And do a good job I thought he did a nice job of holding things together. In lieu of what happened under the circumstances yet deal way so much much like what Sean Elliott. Had to deal with win mid season Steve Spurrier. Resign and although for different reasons obviously but you know he was put a tough spot. Took a Georgia State job and now he's doing a great job and he'll probably be in line. Four powerful job here in the next couple years I think the same thing with the budget he stepped into a situation with hall of fame. And I think the thing for me the difference that us all in the lower bowl under Padgett as opposed to Latino. What's the sense of urgency. And the way they played the game. And that's all coaching when you see kids diving on the court. And you know running out of bounds and doing those little things from an effort standpoint. That's coaching that's demanding excellence. From an efforts to import from your club and I didn't get assess that. Padgett bill that think what you want to about pitino all of the court and he's earned all of that but he's also are in the thigh. That he's a hall playing college basketball coach that it that has high demands of every club he's ever taken over. So the you know vilify and only one in which you've got to appreciate. What he brought to the table I think that's what Stallone. As a young coaches how to be demanding and push his club. So where does lower level go do you think they go after the Xavier got numerous men. It's possible possible more view. Although while he won't leave guns when every year he's got a perennial sweet sixteen and of course. Colt Morton the rumors around him are going ramped up every year. Which I don't see that happening I think he's perfectly that if your game carpet and I think the only time he'd get nervous. Is win the Miami job comes open and if that job comes open. Then it's time to get nervous any of these other jobs that you're leaving worry about bullet. I would say the guy Xavier I would say Mark Few possibly. Upon global I know they didn't have a very good tournament. But you gotta go after Gregg Marshall. Mean isn't legal even a good job to go. Yeah man. I needed after all these scandals doesn't don't don't give up don't let it be I mean. Coach crumb built into a national power. Pitino got it back to that you can win a national championship. At global if you're a basketball coach. You get in the door with every. 55 star kid in the country but we're in a bill on you jones' automatically. You do. You can now. One more quick thing for the top of the hour for whatever reason Arizona Sean Miller has had to come out with a statement says he's not a candidate Pittsburg. What was the Pittsburgh post gazette story that said that up there have been some discussions in the Miller had interest. I played there he played Pittsburgh in the late eighties early ninety's and he was an assistant there in the mid nice August. That sense that that makes some sense but still on six from the Portland Pittsburgh and he says now. As I wish them well. In their search. For a new coach after Kevin Stallings was dismissed the layers so one emotional moment. I'd let me give you the free cash stash. Code word for this hour your chance of free money in 1000 dollar free cash dash on ESP in upstate. This hour's code word is slow SL OW text slowed to 72881. And you can when thousand dollars we play up to twelve times every weekday we start at 6 AM with the goalie cam lingo. Slow as this hour word the number 72881. Back on the other side we'll check it was cocky for the Greenville news talk about Clemson basketball against Kansas coming up. On Friday night that's next for our three of the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us.