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Glad you're with us on this Tuesday afternoon ESPN that upstate coming up bad 530. This afternoon as the air time for clinching coastal Carolina baseball. First it should be around 6 o'clock the tigers are beginning their spring break trip with a game act coastal Carolina in Conway. Springs Brooks stadium coastal is fifteen and seven on the year. Tiger sixteen him for now after dropping three over the weekend to in C state. Starting pitchers scheduled for tonight. Will be Anthony's Simon LA right hander for coastal and hold Jones right hander for Clemson. Always interesting do on two of those on midweek pitchers do TV and find a jam with your up. Your midweek. Pitching staff and we'll see how hole Jones does tonight for. The tigers the tigers averaging a little over six runs a game dating get in the production over the weekend though. The bats were not out for Clemson over the weekend so that's one of things that we were working on trying to get the yeah. Pitting going again they're pitching staff. Averaging or has a three point 02 earned run average. Holding their opponents' batting two to 31. And they have a two point 74 strikeout to walk ratio. Gerry Gilmore still the coach at coastal Carolina took him to the national championship a couple of years back he's been here 23. Years. The chanticleers. Swept Arkansas State via combined score of 3718. Over the weekend their batting 300. But the staff the areas four point 28 so we've given up some runs. Guys to watch for our coastal Carolina at the play twelve probably exactly be your men would be that got. Batting 3426. Homers 21 RBIs. Kevin what all junior is batting 287 has nine home runs though already on the season 29 runs batted in. A clubs has not been on the road much seventeen of their first twenty games have been home games. It's pretty incredible. Comes as bullpen has a two point 69 earned run average this year they have been good. So here we go tonight at 6 o'clock for the first pitch for Clemson and coastal Carolina. And Conway at 530 of the air time here on ESP in upstate. Did any sane person would probably say the Duke Blue Devils are one of the favorites in the sweet sixteen growing to go to Paducah up there. This is Duke Team compared to last year's new. And we song bring much more affluent Mark Bagley is a big difference well him and grace and Allen is not a bad player and people want hate only because he's earned it it you know because of this evil theatrics he does on the court. But when you watch you play the kid give great effort and he's a pretty good player. I thought the weaknesses last year was canard. At the one guard minutes South Carolina just beat them see him perform well in folder. And Dwayne noticed they just ate him alive. That of course they struggled with pay them but the guys NBA are struggling with Tatum a but Bagley being in the middle of that than being much more athletic. In the backcourt the other lot better than what they world we saw last year. Well let's see how the Blue Devils do against Syracuse they're in that same region with Clemson. You know one half clubs will play the early game against Kansas seven O seven scheduled to open a 937. Scheduled tip for duke. And Syracuse and coach Mike should shift he was on with goalie and lingo. This war and the head coach of my pick for the national champions this year. My two chassis coach can from duke is joining us on the shell Pennzoil performance like coach. And with all the way in my friend you and together we like this train. There direct. I hate to call your fairway understands it's. Still thanks. Thanks for giving me it your support I hope you're right that. It has been. Just so nutty tournament which is. That's why it's called March Madness so our. That it's been. Great you know the exhilarating Winston. And on the opposite and it's very very cruel to see sperm but coach and his team and it's. To dramas unbelievable. I had to pick somebody since Notre Dame wasn't in the tournament that I. I wish my team would have been around them. If that's what injuries do it and you can't you can't beat injuries. No question Bonzi calls than not being there for so much of the season maybe their differences might suggest he is with us. My guys you watch this terminal unfold obviously a first ever we had a sixteen take down one we've got all these upsets. As a high seed have you been like let's just keep this thing moving here because it seems like this year more than ever it's been absolutely bonkers. Well it you know it's always in that there have been a number of times worst clothes were sixteen. Could land not at the 1986. And our first final four team. We want to read Dorsey says and we beat Georgia Tech in the ACC championship on a solemn day -- and on Thursday at noon we're playing Mississippi Valley State. And if wasn't for Johnny Dawkins in the last ten minutes of the game the we worked out the and so for from a coach's perspective. You know coach believes that it is you can get beat by anybody and that's why they prepare so well. And that likened Virginia's case. If our. People haven't made enough so that the knee injury to honor her I thought it was her best player. In the last month of the season and he gave them a chance to have four perimeter players on the court and that's kind of how are you and BC bead on them today you know spread around. But it can happen they can happen and we try not. So while our guys to look at other settings here we don't talk about to determine if we talk about. Each game. Being a championship game and so on Friday night we're playing for a championship against Syracuse. And and not to look at had a not a walk around the keep your eyes aren't on your broad and not on everybody else's world. Mike she's just you with a so this morning it's funny you mention that 1986. Game because we had Jay bill us in the studio earlier this. And he was talking about it he said no they were running around driving us crazy and after the game they were like asking for our autographs and and he was like dude. If Johnny Dawkins and gun nuts you would have beaten us we are lucky to survive you guys. The athletic and hopefully don't sit and say that they asked for his autograph. It doesn't matter who it is that they might deter now state and they were good and I remember their coach lost yet struggling have really. Outstanding coach and had a seem ready you know and basically. They're playing at you know teams and their position or playing on house money. You know they are there's no pressure on them at all and has taken put pressure. On higher seed on the policies like that. You know pressured to is crazy things for people sometimes say it is. Does something you do so magnificent and pressure and other times you. You know you go the other way you know and there's lot of pressure scrutiny in this term. It even though we talk about you know playing with house money the team you're playing even though they had to play Dexter game in Syracuse. Certainly if that's not a team like this you know a couple of blue bloods going that it would do consider Q you plan on Friday it's a team. In February that you beat sixth need to 44 I believe so for the score are their things that you taped. From that game indexes so coaching players situation that you can use for this game. Yes on but they're different console or a week you know that's. Jim does paparazzi gym and our closest anybody can be consistent eleven years with the US national team and you know. Yeah you get better playing for just just seems to compare. And to advocates have really gotten better is to always side who. Really wasn't even looking to shoots it at times. Now he's a double figure scorer and you know he's an option for a the other guy Isp receptor freshman. Who. It's really in the last three weeks just played better than anybody out there came and so they've gotten better. And we have to. So what you take some of those things would be one of the things we try to short our guys is how much. Those two kids have improved so they don't think they're playing against a guy in February their pleasures just a guy in March. Might suggest he was duke head coach as they get sent to take on Syracuse on Friday a team you know very well and you mentioned bay I'm in your relationship on those all those years. As an assistant with team USA. Just a curiosity being around him so much how did that affect your thinking about employing the 23 zone that has been so effective. Now it has to have an impact because when we're with the national team it's not only June but Mike Hopkins his top assistant who's now don't have done a great job that university abortion to this year. You know we. We practiced the dirt disown you for world that we only used it once and we didn't practice a lot that. When you're west's. So don't go and its ponying amid McMillan and money Williams and all these guys and their assistance. You talk a lot of basketball. You know and so Jeff Capel who's my associate head coach in Mike talked a lot about this film and drills certain. You know take you used but also the mentality. Coaching is the result would then more so than the x.s and goes I think perhaps there's some mental. Think about. Okay would you believe in this. You know how do you get them across what can you accept. It. You know the big guys who don't use his own alarm as soon as someone it's two threes they say. Man that's not work in the and they go to man to man and the ball screen defense they have this is not a good and but don't stick with man to man and some some of that mentality and Jim. MI you know really. Really understand that and we learned a lot from them. So for preparation standpoint coach I know obviously you've been through time and time again your plan Thursday and Saturday or Friday and Sunday and then you wait. Some of that that that the rest that next week before you play again. For the players and you rotate through them either every year every couple years or or every four times. Everyone what what you have to yeah absolutely but what is the preparation. From the players standpoint of how that changes when you play the two games within a couple of days and then get that time off before the next. Watch a good point two really good point it's that if you what do you do mentally and physically can help your team get ready for the next next thanks. Throw us last week our our school was on spring break so that worked out great. And in an we've been arrested we could practice and any time and now they're back in school and I think it's better to let her back to school to us when we came back we gave them Sunday off we played on Saturday afternoon. And then. You know did. What a classic tale structure. It's good that they have it be bad just they had a week cost this week conflicts that they don't they conduct it in their structure to around. You know during their a normal more to normal lifestyle and then leaves. Don't go to class. Two again today and tomorrow morning to them released tomorrow afternoon so. Not. You know divorce strength that it happens warrior right now is to get someone injured. So you wanna keep him in shape you wanna keep them sharp. But you want. Not they have much contact. You know yesterday's very selective in the amount of contact did you have. So that you are you goal. You know you don't put your team in the best position within that it was an injury problems. Mike your shift US we've got history coming up in this match of coach K with Jimmy bay how many guys you know very well. You are the top two winningest coaches in division one history this is the first time the two winningest coaches in division one. At any point have met in the instant NCAA tournament it comes in the sweet sixteen and also comes after a game in which you passed pat summit. For the most wins in NCAA history but I thought your answer to that question from David Jacobs and after that win was very very poignant. Yeah I won't eat in not past the loose. You know in the league of her own real you know and on she was to pioneer. Four when the women's basketball essential going to Gloria has now as a result of what path. You know during her career in and also learned. Which she did which you know they had been when he started Connecticut's program to play one another and this path has not contracted the assumption your health problems. Issued a 100 support it's an issue you know they would lose. Jews and Austin Austin chart so. I think it's coaches we all recognize that to get it builder. The other guys. There wouldn't wanna hold a lot more games of what was suffer hell or some. Situation which caused them to aren't either changed or Jaaber or stopped coaching and so on to get to keep it all perspective of the Milwaukee. This a little bit of war and see half of one season. Rather than they have on. You know I got two new Neeson to grips and dinner coach are really good school had coached at two great schools and it's it's worked out pretty well for me. Well it certainly hasn't your right look I I did the wind instrument for seven years here he is pin it was a privilege to tube to be with pat and work with her. During that time just to see how the teams in our players responded to her great and so I thought. I think it's easy route out you guys she could have coached at any level you could have been an MBA coach. The issue was that good. There and they're really set the example for. You know. You know how good women's basketball committee and obviously it's. It's grown and grown that's which isn't really need to say. Coach were running out of time but I did wanna have this one subject with you mentioned the health issues that you had to we just had tie Lou the head coach of the cavs. Have to take an indefinite leave of absence as he deals with a sometimes I don't think people understand the stress that deals with being a head coach at a very high level whether it's in college. Or in the pro leagues like the NBA. Well I think in under them not to Edwards the only stressful job out there that's. You know. Basically approaches to human being. And human beings get sick and he they need. Sometimes. Operations say you know things sometimes get depressed sometimes. Yeah whatever it is anything that can happen soon. A human being connected to approach. You know and obviously our system public. And that. You know hopefully he's going to be okay and the organist and have to have a guy who can step right and who's been a head coach and I just like for me when I've missed a game. This year because I was sacked just people came in and he did all the jobs so it's a big thing guess. You know just like for you guys when you guys can make you better get addicted to host. Do you guys got a list of people who. You know can. Maintain the standards of your. Of your show and I think that's what every organization needs to have someone down who can step in and maintain the standards. I'm of the organization. We'll see what happens with the cavs going forward and we'll see what happens as duke takes on Syracuse. Two old rivals that know each other pretty well coast we appreciate you being with us this morning thanks tomorrow that's all right thank suggest. That is Mike Hsu Chesapeake head coach of the Duke Blue Devils they will play Syracuse so after glancing Kansas. On a Friday night in almost half in the sweet sixteen the ESPN nub BP I. Gives us the four teams that have the highest chance out of the sixteen. To reach the final four. And they're kind of the ones you probably would expect duke leads the way. According to a BP IBS the end duke as a 60% chance to reach funnel for. Villanova second with a 55%. Chance in zag third with a 50% chance and Kentucky. Force with a 45%. Chance that just names but it does it would that. The skeptic the big names here that have the best chance or to reach the final four I know BP i.'s statistical thing. Duke Villanova organs Agha. Thank Kentucky the best chance according to ESPN dot coms and BP I to reach the final four. Are we have a yum ugly a pretty good tweet of the day to get to coming up we'll do that coming up next you wanna get on the phone 8444773776. Text line 71307. New security SPN. We'll be right back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. You are back in the huddle on ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Patrick Brown in here were with the until 4 o'clock. Marchers will have his a big hour and a half show coming up for you starting at four he goes all the way to 530 and a monstrous normally gets all the breaks than usual half for show or read and in the aussies have told somebody about thousands of sure. Amid the shoot low OK okay. RAI. And of those that with that none of the Dick. There was no that was not being a little bit ago and I joke I mean. No it would you knucklehead wouldn't enough common and it's in the on injured reserve and. I'm gonna not benefit. Are I think 444773776. You wanna get him and us here in the last thirty minutes or so of the huddle on he has Vietnam's state takes line 71307. Time now for the tweet of the day. Like this job. The slow bickering going on between Alabama and Central Florida is still going on after the national championship that Alabama. Rightfully want and Central Florida continues to cling. They're still bickering here's what happened. Alabama beat Central Florida eighty to 61 there in and a women's basketball. This is the women's NIT. And Greg Byrne is the athletic director at Alabama. And he tweeted this. Great win today over UCF for Alabama women's basketball. We're not ready to make him more than it was and schedule a Disney parade. But we'll definitely take it hash tag. Roll tide. Well. Oregon sorry you're being so a lot Danny why is the athletic director at. Central Florida not the guy who played quarterback for the cowboys different anyway. And he had to come back. With a tweed the zone Danny white tweeted. Our policy has been to schedule Disney parades when we win New Year's Day bowl games. We've won two in the last five years. The most recent in 2017. When we were the only undefeated team in America and national champions. If you all want to have a parade for WNIT. Wins more power to. Okay. Here's what why is it then why is now walking up to agree. Okay and the reason for that being. He he's. Picking only school that has more championships than they do students are. Okay. So we Daly why it would be wise along with the rest. Of his central for a Florida brethren the to just be quiet. Here's the thing. The gamble that which is attention. Well it isn't attention given this thing go well and that's why Obama does not need to be doing that look I've got tomorrow okay. And don't. Listen to the bleeding she eagle does not flies no that's another voice a little waves. OK well when you are. Not just superior but just. An American if you don't listen to the squabbles. Of anything else I mean you just built. Which about athletic directors. Playing like this on Twitter should be doing that is that is that Lebanese athletic directors is just not there. Normal meta moderation well in today's world Twitter is fair game for its position no matter how high and don't sleep OK let. I mean this is as petty as you can get it but still on the join an honest I didn't know me wrong I mean it's entertainment all the way from everything in LA it it. I know right you guys don't like you wanna bring this up but it's kind of wrestling philosophy you know to keep won't jazz and had to keep people's interest until something so it blows off a. Image everything right like wrestling now dual extending it to her tee here's the problem deal until is that why he here's the problem was Central Florida in the lakers'. Okay. Is what they make their comment when they make their argument. All right. Literally. Not an 8% of the civilized world. Rules that are on us. In line. OK the band haters now the bam haters club well yeah of course but see there's an agenda. So they're gonna try to keep the engine going but that's why it's. 90% of the civilized. Male world people with a boring people that want to keep an agenda not jobs attitude and they don't have a brain. You are within athletic director has a Twitter troll that's an X that's what Twitter is for. I. I guess I don't know I'm not high element I'm Ohio on these athletic directors. Get involved I may be your records your skin in the you know. And I understand why did well when Danny when you have to do that it seemed daddy why acknowledging that we told you how insignificant. Their athletic program is. Football including Iran. But the fact that they have to be so defensive let the whole world know. How everything that forget Central Florida the embers started and he's the Alabama athletic director Alabama. Well. Again. The dig was there. Dana White have to do respond respond. You know. There's multiple as a coach rod as a radio host G Mac I'm sure you've gotten us. In your illustrious career. You're gonna have people just hate you. Because they hate you. In the afternoon you can say the sky is blue and it will be drawn that it's part of the just because they don't want you to it that you write about. I'm but once you start this and where's the stop once you start and you gonna fight of people on Twitter as an athletic director. We're gonna stop dollar start stop just keeping office keeping don't. Like snow. And is on injured leg non. Saying anything inappropriate I mean that's just like out of his careful exactly a nice little jab Archie telling your players may be careful what you do on Twitter and then you're out there troll and onto. As the AD. That's a fair point. A look at the Missouri coach out in public out and social media the whole thing. Acted like an idiot and and you're supposed to set the tone for your athletic department not only of performance but in action. So I give it can understand why Danny Hawaii. Is responding but he's responded to the world he won if it had been. I don't know. Vanderbilt or somebody like that. That's a battle their level. Yes. OK but. Alabama beauty you weigh in over your head there you see went over here. A bill on the line we'll talk about this bill welcome into the huddle powered. And don't gay guys I gotta do and and ways and I thank you Pietrus is that I think this is enormous. Most is no doubt they. Typical that this generation though and other risks and an art world as he does is it that it starts to eat there your only because then the fate if they can't. Get help wanna why not. And I never really our ministry is to let. And I did it not if it says they're that they were wearing yards and it makes them look slow. It makes him look foolish impaired and are you say don't appear I don't know. That. This couple earning. This economic output on the net that the silverback. Although college or don't call them out. But at home you see here just. Let it. Me. Yeah I think it's it's our district it and you're so typical of the world we live there today that this generation. At all or sent them out this cram ourselves. Let's assume we are we produce their return was no lock you go somewhere else they are all. Right thank you don't give ma Bridget get up there. Don't you got that alone. All those who do did what were they told doo dads tiger did as what the new dead do you want the one with the crew and they've. How. Central Florida the right. Moment to dude. Barely walk and why and the rest of balloon that would warrant alive it was nice though. Or was the first today it was kind of OK I know it's didn't door late march and we still do it and that are still talking about this if I can do elected to do our. A lot of got a guy who break back at a moment enough baloney is Vietnam's state stay with a. So your boy sank one Barkley did not seem to like get the no running backs coaches from the NFL came to the Penn State broad base opium work. I would say they would need to. After the performance. He's going to do Mason team visits but he did not work Allen though NFL running backs coach is that you what you gave the show yesterday you gave me nightmares and if it's can be Cordoba at 123 hall that is. Then just move that is until and if that is. A Barkley says he'll likely just visit with some NFL teams. Might do one or two work outs for the defending and depending on the advice he received from his team cyclone Barkley already has a team a team of advisors. You don't want what's what what is that like knowing. Will we will orange. Four weeks out end of April bottom more. Acute did you imagine. How do you prepare. Then it's not a gamble it's not a bit I mean think about it when you buy a lottery ticket much like the odds are so astronomical. What does it feel like to know that and more you're going to be worth tens of millions. Of dollars. It's not a matter of this it's good you know what's going to happen yeah. That literally within a more you can ma whatever your heart's desires. Just got a big field. You can just would you be worried about making a mistake now I mean is it like this. Don't work out at your schools. Product pitcher mr. schools. Event. After his workout no not a problem new. I must say he's a high enough priority he doesn't really need to if he had a good combo line which he really did. He doesn't really need to have a pro to me what's legal and see. Wasn't why was he going to be there in the first place has supported other teammates I guess no I was going to be there to be seen by the running backs coaches from when they didn't show up. What is more depth. I still think symbol and made a statement thrown. Yet been though you are what you need to do while I kind of agree with descend Arnold could probably done himself some good sick while probably didn't seem to have any upside. See there's other things that coaches and GMs are looking for the com line. Other than what you're doing right a lot of times those drills in this where players. Missed the point. The players think they have to hit every drill and be perfect in every most of those drills aren't bow your execution. Coaches are looking at other things how competitive you'll howl howl or you're around the guys like you things that elevated. Josh Allen and other than the fact. That he threw that seventy yard bomb is that did you see how he galvanized. The guys around him his peers. We'll see that's an intangible. Leadership quality. That carried more weight. With the GMs and scouts and coaches. That Lamar Jackson and baker mayfield you you've got the cream of the crop in college football from a quarterback's standpoint. And they're coming to. And that's gonna take you can't teach that. I mean you've got a Heisman Trophy winner. Coming up to him. During the work out right. And see that's what coaches wanna see. Because if you can do that. In that type of environment that he can command that leadership within the hall. And something that they can develop. They had does sixteen players work out in Colombia today for scouts that US cease. Pro day all 32 teams were represented forty scouts. 32 teams represented their. So you look at a couple of notes from mom USC's broad and offensive lineman Corey Helms. Raised the bar 26 times in a bench pressed that's good. Across LaMont is defensive back 35 inch vertical leap I guess that's pretty good real good yeah. Scott Moore who weighed in at 230 pounds you know some people question whether he's physical and big enough to play linebacker in the NFL. 230 pretty solid for him. Hayden Hurst had a big one handed catch during position drills a nurse can be fun anyway. But at some of these hides and waits for a former gamecocks were trying to get into the NFL Peyton Hearst measured in at 64 and five eighths 250 pounds. Pretty good size for tied in. Let's see here jamarcus skiing trying to make it we talked about them before Isaiah. Because of back 61 in one eights 186. Pounds. Pretty light. For jamarcus king sky more 62 and three eighths. To thirty through thirty pounds. Taylor install or a 62 and a quarter 300 pounds even. Dante saw your 62 and three quarters 276. Found. For Dante sorry. Chris LaMont is only 59 and a quarter of a 194. Pounds. So Le Mans is. Like four inches shorter than jamarcus king employees a more friends in the difference in those gusts on. AJ part 63 and seven H 324. Big board. So those are some of the heights. And waits in addition to fourteen game Cox had a wide receiver from Limestone College Vincent Smith. And linebacker from the citadel Myers pierce take part in the worked announced today. In Colombia trying to get the attention of the yeah NFL there's something that's how that went. Anyway no luck. The work out for sick on Barkley today he did not. Show off his way Ayers at the Penn State product I thought I'd break we'll come back and wrapping up here in the huddle and moment a 444773776. You wanna get in. The huddle on ESP in upstate. Well Auburn fans listen up. And lost to cheer receiver at the spring practice. Sophomore Eli stone who torn ACL. In the last practice before spring break. Just finding out about it he's already had surgery and surgery on March 13. According to this report from SEC country. You'll miss the remainder spring practices and the eight a spring game Jordan hare stadium but hopefully can return to the field this fall. But a source told ACC countries and a lot of work to get back. Andy's going to do his best they're injured his and he walked off the field on his own that day kept the news quiet for most of the down time. He has family traveled to Pensacola Florida for surgery performed by team doctor James Andrews you know him. Now his mindset is to do whatever he can do to get back as a sophomore last season stove caught. 29 passes. 265 yards. They don't working without quarterback Jared sternum and Ryan Davis they're leading receiver from last year in spring drills. So this just another blow for the Auburn team during spring drills as a Eli stove torn ACL. Also news out of Texas. College basketball their big center of the freshman Mohammed bomb ma. Announcing today hill in the NBA draft. Says some you will not be returning to school seven foot center with a 79. Wingspan. One of the top freshman in the country. Averaged just under thirteen points ten and a half rebounds a game second nationally in blocks three point seven per game. Had fifteen double doubles. Including eight during an eleven game stretch. Back in January and February missed three games with a toe injury. But return to put up thirteen points and fourteen rebounds during their first round NCAA tournament lost to Nevada probably going to be a top five pick. ESP a mock draft hasn't met number five so Mohammed bomb buck headed to the. Well I mean if you're an Auburn fan. How many times you have to be talked off the lynch. You basketball team wins the SEC that gets blown out of turn your football team beats Alabama goes the SEC championship. Gets beat by Georgia's biggest beat us Central Florida. Bill which started all of that. It's like. I'm emotional roller it's like go up and down roller coaster. Yep it is Clemson doesn't play Auburn this coming year or so warm. They won't be dealing with that injury inning Clemson game but they certainly won't have a challenge to teams need to never scheduled Clemson ever ever again. Alternative homer in Ohio State never right. Probably not. That's for sure all right we're out of time for today and not a will be back here tomorrow at 1 o'clock on ESPN upstate talk about the well certainly the NCAA tournament am I Clinton's upcoming bag baseball game was coastal Carolina this afternoon at 6 o'clock as well. So join us then we'll leave it was one more key word in the free cash stash. On ESPN upstage the keyword for the hour is mute him you'd T he text the word mute. To 72881. You can win 1000 dollars. We do this up to twelve times per week day we started 6 AM on this hour toward his mute the number 72881. Text and ending good luck. Thanks to our producer today Patrick Brown Josh thank you I'm Greg McKinney strip it was Sturgis next we'll see you tomorrow 1 o'clock. It noddle on ESP in upstate.