The Huddle 3-20-2018 Hour 1

NCAA Tournament, Swamp Rabbits, Spring Training, and Saban.


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Good afternoon welcome and the huddle on ESP and upstaged Tuesday afternoon the twentieth. Of march public today is the first day of spring has understand is that correct. Today spring is here welcome spring Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. Love those off this week Patrick Brown doing the honors today sitting in and producing the show so we'll take your phone calls. As we get underway today here in the huddle we have plenty of stuff going on to talk about today. Lots college basketball certainly today we hear from coach K Mike should shift he would do coming up later in the show as they prepared to take on Syracuse on Friday night they play. In Omaha are right after the Clemson Kansas games so on duke and Syracuse and ACC match up at 937. On Friday night. Speaking of college basketball will give you a chance to win 100 dollars cash today with basketball trivia college basketball tribute. So that's coming up Stephen A Smith has a rants of the day. Related to college basketball we will get to that coming up as well not just basketball today we also have evolved well some hockey. To talk about Greeneville swamp rabbits we have a couple of their players that will be talking to on the show. Today and some college football. Have a pro NATO as south Carolina's capital news things that are of interest there including. A visit to Colombia by one Bill Belichick. What game got players did he meet with privately we'll talk about that in some news about a receiver who's gonna miss the rest of spring practice or South Carolina. So that news is coming up as well. We will have Clemson baseball for you tonight. Clemson anxious to get back out on the diamond to erase the taste of that three game sweep over the weekend at NC state Oakley coastal Carolina. Actually in early games at 5:30 years time 6 o'clock first pitch. This evening for the Clemson Tigers so off scourge have a shorter showed today however have show before Clemson baseball. Are you can get and what does an 8444773776. Text line always open at 71307. And you can reach us on Twitter here in the huddle at ESPN upstate. Started college basketball we have the odds for sweet sixteen games. Does start on Thursday. And after Clemson just absolutely destroyed. All Auburn. By 31 points Sunday night. In San Diego. They're probably. A darling team here in the sweet sixteen I mean they're. If if you get the receding of those sixteen teams talked about that a little bit yesterday Thompson's up high there. And I think they closed the gap on Kansas their underdog nothing they closed the gap because of the performance. Against Auburn keep them on the jayhawks are a number one seed and they go into this game as just a four point favorite. Over the Clemson Tigers. We know about that four point favorite role one seed over the Clemson Tigers and shows you that Clemson is turned some heads so far in this tournament Josh. Yeah they really have and I think it's the way they've. You know perception. Only it's reality sometimes but it's a foreshadow wing of the way people are good things down the rule. Meaning. You know for team in the term starts now live. An unexpected win and then blow out a lot of people around the country. Bought New Mexico State it was going to be eclipsed a lot of people picked that. Day there was no respect for the tigers. Come into this tournament. And so then when you get that to back it kind of changes the narrative a little bit and in the blow out over the co champion. Of the SEC. In such dominating fashion going in to. The game with Kansas though. That this is there in my estimation there watershed moment. Of the tournament that every team that wants to go to the final four has to go through. And I think this is that moment. For clips and all on obviously making the sweet sixteen. And get a couple Bruce Weber had a great quote when he said there's two great accomplishments in the term. The sweet sixteen in the far off for everything else really that big a deal but it you make those two things that's a big deal. And I agree with him and that estimation to make slide of those you know first and Sager around but there's just something to. Getting through the first week in and then getting through this weekend. To get to the elite eight this congress stages of the tournament. And then what can do with Kansas right after as the number one seed South Carolina had to do you think that was their watershed moment when they had to beat duke. Here at home because let's be honest this going to be a home game for Kansas. I mean they're playing literally in the backyard of the jayhawks. It's going to be nine pot ninety to 95%. Of a Kansas crowd it's going to be rock is this going to be a true. Road game will be neutral game like the other two. And we're gonna find out the medal of Clinton in this game not only against the environment. BO but also where. Kansas because Bill Self is kind of reinvented himself. Brad Brownell. You know. In Kansas jail teams they were big currently being in the dominated the glass well this isn't that team. Not that they're not big I mean they've got slumps as but he usually more of a four guard lineup. With one big man they're giving up some rebounds in order digit scorers out in transition. And that's something that Clinton is not used to seeing. Because in the ACC they don't well. Most of the teams outside of North Carolina North Carolina hours to get an up tempo game. But other than that everybody is half court offense. And now they're gonna face a different animal in Kansas and that the key for Clinton is they're gonna have to get exceptional wing play. Out of Devoe in the Mitchell and they're gonna have to break down the penetration. And get kicked and knocked down threes in order to stay in this game. Bill Self Kansas coach said this about Clinton's win overall Bernice and that was probably as impressive a performance as anyone has had in the tournament so far. And he's had there been some great performances he said they dominated Auburn in every area perimeter play speed rebounding and in the plane. Watching them was like watching a clinic. We'll have a good book on them in the next 24 hours or so much Bill Self while. They Kansas coach as they prepare for a Clinton and I'm 37 on Friday night so four point. Underdogs will be the tigers going in to that game other Vegas. Odds this weekend. No bottles of two point favorite over Chicago loyal law. Michigan a three point favorite over Texas say NM. Kentucky is a six point favorite over Kansas State. And zag or five points. Over Florida State Villanova five points over West Virginia. Duke eleven and a half points over Syracuse. And Purdue. One and a half against Texas Tech. Those are the odds there so the only big favorite double digit favorite as duke and at Syracuse game and that's certainly teams are familiar with from the from the ACC. So some interesting stuff going in this weekend. Among other college basketball. News. To talk about us we start off the show today trade young no surprise is leaving Oklahoma. He will enter the NBA draft he told ESPN. That today than announced that on Twitter he's nineteen years old. First team all American for those sooners. People compare him to Stephon curry. Projected to be an MBA. Lottery pick. One ESPN draft analysts rated him the number eight overall pick in army recent. Mock draft in that lost to Rhode Island in the first round of the NCAA tournament young at 28 points and eight assists. And he took them match ups than in the if he checks and long threes at some inopportune time. But you know don't blame him for coming out he tied the NCAA single game assist record with 22 against Northwestern State. They got off to a hot start fourteen in two starts. And their defense is started to overload coverage is on to. Re young and his scoring. Leveled off and the sooners. Stop the whining. Bob Hope you'll come out Whaley about tree yards and MBA player he's going to be Ari. It depends on who has with a I'm not big on unless there Allen Iverson which I don't think he is I'm not big six foot while living gorge. I just. And if he gets into the right system where he's got some guys that take pressure off of him. He struggled against bigger. Bigger perimeter players. And I think we'll have a good career. I'm not sold he's going to be the number one top five. Pick in the draft he might be Woolsey. Miami he'll be a high PayPal mobile the number one that Woolsey. Also as expected today they have introduced Penny Hardaway has the new Memphis basketball coach. He introduced today at a news conference. In Memphis. He said he's not just a face coming in to front the program. He wants to win and a Penny Hardaway said. Losing is not an option. And there are a lot of fans that are excited about this. In Memphis. Mercies. Outstanding player in his own ride and has all those connections with local players in the Memphis area so. Yup C help works out for Memphis arrows tubby. They got pending we'll see where that news. And then. Also in some college basketball news out of Ole miss. They are introducing Kermit Davis says there new coach. From middle Tennessee. Sixteen seasons at middle Tennessee so he didn't move very quickly 58 years old as he takes over the job that'll mess. He was introduced yesterday asked the coach 24 hours after a middle Tennessee fell the local in the second round of the NIT. Davis' and native of Mississippi he'll replace Andy Kennedy. Bicoastal missed for twelve seasons he was the winningest coach in program history before resigning with two weeks left. In a disappointing season so it's Kermit Davis. Taking over that SEC job at Ole miss. And then that out of the NCAA tournament. We'll storm news that could affect things are so what are storm gonna hit a northeast. And west Virginia's athletic department announced last night. That the mountaineers you leave a day early for Boston. There are departing Morgantown today instead of tomorrow they're the fifth seed they beat me topsy Villanova in the east regional. Semifinals at TD garden on Friday night. National Weather Service saying most of this wind driven snow and sleet expected to hit New Jersey Maryland Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania before heading off. The Massachusetts early. Thursday so law they're trying to get out ahead of the storm surveyors West Virginia to warning to lazy get into your destination and having to go in at the last second when that's going on so that's the up. That's in the news out of all the West Virginia campus they prepare for the upcoming tournaments. All right if you wanna get all of us 8444773776. Text line is 71307. Anytime talk about college basketball today. And yet we have a hundred dollars to give away in our basketball trivia coming up. Later on in the show weighing coach Mike issue shifts he will hear from coming up later on the show as well we're gonna talk a little hockey up next. And talked to a couple players for the Greenville swamp rabbit says they wind down their 20172018. Season. Monster woman Serena. That's next day whether you're listening to the huddle Tuesday edition just underway on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle on ESPN upstate hum Greg McKinney and we have a couple of special guest in studio with us today they are from the green will swap rabbits hockey team. Joseph bus Iran playing Carter sand Latin guys welcome you don't care you can thank him very well Joni start review. You're one of the alternate captains for the swamp rabbits and understand your though. Leader in scoring for the team so that's a heck of a year for your. Yeah I think he's things mingle pretty well so far. Obviously the team. And quite could go the way you want to us. Some individual success has been niacin you know hopefully we can not pick up some wins a thought as well. You are used to success you've played and at Minnesota Duluth and won a national champ Jim collagen. Yeah both was pretty special Tom Fazio commonly lose them you know national championship my first year there. Pretty special learned turn describe that emotion must. You know pretty lucky now well I guess you know I national championship and hockey gets a lot of attention to Minnesota right. Yeah I was it was a big deal clearly do it and there. Our own states and you know I think. Feel their own arena there that ninth there wasn't too many fans that weren't cheer for us. What's been your route to get to bring go where he made stops along the white. Let's go along one those silly says played college in Minnesota Duluth. After that come. Oh into Cincinnati and the ACC HL. It's kind of between there in Santonio and the HL. And then from there briefly with Orlando solar rarest. Zero games played in them on Dido. And I know Greeneville. Saw of see in the countryside Fisher how about the southeastern hockey idealize him down here. Plus not to bikers say no for a got a near sunshine in the non ending its. You know going to be seventy plus today's song can't complain of yeah or you run to wrap up the season here for this year with a swamp premise what will you be doing after the season is already enough. Two since itself. You know obviously. Trying to Phish shows strong as we can hear and you know series cards lay. But I'm sure after the seasons don't line up to Canada visit my family. Sister's expecting a baby so let's close exciting. But today I just Combs who found what have you been on impressed or surprised with a reception for hockey around here being a southern cal license. Yes finger eighth I think you look thinner crowds there this past weekend when we're hold them. You know those solos because not all year and he knows there was bump and in the area. Oh fluke and on the same this weekend it was is it saying deploy in front of. Very good talk into a Joseph moss a rob over the rainbow swamp Ravitz also in here in the studio where this is Carter sent black armor how you don't the media and we did good daddy and here you are also was kind of a veteran played a lot of games 170 as the number the numbing given for the last four years so you've got a little experience under your belt a little live out. I think where he met along the way. I'll Huntley died junior in the OHL back in Canada. I was drafted by twelve. Toss around a bit there. Penetrated throughout bells mill on the enough punishment Bashir enough Plymouth Michigan. Com and then from there are signed I challenger level with the Carolina Hurricanes. By my first year's pro and Charlotte. Mom and then. Went to Toledo last year Toledo Ohio when the CHL and now I'm here. Can understand you've been injured what was the injury I'm tell us on multiple Braylon that. My motto my latest major one is. Had I'm pretty major hip surgery. Palmer to communal while. But you know it's autopsies as kind of nay year round but you deal with that best reach down trade to a run now you feel like you're pretty well on the road to recovery that I am you know side it did does it does take it dawn playing in you know three games in a weekend back to back. I'm subway tablets. You know American trainer. You know me and then there every day either you know get my legs massaged my includes massage someplace dark souls trying to loosen up as much as possible. Now how long we've been hearing Ringo thus my Tricia area okay. How do you like it here Soledad screen. I can't complain though there. This you know the best of but in Oslo Blair Jones Mears comes from Canada necessary golf and in December and whatnot and you know coming out of the or rather range in the sunshine and n.'s braids so it's nice. You had back to back game winning goals your first two goals of the year and I always thought about I think so I don't know actually must actually ours are to be any fear. Out of it and issue but. That's all they care of and you know it's exciting to stay here office you know to Beatles like. Number what about your upcoming offseason do you have any idea what's going to be happening with the not to not to share. Obviously lot of recovery are arrests Russ my whole body here but. No I got cellar doors in married this summer saw. Got a pretty big actually very don't Miami is going to be exciting. I should be a lot of fun belly share complain. I'm really is like twelve must go on song its immediate time try to stay out support. What I can you know I know you guys have a lot of changes in your roster at this level hockey. Powell was like trying to build ski team chemistry when you have guys move in and out resentment of an issue. Bid is obviously tough me don't be a balloon new guys rather than you know the same core guys but. Com I think in this slowly got to deal with that we don't mean gosh Riordan you know the only guys kind of in the room and we know most experienced. You know you're expecting that you just got to tell I shall actually young guys had you know how to prepare you know do things and you know try to. Make them understand our system as quick as possible so it's an easy transition from being a junior college or they're coming from. From you know causes brilliant thought different then junior college so. Com you know quicker transition is. On the more successfully are. How close do you think this one Brennan's team is to again on the winning side of the ledger what's what's the missing link do you think right now. Bum I'm not too sure arm to be honest with you. I think. In Gaza hall mark group isn't so you know obviously happy with their season Tom how it's gone. You know we had a good start in the beginning of the year to everybody but then obviously you know call ups and injuries and you know what not so. You know kind of hurts us but you know I kind of put that on astronauts. You know just Ki moon and on noon on impression on com song. You know hopefully we can just see you know there's little rusty keys and I don't flew into some wins. Vietnam the crowd make a big difference do you guys go home Graham Iliad does not only helps a little lost on me don't. And whether that's you know creator. You know chance early on her one on the crowds in doing nine you know we feed off that I know I gets us energized. Our guys we appreciate you spending your humanness whether send hopefully folks will come out a limited number chances to see is on your buddy buddy on the currencies while premise if you're gonna traveler thank you thank you Joseph moss around buying Carter sand like with a grain bill swamp rabbit hockey team goes CM over bonds score well no Serena. Back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Quarterback in the huddle ESPN upstate GMAC coach Josh Phillips love though out this week 8444773776. You wanna get among us the text line. Is 71307. Please use the keyword ESP end to start your text message. Pro today in Colombia today at South Carolina. And Bill Belichick is there. The New England Patriots. Head coach any held private meetings with two gamecocks. Wouldn't let him home field. Hear what an outlet that loser yet he's he's a loser goal. I would not let that loser on the field. Questions if you're in Hurst you probably don't mind seeing. Bill Belichick wander up Doug Peterson he's well. Peyton Hearst and sky more met with Bill Belichick those meanings were actually yesterday. And then he watched him work out. Today. Hayden Hersh. In the options. Williams get drunk and of course drops Colin are going to be around much longer and USA to be the number one tied in before. Right that I would be big state yeah the patriots have the 31 overall pick. Kind of makes its rate nurse Writely for Trent it goes. Pair him up with gronkowski. And then when Graf retires in the next year to peck I mean who knows he's been making noises about it. And they nursed. Would be there hey nurse said. Belichick just normal football coach. He said that yet to rule whether he just talks football. Have personal walked in I was like that's the guy I see on TV it's. A bit by you get used to it after a lot. A bella checked and Hurst met at the combined to an Indianapolis. And I Hearst describe Belichick is a pretty quiet guy Scott Moore also met with Belichick at the combined and he spent. An hour with him yesterday in Columbia. And they were looking at film from last year's clinching game. How would prefer that you know look at me against clubs in the way those games and mingle right. Community games to release at Tennessee. Depends on how you individually played. Yeah I don't I mean I'm sure that Scott Moore was. Was good he was solid all year about Scott Moore to the patriots winning and I like. I like it would be bad I think is but I mean he missed over a year yeah a football so I think he's got a lot of development left. To go with the pro level they can bring him along and they definitely need linebackers and their margins. That's very cool that military losing Colombia for the pro day today and now we'll see if if they make a run at either or both of those two guys sky more and I paid Hearst. In New England but down their worst places you can go. The most to gain cock player's ego bad news out of Columbia today. How Will Muschamp updated some injuries and he said Rand re just Davis. Wide receiver sophomore richer sophomore. Is probably gonna miss the rest of spring. And he got fluid drained from his growing. Some things and only more I think about. I know what it is that bad deeds will your main east for its UP. Yeah. It's not first Tommy's had that persist described as a minor procedure. But he said issues throughout his career must champ says he'll probably miss the rest of spring but he should be fine. He's dealt with that off and on during his time here he said probably won't we've just putting for the rest of spring. So Davis he had Davis just seems to be Madden beat her all the time then. All the time I'm Brian Edwards junior wide receiver certainly want the playmakers for the gamecocks has been a shoulder problem. And so he's banged up and Rico doubtful. The running back. Has a hamstring. Nothing too serious. They're buddies lol Matt banged up. Of course they're holding out some other guys are holding them back in the spring like Bryce now Williams a linebacker Andy those Samuel the wide receiver. And safety Jay Lynn Dickerson they've been limited. There'll practice number six out of fifteen. In Colombia for spring they just as spring break. They're gonna have their first scrimmage on Saturday. Now in Columbia. The seems like a lot of spring injuries for South Carolina but I guess that's not any more than usual you have a bunch every spring notre. Yeah its atomic teams really try to establish a physical reality because you've got all summer to heal and that's way. Coaches can think of it so that there's some practices built in there that you don't you wanna get after each other in and sharpen your blades so. If you're gonna have some. Dixon don't some beings and all that good stuff. Going on the springtime but they'll get over and I mean those are the bulls are injuries that aren't in threatening four. For the fall. Dale let's hope not in the soap all those guys heal up and play a time. You just you don't wanna get in the knees and ankles and ham strings because those things seem to linger. For long periods of time. Now Michigan as part of the ways with the former director of performance. After he was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving this is latest what the problem for Jim Harbaugh in Michigan. Kind of scared me there on that last introduction he thought there would be when you are all will know when you show though that some other bad news out of Columbia oh with all that speculation that coach Morton could go to UConn. It actually. Don't believe that you know you comes adult. A it is for the men's team it is. It is that think about it store Connecticut in and of itself is a bill to begin with. So the community aside. You're always going to be second fiddle to the women's team always. And then the other thing is UConn made a serious mistake. When they left the big east. Instead of going to the ACC are probably the Big Ten would have made more cnet's. Going to the what is de AC NN league has totally let the men's team. Out to dry they they don't know what they the kids that they usually could recruit. Out of DC in Hartford and all of those areas. They don't wanna go there and they don't want to play in that conference. So when Jimmy Calhoun was there he could go anywhere and say oh. The big east he gets though playing in Madison Square Garden he could sell all of those things. They came and he did anyone a couple of national titles will now the Uga when people hear UConn that they think of and it's far removed Kelly Kevin Ollie. Analysts say that he got railroaded but a lot of issues that he had. It was really outside of his control and they're not gonna go with whoever they hire. I mean those issues are going to be this way. I just don't know any other any other way to put. I think dig out from Rhode Island Hurley I think he's a skeptic and you punch and probably will and that's fine. Frank Martin kind of threw cold water on an all London and yeah I don't think he's out of not mean he's. Think about it he's I think the fifteenth highest paid coach. In college basketball. He's got hackable ballclub. Coming in assuming the guys that are there there. Come October with Bowen and Felder and Silva. I mean that's a dot that three right there is gonna put him in the top three and the media predictions alone so. I think so though the picked picked up three after they were picked eleventh this year. Yeah because they just didn't have any players players and he and I saw me grab it like and I mean it's like frank said when he haven't jump on a fourth year senior. From making mistakes like a freshman that's a problem. And that's what they had to deal what will now you're gonna have actual freshman. That are super talented. And filter has was on the team made the run in the final four so he's gonna provide leadership in a position they much needed. At that gore position that you've got to swing guy if you're that's one thing that I saw current term of the last couple years. Is that if you've got a point guard a swing guy and got down low to protect the room you can win a lot of ball games. Only makes me a little nervous is that we don't have word yet Brian Boeing employee this year that's that's the kicker. He's the X-Factor. No question they got to have him yes they do. And the last update our call was it's been about a month it was in February when. Frank Martin said there is progress toward getting him eligible but no resolution yet has not been cleared to play. So. They've got to have that. And get him on the court they've got to do that we'll say. They do that yeah I feel like you that cola certainly. Take some big steps this coming year. Buying Colombia as they needed it. I UN official story of this point to their. Michigan has parting company with the director of performance Fergus Connelly because he was arrested for. Suspicion of drunken driving. I game in and 2017 took over the director of operations duties following the 20s17. Season he worked with Jim Harbaugh. But the 49ers in the NFL. But was arrested in early march police responded to hit and run accident with a parked car. Don't wanna hit a parked car. And he was arrested. Shortly before noon on Monday. March 5 so he's out there at Michigan enough. And Harbaugh have to get a new. Guy for that job are you a chance to win 1000 dollars of the free cash dash that's coming up and about fifteen minutes we'll have a keyword for you back in a moment wrapping up our number one here in the huddle on ESP in upstate stay with us. Clubs and coastal Carolina baseball 530 air time this afternoon on ESPN. Uh huh upstate of course we'll get to the sweet sixteen on a Thursday. And we have live coverage for you here. On ESPN upstate all weekend long we'll kind of mix and match with the basketball Lang climb since baseball series with more of all this weekend so what tons of college basketball for your. Starting on Thursday here. From all Leo big news of the sweet sixteen Clinton clinching game against Kansas from Omaha fraud or not that's 707. Tip off. The duke Syracuse game tips at 937 if they stay on schedule and coming up later in the show in the next hour. We will hear from coach Mike should shift key of the duke. Blue Devils sort of stand by for that. All right you guys give me your answer to this Patrick you can jump and mr. Nick Saban and Alabama. Over under five more years. More or less than five more years for Nick Saban coached under I was gonna Xanadu. I agree under all firebombed and on Twitter poll that today. And about two thirds say less than five years. 34% say more 66%. Say less than Bobby 66. Years old so five years put in his seventy. OC Saban being that Bobby Bowden got a guy that is does this forever unions. What does he got to prove. No he just wants to compete. I wouldn't be shocked if it was just like. Three more years. You know when you. You know I would be shocked it was like after his next national championship. If he wins one more I think he's done. Quit immediately. It's not like he wins the title on the podium aren't out now by guys it's going to be more of like. I it I've done enough in college football. That I kinda needed to step away but what about these already done enough has not already done. I mean. Jury throwing. I think it was a league no doubt and everyone's mind he is the greatest college football coach of all time. Never happened he's chasing a ghost. Why is it gets. But because it as it's Conroy bella it's going to Belichick Lombardi. Debate. Belichick will never supersede Lombardi he could win consumables. It's the same thing with. Nick Saban trying to catch Bear Bryant this thing meant yes. He can win toy national titles he'll never supersede Bayer and some people's minds. But I mean. Reality if you look at it objectively he won't know. Would to me. Know the reason be it is. It and I guess you have to isolate. What are you looking at just deal on field performance or are you looking. The impact that he's had. In this time as the head coach. And the impact that he made. In the state of Alabama. Because the reason being is not only did Bear Bryant when those six national titles. He was he wasn't just the catalyst. He was the main force. Of bringing immigration to the south in football. It was because of detail. So his range. Went far beyond the football field. He wasn't just an excellent coach he he did something that society. That no other coach will ever be able to touch. And I think in most people's minds that understand history and understand. And then went back to believe that 1970 game. Again southern can all. When he asked John Robinson. Which was a calculated move. On because he knew. The immigration had to happen. He had to happen. If he would actually taken a lot of heat for not getting involved. In the civil rights movement and using his platform. Was dealing with. To further the society ills that are going on during that time but he didn't feel that Tommy was right and he was correct. Any utilized the fact that here you had southern gal who at that time. Was the Alabama today. John Robinson. During the middle to late sixties was the Alabama today. And they had an integrated squad. And now he never said anything to John Robinson he says hey do you favor. Bring your team to Tuscaloosa and let's play. And they wiped the field with Alabama and he took the two running backs. That or black into the Alabama locker room with his arms around them instead boys these are your teammates anybody got a problem. Not a word was ahead. And as they say the rest is history Saban will never be able to get to that right now now armies different time and on the opportunity to do it is but it. Again the ups. There. Two if you're going to supplant the Bayer you have to be far more reaching than just the field now. Well as may argue that exactly. Now if he and today. If he was taking a stance on these situations. With these school shootings or something like that and trying to bring people together. In the very divided time national same style but that's not hear them. He wants to keep it like bella checked he wants to keep it all about. Football. And that's why no matter how many championships he wins he'll always be number two. Right now your chance to win free cash on ESP and other states it's the free cash dash and this hour's keyword is letter LE TT ER letter takes the word letter to 72881. To qualify for a thousand bucks. Says the damn 1000 dollar free cash stash will play up to twelve times per weekday we start at 6 AM. Letters the word 72881. Is the number. The free cash dash got a rant from Stephen A Smith coming up at another chance for you to win some cash in the next hour would basketball trivia stay with us in the huddle.