The Huddle 3 19 2018 Hour 3

Rory wins on the PGA tour, reseeding the Sweet 16, and Josh's weekend at the NCAA tournament in Charlotte.


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Welcome back to the huddle haunt you ESP and upstate Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips lawns though always this week. A great filling them for him we're here for another hour if you wanna get on board. A 444773776. Text line 71307. It had been 539. Days since Rory McIlroy had a PGA tour victory. But he won over the weekend. He shall with the Brunette. I'll real ads and every time he shows the golf course would Brunette he wins and please. He's camper on the shelf model why he keeps running around with these blonde red heads. And everything you know it's a way every show could put the burden he plays well as Wozniacki a blonde. The tennis player that he resign yes. Right yes your blog who she was he was going to marry and I flee he put the go Marshal on that now is correct would have been over. He never little brocade. Oh my gosh placed 23 years old. And he has won two majors and he's just kind of been out of it but now going into the masters this year with this win. In the Arnold Palmer invitational while Rory is gonna back in the picture some of his comments. After picking up the win over the weekend. Gloria last week on the PGA tour was the tour championship in 2016 that David Arnold Paul Byrd died your next win. It is the tournament that bears his name was a mean team. Especially its. It feels like it's been a long time com. Nearly eighteen months is is is too long for meters to go in this on the PGA terror so you know I'm I'm really happy to be back in the winner's circle bunt. Yeah you know that was it was bittersweet back an eighteen months ago because I had a great day but you gulf has lost one of its icons and he affirmed for me to get my next win. I think golf tournament that that cause Arnold's name moment. It's pretty ironic but I'm I'm just so strident Tacoma salsa a champion here paying health. We spoke during the pro women you said you were hitting it great you felt like you found something. What did you find most are allowed to victory. You know I. Ignited the practice I did last weekend after missed a ton of miles far I I used. I just find something you know there was something now that's a little swing saw a little feeling. Obviously content got a nice feeling on the greens as well and just slam and it's it's you know it it's amazing how quickly things can turnaround in this camp you know golf is so sickle and you're never far away from from playing grant and you know I I was on the sale no closer than ever and I'll spot and so there was this averages something like this this week with confidence does it give you heading to Augusta. A lot you know the way I play about 59 today for just the shots that I need to take executing under pact under pressure. You know if I find myself in a similar similar position and Augusta I can I can drawn on recent memory in enough to be huge. That's the letter at the Arnold Palmer invitational to Rory McIlroy. Tiger Woods was in knots. He was in contention. I shot a three under 69 in the final round. But that could have been better he played the first fifteen holes five under par with six birdies. Look like he was gonna have the round of the day he was in one stroke of the lead. Of a Rory McIlroy and on or extends and but on number sixteen. Is where he fell apart hit his tee shot out of bounds. He said he was caught between clubs. Undecided not committed. If he had driver he said he had a cut and in there in the back of his mind set while wages bombing over the top. It was like Guthrie 15320 Carrey and he said he bailed out hit a bad shot. That's on me for not committing said Tiger Woods he followed that with a bogey at the par 317. And finished with a ten under 278 on the Weekes who is eight shots back. But he finished inside the top five in consecutive starts for the first time since winning thirteen. The masters in the players championship so there is that. Even though the finish was a bit. Disappointing for Tiger Woods he was still. Very solid so now we have Josh we have Rory coming off a win. We have Phil Mickelson winning what Mike's 34 weeks ago. And we have tiger playing well as we head toward the masters next month so I think. Clearly there's more to be more interest in this masters than there has been and why don't you think. Yeah I definitely think so and it's probably gonna finish with a tiger to fill it to normal all of those judges mentioned taught it to. And Somalia the winner at at at the L let me RI if they're in contention on Sunday. That makes the masters what the masters needs to be running. Yeah what do you think going into Sunday what's what what's the magic number for. Either being in the lead or within a few shots of the lead was 34 shots. You ask that about. Do you feel like if you're if you're three. Of course if you're not winning a golf term but if you feel like. You're within 34 shots of the lead going in the Sunday got a shot. Doesn't who's leading. Good core I. You know if it's one of the veterans is not going to low waiver going down on the back nine. Then yet you wanna be within three or four shots and somebody else you know you can you can. You could see a collapse coming probably some of these guys but yeah I think you wanna be within three or four on Sunday I hope we have good weather for the match. You have to keep weight on Dustin Johnson so yeah break out at Augusta. I mean that golf course it is. Tailor made for him that day it's that I believe it's around 777900. Yards. You know of course they all tried to tiger proof it. Well how can you Dustin Johnson proved that when he's. Hit in par fours and one. You're ill and those fairways are enormous. He can hit wedge or. 89 iron into those very very soft greens were other guys are haven't hit five to seven irons which. You know lead lends him to be is margin of error. Is a lot greater than the other guys. You know for him to stay out of trouble me that. To me he ought to dominate that golf course com and for some reason he just can't. He can't get ahold of it should tiger be the favorite going in because that's where Vegas I know that seems a little premature births. That's. The name. Okay. Outside of where he's and look no question he is playing. That this the best we've seen him play. In a long long time even before he got her. The you know so that there's always that hope but it's his name that's scary name. To Las Vegas books right now balls betting man. And it was tiger verse of the field I would take the field. Oh me too sure sure it's been playing at the masters recently so obviously he's like he's gonna learn the course again homo actually says he hasn't putted on bent grass and two years. So little renewed him. That's his concern but knee feels like he's getting the thing tigers there was a big play without pain. He can figure out. How to play the courses it's just a matter play with a company. I will say this. If the weather. Does not clear. And it stays like it is now with a little bit of rain. All fairly windy. Then I don't think any of those guys are gonna play well. And the reason I say that is it's when you look at tiger and Dustin Johnson fiddle and Rory. Those guys. Bomb it I mean their shots are so high. And it's not really made. To win under those type of conditions and then you put in the fact those greens are just so deadly. I think that's where somebody that you don't really think of you know just kind of chuck and around the course shoot even it you know. Taken forty get to a par five and then chip and up from one to make of war. Wins a golf tournament so I definitely think the weather. Is gonna play an enormous factor can you imagine going and aiming corner with ten to twelve mile an hour winds. And having to make a golf shot new. Yeah. Well who knows what the weather's gonna because a still two and a half weeks away it's two weeks off from Thursday. That the masters will begin and I'm Augusta so we start watch and whether another week or so and on the record. And see how that develops nothing is exciting early do I think I'm having been. The stars of the game playing well. Is great Alexy Mickelson and they Rondo on the Carson's former caddie was on with the build income lingo it's that he likes Phil for this thing in my mile stretch to you know make him maybe Sullivan. Yeah right so it makes him he's a favorite in the masters bid you know he's been he's been good there and he's playing pretty well right now but I don't think I've been at the top of the list. If he warned he would do what no other player has ever done the oldest player to win of course was Jack they had a six now and he was 4546. We'll see how that plays out just sub a shot Braylon stories of former Clemson. A defensive back. Over the weekend he was going to go to Carolina Panthers. The failed his physical. On Friday. So he is not signing. With the printers it was a non football injury that did in the deal for the shot Braylon to go to the Carolina Panthers. Reportedly he suffered an infection after cutting his foot. And Ian Rapoport an NFL network said he's a few months away from being able to pass a fiscal that's a bad cut. Infections are dangerous things he I'm David nudity ESPN said. That of the shop railing cut the back of his foot in the Dominica Dominican Republic. And he's going to have to have skin grafted to repair the injury. The injury originally suffered in the fourth grade. So it's gotten infected now. He was going to join the Panthers on a three year 24 million dollar deal with a eleven million guaranteed. But now he's back on the market. That's some fortune and an. The second then ex redskin in the past two days to have a contract voided due to a failed physical. The Baltimore Ravens nixed their deal with the Ryan grant's after he failed a physical. Ball on Thursday of last week. So we'll watch see what happens with Bouchard Braylon but his deal with the Carolina Panthers is over and now the Panthers are back in the quarterback market they still need some help back there. Possibilities being discussed. A lot of Omar Al they're EJ gains. From buffalo is available that's been discussed as a possible move. For the Panthers Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie with the giants. Experienced guy. Arm and he's not planning on signing with any team until April X 32 years old book probably still has. Some mom play left and led various Gunter. Is being mentioned to. With Carolina they chose not to tender him as a restricted free agent they could reconsider him. In light of the situation with Michelle on to Braylon he appeared in four games all on special teams claimed. From Green Bay off of waivers by Carolina so well so they do there need to melt a cornerback certainly at Carolina. A 444773776. In the text line is 71307. So now we have the sweet sixteen. How are receding the sixteen teams that have survived. Think college basketball's post season so far along ESPN has done that and we'll talk about what we think about it coming up let's take a look at that up next. This is the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN. Ups states with Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips. Speaking of the Carolina Panthers. Former vikings wide receiver Jerious Wright is signing with the Panthers. Born and Ian Rapoport an NFL network to your deal two million dollar signing bonus first year of the three and a half million dollars. With in senate Sylvia Panthers still trying to own beef up there are receiving corps they have Jerious right. Not a big guy. Played Arkansas coach so you familiar richer and try and yes sir. He has 52 and a 182 pounds. Bombs leaving at his. Recent stats with Minnesota he had eighteen catches a 198 yards. Lester hasn't had a big year in the NFL against his biggest year 2014 if 588. Yards but can't perceive something there that they like. So there will bring on Jerious rights to zero wide receiver corps now we're down the sweet sixteen college basketball March Madness. How would you scene did these sixteen teams. Going for Omar Metcalf. Writes for ESPN has done so we'll see if we don't agree with. Mr. Metcalf on the sixteen teams. That remain going to from the bottom to the top. Bottom seen out of the final sixteen according to Myron is Kansas State. When they beat. Maryland Baltimore County. Which is something Virginia could not do. Kind of an ugly game the wildcats were one for twelve from the three point line and game committed eighteen turnovers. Had a ten minute stretch where you NBC did not score in the second half to Kansas State was able to on. Hang on when it's a case stayed at the as the bottom CEO of the sixteen remaining. I wouldn't argue that too much. Anybody you put below K state and of this group. I'm trying to dig them. I mean you know Syracuse the Syracuse is playing pretty well music oil alone it's kind of a Cinderella story but I don't know that I put them below. Kansas State. Only that's that's pretty reasonable. Amara puts Michigan at fifteen I don't know about that. Michigan's pretty good. They had do. Have a buzzer beater to be Houston. Houston have been better for most of that game but. Machine at the buzzer beater so they advance I would put Mo Vaughn it's a vital last yeah. Railing yeah bought sixty. The boy Elmira man Jeff has been sixth. The sixth out of sixteen teams in time gotten a job. They played. Pretty good offense. Powerhouse offensive squad. They lead the nation in turnover rate they shoot well from three points Nevada does 40% of the three pointers this year. They also committed just two turnovers against Cincinnati. That's the lowest for any NCAA tournament team in the last twenty years. So that's on the bottom they take care of the basketball. So they go into six according to make yet so anyway as a IK status sixteen Michigan at fifteen. It is Loyola Chicago as fourteen. There and eleven seed. They won at Florida in December. Which was a nice way and then they went on the lose that Milwaukee. Right after that ten days later. They're true chart and winds. Have been on game winning shots. Not paying room of the buzzer beater against Miami. And then that good balance by Clayton Custer. In the final seconds against Tennessee. In the second round. There's guest Chicago and loyal Chicago have fourteen about Florida State. Meg just seeds the met thirteen and the remaining sixteen teams. Yeah I think he's being swayed by the factor plans iron. So they're troopers are going to be that much longer and if they're playing somebody else. They might be able to like. Mean look at this bracket he got in the bottom playing loyal party pronounce that name loyal Loyola Chicago. Well either one of those teams are gonna compete with the Florida State in my estimation it. So I think Florida State just kind of go both I have them hard I think they just got. They ran out in the droll. They had an eighteen to four run against. Xavier a one seat you know do you better than what what he's given credit for yes Zagat at Gonzaga at twelve. They were a four seed coming in. They lost. Zach Collins lottery pick in cart now ski that big sinner he. And that Doug you know team that went to the championship game last year against North Carolina. But they're pretty deep for right now Jonathan Williams had nineteen points in the win over Ohio State. No I'm sorry to imply a net gain in ninety its Greensboro. They're worried about him at the free throw line. So he sat for that one. So zag ahead twelve Syracuse eleven just because of why. Jim Boeheim. You know they snuck in and see. That's way too low for me twelve I would have them in the top four who's Agha yes. I mean they just played for the national title it looks like they're gonna go to the funnel for. Vegas as an as a six point favorite. Mean Florida State's talented we the criticism of Leonard Hamilton has always been he's under achieved with superior talent. I think there's something to that but if they catch lightning in a ball Florida State as good as anybody. Athletically and they are big bloom Gonzaga just thinks Boehner coached. Surprised he hasn't that. Low. About Syracuse eleven. It's too have that round should navy shouldn't be made journeyman maybe tournament. Right they intend any season which means you're getting ready to play for the national probably. I mean listen for of their eight wins in the ACC two wins over Pitt brood indeed anybody. And they also lost two. Wake Forest and Boston College they're the last at large team admitted they're twelve point don't do. Now Clinton's opponent is a one seeding Kansas but meg cache seems to them at ten out of sixteen teams. That's not very complimentary able NC. So out of sixteen teams that are left he's got Kansas a tenth he has Kansas. Ten yep I think he's been smoking too much fumes of the eight. We you know they're playing four guards that Kansas right now so it's not size. But they're playing well they're running as four guard lineup. If they don't get enough foul trouble. That seems to work okay. But you know can they go deep with four guard lineup. Kansas. I don't know we'll save this will be a challenge for Clemson though it's still a one C is generally good team. While. Purdue at nine. Out of the Big Ten. They came in as a two seed. Isaak cost did not play against Butler on Sunday is a fractured elbow so you gotta keep that in mind with Purdue. But they beat a pretty good Butler team. 72 Haas Al with the elbow he was. Really a defensive stopper that was a rim protector for them they don't have him. They do have a 73 setter. What Purdue is not the same without. Hot so I don't know that we would expect them to get too deep Texas Tech solemnly as South Carolina early in the year let him finish strong. Their last seven games before the tournament to revive. At a four game losing streak Keenan at Evans. Nagging turf toe injury. May not still be at a 100%. But he's 22 point A game guy. So old they need him to be healthy Texas Tech at a Texas say NA down. But the her non North Carolina. Under coach Billy Kennedy. As ceded to re seeded at number seven according to Marin Madcast here. You know Billy Kennedy. Kicked JJ Caldwell. Off the team last month. And down. Doesn't seem to have her on. A lot of big guys are cool man. Kennedy you can numb a NM bill final fourteen prospect they Korean and make fun of people. They could. And that they've got the talent to assess who they face next if they beat Michigan who they face in the alleviate the winner of the Nevada loyal game. Talking about AN AM AN am would get. No the winner of Florida stake in Zach. Who. Two of coral yeah in Los Angeles who would give the winner of the Nevada. Loyal Chicago matchup Kentucky. Hope. Can big big kiss in the final four current occupant. And if they can get my case date which I think they should. This and look at camp like Kansas State but I just don't think Pickens who wore. With the way Kentucky's plan they're gonna have to market the game. They're they're gonna have to do. To Kentucky what they did to Maryland balls. Baltimore County you know Marty mentioned Nevada at six in this ranking he's got Kentucky at fifth and has receded top sixteen that are around left. Five out of sixteen for Kentucky you put an arm went you know went ahead of them in the form. West Virginia at four they've been impressive they had him look good. He noticed we have a name to Clemson Tigers out of this receding grew sixteen left make Jeff has Clemson Tigers third. People put too much of that Auburn game. I know they beat him and they beat him by thirty points. But they're starting get in the deep war and now. It and who they face after Kansas in the leading. To do when. You would be doing about in his right yeah yeah he do nukes or there's one. I'm not saying they can't but that's the you know they have earned their trip to the funnel for. They beat Kansas and duke back to back the other thing is which actually favors them. You know I would say they would be a favorite go to the elite eight if it was split and they had a plea duke now. With all week to prepare. And that only one day to prepare for Kansas I would say there's no show they beat Kansas and one day but they got a favorable matchup with the seeding. If you follow him saying so they're gonna face a team that they are ready now they've got scouting report them if they can get. Kansas yelling negative you certainly are familiar enough of them. That's fair enough. So Clemson at three and meg caps re seeded top sixteen. A little books of a button. Do good to. No warning and noble want he's completely. Nobel noble want I don't mind that on I don't know I have a number one yeah. The odds I think the biggest surprise there that top part of that will be clubs and look for most people that's. During yeah I would probably have ranked in the final four Villanova or duke. Kentucky. West Virginia maybe possibly Purdue. The winner of the Purdue Texas Tech for the final four in that fight. Between AM and Clemson. And Florida State that this he left Dulles Virginia. Yeah I'm not that big West Virginia. I know they just destroyed more shrimp. Just more or shall right. Forced march turnovers and immediate new numbers Bob Marshall hello Bob Huggins like the way coaches. Got Javon Carter 24 and a half points a game. Looking pretty good. I'd suggest the received from meg calf. And again Villanova at one with that teams that are remaining. I'm makes a lot of sense of they of one seeded number one in Villanova. And in another one seeding Kansas at number ten and the receipt and centrist and a 444773776. Text line 71307. Camera back and lower Moore this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. So I USA today has done the same thing ESPN did in receded the final sixteen to sweet sixteen and they're all different outlook here. Just a real quickly the differences here they have duke it one. Kentucky yet to. Villanova at three below levels one on the aluminum Michigan air force their way higher on Michigan's and he has pianist. If chances at five Texas a and M at six and the Clemson Tigers at number seven. Again ESPN's seeded Clemson at numbers three out of the remaining. Sixteen teams off that 31 point win. Over the all Auburn Tigers. Tonight yesterday. So interstate in the difference. And those outlooks there I guess. I didn't college football note you know Central Florida claimed their national championship because they and lose Lester. But and I in order to actually win a national championship they're going to have to play a better nonconference. Schedule. And out to their credit they are taking steps to do that Central Florida today announcing a home and home with a global. 2021. And 20221. Game at a little oval September 20/20 one. And then in Orlando in September of 20/20. Two. This. Next meeting will be only the third meeting between these two schools. Back in 2013. UCF meet global at a little 38 to 35. And went back here to the Fiesta Bowl so now at least starting into 12120 Torre to the knights won't have power five opponents. On their future schedules and every season between 2018 and 2025. Now. We'll move will be a good power five opponent that's a point. Who knows. But. They're taken a step they absolutely have to do that on me and no credibility in claiming. That they should be considered for the national championship fourth for the can just for that matter for the fourteen playoff. Without some better nonconference opponents of locals a step in the right direction percent performance. Yes it is and that's. That's route they need to go is is scheduled those meddling of the pack. Power five teams that don't have a legitimate chance. To beat each week. If they can get enough fall. Yeah Ali any more than one of problems yet I think they need at least three. You know they they've got a schedule what do they have the get a conference games right. And smack him not terrorism but somewhere in that neighborhood and so. You've got to schedule you're gonna run through eight no. So you've got to schedule at least two to three power five teams. That you feel like you'll have a good chance to beat. To get undefeated and handle legitimate chance Houston had a chance couple yours or did they have and they really being. They beat AME or can they beat mobile. At home and then they beat them was Florida State. Those are the year and lost at the end and then they lost to that the end. Yeah I mean last year they had George tech Central Florida did but they canceled my game so that I heard on new meaning back canceled because of whether and then numb. Then everybody else who then everybody else is gonna get anybody's attention. IAB Maryland. But you know nobody else is gonna get anybody's attention by the way they are now saying and at Central Florida. That. Their run their undefeated run. That they had this past year. Earned them all whole bunch of money 200 million dollars and that's the study. Results that they Yvonne just released. They were with the media valuation firm take into account national television game broadcast TV news coverage print media and news own web sites and social media. And most of that exposure about a 171 million dollars came in the latter part of the season especially the last four games when there were still undefeated. Those four games they played. USF. Temple. Memphis in the net chick filet bowl win over Auburn and yet ton of attention. They air and then around when they declared themselves national champions next Hudson with some contention that it as well so home. 200 million dollars that's their estimate on what this Raun. Did for them. Pretty good. Can't argue that. Now they got to come up with the schedule that will allow them to actually get into consideration for the playoffs. I wish I won't break they have all come back and ramped up 8444773776. We'll get him with us you wanna join us for the final segment here. And not a lot of ESP in upstate. Welcome back final segment of the huddle before we get out of here on Monday afternoon here and ESP in upstate with Greg McKinney and coach Josh Phillips lawns a law. Off on vacation this week if he missed the opening of the show we. Not talked about Josh is big weekend up in Charlotte and at the NCAA tournament. And down how he kind of got in the middle of everything and ought to play this again Jewish mystic. This is just classic to me I saw there's no way into it just didn't send this to me on Friday night I saw this on the University of Maryland Baltimore counties Twitter account. It's actually pretty funny because it got carried. Over two million times dang thing when is Erik yes it dang thing went viral CBS AB CNBC. I was getting calls from people and heard from one year. Well it was in the locker room after the game after Maryland Baltimore County upset Virginia. The only sixteen vs one upset in tournament history and Josh was working for the NCAA this weekend following marched mergers and Josh had the assignment of carrying the big. Bracket. Poster board I guess is listening to call and I what's that made up of styrofoam or is this line. So you carry that into the locker room and had them advance themselves in the bracket at Maryland Baltimore County amongst the team here. And here's the way that sounded. After that huge upset. On Friday night. In Charlotte. And. A hole in the we look at that moment as a magnet. And. That was one of the most viral tweets of the weekend from college basketball and you mark Frey and more right smack dab in the middle of all I want those who put usually has a. I actually had to lower it down because KJ more couldn't reach it. That's all he's flops. I mean he is IV but why Els the point or you don't. Think he scored almost thirty points. Against Virginia in that game he came up and it was Hinman. On KJ more that put the sticker. Up on the board but that was the that was at the it was a cool moment. It was nowhere talk about your little run and Roy Williams missed you guys hugged announced yet so and we hugged and now she talked to John Thompson to run I did and it was kind of an capacity he can he goes radio. Four college basketball. And it was in between sessions. And he was actually headed back to. His seat if he's a big man. I mean he's six say he is a big. Big man and he started walking over he had some opening navigate the arena. And he came over and I introduced myself and as a coach. The big fan of yours for a lot of years. And he goes man and I appreciate that goes what are you doing here which we talked for probably 56 minutes. Shook his hand he is one of those guys that when you meet him you just alone he's just got that. He's a lot like Frank Martin yeah you know when you meaning he just makes you feel. Why it's no wonder his players played so hard for him and why when they ever needed anything he was their form because he just. He's got that big presence. And he was Olson Olson talked to. Ryan McGee who does ESPN he's from travelers now in our work cut enough because the income now from the coach and blue ridge. Yeah you know want to toll that he was like oh I guess we gotta get a fist like we like Tito oh. We talked about it Kevin who are from west Westwood One that doesn't he was a cool dude. We are on the elevator to go there and walked to the court. As he got ready for the play play which a lot of people know his voice. And how they says open and all of that so. You know it was a there was there was a big rumor that Michael Jordan was supposed to come Sunday now. And I don't think that a government tear ourselves yeah yeah he never never came. Tell me one of the differences between last during rain Millen this year in Charlotte for you personally it was just the teams that were in the elm. And the group that was playing there was better last year for. Oh yeah when you look at who we have here in Greenville we have duke North Carolina seasonal. Market. Our console. On to South Carolina South Carolina. I mean those are those are legitimate. Power five schools and and looked up and take away from the Charlotte regional blood you know everybody knew that North Carolina was going to be lipscomb that wasn't going to be contest. But the darling of the tournament and I taught arrived notable about this. After they got beat he was very very. Down very classy man he's going to be a line from the job Alia you know and I told him as a coach and via telephone minus habit. Think about this no matter who hallways that national championship trophy. This is your term. And he said yeah you're writing goes on trying to tell my kids that because they were so disappointed. I mean they were that they hustled and played. So hard and even though they got beaten Bruce Weber even said this in his press conference. Those kids went down swinging and that's exactly right. I'm well pretty cool stuff we will be back here tomorrow in the bottle and we will start to set up some of these. Sweet sixteen games that are coming up this weekend we're gonna have a lot of time to do that we'll talk about the mid week baseball for Clemson and South Carolina as well when you join us tomorrow. At 1 o'clock thanks to grave felon for Alonso today. One more chance here free money for us today the 1000 dollar free cash dash on ESPN upstate. And this hour's keyword is saying and it SA ND texts and it to 72881. And you could win a 1000. Dollars we play up to twelve times per week day. Beginning at 6 AM for Josh Phillips is Greg McKinney say tomorrow 1 o'clock and huddle have a great afternoon straight up this third G is coming up next on ESP in upstate.