The Huddle 3 19 2018 Hour 2

High profile college coaches futures under consideration, report on Clemson and South Carolina baseball, Tyronn Lue stepping away from the Cavs, and NFL teams trading picks over the weekend.


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Welcome back again second hour of the show here in the huddle on ESPN upstate McLeod a day out there and expect all these clouds out their chance of showers this afternoon and early evening and pretty good chance of rain into tomorrow we have Bob mild temperatures low sixties today should be in the low seventies tomorrow. And then middle wiggling off the low fifties for a high here but the what spring's here today the first tomorrow the first inspiring today the first in front. And you're somewhere. We're just about to spring here officially took the weather will warm up. Appropriately for this time here Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips here Alonso on vacation this week you can join the conversation. At 8444773776. Text line 71307. Keyword ESPN. Talking about. Some of the big upsets and up some of the big losers among the name teams. Over the weekend in March Madness. And Al Lowe's Michigan State Michigan State losing to Syracuse. A team that barely. Got into the field of 68. But you know they've done this before once they got him they've made some noise and I've made the sweet sixteen. Against 55 to 53. Was the final in that when Syracuse gets the win over Michigan state of course he got all the issues with the sexual harassment and sought jet to a Michigan State that's garnering a lot of attention has been a tough tough year this year for Tom Izzo. There head coach and he talked about that after his team was eliminated from the tournament. Jose nobody knows it's gonna be different ear I don't think any person I could have gone through the year without a group like ahead. A there's an effect and whether there would be no way. Every Michigan State person can be a little upset with me don't be upset with them. Because they did their job. Any very difficult. Time. And did it with class humility. And he will never. Quit a year reporters following numb or friends cheering forum. He will never have better kids to appreciate and these this group. I don't look everybody in the nine celebrity wanna these kids and that's coach speak. I don't give coach speak very often. We've heard speak. From the bottom or hurt. Password field. That is pretty emotional from Tom Izzo now 63 years old Josh and he was asked by a reporter if the way things have gone this year could drive him to retire. He said I don't plan on going anywhere. I've never run from anything in my life. I don't plan on starting now also I will be here in cities taken too many bullets this year. To not be here so he has no plans to us step away from a surprised by that they QB on. Around for a while. You know I don't know I mean he he's in the tournament. Are Sunnis out of the tournament now and I'm going to be interested to see what happens once. The you know everything kind of calms down he gets a whole gets home is a weight room. The spotlight and has a chance to kinda. Breathe and think about the direction that he wants to go obviously. He wants to keep coaching these guy the desire to keep coaching is just doesn't wanna put up with a although. You ilk is going forward now every move he makes is going to be scrutinized. And that's not always the best situation. To be older and you you just feel like you know with his agent how long he's been in the game. That you can understand if you didn't want to. Stale as Michigan's Michigan State coach so yeah I think he'll probably stay another. I'm all for five years. In 86. I'm an old guy by coaching standards at all so he could certainly do that but messed employment does he wanna put up with with. You know all the scrutiny that he's going to be facing you're going for another guide people start and ask about what he's going to do is Roy Williams. The thing about Michigan State is letting get blown out. Roy Williams North Carolina did. 86 to 65. By Texas a and am. Solely Tar Heels season. He has over Roy Williams is 67. Years old he's gone through a tough stretch but he also says that he is not thinking about retiring right now. Really the last four years have been very difficult and those kids who must sell elation. They really work things were not pleasant and it's like what people were saying to me. Didn't like what they're saying about. I didn't like getting the piece of mail that was addressed to mr. cheating. And so those kids in the court. Only courts usually must salvation and that you have no idea how much fun netbooks and I don't will be too dramatic but. That was hard for all come there and those kids. Really made my day every day. And I've been lucky if there are a lot of. You were around Roy Williams all weekend coach in Charlotte down to look aka guy that has the energy and drive keep going. Oh yeah during the game I mean he was coaching his team hard. That there is a you know wants the peripheral stuff. And honestly I think Roy would. Be better suited if he. Got rid of all the all holders on to his team. Once they come off the court. I think he'd be better suited to kind of pulled rank. And only allow select few people. And I know you're trying to be accommodating you want as many people involved but. Man I'm telling you when those guys come off the court is a production. On I didn't see it quite as much. In in Greenville. But with them as the defending national champions have played in Charlotte. I mean they are just it's ridiculous how many people. Going locker room around his players are just all over the place and you understand why they want to be I mean they're. That they're one of the blue bloods of of college basketball. But I think he would be better suited due to get rid of a lot of that riff Raff but he was after him and he was intense he was wanting to win. Even against Texas say in the he was stalled from the core and if you know trying to implore his team. To keep fighting and he's a fighter. That that that's the thing that you have to admire about him is he's got a spirit. And he's got a you know. I wanna compete now wanna win and they and in all of those are good traits to have in your basketball coach. And saw I don't I didn't get a sense that. You you know he was ready to hang them up if anything I guess that he was wanting to keep going just to. Prove people wrong from. All of that stuff he just talked about. In this press conference he you know that you'll hey you're not around me all. All I waited all this time and an unfortunately. You know after that game as much as incredulous as it was. There were actual North Carolina fans. Yelling fire Roy Williams after. The Texas a and. In all the man his dad he never won a national title. Kansas. Okay he gets the North Carolina job. And Ali does is win three national titles. You know I don't know how many final fours out how many players in the NBA. And all of those things so his own core what do you think about what happened in that hole. You know academic scandal and all of that is one thing. Book from a performance standpoint on the court I mean it's he got to respect the guy that's hardly. In that building I don't doubt before the sweet sixteen you don't expect that from North Carolina but still let's. Just on balance it's hard to be what he's done. Well there was a god that I was sitting next to me. Any slip a bit North Carolina for almost forty years I've never been so embarrassed. By a lawsuit goes we just got beat off football school. That's what they think that that's the betting can that just tells you that one moment. You know but not just lose that and what he couldn't get over them like look maybe just won the national title doesn't matter we should never lose to Texas in him. Now in basketball. Well Ed take say an M at the advantage inside. And Tyler Davis Robert Williams shot ten for twelve between them they had eighteen points in the paint. And they blocked eight shots well. I thought Roy was too stubborn. They they've got to kill their bitch number 42 Brendan Hoffman. This kid is going to be a superstar I don't know. What the issue is but and I actually tweeted this out while watching the game. This kid he always a freshman and look I understand he's a freshman. But I mean that kid is mammoth. He's like 611250. Pounds he looks like he's chiseled out of granite. And I am in the stands I'm going royal warrant to put it in a lot of the media that covers North Carolina said that he countless switched. To this small ball lineup that you had to kind of be more athletic will eight India and just took that small ball and said here. What we're we're just gonna physically. Just run over you and I thought that if there was any time. To get Brandon in the game it was but I don't know maybe didn't feel like he was ready for the moment. Or whatever it is but I was astonished. That a kid that big would that congress it's and the intimidation factor I mean he was. Murder and his teammates during the pregame drills and in their practice sessions. And I actually look at O'Donnell who is that he started lap and he goes that's Brendan Hoffman. And but he never got on the court against them and if it cost of an. I don't look it was totally ineffective against the bigs he was pushed all the block he hit a few threes quarter threes. Out there Joseph Barry. Missed some shots that he normally makes. But aliens defense was rock solid in the able literally there was no second chance points. For North Carolina it was one shot miss we got the rebound layup bill. It every shot that a and M took literally in the second and they've made a few threes here and there. But overall Pollard Davis who was just a big east. On that blog was just unbelievable. On and that when they got when North Carolina started pressing they got some breakaway don't when it was over. Kansas State eliminating UN BC says that Cinderella story ends after the one huge win over Virginia and it was a fifteen to 43 K state went and Alan. Purdue advances that's a two seed and they had a close game above or and one about three points 706073. How West Virginia no trouble when Marshall 984 to 71 the final the mountaineers advanced. Told you that Texas a and M beat North Carolina Cincinnati loses to Nevada about Nevada on now. That's a Cinderella and in the making going into the sweet 1675. To 73 win. Over Cincinnati Syracuse beat Michigan State as we said Florida State. Number savior by five points. And of course Clemson blowing out all burned by. 31 points. The Saturday games Villanova one seed that advanced easily they rolled Alabama. I'm Michigan with that last second win over Houston. A buzzer beater by Jordan pool three pointer at the buzzer. For Michigan to be Houston my 164 to 63. And zag over Ohio State by six points ninety to 84 Texas Tech by three over the gators Florida. 69 to 66 at Texas Tech is a three seed advances. Duke blew out Rhode Island by 25 Kentucky by twenty over buffalo. Loyola Chicago. And eleven seed advances to the sweet sixteen beating Tennessee by a point late jumper there. To lob winner for loyal. And Kansas beat Seton Hall by four points 83 to 79 of course Kansas the next. Opponent for the Clemson Tigers coming up Friday evening in Omaha. A 444773776. Text line 71307. We will get to the College Baseball from the weekend not exactly a great weekend for Clemson or South Carolina will tell you what happened. When we come back here in the huddle for Monday afternoon on ESP in upstate. Pledged starting your week when us here in the huddle on ESPN upstate Greg McKinney and a coach Josh Phillips in here until 4 o'clock this afternoon if you wanna join the conversation. 8444773776. We'll get to the Clemson and South Carolina baseball. Over the weekend in just a moment but let me go to get some market in here next on the line and won't stop global basketball mark welcome into the huddle. How ya doing today we're doomed well more or you. You know I'm still well within my lungs after. My heels gut. Crashed yesterday you come. Look at that game in more and more and I I guess I was one of those ones that Josh was talking about that it. All Roy Williams all he needs ago and the more I look at it after that day. I don't know if there was a whole lot like it did yesterday to change the outcome of that game be on Q I only know popped it wouldn't make much the difference is. It's just green light. First of all north Charles missed a lot of open carry extra one thing. So they weren't open up anything inside for them to go inside and they're big they're too big they got. Outside hope from which I don't know why up and not play very much they're very well. And of course lit may got exposed yesterday for not being an athletic at all. And it would just. Roller coaster ride and I'll tell you this this this saint takes day in and the thing that people don't realize that. The West Virginia earlier in the year but funny in Morton now so it's a team that finally got healthy I think they've had injuries all year. So much sure that takes say an anti not a lot they're have a basically now they're healthy. Appreciate the call their mark Josh would you think about Texas say namely may have chance make a run in the sweet sixteen. Yeah I definitely think they do it in you know more hits on something right there that I agreed with a is it eat you know north Carolina's just. Got out athlete I mean. Texas say in them across their front line was 69611611. And they can move I mean number 44 for Texas say in the him. Only one of those don't feel he's the one that did the windmill deal. Towards into the game there was one rebound. That he'd literally Luke and they had position. Under the basketball goal. And the basketball bounced off the iron and I think the opiates and try to three bounced off the back of the iron went straight up. Into the air. Luke may want to for. In 44 for me and him just what it above his and GMAC was a blow of the top of the basketball. Board. Not the rim the war. And maybe looking around and all the North Carolina fans. Wanted a one of the over the back but the and they showed it on the replay. He just over. And then there was a play where he opened an oblique or mentally. For North Carolina came into the came into the paint. An attempt to little hook shot. In the same kid 44 for me and just throughout the other way Robert Williams led to a run now. Our panel layout for any amendment is looking around like what just happened. Nothing mail is like 6962 and himself so I agree with you market it wasn't a matter of you know anything that war Canada I would have liked to have seen him at least I'm of the opinion is that if what you're doing is working. Why continue to do it it's. You might have one player down there that might give you a little bit of a space cedar. Now could have made a difference that twenty point blow. Probably not but I am at least would have liked to have seen team. All the court down their battle in those bigs because one thing was perfectly clear they want Lou day and manly. And the respiratory you'll Frontline they wanted no part. Armey Texas say that we show them around and laugh and Adam blocking shots grabbing rebounds they literally looked like. Rocky after the first flight with a Mr. T would want was 123. Where he just got bludgeoned to death. In the first match up would. Mr. T that's what you mean look they look like you've been. A boxing match my. And they just kept running and donkey and then you know I agree with mark. North Carolina just got out Levy and what it is this the team. A lot of the media pit. To win the SEC. And everybody was going with the Auburn and all this I thought it was going to be a lot better I would not be surprised if this was the beginning. Of their wrong because they are an impressive. Impressive group and great guys to deal with the. They have to go out to Los Angeles now in the west regional and they play Michigan next three seat. So that's what's next for seven seed Texas a and M after their 21 point win over North Carolina. I don't know what was more impressive Texas they and then beat North Carolina the way they were or. Mrs. Kennedy Billy Kennedy's wife that diamond rock she had on me but I mean I think was an ice cube. You get a good look at Obama got Sheen she came to when I pulled the bracket out of the locker room and she came to me she said can I take a picture is that yes ma'am of course if she stuck her hand up and had to put on shape the fact. I mean that they haven't seen ice like that shouldn't be long con man. That's great. The baseball over the weekend I you know one of the other shocks in basketball I may be more surprised that Clinton got swept by NC state. That Doug kings more stadium that we can I know NC State's pretty good team but that the way money Li's team have been plane that was a big shock to me. And the scores only one game was really close enough Friday was Ford and nothing. Saturday six to line and the Sunday game five to four NC state takes a three. From the Clemson Tigers they will get coastal tomorrow. And then they go to low level. Friday through Sunday this coming weekend selected via another challenging. Series for the Clemson baseball team. South Carolina won one game against Florida they lost the Friday and Sunday games they won the Saturday game fifteen to seven against the ban itself war. That when they go to the citadel play the citadel in Charleston tomorrow. And then this weekend. And they will lomb go to Georgia Georgia is a twelve and five team. But they were swept by the College of Charleston a couple of weeks Gibson's two orders of beatable team. I NDD one baseball poll out today the update Clemson was down four spots from ten to fourteen. This more able team they're going to play on the weekend is number fifteen so it's pretty even matchup. Being a south careless play of Florida's number two team in the country so taking one of those three games is not horrible you'd like take the series. South Carolina's gonna need to start taking some series but though. Which allows price Clemson gets swept within the way they've been blown. Yeah I was shocked if it. Maybe lose two games but some break up the Bruins know. Unusual to say the least and kind of unexpected but that's as baseball and certainly can bounce back from that more law. Watch to see how they do this week we got Clemson baseball games for you for the rest of the week of course the coast of game tomorrow in the little series. This weekend but that's what happened down this past weekend for Clemson and South Carolina. Jump ball more give us call an 8444773776. You can get us on the text line. At 71307. Just be sure to put ESPN at the beginning of your text message that way we'll get it more quickly and you cannot hit us on Twitter. And ESP in upstate is the Twitter account of course as it always has been so hit us up there. Much more coming up we'll take another break and we'll come back with a more in a moment your listening to the huddle Monday edition. With GMAC Josh Phillips on ESP in upstate. Hanging out in a huddle for Monday afternoon ESPN upstate Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso off this week great filling them for him. Taking your calls and 844477. 3776. Text line 71307. Congratulations to Jordan leak. Jordan rowly won the bass masters classic at lake heart won't he began the Sunday's championship round in sixth place. But he caught five bass weighing sixteen pounds five ounces. And one. With a three day total of 471. He won last year's classic which was in Texas lake Conroe Texas so he. Joins fishing at legends Rick Klein and Kevin van dam as the only anglers in history. To win the super bowl of professional bass fishing two years in a row. He got 300000 dollars that was pretty good fishing we get our audio fishing for the weekend and when 300000 dollars from trouble I would take that while. Yesterday I can say is wow it's it's a big deal up telling you yesterday I went out to the TD convention center where they had them. Basically displays also united did this course the fishing was a lake marble they have the weigh ins and bombs score wellness arena but they had. Basically a big festival of sorts at the TD convention center. And it was slammed yesterday man I mean it was packed with people as very cool if you like boats and fishing gear is certainly and everything for you there. But the head cool stuff for the kids they handle outdoor display where they would. Have dogs out there running along a lot of runway in the jumping into the water chasing. Something whenever there throw and Adam I don't know who wants a bonus but that the that tomorrow pictures from GMAC bonds 34. Is he out and not do that. I'm gonna go fishing pond out doors for the kids to participate in that was very cool inside. They had a bass rodeo you could due to basically ride. You know one of those mechanical balls except it was a mechanical class. Why Yemen lived until you're seeing people riding the mechanical man at this improves. I did not get on the mechanical models don't say how long did you and ended that either but I mean it was just. Pact with the all kinds of displays and and certainly people I think they had dumped out of his record attendance or not balancing that report. But it was it was very successful. Over the weekend and great for the economy here. No question about that one wish Tarlow the best he is stepping away for the time being as the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Because of health reasons. They hope he will be back for the post season he's forty years old. That's how stressful is NBA coaching thing can be men and in the bronze coach and team anyway so why Kweisi quasi feeling the stress. I was gonna say the knicks team that LeBron goes to should he have. Surgeon general's warning that says. Yelling at me is hazardous for your career probably so. Because. The word on the street was apparently Tyrone Lue was not happy with the so the LeBron do on the court. And voiced his displeasure and I was and then now all of a sudden. He's having. Gallstones and kidney stone just. Things just campaigns and other spouse symptoms he says he's not sleeping well. And he's having chest pains and he's had a bunch of tests and they can't figure out what's wrong with a he's also coughed up some blood that's real dealer on measurements and true. He hopes to return well before the start of the playoffs Larry Drew assistant coach will take over during the interim. But Tyrell new law being shut down basically. They gonna shut him down say take your your health reset on the health he has a personal chef now. Yes and exercise regiment. And he's also medication and he's trying to get some rest. LeBron said it's probably well overdue. Now is that a positive content or cookbook that could cut a complex question. What effect if it's overdue for him to step away. I said he's mingle and through a lot this season. Passed tough and difficult but hopefully that's our only rule will be OK we wish him. The best. Absolutely do. As far as the NBA standings and where things are ways we winding down the season here where things are. As we come down the last few weeks of the regular season which doesn't really matter as long as you make the cut. In the NBA. Unfortunately coach your Celtics are now five games back in of Toronto. In the east because a Toronto is. Nine and one in their last ten games your Celtics are hanging and am with a six and four record in the lasting image or five back you know I'm gonna win the east and longest and. No and that was the team that that I I was scared. What in Cleveland or any of those folks it was Ronald Ronald. On it is legitimate if they can hand handle. Playoff pressure then they're going to be right there there's an excellent at the rose and I don't know why do Rosen is considered more. For the MVP and somewhere I think. Alonso needs to tweet an apology. With the disrespect you shall Anthony Davis. Over the last several weeks bullet. But you know what to Ronald is doing I mean they're rate exceptionally talented. Basketball club. Cleveland is now eleven and a half games back there in third place in the east in Washington. And Indiana twelve games back if there is a battle for playoffs are really doesn't want right now on the east it looks like it's pretty cut and dried and Miami in eighth place and their fifteen back in Detroit in ninth place 21 and a half Max of six and a half games spread they are for. Detroit kitsch Miami for that last playoff spot on all see that happening. Looks like they will miss the playoffs as will the Charlotte hornets. Who work 22 back right now and the Atlanta Hawks are twenty and fifty they have now lost fifty games six straight losses for the hawks. Fifty losses on the season their last likes. With a twenty and fifty record and over in the west of Houston Rockets now have a three game lead over Golden State Houston's 19 out of ten they've been very hot as of late as you know. Gold assays have been OK seven out of last tend there's three games back from Houston. Then Portland is twelve back to Oklahoma City fourteen back we do have a bit of a playoff race. In the west Minnesota in eighth place sixteen and a half back. And a day embers eighteen back in ninth place the LA clippers. Our. In tenth place at eighteen and half Mac did you cease and or a storm well. Trying to guard James Harden in that video was a late last week no one package the load it. If it was like a nugget things like the thanks for coming. Who nugget you're below step back and at least and there is didn't fall down like that other guys. It definitely broken Georgia's defense Wilson's but does that you know that there were mouthing and each other storm well enough Harden and then. Hard used to love us to get it stepped back on and then for what lunged at him but even collapsed at the and and there are enough. James Harden went on to use one of their morals teammates as well later in the games it was in as little. We're showboating by James hardness he has nothing to do you view some don't have person terrorist but both are not all right these guns are blamed on. It's good to see. 8444773776. Let's take our final break of this hour M will be back here in the huddle on ESP announced in just moment. Like DNA and Dartmouth College basketball over the weekend or whatever is on your mind phone lines open date 444773776. Here in the huddle. On ESPN upstate that's an NFL news over the weekend Josh and got lost amongst all the basketball. Saturday morning from the New York Jets. Completed a trade with the Indianapolis Colts. To put the New York football jets and better positioned to select a potential. Franchise. Quarterback. The jets moved up three spots they now have the number three pick. They said the number six overall pick along with 22 round choices this year. And their second round pick in 2019. To the colts. To move up three picks but not doing that to get sick while mark when after. I think we're gonna I think now we're gonna have quarterbacks big 12 and three in the strapped. Wall in this draft you might be right affect I think that's the way it's movie you might be room. Chris Ballard is the manager of the colts nine he said the jets had an interest to move up to number three. We went back and forth for four or five days. Talk to a couple of other teams but we wanted to stay in position in the top ten where we could still get a premium player and we feel like a number six will be able to get a premium player. Of course the jets failed to La land Kirk cousins they have signed. Josh McCown re signed him and Teddy Bridgewater and I don't think they're happy with. I'll think that's what they want McAllen are Bridgewater going forward. See so where Bill Parcells. Has to be line have to be asked to be laughing. Uncontrollably. The way these NFL teams panic. Over these quarterbacks situations and look I understand. It's a passing game I'd agree with all of that. But this it's almost as if these GM's. Are afraid of their own research. It's almost like. And I'm getting used this analogy it's almost like. They don't need to be that team that'll aisles. Tom Brady to slip of the six forum. That they wanna try to draft Tom Brady in the first three. So Williams but not too bad picks to keep ever map yes they might make a bunch of bad decisions. On guys that aren't that type of player. And the thing is there's no way to predict. That there's no way to predict. That a third round quarterback with a pedestrian hormonal Notre Dame is gonna win foursome doubles. It's not gonna happen there's no way to predict. You know back up six round player the opponent was taken before he is is going to be a column. One of the greatest players if not the greatest football player that ever lived. Mean you just can't. And it's like an NFL is panicky and so much debt that they'd just the that its analysis by paralysis. If you will it's like. They put on the tape they don't like what the tapes as of and they look at the combined they don't like him to come by and says. And they drafted god number one overall and then they'd look at each other. Wondered why he washes out in three years. Jim well the jets have a history of doing this a trading up trying to guess better picks they did in 2009. They traded up to get the number five pick in the draft to Mark Sanchez. While. Yet. What was he hears an interesting question where was. Nick polls. Draft. Guys don't know off topic like he just beat Tom Brady consumable now. Where what we're was a guy drafted third round twenty to a third round up. And see I'm. Wanna go it follows leveraging the full GM I would be one of those guys. That. Give me good players. And if I happened upon a hall of fame quarterback great. Because how many times have we seen. Where these teams reach hamstring their organization. For 45 sometimes ten years. Like the jets the jets keep waste in pits look at all the the players. That the jets have passed over the last six drafts. To make a regional war and and they're no better now than they wore 67 years ago. Another mess and it up for sure you. Their general manager has already been to the pro days of baker mayfield. And Josh Rosen. He's going to go to the pro days of Josh Allen Wyoming and Sam don't from southern can't tell who are looking at. Strongest. Is hard to birdie but it looks pretty clear that epic number three will now be used story quarterback. By the New York Jets. Indianapolis now will have nine picks overall in this year's draft for in the top fifty. After their foreign twelve season missing the playoffs for the third straight here. Soul maybe Indianapolis to make a little. Hay out of this and all those traffic's. I think room see a lot of trades. Because whenever you have especially with the quarterbacks in this one I think you might be onus on them with the quarterbacks going 12 and three. Because when you literally don't have any identifiable the only identifiable separation. Between these quarterbacks is that Josh Allen temple football to a New York foam bowl that's it. Other than that they all have flaws they all have weaknesses. And whenever you've got quarterbacks that close it literally makes the GM's panic. Because they're trying to get a feel for. Okay is it is Cleveland gonna take. Allen number one because if they do than what we need to do if they don't that we need to be involved and it'll there's all these things that are going on behind the scenes. When you've got a quarterback class we've got five guys literally. Within arm's reach of each other with a very very little separation. You know the knock on baker mayfield is all of he was three inches taller he'd be the sure fire number one bodies six foot. So what do you do that info guys don't like that. So it's going to be fast that this trade might be in this draft. Might be one of the more compelling interesting ones we've seen one. Be fun to watch this is now the draft order is Cleveland. Giants. Jets. 12 theory but Cleveland as number four so obviously somebody other than a quarterback or go with logos are likely Olympics but done. I'm telling the top three I mean all three of those teams. May be looking quarterback. Olympics one through three. And there's always that trade. We're somebody about the form and gives away ten picks to move up to. Or known him and when the colts said that topic now a top three pick you know and again Andrew Luck that would be a little different announcer up there there are number six now. All right time for the free cash stash on ESPN. Upstate and this hour's key word is clued CO DE. Text the word code 2728. A one to win 1000 dollars in the free cash stash we do this up to twelve times per week day. Starting at 6 AM coat is the word the number 72881. Final hour of the huddle coming up we're gonna get to the golf Rory wins over the weekend but tiger still play well we'll talk about it. When we come back in the huddle on ESP in upstate.