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Back here in the huddles Greg McKinney and we're joined by Brian grants that coach of the Greenville swamp rabbits hockey team told you last week coach and a college week next. Husbandry didn't you know last week we we have points and three out of four games in you know it's cern the trend better and their interaction forests so. We're excited had a couple days here skating in an hour headed up to nor foe Virginia for repair games I understand you're going to be dealing with some snow on the strip searches I sure overnight in south of the Mason Dixon to send this much snow. This Virginia there's nothing to be snow. Well he's when you back here there won't be so away this weekend but then you guys come back into town next weekend a Friday and Saturday have local banks. Yeah we're we're going to be playing instant Jacksonville iceman both Friday and Saturday in and we go out agreed events going on behalf training maintenance golfer Greeneville night will be wearing out especially blue jerseys for post game auction. And proceeds will go into the tween ninth annual golf for Greeneville. Fundraising initiative that benefits they Greeneville free medical clinic goodwill and make a wish. So that will be a fantastic night for the family come out there in men's sport agree cause. Announcing on Saturday we have craft beer nights of them being craft beer festival. For the game five to seven outside the arena. With all local breweries and then now lost I have pucks and pause that man as well and we had a special taken deal with the GSP. Airport family fun zone there's so a lot of stuff going on next week and we're excited to nineteen season wrong. Ron and out of home games if you wanna see the swamp Brenda Song next week can be a good time yeah I think it would be great I mean now mr. that we had this past week it was absolutely fantastic and we want to continue to build on that they're front office done an excellent job man and I think we've put on some minded shows are for the fans so. We're excited to get him out there for for those seen gains there against Jacksonville march 23 and 24. Our good job this time a year just winding down the season now or goals are you talking to the team about right now what are you when he accomplished in these last few innings the biggest thing for guys in and you know a million fortune pars whereas in the standings but you know us. Arabian Sea fall fall together for us you know we still had a shot and it's so we just gonna focus on the make schemes and and and folks and on nor folks team directly above us in the playoffs and there in the in the standings. The confirmed playoff push so. Tom you know we focus on man we get some new faces coming in some kids come not university. Level player meeting us in north Fuller to Blair's meaning us in nor sold to join us for this upcoming Wii console. It's an opportunity for some young players in and continue to train him every day can you tell us more about these young guys they have joining the team and 01 of four or want to go they have so that's that's about as far as we know exactly I. They they actually show we see the whites of their eyes are right very good. You got some mud NHL guys were double and also lead all last week. Com what are those guys trying to do to wrap up the season it is it is this an important Tommy you're for them it's. Alex stay extremely important I mean I think raising about BC's shows there's always guys on these guys so it doesn't matter what's happening you know the New York Rangers especially in there. Rebuilding right now Tom are watching our games checking out their prospects and com member and also a lot of other other teams are in the building you know last week and we had. You know trauma was in the building we had Carolina was there and then you know also those are all. All good things hurt every single one of our players to showcase themselves but yelling Dawson only you know. You know he started the year thus seeing any results for the middle portion of the season and he comes back down here obviously ensuring that our sense of confidence back and also to. Work and his consistency in the areas that they invent that higher ups really wanna see him and that's you know generating more energy. Be a little bit more physical than them and really training a little bit mute more active on the Ford checked in and things like deck is is tremendous two way player and and they in the a lot of you know they send into an NHL deals they. They have some mile high hopes aren't so he's assessing keep refining his game. Par and you guys certainly our supporters of the local community on talk a little bit about your charity work as far as the swamp rabbit scope when he has known. While we do a lot of different things throughout the season and can whether it's you know for raising funds for her for cancer. Or you know working with golfer Greeneville and and make tuition goodwill and things like that they're all things that I think really help. And degrade us into the into our community and something we're extremely passionate about you know this week we have appearances. The 19 doing essays suffer sadness and local school which would should and that's actually next week. Tom talking about some anti bullying stuff things like that which. Truly help us get out their gets visible in our community and show old show everybody around that that we're not just sheer death. Collect their money and for them to come seems it's where where part of this community we value our fans we value the city. And now we wanna give back as much as we camp and you eat sleep and breathe hockey but are you college basketball animal. I'm sure tussle blog guy but really know and it is the time of year served for college basketball so and then Trenton. Whose whose picks are from my bracket so why I got one filled out it's it's definitely not exciting with a lot of upsets but. I guess Virginia this year so Virginia oh boy you know they lost their sixth man now. Now I get it but you know the same time. You know I am a Big Ten guys well sorry look inferred. Frilly some of the Big Ten teams and make some ways they Michigan Michigan State Purdue but hopefully Oakley then you're showing a bed you don't lose any sleep over basketball. Not not a ton unfortunately and no inside this that time a year for basketball and and I really love March Madness that. Conference tournaments leading into into the big tournament but it's a few years he had to push means as college football math. Frying grass wrangles while Paramus coach appreciating coach will tall trees and thank him. There is Brian grant say again another Greeneville swamp rabbits on the road this weekend back at home though a month score well Serena. Next weekend and season's winding down securely you know seats won't Brett it's hockey team this year going go to their website and pick out a gaming get on out there because the season. Doesn't have a whole lot left to it right now. OK so long. Cleveland Browns are gonna take out an offensive lineman with a first run. Since the breaking news the Boston. Joseph Thomas. Calling it a career. After eleven seasons. He said it was an extremely difficult decision but the right one for him and his family playing in the NFL he said has taken a toll on my body. And I can no longer physically compete at the level on need to. Today start a free agency was his self imposed deadline for a decision on he has. Future and die he had been talking and in fact justices are more recently as last night he said he was excited about the browns. Offseason moves. You know I heard him I. I think it was long silica wing goers. My event. And he was time this was like a month or two ago and it's got that feeling that he might be done equipped. Yeah and in heat he talks really well so don't be surprised if he doesn't end up yet to be a broadcast yes no more. Yeah I agree that. Soul. The browns you know knew this could happen and they. Pursued several tackles in free agency including Nick's older but he agreed to a deal with the debt with the giants. They did reach greatness with Donald Stephenson and Chris Hubbard. Both those though have primarily played on the right side. Let's tackle first pick is or go with yes. Lo couldn Miller. I mean does this change any thing he didn't think that job Carlos Hyde changed anything. Does this change separate yes of those profits in line menace I mean look left tackles. Who. Left tackles worth their weight in gold I would rather have. I gotta be careful with. That affect. Left tackles or more of a sure thing in the top of the quarterbacks. It's probably true of any quarterback she got them. It's give forty person. Than any of them turn out to be. If you're lucky. But usually tackle. In the top five top ten. Man he's though I mean Joseph Thomas holes and number one overall. Fifteen years. There's only 33 years old well. His body has taken a beating. You know the model of consistency yet. Offensive line for the Cleveland Browns. Actually was a number three overall the number three overall 2007. He out. Tore his triceps tendon not October 22 last season that may have spent all this up. Is that snapped a streak of 101363. Consecutive snaps he would not come out of a game. Played every down of every game from the time he was dressed and until that injury last year as an unbelievable. Only missed the Pro Bowl wants. As last year because of that injury. Is Tim pro bowls in ten seasons in Cleveland Browns. Record. That's a year longer than Jim brown and Lou grows up. Pretty big guys. Only four other players in NFL history made the Pro Bowl in each of their first ten years. Merlin Olsen Mel renfro Barry Sanders. And Lawrence Taylor. And not always a horrible team. And still made the Pro Bowl isn't a stuff to do. Don't you feel bad for the guy. And nice career always had a great career just he didn't even get a chance of snow fell weary playing. Nobody can you really. I'm I'm so I understand what you're saying but I don't feel bad for someone who reached the height of their sport. As Greg said played almost every single down at the entire time probably got paid pretty well. I mean as a lineman. What else can you do. Yeah but guys like. Him. You almost want him to win the championship. But not Super Bowl blow division AFC. I'm because he's ever we talk about. Ad nauseam I say weak. Us as well as national media. About the NFL wanted to get going wrong in the negative part of it. But I mean this guy stood for everything that is good about these fail. Had a great career career. What was not involved in any type of scandal. Loved is home to you didn't want to play for anybody else care resigning with Cleveland. And made it clear he wanted to finish his career in Cleveland. I mean Cleveland he when you think of that franchise now you think of Jim brown and now Joseph Thomas. That's what you think though we think of Cleveland. I think he probably will end of him broadcasting you know odd couple months ago in January he spent a day Eddie ESPN and appeared on. Various shows. And he has podcast already he does podcast with former receiver Andrew Hawkins. They call it the tomahawk. Show get it I'm Thomas Balkans. Tomahawk option. So his party has some media experience. And most likely a first year hall of Famer right when he's eligible. Great player dot. I mean I don't know what team. What else are gonna do it left tackle but. They probably get some depth there so that one or four could be used for them. Now for clean. Maybe. We'll see but hats off to a Joseph Thomas great player. And he is stepping down here look for him to go to the hall of fame in five years that's when rubio that couldn't get that tackle you wanna for do you think. The attack will be around for. Yes so why not know what you don't have for for weren't right. But I mean they bend. Lot of people still expect that day. Get a quarterback in one of those two places so that'll get before earlier you know on. I know they can still get sick on. He can title run Taylor and you keep Kaiser as the back up and look to the future for quarterback when there is a crop of truly give ones not mediocre ones. Well see they Abbas some have them going after sand Arnold. Sums like Cleveland is enamored with Sam Arnold sonic. I just think I think door she's already starting really well I don't think they've. I mean a good season for them next year would be to win I don't know. Separate games probably assume good phone O'Dell so you know no these quarterbacks and when you more than that. Tyrod Taylor's at least good from the bad. I don't know we got left tackle hooked to protect Tyrod Taylor and again we don't spend money on quarterback from remember we don't have anyone know left tackle him. A 444773776. If you wanna get among us here in the huddle text line 71307. Twitter and ESPN upstate. Stay in the NFL talk about the Packers did hear from Adam's show after coming up. When we come back here in the huddle on ESP in upstate Wednesday addition. Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonzo Woodruff back. Back here in the huddle audio SP and upstate Wednesday let's show the week for us we'll get into March Madness coverage. Really hot and heavy tomorrow 11 AM. With tournament today in the first game start run afternoon. Tomorrow that's the case on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday here on ESP in upstate. Taken the occasional break for Clemson baseball but Tom's basketball this weekend. On ESP in upstate including the first four games tonight we will have those for you. As well Jordy Nelson out and bring back a shock for you guys. Astonished. Really. I thought it was ironic that we were talking about yesterday and joke and joke around and got done alert on my phone I was I was a little shocked and text me. No because that would have been mean and believe it or not I tried to be that guy off the air and I'm like. He supposed to visit New Orleans this week. About that Drew Brees throwing to Jordy Nelson. The to save the money I mean look this new management team in Green Bay is a serious about. Shaken things up and I'm fond of that I don't know if this is the right move but they are. They are not. Hold him back. With some of the moves that they are making they are. Go all out try to change things in Green Bay and he was expensive and his production I mean look he said injury issues but production was down last year and as production was down last year because Brett Hundley was thrown in the ball. That can. Knock a hole and anybody's. Production of trees were those. Guys that no one would say I don't I don't want him more my team and I mean he seems like a good team player and you know what you're getting now. Yes Olympic amount and dom. He will be productive now love the fact. That the via Packers picked up Jimmy Graham. Because Aaron Rodgers is not a good tied in essence what your Michael Finley. Don't you worry that Jimmy Graham has done no I mean after all that I wanna be paid as a receiver he goes Seattle needs disappears. In disappear. He wasn't the same as it was in New Orleans but he was decent last year LL touchdowns maybe not as many catches as you would hope. But think about Aaron Rodgers throwing to a Boise 67 tied in and I've been able to do that. He's been. Throw under these. Richard Rodgers dudes in guys that he thought of mr. Rogers and you know Roy Rogers. He hasn't had a tight end since failing I know the gas South Carolina. There was they're for a year. And some kids and I can't believe I see in my mind Jerry Cooke area Erica -- it was good at times but. You know those of short lived thing I like Jimmy Graham that agreement. That's much. I think they can have. As many catches as out. Are lost. Jordy Nelson or in Austin the Australian and range to be Graham's stays fairly healthy so if so I am not upset about it. And they also picked up. Mohammed Mo will percent. Defensive line this guy might be a big case a smaller worry about Jimmy and you know had some issues with the jets good player. A good player Mike Patton knows them and license packers' new defense of coordinator. Pushed him his first two years in the league released by the jets but if things turn bad for Mo will person in New York. Com and he was due a sixteen and three quarters million dollar salary for Tony eighteen inflating cut and so they cut him. But this Packers defense has not finished in the top ten since their Super Bowl season 2010. And soul Dom Capers was fired Patton is there. And awoke percent as part of that plan may not gonna turn a defense around by himself for sure but it's a step. I the thing is defense sublime may not be their biggest weakness they may be more open. Cornerback and outside linebacker. But as long as he can keep his head on straight maybe Mohamed will groups and tonight. Be a productive player for the Packers is 28 years old theory was. Late for meetings a lot in New York he needs to fix that the tip suspending him for them. Less traffic in Wisconsin. There I should be able to get over to a Lambeau or where they're practicing a little more easily and Wisconsin. So bomb. And the FS AI love. C insured ago Aaron Rodgers tweeted a batter I think maybe on its Graham and he and he loved Jordy Nelson no question he was crime. Literally. Well I mean everything you do social media defines who you Warren ham. What some call it. Emote use of the crying and crying and most. There yet so he obviously was just devastated. Yeah I do believe that I mean they were tight. So understand that here's what Adam shifter said about. Jimmy Graham. Coming in to greenback they were looking for offensive play makers they dipped their toe in the water and Alan Robinson didn't get Alan Robinson shifted their focus and went on to. You Judy Graham now they have not had a tight end like this. In quite some time to Michael Finley was storms develop into that Aaron Rodgers. My head injuries and setbacks it was not able to become. The type of tight end and Jimmy Graham has been 57 catches last year 520 yards he'll be a great red zone target. For Aaron Rodgers scored ten touchdowns last year. The other 57 catches is good the yardage showing 520 is not really big. A buddy does cash in with touchdowns and want some say how that works out also NFL news Tara Matthew has been. Cut the honey badger as we mentioned earlier released by the Arizona Cardinals. Just hours before the fives and three quarters million dollars of his salary and a million dollars of his 2019 salary were going to be guaranteed. On today the first day of the league year Matthew was also due a five million dollar roster bonus on March 16 coupled his wife. They asked him to take a pay cut he said no thanks. So he's out. Cardinals general manager Steve team said that the he had never made a secret Tyrod is always have a special place in his heart. We all understand this is part of the business doesn't make it. Any easier when healthy Matthew was considerable the most dynamic defenders in the NFL. Nose for the football. Those guys that plays with a reckless abandon five foot nine. Became known as one of the best nickel defenders in the league. And prefer to play in the box where he could. Make an impact on every player rather than roaming in the secondary was hurt a lot tarmac she's only 25 years old. So who gets tire on Matthew. At a LSU. He's had some issues to he had a drug related arrest he failed two drug tests. Back and LSU gets suspended for. Of the 2012 season back there you may remember that but he's been a good NFL player. Which one Tara Matthew when you can. I wouldn't be offensive to a national player. Pluses special teams prowess. Of one mind. I he's certainly young and got a lot of left and tank enough to be stay healthy and then Jeremy Maclin. Cut by the ravens. They're trying to gain. Cap space and they get five million dollars by cutting Jeremy Maclin. He only a forty catches last year 440 yards was due a one million dollar roster bonus on Friday. Ozzie Newsome general manager. Said last month he wants to change the look of the team's wide receiver room parting with Mac ruling comes one day after the ravens reached agreements with wide receivers Ryan Grant and John Brown. Maclin injury problems too he missed two games in October with a shoulder sidelined for the final two games with a knee. 29 years old he has only played a full sixteen game season twice in nine years. So he's always hurt. Released by the chiefs. Sime Bob Baltimore to a two year eleven million dollar contract and now. Cup by the ravens. Through Jeremy Maclin more of those going up with a deadline is 4 o'clock today we're gonna him anymore moose last minute moves in. Haven't seen anything since well. Joseph Thomas retiring. I'm waiting on my wish but I'm done I'm gonna do which is. Does Brian do these things count towards the early similarly well. Been. You know. Me in Dallas have been. What we've had to go through marriage counseling and you know all these things to reconcile our relationship. I'm almost to the point of just. Indeed it can you do then can you walk away from a team I can't picture myself walking away from the Packers. Every hard for me to do. When you walk away from the chief slums of no I wouldn't belong. Josh what is this but listen I I think I think you don't walk away with her walking through something so I mean. If you. I mean you got to pick another team or he's walking away from fan the mall together. For the NFL yes. Yeah. I'm. As I said yes your life I don't want to be a fan my team if I divorce Dallas on divorce and then fail the illegal hand in hand. Don't play golf on Sunday did exactly. Just it's too much party. Meanwhile put myself through this much pain. That's what London's two. No it's not supposed to be. It's supposed to be given today. Season ends badly for 31 teams so. Well but even worse when. You should do better and you don't. And you've got a lame duck head coach. See you live in the eternal night they're sunshine and their son or if there's then there are good they believe good things aren't on occasion there Obama could play one happen. Alonso is getting eternal life for twenty. Three years now. And there's only one guy to blame. Who screwed that. He's still there now. And he's not going anywhere. Any time soon I'm said Tuesday. There's only two ways to get rid of at all. He either so the came. Or you're pushing up daisies. And unfortunately Jerry is. Going to sell the team. For more leverage when you're going there. On the unfortunately. I would love for him to go on the funeral polar business but don't look like that's gonna happen any time soon team won thirteen games two years ago. Yeah but wouldn't amount to. What was the end result. I mean Philly won the division what they do they want the NFC they want him. The bad dogs taken in your crop that Philly just. Their first year. Went oh yeah I'm just I'm. I'm just so it. I'm tired of I'm tired of looking out in the season. And knowing what's gonna happen it'll be in the span. Is having hopes. Every year we start the season that this could be the year. Not I would have that if jury had fared Jason Garrett and the rest of those bombs buddy get. So he's got all of them coming back. He still has Dez Bryant. But he hasn't addressed the issues on defense. The second various doses. So. Here it is in March. And I'm already jumping off for breach. I'm supposed to jump off a bridge of the fan until November. Yep and I think this is view I don't I don't think this I think he'd be good you feel the same way about Arkansas people I mean at all and it's Panama City. But still you're positive about it themselves did it right. Okay you had a slogan. They got rid of him he's a nice guy good Family Guy called Biehl. But it obviously wasn't working they gave it a shot. Okay going in the wrong direction they've made a change they got rid of the athletic director Jeff Long the got rid of the head coach they clean towels. They've brought in new blood one in the totally different direction will both be athletic director and the head coach I'm excited about. 28 team and the years coming. I'm no the guys and how the working recruiting wise I mean I'm seeing change with the Dallas. You're not seeing that. There's nothing that he's doing make it moves that make you feel like he's trying to win. Boys make moves. Here in the air. Where there really more designed to win or not you can debate. We have a cause of Gelman. Gelman you're on the line. You don't. You don't you don't. Get good what's up. Oh don't vote or don't double your own in the. Well over Charlotte. I don't know I want a that until we don't know but first or just now I'm troubled him and we let and is OK you don't build it manual it will. No doubt and it's not going to be okay. Always hope and when Jerry Faulk that far Roger Goodell in the NFL I was hoping there will always franchise. I'm sick guy. I should go to grant is. I'm not what will contain I honestly don't hold. I'm not a law important now sum total Clinton and just. Actually I followed it is ultimately is to announce. I want to be sure our portrait. And borders as called Conant Betty can but on the list auto. Opus didn't don't commit just tickle patrol with skill gear live. Meanwhile hope for the cowboys fans we have going forward that Dallas is gonna get back to a Super Bowl anytime soon somebody please tell me. With the land of the NFC in the NFC east. Thank you. Thank you dale and if you know appeared though he did it I love his voice bill that dealt a blow my boy that's good and if it. Took a lot about the pro await but don't look good as it's I don't know it's. Touchdown. In an apartment belt and join me on the list of new movies that are step back in a moment the huddle on ESP of the states they would. 8444773776. That's our phone number here in the huddle to excellent 71307. Bullets glued to the full owns and we will talk to Jason up next IJ some coComment. Yeah I think like my culture according rat Packers shining Jimmy Graham and Lacey that jordin. Yeah we we get a little earlier rob Jason but I you know I'm almost Jordy Nelson I know he was he's been one of the best ever Aaron Rodgers loves them. I got all that but I understand what they're trying to save money I love the Jimmy Graham signing I think Aaron Rodgers hasn't had a poll good tied in. Sister Michael Finley so Karen Rogers to a Jimmy Graham will be a nice combination but Duff. Jury's out on what Reagan did replace that the production Jordy Nelson what do you think. And while I got a couple young guys that like they lie. But again but I drag to have a year. Don't remember. You know who act but Jordy did. Stretched a little bit with a court order Eric or mental in my own members they are sure that they cracked it. I don't know that I am a Randall Cobbs in the same position they won't save some money on him I would be shocked if they made a move on him at some point because he's so. Yeah yeah he each party more Bjorn is so. Now black cop there are washed you know must keep urged it not go so. You know tag I see him go but you know sir Roger. You know to get some guy ever even. You're just above average are pursue a do a pretty good way to especially god Jim Jimmy Graham order you know I started late. But it and like yeah right security go warm up by a gripped a hacker Serb ultra combo he noticed this in the business and Adam Oakley. Lions almost but he does what part packer shot well. Yes supposedly New Orleans thing to look and enemies post be talking to them so we'll say parisians call Jason let's get and one in here next hello Ed when you're on the air what's up. Out of our guys will well. 1213. Fourteen years ago. And the you know it is the point where I just had enough I didn't believe in team and believe the owner and give up that extra which. Area there's your support Julian for Josh job he's our original. If that's. Yeah I couldn't. Walked over to adjust your. I hear you yeah that's frustrating I give it. And our I'm at Tennessee Titans fan ever since Steve McNair Eddie George came into. And so we get in a big time I answer. And I see a bright future were jarred Robinson as the GM and art you know I I understand where you're coming from where you don't feel like they're making moves. Are we on the other hand I'd like John Roberts and make it right so hopefully get the teen to a Super Bowl caliber. So there you go Josh you can leave one team and go to another penguins proved that you gotta pick another team Josh Ganges leave you off I'm going to be this miserable just may jump to Cleveland. Good time doing 'cause they're basically like starting know they are but you know at least at least they're trying. Has. Gomez removed himself from the equation. Boy he's brought in a good don't GM and Dorsey he's making some moves. They're there they're making an attempt that's all I wanna see I think that's all any fan wants to see. Guys. It long he'll become a Jacksonville jaguar and orbit yeah. Arm fund our won't be a Jacksonville for and no way there. Aren't I'd have to put an album offend them but. I would have to say that. If I was gonna jump ball probably. My teams are probably have been my top four. That I would flirt with would be Cleveland. Knowingly and the giants. And maybe the raiders. Can go to New England now he's being firm at least seriously I mean nobody can walk out there and healing K and the like KB going to Golden State why they're so I don't get the onslaught of their quarry. Really. When you receive based in anybody's that'll well. Brady's in his forties now they're getting rid of all of their better players. On defense and off nets. The offensive line wasn't anything to write home about Lisa soldier down the road. And Dion Lewis probably going to be in green dale looks like they aren't. They're receiving corps was. I think got a tweet that just went viral over a comment made about the receiving corps and they just got rid of the head dwarf and Amendola. To Miami the Miami I mean literally go look around this don't be nobody there but Brady and Belichick. So it takes. Brady didn't really Brady can throw it to bella check back a moment cannot Lonnie has been in upstate Simmons. Obama has me most about us not having shows tomorrow and running not that we can't just talk about basketball as it's going on. That's why we don't have the ship was because of March Madness coverage. It's because. I can't talk about tiger every day in this next golf tournament. On the open and the Arnold Palmer invitational which is probably gonna win I think. You don't win it I would request that you don't come to my office and opened the door and tell me I'll talk to you Donna Josh will be here he's going will help loosen up in my went. He's one of eight times and he's won eight times at bay hill. I mean it's. Where he's at his best. Parnell. Ayman tweet about it always get nodes it you don't turn your phone off gee what your enthusiasm. Is infectious.