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Money today and huddle under way from my ESP in upstate. No huddle as more than underway it's two thirds in the books today so if you wanna get on board now's the time and 844477. 3776. The yet Tex line. Is 71307. News of the key word ESPN. If you adopt. Like to get in there and when we can find it a little more easily so what it takes in a wish Greg would go easy on Clemson for once. I mean loans of mister orange glasses and certainly have to meet Alonso right to be what did I say about clothes and if it has to be me because your tiger Greg and everyone knows that's a different animal life. I'm not sure Dexter what you mean there. I didn't pick him to lose to a New Mexico State I did. A month though I didn't. I did not do that. And probably will not do that although I don't finalize my picture. I. He knows that if they do now but they do lose still but I must appear guys bracket although. You can be joystick states under contagion if it's close would you even consider changing you're not gonna change that headache. Not disclose it comes down to a buzzer beater and and they end up losing yeah. I'm not senator they'll improve if you have a 100000 people perfect bracket but. That never ever happens now would you vote well this the first year we you can actually. Changing my kitten before the game then let. Appoints go down that the one they thought our energy contest that we're doing is. Point related so you know if you wait till four minutes is left in the game to make your change your pick you know I'm gonna get the same points if you picked the right guy right team in the first. So your points will still lobby maximized. Wise guy. So then I did. At least between the three of us when he gets close to try to make a decision okay. I want to beat everybody in the room if I change this pick up points are going down if we know everybody else made Dow picked and we got to figure out. Is everybody else change and it too. Scarred the strategy in can be part of the strategy. 84447737760. Get debased moment herald is on the line Lestock herald hi Harold. Q macro level I hope you all have a great though great surely gentlemen thank you sir always good to hear from. Oh your racquet technology I do so little more but it is offering a one million dollar prize to anyone they give bracket particularly have you heard about that. Yes he's done that before right doesn't it turning out. Yeah Milan with a goal it was cold and where you'll know it is optimal. I think that's. The. Not only buy from Nebraska as you know and all. I expect. I love though I'll be a great afternoon coast always a pleasure you Beckham religious. Command corporation air. Yeah I'll Warren Buffett now 87 years old. Is making his annual one million dollar a year for a life bracket offer not just a million dollar went minutes for life is for life. As for life however he's done this every year no one has ever won it. You can afford is C double A dot com says the odds the kid they're so high that he can and again I'm really calculate them. They say the odds to get the perfect bracket are could be as high as one in 128. Billion with a B so. You've got better odds to hit the power ball then you do way better to put a perfect bracket way better that's scary way better. Did you 700 billion. 128 billion because I think the odds to win the powerball is one in like two and fifty million yeah that's big difference and start of these in front. That's a big difference now employs a Berkshire Hathaway that's Warren Buffett's company. They have some hope here if you work for him. And you have the bracket that stays intact the longest. You know 100000 dollars. Along so he's got enough won 100000 dollar priced. One person there is going to get a 100000 dollar sewers or whoever stays alive the longest without missing a game that's cool yeah. A West Virginia employee took home that prize last year. 31 out of 32. Possible predictions. I guest first round right. So but at 31 a thirty him get through the first repeat and get through the first round on this how you get through the whole thing in. You're not that's the answer Josh can you honestly say that you've done everything right in the first round. Before. And the fact if you have to think about it big ones America but then. The next round problem. I'd like sued videotape. I did that affect blew up at. 8444773776. Bob up next in the huddle I'm Bob. Yes. On outlets are talking about tiger lives in and golf and so important story and all that earlier. And called for good following give you my opinion. I guess I'm one of those guards that there it's right down the storyline because. You know win two tiger war that is best. Our satellite camera but like a light. The court symbolic like patriots or Jimmy Johnson or anybody other spot because they want all. Six. And I mean as lot mark so back in those days or reduced him out over bill lyrical. Well it's funny so as he's been through all this. I find myself Merrill is one of his biggest guy that really got tiger goes. Because he's big into the bottom of the mountain and he's trying to calm as well a couple of foreign dictator. And you know I can understand what coach is saying about. You know what he did in the past. His morals in this and that it they're very well look at it. What exactly sort liberty factors that whatever. What state do what they're not alone the job I. Careless about because I only know morality lessons from those people TV just go that are carrying me that's what I did in what you do are. Your list could it didn't affect my heart whatsoever. But what we calls but what he's been through our bank either changed man if it is a lot but he did you would never. When you go oh we got one bet but how Salma. Changed all the way compete at the chainsaw. Could conclude the man has been through so in surgery do all worst thing that so what I'd call being. Com did you W I TE has been through her whole life. You know vote for who who yeah but he among hundreds of millions okay that's far too but you miserable you're miserable. But I'm no tiger back I don't think you'll ever be the world before nobody can get goodies. But if he can be out there on that tour playing decent golf I think it is good for the game. Appreciate it Bob that was out how I felt myself feeling yesterday and Saturday watch in this golf tourney you know you just. You gotta go into watching something without really thinking about what you want to happen and then you just find yourself getting caught up into and I found myself pulling for tiger. I didn't. It happens if if if the and I've never been a huge tiger fan but I just I'm Poland to the story for the comeback you sound surprised. Yeah a little bit yeah. Winning. Wouldn't begin to say that tiger has been rehabilitated. Not be careful about I mean. He he's run in the room pretty quick right now. The album but the thing is I'm Emma Nicholson famine a film also and Mickelson one week before last in a zone he's not exactly. History. Or Mickelson won an extra boost ticket tiger vs Mickelson on Sunday am pulling for Phil but Obama supporter of the tiger. Just for the story let's go to like Jennifer next and the huddle I cannot. Great vehicle roll up our national laws to you could would hate George operating in. Not only want but. That was later now thousand knotty one that was an early date you those were well. No 36 and Bob not a great data. Do those with a Elden Campbell and horror scream at those games. Yeah Lou it was really trigger a chain mail volume body and if they are allowed NBA Ellen yeah. Yeah and I operate Asia expanded parliament governance when I mean I know a lot of people don't agree with me but are they get bring more. Who rat a lot screw. Conference in 28 teams wow what it does let everybody just about everybody you know I'm in another sort three hundreds on the play basketball. Our Joseph appreciate it. That we need to go any further 68 do with whom we have some. Shaky teams getting in as the fifth. You'd go from the first board of the first forty. Mean yeah it's dazzle too much for me I'm. Some people think 68 too much jail what are yet 32 automatics and 36 at Laura Jersey the other way around anyway. It's. It's a pretty good representation I and that's the thing about these teams you know we get this every year boom. Was ripped off. Who was the team that. Should've been there that didn't get there are it you know what don't we on the bubble thing you want to worry about it. And to light the tournament automatic qualifiers has looked. This year right you've got Texas saw them. They finished the year I believe. Twelve and eighteen. They were the old the worst seat in the tournament that they have dated a winning it. And now there in the tournament as a fifteen and 186 now they're gonna get killed him. Now I need a fun now which. Regional area because they were here in the west. There were fifteen and nineteen Mike Davis was the funniest coach because they obviously as they. Sixteenth the here in Greenville there to plea North Carolina and when it was like 68 to eleven. He's over there on both please pray into the time god please just keep with. Me he was just. Miracle and they had a great man to lead didn't and a great man yes they're playing north Carolina central. And the winner that gets played Xavier can graduate it's. A 444773776. We'll get to the baseball as promised here from markings and coming up. It was a bottle on ESPN upstate we'll be right back. We're back to the huddle on the ESPN. Up State's. Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso. On those of vile human beings are you brought it up now on and talk about it not bring you know do. No just now you aren't don't do that you do not want to do that. Unbelievable. No difference room here. Joshua road trip mr. Argument angry by a little little Greg. I wish we will know I don't I'm glad we can't repeat with the disclosure I would rather not. Who'll now is that skier who was in that movie in. The curriculum leader Heath Ledger yeah. Tech yellow and John. And your brutal. 8444773776. Clemson now fifteen or more I'm not talking baseball here. After a sweep over the weekend of Georgia Tech's Seth Mir had a home run and every game. So his bat is. Warming up Clemson hit 385. As a team over the weekend had eight home runs. In the weekend series. And so the tigers just red hot they are playing really well they host Jordan just Charleston southern rather tomorrow and the weather should be fine for that. And then in NC state comes in conducting more stadium this weekend. And Susan tigers can keep it going a lot of things about clintons and in the pitching. They allowed fifteen earned runs over their last five games they've struck out forty they've walked. Thirteen they've only given up two home runs in those five games. So poems and getting the pitching Clinton's getting them hitting and Clemson is winning fifteen and one for the tigers. And I'm getting going on right now still early in the season but stuff. Can't complain about the way Clemson displaying for sure South Carolina had a nice weekend as well the swept Princeton and masons prince and you know. That's right it is Princeton but gamecocks needed some wins. And so they had a good week a four and oh week. As they beat. Princeton. The gamecocks. Won the double header on Saturday. And then numb. Course won the other game on Friday so the South Carolina Gamecocks are are starting to come around a little bit they've gotten conference play coming up. Coach mark Kingston gamecocks head coach talking about how the new working on cutting back on strikeouts and that seems to be helping instinct. Yeah I would say about ten days ago we you know we started out the year where we weren't striking out much then we got two bit of a rough where we struck a little bit too much especially. The strike outs always by the U2 strikeouts when he got there less than two outs that's that's what kills the team kills an offense or rally so. We just made a full team commitment that we were going to make sure that we battled hard in those situations. I would say great majority of our guys are choking up a bit. With two strikes just to show how much they're willing to battle for their teams. So let's just kind of been a team thing and they're all buying into it needs you know it's we wanna battle and and I think with two strikes that's when it really shows up. Cha Cha plays are harbor on Wednesday they move my game up because bush merely cold. And baseball players don't like cold and you'll love it when the new games because colon. A modem to a 4 o'clock start on Wednesday South Carolina and Harvard and then they've got Florida this weekend Florida is good. And they're coming in for us Friday night 7 o'clock Saturday 4 PM and Sunday at 1 PM est. Get into SEC play Florida the defending national champions. Coming in solo sail South Carolina looks when Florida gets in the town but dump the nice weekend at least for the game Cox with a sweep. Over Princeton. Baseball news from the majors the Yankees have agreed. To a deal with their veteran second baseman Neil Walker. First reported by Yahoo! Sports pending a physical. With about five million dollars agreement at that price would raise the yankees' projected luxury tax payroll to about a 182 million dollars. That's fifteen million below the threshold. And so. Yankees are around. Serious about. Numbering in in some new blood there even though they are pretty strong as it looks right now so conceive that so. Pays off for New York they are certainly. Loaded and NBA might watch any NBA over the weekend. It's a little accounts and how they look. It was a LeBron says. Injuries make his team hard to figure out. There really tell. How good they are you have blown out by the lakers. Yesterday's Sunday. And Cleveland is six and six since they overhauled the roster remember they were first another 500 since the roster. Overall LeBron says at the end of the day. You've got to want the most out of whoever you got on the floor. Sometimes you can overcome this many entries. We have five guys out of our top nine or ten in our rotation not playing because of injuries. It's next man up but sometimes you fall short Cleveland was without Kevin Love. Tristan Thompson. Rodney hood CD Osmond. Against the lakers and then. Are on Lou had to play exists each and John Holland for significant minutes who John Holland. Yeah that's a new one for me I think mile I don't know idea that this profit that is either so that's what LeBron is saying. Not asked to identify his biggest concern with the cavs LeBron said it is our injuries. Adding insult to injuries. Former cavs guard Isaiah Thomas scored fourteen of his twenty points in the second half off the bench and broke him open Isiah Thomas came in and helped beat. The cavaliers. Thomas said I don't need to show anybody they know what I can do. I hope it's didn't. Is yen Mel they already that's pretty good you know we. And be melting when your Holman and the cavs are in the oil camps. So that was not the best of nights for the Cleveland Cavaliers and we're getting closer and closer to the end of the regular season. They drop down three and into four and I would call. Let me check death for. Omelet and stats should be looking at that I should be looking at standings. In the east right now. And with the update Cleveland is in fourth place. The other half game behind Indiana. Cleveland's lost two straight and Indiana once two straight so they did flip flopped their places. Toronto. With a three and a half game lead now over Boston Toronto won eight straight. Dolan now but the raptors are hot including a win over Houston I think last Friday. Or call pretty good so Toronto's up three and a half game lead over Boston Indiana's ten and a half back Cleveland now eleven back. Washington eleven and a half back. And over in the west the Houston Rockets. When streak is one. After that loss so. Houston has a game and have lead over the warriors. Twelve games up on the trail blazers fourteen up on the pelicans and the timberwolves. What time do we have left there were like 66 so we are 1516 games left front. And the wing get to the playoffs which will last about six months plan also thinks we'll start right after. National championship is crowned in college basketball so it's. We know right from that into the NBA playoffs in whose normal happens after that. Not that nothing else after that what we're gonna see now is. Everybody taking a risk strike. Music players that on the match in fact Harry Irving has said he may need a lot of arrests the Celtics point guard. He says he probably will opt for extended rest. To combat knee soreness left me he missed the 9997. Loss on Sunday to the pacers. Mr. game last week. Because of knee soreness. And so don't know how much we're gonna see if Perry. Here in the last pharmacies. That OK here by our I would carry sitting pay by the way I'm not going to be here next week it's Monday so we can. Good reason Harry says is knee started aching in Houston bothered him for much of the loss to the rockets on March 3 that he set out two nights later in Chicago. When the knee started aching again on Sunday they X the training staff said no will be cautious and he sent out night. Similar concerns here Josh didn't jump on the chance to slam the cast and now he's not jumping on a chance to defend his boy. Whose would only as what you. It's too early. I agree though it's time to rest and I'll you guys get some. I can't get too. MBA right now I'm like man. He's too pumped for this weekend that's true that is a good that is true statement. Well Brandon Ingram is out two more games. He has a strained groin. Never good. You never want the strain there. I evaluated by team medical staff on Sunday night going to be reevaluated on Thursday missed his fifth straight game on Sunday against the cavaliers. He's averaging sixteen points a game. They've been starting Kyle crews mine in place of Ingram. Pain is yes miss at least two more games. BI it's going to be I mean do you feel bad for. Fans are coming up to see these games because she's just don't know who's gonna. Yeah but here's the thing they do this every year around this time so if you're a fan buying tickets I mean it's at your own risk you should know that there's a possibility the guy you want to see is not going to be playing so I just don't buy ticket system. Don't complain when oil come to these games though. Not play in the guy's. Bright. Don't complain. I put myself and pay full price particular seat I've probably would his flight if Cleveland came to. That we we'd had checked the one point Cleveland come to Charlotte I wouldn't mind going to see that even if well let's face it mostly guys are playing now anyway because they're all hurt I still like to go. See it. Really this. Is I've only been to a pre season NBA game I've never been to an actual and beyond. Them questions. I guess we'll accept that but you know you're going to be out there are seeing John Holland. That's fine on the interest of the sin and god help and then that's that's you know what better way to find out in the cinema person. Fair enough. It's 444773776. Techs led 71307. Here in the huddle on ESP enough steak and hear from mob Bruce Pearl coach of Auburn and headed into March Madness. That's coming up another chance via 1000 dollar drug for the top of the hour as well we'll be right back in the huddle on ESP in upstate. So we know the final AP poll of the season out today Clemson finishes number twenty. In the country. This is the first time Clemson has been ranked in the final AP men's basketball poll since 20082009. When I finished 24. Tiger's 243 and 9/11 and seven in conference this year. Again does highest number eleven in the country. Which was the highest. They have been ranked since February 2 2009. They finish this season ranked for eleven consecutive weeks that's their longest streak in the A people. Since eighteen in a row back in 20082009. This current streak slowness of third longest in Clemson history is the sixth time Clemson has been ranked in a final top 25 in basketball. Those other seasons were 86878990. 9697. 070 wait. And 0809. This number twenty final ranking in the eight people for Clemson this year is the highest final ranking in the eight people since. They're number fourteen finish back in 96. 97 and so on number twenty. In the final eight people. Virginia was unanimous number one all 651 place votes going to. Virginia Villanova number two Xavier number three Kansas four. And Michigan State number five. Duke finishes up ninth. North Carolina finishes up tents in the finally people. Any other schools of interest Ohio state laws of finishes seventeen. Kentucky and eighteen alternate nineteen. Florida and 23 Miami was a 22. And now we head and everything accounts goes all Landon count we head into March Madness as we get our 68 teams selected. Last night for the tournament all burn will play Charleston, South Carolina gets a team in other than Clemson Charleston. Coach moral grants. 26 and seven record of thirteen seed they will play out in San Diego against a four seed. In Auburn Bruce Pearl all the coach revolver and says that he is prepared for his team to play small ball. Against the cougars. It was all over all all hoot who could be better and and and an insult. You I think having gone through a whole season. You're prepared whatever is seen you've seen every zone imaginable you see every opposite that there is. You know edit and it and now sort of you've seen at all now about blown out of proportion. That's Bruce Pearl so what's the yum. Bigger odds for an upset in San Diego Charleston against Auburn. New Mexico State against clubs. I would say New Mexico. That's a damn better yesterday Clemson Charleston those to be our athletes who disagree. Even it. What do you like about the way Auburn's playing right now. Nod don't I just. I think there's a biggest I think there's a bigger difference. And talent. Like I think Auburn. Is just better man for man. Mammoth scene Charleston by. Auburn has lost three out of four. Early in the one of their last four was instigated Cox. Simply nine to seven but lost Alabama by eighteen. And lost your Arkansas hogs. My nine I lost Florida by six. They've lost to South Carolina back in Colombia in the mid February and. The knock on him. Go on a limb and pick me an upset special with Charleston. Mr. Don't think about that a few days. Yeah I'm gonna go back and look because in the room for a little plan power of these social and moral early Q and only if as a sign in Africa but I. Can you. I don't put Texas Tech and Virginia. In the championship game. Texas Tech. I mean are pretty good but. The championship game you want. Al I don't know I gotta go back and well. While they're in the east. Let's say they open it was Stephen F Austin at seizing. Then they're probably in a play Florida right or same money you know beaten them or you ceiling. And then they can face. Purdue. Got a big burden you I go unbeaten Purdue. And then I could face whoever comes out the other side like below. Yeah I think I had given Villanova enough to Texas Tech. Well that's he did it and I don't think that's what I would you make your picks and then you're shocked when you pick yeah. When you wouldn't pick them well if you know every. He's talking about. How the field is so balanced this year. But meanwhile looked at gently when you have an upset it's a five well. Right gamble on him. Those are dead and usually gets yeah I mean you'll you'll get one or two of those. Where the upsets happen is where. You've got a non beats an eight and then beats. What do they usually fatal wind yes in the next yes I mean that's an ups and are sure. You know or seven to like Russell. Last year with South Carolina duke. Yeah. And I kept looking like a went through each region and I said okay who out of this region. Could be this year is gamecocks. You know that's around us in. Seven the kid. Now. I'm willing to say this about Arizona State gets in and there are eleven. That is a dang good eleven C. No they didn't finish very strong but very talented group that Bobby hurl these guys. Bayless is talking of Arizona. Yeah see there and that there in that murderer's row group via center where I think I've got them meeting Kentucky. Think in the third round. Be second round second round you know if they beat. Buffalo which Arizona oil. In Kentucky beats Davidson which you assume they would they'll meet Kentucky announced Arizona yeah and I took it out of there was only in the match. Well 512 you talk about how those produced a lot of sets the 512 or West Virginia Murray State. Clemson's New Mexico State. Ohio State South Dakota State. And the other one is Kentucky Davidson. Who's the one before Kentucky and Davidson. Ohio State South Dakota State yeah I could buy South Dakota State not I'm hard on Ohio State. But I could see that I could see New Mexico State upsetting clubs. I don't think they will but I concede. Davidson upsetting Kentucky know. Murray State beat West Virginia in and moment. But that's what throws all these brackets for a. For a loop is the fact that. You know you always have those one or two upsets in the wrong spot. The bust your bracket. Yep. With the last time I'll be interested to see this when's the last time. The number one overall seed did not make it past the sweet sixteen. And I usually those usually the number one overall seed like Virginia this year. Usually they it's almost a lock to go to the final four yet. We North Carolina they want the final form. And it's up and then it's time. Could affect exactly yeah. Yeah Virginia's number one overall seed and there and on top region up. Yeah they are it's like teams. That dominate during the regular season and dominate the tournament. See to me that says they're complete basketball team and I think. I think Virginia's probably gonna go to funnel for I would be shocked if they didn't play for the national thought. And I feel bad saying that because it's Virginia. But I mean hockey denied a team that is what 33 and two. They want the regular season ACC and they walked through. The ACC tournament. 31 and two and then quoted at 31 in their heads that want. Just two losses on the yet but there in there where they had to play Kentucky fairly early. They can have to play Tennessee or they can have to play. Cincinnati. To get out of their region. See the two teams that would scare me for them. Would be Tennessee and Cincinnati because they're older. I'm not buying Kentucky make him a deep run with this young class. I think Virginia just steam roll. I'm fine and watch them on a scale and will be probable it would games and yes. So next weekend but it CNET. The plan would be. A 444773776. Going to jump him for the final segment will come back and wrap it up next in the huddle on ESP in upstate. So Josh ones though as you're making your picks. Monday bracket challenge I have lay method you can use almost foolproof method. Take a look at the mascots of the teams and pick which one would win a fight. All like that Cologne. Is this your method is that what you are trying to it's just me for you guys again didn't hurt Ramon. Com and I don't know what that I think about it Leo how about that Alabama and Virginia Tech Hokies vs. All a Crimson Tide can live landslide in favor of album a an elephant I don't know. Yeah like them I was thinking oh. Round hokey but it you know yes depends on which mascot you're going there this will not work in the Kentucky Davidson game. You know one. Cat fight. While just vs we'll check the there's got to log yet. As pretty rare to pretty rare. I don't what do you like here. Florida State Missouri and Seminole worse is a tiger. And go Eagles Simoneau. Braylon. Seminoles going to be on the horse. With a spear you know the weapon I mean now. If the tigers in the tree in my field and take the simplest. Terrain comes into play those symptoms. Yeah new Mexico state Aggies right. And we say that what is Bernanke could course. Is a nagging and albeit tiger was so it's like a minor problem. All burned as pretty good one doesn't have an aunt Aggie and I think she would. Be able to take a mile and nor at all in Charleston game a cougar against a tiger that's pretty good point who the golden tiger only dip from. Probably so cookers to fast. In. Tom take a look at amass one thing you can do some suggest that you just look at the locations if you don't know how to hey you know what people pay to play these a bracket contests they don't know much about things. Pick a team that's playing closest to home because they'll have less travel. And that might have more fans there. And CNET factors into my Clemson losing an upset the dumbest I mean again that this time changes its climate change solar kind of stuff. I'd be interested to know. If there's any Clemson fans. Listening to shall that are goal. Chair. But. It's a full and own an astronaut at but it trips that we'll think about it trip to San Diego around tripped and probably cost you. Let's say phone book. By an east it is late man that's the problem so you both those bowl games have in advance it's true too and you know we're there at all until legal that I probably 159. So you figure there's a thousand dollars right there. Mean it's going to cost you three grown in America treaties. You think. On eBay for the tickets. Merchandise. Beaten out every night. Do you go and drop three Lorch I only do efforts to. A team him down a normal college trip I don't know phone make a trip to San Diego apartment. They didn't have a dollar menus and I like five dollar man a fish tacos men.